Real Housewives of Beverly Hills SECRETS REVEALED!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 3What secrets could possibly be left for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to reveal? Do we even want to know?

Brandi’s Secrets:
1. Brandy says that her Oscars dress fit when she tried it on but she didn’t try it on the night before. When she got there it took four people to get her in it.
2. Brandi called child stars “a particular breed of hideous” in her book. Andy points out that Kim and Kyle were child stars. I laughed out loud. Brandi says she was talking about Leann but that some child stars have a certain brattiness as a result of getting what they want from an early age.
3. In Paris, Brandi showed the two men from Louis Vuitton her bra. I suppose technically it is a bra. It’s black and the cup is lattice work with more boob than lattice. We also learn that Brandi had very large, very dark areolas. I did not need to know that.
4. Brandi made out in the bathroom with the hot guy at the white party. He is still “in her life.” But they are not dating.

Kyle By Alene Too Grand Opening PartyLisa’s Secrets:
1. Brandi says that Lisa was the first to congratulate her on DWTS!
2. Kyle took Lisa for a mammogram and laughed and joked about Brandi in unseen footage. They also showed Lisa getting her mammogram! Her boob Dr.’s name is Dr. Resnick! I am not kidding. It’s a dude. He supposedly had the results right there. That never has happened to me. In fact, I almost always get a letter saying I need a sonogram.
3. At the time Adrienne sent the parade float of flowers Lisa was too kind to say what she really thought of the arrangement.
4. Lisa never said that Bernie’s brownies were dry. Or his cupcakes. This is apparently newsworthy information.

Kyle’s Secrets:
1. Lisa says that Faye is totally on Kyle’s payroll. Kyle denies that she ever asked Faye to say a thing. Yolanda says show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.  This is not a secrets revealed show it is just more reunion bitching.
2. Kyle taught her daughter to drive with neither wearing seatbelt.

Kim’s Secrets:
1. Kim and Kyle did a fashion show for Kathy’s dress line. Kim’s daughter Kimberly (I am still not over her naming her daughter after herself) and Kyle’s daughters were models too. So was Paris. There was a reason this segment didn’t air the first time.

RHOBHTaylorinterventionTaylor’s Secrets:
1. Drunk Taylor scenes from Portia’s party. Dwight Tells Taylor that Lisa and Kyle are the only ones that support her. Adrienne has not supported her. Paul hears the conversation and tells Adrienne that Dwight is starting a problem. So of course Paul and Adrienne confront drunk Taylor. Taylor tells Adrienne that she didn’t support her though the stuff with Russell and Adrienne says she didn’t know what to do because she “doesn’t understand that world.” That would be domestic violence. Flash forward a few weeks and Adrienne accuses Paul of being abusive. Scenes of Adrienne doubting Taylor’s black eye.

Yolanda’s Secrets:
1. She is friends with the head shoe designer for Luis Vuitton. Yo and Brandi went to meet him for a personal audience. Brandi tried on the blue shoes Yolanda gave her then and told her she could have them if she was good for the whole trip!
2.  Yolanda has a best friend named Ellie who has ALS. The disease takes over all the muscles causing paralysis. She takes care of her and took her on trips until her disease got worse. Yolanda is praying for a cure. Currently, there is none. :(

Adrienne’s Secrets:
1. She used a surrogate for the twins.
2. The eggs are of unknown origin.
3. She has had a lot of plastic surgery.
4. She really is biologically female!


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53 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills SECRETS REVEALED!

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Right Tamara. I would never name my child a name after myself. If I were a man and I wanted a Jr., that would be completely different. That’s very weird.

    • I know of several women who have named their daughters after themselves. I’m not sure that it’s okay for men to do, but not for women. Having said that, naming your male child after yourself drives me just as nuts.

      • Monique, I feel that same way. I did name my first son after my husbands middle name, but is as far as I would go.

      • Jane

        Mothers naming their daughter’s after them is not unusual, but not as common as father’s having juniors or even a “third”. When my brother was born it was quite common then to automatically name the first boy after their father using “Jr.” to distinguish between the two. My mother was named after her mother. She wanted to name me after her (really after her mother), passing the name along down the line, but another sister beat her to the name instead. That cousin then named her daughter after her.

      • Elizabeth Taylor

        I read somewhere that (technically) she didn’t name Kimberly after herself, because Kim’s name is Kim, not Kimberly.

    • Ericzku

      Not sure why people are so weirded out about this. Female juniors are not all that uncommon…Lucie Arnaz, Jayne Marie Mansfield, little Edie Beale…Elizabeth Taylor’s older daughter Liza Todd Tivey… to name just a few off the top of my head. I know a few IRL as well…nothing strange about it to me.

    • Susan

      Hi there we found love – not to be negitive but many many people wheather they are male or female name the first born daughters or sons after themselves. Even women have Jrs. they just don’t use it after there names. Thanks hope you’re not offended for the correction.

    • Their mother Big Kathy was called that because she named her birst born Kathy Hilton after herself. I find it weird too. Seems really vain. But then that is wrong because isn’t it a double standard? People in our culture think it’s fine for a man to name his son after himself.

  2. Not A Kim Z Fan

    Wait – didn’t watch but did Adrienne really admit she used a surrogate? So what was the friggin point of bleeping out the entire damn season? What a waste of our time… #Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh

    • DJ

      I think Tamara just threw that in as a joke. None of that was in the show.

      • DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! Adrienne was fired from the show for not attending the reunion (which this was essentially and extension of) so obviously she was not there sharing any secrets. The “secrets” I jokingly listed are all things that we have discussed here many times. Including the fact that we don’t know if Adrienne’s eggs were used or if her eggs sustainability was the reason for the surrogacy. Thus the eggs are of unknown origin.

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Ha, OK… Thanks for the clarification…

      • So,,,,Adrienne has an artificial leg? And it’s a secret from her and her father?

  3. Mollymom

    Not one bit surprised Kim’s daughters name is Kimberly. Am very surprised all four of Kyle’s daughters aren’t named Kyle. Yuk, can’t stand those narcissistic sisters.

  4. vivaladiva831

    Ok I will have to go back and watch more thoroughly, i missed the part on adrienne. She had donor eggs???

    • We don’t know that!! It was pure speculation if that is why she had her next pregnancy via surrogate. They could’ve been her own eggs. We don’t know.

  5. vivaladiva831

    I don’t think Kim naming her daughter Kimberly is weird per say, Kathy Hilton is named after their mother, they were distinguished as big Kathy and little Kathy (how would you like to be known as “big Kathy” lol). That is just par for the course in their world!

  6. I don’t think they were Brandi’s nipples. Those were just the area that Bravo distorted, right?

  7. Yes! And she showed us her vajayjay on camera too. How could you have missed that? SMH

  8. The flash of Yolanda’s feet when she jumped on the table was scary. They looked abused!!!

  9. Hello Im new! Love your Blog

  10. SweetTeaNShade

    Whoa. Whoa. Did anyone see the brunette walking the dog in the scene before Lisa and Kyle’s trip to the MammyScanny? (GO LISA! ) First of all, the silly ass dog had on a tutu. I can’t with this dog fashion. In my dreams, I get to smack that lady, open handed.

    Secondly, Kyle really should think twice about using the phrase, “May God strike me DEAD if I’m lying.” I’m surprised Zeus himself didn’t get in on some of that lightening action. ZzzzZap!!! (Now I’m thinking about Phae Phae Sparx).

    Lastly, Lisa’s real boobs are quite fantastic, it gives me hopes that mine will hold up that well in my fifties without silcone joining the party.

    Side note and I’ll hush: Mondays suck, thanks for the Tea Time, Tamara!! I’m ready for a stroll thru Justice-filled Juanderland tomorrow

    • SweetTeaNShade

      Oops…I meant silicone, saline, velveeta cheese, whatever. I’m sleepy and don’t make much sense. That’s enough boob talk for tonight. Except that I’m a bit shocked to know the state of Brandy’s nerps.

  11. Diana

    I guess Brandi forgot to mention as one of her secrets the fact that for the whole season she lied about being sued and she also lied about receiving a C&D letter, you would think Bravo would give that more time being that the whole season revolved around a lie, but it was done with Bravo’s complicity and that is the impression they wanted to portray so no wonder there.

    Also kind of buffled about Yolanda treating Brandi like a 5 year old child, you behave good and I will give you a pair of shoes? uhmmmm

    • Mrs Taylor

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of the Brandi-bandwagon. So glad this season is over.

    • When was it ever proven that she lied about all that? I only remember it being proved that Adrienne lied the whole season! If you have some info I would love to hear it. Maybe I missed a show or something but I’m pretty sure I watched them all. If I remember correctly then I’m pretty sure Adrienne is the big fat liar here. Do you think she lied about having to get an attorney and spending all that money as well?

  12. Susan

    Hi Tamara
    I always love your blog. The things that caught my attention was Adriennne and those eggs. If they weren’t hers, I guess she had to adopt her twins, if Paul is the biological father does he have more going for him in a custody battle? Brandis nip where absolutley blotted out can’t show nips on tv right, and Lisas boobs were great, but if you wear a bra more often than not pritty much anyone can have perky boobs. I am 66 and mine are still every bit as good as Lisas, I know probably tmi so what. Kyle said Fake was not ever talking for her so why didn’t Kyle ever tell her to shut the h@## up when she new Fake was being an ass which was all the time. One more thing I wish Andy would get that stupid sperk off of his face. He loves to stir the pot and then comes that smert. Well I feel better I got that off my chest. Keep up the great work. I like to read your blog more than watch the shows. By for now.

  13. Reach4Wisdom

    Ha! Yep two faced Lisa on camera being snarky about Brandi ( to Kyle of all people). It’s no wonder Kyle can’t figure Lisa out. Now, will Brandi go in on Lisa like she does everyone else for the smallest offense? No because she has her nose so far up Lisa’s snobby arse because Brandi is such a social climber yet tries to portray herself to be so “real”. Well I guess she and Lisa have fakery in common maybe that’s why they get along. If Pandora ever returns to the nest Brandi will be out on the curb for sure.
    Good recap-Thx!

  14. Ericzku

    Sorry to contradict you, Tamara, but Kyle and daughter were wearing seat belts during the driving lesson. It was obscured by each one’s hair, but when they would lean forward you can see the belt pulling over the shoulder. I know, BFD.

  15. yup

    it was such a boring episode.

  16. Leigh

    First time posting… I love your blog Tamara!

  17. ThunderMonk

    Watched last night. Egh. Just curious: does Lisa have implants? I don’t know if she has commented on it before and was just being cheeky in the mammogram scene or if she was saying she did not have implants…

  18. Kash511

    Wait. Adrienne didnt even use her own eggs for the pregnancy!? What do you mean by the eggs being of unknown origin

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