Mob Wives Finale Recap; Love Gets Fired From Show!

Okay I am zipping through the final two episodes of this Mob Wives season. I keep meaning to get caught up and now that we know Love gets fired for going after Carla on the finale, I am watching despite being under the weather. I figure most of y’all don’t read the Mob Wives posts anyway so I am not going to go for quality today. :) Hey Ramona, there is positive thinking and then there is marrying a guy in prison. Carla got served divorce papers while chatting about how crazy Love is with Big Ang. We are setting the stage already for the Love drama. This shoot seems like it was shot after the whole birthday party thing.

Speaking of parties, Karen is having a pre-nup party and only Ramona is getting married. Ramona is offended. Love is pissed that Ramona didn’t tell her she is getting married. Renee stands up and yells at everyone that the whole thing is bullshit and that Mob Wives don’t do legal stuff like pre-nups. Party over. Carla didn’t get invited because producers are saving her for the finale party. Oh the party was not over at all. Love goes after one of Ramona’s friends. Lots of talking heads about how crazy Love is acting.. This episode seems like a setup episode for next weeks Big Brawl.

Now, for the final episode. It’s all about Drita’s party. Lee will be out of the halfway house in two weeks and he will be moving back in. Drita is nervous that he will reoffend.

MobWivesRamonaRamona is shopping for her bridal dress. She said last episode that she was not expecting a fairy tale and she understood the her groom-less wedding was unusual. Yet here in the dress shop she is talking about her dream wedding. I have fantasized about dream weddings myself and in every one, THE GROOM was the most important part of the fantasy. And most people would envision their parents, other family and friends there supporting the glorious union. This is more like an excuse to get presents. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

While everyone is getting their hairs did for the big 80s birthday party…Love  texts Karen and lets her know she broke six bones in her hand punching holes in the walls. Gosh I hate when that happens.  But never fear, it’s the finale and everyone must attend the event, so Love will be there. After most of the Mobettes arrive at the party, Renee is determined to cause a scene about Carla being there. Renee says she can’t be in a room with anyone she doesn’t like. For me, that would eliminate pretty much every room outside my house. Eventually, Renee has a good time dancing with Big Ang’s ginormous funbags.  And everyone is happy.

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

And then Love shows up. All the brave Mobettes look nervous. Drita and Big Ang step out for a smoke leaving Love to roam around. Carla is talking mad shit in her talking heads. Karen takes the opportunity to get Love and Carla together while Drita and Big Ang are outside. Love says that Carla likes to point and talk with her hands. She says if she does that, she is going to go after her. Um, she’s ITALIAN for fucksake. Of course she is going to talk with her hands.   Love sits down and says Karen is there to keep her from knocking Carla’s teeth out. Carla is leaning with her elbows on the table and says “I just want to ask you about…” And Love jumps her with no warning. Hilarity ensues. There is hair pulling, and security guards everywhere. Karen even goes off on one of the guys who is trying to separate everyone. Insanity. About that time Drita walks back in and asks what happened. Big Ang must smoke the 120s because I think she is still outside. Carla is hitting at everyone including security. Carla must have cut her hand on some glass because it is bleeding pretty bad.

After the big fight, Renee and Carla make up and sing Kum by Yah and stuff. And they all lived happily ever after. Well expect for Love. Love got fired from Mob Wives and banned from the reunion. Which is fine with me because I didn’t like her anyway.


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39 responses to “Mob Wives Finale Recap; Love Gets Fired From Show!

  1. Tamara

    I like mob wives. Have since the first season. Love was a little much for me at the end. She has some serious rage issues. I wish Drita would have been standing with Carla. Now that would have been a real fight. Oh well. Goodbye Love

    • I like Mob Wives too and have watched it since the first episode. It seemed happenstance, poor timing for Ang and Drita to go smoke; I don’t think Karen noted their absence however, I want to rewrite the script with Drita near by when Love goes after Carla. I can’t stand Love, I find her to be on the same level as a slimy snail, just as dumb too. What happened to that blue cast she had on when she arrived? She wasn’t wearing it when yapping at Karen in the car.

      • Rosie

        I noticed the cast was gone too! How could she have arrived with a cast on for 6 broken bones, claimed to be on morphine and then after her attack on Carla(which was so sick and hateful), magically the cast is gone and her hand is completely normal in the scene in the car, not bruises or swelling can be seen on that hand. Very interesting!

      • Vp

        I think she said on Twitter that they filmed that scene way after…? Weird.

      • Interesting indeed. Producer induced fight? The cast was a temporary one? Velcro fasteners instead of the usual plaster? I call foul!

      • jakies mom

        She didnt have a cast. This is her tweet
        Love MajewskiVH1‏@LoveMajewski11h
        @xxxxx1 I never had a cast it was a soft ace bandage like covering cuz I had broken knuckles n was having surgery in the am

    • Love needs to go, she was a little to much. She look a mess and acted a mess. She was a trouble maker from the start, so she needs to get off the show..,

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      I wish they would have got rid of the most annoying person on that show smug, bitter , smack talking coward Carla, I can see why Love gave her a beat down.

    • Kym

      Yes, Love had to go. She is kray, kray.

    • Dena

      It was all setup and scripted from the very beginning of the season. It’s way too much of a coincidence that Drita and Big Ang went out together to smoke cigarettes. Also, Love looked like she was really trying to ACT when she was closing her eyes and trying to look crazy. I believe it was all set up and scripted. Everyone knew what was going to happen and they prepared for it. Even Carla knew that Love would be there and come after her. She was prepared for that too. IT WAS ALL A BIG SETUP FOR THE FINALE AND WE ALL (THE VIEWERS) GOT PLAYED!!!

  2. I liked Love, but am not surprised she has been fired. Too much of a chance of a lawsuit. She is one tough cookie, but dangerous. Wouldn’t be surprised if we hear she gets arrested for something in the near future.

    • I agreed, I am not saying I don’t like her but she has been wanting to get at Carla since the show

    • soccermop59

      I never liked this woman because she’s too typical of a bully, everyone except for Big Ange was afraid of her and when you have shows like that, I don’t like it….all these women sadly fight without warning…..they always catch each other off guard with one good sucker punch…cowardly move on all their parts. Love was so wrong in ever having issues with Carla, so she dated your ex….like move the *** on and put a period behind it. The funniest s*** that night was Drita coming in after the fact and proclaiming her presence would have prevented the fight…this chic is two pounds wet, got her as beat 2 times on the show and is about has buff as a ant….Drita honey, go sit down some where and sell that crap to the air force. Love would have murdered you…ha ha ha ha

      • So true! Dritas a twig with fake tits!

      • nerry

        Fool you are to much into it, Drita more than likely would have not won but she wouldn’t just go down without a fight, hell she one one fight and got jumped in the other fight, yeah real fair. So “soccermom” (btw cute trash talking with a name like that, I hope you are watching the kids while on the net) really have a seat with that.

  3. Mo

    I love Mob Wives! I like how the show is still about their kids and personal relationships even when there’s drama. I’m glad they’re getting rid of Love because she’s so one note—we get it, she’s crazy. I wish they had shown something a little in her story.

  4. Love has serious mental problems. She’s not just a “I’ll do anything to make me seem interesting on TV” people like the Jersey Wives. She is homicidal and imbalanced from a head injury.

    I still say Ramona is only marrying the guy so she doesn’t have to testify against him. I’m sure it’s more of a financial deal.

    I loved when Carla was explaining what happened to Drita. The who,e thing was gold, but the best part was calling Karen and Ramona “Heckle and Jeckle”. Perfect.

    I’d someday love to see Ang go all Herman Munster and bash someone’s head in defending one of her girls. Probably never happen but it’s my dream.

  5. Robin Wild

    I’m So happy that Love got fired she has mental issues ! Nothing wrong with that if you take your Meds! Can’t wait to see the reunion!

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I enjoyed the first 2 seasons. This season not so much.

    Though I found Love’s nonchalance about her violent tendencies amusing, seeing her in action w/no rational basis to whoop ass kind of disturbing.

    I think she was productions pawn to amp up drama/violence. She was hired to talk trash & tough, and to deliver punches. She attacked Carla, and got fired. If she didn’t fight she still probably would not have been invited back for another season. Carla got played by VH1.

    • Yeah. It’s like when Gigi becomes the villain on Jerseylicious. She was kind of blah and they tried to make her a bad guy and it falls flat. Carla is like tha. The most sane quiet one becomes everyone’s whipping boy.

  7. jakies mom

    Glad she is gone. She had no redeeming qualities. When I saw she was fired earlier this week I was glad and I hadn’t even seen the finale.

    She had problems long before her accident. She’s been like this her entire life. She bragged about shooting, stabbing, poisoning boyfriends. Who the heck would go out with this woman?

    She said she was going to wait for Ang and Drita to go smoke and it wasn’t if she was going to attack Carla but when. All he own words and she lived up to them. So she had this all planned. Convenient that Karen had this come down when there were outside. Coinkydink? Nah.

    The nonsense about the angel wings being stolen was ridiculous and her overreaction to everything was absurd. I guess Victoria Secrets and the hundreds of other companies that use them also stole her idea.

    She served her purpose. She was a liability and had no storyline except to attack Carla. With that done, it was over for her. Now she’s crying victim on twitter and facebook and saying she was used and she doesn’t care about any of these women and is pissed she was not allowed at the reunion which has Dr. Drew moderating.

    She’s also looking for her own reality show but I can’t imagine what it would be about except attacking people.

    Good riddance.

  8. I don’t think they are even allowing Love on the Reunion show.

  9. Ashley

    Love got fired from Mob Wives and banned from the reunion

  10. Ashley

    Why did Love got fired from Mob Wives and banned from the reunion?

  11. Lori

    I always read your Mob Wives recaps. Embarrassingly enough (at least in front of anyone else but you guys), I love this show and have been a loyal watcher since the beginning. Anyway, I find it interesting that Drita is the calm, rational one this season. It seems to me as if production may have had a hand in that? Or maybe she saw herself on TV and realized how immature and ugly she looked always talking about beating people up and then actually trying to do it. I did see those veins in her forehead (the ones that were always popping out of her head in Season One) made an appearance on the finale when she came back in and realized what had happened to Carla. I was really happy to see those veins, because I feel like Drita has been a really shitty friend to Carla this season (after Carla stood by her, and up for her all last season when she was the crazy violent nut of the show). It was nice to finally see some loyalty, and that she really does love Carla.

    As for Love. She is the biggest loser in the world. So disgusting. She “demands respect”… good luck with that one honey. You must really be an idiot to think that that’s how you get it… by demanding it and assaulting people for it. She probably wants to hunt me down and kill me if she read this. That’s how lame she is. I have quite a few friends (some who are like family to me) from Staten Island, and I go there often, and they are all embarrassed by this show (aside from the fact that they like to see “their island” in the background. Staten Islanders are like no one else when it comes to being proud of where they come from. Many people who live there never leave the island. I’m not even kidding. Anyway, I am so happy that Love was fired, however, I would have like to see her on the reunion, only they should keep her in a cage with big locks on it. That would be hysterical. I hope that they will at least talk really bad about her (you know, speak honestly), because if any one of them defends her, really they just must be afraid of her. She is undefendable. I wouldn’t be surprised if they barely talk about it though. Mob Wives reunions tend to be lame. They don’t ask the hard questions that we really want answered. Hoping this time they do.

    • Lori

      And one more thing. Thank GOD this Love chick doesn’t have any children, as we all know how disrespectful they can be. She is so unstable and angry, I would be terrified for them.

    • soccermop59

      What I find interesting of the tough girls, all seem to fear Love, all except Big Ange….I was really shocked to see Romana be the cowardly btch she really is. I knew that chic was all smoke and mirrors…she couldn’t even defend her damned friend in the bar when Love was trying to attack her and that was her “friend”??? Bottom line, all these women are nothing but a lot of loud vulgar beings that think the louder you get, the more profanity you use, it makes you tough. In reality, Big Ange is really the tough one here….she has to look at her body and face every single day and love it…and that’s pretty hard to do…but hey it works for her, thats why she’s my fave.

  12. Starr

    I love the show, but that Love girl needed to go. Glad the show fired her.. Now Love go get a real job.. Can’t wait for next season….

  13. soccermop59

    Two good things happend during this finale…..Renee, thank God came to her senses and realized that being a brat and hating on Carla was stupid, so glad those two made up. And of course the fireing of Love….this quido b*** is insane, needs to be locked up and shouldn’t have been on the show to began with. I’m so sick of these loud mouth women talking all this crap like its cute or something…she sounded like a hood rat from the sewers of Jersey. So glad she’s gone. Will always always love me some big Ange!!

  14. I think this is the highest number of comments you’ve ever gotten for MWs! Hope it convinces you to blog it and Ang when/ if they come back! And MYRTLE FUCKING MANOR.

  15. You really have to go back and watch the beauty contest one.

  16. donna

    #1. What’s with these decorative Swatiskas? #2. All I can say is “DING DONG, THE WACKY WITCH IS GONE!”

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