Kim’s Blog Where She Discusses “The Pillow”

RHOBHKIMIummmKim has a belated  blog post about the RHOBH reunion. It’s um… well. I am not even going to try to comment on it. I will leave that to you guys. I am including the two most interesting parts. First, she tries to defend the shit stained pillow. Speaking of the pillow, the original Kim’s pillow twitter got removed! And then, she has a lot to say to Yolanda. Yolanda, who actually made much more of an effort to befriend her in Paris than anyone else, seems to be the target of her wrath and the only one she is not still friendly with. Take a read and tell me what you think…

With regards to Brandi. . .Brandi baffles me.  I really don’t know why she jumped in on my conversation with Yolanda.  Yolanda and I were having a discussion that had absolutely nothing to do with her!  The next thing I know she’s talking about my pillow — which was really quite mean! When I asked Brandy why, she said she was protecting her friend! 

RHOBHkimoopsgifThe thing that really confuses me, is she said how I was her friend, and I do believe I am!  So WHY!?!  Why be so mean? I guess I don’t fully understand her — like when she said my sister secretly doesn’t want me to make it! I know in my heart Brandi doesn’t want that for me, and she knows my sister doesn’t want that for me!  So WHY?  Only Brandi knows! Although, we  have these “Brandi” things, I still like Brandi even though she said my pillow smelled like s—!  Here’s the thing, regardless of what Brandi said.. It’s my pillow, so if I want to s— on my pillow, or wipe my a– on my pillow, it’s still my pillow! I can do whatever I want with it!  What’s really SCARY is that Brandi SNIFFED my dirty pillow! It had been dragged all over Europe, so no telling what was on that damn thing!!! So GROSS!

RHOBHyolandaIn regards to Yolanda, I guess my biggest issue is with her is just not telling the truth.  Sure the girls and I have had our share of disagreements, and in those moments, people have blurted out untrue statements! But they’ve always been in the middle of a very heated argument!  Sometimes they have been hard to forgive! But due the nature of the arguments, and the history of the girls, we have been able to put them behind us and move forward! 

But with Yolanda, she creates these unnecessary lies at the expense of others!  That raises a big red flag for me! I’ve seen people lie to make themselves look better, or to cover for their family, but this is for no apparent reason! It really bothers me that Yolanda has gone this route.  When Andy asked her about when she called out Taylor, she said she doesn’t even remember saying that, and that she was very sick in her disease and she doesn’t even remember saying those words!  She wouldn’t even take responsibility!  How about “I’m sorry” or “That was wrong”!?  Or when she was asked about the master cleanse, why not just say she lied?  Or when Andy asked her about the worker at her home who didn’t speak English, why did she call him out in front of everyone and on camera?  Her excuse is because of her culture and where she’s from.  Instead of saying “Yes, that was insensitive” or “Maybe not everybody had access to the schools I did,” she backtracks to these excuses rather than just apologizing.  It doesn’t make you a bad person to say you made a mistake, it just makes you human! I’m an alcoholic in recovery! I try to take responsibility for my actions whenever I can.  When things come up that I did or said back when I was drinking, I try to own it.  I have apologized for them, and I am still apologizing for them today!

I appreciated the friendship that I thought I had with Yolanda at the beginning, but I guess that was only one side of the person that she is! I recently heard that Yolanda insinuated that Kyle and I are desperate to get camera time!  My sisters and I have grown up in front of the camera, so we are hardly desperate for that.  We’re not the ones leaving a treatment center to attend a reunion show.

On a happier note, I just saw Taylor and her boyfriend the other day and they both look great. I have a good friendship with her today, and I wish Taylor and her family nothing but wonderful and great things!!

To sum it up, I HAD A GREAT YEAR! My sister and I are all good. Lisa and me? Wonderful! Taylor, Brandi, and I? Super! And Yolanda? Well, I don’t think we are meant to be anything more than acquaintances.  But all is good.  It’s been an amazing season and I’ve learned so much.  Thank you so much for growing with me, and for all your incredible support.  Thank you for being with me on this amazing journey and being a part of it with me!

Ummmm thoughts….?




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59 responses to “Kim’s Blog Where She Discusses “The Pillow”

  1. socalsun

    No comment.

  2. jarlath

    I’ve dragged quite a few things across Europe many a time and never once had shit on them. I don’t understand the logic, then again Kim is not friends with the single person who truly reached out to her …

  3. MaggieG

    I’m missing something. Kim’s explanations for much of her poor behavior was her illness but somehow Yolanda’s illness doesn’t warrant equal consideration.

    As for “…We’re not the ones leaving a treatment center to attend a reunion show…” I thought that shortly after leaving rehab Kim filmed a one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen as an addition to the reunion. Perhaps Kim is saying that Yolanda left before completing her treatment?

    I suspect that Kim’s long battle with alcohol & prescription drugs has deteriorated her brain functions. Or denial is a family trait.

    • You’re right, last year Kim did her one on one with Andy either the day of or day after she got out of rehab. I dislike that Kim is implying that Yolanda’s “treatment center” stay is for anything other than an illness. Kim’s the addict, not Yolanda. Me thinks she needs to go back to working on herself and her steps, she’s missed a few important ones.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Ok, who is Kim’s ghostwriter, because they’re really better than Teresa’s. Kim can’t even form a coherent sentence, so I highly doubt she’s written one of these well written blogs.

  5. Undine

    Um did she just defend her shit stained pillow? Damn, Andy needs to let Kim go and not invite her back. She needs to work on her sobriety in private, she is not any shape to be on a reality show. Unfortunately, That Bitch Kyle seems to be the one behind Kim remaining on the show, much to Kim’s detriment.

  6. Mel

    Kim did the same thing with Brandi last season. She tries to deflect from her own poor behavior by pointing the finger at someone else being “mean”. Even if she’s sober, she still acts like an addict with her “nothing is ever my fault and I’m not responsible for what I do or say” behavior.

  7. KAM

    Kim will never be accountable for herself. Or her sh–stained pillow.

    • Elizabeth Taylor

      When I first heard about the poop pillow, I thought maybe her dog pooped on it. One of my dogs is really sick and he pooped on a pillow of mine. Not kidding. Unlike Kim, I threw the pillow away…

  8. “It had been dragged all over Europe, so no telling what was on that damn thing!!! So GROSS!” And….um….you will still put your damaged head on it? Dear god. Throw it out.

    Other than that, I agree with Kim. She is taking responsibility. So I don’t know why anyone would say she is not.

    Again, I also think Yolanda is a pathological liar. She’s just SUPER good at it. Very cool. When she said she built her refrigerator without blinking? And no one ever questioned that? I thought “she’s so used to lying that it’s second nature”.

    As far as Kim saying that Brandi interrupted Kim and Yolanda for a petty no sequitur jab, it’s true. And when you compare Adrienne interrupting Brandi’s interrogation of Kim and the subsequent STFU, things seem to work fine for Brandi when she does the bad. Because…you know… She’s um…real. Real trash.

    • Vp

      I don’t think anyone thought she literally built it, lol. Nor was that intended.

    • Shari L Neroda

      Yolanda designed AND built her refrigerator, from scratch, while speaking English at the same time ….. I guess being Dutch explains a lot of things. She’s allowed to have memory problems, and then jokes about Kim. I think that her main function, on the show, is to announce to the world, what celebrity “HER KING” husband is working with at the moment. Plus, to buy Brandi shoes in Paris (of course, it was a “surprise” gift at dinner).

      WHY is Brandi a “housewife”, anyway?!

    • anniebannanie

      You’ve taken Yolanda’s comment on her refrigerator out of context. It is obvious to anyone, except perhaps a nitpicker, that she designed it all, not literally built it. She is a wonderful addition to the show. Reasonable. Intelligent – and NOT a backstabber.

      • She talked shit behind Lisa’s back and then denied it. That’s backstabbing.

      • How do you know she talked shit about Lisa behind her back? Because Kyle and Kim said so? Seriously they may be telling the truth but I can’t see why we would ever believe them without proof! I seriously don’t see why anyone would say something as a fact when it has yet to be proven. I guess if your only trying to prove a point and that’s all you have then one would sate this as a fact, proof or no proof. However that does not make it true!

  9. pfffttt

    Kim had crap on her pillow? She is so disgusting. Why not throw it away? There is something wrong with her. I previously thought that she was just quirky, but she really is crazy. One of the most insane housewives since Kelly Bensimon.

    • Sayub

      I’ll agree that Kim is off & the poop on her pillow is well . . . I have no words. But to compare her to Kelly Bensimon — That woman was/is a crazed lunatic.

      • Lori

        OMG, Kim is totally as nuts as kelly was, especially if she was so called sober as she claims (although I think not). She would really do herself a favor if she was using drugs and just say so. At least then there would be a reason for things like shit stained pillows and the like. But she was sober, right? So once again, I totally think she is as crazy as kelly, just different crazy.

  10. Buttercream

    Kim, Kim Kimmey … Should be thanking Yolanda for helping her through the airport with her poopy stained pillow and instead makes and arse out of herself and her blog tying to point the finger to Yolo and Brandi. Truth is, Dim-Kim issues are with her sister who was sitting across from her and at one point next to her during the reunion. Shaking my head back and forth as I have not words but to tell her to stay away from the cameras and head in to family therapy with her sister by her side …

  11. Hello All~ This is my first post~ This poor, poor woman needs help! I understand that Housewives is a major income source for her, but, if her “loving” family continue to allow these “rants” to go on so Kim can pay her bills, well, shame on them all.

  12. Eve

    I question anyone who goes on one of these shows, so i wouldnt trust much of what any one of them says.
    As for Kim, maybe she isnt drinking, but she is definitely abusing drugs now , or always had.
    I have a feeling she will be Bravo’s next casualty. Then Andy will get another bonus !

  13. So according to Kim, in the heat of an argument is when untruths are said. Interesting. I always thought the heat of an argument is one of the rare times (with certain people) that the truth comes out.

  14. Pinky

    What normal, sane, SOBER person keeps a shit stained pillow and/or takes it from Europe to the states? That, alone, is enough for me to say, “Kyle, stop the crap and do the right thing…..get your sister off of tv. She is deteriorating before everyone’s eyes and no family member is doing a damn thing about it!” Kyle is a selfish, ugly bitch and this only proves that what Brandi said rings some truth.

    • Susan

      I’m not sure this is the right blog for this or not, but – Kim keeps saying Brandi said terrible things about her at the so called game night. If I remember correctly when Brandi ( the newby at the time) walked in Kim and Kyle snickered and whispered to each other about her ankle and crutches. Brandi could hear all of it and called them on it. Of course the sisters denyed it and jumped into Brandi’s face. It escalated from there. So when Kim keeps blaming Brandi for what she said so long ago, it really was Kim and Kyle that started it. Kim and Kyle acted like 5 year olds at that party. When Brandi told it how she saw it they didn’t like it at all. Kim is still acting like there is a BIG problem, but like some one else said after so many years of abuse with alchol and drugs it does burn out the brain. Kim seem to latch on to an idea she gets in her head and can’t let go, and from what I have seen the ideas are wrong and she will not admit it. Now it’s Yolada. She (Kim) seems to have to fight with someone. Just drop it and get on with your life and throw that damn pillow in the trash where it should have gone to begin with. Also I know Kim and Kyle were in front of cameras as children and young adults but I haven’t seen much as adults. Maybe one or two times but not so much as adults EXCEPT for the Bravo HWOBH show.. So Yea they do want camera time – very much!!! Just my opinion and everybody has one I know, so this is mine. Yall have a great one.

  15. jakies mom

    The whole blog is a revisionist version of what happened.

    She went to one city.and stayed in one hotel for 5 days, hardly dragged all over Europe. Besides wondering why she needs her pillow and why it was stained, Paris has laundry facilities, the hotel has a laundry service or she could have just thrown the pillowcase away. I think she was much more screwed up that week than Bravo showed on TV and this was Brandi’s way of showing how bad she was.

    Her relationship with her sister is as dysfunctional today as it was then, based on what we see hardly what she tried to spin on the blog.

    She wasn’t lucid in Paris so her account of anything that happened that trip is suspect since she lacks credibility and she didn’t even remember she left Lisa and Ken at lunchtime and her talking head was, well…bizarre.

    She makes it seem like Yolanda left rehab when in fact she only left a holistic treatment center to go and do her job for a day or two, not rehab or a mandatory clinic. Not hard when you have the chartered plane to take and unlike Kim she seems to take her job seriously and is responsible.

    The whole blog was bat sheet cray cray and Kim is either still not sober or so screwed up from all the years of substance abuse that her brain is addled.

    This is her third blog that she has used to attack those she perceives as hurting her, one having to be deleted by Bravo, and I woudn’t be surprised if this one is too. She needs to go away and take all her exclamation marks with her.

  16. myinfo

    Time for crazy azz Kim to leave the show. Kim is unlikable sober, drunk, medicated. This saga is no interesting , it is sad and creepy. Bravo needs to fire Kim.

  17. MaRiley

    I’d like to see out takes of all the Drunky Mc Asswiperton behavior of all the bitches. Yolo and Lisa are class acts. Bring on Kim, Kyle, Mauritzio, Taylor, Brandi and Bernie, the chef and spousal abuse documentarian. Bravo owns all the filming and has the rights to edit as they please. There’s a great book or series for anyone with brass ones dedicated to Truth with a big bank account.


    Awl, I actually like Kim this season, especially when she told Kyle (during their arguement after she told Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said) ok said that, blah..LOL LOL everytime they replay that scene…I laugh like crazy…

    But she is correct about Brandi…

  19. vivaladiva831

    I have no defense of Kim carrying a “shit stained” pillow around, but I think we have two levels of Tuck here-Kim for keeping the pillow, and Brandi for smelling it. They are both at fault! Who the hell wants to smell something that they suspect is shit? Brandi, why???

  20. Lori

    She certainly uses a lot of exclamation points.

  21. Amoura


    “It’s my pillow and I’ll sit on it if I want to”

    I can’t

  22. This stuff Kim wrote in the blog back then. Omg.

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