Don’t Be Tardy Recap

Kim Zolciak's Mama Bear is Out in Full Force!We pick up on episode 2 with Kim’s Mama Drama. Remember when I was the first to break the story on Karen suing for grandparent visitation and then those buttfaces at TMZ sold my story and I sent them a cease and desist and they just laughed and laughed? Well that is where the story is starting on episode two. Also, they want to put a gag order on Karen because she is shopping a tell all book. They are meeting with a lawyer to discuss all of these rich people problems. The lawyer is not Phaedra, it’s real lawyer with big ole lawyer books and degrees on her wall and stuff. Kim is a bit freaked out having to go to court. She says she has never been. I’m surprised as long as she has known Sheree that she hasn’t dragged her in by the wig to court for something. I’m just saying. Kim decides not to tell the girls about Karen’s lawsuit. Countdown to Brielle reading it on TMZ in five, four, three… Sorry Kim, I guess this one is my fault. But it would have come out sooner or later!

It’s Arianna’s Birthday. She is getting so cute. It takes two vehicles to get the tribe to the birthday party. They all go to Sky Zone, a trampoline park. Brielle asks Arianna if she has heard from her grandparents she says Poppi (? I may have that wrong) called and left her a message while she was in school, nothing from Nana. Yes, it did seem staged.

RHOAkimFUgifKim and Kroy have to wear a hazmat suit to go in the house because of the black mold. Kim is worried about her breast milk. It’s funnier than it sounds. They had a ton of mold and had to pull out all the sheetrock and they need to replace a ton of windows. Bad news.

Kim shares a false story that ran on TMZ  with Kroy. It says that she said her kids don’t want to be their grandmother because she is nothing but a disrespectful old lady. Her twitter fans are upset. Kim is upset because she didn’t say any of it, it’s untrue. The girls are going to see it all and Kim and Kroy are upset. Now they have to tell the girls. Kim tells them and they seem a little concerned that their friends know. The kids do want to see her. It was a sad scene. :(

Okay I admit it. I like the show and will be watching and subjecting y’all to recaps every week.  Who’s with me? Not a Kim Z fan? You could always remove the ‘not’ from your nic!


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27 responses to “Don’t Be Tardy Recap

  1. Nicole

    sounds like a good show. I think I’m going to watch it too. I see her daughter, Brielle, over here at the shopping center where I live all the time.

  2. Kate

    It was nice to see Kim actually laughing at herself in terms of her clown makeup. It makes her more relatable.

  3. Joanne

    I’m’ watching. Not so much for Kim, but the family dynamics. I’m always fascinated by how blended families work. Been through one myself – it’s tough. Irregardless of Kim’s poor character, I do believe she loves all her kids. I want to see the girls grow up and watch their choices, and who they become.

  4. Justobserving

    I love it!!! So much better than RHOA was this past season with Kenya and all her artificial drama. I hope Kim will come to her senses and bring her mother back into her life, although I certainly relate to having a difficult mom. Her kids need grandparents in their lives. I’m sure Kroy’s parents are wonderful, too. It’s just bad karma, Kim. What wonderful kids!

  5. I’ll definitely be watching (and reading). Keep up the good work Tamara!

  6. eg

    Happy for Kim and them….wont be watching though.

  7. Susan

    Ya I watched it too and actually liked it. I said I wasn’t going to watch but I think I will after tonight. Kim may not be perfect but she does very well with and for her children. Yes it would be nice for the girls to see their grandparents, but no one has said no to them so why is Karen saying all those stupid things. Call the kids, go and see them, oh thats right she doesn’t want to even know her grandsons. She has to make an effort as ” da ” the boys are a bit too young to do it themselvs. From the things Kims mom has said and the way she has acted I really do think she is a total wack job. I often have wondered if she is mental. It seems the only one that can half way control her actions and her mouth is Kims dad. He seems like a nice guy. I feel sorry for him haveing to live with Kims mother, and the tell all book? Oh my all Karen wants is money. I don’t really think Karen has the brains to wright a book, she would have to have someone else do it for her. All it is , is money money money. Karen is totally evyious of Kim. I hope Kim keeps her cool and gets her father to handle her mom and shut her moms mouth.

  8. I’m recording the show right now. Can’t wait to watch it. I think Kim has a great family

  9. Sara

    It was a cute show but would be a lot better if they didn’t have to beep out Kim so often!

  10. Cami

    Ok I caught the first season marathon today and was won over. I just have one question is the place were the baby girl had her party the same place that Alexis and her husband own? Yes I know they live in O C and Kim is in Atlanta but I was just wondering was this a franchise or did they open another location in Atlanta?

    • Sky Zone is a fairly large company with locations all over the country. Jim owns a franchise.

      • Cami

        Ok thanks for clearing that up for me. Alexis was making it seem like she and her husband came up with that idea and started the company. Oh these housewives. When will I learn? Lol

      • katiedid

        and knowing Jim- he gotthe franchise cheap with the promise it would be on the show…dude is a salesman to the tenth degree. His wifes upper lip is too big now, imho.

  11. claire

    Won’t be watching one second. This woman is trash personified.

  12. MissCane

    Kim’s mother is an attention seeking,narcissistic B. It’s clear from her behavior – even BEFORE – the scene she caused at the wedding, that she’s in competition with her own child. It happens all the time- and we know it. Her husband didn’t blink an eye when he heard what his wife did. Must be used to it. She aging, jealous and now vindictive. All we see is the tip of the iceberg. How long has this girl been abused by her mother like this? Probably puberty.
    I strongly suggest: Kick her to the curb, and love her from a distance. I’m glad Kroy has her back. You can’t pick your family.
    And by the way, her father CLEARLY has boundary issues with his daughter too. I’m just sayin…

  13. NolaJenn

    Loved it. Can’t wait for next week. Their family is too cute. They do make some cute kids and Kroy is a typical strong guy who wears the pants in his family. Loved seeing how close him and Arianna are.

    Is it me or does Bravo/Andy seem to not be pushing the show as much. Its an entertaining 30 minutes.

  14. Lulu

    I wish Kim would stop telling everyone she was a nurse. Once again she has lied. She entered nursing school for a brief moment and then quit. She was not a nurse. Those that know her say she is a pathologicl lier.

    • Cami

      I have always wonder what doctors office or hospital she worked at. She quick to throw that story around. Another thing I notice about her is she runs through friends like water. First it was Nene then Kandi and I know she is not talking to Sheree and her best friend was on the outs cause she did not want to be in her wedding.

      • theREALHONJ

        Didn’t she show Phaedra her LPN license on Phaedras first season? Yes she did, when Phaedra said she did not believe Kim was a nurse. They met for lunch, then Phaedra apologized for saying Kim was lying about being a nurse. TT do you remember that episode?

  15. SavannahPat

    Loved it! I’m sick of grown women acting like teenagers and doing anything outrageous they can think of to get camera time. This is a REAL family, with real problems they are trying to solve. It’s so much better than any of the RH locations. I’m guessing fans of RHONJ won’t enjoy it…not enough violence and OC…not enough backbiting and NY… not enough product promotion. But I enjoy Kim’s lighthearted personality, her kids and her hubby. Hopefully she will not bring any of the ATL ladies on to muddy the water. She really is enjoying her life and I guess if you’re jealous of that you won’t be able to watch and enjoy! So sad:(

  16. kym

    Sorry, not watching this show. I will read the re-cap and the comments. More entertaining than Kim’s lying ass.

  17. Antiqgirl

    I have always been a Kim fan. Love her craziness and her family. I miss her on RHOA but think her new show is pretty darn great!

  18. theREALHONJ

    I found it kinda boring. And I like Kim. More so now that she has the claming influence of Kroy in her life. And I think he is a great Father to her girls and guides them with a firm hand, something Kim lacked. I’m hoping the storyline will get more interesting than mold in her new “Dream House”.

  19. Rita

    It would be nice if Kim produced a legal certification to prove her age.. I somehow like many other believe she is 34, maybe 44 but not 34 Hopefully her mother would tell the truth in her book// It’s hard to believe that any mother would be jealous of her own children like Kim and Rose her psychic claims.. Seems like that is Kim’s favorite excuse that “People are jealous of her” if they don’t like her..
    I don’t like her because has no morals and can’t explain how she made her money other than men like Big Poppa taking “care’ of her… She just needs to stop having th attitude of “holier than thou” with the other housewives.

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