Review of Premiere of Don’t Be Tardy

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyTonight is the night you have all been waiting for! Especially you, Not a Kim Z Fan! It’s the premier of Don’t Be Tardy! My screener only has the first episode so I will be tuned in tonight to see the second one and probably write another post with a recap. I promise not to spoil you too much so you can enjoy the show tonight!

Here we go with episode one of Don’t Be Tardy!  This is a very rough cut so I imagine there will be some changes in what you guys see tonight. I am assuming this will be the opening with Kim in the “Falcon’s Jersey” that is nothing more than some red body paint. The theme of the opening seems to be, to borrow a phrase from Phaedra’s show, “Rich People Problems.”  The intro begins with, “My mother ruined my wedding, my friends have turned on me and me dream house turned out to be a nightmare…” The wedding eviction, her walkout from RHOA and the rental house move are shown in the opening during the voiceover. Poor Kimberleigh. Poor, poor Kimberleigh. Bless her heart.Kim Zolciak's Interior Designer Kendra Davis

The theme song is Don’t Be Tardy with Kim singing. It is just those three words over and over. I wonder if that is for copyright purposes? I don’t know how that works but you know on Big Brother if they sing more than a couple words they have to pay for it supposedly. And the houseguests can’t play music. Right now it sounds kind of rough (the editing not the singing). I am not sure that part is entirely finished. I’ll be tuning in to see what happens with the song since this press cut was made before the lawsuit, I think. I’ve had it a while.

After the intro, the first scene is Kash being born. The birth was quick and easy and so was the scene. The best part is that Kim’s cussing is not edited in the screener. I don’t know why that makes me happy but it does. Speaking of babies, the kids are front and center as plot points for this season. You will be seeing a lot of them, doing homework with Kroy, getting grounded, learning to drive, justifying bad report cards, having bullying issues at school, and of course the grandparent visitation drama. It’s a family show about her family. There are times when we will see Kim and Kroy butt heads over parenting (Kroy has rules and discipline and Kim tends to overindulge them at times). There will be an adorable KJ scene every week, I expect, just like on the last show. That is one cute kid. Say what you want about Kim, she makes beautiful kids.

Kim Zolciak New HouseAnother major plot lie for the season is the building of her house. As she finally admitted on the reunion, she bought a foreclosed property. We get to see the house right away (and a talking head of Kim reminding us she does not do used housed) and it is almost as unfinished as Chateau Sheree. Allegedly. :) They have hired the builder that built the rental house that Kendra threw her out of to finish this one out. Here are some posts on that to catch you up. I wonder if Kim knows that Sheree is testifying in court that she is a builder ? She could have called her! I wonder what Sheree’s job will be in court this week. I can’t wait! Anyway the builder’s contract says he has a year to complete the house but he may be able to do it in nine months. Kim doesn’t like blue bottomed pools…you’ll just have to watch what happens there and the home inspector doesn’t like black mold, which he finds and that’s a problem. You see when homes sit unfinished for years….like oh I dunno….Chateau Sheree then mold becomes a huge issue.  We won’t see Kim moving into the new dream house because she is just now moving in. I think the move started last weekend.

The final plot point is the discord between Kim and Kroy and Kim’s parents. Kim’s mother is supposedly writing a tell all book in addition to giving information to the tabloids. I reported here about Kim asking for a gag order for her parents. We will see how all the drama unfolds and how that all ends. There are phone calls on speaker phone and Kroy becomes VERY involved in the interactions (or lack thereof) between Kim and her parents. I think we will see a new, very protective side of Kroy this season. Some of you may see it as controlling.

But Kim is still the same old Kim. Despite all the luxury she tries to surround herself with, she still appears to be drinking wine out of a red solo cup on the first episode. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but…

Now admit it. You are going to watch with me!


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15 responses to “Review of Premiere of Don’t Be Tardy

  1. Girl Plz...


  2. Paloma

    No I refuse to watch but will be watching for your re-caps! :-)

  3. Lauren

    I’ll let you take that one Tamara…..I’ll just read about it.

  4. Thanks for the tip, verneewaggin. The post is up. Now you get to see how we take a little bit of info and make it into a potential big fat hairy deal :) Sorry for removing your comment I wanted to get my post up before someone else stole it! :)

  5. Seriously....

    Nope, the previews looked boring to me. I’ll probably only watch it if Bravo is on and I’m too lazy to get up and find the remote.

  6. LakeGirl

    Love or hate her, she is entertaining and that makes for good tv.

  7. Can we all be tardy so we don’t give her ratings.IF I watch to mock her later, it will be reruns so I don’t enable Bravo to keep her on t.v.

  8. Teresa

    They sent you the entire season? You are the Bravo Queen!

  9. Teresa

    Now that she’s civil to NeNe and the fact that she’s going to let us see her without makeup and being vulnerable makes her more likable. She does make me laugh so I’m giving it a try. I through NeNe in there cuz she’s my fave lol

  10. Just finished watching Kim’s fantasy show. As much as I like watching Kim, despite her filthy mouth, the woman is delusional if she thinks real people other than her fans are buying what she is selling. First she wants everybody to believe she worked to earn all that “junk” she has. We can all see that she wasn’t raised by rich parents who bought her all that “stuff,” and at 34 years old I don’t believe she earned enough money as a nurse or waiting tables while raising two daughters on her own to pay for all of it. She wants people to believe that “nobody raises her babies but her.” yet she has two nannies, a housekeeper and a stylist to help her dress herself and do her make-up. Kim and Kroy both want to trash talk her mom on television saying she want to sell her soul to the devil for a little fame and kash. Excuse me Kroy, but didn’t the woman you are defending sell her body for kash and bling? If Kim want all those bloggers and the rest of social media to stop trying to tear her down then may she should start being honest with the people, maybe she should apologize to her mother for embarrassing her on tv in front of millions of people just because she used an indoor restroom and let her see her grandchildren. She should know by now that if you go on television with secretes, there is a good chance they are going to be exposed no matter how hard someone wants to keep them covered up, then all they can do is deny, but many wont believe. There is a reason all of Kim’s castmates roll their eyes ever time she denies thing, they know her.

  11. Richard William Rice

    I Am A 69 Year Old Man And I Did’t Know That Punks Lived To Be As Old As Kim’s Dad Is….And Her Anorexia Mother Needs Shut Her Mouth…And Ouit Scaring Her grandkidS…Get A Job If You Are So Broke…I Know You Can’t Stand Your Dauther Getting All Camera Time..I Would WAlk Up To Her Dad and Poke Him In His Oversize Nose If I Found Myself In The Same Room…You People Make Me puke


  12. Diana Artis-Etienne

    No not worth my energy or my time!!! Boring….

    • tamaratattles

      So you’re reading posts about the very first episode online? You have time to research the show, but not watch it? Wow.

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