Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One Recap

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5It’s time for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and Andy is wasting no time. The first order of business is to ask Kandi about serving Kim with papers about Tardy for the Party. It sounds almost like Phaedra served the papers on Kim at the reunion! Kandi says that Kim brought that on herself She was no longer going to allow her to benefit from the song. Coincidentally, Funky Dineva, who I believe is a friend of Kandi’s and appears on her Kandi Coated Nights show from time to time recently released the unedited version of The Ring Doesn’t Mean A Thing which has Kim singing with no autotune. Interesting timing, no?

Phaedra wastes no time with the subtle jabs at Kenya saying “everyone up here is a lady,…..well everyone up here is a female.” Kenya has had her sour face on most of the time. Remind me again how I am supposed to understand that she is not taking all of this seriously, Kenya fans? Puhlease. Andy asks Phaedra what her Mama the preacher thinks about her…what did he call it? open attitude? And Phaedra is the first to say the word penis. She says she likes looking at large penises. That’s our Phaedra displaying her knowledge of being a “southern belle” on national television.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Kenya time. Andy calls Kenya sweetie. He called Reza sweetie a lot on WWHL when he was making an ass out of himself. I think he uses that word exclusively as a put down. He asks a viewer question, “Are you serious when you say everyone thinks you are Beyoncé?”  Kenya says she did have a line of people asking for her autograph at the inauguration and someone said, “Oh Beyoncé can you sing this for my daughter” and she laughed at it. Andy asks if she was trying to get a threesome going with Phaedra and Apollo. Kenya says if she was trying to get a threesome going then PHAEDRA would not be a part of it, but Kandi might be a good choice. Kandi laughs. A viewer asks Phaedra about Apollo’s inappropriateness for participating with Kenya’s flirtations in Anguilla. Phaedra says she had a conversation with Apollo about that.

Kandi and Nene banter about who throws shade at the other. Yawn.

Kenya and Porsha conflict is addressed. Andy asks a question about Miss USA v Miss America that ends with, “isn’t Miss America more of a compliment anyway?” Kenya tries to stick up for the Miss USA title but both Andy and Porsha point out that Miss USA has no talent and just wears a bathing suit. Buuurrrrn! Kenya says she doesn’t get upset when people get them confused. She says Porsha did it to embarrass her. How would being called Miss America embarrass anyone? Kenya is not very well-spoken.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Porsha is asked questions about criticizing Kenya for being older. The question goes on to say she better hope Kordell didn’t marry her to be a trophy wife or she will be dumped at 40 like Sheree was. Nene laughs out loud at the Sheree comment and Cynthia does too. Andy asks Kenya if it was necessary to have two security guards escort her out. Kenya says she felt like Porsha just came to start a fight. I feel like her whole existence on the show has been about me. Andy says, “So the most interesting thing about Porsha is you?” Kenya says, “You said it not me.” Kenya says that BAPS was a compliment. Porsha calls Kenya bitter and aggressive and Kenya starts with her fanning again. Porsha points out that she is going to make her contacts get dry.

A viewer says Cynthia grew a backbone this season. Cynthia says she has always been that way. Another viewer calls her a two-faced shit stirrer. Cynthia says she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Porsha says that Kenya calls herself the first black Miss USA when in fact Carole Gist was and she was actually also from Detroit. Kenya looks like she just ate some bad shrimp. Andy asks if Kenya has a response she just says no.

It’s the tired old Stallion Booty versus Donkey Booty. I’m over this conversation. Back from the break Andy asks Phaedra a viewer question, “Do you wear all your own hair?” Phaedra says yes. Kenya busts out laughing. Probably because as Phaedra sits on that couch she has the hair of ten young Philippino girls shaped into braided hat sitting on top of her head. Cynthia tries to gently call Phaedra out and Phaedra says sometimes she might clip something in but she doesn’t wear fake hair. You know except for the mound of fake hair on her head right now. Kenya is sweating like a whore in church and keeps wiping her greasy face. Back from break we are talking about the booty videos again. Phaedra says she has all real reviews. Phaedra says Kenya’s fake reviews were all taken down from Amazon. (This is true, Kenya was reviewing herself a ton before the video even came out.) I am so sick of this debate… blah blah blah. Phaedra says Kenya’s booty is made in Mexico. Kenya calls Phaedra an evil little devil. Still arguing…Kenya says that Phaedra was not relevant until Kenya showed up. Still arguing… Kenya says “Don’t come for me unless I send for you” and then threatens Phaedra with, “Don’t get disrespectful because you will be picking up your teeth off the floor pregnant and all. Don’t go there with me.” That was WAY too much Kenya!

So really all we have to talk about is the dresses. I thought Porsha looked great. That said, that dress was way over the top for a reunion show. Not the right function for the dress. Kandi looked good, especially her hair. Y’all know I hate one shoulder dress but she rocked that one. I could have done without so many shots of her black panties. Kenya’s yellow number was too big and took up too much couch. The gold piping didn’t lay right. I hated the pointless illusion panels on the shoulder.  Nene looked like a ginormous blue mess. Again, too big for the couch. Too big of a size and Nene does not EVER need to emphasis her shoulders. Cynthia looked fabulous and I liked Phaedra’s demure maternity wear. What did y’all think!

Next week Kim returns….


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167 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One Recap

  1. Ok, so I lost interest in this franchise half-way through. I watched it sporadically, but tuned in for the reunion. All I can say is…..I HATE the makeup choices these women make. And the clothing choices. And some of the hair choices. What was up with Nene and her shoulder pads???

    On another note…I get that Kenya thinks the show is all about her. Whatever….However, I am so SICK of women talking over each other. Is it too much to ask a woman to listen to another and then respond? Talking over each other gets no where. I feel like Kenya thinks she is the end all and be all to the show….I don’t really like her.

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      The makeup is OK by me, its all that fake hair they have, enough of the Asian Indian hair! It was messy, Phaedra and Porsche doing rather bad acting with all the ‘info’ from gossip sites got old fast, they were reading at the pre-school level!

      Nene, get rid of that awful toupee, and, Cynthia, child, you look mighty fierce, just don’t like the weave!

      Maybe some real fireworks will spark when the queen of the mobile home park gets in with a carton of Newport’s for the hour to get them all to throw tea and shade like they mean it! Although, not looking forward to her man Forrest Gump.

    • Susan

      Every time I see Kenya and she opens her mouth to talk all I hear is me me me me me and then is sounds like a donkey braaaing hehaw hehaw hehaw. If she is on the show next season I absolutly will NOT watch. Andy needs to tune in to his public and get the broad of off the show.

      • kym

        Kenya, does think all the show is about her. She came on the show to get attention.And she will take the negative and positive attention. She doesn’t care which one it is. We’ll see next week, when she calls Apollo a felon, who she also thought was so “phine”. Also, Porsha, slammed the gate on her Kenya about the first Black Miss “Anything”. That was funny! I agree what was said about the dresses. The hair, I am over it, hair is just an accessory, like its aways been . You can wear whatever you want, and change it to match your clothes.

    • Porsha and her fake divorce bravo is behind this….. why did her husband file or pretended to file for a divorce . to close to reunion after her little marrige therapy meeting NEAR END OF THE SHOW this show is fake TMZ WAS PAID OFF JUST LIKE THE MARIAH AND NICKI FAKE BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE WORTHLESS PORSHA YOU CANT EVEN ACT

      • I see people talking about the Housewives faking divorces all the damn time! I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone believes that. I believe that even Tamara has said things about Nene faking her divorce. I am inclined to believe anything TT says because she usually has a reason to believe the things she believes. However for y’all to think everyone is divorcing for a story line is just plain ridiculous.

  2. Kate

    My satellite is down and I am soooooo grateful for you tamara. Thank you. I think the dress choices are always interesting. Does anyone know how long it takes to tape this reunion show and do they get food bathroom drink breaks?

    • This one went on forever. Started about mid morning and Phaedra said she didn’t get home until 4 am! And yes, it is catered with food and drink. And there are bathrooms. lol. Sorry about your satellite I would have been more through but it was way too much of Kenya and Phaedra having the same old fights with very few interesting insults.

      • lilkunta

        4am ! i thought it is taped over multiples days…but i guess that would make it cost alot more to rent a location for multiple days( andy didnt mention the location like he did in past reunions).

      • No, they tape it all in one day. One of the previous reunions (can’t remember the franchise) took over 12hrs of taping. I think it was Atlanta’s reunion last season.

      • Kate

        Awful week really roof being replaced and didn’t dawn on me that would affect the satellite. Tamara so very grateful. Thank you for the details. That is a long day and I wonder if what airs is out of sequence…

  3. Paula Lee

    The girls are toouch, kenya is a hot mess, phaedra just being herself, nene is really strong blondie and blue slowly criticizing others in her own way. Porsha is young and dealing with some decietful ladies, cynthia i dont get her, she seems okay and then she changes up on you, kandis is sweet mostlymostly she same all the time.
    Wow these girls really show their personalitiez

  4. Valley Girl

    I thought that Kenya was supposed to “bring it” – if the 1st episode is any indication of how the next two installments will go then she fell woefully short of that prediction.

    Kenya might be verbose, but she doesn’t think well on her feet. Porsha rendered her speechless more than once, and Phaedra’s one liners trumped Kenya’s IMO. Round One went to Ms. Parks

    I think part 2 will be a snoozefest, but I could be wrong.

    • jb44

      I like Kenya the best. The show was so boring last year that I stopped watching. This year I was all in and it is because of Kenya. She is very entertaining. I have to admit that Porsha can be entertaining, too. One minute she seems so uneducated (265 days in a year!) and in the next she will have a good retort. How? I don’t know. I guess that’s what makes her entertaining. I am sorry Kordell turned out to be such a jerk, but the writing was really on the wall. She just couldn’t see it. I am over Kandi and her “sex toys” and Phaedra’s “southern lady” is getting old. Cynthia came into her own this year and Nene is still being true to herself.

  5. The only thing that jumped out at me was Kenya threatening a pregnant woman. REALLY??

    …and next week – I really hope Kim isn’t going to sit there and say she raised her own kids, and Kandi didn’t raise Riley. Kim is all over twitter calling Kandi a liar. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Kandi isn’t dignifying any of it.

    As much of a fan as I am of RHOA … they are losing me. Nene is on twitter saying Kandi is jealous of her ring … OMG … I seriously doubt it…and no way will I ever believe Greg Leakes can outspend Todd on ANYTHING.

    I wish they would have just shown 2 hours of the reunion, then the last hour next week. I’m going to FF’d through Kim next week….and come here and read your re-cap Tamara.

  6. I could not stop laughing throughout this entire episode. Kenya with the fan! Porsha stating facts about the first black Miss America Debbye Turner-Bell. Khandi did look jealous when Andy commented on Nene’s ring. Phaedra and Kenya’s beef seems real which is sad but makes for good reality tv. I was wondering if someone was going to pull Apollo on the carpet for flirting as well and sure enough they did. I like everyone’s outfit except for Nene, the black Betty the Boop style does not look good on her.

    • chileplease

      i haven’t watched yet, but huh? Vanessa Williams was the first black Miss America – Debbye Turner was second (if you don’t count Suzette Charles, Vanessa’s “replacement”) and Carole Gist was the first black Miss USA. are you saying that Porsha said the above? did they read her for it?

    • lilkunta

      who is debbye? porsha named carole gist. remember there is a difference btwn ms america and miss usa. miss america ( vanessa l willaims) is a scholarship program.
      miss usa (carole & kenya) is beauty contest, and has swimsuit competitions.

      i jumped on wiki and prosha was right. carole did win miss usa and is from detroit so why does kenya always name drop vanessa?

      i am surprised that porsha said that. i wonder did porsha prepare that line ?

  7. I want glitter eyeshadow. What’s a good brand?

    Nene seriously need to fire her clothing, hair and makeup decision maker. Her dress looked like it came from the Jacqueline Smith Mother-of-the-Bride collection at K-mart. I hate blue eyeshadow on anyone. But it’s especially bad for black women. On top of that she seemed to have it globed on her right eye and none on the left. And that hair? HEEEYY! I’m mean HAAAYYYY!

    • lilkunta

      @teecee i agree. i feel that if you show breast you dont show leg. if you show leg you dont show breast. as usual CYN LOOKED GREAT. She had on a long gown and a peek a book breast cut out. nene had on a vneck showing cleavage and she showed leg. BAD.

      TNN s1 has finished filming so it is time for a a new look. I know nene couldnt change her hair bc of continuity required but now she needs to b4 TNN starts filming again in august(if it is renewed).

    • RayCyst.

      Especially bad for for black women? You should have stopped a sentence earlier.

  8. Gigi

    Tamara this reunion show was ok, almost a sleeper in my book for not the banter between Kray Kray and Phaedra. Bravo should be ashamed of themselves for airing that comment Kray Kray made about hitting a pregnant woman. Kray, Kray has to talk loud and over everyone cause she knows that most folks just don’t like her. Now on to the attire. Porsha 1st reunion show she was trying to show off. Kandi, the best I’ve ever seen her (hair, dress and make up). Kray, Kray too much dress and the illusion part was just off. NeNe I know this show is in the south but must one wear their grandma’s living room curtains. No, gawd no NeNe the curtains, bronzer and hair were giving me drag queen ~ a FAIL. Cynthia, looked ok, nothing unusual for her. Phaedra personally not into the really tight fitting maternity wear but she looked ok.

  9. critter

    That fan should have ended up where the sun doesn’t shine…

    • puravidacostarica

      Which fan? One that called in or the fan in Kenya’s greasy hands? :-)

    • Susan

      critter I totally agree with you. If I had been Kandi and asked Kenya to flick that fan on the other side and she didn’t. I would have snatched it out of her hand and thrown it to the wall. I can’t stand Kenya hope they throw her out.

  10. Patricia

    I thought everyone on the right couch, i/e Kandi’s couch looked great. At least on my tv they did. While I don’t think Kenya is pretty at all, the lighting really made that dress – which lime green on my tv – look really pretty on her w/ her makeup. Kandi looked great in her dress and her hair – for the first time on a reunion – looked nice. Porsha looked pretty too. Again, none of them are pretty to me, but they looked really nice tonight. However, Nene and everyone on her couch looked terrible. Phaedra looked ok but her dress looked like meh to me. Cynthia looked like that lady from the Monsters.

    This part of the reunion seemed more like Phaedra & Porsha vs. Kenya. Watching Phaedra & Kenya, I’m reminded of how she & Kandi invited Kenya on the vacation just to spite Cynthia and grinned about it. Then, when everyone was talking about Kenya being inappropriate with Apollo, Phaedra covered it by saying she didn’t want people talking/gossiping. Phaedra was the only one that went after Kenya when she started crying in Anguilla. Now, they can’t stand one another. Hurling insults after insults at one another. Talking over one another. Kenya, threatening a pregnant woman.

    Phaedra did well standing toe to toe with Kenya tonight, unlike before where she just seems to “southern” to get down and dirty – except for her talking heads. Anyway, I liked that stupid fan. I thought it was funny and the highlight of the night. Glad to see Cynthia get called on out something that Kandi was called out on in the past, i.e being two faced and a shit starter.

    Nothing else was memorable – except Porsha calling Kenya out – and Kenya seeming irritated by Porsha. I don’t think they really need a part 2. After all, this was the lamest Atlanta reunion ever. And, do we really need to see Kim? Really, Kim? Come on Bravo, damn.

  11. lilkunta

    the reunion was BORING. part 2 or 3 BETTER ADDRESS kenya lying about cooking, owning her mansion, dating walter, being engaged.

    andy SUCKS as host.

    I was SO GLAD phaedra called out kenya on her lies. I didnt know that kenya was posting reviews of her dvd herself. stupid. if she was smart she shoulda got her family to post reviews as that would be 5 diff ppl from diff emails and ip addresses.

    lastly kenya’s comment was wrong IMO. kenya you are 5 10 so fat is dispersed on your torso. phaedra is 5′ 5’1 5’2, petite. Phaeda may have a stomach role but I dont think she is overweight. Its like how ppl annoyingly compare themselves to nicole kidman or heidi klum or even plain looking IMO giselle when talking about baby weight. nicole heidi giselle are all 5 10 so there baby had more space to grow in! plus they are rich so they had special diets and after birth they had cooks to get them back in shape quickly! the avg lady isnt 5’10 !

  12. lilkunta

    ps: kim came with papers saying she filed to trademark kash’s name in april so when did kandi tell kim about the name ?

    • Kate

      Did I just read trademark a name? That is a crazy use of time and money. How odd!

    • DJ

      She didn’t trademark the name. She formed a company called Kash Kade LLC. She was just trying to prove (not sure this proves anything) that she thought of the name before Kandi mentioned it.

  13. eg

    This reunion show was just ok in my opinon. Kenya was her ususal delusional looking and acting self…..I mean really??? When she talks its like she is rehearsing for a part and it doesn’t matter if there is anybody in the room or not cause she is her own biggest “fan”, and speaking of fans…she was over working that fan prop. Kandi shouldv’e knocked it out of her hand (accidentally of course) Thought Porsha and Cynthia looked very nice, and so did Kandi and even Phaedra. But NeNe, come on girl, somebody or something (your mirror) has been lying to you. The super platinum blond thing is passe’ on you and that blue thing was most unflattering. And I don’t think Kandi is jealous over your stupid ring, you need to get over yourself. And Kenya has those crazy looking huge eyes that have too much makeup on them, looks like Halloween in April. I know the mess that is RHOA will be continued next week when Kim (ugh) makes her appearance, I will make sure I take an antacid before watching (if I watch).

  14. sammiejane

    As to be expected Kenya, once again, let her “Cray, Cray” light shine. As for all the dresses.. My favorite was Phaedra’s. She looks amazing when pregnant and her choice of apparel es impeccable! Quite sure Miss Lawrence will have shade to throw at Phaedra (about her gown) since it appears to be his favorite past time… Other than that the Reunion was boring!

  15. sammiejane

    PS…. If I was Kandi I would have shoved that fan up Kenya’s arse!!!

  16. yup

    cynthia <— boob job?

    • lilkunta

      @yup : Cyn admitted in her 1st season that she got implants.
      are you saying or asking if she got new ones ?

      • yup

        They look bigger than in past seasons, especially in her reunion dress without a bra. She looked good though.

  17. Anastasia

    Porsha came prepared. Kenya was speechless when she brought up Carole Gist.
    Cynthia looked AMAZING.

    • jb44

      I don’t think she was speechless. I think she decided before hand to not respond to Porsha’s attacks. She did it more than once and I thought it was very effective. It really takes more control not to say anything. Kenya should have done the same with Phaedra, but then it would have been a really boring show.

      • Nicole

        Back in the old days and in the pageant world, it was a bigger deal to win ms usa because they are prettier, especially those who wants to go int tv business. Ms america is more about academic and most of the girls are not as pretty as ms usa.

      • pfffttt

        Kenya couldn’t respond. She didn’t expect Porsha to come prepared. She likes to paint Porsha as dumb, but Porsha outwitted her this entire season!

    • Billie

      Lalate news site reports that Miss Gist is half native American so perhaps some consider her not to be as AA as Kenya,IDK how that works. This site also reports Kenya as placing 6th in the Miss Universe pageant. If true that’s pretty impressive IMO.

  18. Vp

    It’s weird Phadrea used to be my favorite but she has gotten on my last nerve this season. She pretends to be too many contradictory things: lawyer, mortician, funeral director, stun gun manufacturer, prayer cloth wearer, stripper lover, penis expert, fitness instructor and now apparently a psychiatrist trying to talk about bipolar and medication.

    She’s like that person who suddenly becomes an expert in every topic that comes up. :-/

    • FarFromPerfekt

      I know, right! And the pet funerals she was going to dabble in as well even though she wouldn’t be caught ‘dead’ (pun intended) owning one herself. She’s a hot mess but I do still get a kick out of her sometimes.

      • Susan

        Phadra wants her kids to have everything and that takes bucks. She wants to do everything she can to get those bucks. Gotta give her credit though she is a hard worker and gos after what she wants. I don’t know if yall will remember the old saying “you gotta make hay while the sun shines” and Phadra does. More power to her.

      • How do you know she works hard? The two instances We have seen her be a lawyer, she sucked and seemed lazy.

    • Paloma

      Amen! I have felt the same about Phaedra all season long. Don’t care for get anymore, wouldn’t miss her if she was replaced!

  19. Cami

    Well……. The reunion started off slow for me. No one cares if Kandi is suing Kim. Why wait all this time to take legal action ? Good luck winning that case. Kenya’s voice got on my LAST damn nerve tonight. She was whining and all of her answers were very pageantry. I see they gave Porsha some reading lessons because she was giving it to Ms Kenya tonight. But the award for most reads this round goes to Phaedra. I love how she did not get loud and still got her point across. Why was Kenya so defensive if none of the accusations the ladies made about her weren’t true? A hit dog will holler.

  20. KANDI — So boring. I wish she would learn how to express herself. She just ends her sentences with “whatever” and can’t clearly explain her thoughts. She’s so inarticulate. The makeup and fashion were both fails. The long fake hair, pink lips and fake eyelashes didn’t help her at all. She’s very manly and her attempts to be fake femme are just disturbing. The deep voice and mean mug faces ruin the look anyway. Someone tell her not to twist her face up when the camera is panning the room. She and Phaedra just don’t know how to look elegant.

    Anyway, I saw her smirking when Porsha and Phaedra got their jabs in at Kenya. She is not Kenya’s friend and Kenya needs to realize this and treat Kandi accordingly. Why was Kandi jumping into the conflict with Phaedra and Kenya? Was not her bizness. Her lust for Phaedra is very transperant. Those two short twisted faced people belong together.

    PORSHA– Why did no one correct Porsha about how Kenya presented her title? She never said she was the first MIss USA. I remember Carol Gist and I would have remembered if KEnya claimed to be first. I think I’ve heard her talk about being among the firsts. Cynthia and Andy were nodding like Porsha made a point.

    First Porsha degrades all Miss USAs by saying they just pose in swimsuits and don’t have to have talent– then she tries to bigup Gist??? Um, you just disparaged her so shut up.

    I don’t think it was true that Kenya was jealous when meeting Porsha. Porsha needs to remember she invited Kenya to a business lunch and then tried to get uncomfortably personable. That’s why Kenya was irritated by her marriage and children questions. I did think Porsha succeeded in making Kenya look bad, unfortunately. But we all know about the divorce…. so these little “jealous of my marriage” comments will come back to haunt her.

    KENYA – Kenya’s tactic of ignoring Porsha didn’t work. She should have explained that she didn’t say she was the 1st Miss USA. Same thing with Phaedra … explain what cosmetic work you got done. WE all saw you in the 1990s before surgery and you were still fine as hell so you didn’t need surgery. Why let people think you got butt injections and new boobs if you didn’t ? I think Kenya is stunning and she let Phaedra dim her shine. I felt she was getting punked left and right and no one came to her defense — even her buddy Andy sided with others. WTF?

    The fan was great. The “don’t come for me line” played better in commercials and fell flat on the show. She and Cynthia looked the best on stage.

    • Brillke

      Kenya, is that you? :)

    • Until last night, I honestly thought Kenya was the first Black Miss USA. I’m pretty sure she said that.

      • Nope. She didn’t. Her assistant Brandon even posted a clip on Twitter last night contradicting that.

      • DJ

        I could swear that she said more than once that she was the first black Miss USA. If she wasn’t the first, why did she keep claiming that she made history? What’s so special about being number two?

      • No. She has said it.

      • cns

        Well I remember the clip when it first aired and she said she most popularly known as the 2nd Black Miss USA. She did not say 1st she said 2nd. By not addressing it she made Porsha look even dumber than she usually is. How are you going to check someone with wiki notes when the person has already confirmed that they were not the 1st? People need to learn how to listen and use their reasoning and cognitive skills. LOL. If Kenya had said she was the 1st black Miss USA the bloggers would have dragged her through the mud months ago. Kenya along with ALL the other HW’s has enough negative tracts so I don’t see why anyone would call her a liar when it’s documenting on video watch she actually said. That is why Kandi and Phaedra were giving Porsha the side-eye when she went on her useless rant. This is the true reason why her husband is divorcing her. She is an embarrassment to him and her family legacy.

      • kasha

        Teecee because whether she said it specifically or not, it was always implied BY HER. Always throwing around that she made history and comparing herself to Obama. The FIRST black woman crowned is history making, just shows how delustional she is. I too thought she was the first the way she spoke so highly of herself. Did care enough about her or that title to research. I hate Andy put her in the so called coveted seat next to him. I do not want to see her ever again. Errrr!

      • Katrina

        Kenya did not say that she was the forst black Miss USA. Kenya corrected Porsha about being Miss USA versus Miss America. Back then, there were not a lot of black people to win those competitions. It’s not delusional, it is a fact.

    • CurlyPeach

      Were you watching the same show? Kenya was not the best dressed on the show. The winner of that title would be Cynthia. The runner up was Kandi. Everyone else paled in comparison to these two. I saw a photo of all of them standing with Andy and I was disappointed in the dress Kenya had on. I was also disappointed in the fashion of Nene. Nene’s stylist needed to be fired for dressing her like that.

      • RealitySux

        I agree. I thought Kenya’s dress and Nene’s dress, in that photo looked like maternity gowns.

    • Yeah, ok

      Kenya is beatiful point blank period and she has the title to prove it. Cynthia is beautiful too. All the other women except Nene are threatened by these gorgeous women. Thats why they gang up on Kenya and ignore Cynthia. Phaedra is very unattractive. She has no neck and she is short with stubby legs, arms and torso. She has that gap in her teeth and hairline needs some prayer oil. Porsha looks like Arsenio Hall. She piles up the makeup and fake hair to deflect that she is just the average (Mr. Ed) looking chic that you would see at the mall. Kenya is crazy, so are alot of beatiful women but that doesnt negate the fact that they are attractive.

      • kasha

        Please honey, no one is threatened by Kenya’s looks. They STOPPED liking Kenya because she turned out to be crazy and shady AND she did not sort of ‘fall in line’ with them going against Nene and Cyn. Phaedra and Kandi liked her at first. Remember their glee at how she threw shade at Cyn in the beginning. They even showed the clip of Phae saying how much she liked Cray Cray. It was not until she did not hate Nene, Booty vs Stallion and she started flirting with their men (Apollo-and best believe I wld have a problem with you flirting with my husband too) that K and Phae turned on her. In my opinion justifiable so. I hate when people say because of someone’s looks they are jealous or threatened by them. Shows your insecurity that that is all you have to be jealous of…….

      • The title she won 20 years ago?! HAHAHA.

      • Susan

        Hi Tamara I watched the video of Kim Z singing the ring didn’t mean a thing and oh my gosh!!!!!! In many cases she sounds tone impaired but that was something els. Kim said she didn’t need any help doing her song because she was a singer. Well honey somebody is deaf and it isn’t me. That woman can’t hold a tune in a barrell. If it wasn’t for autotune they would have laugher her off the planet. Now I understand why she sings with a track. The track drowns out her real voice. You would think she would be embarrased and try to get voice lessons, but she thinks she knows more than the teachers. Why do all these women or a lot of them think because they are on a reality show they can sing? They can’t and for that matter they can’t act either. It all gos right to their heads. One day hopefully they will all come down to earth.I really wonder though.

      • DJ

        Voice lessons wouldn’t help her. There’s an old expression, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

    • Asia Smith

      Kandi has had some work done on her face. Has anyone else noticed? Also, everyone looked gone with the wind horrible except Cynthia.

    • pfffttt

      Kenya go on somewhere and find a real boyfriend not a fake one!

  21. CYNTHIA — Didn’t have to speak much. She gave great face and boobs and thus commanded the room.

    NENE — Completely irrelevant tonight.

    PHAEDRA — You can tell Phaedra deeply hates Kenya. The Apollo-Kenya interaction totally got to her. That’s why she pulled Kenya close in the beginning; she tried to neutralize the enemy. But that plan blew up. Tonite, Phaedra downplayed how treacherous she was with Kenya and Kenya didn’t have the words to set the record straight. Phaedra took things that were told to her in confidence as a friend during vulnerable moments and flung that at Kenya for laughs after the friendship broke up. That was slimy, but since Phaedra looks like a slug I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I don’t know why Phaedra questioned if Kenya was a “doctor” and able to talk about her fat rolls and BMI. Phaedra “not a psychiatrist” Parks felt competent to offer medical diagnosis of Kenya’s “bipolar” disorder and “chemical imbalance.”

    Why did Andy lie and say she looked great? Better yet, why did the caller say she had great hair??? Phaedra’s hair always looks like an old grandma hairtstyle from the 1980s. Bragging that she hasn’t changed it since high school was sad. All her hair?? Wasn’t that a hairpiece on her head tonite? I hope so because it looked ratchet. She looked bad from top to bottom. Honestly at one point it looked like she had no neck. The hair was so severely pulled back and the makeup, especially the lips … just terrible. She looked so bad — and had the nerves to talk about someone not being a “lady.” There was nothing elegant or ladylike about the stuffed sausage known as MS. Parks.. (She and Kandi must have had the same incompetent stylists).

    ANDY — OK. Andy pissed me off tonite. When did he leave team Kenya and jump to team Phae-Phae and Team Porsha? He really thinks Kenya’s video didn’t outsell Phaedra’s? ?? I have seen newspaper reviews to that effect and clearly Kenya’s video was more professional. Phaedra’s video is a joke — a point the show underscored with their editing; Maybe Andy felt guilty that Bravo made PHaedra look like a fool on the show. Maybe he’s still trying to get her to bring Bobby Brown to WWHL? I can’t explain why he kept jumping to Phaedra’s defense over Kenya. AND NO PHAEDRA WAS NOT RELEVANT BEFORE KENYA. She was tolerated. No one needs to see her funeral fetish, southern parties and spoiling of baby Aden. Phaedra was phony, CORNY, boring and annoying. Now, at least with Kenya she is a good comedic punching bag. Andy really needs to learn to be neutral. Listen to Bethenny: Kenya saved your show. Show her some respect.

    • kasha

      When was Andy Team Kenya? Did I miss something?

    • Katrina

      Andy is trying to support Phaedra because she is pregnant. Kenya can take care of herself. It is obvious that the Kenya and Phaedra fight is personal and it has nothing to do with a fitness video!

    • Brillke

      You ask when did Andy leave Team Kenya, not sure he was ever on her team, then say he needs to remain neutral? Oh Kenya, you so crazy!

    • Brewhaha

      Andy has never been Team Kenya. He has always allowed her to use these platforms, RHOA and WWHL, to make a fool of herself and he has enjoyed every bit of it. He recognizes that crazy = ratings.

    • Jaded

      Seems to synthiarose that you can justify to yourself, any and all of Kenya’s behaviour, but tell me how it is ok to physically threaten anyone, let alone a heavily pregnant woman?

      • Katrina

        It is inappropriate for her to say, but it is only words. Kenya didn’t physically touch her. Teresa G. of RHONJ slammed Andy down one season. This is not the first time Kenya has threatenedsomeone. She has been doing it all season. Why is it so shocking now?

      • Jaded

        Actually Katrina, I addressed that question to synthiarose for a reason. She seems able to justify Kenya’s behaviour in any situation so I was interested to see how she would do so with what I consider to be indefensible behaviour.

        I did not express surprise with Kenya’s behaviour, and in fact I think it is par for the course. Unlike you however, I think words have power and there are some that I would not use in any situation ever, because of their impact and how it affects society as a whole.

        Finally the fact that someone else has done something inappropriate or wrong, is in no way justification for another to behave in that manner.

  22. Brillke

    I LOVED the reunion! I laughed so damn hard while watching Kenya getting her ass handed to her over and over again. Threatening Phaedra with bodily harm and then telling her to shut up really showed how mature Kenya is. I love how everybody kept laughing at Kenya’s ridiculous. How that bitch is gonna get work after this is beyond me.

  23. CurlyPeach

    Tamara, this reunion was ok. Like you I could have done without all the Kenya and Phaedra back and forth. It was getting old. My question is what is going on with Phaedra and Nene on Part 2? Did I miss something this season? They seemed to be getting along during this season. Maybe tolerating each other. I don’t know. I really could care less about Kim but I can’t believe that she is implying that Kandi didn’t raise her daughter Riley. Kim is the one with the housekeeper and Nanny and Sweetie to deal with all the children. Its not like she is doing it on her own.

    Hopefully Part 2 will be better.

  24. DJ

    OMG. I just listened to that clip of Kim “singing” The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing, and I think it punctured both of my eardrums. Every dog in the neighborhood is howling in pain.

  25. Leah C

    I have to ask why RHOA gets a 3 part reunion and Bevery Hills only had a 2 part. I would much rather have watched another hour of of the BH crazies than these women.

    • Lil Tex

      If Adrienne would have shown up, it probably would have been 3 parts also.

      • Katrina

        I agree, if Adrianne had showed up, it would have been a totally different reunion. Last year the reunion was 3 parts. There was so many things they could not talk about, due to the potential lawsuit?

    • Brewhaha

      RHOA is the highest rated of the franchise.

  26. IrishMama

    Kenya is a hot mess. Literally. Is she going through the “big change”? She was constantly fanning herself, and at one point was seen blotting the sweat from her forehead..

  27. RahRah

    RahRah is so disappointed no one took Kenya’s fan and stuck it up her dang nose.

  28. I'm the genius here

    Was Phaedra coming for Ms. TamaraTattles when she encouraged Kenya to get the facts about the workout video from somewhere other than an urban blog? Hmmmm.

    • I caught that. Even if it wasn’t to s**t on Tamara specifically, it was a very clear illustration on how she obviously feels about the viability of bloggers. It’s a shame, because there are a lot of educated bloggers out here who are excellent writers and using their talents in this medium as a damned relevant media platform. I didn’t like that comment any more than I liked Nene’s last season comment about attending one of Kandi’s parties that invited “Twitter People”.

    • This is not…um…an urban blog. Not that I know of anyway.

      • RealitySux

        LOL..this isn’t. She is referring to Straight From The A, Bossip, Necole Bitchie and tons of other…ahem…urban blogs…and I love em’ all…Tamara too. :)

    • Lil Tex

      I am sure she was referring to straightfromthea and maybe funkydineva… I think Kenya even threatened to sue dineva..

    • Sigh, None of us (Tamaratattles, straightfromthea, and funkydineva ) have ever ran a story claiming that Kenya is outselling Phaedra. SFTA in fact ran a story that says the opposite. Phaedra likes us. It was Bossip and S2S and people that Kenya contacted that ran the story about Kenya outselling Phaedra.

      • RealitySux

        AHHHH…figures. I read STFA and yours…then I go to Bossip and Necoloe Bitchie…I never go to Sandra ROse and some others….and never to Media Takeout, as they steal everything.

      • pfffttt

        Sandra Rose is homophobic freak that lives in the stone ages. OH and she is also very ugly.

      • I'm the genius here

        No, but you did mention the whole who is outselling who on amazon bit. In the words of Cynthia Bailey, “It’s not really that deep”. I considered it more of a shout out (to urban blogs–which apparently this isn’t; thank you–than anything. Any press…

      • I'm the genius here

        Let me correct this before TeeCee66 wakes up: …who is outselling whom…

  29. Eve

    I liked when Phaedra pointed out Kenyas fake house, along with the rest of her fake stuff. It looks just like Nene’s fake house. Bravo gave them each $100.00 to go to Home Goods for a few cheap knick-knacks.
    Kenya looks like KFC, very greasy.
    Oh, and Andy looked high.

  30. Serena Dynasty The Retarded

    Honey, I’m bout to read! Ms. Kenya is as dumb as she claims Porscha to be. She eats her own words sooi much, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shits Alphabet soup. Now, yesterday she basically said Ms. America is a low-busget Ms. USA …but Earlier this season, she said Vanessa Williams paved the way for her…that would mean she followed in the footsteps of low-budget as Vanessa was the 1st Ms. America. Kenya should have asked for a brain when Nene got them horse teeth she got fron the Wizard

    • soccermop59

      Good for you for pointing that out, I hope the back lash for that comment comes back to haunt her. This woman is just sad. The reason Ms. Williams is so successful is because she had talent, she could sing, she could act….loved her first album back in the day and she had class. I have yet to see Kenya even come close to her success and to call Vanessa a friend and mentor…and then trash her title??? Kenya, Kenya, Kenya…child you need help so bad.

  31. stephey

    If you stuck a rod through the back of Kenya’s dress she would look just like that pretty on the outside cartoon Tamara has shown a few times, terrible.

    NeNe’s head looked like someone drizzled vanilla cake batter over it, she had a pretty weave or something 1st season.

    Trying to determine the engineering miracle that seems to be holding up Kim’s boobs in that dress with no back sides and only part of the front ….will have to wait until next week for further investigation.

    Kenya threatening to beat up a pregnant woman…or any woman for that matter….gross!

  32. Watching WW hot topics where she gives props to Porsha for calling out Kenya on her making history comments. Kenya ALWAYS said she made history being the first black Miss USA. It was all over the web when she first started saying it. Google it! And she likened herself to Vanessa Williams of Miss USA never mentioning her predecessor from HER HOMETOWN who won just three years prior….

  33. gunsmoke4life

    Can someone pls pls amswer me does Nene own a house or car . !! who buy a 15 karat ring and doesnt own a home that doesnt make any sense these women are foolish. Kandi is the only one that is smart when it come to her money

    • I don’t think the ring is anywhere near 15karats nor do I believe it’s a real stone. If it is real (and not 15k) I suspect the ring is a loaner from a jeweler. It could also be fake and a loaner from one of the shows she works on.

      • soccermop59

        Here here….First off, Greg can not afford a 200grand ring on his best day…he once said, he had to borrow money just to get NeNe to jump off with the ATL housewives move…and he was working then. I agree, its either fake, a loaner or or if real, she paid for it…all to up one on Khandi and Kim…NeNe Leakes is always trying to out do the girls….with 2 kids, a grand baby and hubby that don’t work, you’d think she’d be more careful with her money.

      • Katrina

        Why do you think Nene is competing with Kandi? Todd bought Kandi’s ring and he could have easily bought her something different if he wanted too. AJ bought Kandi a very nice ring too.
        Where is $200k coming from?

    • Hood rich!! Nene has no clue on how to invest her new ‘fortune’ she think she the Jones.

    • Katrina

      Yes Kandi is really good with her money. I’m sure that is largely due to Ms Joyce. I hope Todd turns out to be a good man for Kandi.
      There are lots of people that do not own homes. Some people don’t like the burden of a mortgage. Peole lease cars the same way, because they like the most current car. I also know people who have owned homes and lost them. Different strokes for different folks.

      • soccermop59

        ….and I would bet those same people aren’t out buying 200,000 dollar engagment rings to a guy you were once married too, who dresses like a Walmart worker!!

  34. pfffttt

    Porsha is great. She is beautiful. Has a fun personality. Never backs down and she handed Kenya her ass last night. Out of all the Housewives, I think Porsha is the most real.

    I hope she finds a great man better than Kordell. She deserves it.

    • soccermop59

      I so agree with you. I like Porsha, but she needs to grow up just a bit more for my taste. I still never got the career she was always talking about?? Did I miss something? Showing up and passing out food to the hungry or dressing up to raise money for her foundation does not make for a career. What makes a career in her case is managing it, which from what I understand, it has others in charge of all that…so what career is she speaking about? and Lord, I pray its not singing!!

      But I like her and I wish her the best.

  35. I’m up to here with the pete, pete, and repeat of Kenya vs Phaedra, vs Porscha, vs everybody and anybody that RHOA has become. YUCK. It felt so good to skip the hateful repetitive banter and immerse myself in the XX chromes of (seriously cray, cray) Mad Men.

  36. Pinky

    Agree with just about everyone. Kenya lies on Nat’l tv about her being the 1st MissUSA! She also lies about Amazon comments – they were removed. Also The rest looked really nice except for NeNe. Instead of buying a home and securing a college fund for her son – she just has to have a big diamond ring – whatever. Notice she never wears the rolex her pretend bf from last season got her. And I haven’t read or heard a thing about their investment – a rest/bar with him either. NeNe’s show may have been renewed – but – I don’t think she’s rich and I don’t think she makes a huge fortune of that show. She needs to get a new wig and start saving some money, invest it – something sensible. She is just so annoying anymore.

    • RealitySux

      That is why I am always amazed Nene has the nerve to say Kandi is JEALOUS OF HER!!! Last night Nene was tweeting how Kandi is jealous of her ring.. Yeah right…like Greg can afford more than Todd??? Kandi chose a ring, I’m sure, she knew Todd could afford – and one she genuinely liked. Kandi’s money is in the bank, secure for Riley.

      Meanwhile, Nene has a supposed 15 carat ring…but no home…no investments..and that is fine and well if that is that she wants to do – put it all on her back..but please, I will never believe Kandi “I’m Cheap and Love to Save My Money” Burruss is jealous of Nene.

      • Lori

        Nene is the perfect example of “a fool and her money”. Guaranteed her show will be canceled soon, and I truly think RHOA is on it’s way out, or at least this crew. I have a feeling that there may be another “divorce” (aka bankruptcy) in Nene and Greg’s future.

      • Katrina

        We all have to live by the choices we make. Foolishness is epidemic. Nene and Kandi are total opposites and they don’t know each other. The only think they have in common is work ethic. Kandi thinks everything through, debates it, etc. Nene is a risk taker, she is willing to try risky things.

      • soccermop59

        I agree….I think it is insane on her part to put all her eggs into this acting thing….especially being a woman of color. If she is wise, she’ll use that money wisely and save it. This engagement ring thing was a joke, why is she trying her best to up KIM? Everything she does is in competition with white Kim…I have never seen anyone so worshiping of her white former friend than NeNe, its really sad. Bragging about a oversized, over priced ring that neither of you could afford is just silly…Khandi is successful for many reasons, she spends wisely, she invests and she knows a good deal when she sees it. How many former black entertainers are still around with a bank account, especially from the bling era of the 90’s?

      • NeNe should look at the fact that Kenya had to come on the show to be relevant again. And a lot of BIG name actors and actresses are not getting parts right now or not working. She should have been putting her money in the bank. She threw shade at Kandi 7,500.00 ring when the ladies took the trip to LV. This is the main reason I don’t like NeNe . She is just tooooo materialistic for me. And still living in a rental. Honey with the way the market is for the price of that ring she could have easily purchased a 400,000 home for 200,000. Kandi PAID 400,000 CASH for a million dollar home. It’s called priorities.

      • NeNe also tweeted about someone always claiming to be rich. I tweeted back and told her she should know she is always saying she rich but she was referencing Kandi last night. She really want to be the rich one but she is not she is the foolish one with her money. A 15 carat ring don’t mean your man loves you more for NeNe it means she lives above her means. Kandi tweeted back and said she is not JEALOUS of the women on the show and she can buy anything she want that the girls may have if she wanted it #FACT

    • soccermop59

      I agree with everything you said…..I also think it was very dumb to rent this over priced home in Beverly hills when she could have stayed at a hotel for the duration of the show or elsewhere. Just because we can afford it, doesn’t always make it right, ladies. Sheree went over her head, Lisa went over her head, Porsha went over her head and look what’s happening with her. Oodle noodles on the menu soon.

  37. Kenya must be going through the change with that fan, and trying to be fashionable about it.

    • soccermop59

      Can I tell ya some facts….irrational and wierd behavior are symptoms of menopause. Your hormones make you crazy…I was there in my mid 40’s and I thought I would loose my mind. Kenya clearly is going through post menopausal symptoms….and the fan proved it.

  38. PJ

    Oh my God, that fan, makes me want to believe that Miss K is having hot flashes. Can you say Menopausal Syndrome? I only can say that as I carry mine around when I feel a power surge coming on.

  39. gunsmoke4life

    yes a i though the same thing she in her 40’s when those flashes come they come
    she will be sweatin like a fool lol

  40. soccermop59

    I don’t get the NeNe and Khandi feud at all. Both acted like friends all season and now there’s an issue? I can only sum it up as jealousy on NeNe’s part of Khandi’s growing success. What ever you do NeNe please don’t make this woman cry on national tv…again…so sick of her tears

    I hated what Fakedra was wearing, she looked like a pregnant monk and to claim she wears her own hair, when even Her own husband on the bus waiting on the women to finish their talk, talked about her “asking where is her hair glue” outed her on national tv…two snaps for Mr. A.

    Poor Porsha, haven’t a clue at the time what was in store for her…all I could do was just feel real bad for this girl…but she was so on target with Kenya…the girl was so jealous of her all season and it showed. Own it Kenya.

    NeNe, child if you think your this jet setting diva…I feel for you. Please save the ring drama that you paid for, because Greg don’t work and if he does, YOU STILL PAID FOR IT….please stop trying to be Kim…please move on, blonde, please. You worship Kim and you know it.

    I’m gonna love the fact Mr. A was creeping on Mrs. A with Kenya….gonna love love love Kenya taking it to the gutter….I don’t like Fakedra and the fact her man is a cheat…this clean man she wanted, is the icing on the cake for me.

    Finally, Kenya…child, just because you get loud and shout down the truth, doesn’t mean we didn’t hear it….please get some help, you need it.

  41. Where did this 200K figure come from?

    • RealitySux

      Tamara, are they filming already for RHOA Season 6??

      • Not that I know of no, I imagine they will film Phaedra very soon… it’s nearly time for her to pop. Plus there are some minor issues that they can build up around it.

      • Katrina

        Maybe there taping will be pushed back since NY and NJ taping was being delayed. They used to start taping in March/April time frame. Phaedra said she was about 8 months pregnant at the reunion, but she flew to New York for upfronts? Maybe I heard her wrong.

  42. You didn’t hear her wrong. I could not believe she went to NYC at all. She is sort of dodgy with the due date so I wouldn’t put too much on when she says she is due… AGAIN. But I do know she needs to be home on bedrest.

  43. pfffttt

    nene’s ring is a fake…

  44. Brenda Jones

    it is so sad how everyone is so jealous of kenya and i mean everyone. When nene stayed in poor kims face ready to fight all the time nobody put her down and called her cray, it was nothing but jealously she had for kim. The whole cast member is so jealous of that poor women even cynthia who pretended to be her friend she and kandi and nene all of them are always throwing those jealous side eyed looks its really sickening. meaning at kenya. I know clearly to well what its all about typical black people jealous of each other kenya is very pretty nice body and she got her own hair jealously black people hate you for that. all of the ladies on the show have been into some altercation and defended themselves their not called crazy and picked on. II tell you its just plain jealously. It is so sad nene a jealous person of kenya to nene really think she is fine with her taupe wearing self she is so ugly she looks like a he she. And by the way kenya look just as good as Beyonce they do look alike so what go head kenya beyonce gave you your props those hefers couldnt stand that. And by the way Andy always seem rude to kenya who cares he probably wish he was her he makes me sick to. Kenya i can relate to all your problems i know how our people do i will say it again its so sad i’ve been through the same thing keep your head up kenya love you

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