Alyce Laviolette Sought Emergency Medical Care Due to Social Media Attacks

jodidvIt seems that Alyce is not exactly living in a bubble when it comes to all of the attacks on her personally and professionally on social media. Edited: The author of this article, Michael Kiefer, originally published this piece in The Republic which was picked up by USA Today. I am changing the link to go to the original source. Tirades against Alyce have extended to phone calls to her office, and the offices of those who have her booked for speaking engagements. I’ve excerpted a couple of the more interesting points below, but the entire article is definitely worth a read and pause for thought.

ALYCEWATERMARKEDAnd on a day when she and Martinez bickered over the meaning of stalking, someone had obviously followed her to dinner and later posted photos of her dining with Arias’s defense attorney Jennifer Willmott and one of her legal staff. The posted photo was accompanied by comments implying that somehow, defense attorneys are not allowed to communicate with the experts they hire. The barrage of cyberstalking was the subject of lengthy meetings in a judge’s chambers on Monday. It sent LaViolette to the emergency room last weekend. Legal observers are not certain if it constitutes witness tampering, slander, or just an expression of free speech. “It’s the electronic version of a lynch mob,” said retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Fields.

One of LaViolette’s friends, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, said that LaViolette was getting countless angry phone calls and e-mails at her own office in Long Beach, at least one of which was serious enough that her colleagues contacted police. The friend said that the stress of the harassment had driven LaViolette to the emergency room last weekend for anxiety attacks and palpitation. In Arizona it is a felony to tamper with or influence a witness. “I think it’s an effort to dissuade the witness from testifying free of outside influence,” David Derickson, a former Superior Court judge who now practices law, said of the attacks on LaViolette.

Taylor Armstrong Receiving Death Threats on TwitterI’ll never understand some people’s need to mean tweet housewives or directly contact people discussed on social media to tell them how much they hate them. Often times when I post something here that is considered negative about a housewife some idiot will say, “Oh you are exactly right that was a horrible dress she is truly a moron!!!! I tweeted her a link to your blog!!!!” and then said idiot will tweet it to the housewife. Why? Do they think I do not know how to tweet posts to housewives?

I discussed this whole phenomenon in detail with regard to Taylor Armstrong here.  There were people on twitter and other blogs who right after her husband committed suicide took it upon themselves to tweet her ad nauseam telling her she was responsible for his death. What is the point of that? She even got death threats and was clearly having a mental breakdown in public. I can’t fathom why people do this, particularly when, as I believe to be true in the case of Taylor, she is mentally ill and not just with my made up Bravo Housewife Disorder.

Do you guys think the attacks on Alyce in real life that effect her ability to make a living are justified?


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275 responses to “Alyce Laviolette Sought Emergency Medical Care Due to Social Media Attacks

  1. Whether it is right or wrong, it’s just the way the world is today. Social Media has changed everything. If you put yourself out there claiming to be an expert, then you have to expect a backlash. Look what happened to you Tamara with Sheree’. It just goes with the territory.

    • This woman is sickening!! MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I am hoping she is just a FOOL and that the scales will fall….but sometimes I think she is something more sinister!

      • Cynthia

        She’s entitled to collect a fee for her services just as the judge and the attorney’s do. She’ll never get rich, but she has been away from her practice for how many months? This fee will help her to continue to pay her bills, pay her staff/employees and cover future medical bills, security issues that will arise from this event.

      • ALS

        She has not had to be there for the whole thing only her testimony. So, she has been away from her “practice” for eight days and has made 20 thousand taxpayer dollars!

      • Pat

        So? Maybe she can get some type of back rub from Jodi or her Lawyers? When you get paid to “LIE”, accept the backlash! Stop complaining, I feel sorry for Travis and his family. Redeem yourself and tell the truth, or give your court check to the family of Travis. You are so Bias! Shame on YOU!

      • I’m completely in agreement with what Pat stated!! It’s totally disgraceful. After Jodi murdered Travis, she continued to also destroy his name! Moreover, she sits there today without any show of shame in any way!!!

      • ALV is a liar all pro Jodi who killed Travis in most vulnerable time, that is when he was in shower, she knew he wouldn’t be able to do much …Violette is a foolish person who came to make quick money in this case…she know she has lied all through & spoke in favour of a KILLER & LIAR…hope her rating will go down & she will be out of work…today Violette & Jodi are in the same level of meanness…Jodi killed Travis once Violette killed him all over again …bad KARMA for her.. …I want somebody to ask her, if it was her son in place of Alexander would her assessment be the same…

      • I totally agree with you, Pat. She’s the one proclaiming her expertise and don’t forget experience, over and over again to anyone who will listen. I do NOT feel one bit sorry for her!

      • Joyce sullivant

        It is very sad that Jodi has killed Travis and she has also killed the careers of LaViolette and Samuelson. She may have also negatively impacted the careers of her attorneys. In the country everyone is entitled to have representation and it is a noble profession to serve citizens in this way. I do think that both Samuelson and LaViolette really believed in Jodi, which is unfortunate because she had probably manipulated them the same way she did Travis. The only person deserving of shame here is Jodi. I feel sorry for the others she dragged down into the chasm of guilt and shame with her. I hope Miss Arias gets what she deserves – death – but one never can predict what a jury will do.

      • Robert Edwards

        I think this trial has probably ruined the careers of Mrs. Wilmott and the male defense attorney.

    • illiot

      No one deserves to be stalked or harassed. She did not commit a crime, she is only testifying. Imo it makes whoever is doing it as guilty as Jodi is.

      • Jeff

        She ABSOLUTELY committed a crime! She LIED UNDER OATH!! What the hell is wrong with you? This woman has DESTROYED the reputation of a good man for the sake of getting Jodi the psychopath out of a murder conviction. What the hell is happening to the intelligence of this country?

      • maureen merry

        illiot!! I do not believe you, this woman has lied on the stand, and has attempted to clear MISS Jody’s name, Jody murdered TA in a very murderous rage and was premiditated and has ruined his reputation in the process. What do you expect would happen, people are very upset and angry with her also for talking to
        samantha in the court. This Alexander family have been put through enough already.

    • Jeannie

      I think it’s very disheartening that money can buy you anything. Even a person’s integrity and soul. I know the money she’s made on it helps her to offset the real trauma of Travis’ family. She is definetely not qualified. She has referred on stand numerous times that ALL the information she has reviewed, but acts and reports like she lived with them for 10 years. I hope the prosecutor points out to the jury the total number of documents she’s reviewed. When in reality they didn’t date that long. Domestic abuse as asked by the jury doesn’t start right away. The abuser has to have some control. She knows this too. Plus it was basically a long distance relationship. She stated that Jody doesn’t lie, and when she responded to the family about their statements, she commented all teenagers lie, but her Dad said she lied from age 14 ON. Another fact she’s overlooked. Travis was a very young Man, in his twenty’s enjoying sex like most young man. Jody knew this and took advantage of it in a big way. She was just a booty call. The facts as I see them is he liked her at first, but after finding out what a nut job she was he was only interested in sex with her after that. The IM that Travis sent was at the end of their relationship, another fact that LUviolette overlooked but called it abuse. Who hasn’t said negative things when breaking up. And in reality it was true, she is a sociopath. When Luviloette talks about all of Travis’ friends say blank about him, isn’t she really talking about one couple whereas she took that information out of context as I think they thought a lot of Travis as it seems all his friends did. It’s sad and outrageous how she is now victimizing Travis. I know per a lot of people she is just doing her job, but I think she is going beyond this by victimizing Travis. The poor Guy is dead and I don’t think that even though all the information points towards Jodi, she still thinks she is a wonderful person. Doesn’t stalk, doesn’t try to control, doesn’t manipulate. As Dr. Phil Luviolete is a right fighter. All she cares about is being right! No matter who she hurts. I’m hoping the questions she’s being asked by the jury is an indication of what they think about her testimony. All it takes is common sense and they appear to be applying common sense. Shame on Luviolette. I don’t know why she would do this to her career when the evidence is so strong against domestic violence. I would hate to be the person, dead or alive, that she is tearing apart. Think about that folks. She could acquire just a little information about you and do the same thing. And this is what I find disgusting. How can she judge a person when she is suppose to be a professional? Professionals are not suppose to judgemental and subjective. If Luviolette reads this, imprint Travis family’s faces to yout memory and think about them while you’re spending your blood money.

      • You stated it
        perfectly. Thank You1

      • Dorrie

        I disagree. I believe Travis abused Jodi. She is entitled to present evidence of that abuse through an expert. Part of the problem is that people are looking at the testimony through the lens of the inadmissible things trotted around on such shock shows as HLN’s “Bold Accusation” and Nancy Grace’s show where hearsay and innuendo pass as evidence and truth. I hope they take some responsibility for the hate they are inciting.

      • MWHIT

        Oh my gosh!! I feel the same!! That’s why I think the media should stay out of the courtroom because I REALLY believe the jury is watching…

      • I blame the DA, Juan Martinez, and his callous and cruel attitude toward Ms. LaViolette. To know that she’s been harassed online (as of earlier this week), yet not change his attitude toward her one whit shows how mean of a person he is — whether he thinks of her as qualified or not, he could behave in a far more dignified manner than he has.

        Mind you, I don’t like Jodi Arias. But I do think she was abused. I think Travis Alexander has many of the traits that Ms. LaViolette has said he had — he was someone who really seemed controlling. (Granted, Ms. Arias was putting up with it, but so many women do this — and some men, do, too. It’s not only women who get abused by any means.)

        I think HLN’s coverage has often been biased against Ms. Arias more than is warranted, and I think the defense attorneys didn’t really prepare Ms. LaViolette for what she’d be getting into considering this is an extremely high-profile case. Those two things make me feel very sorry for Ms. LaViolette, who to my mind is exactly what she claims to be — an expert on domestic violence, asked by the defense to testify as to whether Ms. LaViolette feels Travis Alexander was abusive toward Ms. Arias during their relationship.

        And anyone who is behaving this way toward Ms. LaViolette when she’s been asked to testify (she didn’t go out of her way to solicit this case, I’m sure), is plain, flat wrong.

      • STELLA

        are you absolutely out of your mind!!! all jodie had to do was kick a naked travis in the testicles and run like heck!!!! why stab him 29 times shoot him in the head and call it self defence????

      • Tango

        Right Stella. The overkill in the murder was gruesome. Not self defense, not a poor girl fighting an abuser, but slaughter.

      • elizabeth

        Please read, I do have a point here.
        Here’s the deal. For 20 yrs, I was severely abused. 9mm to my head, beaten beyond recognition where my mom had to come identify me (only because my unmistakeably knee-length hair gave an idea of who I was, they contacted my parents), constant slaps/beatdowns/fisted blows, MUCH verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual. Yes, sexual. The lovely state of Texas doesn’t recognize such acts of a husband toward his wife.
        My point? I DIDN’T KILL HIM! I did stay because from the old school, I believed marriage was forever. I finally left when I KNEW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT he was going to follow thru with the threats of death from him to me. He would drink bad liquor and just sit and sharpen his knife, which is why the JA story is so freaky to me!
        Believe me, JA isn’t even old enough to be beaten/battered/abused in other ways to the extent of killing someone. Need I say more?

      • Tango

        No elizabeth, you don’t need to say more, except that you are doin well now. I am so sorry to read your story. I agree whole-heartedly that this trial is a travesty to truly battered women.

      • kim

        Amen! Does anyone else remember, just before Ms. Laviolette took the stand, HLN etc. stating that she could possibly hurt the defense because she would report what she found? WOW how their tune has changed…..can we say RATINGS…..I am not saying killing a human is right….however, suppose just for a moment there was domestic violence? I have known several women including my daughter and best friend who have been abused and never told anyone the truth related to the abuse. These accusations of tire slashing and doggie door entry are being told by the same friends who thought he was a virgin and had cut all contact with Jodi Arais! His own friends warned that girl of his past treatment of women and there was a woman on the stand who admitted he pushed too far and too fast for sex. The same ones who are convicting these people without any evidence or with evidence that is not allowed in a court need to stop and think it could be them or someone they love one day and there are reasons why we have the rules of evidence. How many people think a 12 yr old having her first orgasm is “hot”? The same man who was telling his friends this woman was stalking him was inviting her over for sex… is up to the jury to decide the credibility of each witness and they should never be afraid of public opinion to vote their conscious.

      • bridgitte

        agree. Hln is going for the sensational. Psychologically abusive people can cause harm that I hope no one ever has to endure.

      • The Liz Lemon

        I agree about the media, but here’s the thing: Most people have DVR’s now and record shows and watch them a bit later. Even if I’m home and free at the time, I wait to watch the shows – SO I CAN FAST FORWARD through commercials and the ridiculous commentary by most HLN hosts and many of the guests.

        Beth Karas is the only person who consistently presents analysis and “news”, sans snark and gasp, shock and awe! like the rest of them resort to. Joey Jackson gives sensible legal tactical insights and he does it with flair & humor, so I enjoy him, too.

        If I have to record Nancy Grace to get continuing court coverage, I FF through her soap-opera-on-steroids remarks.

        Like I said, I agree about the media, but there’s nothing we can do about the sensationalism they create and feed into – except take charge of our own selves and stop listening to it. Fast Forward is our friend, people!

      • D Hobbs

        I agree you stated it perfectly – thank you!
        RIP Travis
        Hey Alyce guess what – Men can be abused too -sadly this expert has apparently become so tainted by her own experiences- think she hates men from experiences?

      • Well said!! You spoke from my heart. Thank you!

      • I was abused. I was stalked when i got away.I was shot. I am now partially paralyzed. I called the Police. In my State you have to be injured 3 times before they can charge with stalking. And if you ever slept with the guy they won’t arrest him for the abuse. I know this may sound strange to some but I have heard so much garbage out of the experts mouth I had to limit watching when she is on. I feel Jodi was not only the stalker but also the abuser. I understand a lot disagree with me . But that’s ok. I lived it.

      • I think the same way

      • TinaS

        BRAVO!!! Thank you! You stated most of my sentiments exactly!

      • I have to wholeheartedly agree with you Jeannie. I’d especially like to reiterate what you said about his texts from May 28th. The ones that Laviolette considers so very abusive. You are right when you say that everyone says mean things when they are breaking up. In fact, isn’t that when most of us come up with our most durogatory comments? At the point when we are breaking up the things we say are most likely ‘meant’ to be hurtful….not a pattern of behavior…but rather an expression of our feelings of breaking up. If she has little more than a breakup text, then I see no pattern of abuse. Like you said, miz jodi was a nothing more than a booty call, willing to perform whatever debasing sex acts ta requested in the hopes of making the relationship more than it was. When she failed she sought revenge.

      • I couldn’t say it any better Jeannie~~~~

    • It is apparent that Jodi is an egomaniac! The latest news on her twitter account remarks is just one more indication of how full of herself she is…..
      Alyce Laviolette is either an idiot when she assesses Jodi to have low self esteem
      OR ….
      worse…she knows exactly what Jodi is but for money and fame she will say anything. She appears to be a foolish lady who need lots of attention….and is getting it at the expense of justice. It is all very disturbing!

    • Dorrie

      Why? Who made up that rule?

    • Michele

      This woman LIED on the witness stand. She lied to a juror who asked if she ever defended a man. She said several. When pressed by Martinez, she retracted, and said only one, and it was in the form of a deposition. but, she couldn’t remember the only man she defended’s name.

      She lied about Jodi telling her that she shot Travis in the closet, and even though it was in her notes, she lied and said Jodi never told her that.

      She even lied when a juror asked why she looked at Jodi so often, and smiled, winked, etc. She said it was really an old friend she was looking at, when people saw her smiling and winking at Jodi! The jurors saw this!

      She lied about Travis being a pedophile, because no professional would get up on a witness stand and perjure themselves on the strength of nothing more than the word of a murderous liar, alone. When she says she uses “collateral information” it is not in the form of evidence collected by the police, in the form of pictures found that corroborate Jodi’s lie about Travis masterbating to pictures of boys. In fact, she lied and said it was on the computer, when it never was, and then said she made another mistake.

      She makes a lot of mistakes for someone making 300 an hour.

      The public is paying for this trial. They are paying this non-PhD for her “expert” testimony. They are watching her prevaricate and lie. The public has a right to expect honesty in a paid witness, not what Alyce gave us.

      It is not a public lynching, but, the public’s outrage at such unprofessional and unscrupulous slandering of a dead man, whose reputation was all that was left to him. The public is outraged that she called Jodi Arias a “survivor” and Travis the “abuser” which implied that he deserved to die, and his death was his own fault.

      To censure the public is weakening the rights that we have to speak out. A trial is a public event. Maybe in the past, these kinds of expression were unavailable, but, it’s a new age, and it shouldn’t be one where people cannot speak out when a serious offense is witnessed and perpetrated.

      • Lisa

        Great post.

      • The Liz Lemon

        Also, I’m hoping a result of the backlash is that in the future every “expert” out there will be extremely well prepared before and during client assessments, as well as for trial, self-check on their bias, get an objective opinion on their potential bias from a peer, triple-check their notes, reports, CVs, etc., and have the defense (or prosecution, as the case may be) teams prepare them well for the requirements and rigors involved in cross examination.

        This kind of absurdity in a trial is very serious and I guess if it takes this kind of heavy backlash for LV, then so be it.

        (And just imagine if these two experts were completely effing up, I mean testifying, in a case where the defendant was utterly innocent!)

    • LaRue Hardinger

      If Jodi Arias has freedom of speech to voice her negative opinions about public figures directly involved with her own trial, and address them directly or indirectly through twitter / other media, then certainly the public readers, viewers & followers of this newsworthy trial have the right to their voiced opinions. That said, I do not support threats of personal harm.

  2. I think that the public reaction to Alyce is over the top and so uncalled for. I actually read her 20 page CV and looked up her license information out of curiosity because I couldn’t understand how she could be duped by Jodi and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt for having integrity. I think I understand her better now. She is not a trained psychotherapist and her background is more in “education” and by that I mean delivering her opinions in small local journals/newsletters or as a speaker at conferences. It seems the actual therapy part of her practice is small.

    So for whatever reason the defense found this woman and hired her to represent Jodi as a victim of domestic abuse. I suspect they didn’t tell her all the details of how nuts Jodi was. If you look at Travis’ side of the equation he didn’t deserve to die, especially the way he did but he also wasn’t a choir boy. He was basically a typical male who enjoyed having kinky sex with Jodi and unfortunately for him he didn’t realize he was playing with a psychopath and it cost him his life. I think Alyce only was told the “bad” things that Jodi made up that Travis did and she drew her conclusion.

    Truthfully Alyce is not really qualified to be an expert on any topic other than how to build a 20 page pointless resume. She is just a rank amateur who had a fair amount of local success and she saw this opportunity to make some nice pocket change and spread the word about her passionate subject. I don’t think she had any clue as to what she was getting herself into. She doesn’t know how to testify, that is clear. Martinez’ style is to come across like a bully and I am sure that just fed into Alyce’s theory of abusive male behavior. So rather than focus on really being honest and open minded, she worried about where was Juan trying to take her and did everything in her power to not go there. Result was epic fail on her part as she then pulled down all this hate and people wanting to end her career.

    Frankly I blame the defense team for not having the connections or intelligence to actually find competent expert witnesses to testify on behalf of their client….or was it that all the competent expert witnesses saw through Jodi and therefore would not testify to his ridiculous claim that she killed Travis in self defense.

    Frankly Jodi’s defense would have worked better to be she snapped and was insane as it probably fits her better and I bet a long line of people would be willing to say she is nuts. My guess is although the vitriol spewed at Samuels wasn’t nearly as bad as at Alyce, both their careers are pretty much shot as a result of their greed in taking on this case for a easy paycheck….sadly they are finding out it wasn’t really easy after all..

    • NotAlway'sPerfekt

      Very well stated!

    • Kim

      Thanks for the info/insight into ALV and I could not agree with you more.

    • Laura

      Well said. I have been very angry with Alyce LaViolette..I have a very hard time understanding how someone who claims to work for the benefit of battered individuals could put herself in this position..discredit herself in this way. The answer, sadly, is money. She had to have know that there would be backlash.

    • puravidacostarica

      Totally agree. LaVIolette should have realized early on that she was in over her head. The “snapped” or “insanity” defense, while a good idea because it’s pretty much a given that Jodi is a sociopath or psychopath, was probably adamantly blocked on one person and one person only….Jodi.

      • puravidacostarica

        “on” should be “by”.

      • While I agree (I don’t like Jodi Arias at all, and don’t understand what these two people were even *doing* with each other), I don’t know what ALV could’ve done once she was already on the stand. The DA likes to construct tricky questions to cross witnesses up; I’ve seen that in his other cross-examinations. I also think already being ill and having to continue getting up there to do her best must’ve been very difficult.

        (Yes, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.)

        I don’t know what’ll happen in the future with ALV. I do know that if she’s good at helping victims of domestic violence recover and heal (and I tend to think that’s where her best skills may be), I hope she’ll be able to continue to do that after everything in this trial ends for her. I do think she was overmatched here. And I think the defense did not do their own due diligence — or perhaps many other, better qualified experts said, “No way, there’s absolutely no way I want in on *this* one.”

        I do know that I feel sorry for ALV. No one deserves to be bullied online. (Not even Jodi Arias.)

      • Susan Bergunde

        When you decide to assist people in this field of expertise, you CANNOT become personally involved. It blurs your ability to be unbiased! & how are you going to be helpful if your judgment is compromised. These abused victims, the real ones, need someone who can be a strong and objectional. They need someone who isn’t emotionally invested like they are. That’s why they get stuck in these abusive relationships. If you get stuck in the mud, you need someone to pull you out, not get you in deeper. Laviolette is the worst type of person for this type of work. She has no real life experience either. She should retire and let someone more professional in.

      • To Susan Bergunde (formatting wouldn’t let me put this underneath your interesting and quite relevant comment): I agree with you. I don’t understand the level of involvement shown by Ms. LaViolette in certain respects, either, unless this is the type of communicator she is. (If so, the defense would’ve been better off to showcase her in a different manner. Such as in writing an amicus brief or the like. Not put her on the stand for many, many days.)

        Your points are well taken.

        I don’t know if Ms. LaViolette is the worst type of person for this work, but she doesn’t seem well suited to being on the stand. I wrote in my blog last evening that I find her a bit of an awkward witness (at absolute best); the thing that keeps me from being upset with her — well, the things, plural — are that she’s a human being and that she’s trying her best, plus I really don’t think she knew what she was getting into.

        If I had been in her place, I would’ve tried to interview others. She may not have been able to do so, but if that’s the case, I’d merely say that for the record. I do think the reason she answers questions the way she does comes down to being exhausted and/or ill on the one hand, and the DA’s personal style (combative, perhaps even arrogant, and sometimes downright rude) on the other. (I’m sure the DA is very helpful to victims. And I don’t blame him for disliking Jodi Arias. But I’d prefer a calmer demeanor in the courtroom, especially considering how Ms. LaViolette is obviously spooked and Mr. Martinez has to know this.) I don’t think it’s intentionally obfuscatory.

        That said, ALV is overmatched at this point. I think she needs off that stand and I hope whatever happens on Tuesday will be consistent with the points of law and done as fairly and ethically as humanly possible. I feel sorry for her — maybe I’m silly to do so, as I’m obviously not the one who’s been making over $300/hour to testify — and wonder, again, if the only reason she’s on that stand is because of a bunch of better qualified psychiatrists and psychologists refused to take this case with a ten-foot pole.

    • Emmett

      Very well stated.

    • Sayub

      Excellent post. I feel the same way & though many are saying that the prosecutor was tough on her, at the end of the day it’s the defense that threw her under the bus.

    • Magali

      Bravo! Extremely well said!

    • HWOODTX61

      Alyce needs to go back to WONDERLAND !!!

      • Sandy

        Did anyone catch when Alyce said she gave books to Jodi because “jail is a lonely place”. OMG… and I guess a cold grave is an exciting place? Come on now, what is up with this so called expert. That was such an insensitive statement especially in front of the Alexander family. People never seem to amaze me. And for those Jodi lovers, I knew NOTHING about this case until I started to watch it on TV so I watched with no knowledge of anything. It is so obviously that this was a fatal attraction by a woman that was going to make sure that if she could not have Travis, no one would have him. Such a pity.

    • Cynthia

      In a court of law it’s not about which side is telling the truth. It’s about which side can tell their version of the facts in such a way as to instill doubt in the minds of the jury. They will use any resources available that will help them to convince the jury to believe that the version of the truth told them is accurate and factual.
      Juan M.’s job is all about casting doubt in the minds of the jury in regards to Jodi’s defense. He is very skilled at asking questions in such a manner that a simple yes or no won’t do. His questions contain too many variables and at first you might want to blurt out yes, but then when you play the question back you realize it’s phrased in such a way as to really twist your answer in his favor. So, if Jaun uses charlatan type tactics to enlist false facts for the jury’s consideration is he really doing a service for all of us or his just grandstanding to boost his own ego?
      Travis A. had a responsibility to act in a manner equal to any member of clergy. It was his responsibility to set and maintain appropriate boundaries in his relationships with women who he nurtured and brought into the fellowship of the LDS church. He was very skill as a motivational speaker in ascertaining whether or not his prospective candidate was malleable to his persuasion. When he found a woman with the right qualifications he actively pursued her. When he found Jodi he found the gold mine.
      Jodi A. killed Travis A. and then lied about it. In about a two minute time span she snapped and killed the love of her life. Did she stalk him? If you suspect the love of your life is lying to you, then you start looking for clues. At some point Jodi started to want more clarity in their relationship. Was it healthy? Could it be turned around into being a relationship that was honorable before God and the church? She made many emotional and faith based sacrifices in order to please Travis A. Many abused women will tell themselves that it will get better if they only try harder to please their abuser.
      Abuse is often thought about as physical battery. It’s more; it is often extreme emotional and sexual abuse of their partner. Jodi A. had secrets about the nature of her sexual relationship with Travis A. and he used this against her. He bullied her and threatened to expose her. Travis was calculating in his early campaign to discredit Jodi A. within their social circle of friends. I believe Travis A. feared that Jodi A. was going to expose him and he needed to set up an early defense in which no one would listen to her if she chooses to speak out.
      We saw in text messages from Travis A. to Jodi A. how vile and vengeful he could be when he wasn’t happy with her. Jodi A. demonstrated that she always strived to remain calm and supportive during these tirades, but she knew something worse was coming her way. Therefore she tried to put distance between them, but she was the moth and he was the flame.
      Perhaps the unrecovered gun is her grandparents missing hand gun, perhaps she felt as if she needed to have the gun for her own protection. Yes, she killed him and lied about it. Give her jail time for killing him, but not life nor death. Jodi A. is a victim and she deserves our help and compassion to get through this nightmare.

      • puravidacostarica

        If I could “thumbs down” this comment, I would have done so. Blech.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree. DITTO on the “thumbs down” comment. If people really believed any of that, there wouldn’t be the HUGH outcry that there is right now. Insane in the membrane, WOW!

      • Long winded, exactly like Alyce.

      • jennifer hillyard

        when a young woman offers sexual favors & fulfillment of all his secret desires to a young man in exchange for a relationship, then cries abuse when he treats her with no respect, no honor, and with distaste, she should not expect a loving, evolved relationship to result from that. He was not a choir boy as u say, but he never did threaten her physical safety or life or force her to continueunder the terms of their relationship which SHE established. She doesn’t deserve death, but she is anever beerous woman & should never be on the streets again & murder in the first degree is the only way to make sure of that.

      • tony

        Jodi’s nightmare, are u kidding me..Travis didn’t drive to Jodi..She drove to c Travis because she wanted him to take her to Cancun..She arrived at his house in the middle of the night, gave up the booty, & she still couldn’t change his mind to take her instead..So,if he wouldn’t be with her, he wasn’t going to be with anyone else, especially going with some other girl to Cancun,so she attacked him,surprised him,& killed him very violently,i might add..Noone has ever sought out to go to an abuser, if he was one..After Travis found out she was a nut job, she just became a booty call, not some monster Alyce has made him out to be..She should have clamied insanity instead of self defense..Jodi blew up his Bmw trying to tow it in gear, Travis didn’t blow up at her for that, but youy want us to believe she feared for her life because she dropped his camera..We might have been born at night, but not last night!!

      • Dede

        In response to Cynthia (Reply) feature wouldn’t work) If Jodi wanted her Grandfather’s gun for protection there would have been no need for her to stage a burglary. That’s just one instance where your opinion is lacking, in my opinion of course.

      • Christine

        I agree, for awhile I thought I was the only person on the planet who saw things this way. Travis and Jodi were the equivalent of the perfect storm.

      • Dorrie

        Yes, yes, yes. Jodi is not the devil. Travis was not a saint. He was a liar and womanizer and lived a double life. She killed after taking a lot of abuse. It wasn’t self defense–but she doesn’t deserve to die either. Martinez should not be allowed to badger the witnesses like he does. I don’t understand why the Judge allows it.

      • MJ

        I am so sick of you people who didn’t know Travis but still have the temerity to call him a liar, womanizer and living a double life. He was 30 years old, not engaged to these women, not married to them and if he was a virgin as long as they say he was (give or take 10 years for a margin of error), god help him. No wonder he got off big time when a highly sexualized woman like Jodi came his way willing to do anything, any time, anywhere. Not a single one of the women whom he dated and “cheated on” had a ring on her finger or a promise to marry. He talked dirty…so what? He got kinky. So what? He lied to the Mormons that he was getting some nooky,,,so what? Get over your judgmental selves and give this decent young man his due. He was well respected and well loved by friends and family and co-workers. That’s the true measure of a man (or woman).

      • MJ

        PS: and then take a look at the autopsy pictures.

      • Dorrie, have you been watching the trial??? It does not appear to be the case. Noticed the difference in the way Samuels and LaViolet answered Mr. Martinez’s questions? Not with the truth…… with a LIE! They are very well behave when it comes to questions from the Defense team, but they come from the State (Prosecutor) … they also get the famous “FOG”..

      • Dorrie Would you still feel the same if Jodi did it to someone in your she did to Travis,Stab him 29 times cut his throat shoot him in the head,would you still say Jodi is not the devil. R.I.P. Travis

      • Sandy

        Oh now… lets go with the evidence and there is NONE that Travis physical abused Jodi Arias except for her word which we know is worthless. I do believe that their relationship was not the best and driven by the sick that she was so eager to give up to ‘get her man’. I was totally unaware of th is case before the trial began so I listened to the testimony with an open mind not knowing anything about it. I have come to the conclusion that Jodi was obsessed with Travis and premeditated his murder UNLESS she could convince him to take her on the trip to Cancun instead of his other friend. When an afternoon of her booty call did not work, she went back to plan A which was to kill him in a horrific manner. The evidence is clear and does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Dorris… you sound like AL… another victim taken in by Jodi’s web of lies. I will concede that Travis was not a saint but Jodi is just like the devil and does deserve a 1st degree conviction. As far as the death penalty, I have my own opinions on that but feel it should be applied as the law dictates and in accordance with input by the Alexander family. God bless them all and may Travis RIP. This is one horrible murder.

      • I agree with you. I think travis had a double life and emotionally abused Jodi and she snapped with anger and killed him. I don’t think she deserves to be put to death either. You’re right I don’t understand why the judge allows Mr. Martinez to act like a bully in court, he’s being disrespectful to the expert witness and the courtroom. I think Ms. LaViolette is being fair with the questions, it’s Mr. Martinez who frequently yells and puts words in her mouth and she does not take it. Good for you Ms. LaViolette!

      • Sandy

        “Good for you Ms. LaViolette!” ??? She was totally unprofessional and obviously unprepared for cross examination. Additionally, after some investigation, it appears that her license was cancelled many years ago so she is TOTALLY misrepresenting herself. Also the man to which she was to practice under the supervision of had his license REVOKED. hum???? . I think she will seriously regret the day when she agreed to take this case. Her life has she knew it is over and all because she either willingly or unwittingly was drawn into the Arias team of liars. They have used her over and over again. She stated that she was given ‘limited’ access to information. So why would that be??? The defense did not want her to know everything because then, maybe and that is a big maybe, she would not have come to the same conclusion. And what do you think Ms. Arias deserves??

      • Dorrie & Lourdes, a couple of issues respectfully come to mind when I just now read your post/feedback. What is the criteria for leading a double life? I think most of us could fall into this category – we have a work life, dating/marriage/family life and possibly a church family. I don’t know anyone who talks about their sex life at work, let alone church. This shouldn’t be taken as someone living a double life. In the South, there are Baptist churches on every corner with single groups. The people in the singles group, well, it is well known, people engage in almost all sexual activity with the exception of vaginal sex. It is very common just one of those things people never talk about like masturbation. Everyone does it, just know one talks about it. This is not a person living a double life. My second point is, we do not know for sure what Jodi did to go off on his rant with her. For him also to tell her “she hurt him badly, worse than when his father died”, speaks volumes that Jodi did something to really hurt him. We have all thrown out ideas of what that may have been but to be fair and unbiased, none of us knows for sure unless Quan can settle some of these things in his rebuttal case. What we do know for sure is that Travis and Jodi participated in sexual activity that was very much mutual. They both enjoyed being naughty in that department as we have heard on their tape that Jodi recorded without Travis’s knowledge. There are several text from Jodi stating to Travis “my a__ needs a good pounding from you”. Speaking of this, since Jodi was a Mormon practicing the Mormon faith and told family and friends she had converted, wouldn’t she be considered to living a double life as well. Lastly, with regard to Alyce Liovalette, I have thought about my expressive comments toward her and how would I feel if maybe she was sitting there reading them and became ill. But after thinking it overly carefully, I realized I have not done anything Alyce herself has not done except I have not exaggerated or been dishonest in my opinions. I came to peacefully accept Jodie Arias, murdered Travis and Alyce Laviolette, a mother of two children, attempted to murder another mother’s son. Anytime she could get something into her testimony to destroy Travis’s imagine or integrity, she did and she did this knowing full well she had not done a thorough review of all pieces of information. This mother, chose to attempt to publicly destroy a young man’s memory and was cocky and arrogant while she did it. So no, I do not feel bad for expressing my opinions on how Alyce represented herself during the Trial. Nor will I feel bad any longer because she clearly felt no sympathy or compassion for a young man that was stabbed 29 times, cut throat and shot in the face. I think I will save my compassion who truly deserve it such as those who were in Boston today.

      • Sandy


        Very well said. Thanks for saying some of the things that I feel but you can say them in a more politically correct than I can. I would really love to know between, Jodi, her defense team and their two “expert” witness… really knows the truth. Except for Jodi, all they all blind or is money their main reward. I cannot believe that supposedly well education individuals have fallen for Jodi’s lies and if they know the truth, how can they live with themselves. What they have done to the Alexander family is unforgiveable. They have inflicted so much more pain and they should remember Karma. It always comes back to bite ya!

      • I agree, the defense strategy is difficult to comprehend in light of how Travis was murdered. I wonder if she had pled guilty to “first degree” murder if she would have been spared the needle?

      • kim

        I never thought about him trying to ensure no one would believe her and think you may be right. It amazed me how almost everyone is willing to believe things they know are not true….for example him trying to cut contact with her when there is evidence he was inititaing contact….and attacking anyone who defends this girl. How sad this country has so many willing to form a lynch mob. Reading most of these comments I would never guess it is 2013 in the Untied States…..

      • Nightmare? Travis was tortured and slaughtered, 29 stab wounds, one through his heart, slashed throat from ear to ear, a shot to the head. He suffered terribly while knowing that he was being murdered,as he pleaded for mercy. I cringe at the thought of such a cold murderer, and she deserves a severe. punishment. Remember that this woman, attractive, very sharp, quick with words, speaks with no expression remorse, and acts as if she is at an interview for a job, had past experiences with men. She was no innocent teenager, talking about chastity in the Mormon religion. Travis might have been trying to be a good role model, but after he met this experienced woman who know all the tricks in the world, he lost his self control,,and became addicted to sex. Think of a young man with all that testosterone that was suddenly released. What ever he was, or his failures, he did not deserve such a horrible death.Then this ‘expert’ witness, sitting like she was in a lecture hall, tearing the reputation of Travis apart, as if she was invisible ,and lived among them during their sexual activities, their travels, and their quarrels, The accused was quick to to have another sexual relation with another man just after she killed so brutally. It was good to see that Juan Martinez was able to show the expert witness that she did not know everything, and he got her to admit that Travis was in fear for his life at the hands of the cold blooded killer.This ‘expert’ witness was hard to break, because she was being paid,,and she r had a duty to try to win the jury over to the defendant, and that is why lawyers and witnesses exist. but this trial has caused the public a lot of emotional pain due to the perceived bias statements that are given by the defense witness. Lets admit it, that as we watch,and listen ,we too, can have impartial opinions, and become offended when this lady sits in the court for nine days just to promote the killer, when the murdered victim is being disgraced just because he is not alive to tell his part of what really happened with the phone sex, emails, text messages, spider underwear, pigtails, pictures, tender words that he said to her, the happy times they had together until he realized that he was going down in relation to his values, and he wanted to make a new start. May justice be done.

      • Susan Bergunde

        Omg, you make it sound like Travis did this to himself. They BOTH were addicted to the thrill of it all

      • Babsdeaner

        Whoa….these two were in a “relationship” that for the most part that was long distance. They never lived together. She converted to Mormonism in the blink of an eye after meeting him – hoping she could turn it into a “marriageable” situation. They took a few trips together, had frequent, kinky sex, he wanted to end the “relationship”, she didn’t, she willingly accepted his booty calls hoping to change his mind about a more serious relationship, he finally had enough of her of her stalking behaviour, wanted her ou of his life, called her a sociopath, liar and the worst thing that ever happened to him, she killed him. End of story.

    • jennifer hillyard

      Very astute assessment of Laviolette. I don’t wish her ill-will, but as a survivor I have very serious concerns about whether she should be allowed to testify in criminal court proceedings and or a speaker representing survivors of domestic violence. Remember, jodi is a perpetrator & Laviolette missed it completely & he even tried to defend her. That is scary to me.

      • Sandy

        I just read an update on AL and it states that her license was cancelled back in 1989 and that she had to work under the supervision of another man who has had his license REVOKED. I believe it was CA.Physology but not sure as it was a link that I clicked on. This may be the reason for her having to come back to court next Tuesday which she seemed not too happy with during the end of yesterday’s hearing.
        I wonder what would happen if she is impeached for perjury????? The entire defense tteam is screwed!!!!!

      • Sandy I saw that , It also says This registrant may only practice psychologist under direct supervision of a licensed psychologist Also AV License Type said Psychological Assistant it was Cancelled in 1989

      • Robert Edwards

        I am sure Miss LaViolette had her license reinstated at some point after 1989. It would be interesting to know why her license was revoked in the first place. It would also be interesting to know why she never pursued a Ph.D. She is very limited in what she can ‘practice’ only having a master’s degree.

        LaViolette is a radical lesbian feminist man-hater. She has no business counselling anyone. She desperately needs counselling herself–from a professional.

      • Her 1989 license was as an assistant psychologist. Or asst. Something. I’ve never even heard of that but we are talking about California here. Anyway, for that license you have to have a licensed psych you are working with who sponsors you. Hers was some dude who lost his license. So hers was no longer valid. Dunno if he did something wrong or just let his lapse or what. But that’s the story.

      • Robert Edwards, I recall Juan beginning a line of questioning pertaining to her not continuing her education. I don’t remember where it went, but I’m guessing miz laviolette wandered off into some irrelevant abyss

    • Anne

      I don’t object to the general tone of your post, but I do object to the comment that Travis “was basically a typical male who enjoyed having kinky sex”. That’s basically a sexist comment that denigrates men. Travis may indeed have been ‘kinky’ but I don’t think he was at all typical.

      • If many folks men and women are not into “kinky” sex and role play, how do you account for the success of “Shades of Gray” series of books. Many people are into those kinds of things.

      • I would not consider him “typical” in his sexual preferences either, Anne. In most of the media coverage the physical relationship between jodi and travis is aptly described as kinky, freaky, weird, perverse etc. Bondage, anal, dominance, and public sex does not constitute “typical” and does as you state denigrate men.

    • Barbara O'Connor

      I think Ms Laviolette is getting a very bad rap. She has been a therapist for over 30 yrs. She is qualified in domestic abuse. You don’t have to have a PhD for this work.
      I think the Jodi\Travis relationship was very dsfyuctional on both sides. Travis was no choir boy and probably did verbally abuse Jodi. Jodi is a self-admitted killer. The whole thing is just terrible. I think cameras in the court room are okay but that is where it ought to end. I believe there should be a federal law against programs like the ones on HLN. Murder trials should not be entertainment. I don’t see how anyone even Jodi can get a fair trial this way.

      • puravidacostarica

        And let’s all not forget that we don’t know what transpired just before Travis sent his nasty text messages. Jodi (or one of his friends) may have informed him that she was planning to blackmail him or submit their recorded sex tape (of which there is no evidence he had knowledge she had taped) to their bishop, to the woman he was then dating, or to his friends to try to destroy his reputation. And you can bet that the words out of my mouth — via text — after learning that a friend-with-benefits was about to expose our sex life to the world would have been much, much worse. So call me abusive. I don’t care. Jodi’s just “lucky” TRAVIS didn’t plot her demise, drive to California, and shoot, stab and nearly decapitate her. His disgust with her was palpable. It was not unprovoked, IMO.

      • Tango

        Your point about her provoking him is right on. It is funny that everyone talks about what he did to provoke her to slaughter him, with no thought to what SHE did to make him hate and fear her. His texts sound like a frustrated and scared man fighting back. I’m sure he thought, geese what can I say to this chick to make her go away already.

      • exactly @puravida….I’ve thought the same thing all along. He was responding to her own particular brand of crazy. In the phone sex, it appeared that she had him repeat many things that at first may have been inaudible and appeared to be overly enthusiastic in order to prompt him to go further with the sex talk. She was definitely leading that parade.

      • All I have to say in my humble opinion is that Alyce Laviolette sure didn’t have any problem viciously attacking the character of someone she had never met (Travis). People want to be critical or defensive about harsh opinions about Alyce but the way I look at it, Alyce did the same to Travis. Jodi Arias murdered Travis’s; Alyce Laviolette tried to murder his memory and now their is backlash just as their is backlash from Jodi’s horrific act.

  3. steve

    it is not right to personally attack her like that. However she put herself into the spotlight and it is her opinions and unprofessional testimony we have railed at. We discussed her dinner and speculated on what was happening. As far as people contacting her speaking engagements maybe they have seen the biased opinions for themselves and decided that is NOT the image of an DV expert they want to present. All boils down if you stand in the fire you might get burned. I wish no harm to lav and last thur was afraid she was gonna stroke on stand. Instead we all made fun of her potty breaks and still do. Too many people will blog things they would not say face to face. If she would have not been so biased in her opinions we would not have had fodder to gripe at. I gotta get some sleep see ya’ll later

    • Jill Phillips

      There was a Social Media Pro on HLN who said things I totally agree with.
      Alyce needs to put her big girl panties on. She knew she was getting herself into a high profile death penalty case, she’s being extremely biased and immoral. She has even approached the victim’s family in the middle of court which was upsetting for poor Samantha. Her behavior is NOT OK. People writing about her or expressing their disdain in the way she is conducting herself is not wrong. Of course I do not agree with trying to ruin her career or make death threats. Let her career go down from her own actions. And Death threats are never OK, in fact it’s no better then acting like Jodi
      Alyce has an opportunity every time she walks into court, to turn things around. To change her ways and start doing her job right. She’s in her 60s. She is not a stupid old woman. She knows she is using abuse victims for the DT’s agenda while she pockets the money. It’s never too late to stop needlessly bashing Travis every chance she gets either.
      It is time to put her big girl panties on and understand that if she is going to hurt victims of domestic violence everywhere, she can not play a victim when people get upset about it.

      • Cynthia

        I have serious doubts about Alyce LaViolette’s health; this trail has been very stressful for her. Jaun M. wants to win at all cost and doesn’t care who goes down in the crossfire. As for her career, I hope she benefits from the media coverage. She brings to light the “dirty little secrets” that exist in so many relationships. Most people have no sympathy for the victims of abuse especially if the abuser is well loved by others. The public also has no clue as to how damaging emotional and sexual abuse can be to the victim. Nor does the general public have any idea of what emotional and sexual abuse consist of, but it is my hope that through Alyces’ testimony we’ve expose this topic and more people will seek out this woman and her knowledge for the good of humanity.

      • MJ

        That’s exactly the gravamen of the criticism against La Violette and it comes resoundingly and quite credibly from real victims of sexual abuse, sexual violence and sexual battering. They are outraged at how she has diminished and trivialized the horror of their experience and of the true nature of domestic violence. Many have said that she has set back their cause back significantly. They certainly do not feel she has done anything to enhance their humanity.

      • puravidacostarica

        “for the good of humanity”. I think I just threw up in my mouth alittle (to coin a “Brandi” phrase)!

  4. I knew that her and her friends would view this as just a “lynch mob”. The thing is, she agreed to do this, and she put herself out there in a high profile case in order to gain notoriety for her book. She told JM that she wasn’t there to discuss sex addiction she was there to share her ideas on DV. Why someone didn’t tell her that she had to be there to answer questions in not mine or any other angry persons fault. We see the pictures of Travis mutilated body and yes we are angry. We have the right to free speech and she should know this as old as she is. We also have a very good reason to be angry.

    • LauraE

      I completely agree. She hasn’t shown herself to be thorough, accurate, fair, or competent, and insulted Travis’ parents so much yesterday, despite never having met them, that the younger sister was sobbing in the courtroom due to her irresponsible comments. She has no respect for the fact that Jodi is a self-professed throat-slashing, stabbing, shooting killer who ended the life of someone a lot of people loved. To see her one-sided defense of that killer while she biases herself against Travis and abuses him from Jodi’s point of view angers the public. She had to know what she was getting into. The public has come to disrespect her and strongly dislike her due to her incompetence on the stand as shown in her own statements and misstatements and admitted mistakes.

  5. Catherine

    I think the problem most people have is simply that she refuses to acknowledge that a man can suffer the same abuses. Evern worse, it was clear that the defense with-hel information from her and that she found on the stand that Jodi lied. Instead of factoring any of that information into the mix, she stood on the side that paid her instead of simply saying, “that and other information could be considered.” her steadfast support in light of new information is where she has damaged herself. Woman’s groups are now distancing themselves from her for that very reason. Real abuse victims know that all must be considered and that the landscape of abuse is ever changing.

    • Robert Edwards

      Well stated Catherine.

      People like Miss LaViolette have been responsible for the breakup of many families over the years. Her insistence that all men are evil and all women are pure as the driven snow is being exposed and she doesn’t like it.

      She is used to being THE EXPERT and lecturing to others. She can not tolerate any person lecturing to her, especially a man such as Mr. Martinez.

      Her evil grin and nasty snarl hav eprobably intimidated many for years. She no doubt believed that it would be a breeze testifying in this case. Surprise, surprise Miss LaViolette. It seems a man (Mr. Martinez) has shown your true colors and they ain’t pretty.

      • Can you please show me the comment that Ms. LaViolette say’s that all men are evil and all women are pure, because I’ve been watching the case on tv and I did not hear her say anything close to that.

      • She never said that, Lourdes. However, I do get a man-hating vibe from her and so do many others. I think they mean her overall testimony suggests she feels that way.

      • Robert Edwards

        Lourdes, read some of her writings. She is a 60’s radical feminist lesbian who still believes that only men are perps and if women attack men somehow in Miss Laviolette’s deluded mind he provoked her or he deserved it. She will go to the grave spewing that women never perp domestic.

        Miss Laviolette’s type are a dime a dozen. You will find her and her ilk spewing their outdated misandry at most abuse shelters and womyn’s studies programs at universites.

        Thanks to Miss Laviolette the world is now seeing these vengeful radical feminists and lesbians for what they are. Men-haters (misandrists)

        Get a grip, Lourdes, it is 2013 not 1963. Reliable statistics (not feminist sponsored) tell us that women are as capable of domestic violence as are men. Since most men are bigger, women tend to show more physical trauma.

        Have you never heard of a woman throwing beer bottles at men, throwning knives, driving over men, slapping, punching, kicking. Have you never seen a woman being verbally abusive towards a man or child. How about the statistic that shows that women perp more violence against children?

        Thanks again, Miss Laviolette,for showing the world that there are still many man-haters in the world (BTW It would be interesting to know what form of abuse she suffered that has made her so hatefu towards the opposite sexl).

  6. MaRiley

    I think “electronic version of a lynch mob” is a bit dramatic. Wouldn’t most people rather read a “You suck” email than find themselves surrounded by an angry mob…with a rope?

    • tiataytay

      Good response!!!!!

      • Martha Rudman

        Alyce LaViolette made a grave error striding confidently into the courtroom, practically wearing a SuperWoman cape, a courtroom which is the stage of a horrible murder trial of someone who admitted to the murder after lying repeatedly about it for quite some time, after leaving the victim dead and rotting in his home. LaViolette has made a good living purporting to be an expert in matters of domestic violence, but her arrogance, her lack of humility and her open and obvious fondness for the admitted murderer has been a game-changer in her career and her overall quality of life, at least for now. Her smugness, her truth-tampering and her conceit have caused her to damage her own reputation. Frankly, she has behaved stupidly, and her surprise that she has been caught doing so, and her surprise that she has become a target of very negative reaction by most observers, worldwide, is utterly astounding. She went overboard in her affection for her client and threw all caution to the wind. As a result of her foolishness, she has brought on a crisis in her professional and personal life. I find it amazing all of this has been so shocking to her. What happened to her so-called “expertise?” She has been revealed as rather a paper tiger. She will need a lot of help from colleagues or friends in the tough, upcoming rehabilitation of her own life after this trial is over.

      • Robert Edwards

        I can just picture Miss Arias laughing to herself about the mess Miss LaViolette has let herself become involved with. Her school-girl crush on Jodi is in tatters.

  7. Kim

    Again, a double standard. Those using social media are accused of posting potentially “slanderous” comments regarding ALV and her testimony/qualifications. Yet, through ALV’s very limited investigation (speaking to the defendant and the defendant alone, no face to face interviews with defendant’s family/friends or the victim’s family/friends, and of course never once having the opportunity to speak with the victim) she can conclude, based on the words of a sociopath fighting for her life, that the victim is an abusive man, and her collaborative findings can make her agree with the defendant that he has an attraction to young children, and those words are not potentially slanderous?

    I wish her no personal or physical harm. But you, Ms. LaViolette, like your “client” need to learn how to accept the consequences of your actions and stop the blame game.

  8. How this “expert” thought she was going to give a defense to a LIAR in the trial of the century without some social media exposure just speaks to what an IDIOT this woman is. I she kidding?? She’s trying to explain what the state says is the cold blooded, pre-meditated murder of a man by a manipulative female. Alyce LaViolette knew this trial was to be televised, knew who was prosecuting it, and knew that it would make world wide headlines. She signed on anyway. No sympathy from me.

    I think it just further proves how ill prepared this expert is. It’s an insult to the court that someone with standards this shoddy is qualified as an expert. I think that’s why Juan Martinez is so mad at her. He’s insulted that he has to waste his time with this woman. She had her mind made up before she had seen all relevant materials, and is now defending her opinion instead of answering valid prosecutorial questions with a simple yes or no. Clearly she is acting as an advocate for the defendant, and therefore should no longer qualify to testify as an expert imo.

    And by the way, until Wilmott starting leading her by the hand on re-direct, she had a terrible time defending her own testimony! Why was she so rattled by the thought of saying something “against” the defendant? She needs to take a step back and stop being so defensive, letting the jury decide for themselves what the truth is.

    • Great comment. I agree with all of it except for the Juan being angry part. Juan loves this. He has dealt with her kind of passive aggression many times before.

    • Willmott has been “signaling” to this witness for 10 days. It’s my understanding that this type of ‘coaching’ is not legal. Very disconcerting to hear an expert carry on in an oppositional manner. Also, by referring to herself as an “expert witness” on that 20 page well padded CV is gross misrepresentation. I believe she sold-out.

      • Robert Edwards

        i don’t understand Mrs. Wilmott’s behavior. Whispering in Miss Aria’s ear, both of them giggling, writing notes to one another. It just seems bizarre. One would never guess this is a murder trial and Miss Arias is the lead attraction.

      • Bella

        100% agree. This “Sister Act” thing going on between a murderer and her free defense counsel is pathetic. They behave as if this is a 10th grade home-ec class vs. a death penalty trial. All Nurmi does is lie back (almost to the floor) in his chair, and try to think of new reasons for requesting mistrials every week. He’s there to collect a paycheck and eat sundaes at lunchtime.

  9. steve

    i would like to hear her answer the question…if the genders were reversed and travis did all jodi did and jodi did all travis did would you be defending travis? If she says no her bias is exposed and her man hating would not let her say yes. I just would like to see her skirm out of that question

  10. steve

    the pic of the girls eating dinner does not look like she was stalked to the restraunt it appears somebody else was eating their dinner and recognized them and snapped a pic. What was done after with the pic idk

  11. steve

    jodi wont take a life no parole plea she is in this for long haul. She is trying for a casey anthony verdict. Lie drag stuff out til jury so sick they let her walk. Jodi is not in caseys league as a liar or strategist. Even though jodis murder was more brutal caseys was more horrendous cuz no baby should die at mommies hands.

  12. Although I do believe Arias is guilty and is lying about Travis’ abuse and disagree with much of Alyce Laviolette’s testimony, this kind of electronic mob attack is uncalled for. It is not necessary to engage in this type of personal smear campaign. As someone who has been a target myself and was put through unrelenting, ongoing attacks in cyberspace for three years, I can completely empathize with what she is going through.

    Please, people, have some human decency. What do you think Travis would say about this kind of personal attack? Let the prosecutor do his job. He doesn’t need people to engage in this kind of smear campaign. Let the legal process run its course. Every defendant has the right to the best defense she can get. Let’s be grateful that we live under a system where this is the case, rather than having people tried by angry mobs and presumed guilty. The facts speak for themselves and I believe show that Jody is guilty. Travis will get his justice, but I doubt Travis would have stood for this kind of cruelty towards Alyce Laviolette or any human being. It certainly goes against everything his religion teaches.

    It’s also interesting to me how much more cruel the attacks are on the female expert witness, compared to the male psychologist who preceded her. He was attacked to, but the viciousness doesn’t even come close to what Alyce Laviolette has been targeted with. I wonder why that is.

    • MaRiley

      Short answer…..this nonsense has been brewing since June 4, 2008.

    • Dlister

      Wow, doc, you’re condescending on here. No need for your superior attitude, unless of course, you have an IQ “like Einstein’s.”

    • MJ

      He didn’t attempt to destroy Travis Alexander’s character. That’s what folks are so upset about in the social media. She took every opportunity (and seemed to me to be smugly gleeful about it at times) in decimating Travis Alexander’s character and humanity. She didn’t do her job as an expert. She didn’t fact find, She didn’t seek truth. She allowed the defense attorneys and Arias to turn her into a biased defense mouthpiece. For a woman who claims to value independence and self reliance so highly, she sure did give up her autonomy, (and therefore her credibility and integrity, in my opinion) and she allowed the defense to control her completely. Can we begin to imagine the pain her testimony has inflicted on Travis’ family and friends. And based on what? Wholly inadequate and sketchy information and Jodi Arias’ lies. She could have interviewed any or all of Travis’ friends, co-workers and family and it woud have become abundantly clear who Travis really was and how disturbed and flawed Arias was….but the defense wouldn’t allow such a principled and professional approach to her assessment. They spoon fed her all the way and she ate it up like a hungry labradoodle (for 350/hr). We should take special note that many of the most vocal critics in the social media are real and true victims of sexual abuse and violence. They are outraged at her testimony. She has diminished the horrors of real domestic abuse. They are insulted and demeaned by the Snow White crap. Some have written she that has set the cause of battered women back 30 years. Alyce la Violette must accept responsibility for all this harm.

      • I agree with most everything you wrote, MJ. What I am basically trying to say, though, is that two wrongs don’t make a right. I have nothing against criticism of Alyce Laviolette. What I do think crossed the line were the death threats and harassing direct communication she has received, which is why I responded. Nobody deserves that and as a Christian, Travis would probably be the first to be opposed to retaliating in that manner.

      • Robert Edwards

        I agree with you Dr. Pgnotti. As much as I dislike Miss Laviolette, I don’t think it is fair to make death threats against her nor send her direct harassing letters. Saying that, I do believe she needs to be outed for her total dislike of the male sex.

      • jennifer hillyard

        THANK YOU for your summation of how we victims feel as a result of Laviolette’s testimony. THAT is the reason we do not feel she should continue to represent us in court systems or as a speaker. This is not a personal vendetta, it is a matter of what is right and what is wrong. Her ethics are seriously called into question here. She should not be allowed to influence people in the public regarding this issue especially not as a so-called “expert”. we feel we have to act on this.

      • Excellent, MJ. Spot on! Thank you.

    • I could be wrong, but I assumed Monica posted that here because the majority of us agree with her. Not to include us in the electronic mob. Perhaps I am wrong. I think ‘people’ was meant in the universal sense. #benefitofthedoubt

    • Sayub

      I was in the middle of writting a comment then read your’s MJ — Thanks, I couldn’t have said it better myself :)

    • Tango

      I think “personal smear campaign” is not the word for this. This is public outrage. The attack on Travis’ s character is a smear campaign. This is people from all over and from different walks of life letting it be known that they don’t like watching someone profit from jumping on the stand and spewing babble about a victim they never met. People with common sense don’t like listening to grown women who can’t answer simple questions make a mockery of domestic abuse. I of course do not like any threats or personal phone calls to Laviolette. But speaking out on the net is our right. Perhaps expert witnesses in the future will see this and work harder to appear professional, rational, and educated.

      • msdeb

        Tango, you expressed, with great tact and wisdom, exactly what has been going on in the social media. We now have the ability to share in cyber space, our collective frustrations, dissatisfaction, and total disgust, with blatant injustice and ineptitude. Granted, some of these emotions have been voiced in a less than kind or rational manner, but it is every individual’s right to voice negative and/or opposing opinions. This right has never been more obvious than when watching how the court system protects the reputation and freedoms of even the most heinously accused defendants To label every tweeter or blogger as exhibiting a “mob mentality” is ludicrous, if not overly dramatic and even incendiary. I, for one, would appreciate the so-called professionals who are paid for their services, when being utilized to ensure an unbiased representation of the facts in these cases, would do so with the understanding that truth is paramount.

      • that is a very brilliant and succinct reply —— like attracts like —— and that is all
        we are witnessing onthe defense! unconscious describes it best !!!!!!

      • Chicgal1

        I totally agree! Where on earth did they find this woman. She is so bias it’s not even funny. The nerve to hold a straight face and talk about someone(Travis) who is deceased and can’t speak for himself is appauling to me! Go Marty(AKA Juan Martinez). Thank God for an Attorney who is the mouth piece for the Alexander family and he will get justice for them all. No matter what you think of Travis, he was a young man, who wasn’t tied down to any woman and deserved to date WHOMEVER and not have his throat slashed/stabbed/shot in the process. No human being deserves this type of brutality. JODI YOU NEED TO SING NEAR MY GOD TO THEE, THE GIG IS UP YOUR TIME IS UP, JOIN THE PITTS OF H@#!. However, feel free to PREPENT!

    • Chris

      Dr. Pignotti, You know as well as anyone else. Laviolette has step out of her range of training. She might have been dealing with domestic violence in her writing and some clients. She can only speak about a very limited amount of what this trail is about. Alyce has answered about how the military and law enforcement responded after being the heat of battle, as to how long the rage last. Laviolettle took on this without thinking, the people that are responding to what she’s stating on the witness stand are women. I will make this comment about a statement that she made on the stand. That most women can see an abuser before entering into a relationship. You know that statement isn’t true. I’ll that with you to think about.

      • Once again, there seems to be a misunderstanding of what I was responding to. I do NOT disagree with criticisms of Laviolette’s testimony. I am all for that. What I am taking issue with is the death threats and phone calls to Laviolette and vicious PERSONAL attacks against her. I have no problem with criticisms of her testimony and am all for what Juan Martinez has been doing.

      • Robert Edwards

        But Dr. Pignotti, Miss LaViolette has said vicious personal things about Mr. Alexander, a dead man whom she she never met.

        She has put herself out in the public as an “EXPERT” thus leaving herself open to legitimate criticism. (BTW I don’t know many people with only a master’s degree who would attach EXPERT to their name. Maybe an expert/master at dismissing the feelings of those of the male sex).

    • Cynthia

      In the most part I blame the media coverage for all this turmoil. In order to increase their ratings, they have whipped this media coverage into an emotional frenzy. You look back at the male defense expert’s testimony and the media’s coverage was vile and the public was vicious in their response. This response has continued to exploded to such an extent that it is now visibly being toned down.
      If someone dies from this media induced harassment what will be the outcome? Will Nancy, Vinnie or Joan be given an Emmy for their role in this?

      • Oh for pete’s sake, Cynthia. The reason our founding fathers included the right to a public trial in the 6th amendment is to keep the courts accountable for following due process. Granted there was no televised media at the time, but there was also not a huge population. Public trials are there for the benefit of the accused. Even way back in beginning of this country people still gossiped and talked about public trials and often the entire community would attend. Call it the first reality show. Televising court and commentary on the proceedings has benefits that far outweigh any negatives.

        If you honestly think Nancy Grace is going to win an emmy… SMH And if she did, your problem would be what? If someone dies, (other than Jodi) it will be precipitated by public shame, which has been around since the beginning of civilization.

      • Aloha

        Well said!

  13. MeMyself

    Laviolette says that just because Jodi LIED after killing Travis does not make her a LIAR? Is she on crack???????????????????????

    • Magali

      Yes according to her that they are “frightened human beings” and not liars. This is how she is applying all of Jodi’s lies when asked by the jury today. I guess that ALL pathological liars (Jodi being one of them) must all be “frightened human beings”!
      WOW! Now I have heard it all.

      And what about on one occasion when Juan Martinez ask LaViolette how she regarded Travis’s text where he stated “being extremely afraid” and she said that she took it as a joke??!! Because he hadn’t reacted according to her as a person being stalked should have. IMHO even if he didn’t take the appropriate action for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid…he just didn’t realize just how much danger he really was in & who he was dealing with by not reporting it. Doesn’t mean that it should be treated as not serious by an “expert” on domestic violence.

      She is too biased & just did not want to give in and state that ALL of Jodi’s actions lend themselves to negative interpretations and she is justifying them by stating the contrary. She does an injustice to all abused woman. She must be on crack & on a bunch of other stuff!

      • Kris

        Thank you Magali, I agree with you. Alyce also stated that she didn’t think Jodi was a violent person or a stalker, What aout when Jodi hit her brother over the head with a baseball bat when she was younger or kicking the dog in the ribs as hard as she could. And not a stalker? She broke into Travis’ via the dog door several times. She was found in Travis’ closet when he was in his room with another woman. She was found another time laying under Travis’ X-mas tree and several times laying on his couch and sleeping all without his permission. She broke into his e-mail accounts, bank accounts and cell phone getting other girls phone numbers then calling these women. She followed him on at least 1 date when he was out with another woman,. slit his tires twice along with a friends tires when the friend was visiting three consecutive days in a row. I am sure there are other things that I am forgetting, but how can you say she didn’t have violent tendencies and that Jodi wasn’t a stalker. I know how you did it…350.00 dollars an hour. Then every chance you get you bash Travis and make Jodi look like a victim and your not biased!!! The behavior she exhibited is that of a sociopath, psychcopath and serial killer. If Jodi ever got our of jail I truly believe she could kill again. That should be your main concern Alyce. I believe that is why you are on the stand and not someone much more qualified than you. No one with any morales or values would accept this case from the defense. And shame on the defense for this mess.

  14. Tamara

    I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Obviously, Alyce believes in what she’s saying. We don’t have to agree, we don’t have to like it, and we have every right to voice out own opinions. However, I don’t think disagreeing with someone’s point of views gives anyone the right to be so hateful and threatening to another person. Why does anyone feel it is their duty to be deliberately hurtful and unkind to others. Those who take it upon themselves to be hateful to others such as Alyce just because they do not agree with her are no better than Jodi. We have the right to free speech but that doesn’t include making death threats or hateful comments. Use your brain people. Make a sound argument as to why you don’t agree and let it be. Beating someone over the head with your opinion will not make them change their own.

  15. steve

    both defense experts derserve to have their professional integrity attacked. Neither one made a comprehensive report utilizing all available info. Neither interveiwed any body but ja. Neither came to court prepared to testify as to be disorganized and leave materials at home etc. both have used info out of context and presented as evidence. Both were very likable toward the def attys but evasive on cross. Both used days of testimony giving jury non pertinent info like trans global amnesia and lavs ramblings. Need i continue?

  16. Therese

    Alyce is a published expert, actually, a pioneer in her field with 35+ years experience and her critics are delusional if they think that they can opine on this trial with probably a high school education at best. Also, the freaks that are leaving hate messages at her office and speaking venues should realize that they are behaving like raving maniacs/stalkers and get therapy for themselves.Just because your significant other blackened your eye does not qualify you to be an expert in domestic violence.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Try Ph.ds, Master’s degrees, Doctor’s of Laws degrees, college degrees (2 or 4 year), high school degrees. Take your attitude elsewhere. LaViolette is classic ivory tower arrogance. The only folks truly qualified to opine on DV are those who suffered at the hands of it, and that doesn’t include Jodi or nimwits like LaViolette.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Sorry TT it is not my job to tell them to take it elsewhere. Is “where the sun don’t shine” better? In this lady’s world, I guess even the jurors are not entitled to opine on the trial. Geesh…

    • Sayub

      To quote Puravidacostarica, Ms. LaViolette is a “classic ivory tower of arrogance”.
      Have you actually read her CV? 20 pages long! Talk about a pompous windbag.

  17. steve

    therese…an expert of 35 years should know enuf to applt their theoretical standards to both parties equally. To say ones actions mean a different thing though both are the same (texts) is showing a flawed opinion.what is good for the girl should be good for the boy. What is angering most i feel is extremely biased she was in court. Yes she is a defense witness but she only used info SHE wanted to make the opinion fit. She had to discount or ignore or misuse info to do this. TAs written words of fear did not mean ANYTHING to her. But jodis everchanging verbal bs meant all. If your report is valid there is no need to be evasive in answering questions about it. For whats been paid it should stand alone with no deception

  18. @Monica PHD Actually Alyce is not an expert despite her 35 years. She is published mostly in no name local little journals that are not established “resource materials” in her field (try searching on Google Scholar and see how little you come up with). Her work is not peer reviewed anywhere and she doesn’t claim it to be to her credit. But basically it just means that she formulates her own theories based on whatever evidence she deems worthy and no one in effect endorses and/or adopts the theory as legitimate and as a standard for use. She already admitted she doesn’t understand research and statistics so how the heck can she formulate a theory if it is not based on data.

    Her whole basis of knowledge is based on what she reads and what she decides is her opinion and then she turns those opinions into facts. What surprises me is that the Judge allowed her testimony to be entered into evidence as an expert because clearly she isn’t. Thankfully based on the jury questions thus far, it is clear that they aren’t buying her Dime Store theories any more than many of us.

    Now that doesn’t mean crucify her in my mind, it just means take what she says as nothing more than her opinion based on her beliefs which are not based on facts.

    Other than the usual sexist reasons, I think the spewed vitriol at Alyce versus Samuels is that Samuel was just laughed out of context as a buffoon and therefore discounted. Alyce actually came across as intelligent and authentic and then when she couldn’t live up to the first impression, people just got angry that she ended up being a fraud (vis a vis domestic violence expert) and her playing games refusing to answer questions, playing passive aggressive with Martinez and wasting time and tax payer dollars just got people ticked off and as it often goes, people go ape shit out of context. Not fair, not right but she walked into it with her eyes wide open and clearly her hand out for the fast cash. For her 30 pieces of silver she sold out women who are true victims of domestic violence. I suspect she also put her career in the toilet so hopefully she has saved up well for her retirement.

    • Kris

      To iamarealitytvlover – I believe yours is one of the best posts written. Good work.

    • Hey, I agree with you — I never said she was an “expert” because of her 35 years experience. My objection is to the over the top mob attacks on her, the death threats, the harassing emails, deeply personal attacks. I have plenty of criticism about her testimony and agree she has few scholarly publications. That’s not the point. I have been the first to argue against people tho think they are experts just because they had decades of experience.

  19. Every person who is being “mean tweeted” has the option to cancel their twitter, not read the tweets or set your account to private. If you choose to interact then you have to be ready to accept the consequences.

    You can also cancel facebook and myspace accounts or place your settings on private. Phone calls can be blocked, cell options can be set to only accept known numbers or phone numbers can be changed. Land lines can be unlisted and calls screened. The same applies to email accounts. The idea is to not engage the crazies. Comments can only affect you if you actually choose to read or hear them. I actually avoid most news articles that appear online. They tend to be negative and sensational and I don’t need to hear it.

    The process is exactly the same as when dealing with a sociopath. Those guidelines have been available for many years. You simply MUST take the route of “no contact”. I haven’t dealt with hatefulness online but I have had to eliminate people from my life who are detrimental. It really is no different and it can and should be done.

    We survived without computers in the past and we can in the present if it involves our emotional well-being. Be responsible and take the necessary precautions. It’s a choice and it’s up to each individual to make the right one for themselves.

    (note: I’m referring only to adults. Children and bullying are an entirely different matter.)

    • Tango

      Well said Cherry. Alyce signed up for this, she can not be surprised because the world does not agree with her. While I think the phone calls or threats are too extreme, she has to understand that this happens, that is the risk you take being on tv. As a psychologist I would think she could rationalize it better, maybe use it as an experience for future work, idk.

    • Robert Edwards

      It sounds like Miss LaViolette is being subjected to the abuse Mr. Alexander received from Miss Arias.

  20. Oh…BOOOO….HOOOOO…….Maybe she can have Jodi tweet and get some of the public to make a “outcry” for Alyce for “justice” and this will all go away! Alyce knew, or should have known what she was getting herself into, or possibly not, she is a Professional Public Speaker and NOT a TRAINED Professional Psychologist that deals with Sociopaths, but hey….she can laugh about this all the way to the bank after all of this is over….because this will probably be her last GIG!

    • I’m starting to think that was her plan despite her disclaimer on day one of “if I have a job to go back to after this.” She admitted right there that her professional reputation was in a perilous position. She’s 65 she’s probably been planning to retire and taking one big check at the end. No other way a “domestic violence counselor” pulls anywhere near $300 an hour out in the world. I see she was able to clear her calendar very quickly after trial dragged on for eons.

      • Hmmm new info Tamara I didn’t know that. Now I wonder if perhaps her “panic attack and palpitations” were meant as ammunition to sue Maricopa County for not protecting her from the “crazies” as she just did her civic duty. Might be that Alyce is smarter than I thought if she planned her grand finale retirement scheme. Maybe she learned it from Jodi and that is why she stubbornly insists she is a victim. And I guess her first act into full retirement can be a new book “How I Was Bullied Because I Took A Stand Against Domestic Abuse”. It all comes together now, This bitch is loving this!!

      • millie lencioni

        she is just looking for sympathy. she is no shrinking violet.

      • jorge garcia

        You bet she is, I have never seen anyone so one sided. I hope this man hater gets fired from the rest of her gigs so she can know how it feels to get Vi oh letted. Is it so hard to say yes or no or not look like she is so far up Jodianns ass.

      • Tango

        I agree, and you can bet she’s gonna come out with a book deal to retire on..

      • Mary

        Yes .. o yes..

      • Robert Edwards

        Correct. Miss LaViolette is no shrinking violet. She is a bull in china shop.

  21. Lori

    I personnally wouldnt ever behave the way those people are, but I certainly do not feel bad for AVL. Not too much anyway. She knew of the possible backlash before she said yes. It was one of the first things she said when she took stand, that she hopes she still has employment when this is through. I guess this is part of the payback for selling her soul to the devil. Oh well.

    • Elissa01

      Agreed! I read–can’t remember where, or I would provide a link–that six (6!) other domestic violence experts declined to testify for the defense after interviewing Arias. Six other experts/advocates, likely with equal qualifications or better, were smart enough to know that the defendant is a liar whose word can’t be trusted. For anyone else, that would have been a clue. And still, LaViolette chose not only to put herself on the stand in a nationally televised trial, she actually formed a bond with, and displays a definite bias toward, the defendant.

      I think that death threats/threats of harm are absolutely uncalled for. But the predictable anger is a normal reaction, and she should be ashamed of the harm she has done for the cause of domestic violence. She chose this path, and while it can’t be pleasant walking it, she has no one else to blame.

    • millie lencioni

      She is getting as good as she gives.

  22. spkstrth

    I think Ms LaViolette was duped by the Defense team with skewed evidence that Jodi was a victim & Travis was an abuser. She wass spoon-fed what they wanted her to know, but she certainly was not privy to everything the Defense knows.

    • WOW, u r buying her shit? no she wasn’t privy to everything, but what she was privy to was enough to make any idiot realize Jodi Arias wasn’t abused.. N if u listen to the testimony u see what evidence she did have, the woman is sell out! she had tons of evidence supporting the fact jodi was a Murderer

  23. 7 Angry Dwarfs

    You know, I would have a lot more sympathy for Ms. LaViolette had she not behaved so abominably during her cross examination Prosecutor Martinez. I’m 62, relatively close to her in terms of age, and regard her smirking, smart-alecky passive-aggressive, elusive, antagonistic, cat-and-mouse, purposely obstructive and wholly non-responsive answers to Mr. Martinez as SHAMEFULLY unprofessional, bias-laced, and unethical. This woman boasts of all the work she’s done with Domestic Violence offenders, then acts as though she’s soooo intimidated and “confused” by Mr. Martinez’s firm and forceful approach – which she, herself, skillfully endeavored at every turn to exacerbate. You’re a big girl, Ms. LaViolette… you knew full well that this homicide was carried out in a horrendously brutal manner, that Ms. Arias’ trial would be VERY high profile, and that the prosecutorial effort involved would resultantly be every bit as vigorous as Ms. Arias’ defense. Jodi Arias is no Snow White, and playing the part of Alyce in Wonderland and exchanging smiles and signals with Ms. Arias and her Attorneys undermines and has made a mockery of you, your profession, and all TRUE victims of Domestic Violence – male AND female – everywhere. You are being paid 300.00 per hour to utilize your IMPARTIAL “expertise” in a search for TRUTH. Yet you steadfastly obstructed that search in any way possible via game-playing, verbal dueling, being evasive, and even having the AUDACITY to pronounce that the Prosecutor needed a Time Out. You behaved not like a professional and an impartial Victim Advocate… instead, you behaved like a completely biased, brainwashed, petulant child. As is true of so many who have fallen under Ms. Arias’ spell throughtout her lifespan, you have been lured into her web, exploited, manipulated, ridden hard, and put away wet. And soon enough you’ll find yourself discarded, – your career, reputation, and credibility forever irreparably marred – without as much as a backward glance on she and her minions’ part. I’m saddened beyond measure at the suffering you are enduring, but this is what comes of selling your soul to the devil; my dear. In this case, he’s come in a deceptively “battered” womanly form – but he’ll nevertheless collect his due. In full. And then some.

    • Ladies and gentleman, that is how you write a first comment. Bravo!

    • Magali


    • Sayub

      Outstanding commentary.

    • firstwife

      I could not agree with you more. As I watched her on the stand today, I felt that everyone could see she had been manipulated by Arias except for her. But I guess that was the best the defense had to offer in the way of an “expert”. I don’t agree with the personal attacks against her that have been reported on, but as far as the criticism of her testimony, demeanor, lack of meaningful credentials and frankly outdated views on DV, she has brought this on herself. A few times during the jury questions, specifically the one asking ALV if she wished she could have interviewed Travis, it actually looked like Arias’ face reddened and she came very close to crying. She did wipe her cheek once and I swear she was having a moment of realization. Regarding Arias’ tweets about the Prosecutor, she sounds like a bully, but to me it says he absolutely has gotten under her skin. He is her total nemesis. She must be very afraid when she’s in her cell alone at night, thinking about the fact that he knows exactly what he is doing, he has probably dealt with many defendants like her, has studied her personality traits extensively, and knows every detail of this case intimately. He KNOWS the truth. Every day she is marching closer to the needle and further away from her freedom.

    • Carmen


    • NotAlway'sPerfekt

      Stands up and applauds!

    • DrTex

      7 Angry Dwarves receives ***** 5 STARS. Never before has an opinion been more thoroughly thought out, or intelligently and clearly presented. Brilliantly said.

    • millie lencioni

      All the money in the world is not worth ruining your career over.

    • Survivor

      Agree,agree and agree! I most say as a victim of stalking I was offended by her comments of how a person who is suffering from a stalker should react. I was in college, the guy lived in my building, and just my roommate knew about the stalking. I was scared but never told my family or the people in charge of the dorms or call the cops even when the guy somehow got my parents phone and address.I tried to deal with it by myself and I was lucky I survived it. I look back and I wish I would had said something to make it stop before it got out of hand.

    • Robert Edwards

      Excellent, 7 Angry Dwarfs. I think you summed up Miss LaViolette’s participation in this circus of a trial perfectly. I wish I were as articulate as you.

    • Carol Koessel

      What a great way putting ALV. She is so very unprofessional. She does act like an angry child, and then pouts when she wants Martinez to look like he is abusing her and confusing her. She is really very pathetic. She needs counseling herself to over come her manipulative, unprofessional behavior on the stand. And I still cannot believe that she doesn’t see Jodi as a stalker. What more would you have to do to be put into that category? Really Alyce?

  24. callie

    Not all money is good money… Alyce should have passed on this gig. The money she got was not worth her reputation.

    • Magali

      Exactly Callie..she sold herself for 30 pieces of silver & was willing to be thrown under the bus by the defense….I hope it was all worth it.

  25. As long as the attacks stay over the internet, why not? I don’t think people should call her or make death threats, but I think she is a disgusting human being (ALYCE Laviolette), and I dont have a problem with people who say it over the internet, the Woman is a disgrace to women like myself who are survivors of Domestic Abuse.. Money $$$$ was on her her mind & IT bACK fired!

  26. Carol housewife

    My take is if your willing to be paid to give an unbiased opinion then it should be unbiased. What is upsetting the general public harkens back to the Caylee Anyhony case when it was obvious her lawyer lied in opening statements and was never held accountable. Many feel a killer walked free. Now this Lavioltte is doing the same thing. Maybe not out and out lies but it’s obvious she has not (been allowed) to see all the evidence and never interviewed her (arias’s) parents or friends so how in the world could she take the stand in a capital case and spew her biased onesided bs and think people wouldn’t get upset. The general public may have looked upon her differantlly if she had conducted a full and complete investigation and came to this conclusion. They don’t want arias to get away with murder which is so obvious that she planned and killed this poor man.

    • joilie

      She spoke with the grandparents, lets be honest I thought Arias Father was a nightmare,, she is only there to establish whether jodi was a victim of battery and maybe she was, we don’t know, No jury is ever going to let Arias walk. this is a DP case I think the public is over reacting and the behavior is of a lynch mob. Very trashy and low class. It sounds like the jury didn’t buy her testimony anyway, If this group doesn’t cool it they may be responsible for a mistrial. .

  27. illiot

    I can’t believe that some people have nothing better to do than to make threats to this woman. You would need to have some sort of twisted mind to be this involved in Jodi arias’s trial. Get off the couch and find something better to do with you time if you are calling threats to people. Damn.

  28. Susan Bergunde

    Although I am the first person to admit my dis taste for Laviolette, I do not agree with the current lynch mob mentality going on. Yes she is biased, and for defense to sit down and eat with her, in a non professional setting, and yet complain about Martinez signing and posing for pictures its laughable! Are they all friends now, making it impossible for this “expert” witness to be UN biased.
    I bet my last dollar that if Jodi Arias wasn’t locked up she would be eating with them. A picture says a thousand words.

  29. Monica, I got what you meant. :) I think we were all a bit trigger happy yesterday after the whole “social media is ruining my life” type stuff out of the Alyce camp. We are all (mostly) in the same choir. :) Oh and welcome to TT!

    • Luba

      This women Alyce is so bias and stupid, it hurts me listening to her. I have no idea what kind of human being would do this for money. There is no money in the world i would lie, especially when there was Travis butchered by this sociopath Jodi Arias. Jody Arias is not human.

  30. Sunny Lo

    I just hope that Ms LaViolette realizes that she is being judged by the same standards that she used to judge Mr Alexander. Her evaluation of him was based on ‘only what was given to her’ and most peoples evaluation and criticism of her is being based on the information and opinions she presents of herself. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  31. I am looking at Alyce’s CV and it’s 20 pages of not much. He current “job” is listed as “United States, Department of State, International Speakers Bureau” as if that is a job it is not. In fact, I am not sure what the hell it is. Other than that, I have nearly every qualification and nearly every relevant work experience that she does. I can assure you that facilitating group in treatment centers, being an adjunct instructor, and reviewing books in your field for publishing companies has a very low qualifications threshold.

    Her education is conveniently omitted. Probably because of the community college undergraduate degree for the 1960s and her graduate degree in…?????

    One thing not on my CV is endless media appearances. Clearly she enjoys being on TV. (Or she used to). Also I have never submitted a conference presentation that was not accepted. They pretty much take anyone who can write a coherent sentence at those things. I’m just saying.

    I hate to bring up Florida of all states as an example of anything positive related to their legal system (other than Belvin Perry :) ) But if you recall the expert witnesses were vetted in great detail and not all were accepted by the court as an expert. Clearly there is no similar standard in AZ.

  32. Animals.B4.Humans

    She should right next to jodi and getting the needle!

  33. Christy

    She is disgusting to watch and listen to. She has made a mockery of what abuse is. There are people in the world that have truly lived in abusive relationships and this defense as well as this defense witness is shameful. I hope this witness never sells another book and never gets to speak at another domestic viloence conference, because she very obviously has NO IDEA what domestic violence. She should burn in hell with Jodi

  34. joilie

    I heard that much of the smear campaign against LaViolette is being promoted by HLN and many of the people smearing her are LDS members thats curious to me.
    Also an Ashley Reed what’s that about. THis seems like a well orchestrated attack and it worries me because of our rights being undermined by the media and a bunch of angry nuts.

    • anita

      The smear campaigne against LaViolette is ONLY because she is a hired gun for the defense. that simple. She is being told what to say every step of the way. WAKE UP supporters. And, Arias will NEVER get away with this murder…never..its murder one. the defense is wasting their time trying to confince the jury. She killed this man in a jealous rage and no low end book writer such as LaViolette will change the minds of the jurors. The crime scene photos will outweigh any of the bogus defense claims. Slitting a mans throat from ear to ear is NOT self defense. It is MURDER!!! its disgusting anyone would think otherwise. disgusting!!!

  35. I wrote about this today myself. This sort of behavior is out of control! Ive been on both sides of this coin .. and its got to end!

  36. MWHIT

    This just shows why the media should be Kept OUT of the courtroom. If the existence of social media is going to cause a witness to be attacked unchecked “TAKE THE CAMERAS OUT” if we as viewers can’t be respectful in our actions and opinions. Also, I know we want to believe in the integrity of the jury, but unless they live in a bubble there is NO way they are unaware of the different aspects of the case being discussed that they are not supposed to be. Just listen to some of the juror’s questions asked….if no one sees the media influence you are BLIND!!

    • joilie

      The media is way over the top, LaViolette was hired as a person who is an expert on Battery, she could have stayed home and probably made more money. It is sort of Witness Tampering the type of people attacking this woman seem like a bunch of skin heads or Nuts this is a DP case and they are trying to save Arias from the death Penalty, I think if this type of harassment of a professional expert witness, could possibly be grounds for a mistrial.It is witness intimidation, tampering defamation of character. Perhaps the Mormon Mafia.I think her testimony weighed in the balance of the Killing is silly, even if she was abused etc. The crime scene is disproportionate its over kill. Just like the attacks on LaViolette are OVER KILL. The jury didn’t buy her testimony.Its her opinion. Big Deal!

      • Oh do tell about this “Mormon Mafia”! /fistonchin

      • It’s some theory or concept that the Mormons deliver their own justice which would not coincide with our legal system’s flavor of justice and they essentially put hits on people that they think has sinned in such a way that warrants execution. It’s one of the particularly more absurd theories by the people who think Jodi Arias is innocent that the Mormon Mafia actually killed Travis, and Jodi is covering it up because she has to for some reason. Cuckoo.

      • nikki2200

        It’s some theory or concept that the Mormons deliver their own justice which would not coincide with our legal system’s flavor of justice and they essentially put hits on people that they think has sinned in such a way that warrants execution. It’s one of the particularly more absurd theories by the people who think Jodi Arias is innocent that the Mormon Mafia actually killed Travis, and Jodi is covering it up because she has to for some reason. Cuckoo.

      • Yesterday I might have agreed that the attacks on Alyce are too over the top and unwarranted. Frankly she has deliberately LIED in her testimony on more than one occasion. Has misrepresented her facts. There are consequences when you trade in your integrity for a retirement windfall so although it may not be fair, it may not be right, it may not be Christian or human but it is what it is. She put herself dead center in the middle of a shitstorm, a little bit of grief is the consequences for her actions.

        But please, the idea that this is a conspiracy attack by Mormon Mafia, Media, hatemongers or whatever I just don’t buy. It is people being disgusted and enraged at her lack of ethics. Yes even Jodi deserves a fair trial but having a witness pretend to be an expert and lie is not her right. And let’s be real, LaViolette would not have made more money staying home, her greed brought her to Phoenix and her lies did a huge disservice to the Domestic Abuse cause. Shame on her!!!

      • I agree with most of what you say reality lover. I think cases like this are exactly why cameras shouldn’t be allowed in the court room, especially when the jury isn’t sequestered. I’d trust an unsequestered jury to go home and not check out the case online or on tv about as much as I’d trust my kid knowing where the Christmas presents were hidden unwrapped, you know they’re gonna look no matter how many times they are told not to. All they would have to do is watch Nancy Grace or any of the other talking heads on HLN and would be convinced she was guilty without a single witness being call because they’re “experts” and think they know all the fact, those “experts” act and talk as though they were in the room at the time of the murder. I’ll bet the same people who have already convicted her of his murder were here posting here convicting Casey Anthony and would have been here convicting OJ Simpson of murder. Guess what, Casey and OJ walked out of their jail cells free because both of their jury’s were sequestered and they were only allowed to see the facts of the trial, not the circus trials being conducted outside the court, online and on television. Do I think Jodi killed Travis? yes I do..Do I think it was self defense? No way, you don’t stab someone that many times and also shoot him in the head. Do I think Travis was sexually, emotionally and possibly sexually abusive? yes I do. The guy lived a double life between how he treated women in private and the side his family, friends and church members saw of him.

  37. Brenda

    Has LaViolette ever been married? Was she a victim? Does she have kids?

  38. MWHIT

    She said during testimony she attended her daughter’s wedding, so yes she has children. Plus, you don’t have to be a victim to recognize abuse….

  39. Oh my God if I hear the word pattern one more time. Jodi did show “Patterns” of lyling, stalking, and jelousy. Why couldn’t ALV talk about those patterns!! What an ass.

  40. chris

    Within the court system Jodi’s only objective is to avoid the death penalty and she will get a parole, so now I ask is the defense putting up a valid argument, that she was in an abusive relationship.

    • joilie

      No because she went to his home they both participated in a very sick relationship and no matter how nasty he was or was not you can’t kill your ex boyfriend for being a bad boyfriend. you dump him, not continue a relationship but, this is not premeditation,, since she could have shot him when he slept, etc. this was a spontaneous act of rage,most likely the gun shot didn’t kill him she panicked and started stabbing him. As adults we are responsible for our actions I still disagree with the media mania.I think this case is a lost cause she will be found guilty of 1st degree murder don’t know about the DP. But that is Mormon Country so who knows how many Mormons are on the jury

  41. BAC

    truth stares you in the face.ahhhhh i believe you now give me the money
    sorry real life is %4#@*

  42. patricia koons

    ALV sold her soul to the devil ! End of story !

  43. Aloha

    This is a publicly broadcast high profile DP trail and Laviolette KNOWS THAT.

    If someone happens to be in the same restaurant and snaps a pic on their phone, she should NOT be surprised. . . This is not shocking in any sense.

    She CHOSE to be where she is right now and needs to put on her big girl pants.

  44. Carol Koessel

    I really do not understand how AV can testify that Jodi received more violence than Travis. Are you kidding me? A so-called push, broken finger and slap vs a slashed throat, gun shot to the face and 29 stab wounds? Really? I am a survivor of DV but would not see this woman if she were the last counselor on earth. She is not credible and is dishonest. She cannot keep her facts straight, continues to not answer the questions but rather justifies her testimony with her long diatribes of bs. She acts as if we are all stupid, including the jury, having to explain her “complicated analysis” of this case. It is not complicated. Yes, victims do stay. Yes, Travis was a victim as was Jodi. At best they had a very dysfunctional relationship. They were both abusive at times. why is she blaming him for everything and excusing Jodi for everything. Sad. Really very sad. AV should be ashamed of herself. And no, people should not threaten her, but you can see the furred manner in which her “opinions” are taken. She is not misunderstood, she is wrong.

  45. Perry Mason

    This woman is a fraud. The defense team should be reprimanded for wasting the thousands of dollars on this incompetent.

  46. sammiejane

    Straight to the point… I do not condone the ill behaved harassment of this woman but at the same time she took the case with her eyes wide open and her wallet as well! No sympathy here!!!

  47. susan


  48. gailconlon

    What right does anyone have to attack someone because they don’t agree with their testimony? What’s next? I blame HLN for this mess, they are the ones who are riling up the minions into a frenzy of hatred, and they do it every night. The prosecutors office just happens to release journals and ‘never’ before seen crime scene photos to the media to keep the minions stirred up, and it just happens to coincide with Ms Laviolette testifying. Is the prosecutor worried his case is that weak that he has to stack the deck? Then he launched into a tirade in the court room that is nothing less than ABUSE!

    Are the attacks justified? NO! What is wrong with people in your country? Insanity is rampant apparently!

  49. Lorna

    It is my understanding that the restaurant meeting was to implement another strategy to file a motion for another mistrial. Alyce was rushed to the hospital and the plan backfired. The doctor told her to lay off the kielbasa and gave her some pepto bismal.

  50. Lorna

    It is my understanding that the restaurant meeting was to implement another strategy to file a motion for another mistrial. Consequently, the expert witness was rushed to the hospital and the plan backfired. The doctor told her to lay off the kielbasa and gave her some pepto bismal.

  51. Bloodhound

    Jeeze gailconlon, now you are sounding like the whole Arias defense team that its somebody else’s fault that LaViolet is receiving hate messages just like its Travis Alexanders’ fault that Jodi murdered him. I guess you, kinda like her, probably feel that the majority of us who see her as a defense advocate since her testimony and or so called “area of expertise” study has made little or no common sense logic let alone scientific.
    Will the real responsible parties please stand up and stop blaming society for your mistakes. You’re all not raised by wolves so you do know how to conduct yourselves in society.
    The majority aren’t blind to what reality is my friend and you and Ms. Man-hater should take a tip from that.
    Another truly insulting fact is that like most quasi-government social programmers she is most likely also milking the public teat by receiving tax money for her so called services, by counseling men who abuse since according to her tirades there seem to be very few or no women who are either capable of or folks like her have turned a blind eye to female abusers.
    You bleeding heart liberals whine about first amendment rights getting trampled and then you bitch when they’re (1st amendment) used in a way that doesnt coincide with your issues.
    Don’t you both understand thats why people, and I guess you can call them character lynch mobs, stand alongside a murder victim and his family instead of those who chose to defacate on his character to justify the act of a lying, pig nosed, gold digger slaughtering him.
    Shame on both of you

  52. Shanti

    Alyce is a shame to any kind of medical profession. She is clearly biased and I do not think she is good at her job. All she did was undo everything she did all her life by taking Jodi arias side. She refuses to apply the same rules to travis that she did in evaluating Jodi. Real shame on her. After any true abuse I would think twice about going to her as she will be on the side of person who she takes a liking to. She is completely responsible for every downfall in her career after this

  53. Cheryl Harrington

    I am the mother of a son and the grandmother of three young boys. From my perspective, MS Vaviolette you betryed all women who are victims of abuse by your inability to be FAIR. JUST BE FAIR! Look at the victim, Travis Alexander, how could you be paid enough money to only look at Jodi’s side. You will pay the price of your bias for the rest of your life, your career and reputation in ruins. I ACTUALLY FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. You cannot not admit you even could be wrong. Is there something wrong with a person who does that? WHO DOES THAT!!!!

  54. Lorie Capaldo

    Lorie Boise, Idaho: My question is: if Jodi Arias gets off and 2 years from now stabs another boyfriend 27 times, shoots him in the head and slashes his throat from ear to ear as she did Travis. What other state will end up paying 1.5 million to defend her and what excuse will Ms Laviolette have at that time

    • Lizzie Smith

      Post Traumatic Stress from the trial probably and the “mean” way Mr. Martinez (the prosecutor) questioned her. Wherever there is $$$ to be had, Ms. Laviollette will be there to collect – saying whatever is required of her, true or not. It’d be great if Jodie dated Ms. Laviolette”s son or grandson. I wonder how well Ms. Laviollette would sleep then.

  55. LaViolett Scumball

    As a victim of Domestic Violence, with the broken bones, trauma, protective orders, etc., all in my past to prove it, don’t spend a dime on this self serving BS. This “Expert”, as she calls herself, has done incredible damage to the very term “Domestic Violence”. What took decades to be recognized as a horrific and, sometimes, deadly situation, for both MEN and WOMEN who have been abused, La Violette has turned the clock back. Her general hatred towards men is apparent. If you are a victim of Domestic Violence, call your local DV hotline, call Law Enforcement, do anything but spend your hard earned money on this piece of biased garbage. Try “Co-Dependent No More”…it may help you get back on the path to normalcy. For the right amount of money, currently $250-$300, La Violette will say ANYTHING you want her to say. Shame on her!

  56. Jimmy

    What is wrong with people? I can guarantee a lot of the people making the threats are doing it thinking this woman will go away which is only going to give the court more of a reason to call for a mistrial. This woman is hurting her credibility each day that she takes the stand, every time Martinez asks her a question now you can almost see her body shaking. I think this woman is very ignorant shes part of a big problem in this country that makes every woman the victim in every case, its really sad because you can feel that this woman was hurt in the past. As ignorant as I think Laviolette is I also have a side of me that really wishes they would just let her go home right now. When I heard she had to be rushed to the emergency room that was just over the top for me, I admit I don’t agree with anything she has said but at the same time she is still a human being. You have to remember Laviolette is not the one on trial for murder, I think people get so caught up in this Martinez Vs Laviolette crap that they forget that a mans life was taken. Even if all of these things are true about Alexander it doesn’t change the fact that not only did Jodi Arias kill him but she did it in a way where Chuckie from Childs Play would have been impressed I mean just hearing about it makes my stomach turn. It really makes my stomach turn that someone could do that to another human being and then play the victim. If Jodi Arias was as disturbed as hes claiming about the abuse you would still see a sign of remorse on her part for taking part in such a brutal killing. Another thing if Jodi Arias had an ounce of respect she wouldn’t want all of this information about her sexual relationship with Travis to come out.

  57. mike

    Well what do ya know. As soon as Alyce gets exposed herself from the entire world, the very next day she falls apart in court and starts telling the truth without knowing what the hell she is even saying. She is the only person in this entire world who is not laughing haha. I find it pretty hilarious how throughout the entire trial, you bash his name saying if he was exposed, he would lose everything. Its ironic that now her life career is in jeapordy cause she knows the entire world now knows she is bias! There’s two possibilities here. Either she is so ignorant that she honestly believes she is keeping her answers the same and helping Jodie by lying, or on the other hand, since the entire world called her out and exposed her, she did some thinking in the hospital on how to potentially save her own ass when she gets back home to he work. Its a possibility after seeing all the comments on her page, she actually felt bad and got off her ass for once and actually turned on her computer to Google Travis alexander and make things right. But from watching her in court, she was believing the lies coming from her mouth, when everyone watching and everyone in the court room besides her and Jodi were laughing. Its not a funny issue really. Its very sad that she would agree to testify in court knowing the only info she had was Jodys story. she knew that was wrong but I truly believe she thought it would be a walk in the park and nobody would question her answers because she makes “claims” she is an expert. It is only my opinion on what I see from her testimony. I truly hope this has changed your life for the better and you stop being bias and treat every case the same, do thorough research, or don’t except the case if you cant get all the info from both parties. Because you lied so so so many times about alexander, you helped ruin his name and credibility when you in fact didn’t know one single fact about him that Jodie didn’t tell you. Correct or incorrect? You made the fatal mistake of talking for 15 min instead of a simple yes or no and you got caught up in your lies you in fact couldn’t keep any of them straight with the jury. correct or incorrect? I think you should probably start looking for a new career or retirement. I’m not trying to be mean to you at all, but you hurt so many of us by not doing your job in any way. I truly hope you realize the severe damage you have done to his family and all the people that look up to t-dog as a role model and hero in many eyes., to clarify who that may be is Travis alexander. I learned so much from top dog, “Travis” just from typing his name in the Google search. I read his blog and it sent chills thru my body how he predicted what was coming. He talked about so many inspiring things on how he improved his life, he made me look at life the same way as he does. I hope you overcome this lesson learned and stay away from the courts. I advise you read his blog one more time in detail with an open mind, and I would be just as shocked as I was from your testimony with the jury. I truly think it will open your eyes and see just how bad it made things. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming clean and telling the jury the truth that you based your theory strictly from Jody’s testimony. I hope his blog will open your eyes and encourage you to make the best of your life. Keep your head up and things will work slowly work out for the best.

  58. Hanna

    Alyce talks out of both sides of her mouth. When asked by a juror why there was no abuse in other relationships Travis had she stated that abuse patterns take time. She stated that Travis has not sustained long term relationships therefore abuse did not have a chance to completely surface. She goes on to say that Jodi on the other hand had a four year relationship and a two year relationship.She goes on to say that his relationship with Jodi was longer in duration therefore his level of trust was higher.

    A few jury questions later Alyce is talking about a seven year relationship Travis had with a women he loved. There was no evidence of abuse in this relationship. Hello? She just stated that Travis has not sustained long term relationships, therefore abuse did not have time to surface. Do the math.Travis Alexander’s 7 year relationship is longer than Jodi’s last three relationships COMBINED. No abuse in this relationship. Did she not contradict her previous statement?

    She seemed unnerved when asked about the number of men she served as a witness for in criminal court. She struggled with this and said she thought it was one or two. Again if the number was infrequent to none you would certainly have a hightened memory due to the infrequent nature. My follow up would be: Did you provide defense testimony for a man against another man or a man against a woman? My gut tells me that she never provided defense testimony for a man against a woman.

    Alyce is big on “Patterns” and “Gray Areas”.Patterns are only relevant when they apply to text messages as they relate to Travis and abuse toward Jodi. When provided with clear evidence of patterns related to stalking,abuse, lies and manipulation on Jodi’s part the patterns dissiminate and she goes back to her there is a lot of “gray area” responses and makes statements regarding the lack of frequency of such behavior. “She lied only after the killing and this is a human respone” Kicking and hitting her mother-“typical teenage behavior”. Peering through Travis’s window while he was with another woman was not stalking because “she left” The examples are so numerous that her selective denial sadly becomes an expected response. How can she state that patterns on Jodi’s part did not exist prior to Travis or were simply teenage stages when the evidence she examined was heavily based on less than a few years of text messages, journal entries and interviews with Jodi?

    In all fairness Alyce is being paid as a witness for the defense and has devoted her life to advocating for woman that have been subject to abuse. For these same reasons she is unable and unwilling to look at the big picture in an unbiased manner.
    She is clearly not credible.

  59. I can`t believe this Laviolette SHE HATES MEN I saw in the White Pages Gail Billing Beck lives at the same address as her And she does gay and lesbian counseling is this why she hates men so much ? Shannon

  60. Donna

    When I listen to Violette’s testimony (lies & bias), I can barely contain my anger! Much of her testimony about domestic abuse in general is accurate, HOWEVER, HER TOTAL BIAS TOWARD ARIAS IS SHOCKING and totally negates any credibility she might otherwise have. I worked 6 years in the Criminal Investigation Division of a Sheriff’s Office and please believe me when I say, I KNOW WHAT REAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS!! I also know through personal experience. I was married to a man who physically abused me and on one occasion, after I called the police, put a gun to my forehead and threatened to “blow my head off” unless I called the police back and told them everything was okay and not to come to the house. I had 3 children but left him after that incident. Many years later I was married and after much mental and some physical abuse, I filed for a divorce. I was 55 and my husband 62. When I filed for a divorce and my husband was served divorce papers, he beat me up, knocking out 3 teeth. THE DISSERVICE VIOLETTE IS DOING TO GENUINELY ABUSED WOMEN IS UNBELIEVABLE! With Violette’s training and experience, there is no reason she should not be able to see Arias as the truly evil woman she is. Evil to the core. Is Violette so warped in her view of men that she actually thinks she is striking a blow for womankind?? As far as I’m concerned, HER BIAS is striking a blow AGAINST me, not FOR me!!

  61. RJ McPeters

    If you want to defend a liar which has “Fog issues”, then hire an EXPERT LIAR which has “Fog issues”. The fact that the jury has asked an additional 100+ questions proves that the witness is not believable and is insulting to even a low educated person’s intelligence.

  62. bev elekes

    no people should not be bully her but she is painting trivas as a monster n jodi as a poor lil angel maybe if she pulled her head out of jodis ass she could see her 4 what she really is a murder n lie n bitch

  63. Susan Bergunde

    What i don’t get is how thousands of people know for a fact that Jodi was NOT abused in the least! Yet a woman who is supposed to be an expert can’t see it. WHY, because she got personally involved in a lie that she should have known from her experience. Which goes too show she isn’t as great as she portrays herself tho be.

    • Robert Edwards

      It is not Miss LaViolette that is the problem It is the damned PATRIARCHY. Smash the patriarchy and replace it with a matriarchy and there would be absolutely no problems in the world.

    • Thousands of people do NOT know for a fact that Jodi was not abused. Most of us however, would agree that there is not any compelling evidence that has been presented in court to support that she was.

      • Sandy

        I think Alyce’s life as she knew it is over and what for… a manipulative evil person named Jodi Arias. I would not be surprised if Jodi could care less about Alyce or any of her defense team. She is using them too to help her avoid a first degree murder conviction. Everyone of them will probably regret the day that they heard her name. Alyce has made so many ‘mistakes’ in her testimony. What is that all about? One example: She has written notes stating Jodi shot Travis in the closet and now says that she was wrong. It is so obvious that she is TOTALLY BIAS and is willing to commit perjury to help Jodi. As I said, her life will definitely be different from now.
        I also read that her license was suspended decades ago and the man that she was supposed to work under as a condition had his license REVOKE for inappropriate sexual advances to someone. OMG. I recall her stating how she works with such great men!!! Did she think no one would find this out with today’s social media? Did the defense team know about this? I am so curious to see what is going to happen on Tuesday in court when the judge deals the “issue” that was referenced during Friday court. If anyone has any other information, I would love to hear about it.

      • steve

        The issue apparently is the words she said to Travis’ sister…And that infamous pic of her dining with defense atty I’ve heard is not allowed…The restaurant was Pei Wei, just an observation looking at the paper cup & the table number…Yes, her life as she knew it is over & not for the good…I personally wish bad for her the way she is covering for Jodi…And why? For the 30-40 K & maybe a spike in her book sales as well as some fame? Well, it’s dirty blood money…It’s obvious she just wants out but too late for that…She could also be in big trouble for perjury….Never thought it was possible but she’s worse than Samuels…He was just an incompetent yutz…Alyce has sold her soul & that’s dangerous…Even her lesbian circle must be disappointed…On a different note since I’m ranting, some are calling Martinez rude, disrespecful etc…I’m so glad he’s strong cause he’s the only voice Travis has…The jury is obviously bright, can tell by their questions & can see thru Alyce as well as Jodi…Arias will not walk…She deserves death penalty by law as this was pre- meditated…I’m not sure she’ll get death….I think life in prison without parole is her destiny..And if so, her lawyers will say ‘Het Jodi, we saved you from death’ & feel they did ok…Alyce was poorly coached, I blame her bumbling lawyers as much as Alyce for that…Anyway, your 1st paragraph was extremely well written & spot on…

  64. I think some of us could stand to venture out into the world or something and take a breath. So much focus on disliking AVL is unhealthy. She didn’t murder anyone. She didn’t seek Jodi out to defend. Someone offered her a lot of money and she made a poor ethical choice. Okay several poor ethical choices. Still, no need to get all lynchmobby. :) This is a personal opinion, NOT a directive from the site owner. I’m just worried some of y’all are going to burst an aneurysm. Plus it’s bad karma to wish ill on others.

  65. I don’t agree with the cyber bullying, but LaViolette took a high profile case that she was not qualified to be an expert wiitness for. She came into the courtroom and was combative and disrespectful to Mr. Martinez and our court system. She’s slandered Travis Alexander and his family without even talking to people who knew him. According to her, he was made fun of as a little boy because he couldn’t bathe an he smelled. Who says things like that? So uncalled for! The Alexander family does not need to hear about their childhood. LaViolette trashed them. My husband called her a “man hater” the very first day she testified and we both feel she is biased towards Arias. So, Ms. LaViolette, you brought this on yourself. You started out testifying with your smug comments and it backfired on you. Put on your big girl pants and stop crying – you crossed the line and made a mockery of the court system and a murdered man. Karma’s a bitch.

  66. GDC

    She NEEDS to be LOCKED UP in a PSYCHIATRIC Hospital, put on ANTI-PSYCHOTIC Medication and given ECT for the safety of society!!!!

  67. Ron

    Horray for Alyce LaViolette. She is a very competent witness for the defence of Jodi. Jodi is INNOCENT of the charges against her. Alyce is very brave to stand up against all the haters and tell the truth for JODI as an abused woman at the hands of Travis Alexander.

    • Ron you have to be kidding ?????? AL is only there for the money,She only knows how to lie just like Jodi and getting $300 a hour to lie

    • Lisa

      Ron is either a complete moron or he’s one of those men who is probably guilty of abusing women. Instead of believing him, let’s just ask his wife. Or, Ron is a woman who is on here playing games instead of adding anything significant to the conversation. Either way, don’t take “Ron” seriously. He / She obviously has nothing better to do with their time, which pretty much tells you all you need to know! lolol Good bye Ron. Just because you have too much free time and a computer, doesn’t mean you should use it.

    • Sandy

      Horray for Alyce LaViolette???? She does appear to be extremely bias and it was obvious that she was NOT given all the information that she needed to make a UNBIAS decision thanks to Arias’s defense team. She may live to regret the day that she took this case once she finds out all of the facts and she was another pawn in their game to free a cold-blooded killer who only cares about herself. I do not believe that she was even abused as a child.

    • Susan Bergunde

      What has blinded you into believing that she is Not Guilty!? Please, help me and the’ thousands’ of other people understand why you don’t see and hear what is so clear.

    • liz

      AL is as stoopid lol as jodi girl. she cannot possibly be a true dv person. she, as well as samuels, are in it for the money as well as just making excuses for murderer and liar jodi. it is their job but to sit up on the stand and actually say she was abused by travis is about as low as you can go. she was in it for the sex as well as travis. it was their game that they both were into. when travis didnt want to go on with this it made jodi irate. AL should have her license taken away. she is bias and has a thing for jodi.

  68. Babsdeaner

    You’re kidding, Ron. Right? :)

  69. Delvia Logan

    My mother was a survivor of DV and I, too, had to deal with moderate to severe child abuse. In the 60’s there were very few sources of help and it was my mother’s fault that the abuse occurred in our home. LV is there for the money and she is a joke in the therapy field. Let’s hope that LV does not get Jodi off or get a lesser charge because of her inability and the bias she has for the defense. Shame on Jodi, her attorneys, and LV.

  70. Gloria

    She’s made more than 20k and she deserve the backlash. .she’s a liar and she’s biased. And she hates men. .she has committed perjury and she has to be charged and punished for this. I wanted to give her some tissues cause she had brown marks on her nose. Sorry Ms.laviolette. you and Jodie arias are both guilty.

  71. Ms. LaViolette is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) as shown on the California BBS website. Under the laws of the State of California, she is a licensed psychotherapist. The title psychotherapist is restricted to MFTs, MSWs, Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses. When a MFT intern (MFTI) finishes their internship, the MFTI license is cancelled.

    It is another question as to whether she is qualified to make a psychodiagnosis.

    • Tango

      Ya and, this was not your run-of-the mill family or marriage proceeding. I think the defense needed a real psychiatrist to pull this one off.

      Btw, thanks tamaratattles for great coverage of this. This blog is run very well and it’s entertaining, I think tamaratattles could have a show on HLN! For all the nasty posters, thanks for the laughs! ; )


      please stop these emails coming to me..They are overloading my b ox

      • I have no control over it, so sorry! You must have clicked send me replies to this post below the comments box. Go to bottom like you are going to post a comment uncheck the box underneath. Hope this helps!

    • Sandy

      Thanks for the clarification. Does anyone have any idea as to the “issue” that Juan referred to in court on Monday regarding Alyce? I know she was ordered to be back in court today, Tuesday and did not seem very happy about it. I thought it had to do with her license but I was apparently wrong. Could it be that she committed perjury by changing her testimony? Or.. was it related to her approaching the Alexander family? That was some nerve considering every negative issue that was brought up regarding Jodi, she took it upon herself to comment on Travis when the question had NOTHING to do with Travis.

      Would love your thoughts!

  72. Ilovemen

    She is a loon! Even hip Lesbian’s HATE HER! The rest of America who actually think respect and decorum in the COURTROOM to protect even the defendants rights, know that she is an old wish I were an ANARCHIST, but I was to scared so I will act out in my 70’s NUTJOB! She didn’t do Arias any favors, (not that I care)! She is a creepy old lady with NO BOUNDARIES! Arizona should see a decline in crime if these Atty’s are Death Penalty qualified!

  73. I believe in her lifetime, Alyce has done a lot of good for a lot of women. She should have stayed with helping at the shelter and counseling with women who were truly abused. We need more like her in that arena.

    HOWEVER, she needs to stay out of the courtroom. It’s okay to be biased toward the women in the shelter, but not the courtroom. She was out of her depth and lost all credibility. I hate to see taxpayer money wasted as well as time. I think she has already paid the price for her misdeeds and will continue to do so.

    Ms. Laviolette, if someone in my group acted like you have, I would make them sit in the corner.

  74. Jon

    Does anyone know what happened to Bryan Carr? He was interviewed frequently by Dr. Drew, Nancy and Jane – and his image was highlighted in the court room.

  75. Sarah

    Alyce LaViolette deserves everything that’s coming to her. She will now not get hired for anything ever again. She’s a disgusting, non-apologetic nazi feminist who has obviously never had a man show any interest in her.

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