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kandifactorydarianI finally felt like watching the screener for The Kandi Factory, Kandi’s new spin-off  that premieres on Tuesday at 10 p.m. If you watched the previous version of The Kandi Factory this season is a little different. Each one hour episode is a stand-alone show where two hopefuls compete head to head for their own single and music video. I suppose it is “theirs” until Kandi decides to remove it from Tunecore like she did the winner of season one.  The season will consist of 16 contestants pairing off against each other over 8 episodes.

On the premiere episode Lauryn Story is battling against Darian Wilkerson, both are from Houston Texas. Lauryn is a super cute pageanty black girl next door type. Her “twist” is that she is an aspiring country singer. You would think that Kandi would go hard with that genre since she wants to sing country herself. However, the song that Kandi writes is a pop song. I’ve already forgotten the name of the song, but I can hear the beat in my head. It’s pretty catchy.

KandiFactoryLaurynLauryn’s competition is Darian, a super skinny gay guy with a purple Mohawk and a sort of rock-n-roll edge. So essentially the show seems to have a theme of unconventional black artists who don’t fit the stereotypes of edgy, sexy female or rapper/hip hop dude. Darian has tattoos. One of his tattoos is all down his inner arms and reads, “Don’t forget, I am the shit!” as sort of a daily affirmation for himself. If you need to read a tattoo on your arms everyday reminding yourself that you are special, you might not be read for an up beat club song about being a winner. But that is what he gets.

I didn’t like either song when Kandi presented them. At least one of the artist also did not like his/her song. On the first run through of the songs, it does not go well for anyone. Kandi’s “team” includes Don Vito (producer) Kwame (stylist) and Victor (choreographer). The team is not impressed. The team has no problems telling either one that they suck. Darian struggles with lyrics and Kandi realizes that clean-cut Lauryn isn’t down for edgy, provocative songs. The makeovers are probably what will have you guys talking. Derek J does a fabulous job with the hair on both contestants, but the wardrobe…well, I will wait until you see that before commenting. Things seem even more dire as a dispute flares up between one of the artists and Victor. The studio scenes don’t go much better as the team tries to draw out the best in both contestants.  However, by the time the showcase comes around, in true reality show fashion both performances come off great, except for one disastrous must-see moment! To me, it seemed like the winning song was lip synched. I’m just saying.

In the previews we get to see Rueben Studdard show up to the Kandi Factory. The previews went by faster than my brain could register, but I did notice a fist fight in the studio between Don Vito (I guess, it was someone in the studio) and one of the male contestants so there will be plenty of ghetto moments in the future.

So should you watch it? Well, how much do you like musical competition shows? Are you a big fan of Kandi? If so, you will probably like it. It’s not a bad way to while away an hour. You will spend the first 75% percent of the show wondering if either kid will win. Both contestants cry while trying to get it together. One overcomes a major catastrophe. I say watch the first episode on Tuesday and then come back here and tell me what you thought.


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24 responses to “Preview For Premiere of The Kandi Factory

  1. Your recaps will be more than enough for me. I’m not into the contest shows, music or otherwise though I am happy that Kandi is doing something with that genre of tv and not going the sex show route again. I did however watch part of the season of AI when Clay should have but Reuben won. Was proof enough for me that it was set up.

  2. RealitySux

    LOL … I’ll watch, then see if I like it. But I like Kandi, and I want her to get ratings … so even if I don’t like it – I’ll still DVR it …. if that makes sense. :)

  3. jamie

    watched pilot this morning on bravo…went to buy song and its not up? How is Kandi having another season if the first winner never got his single on itunes. thats no platform for an artist. kandi is going to be taking all the winners songs down? kandis all about herself and what makes her money. she didn’t “really” care about the contestants.

  4. I think she meant, she can’t buy it now. I cannot for the life of me fathom giving someone a song as a prize and then taking it away without warning later. She didn’t even tell the kid it was being removed!

    • I *think* it was Don Vito that posted on Twitter that Bravo was the cause o fthe song pulled down … have you heard anything about that?

      • Jamie

        It’s just messed up! How is the “winner” of your show supposed to have a platform if they can’t even perform the song if its off iTunes. I had a lot or respect for kandi before this and than seeing that boy on the pilot really worked hard and to never even hear from kandi is pretty sad and this proves what kind of person she is.

      • RealitySux

        Well, I’m not going to make any assumptions. No one knows any details…we only know Mathews side. Until Kandi and/or Bravo addresses it – I’m not going to judge. We don’t know what kind of contract that kid signed…if it said anything about limited use, etc. Everyone is taking the side of the kid who won – but it’s only his side out there right now.

  5. Ashley

    How did you already see the premier? How do you get to see everything in advanced? Also do you have any tea on Love being fire and banned from the reunion of the Mob Wives?

    • Jamie

      I saw the pilot hour and half special this morning it aired on bravo tv. The rest of the season is just 60 minute one off episodes I read. It’ gives the show no credibility and that’s TRUTH.

      • Jake

        I agree Tamra why tell the kid he won a prize and take it away without telling him that’s the stuff u need to write about! “Here’s your prize see ya later oh and let me take it off iTunes after a month” kandi doesn’t taste so sweet any more lol

  6. Lori

    There was a previous version of the Kandi Factory? I am so confused. When was this? Why do I not know this? I feel like Im in the twighlight zone. Not that I have any plans of watching this whatsoever, unless you guys rant and rave about it for some reason, but I find that highly unlikely.

  7. Eve

    Not watching. Kandi doesnt have much of a personality with or without the other housewives.
    I also cant stand her singing voice and she is no music mogul.
    But, speaking of Rueben, there are two BEYOND talented singers on American Idol this year, Candance Glover and Amber Holcomb.

  8. I am so tired of singing competition shows. Not watching.

  9. Not A Kim Z Fan

    Ummmm, it must be said: both songs, lyrics and music, really sucked. I didn’t fall in love with either contestant this week. The girl’s “I’m not a stereotypical black girl” schtick igged me a bit. The guy seems like he’d be difficult to work with. However, ultimately I think Kandi chose the right contestant…

  10. Thanks NAKZF! Apparently you were the only one that watched. I know you will love Don’t Be Tardy so I am going to pop that screener in this weekend just for you! LOL.

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      Bwaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa, oh you got jokes TT. You know I’m debating on whether to skip RHOA Reunion Part II bc of wig or just FFWD through her parts LOL

  11. stephey

    I did not watch as I am also sick of singing competitions. I don’t get the format either, two people competing each week seems silly. The fact that last year’s winner is pissed off also leaves me with a bad taste, like the whole thing is not even legit. All the idol and Voice people seem to understand the terms for their contracts, what is the problem with Kandi’s people.

  12. NAKZF is my onliest friend. I can’t seem to pay the rest of you to admit you watched. Nobody will talk to me… WAAAH.

  13. Ellis Scarlett

    I guess I’m a little slow on the uptake, because I’m confused. It said at the end that if you want the song you have to go to bravotv. I am assuming you can also download on iTunes because it wouldn’t be much of a prize otherwise. I was going to look to see if it was available on iTunes but I forgot her name already. I guess that should tell me something.

  14. Ms1dimple

    I watched it last night.. I just can’t get past Khandi’s bad outfits. Stylist please!! She looked good on the 1st reunion show I was surprised. I think the show is going to boring!! 1 big yawn.. Although I may watch later on for the fight. Lollll

    I refuse to watch don’t be tardy for the lawsuit.. I can’t stand Kim and may not watch the second part of the reunion show where her and Nene is supposed to make up.. I’m so done!!!! Throwing that show in the pile with the RHONJ~ Animals!!

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