Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2: Nene Leakes Confronts Phaedra Parks For Approaching Her Estranged Sisters!

RHOAnenegreggep1I have the worst headache in the world. My left eyeball feels like it’s being stabbed with a RHONJ stiletto. I want to pluck it out and put it in my purse and blog half blind. I say all that for pity of course, but also as an apology in advance that this blog is probably going to be crappy.

I saw the first 15 minutes or so on first look earlier today. I was not impressed. It’s just Nene’s time to talk about how impartial she is and how she tries to keep the other girls from fighting and looking like fools on TV.  She says she wish someone would have shaken her and told her to stop when she first started RHOA. Then there is the usual Nene and Gregg fake storyline. While that is running, I will take the time to explain that when wearing a long gown with a slit up to there, when seated one should cover ones knees with the skirt of the gown and not display shiny, greasy legs or in Kandi’s case your black underpants. Close your legs to married men! Is a good suggestion, but close your legs to the giant TV camera pointed at you is equally useful information.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Back to Nene and Gregg, Nene seems irked by a couple of things when talking about her divorce. First, she did not like the ladies talking about her having a thing for Peter. And separately, Phaedra is called out for courting Marlo to be on the show expecting her and Marlo to hate each other because of their mutual relations with Charles Grant. Then once Marlo and Nene became friends Phaedra stopped talking about Marlo like she was from high society and started calling her a thug. Phaedra denies all this. However, that has always been what I have heard. Now how that has anything to do with Nene and Gregg I have no idea.

It seems like round two of the RHOA reunion is going to be all about focusing on all of Phaedra’s “shadiness.” There seems to a focus a bit on her marriage and the alleged shakiness thereof.  Y’all have a lot to say about that marriage here. OMG. Nene is addressing the fact that Phaedra sought out Nene’s half sisters and invited them to Ayden’s birthday party in order to get the dirt on Nene. Nene and her sisters are estranged. I gotta admit that is pretty damn shady. But that happened way, way, back on Phaedra’s first season. Kenya is loving this. Why is this an issue today. Nene and Phaedra seem really, really at odds. Phaedra says that Nene’s brother dated her (Phaedra’s not Nene’s that would just be weird) cousin forever. Nene says that doesn’t matter and she would never do something like that because she does not have a “dirty soul.” Um, am I supposed to be washing my soul too? I did not know that. I’m lazy about even washing my hair. I don’t know where to begin with soul washing. Is there some liquid soul product that they sell at the churches these days? Isn’t that like what Jesus is for? Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy day! When Jesus washed….my sins away. Sorry. I’m pretty sure Jesus is responsible for the inside of me washing. I think he does it with blood even. Which I suppose is what you would use inside a body. That Jesus dude was smart. Moving on…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Phaedra is trying to act like her sisters were clients of hers. Nene shuts that down saying she just had a conversation with her sister and she told her everything and Phaedra needs to own up to it. WOW. Nene has made up with her sisters. Jesus will like hearing that! Maybe he already heard and that is why Nene has such a clean soul now. Nene is really going deep. Now she is alluding to Phaedra’s past. She did this on twitter not too long ago as a blind. I think it must be her reconciliation with her sister(s) that has driven the wedge between Nene and Phaedra deeper. Ah…so that is what is going on. Nene is pissed but not going ghetto. She is speaking forcefully but calmly and not getting physical. And I thought this reunion was going to be boring. Nene is talking about the Lord and forgiving but not forgetting. Andy asks Phaedra to explain herself. And basically she can’t. Nene says loudly, “What did I do to deserve that? NOTHING!”

Phaedra tries to deny it. Phaedra say the sisters came to her. Nene says She could bring Angela (sister? Angela Stanton?) and sit her right here. Kenya says she is in her dressing room now. Phaedra says “Twirl, you can stay out of this. You ain’t in this conversation.” Kenya of course does not. Sidenote: Does Nene need to shave her legs? HDTV is not forgiving. Phaedra finally just apologizes.

Kim is here! Kim is wearing her real hair. It’s fantastic. Nene has her stank face on toward Nene. Kim says the lawsuit is hilarious. Now Kandi has on her stank face. Kim says she never confirmed the dates. Andy says production begs to differ. Nene talks about the meeting prior to the trip where they all agreed. Kim talks about Anguilla not being in the US and that was her understanding of the trip. Andy is not supporting Kim. That is interesting. Kroy is lurking protectively in the wings. I kinda love that. Sidenote: I rarely take medication. I have to say Advil works like a charm! Feeling much better.

STOP THE PRESSES! KIM ZOLCIAK JUST ADMITTED SHE BOUGHT A FORECLOSURE!  I am so glad she did because that drama led to me meeting my new boyfriend Ed B. Follow him at @mediawhoreEd . Kim defends making fun of Kandi’s house.  Kandi says she was offended. Nene says that she thinks Kim is either racist or stupid. Kim defends herself. Kim talks about Kash gate. Kroy comes out with paperwork that “shows”  Kim had the name first. Kandi isn’t buying it but says she is not going to name her kid that now. Kim and Kandi both agree they enjoyed their prior friendship but it is over now.

Nene and Kim are asked if they will ever be friends again. They both sound sad when they say they probably would not.  Andy asks them to hug goodbye. They do. Nene and Kim are both a bit teary and Kim leaves.

Next week it is Kenya versus Apollo and Miss Kenya has texts! Ut-oh


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73 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2: Nene Leakes Confronts Phaedra Parks For Approaching Her Estranged Sisters!

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I have loved Phaedra since the 3rd season finale, because she was a breath of fresh air and was funny as all get out… but lately, that love has turned more into a like. It started with Kenya. I understand Kenya does and says things that are questionable, but I just feel like with the whole workout video thing, Phaedra wanted Kenya to work for free. Then, I went back and looked at Season 4 on iTunes. It does seem like Phaedra brought Marlo on, then dropped her once she and Nene became friends, and I feel partially like that now with Kenya. Dare I say, the lovefest is over.

    • Vp

      I agree. She used to be my fav but she gets on my nerves now. I know people mocked Kenya for saying she’s a beauty brand, but come on. Objectively it does make more sense for her to make a workout video and Phaedra should have teamed up with her just to nix the competition. I mean if you don’t take a distribution deal on the table, how are you gonna blame a girl for picking it up when you didn’t give her one cent for working that deal? Phaedra over played her hand.

    • MaryC

      I don’t understand why people keep saying that Phaedra was trying to get Kenya to work for free. Kenya tried to do more than what was asked and before they had a contract. Phaedra only wanted Kenya to produce the video. She was willing to pay her a one time only fee for that. She never asked her to secure distribution.

      • Susan

        Thank you Mary C. I thought I was the only one who caught that. Kenya tried to weezle in where she was NOt asked

      • kym

        and if Kenya is such a good business woman, she does understand “no” right? They said, you aren’t getting anything on the backend – and thats it. Its no, and more on, Phaedra & Apollo DON’T HAVE TO WORK WITH YOU. Just move on and stop having a fit. Kenya needs a time out.

      • suedehead

        A lot of people continue to be confused by this and the RHOA ladies haven’t been very good at explaining it clearly. Here is my take on it by way of an analogy to music.

        Let’s say that you are a singer and you ask for my help in finding a studio to record in for a fee to be paid to me. After finding the studio, on my own, I also find a company who will sell your recorded album. For finding the distribution company, I ask you for 10% of all future sales of the album so that if the album makes zero, I get zero–but if the album makes $10,000,000, I get $1,000,000.

        In this example, you thank me for finding the studio, but decline to pay me ANY percentage of sales because finding a company to sell the album isn’t something you asked me to do.

        So, it’s not that Phaedra wanted Kenya to work for free. Kenya basically tried to strong-arm her way into a deal that hadn’t been previously negotiated.

        So you see—-it’s kinda like the guys who jump out and wash your car windows at a stoplight and expect to be paid for something that you didn’t ask them to do. Whether they did a good job or not is immaterial against the backdrop that they did work for you that you didn’t ask for and are suddenly demanding payment.

      • OMG that carwash analogy is perfection! I bolded your comment so people don’t scroll past it. Love it!

      • Katrina

        Are you also saying that there was no deal in place between Kenya and Phaedra? It appears that Phaedra did not pay Kenya anything. Kenya is not the only one having a fit. I liked the carwash analogy.
        I also think that is what happened between Kim and kandi. The only difference is that Kandi did perform services for Kim. Kandi brought in a whole team to help Kim, but Kim wasn’t willing to pay for team. Kim asked Kandi for help. Kandi was trying to make Kim a great song. Kim acknowledges that she paid Kandi something, but Kandi doesn’t think it is enough.

      • kb

        excellent analogy with the window washer metaphore. I understand it clearly now. I didn’t before. Thanks!

      • Mango

        Thank you for pointing that out, MaryC, a lot of people overlook it.

    • Well you need to watch this season again. She never asked her to work for free. All Kenya had to do was meet with the lawyer

  2. Paige B.

    When Nene says she could have Angela on the couch with them, she’s referring to Angela Stanton, the lady who wrote a book about Phaedra and claims that she, Phaedra, Apollo, and a few other people were in on some illegal ring that left basically everyone except Phaedra in jail. She’s been out to “out” Phaedra ever since she got out of jail because she said Phaedra was supposed to take care of her and be her lawyer when she was in jail, but that she didn’t. Just FYI…and I love your blog!

    Oh and the name of Angela Stanton’s book is “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.”

    • I know who Angela Stanton is. I thought she was talking about her sister at that time. Wow. and Thanks.

      • Paige B.

        I may be wrong, but I thought I heard Nene say “Angela Stanton.” I don’t know the name of any of Nene’s sisters, so I think there’s a good chance either of us could be right :-) …continue to keep up the good work! You’re one of the blogs I check daily :-)

      • I updated the post giving both options as a possibility and a link to my first Angela story. I think I have her blocked on twitter. She didn’t like my review. :) Thanks for reading. I know the Jodi Arias stuff is sort of invasive, thanks for sticking with me!

      • Kate

        I just rewatched it and nene did day Angela Stanton. Now she did not say that was her sister. She seemed to be using it as an example of how shady she could be to show the level of shadiness of Phaedra.

      • MaryC

        But did anyone catch that Kenya said that Angela was in her dressing room? Is she coming for Phaedra for real?

      • I just watched this morning. Nene did indeed say ANGELA STANTON, and when she did my jaw dropped!

        Phaedra’s been so on top of media outlets not being able to so much as even utter her name in the same sentence as Angela Stanton’s….when Nene mentioned Angela point blank-with everything that the name alone alludes to in terms of Phaedra’s alleged “past”…and said just shortly before that “You have a past, Phaedra. Everyone on this show has a past”….I do believe I almost fell over from how blankly Nene addressed the media incident that the media themselves were not even allowed to address.

        I like Phaedra for many things, but in a ‘personal’ conflict resolution situation, she is rather adept at talking in circles-and not in a way to confuse the person who is listening rather than just blatantly insult their intelligence. That alone is enough to makes me not trust her brand/tv persona beyond what she manufactures for her comical talking head segments.

  3. Kim looked good from the front. But the side shot was frightening.

    • Oh and funny blog. You should pluck your eyeballs out more often.

      • Lori

        Nene is so full of it. She totally used to joke around calling Peter her boyfriend all the time. I don’t know why these chicks lie about stuff that is on film. She flirted with him something silly and called him her boyfriend way more than once. Andy Cohan lets way too much bullshit get by on these reunions. He knows damn well nene called peter her boyfriend. Why didnt he just say that instead of delicately telling her that he remembers her having a playful flirtatious relationhip with him (which she also denied – so ridiculous… she’s just so perfect that nene).. And Cynthia just sat there kissing nene’s behind as usual.

      • Susan

        I remember that too Lori. I do think Andy is afraid that Nene will kick his ass if he says too much. Nene is hugh and Andy is a little guy. Cynthia kiss amybodys backside that she thinks will help her get momey

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      Agreed about the side view…

    • You too saw the back fat??? I think that women can look beautiful in all their meaty glory, but those side-back shots revealed everything we didn’t need to see.

      I thought that overall Kim looked fairly pretty for the reunion, but I kept getting distracted from the “look” because of the abundant side cleavage, and that back strap on her dress was diggin’ into her ‘mama roll’ something awful, bless her heart.

  4. Kate

    Glad the Advil got the headache you are lucky to get relief!! Now I think there was some real weirdness with Kim saying she refused to have her son born out if the us. She acted nervous. I think she agreed to the trip and then Kroy told her she couldn’t go. I think Kroy is a lot more controlling than we see.

    • barbinga

      I don’t think it’s Troy. She has no friends on the show. None. Who the hell wants to go on a vacation with a buncha bitches that hate you? AND you’re pregnant and it’s almost a given fights will happen. Not defending her, she didn’t need to lie about it unless it’s a contractual thing.

      • Kim doesn’t NEED to lie about a lot of things, but it doesn’t seem to stop her.

      • Kate

        Kim was controlled by Big Pappa. I think she acts independent but is VERY controlled by her men. She thinks she has some power but she really has very little. I am sure Kroy told her not to go on the trip and not to film. Look at the way he was waiting for her outside the brunch! Look a the way he talked to the camera crew! That was about him not about her.

    • Susan

      Kate somebody has to control Kim – good grief she would be all over they place if Kroy didn’t have a strong personality. Poor guy Kim would run him down if he didn’t stand up to her. I think they do well together. It looks like a good place for the girls too. They have a home and a father, and I believe Kim loves Kroy and her children a lot. Kroy just needs a gentle but strong hand in it.

      • Kate

        yes you make a good point. She just seemed so weird last night as if she was yelled at or something prior to coming on stage.

      • Cali

        so true. Kim has a beautiful family, just hope she doesn’t mess thing up with her lying.

  5. Stephey

    Ugh, NeNe cannot own anything she does, she doesn’t throw shade she just has negative “opinions” and Kim should have just owned that she was over it at that moment who could blame her ….bored with Phaedra she is a walking contradiction …..and arguing over baby names when you don’t have a baby is soooo silly!

  6. FGF

    I loved that NeNe exposed Phaedra and her fakeness!!! And actually, Tamara it was Phaedra’s second season that she met up with NeNe’s sisters because that’s when Ayden turned 1. She was pregnant with him her first season. My niece worked for the show back then and told me that both Phaedra and Sheree filmed w/NeNe’s sisters but Bravo would not air it after NeNe pitched a fit because the sisters spoke very poorly about her deceased mother. I think we discussed this a few months ago when 1 of your posters here asked if NeNe had siblings other than her brother she speaks about.

    I think that Phaedra was used by Kim & Sheree to bring NeNe down because they knew she was from the same town and she had a connection to Marlo. Say what you will about NeNe but she fights fair. Kim is the one that exposed her connection to Charles Grant on WWHL. NeNe could’ve revealed Big Poppa’s identity or exposed Kim’s stripper past but she didn’t and for that, in my eyes, she’s winning. Side note: somebody might want to put Sheree on suicide watch!! I’ve never seen them clown a former housewife so hard on a reunion!! LOL!!

    • Vp

      Oh yeah. You are right. Second season. But I think if Kim was in on it wouldn’t Nene have blasted her too?

      • FGF

        Yeah I’m not sure how involved Kim was because I was only told that Sheree and Phaedra filmed with NeNe’s sisters. Come to think of it, Kim did not attend Ayden’s first birthday party so she couldn’t have been there for the conversation. Makes sense now because Sheree complained about having to take the long bus ride to Ayden’s party at the water park. She didn’t even bring her kids with her so that explains why she was even there in the first place. Also, Kim just tweeted that Phaedra tried to call her with NeNe’s sisters on the line and she refused to get involved.

      • NeNe was the one last night that called out all 3 she said Phaedra, Kim and Sheree was in it together

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      Kim was a stripper? Oh, I didn’t know that. Is that how her and NeNe know eachother?

      • FGF

        I’ve heard from very reputable people, even a few rappers, that she was. She only admits to waitressing but one cannot afford Versace china serving drinks only. IJS….She and NeNe actually met at the gym which is so hard to believe because I can’t shine either of them working out. :)

  7. RHoAfan

    Kim’s dress IS the same (styled) dress that Melissa Gorga wore to the Bravo upfront.

  8. Sheree was tweeting like a crazy person because she was creamin her jeans that they mentioned her name. As harsh and nasty as it was she was just glad to be mentioned. She tweeted me that she loves her nose, her face, he sphincter — everything! And she’s sad because some people don’t love … Well, she spells it luv…themselves. I’m not quite sure she gets things sometimes. :)

    • FGF

      Sheree’s such a loser!!! I just saw a clip of her appearance on Iyanla’s Fix My Life and they go to Plateau Sheree and Iyanla rips her a new one for the house being incomplete!! I’m sooo confused as to how she can come after Tamara for visiting the dump but then turn around and take tv cameras there!!

  9. Victoria

    Phaedra was cool during the first season…but she quickly lost me with lying about her babies due date. Cynthia really is my favorite housewife at the mo. She only comes for u when u come for her. She’s not messy and she’s just fabulous.

    Hey TT!

    • MaryC

      I have to disagree with you on Cynthia not being messy. She was like a damn carrier pigeon telling everyone everything she knew. That’s messy.

  10. Victoria

    Side note: anyone watching married to medicine? I’m thinking they could’ve just replaced half of the RHOA cast with the M2M cast.

  11. victori0us

    Phaedra was cool during the first season…but she quickly lost me with lying about her babies due date. Cynthia really is my favorite housewife at the mo. She only comes for u when u come for her. She’s not messy and she’s just fabulous.

    Hey TT!

    • Paloma

      The vibe with Kim was so weird she seemed so subdued. As some posters noted, he might be more controlling than we think. Will not be watching her show. Her kiddies are cute but she cusses way too much. Glad Fakedra got called out, it’s about time.

      • pfffttt

        I don’t see him as controlling at all. Plus, Kim doesn’t seem to be the type to be controlled.

    • brownby1977

      FAKEDRA is a liar. She has an very evil side because she pretends to be something that. she isnt. I would hire Phaedra to defend my goldfish. By the way, she isnt a real southern lady because we keep it real. Also she made friends with Marlo to get at NeNe and also she befriended. Kenya. To get a Cynthia. And it backfired eevery time. When you play dirty you never win. Oh and Kandi was right there in hopes that Kenya would drive NeNe and Cynthia crazy. Boy do KAndi and Fakedra make horrible faces. Kandi seemed pissed tthe whole reunion.

  12. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Like NeNe said, if you were a real bitch you would have just said, I’m not going because I don’t want to. Damn all of the excuses. Also, I think the ladies were owed an apology. If nothing else, “I’m sorry if you all felt I was shirking on my duties. I was pregnant and dealing with a lot.” BAM done deal. But of course a person who believes the world revolves around them can’t muster the maturity to do that. Like Andy and the other ladies have said, everybody -well except Kenya and Porsha- are really busy with legitimate business ventures. And yet, they stuck to the production schedule. The bottom line is Kim thought and still thinks she is better than them and as such will never apologize or acknowledge that those ladies lives are as, if not, more hectic than hers.

    I’m still hopeful that she will not return for season 6. If she does, her role will be insignificant and she will respect the production schedule and show the hell up.

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      I didn’t like how she used her children as an excuse. She knew what the shooting schedule would realistically be like. It was season 5 for goodness sake. She signed up for this job knowing her coworkers would be late and should have made child care arrangements accordingly. Being pregnant and not wanting to travel I can understand but she should have just said that and not looked shady with all the excuses. End note: Kroy is a pro football player. What Kim does can hurt his rep and embarrass his team’s franchise. That’s real money on the line. I’m betting that’s why she is more ” demure”.

    • Jasmine

      You should google Kenya, she has had a legitimate career in entertainment. Made for straight to DVD movies are a good source of revenue without the expense of attempting to get movies into theatre’s. In regard to Kenya’s body, half the women out there had something done to their body. She very little body fat and her midsection is toned.

      Kim’s life has moved into a different direction that may not include those particular women who don’t have her best interest. Kim’s a married woman now with two addition children under the age of three. Why deal with negative people. Although Kandi purchased her home for cash and remodeled it, it doesn’t mean that it’s in the safest community. If Kim is unaware of the community, just explain that Sweetie was incorrect in her comments. As NeNe stated, her behavior could be because of ignorance. It happens all day long if you deal with enough people who aren’t exposed to every environment. On a final note – the way Peter talked about Kroy, laughing at the white boy, do you think he would want to vacation with that crew? Real men protect their women and don’t allow anyone to disrespect them. Kim may be wrong; however, that’s his wife and he’s going to protect her.

      Part III trailer shows Peter and Apollo attacking Kenya and defending Walter. I have a problem with a man attacking a woman. It’s ugly and shows a weakness in that man. Men don’t attack women verbally or physically. Men who don’t have any respect for women will. Peter has issues and Apollo has been a part of prison culture. I’ll save the rest of my comments until the show airs.

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Not saying Kenya does/did not have a legitimate career. Was simply saying that Kenya and Porsha didn’t seem to be as busy as the rest of the woman…

  13. brownby1977

    Its frustrating that Kim was held to a different standard probably for the same paycheck if not more. To top it off she got a second season after quiting her first job. Were can you get rehired after quiting.

    Now let me address her comment on not living outside of N Atl. The doom that her husband plays in is in S Atl the other ghetto side of Atl. Kandi lives in a very prominent African American area with very rich African Americans. Its has nothing with her to do with being the only white on the cast. I would be pissed if it was all white cast. I love my area. By the way the airport is in S Atl. How the hell does she get out of town. She is such a liar. I will never watch her show. She is not ignorant either. She knows better.

    • How do you know what she was paid? Do you have inside information.

    • The contracts had already been signed for her second season before she walked out on the RHOA and the ladies brunch. What will be telling is if Bravo signs her for a third season. I think if the ratings are high enough they will overlook her walkout, if they aren’t what they expect I think it’ll be over for her.

      • What does a signed contact mean? Do you understand what a contact is? It’s you’ll do this and I’ll do that and we agree. You don’t do this I don’t do that. Fin.

    • Shellbelle

      I use to live on the S side of Atlanta. Clayton county to be exact… We couldn’t wait to get the HELL out of there and haven’t been back in 8 years. Have you driven down Tara Blvd lately? My husbands siblings both live in N Atlanta and I think it’s all about what you get use to. You don’t see many panhandlers approaching cars in Buckhead or Alpharetta like you do in the southern part of the county. As a female, I would be afraid to drive by myself in Atlanta and parts south. Not a black or white thing, it’s all about safety.

      • I have live in the Clayton County, Buckhead and Alpharetta. I have seen panhandlers in all 3 parts of town. And people holding signs asking for HANDOUTS. IJS maybe a little more on the South end but the North end has them also

      • oracle5

        Corruption is deeply rooted in this southern city of Atlanta, especially, newly formed corruption in older communities of the ATL. What a shame and it is very disgusting to see and drive through these roads of corruption just to get to the main exit of Roosevelt Hwy. I can’t way to move away and go back to my old LANDMARK of CAROLINA!

  14. It’s all just a set up for next season when NeNe and Phaedra go at it and then they make up and hug it out in that season’s reunion.

  15. Patricia

    All I can say is part two was great! I thought it was going to be a HUGE snore fest. Pheadra, never has been a favorite of mine and Nene was. However, whenever Nene would say Phaedra was shady – I dismissed it as being catty or jealous. Now, we learned MIss. Southern Manners, tried to extinguish Nene with the Marlo drama and with her own sisters! Talk about Shady, that’s low.

    Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra….the spotlight is on you…..all of her, I’m above it all, drama free, etc, bull. WOW!

    Kim, didn’t need to see. How many people are going to say she confirmed those dates before she owns up to it. At least she admitted about the house being in foreclosure. I for the life of me can’t for the life of me figure out why these ppl think so damn highly of themselves and and so low of others – when in reality – they are no different than anyone else. It was smart of Kandi to purchase her house, just like it was for Kim. And, Kandi, has a nice house. It sure looks better than Kim’s that’s for sure. Regardless, I’m just gald she WON’T be returning to RHOA. I don’t watch her show but I wish her well – and again – glad she’s off of something I do watch. Good luck Kim.

    Can’t wait until part three. I hope they don’t go to far in on poor Phaedra. The lady is after all preggos…..

  16. Lodak

    I feel sorry for Phaedra when people go in on her. I mean, she can’t really discuss the nature of most of her relationships because she may have provided legal counsel. So what does she do? Smile, cringe and engage in lawyer-speak. I’m with you Pha-Pha.

    She could elaborate on Kenya at length because all of that story played out on TV. She had to bite her tongue last year with Sheree, because she couldn’t say what she knew.

  17. Britney

    One thing I found interesting is the fact that it was basically admitted that these trips are pre-planned before the season even starts. Like we always knew that the trips were planned ahead of time but to see it admitted was interesting. They were basically like production sets the dates and we just go.

  18. Rose

    In every season, but this one, Nene is always fighting with someone. I find it amusing this past season, since she is a ‘movie star’ that she tries to get the others to make peace! I just don’t think that’s her nature. The lady likes to argue and won’t let whomever she is arguing with get a word in edgewise!

    I think Kim finally found what she was looking for…a man to love her and her girls. The fact that he has money and is not bad looking are just extras. I hope they make it as they seem to be as opposite as oil and water.

    I think Phaedra would be wise to keep smiling and say nothing ’cause Kenya is mean!!

    Any thoughts on why Kenya can’t find a man to love her? Could it be her attitude?

    • Katrina

      I think Kenya made a choice to pursue her career and now that she is older, she regrets that she doesn’t have a family. I know women that have bigger attitudes than Kenya ad they have steady boyfriends, husbands, etc. Look at Kandi. She is engaged again and will hopefully marry soon.

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      I don’t think Kenya just has an attitude, I think she is also batshit crazy –>lethal combination. But I think the biggest issue is that she is crazy ass hell and she seems like she might be a bit exacting. You know looking for perfection and intolerant of shortcomings. Not mention the fact that she is mean, can you imagine a boyfriend arguing with her. She might hit below the belt… She needs a really strong man, who has is sh!t all the way together, who can check her when necessary, and he absolutely worship her. Lots of compliments, affection, and gifts. In that respect, I don’t think she’s not much different than a lot of women…

      And let’s not let the men off the hook. Although Kenya is a handful, like many women I’m sure she had dealt with a lot of duds, perhaps cheaters, etc. Just because she is/was pretty doesn’t mean that every man she has dealt with was Prince Charming…

  19. soccermop59

    First off NeNe, whom I’m loving this season has been shady from day one. I mean, grant it, she’s cleaned up her act, but please stop acting like this holier than thou creature… were a mess every season but this one. Now with that being said, thank you for outing Ms. Paedra…she had it coming and I hope for her sake, she gets it….we’re all tired of you being this fake pretentious creature….that talks crap behind everyone’s back, then smile in they face…do you not know camera’s are present?

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