Triumph The Insult Dog Visits The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Okay, I need EVERYONE to stop what you are doing right now. Watch this video! I.AM.SERIOUS.

This is the best Real Housewives of Atlanta video you will EVER SEE. I PROMISE. What is your favorite line? Kenya’s song being number one in Guantanamo? Cynthia being the classiest housewife is a lot like being the smartest Kardashian? Kenya will have a “lightly attended funeral?” There are just so many to choose from. GO WATCH THIS VIDEO AND REPORT BACK NOW. Um, please and thank you. I am a bit excited.  Kandi’s lipstick vibrator does look like a dog’s penis… I’m just saying..

Huge thanks to Lara for the heads up!


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57 responses to “Triumph The Insult Dog Visits The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Ms Urethra Franklin

    OH MY GAH! That was freaking hilarious….Triumph really came at Kenya HARD….
    Why on earth does she subject herself to such humiliation?

    • She wasn’t humiliated. R U serious? Kenya took everything in stride. He only insulted her song — which is a satire anyway. I’m sure Kenya knows she can’t sing since she opted to talk through the song. It’s a playful song, not a serious one.

      On the other hand, Phaedra’s work out video was serious and she was clearly offended that the dog ripped it. The pregnancy line isn’t a good rebuttal because she didn’t have to make the video at that time. Also, she could have worn something loose fitting (instead of bragging on the show that she wore that horrid green outfit because she WANTED to show everything and because she thought it was fashionable (#delusion).

      As usual, Kenya stole the show …. and phaedra looked like a joke.

      • Inconceivable!

        Phaedra and Cynthia looked MAD!! Geez – it’s Triumph, go with the flow and laugh at yourself a little bit! Bon Jovi did a skit with Triumph and they laughed their way through it and were great sports. Getting mad makes them look like they take themselves way too seriously.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        I love how rose colored your glasses are. Did you borrow them from Kenya?

      • MissCane

        Why do you think Triumph sniffed Kenya chair? You can’t be THAT much in denial can you?
        Kenya is an extremely DESIRABLE woman. And that’s that.

    • Joan

      Oh my! Not only did I laugh out loud, my hubby & his friends came in from the “man cave” to see what I was laughing about. I rolled it again and they’re laughing cause they know who Triumph is. I vote we get Triumph to interview the RHOBH! LOL…

  2. KAM

    HILARIOUS!! Kenya did handle the abuse pretty well, I have to say.

    • Susan

      Yes KAM I have to agree with you and I can’t stand Kenya!!!! Cynthia really believes she is a TV star. These girls are so into themselves they can’t see the forest for the trees. and couldn’t act there way out of a paper bag. I really can’t pick a favorite I loved all that the dog said. Yea I know the dog is a puppet but I HAVE to AGREE with everything he said. I laughed and laughed this video is great. Kandi seems to be a little above the others in all the crap but she is getting a bit haughty herself. Heads up girl!!!! Kenya is anything but fabulous but is so in love with herself I am waiting for her wedding where she is both the bride and groom. I pitty any person that would even think about being in the same household as she. That’s my opinion just sayen.

    • Mocha_2009

      To me this just reiterates for me that Kenya is literally just having a grand ole time enjoying her moment in the spotlight. She’s been playing the role since the beginning and enjoying the ride. She’s not taking herself as seriously as everyone else seems to be taking her. The song and video were cheeky and campy!

      • MissCane

        Co sign 100%. She smart,playing outrageous because it makes great Realty TV and can laughing at herself. That means she has perspective on the whole thing.

      • MissCane

        Forgive me please. No coffee yet. I was ATTEMPTING to agree with you.
        Kenya can laugh at herself because she has perspective that the others clearly do not.

  3. Tiffers

    You had me at “who gives a shit” TT! Now that shit almost made a tear come out! Ohh and when he came for Kenya that was too funny. Who ever wrote the jokes clearly watches but that joke about a lightly attended funeral was straight up! I love me some Triumph :) Thanks Tam for the laugh, I needed it!

  4. Undine

    Triumph read those bitches for filth! Omg his comments about Phaedra’s work out video: “with a little bit of help you can achieve your dream of being moderately out of shape”. Somebody give me CPR because I’m slayed.

    • cynthia smith

      omg yes i am on the fllor laughing ,that dog sure spoke the truth ,dont know who the hell told he she is fine she looks like a wrestler.

  5. OMG! This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I have to give credit to the ladies for participating. LMAO

  6. Jarenov

    That was hilarious!

  7. RealitySux

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … they were good sports for doing that.

  8. LH52094

    As soon as I saw it last night I thought of you Tamara! There are just too many good lines to quote.

    Lightly attended funeral!

  9. I can’t stop watching this. It’s hilarious

  10. omg cracked up i truely cant stand kenya the show wouldnt miss her were did she come from and why thank god walter drumped her is phaedra pregnant hope so they make beautiful babies

    • MissCane

      In English please.

      • I believe the commenter feels as though Phaedra could be pregnant. This could be a major exclusive for me! I should probably get right on it!

        I also heard she was actually at the upfronts! The comments in this post are full of breaking news today!

      • MissCane

        She said she was pregnant while making the exercise video. The Dog questioned the wisdom of her timing. FUNNY!

      • I didn’t hear her talking in the video clip. Are you sure she said it during the filming of the workout video?

  11. Ha! That damb dog is a fool where’s Nene the one ppl know…lmaooooo

  12. Mrs Mavis Gison

    Almost as famous as Pawn Shop employees, dead, and the shade to Phadera, all true! That dog KEPT it real!

  13. Sara

    That was awesome but I can’t help but wonder why NeNe wasn’t there!?!

  14. MissCane

    Kenya know what’s up. She IS the star.

  15. Conan has been filming his show here all week. (I know, I know, I don’t feel good…) and the Neenster was prolly in LA otherwise she would not have missed it.

  16. MaggieG

    Thank you for sharing. I laughed so much I hurt myself. The ladies were very good sports to participate. After so much drama between them it’s nice to discover that they can laugh at themselves.

  17. Thanks for the laugh Tamara! Loved every second!

  18. Hysterical!! Why does Cynthia look Chinese? And she seemed really pissed. So did Kandi and Phaedra. Weird.

    • MissCane

      They trully DID look pissed. I got the impression they did not know anything beforehand; that the only one who made it work for her was Kenya – and that afterward they had her comment on the chair. The Dog was hysterical.

  19. Best laughs I’ve had in a long time. So surprised they would be such good sports.

  20. eg

    Triumph was priceless!!!

  21. Loved the whole thing.. watching the women’s expressions was when I get a good belly laugh. ty

  22. That was brilliant! BTW, saw Sheree doing one of those local eats segments on HLN and you just know she begged them to do it when she was there for her ridiculous restraining order thing. So basically, she owes you a thank you for rescuing her from obscurity.

  23. Grandmalou

    Tamara girl this thang here had me busting up at the seams, I ain’t lying. Somebody call the the ambalamb and run me up to the laff hospital. I’ m in stitches over them bitches..

    • You don’t need no ambalamb, grandma. Just take a little sip of the whiskey for medicinal purposes.

      • Grandmalou

        Thank you sugah lump. I do take a sip every now and then ( for medicinal purposes of course), but I do shots of Patron when watching the housewives. It keeps me grounded until my husband comes home and picks me up :-). Anyhoo, I loves me some Tamara, Gawd knows I do, but Imma need you to hurry up with the tea on tonights episode of Scandal. I lie in great anticipationn. Have a good night and ttyl. Grandma.

  24. I’m much too well bred to speak of scandals here. I watch them only on Saturdays and never speak of them to anyone. I shut off my tweeter on Thursday nights round about 10 so that I won’t hear any scandalous gossip. I’m not the kind to gossip you know…sleep tight.

  25. puravidacostarica

    I personally think Kenya was behind a lot of that production…too skewed to her benefit.

    • Tamra, you out did you’re self with this video. have never seen anything about the hw that even comes close to this. LMAO thank you for showing it.

  26. CurlyPeach

    I am thinking that Phaedra, Kandi, and Cynthia have never heard of or seem Triumph. Obviously, Kenya knew what was up and went with the flow. The whole thing was hilarious. Well at least Peter got more exposure for BarOne.

  27. Tamar voice

    Hmm…maybe Cynthia played around with a little botox? Her face is looking rather odd. So glad the dog lit into Phaedra lol.

  28. Resa228

    This was soo funny especially the way he went at Kenya, i’m not a fan of fake butts or boobs but if it make’ s you happy so be it . However I could clearly see that Phaedra was pregnant,( not a fan of her either) , but i’m tired of people calling her fat .. take into consideration she had not announced the pregnancy yet and count back, look at her bodyshape. it’s obvious Kenya throwing shade and people co signing on it say’s to me people will believe anything . Kenya never had a child so of course Phaedra looks fat to her and if she knew.. then she’s just being the” barren, unmarried bitch’ she always is . Sorry to see her returning.
    my favorite line” I don’t give a shit” lol .. can’t wait for the reunion
    Thank you Tamara , for always bringing the Tea and giving su a place to come share or lurk as we choose . You keep the ATL Classy.

    • MissCane

      “Kenya never had a child so of course Phaedra looks fat to her?” What sense does that make? And how on earth would you know if Kenya is barren. Jezz Jealous much?

  29. Reach4Wisdom

    Thanks that was HILARIOUS! Kenya was soooo funny when she got bout it bout it with the dog “Don’t put your hand in my face!” Like she’s about to fight a real person! Then they were going at it LMBO! Kenya has mostly played serious roles like in her Trois movie but she does have more of a knack for comedy I must say. She was laughing so hard at Triumph. I enjoyed that. Cynthia had a funny line when she called Triumph a “jerk dog’ LOL!

  30. This is really charming. It is wonderful to see four successful women being able to laugh so candidly at themselves. A true sign of confidence. I noted the absence of Porsha. Kudos to Kenya for being able to turn her insults into lighthearted inspiration. It may not be the best song, but it is the best way to deal with insulting behaviour, laugh it off. Thank you for posting. x

  31. TRISHA

    Tamara you are the best!!! I can’t stop laughing, WOW!!! This is hilarious…

  32. Just the best, I laughed out loud!

  33. lilkunta

    the jokes wre good.

  34. Bogelicious

    I think Kenya went with it the best. She has to have a sense of humor. Saw a quick tmz interview asking abt Porsche divorcee & she was vey polite.. See a hint of realness/normalcy every once and awhile…not so staged… ( All episodes & reunion show a delusional nut case 😉

    • soccermop59

      Nobody and I mean nobody is more happy to see Porshe fail than Ms. Kenya…that sincerity is all gloat based. Trust me, this chic could give two craps about Porshe….she’s just happy that now, there’s somebody else on the show, who’s single like her.

  35. soccermop59

    I was sitting her sipping on my wine and now its all over my computer and my screen, I couldn’t hold it down…..thanks TT….it was hilarious.

  36. soccermop59

    If this bit wasn’t staged, it goes to show these women would show up at opening of envelope to get 15 minutes more of fame.

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