Lisa Vanderpump Talks About DWTS and Her Future Endeavors


Gif by T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

Gif by T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

Lisa Vanderpump was sadly eliminated from DWTS this week but even she agrees it is probably all for the best. Despite giving it the good ole college try, Lisa was a bit stiff and her competition was so steep that she didn’t stand a chance. I don’t watch DWTS because of the usual Bravo conflicts, but I will be pulling for Andy Dick to go as far as possible. It seems to mean a lot to him to improve and he is sort of inspirational. Yes, I did just say Andy Dick is inspirational. It’s late and I am tired but really, you just have to see him on the show. Trust me, he has great editing.

Here is what Lisa had to say about her elimination and falling ill on camera in an exclusive interview with US. “I have an element of relief, to be honest, because I have been feeling so crappy. I feel better today. It’s been an incredible  experience, and you can’t minimize it, but wow, it’s been tough, absolutely. We went straight to the doctor and he said, ‘Your heart rate’s  too fast, your blood pressure’s too low, you have a temperature.’ I was a mess,  but what do you do? Fainting was weird though, I didn’t like seeing that on the  playback.” 

“I knew I’d regret  it if I didn’t do it,” she said of competing. “I knew I wasn’t well rehearsed,  but I wanted to give it my best try. “It’s been six long weeks! I’ve got two shows, I’ve got two businesses and a business under construction. I have a lot going on!”

FYI, I believe Lisa’s new business is her skin care line with her partner Dr. Simon Ourian. Dr. Ourian is a competitor of Paul Nassif’s and the Epione products are only available to his patients.

“We knew we  weren’t going to win . . . I’m a 52-year-old restauranteur (sic), give me a break!”

Here is hoping Lisa is back to 100% very soon!

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13 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Talks About DWTS and Her Future Endeavors

  1. sweetnessnbubba

    The business under construction is a new club thats going to be close to Sur..

  2. The Disher

    Love gorgeous Lisa…and all things, Lisa, but I don’t think a skincare line is the way to go for her. She looks her age…and sometimes a bit older.

  3. Tamara is Pulling for Dick would have made a nice blog title.

  4. jakies mom

    I agree with you about Andy Dick.

    Lisa has had her skincare line for several years, even before the show started, and we have seen it on the show in season 1 when she brought a shopping bag to Camille’s house as a gift which is why I laughed when Adrienne Maloof started her skincare line a la Lisa.

    Her new business is a new restaurant, PUMP, located near Sur in WeHo.

  5. i love this woman she and brandi are my favs on housewives. i love the way she makes her marriage and everything work in her life

  6. Kim Zolziak was tweeting how great she would be on the show. That’s kind of a deal breaker for Kim and I. I would not be able to defend her leaving her babies for that amount of time.

  7. Rose

    I have been watching the Jodi Arias trial for about 5 or 6 weeks. I don’t know what exactly keeps pulling me in. If I miss it on TV, I catch up online. The first thing that I couldn’t understand was why a gun and a knife and then the answer was clear when AL was speaking about JA come up with a better lie. Her story all along was going to be two people broke in, etc. So, how could there be proof of two people? Two weapons!! Don’t we hear that all the time on crime shows that if there is more than two kinds of gun cartridges found then there are two perpetrators?? Maybe someone here has already come to that conclusion but it’s new to me!

    I also think AL really showed her bias when asked what she had learned about TA. He worked for PPL and was a good motivational speaker and everything else was negative!! Hmmm! I also think, since she admitted to being old fashion, that she looked down on TA because of his sexual conduct and sexual fantasies and even though JA loved it as much as he did, AL believed TA sexually humiliated JA! Hogwash!!

  8. I love her. They don’t always paint her in the greatest light and granted a lot of contrived situations that are probably scripted for the most part have happened this season but I don’t care. I think she is great. I am happy for Brandi that Lisa and her hubby have taken her under their wings. They can provide the soft place to fall that she seems to need right now.

    • Rose

      I like Lisa, as well. And I am always for the underdog and I think Brandi is the underdog in this group of ladies. Brandi does need to learn to think before speaking and I believe both Lisa and Yolanda are going to help her in that area.

      What did tick me off was when Faye Resnick accused Brandi of causing Paul and Adrienne’s marital problems!! Give me a break!! I thought their marriage was in trouble from the first season!!

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