Watch What Happens Live With Iyanla Vanzant and Julie Benz

Apologies for not introducing Funky Dineva, the darling in the post above. I must have been thinking no introduction is necessary! Check out the Funky Dineva blog here for hilarious blawgin’. Miss Dineva was also on Sheree’s whackdoodle list of people who are stalking her. Thankfully she was not sold out by a competitive blog so was never served.

Tonight’s poll question is, “Who is the shadiest of the RHOA?” Much ado about Kim and Nene hugging it out on the reunion. Stop the Presses! Andy says he likes the verbal arguments but he does not like the physical. No lightning strikes. But let’s see what Iyanla has to say about Sheree Whitfield.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four May Be Sheree Whitfield's Final SeasonAnd the moment I was watching for is upon us. A clip of next week’s Iyanla Fix My Life at Chateau Sheree!  The entire back side of Chateau Sheree is totally pixellated out the shot it looks like it might be covered with tarps. There is a dumpster there I haven’t seen pictures of before. Maybe the lack of façade caused some weather damage and they have to redo the back? It’s very weird that it is pixellated. Shouldn’t she want to show the entire structure? Also they are standing in the driveway of the neighbors behind them. This could be because the front of the house is so close to the road and there is usually a big pile of dirt there. Allegedly.  Sheree says the house is going to be beautiful and that it is something she did for her children. Ilyana asks why it is for her children and She says, “They need a house.” Iyanla says, “Um, but it is incomplete.” Both guests on WWHL start laughing so loud you can’t hear the tape! Iyanla says, “So you have an incomplete home, an incomplete marriage…” Sheree interrupts to say, “No, I’m divorced!” and Iyanla says, “That’s an incompletion.” OMG I cannot WAIT for this show!

Meanwhile, back in the clubhouse, Iyanla and Julie are still busting out laughing. Andy asks Ilyana what her take on Sheree was. Once she stops laughing, (I’m serious) she says, “I think that when people are wounded, they are afraid to be vulnerable, and when people have been allowed to get away with bad behavior for a long time, they become very brittle when you challenge them. And so, and I also think that when someone is controlling ah, they can’t surrender.” Wow, first Nene calling her big nose Sheree all night on the reunion and now this. And to think she still has to go lie some more in court this week. Bless her heart.

Question Time For Iyanla:

Tell us about DMX: Iyanla says it was about DMX and his grief and lack of willingness. This is what it looks like when people are rewarded for behaving badly.

Which RHOA from the reunion would you most want to fix? Porsha, because she is young and there is still time.

I miss that show “Starting Over” with Iyanla. It was a great weekday afternoon show. :(

In a clip for RHOA Reunion round 3 Kenya pulls out her texts from Apollo after he accuses her trying to get with him in a hotel in LA. DRAMA!

Mazel: Barry Gordy. Andy went to the opening of Motown the Musical.

Jackhole: Justin Bieber for writing in the Anne Frank guestbook in Amsterdam that Anne was a great girl and hopefully she would have been a Bieliber.

Kenya won the shady poll.


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25 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Iyanla Vanzant and Julie Benz

  1. Teresa

    Love Iyanla her show makes me cry every time. It’s REAL reality! Can’t wait to see what she does for Sheree and Bob. And yes Porsha could really use her help as well as Kenya

    • Patricia

      Me too, as far as my like for Iyanla….her show doesn’t make me cry tho. I just think she’s great and so down to earth. They should put her back on network tv – more ppl need to see her and hear what she has to say. She’s good at her craft. I’d like for her to take Porsha under her wing.

      • She is on OWN the oprah channel. I had never heard of her and watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago. I love it and I love her!!! I cry at some but not all of them. What a smart woman. I like how blunt she is. Glad I found her. I think she could help little Porsha. Porsha surprised me at the reunion. She actually didn’t sound like a dummy. I enjoy Iyanla on WWHL the other night.

  2. Vp

    Please tell me the Justin B thing was a joke PLEASE!

  3. The Disher

    OMG…that pic of Sheree is priceless. Can’t wait to see Iyanla try get her to tell the truth about herself.

  4. Ellis Scarlett

    I LOVED Starting Over! I can’t believe you watched that show too! I taped it every day.

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      Wasn’t Towanda Braxton on that show? I’m pretty sure she was and ever back then her issue was stepping out of Toni’s shadow and having a career in entertainment. I believe she wanted to be an actress…

      • Miss B

        yes Towanda was on there. I believe she said that she and her husband Andre eloped and the family didn’t really care for him. Still the same. I often wondered whatever happened to Raina and remember the twins who slept together like cats?

      • Sandy

        OMG them twins were a trip. Iyanla needs to do a “where are they now” on Starting Over.

      • Patricia

        You guys remember the pregnant lady that tried to fool them? She was kicked off the show? That was a good show…..i taped it every day and watched it on the weekends…i miss that show.

  5. Tamara, Love that pic! I hope you take a couple of them to court with you. She should be humiliated and humbled, but she waves her crazy flag proudly.

  6. Susan

    Tamara I hope you nail Sheree, she is so self absorbed she can’t see the trees for the forest. I hope the judge sees Sheree for what she is . Attention monger. If she was back on HWOA I wasn’t going to watch. So she isn’t but, Kenya is worse or a close second. Nene is just tooooooooo into her self anymore. Who the heck died and left Nene in charge. She got on a cple of shows and she thinks she is Angelina Jole. Lord have mercy. Just be a person. If they could be a little humble in might be a bit better. Kim Z is totaly of the deep end along with 99% of the others. Thet get on these reality shows and think they are in show business. NOT I always thought a miss American or miss USA would be a fairley nice well mannered person. I guess we all learned not all are. Kenya is the most arrogant piece of nothing that ever walked. She and Nene deserve each other, they both think they can walk on water. If Kenya flicks that stupid fan one more time I would like to shuv it down her throught. I guess she may need though Hot Flashes and all. Old crow. If she could be a better person I would never say that. And ol Andy just eats it all up and smerks. I will not be watching HWOA or Kim Zs show . I know I am only one, but I do not need to hear any more stupid crap.
    By the way love your blog

  7. FGF

    Tamara…I really hope the judge sees how this imbecile invited tv cameras to the very property that she’s claiming she has no privacy for!!! I have a hot date planned with my husband Saturday night but I might have to move it to Friday so I can watch Iyanla rip “Ms. I like things that are sophisticated and elegant, just like me” a new asshole!!

  8. Mimi

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen and the “correspondent” needs their own show. He also looks a lot like Miss Jay from Tyra’s show. They can stand on public property/country roadway all day long and I love it. Plus he has to shout over the traffic.

  9. Seriously....

    I saw a clip of the show where Iyanla and Sheree were sitting outside the chateau wrapped in blankets. I was like what the…
    a) if you can’t go inside why are you shooting outside of what is basically a construction site in the bitter cold?
    b) isn’t it said site that you are so upset that people are revealing the location of and you’re so worried about stalkers and other drive bys that you are suing people?
    smh… Nonsense…

    I love Iyanla but I am not down with Fix My Life especially after she had Maia Campbell and DMX on. Maia is bipolar and also has addiction issues. Iyanla had her act out her life… DMX’s addiction problems stem from childhood traumas such as being dropped off at an institution by his mother when he was 12 after being told they were going for a ride. “Tough love” isn’t going to cut it with people like these. They need medical and psychological intervention before you even begin to “fix their life”. Iyanla is way out of her league here.

    Iyanla should stick to fixing hot messes like Sheree.

    • They didn’t even film on Chateau Sheree property. They were in the driveway of the house behind it. Perhaps she doesn’t have a key?

      • Seriously....

        If only she had a helpful worker around to grant her access to the property… ha ha. I can’t with her foolishness.

        There can be no helping his children have a relationship with their father until he gets help for all his issues. Iyanla knows better. I know it makes for good tv but sometimes it is better to take away the spotlight from trainwrecks especially when real help is not being provided. I’m also talking to you Richards…

    • Katrina

      I believe Iyanla explained that fixing DMX was out of her scope. Iyanla was really there too help his son.

  10. By the way, Jason whats his face that comes to court to perjure himself with Sheree is on a rampage today. He’s trying to comment here as “Justine”! /giggles See you in court, Justine!

  11. The Disher

    I bet the IRS would like to know about Sheree’s conveyance of “Chateau Sheree” to her daughter. If what Funky Divena says is true, that there are IRS liens from 2009 to 2011, then I’m sure they’d like to know about this property. Is it hers, is it not hers? If she’s on camera in front of it with Iyanla and testifying in Court that it’s hers…well…that may just set her up for a fraudulent conveyance claim by the IRS. Plus, you can’t just convey property by deed if you owe mortgage on it, which is not assignable. Interesting.

  12. SSS

    I thought the pixelation was weird too. But Bravo isn’t going to do Sheree any favors to spare her embarrassment, so I’m sure it was for another reason, like the logo of the builders or lumber company was printed on tarps covering that side of the house, and Bravo was told this was a problem after they had already filmed the footage. That’s my best guess.

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