What’s Wrong With This Picture? Aviva Drescher

Aviva ???Um… look closely. Found this on the web. WTF?


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49 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Aviva Drescher

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Unless she has her legs crossed under that long dress, she has the wrong prosthetic on the wrong leg.

  2. critter

    Yep, her legs have to be crossed…

  3. DJ

    Her legs are definitely crossed. The “left” foot is obviously the right foot. You can tell by the arch and the position of the big toe.

  4. michelle

    legs crossed, two different colors…..

  5. Thank god someone is here to tell us she has an artificial leg.

  6. No! On the right leg the big toe is also on the same side as other leg. Omg.

  7. DJ

    Did it every occur to you that the people who commented on the different colored legs don’t watch RHONY and don’t know about her artificial leg????

    • Since the first commenter mentioned it, I think it’s funny that you decided to individually inform each subsequent commenter. Sue me. I kinda think of this blog as a very smart one where if someone doesn’t get it the first time, they shouldn’t be coddled through the conversation.

      Also pointing out that the leg colors do not match does not mean you don’t know she’s got an artificial leg.

      • DJ

        Well, who would expect an artificial leg to be the exact same color as a real one???

      • She’s got like 20 of them. And since she can always wear hose, I’d always expect them to be the same color. She’s obviously got winter skin and a summer stilt.

      • KAM

        I think anyone who would comment on this post watches the show, and knows she has an artificial leg. And yes, I’d expect them to be the same color, or very close to it. And it could just be the lighting in the photo, who knows.

      • MAREHOOP

        Well said, I was thinking the same thing…

  8. puravidacostarica

    What’s wrong with this picture? That it shows what horrible taste in furnishings Aviva and her husband have? (I mean, really, checkers???)

  9. puravidacostarica

    I’m not trying to be mean, just making a joke so as not to fall into the “artificial leg” pit.

  10. Naa

    Wait, I don’t get it. She has two prosthetic legs? If not, how could they both face the wrong way?

    Oh, and the furnishings are hideous.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I agree about that horrid sofa.
      It looks like it came from the Saddam Hussein Tacky Dictator Collection.

  11. Two of these things got together, But one of these things is not like the other!

  12. She’s doing a standard leg cross pose and it comes out with the prosthetic looking wonky as if the feet are all wrong. Meh. Love the sunburst in the back though, and Aviva, even with the odd pose is dressed impeccably as always, which, in all my jaded Bravo Housewifery viewer-dom— is all I really care about, le sigh.

  13. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Do you just mean in this picture or in general?

  14. Raylene

    Her legs are not crossed. It is photo editing, most likely due to the discoloration of the legs. They didn’t think people would be smart enough to catch it. She’s too insecure to cross her legs that much while standing, i.e., risk of falling. And the other people are right about the couch and the checkers.

    • So they edited her legs to look backwards because they wanted the darker one in the back? They thought, Hey, I know lets just take her legs and put them on backwards. Sure we could airbrush the color, but what the hell this will be more fun…

  15. Katrina

    It looks like one small leg (Skinny) and one big leg. The shoes look like two different sizes too. They probably didn’t think people would be paying close attention.

  16. If her leg and stump are crossed, I’d be amazed. Her hip would need to be sticking out, wouldn’t it?

  17. I don’t get it. It’s obvious her legs are crossed.

  18. Really!!!!

    She has two right legs. Whoever took this picture photoshopped her prosthetic leg where, er, wait I don’t know….. but it looks like her fake leg and real leg are on the same side of her body.

  19. No. I googled until I found some shots from the same shoot. Seriously they all look like that. Maybe she too the wrong leg home from the gym or something?

    • marilyn

      I bet she has on a left foot shoe from a similiar pair on the fake leg. No feeling so
      she didn’t notice she had the shoe on the wrong foot

  20. Debbie

    I think she has several prosthetic legs. I thought they discussed it during the show. I’m almost certain she has one to wear in a pool, and it’s more tanned to match the season. That is an incredibly awkward pose, so whoever photo shopped it should be sent for remedial training.

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