Jodi Arias Trial: Juan Martinez Redirect; Alyce In Juanderland Meets Snow White

In case you missed it…Juan Martinez FINALLY begins his redirect of Alyce Laviolette.


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  1. steve

    this cross exam is better than i expected i hope lavalamp has a nice weekend cuz come monday i think a boom may be lowered on her

    • Helen

      I am so sick of people continuing to put Juan Martinez down.You may not agree with his style but I think he is doing a great job.This is a murdern trail and I am completely sick of Jodi’s defence team kissing her ass,and walking on egg shells,or wearing rubber gloves.Jodi did this and no one else I think her ass has been kissed enough.And if it takes a hard nose man like Martinez to do the job then public stop with your foolish coments about him being to hard.I love him.and not only is he speaking for Travis,he is also speaking for his family.Travis should never had to die the way he did.Travis could have made someone happy.He could have been a husband,father,grandfather someday but all that was riped away from him.If it where one of your family members killed this way how would you feel look at the photo,s with his throat sliced opened then say something about that and then tell me Martinexz is to hard.Wake up people and smell the coffee.

      • Diamond

        Well said…

      • liz kelly


      • Bases Krokke

        Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a defense, Helen. I guess you prefer guilty until proven innocent? I want Jodi to have a great defense, so that she can’t appeal a guilty verdic (should she be found guilty).

      • Matthew T. Dalldorf


        You know what I’m tried of? People kissing the ass of a sociopathic little, midget cocksucker named juan martinez (I don’t even bother capitalizing it’s name when I type anymore)

        “…and not only is he speaking for Travis,he is also speaking for his family…”

        Yeah, martinez is so passionate about victim’s right, what else would he have to gain except for all the fame, wealth and power he’s been revealing in, but I’m not supposed to think about that, am I? After all, thought and morality don’t mix.

        “If it where one of your family members killed this way how would you feel look at the photo,s with his throat sliced opened then say something about that and then tell me Martinexz is to hard.”

        When you have a friend of family member sent to death row, then you can tell me how matinez is the second coming of Christ and how the sun itself shines out his ass. In the meantime, go fuck yourself.

    • Nan

      Snow White and the seven dwarfs? That little skit was better than SNL!!! I am still laughing over it…

    • Bases Krokke

      Steve — Is Juan Martinez obsessing about Snow White “lowering the boom”? I believe Jodi Arias is guilty of first degree murder, but Juan Martinez is so offensive, I find myself rooting for the defense.

      Martinez is a terrible prosecutor.

      • I believe she is guilty of first degree murder as was O.J. Simpson.
        But why is Martinez so incredibly disrectful/abusive to Samuels and Alyce? Why is he entitled to spar with them but not them with him? I get that he’s seeking justice for Travis and his family, but why attack the witnesses….they’re doing they’re jobs.

        What’s most bothersome is that there are people out there actually thinking Juan is some sort of hero? It’s disturbing to think that our society has reached another new low by admiring yet another arrogent, disrespectible and offensive public figure. As Alyce and Samuels are doing their jobs, if Juan spoke to them as if they were decent intelligent educated hard working people (which they appear to be) instead of useless bags of s— which Juan is relentless in trying to convince them that they are, he would get the same results without the B.S.

        Unfortunately his attack style may bite him and the Travis’ in the ass. As for the Martinez worshippers, hopefully you don’t really think that Alyce or Samuels would have answered Juan’s questions any differently if he would have spoken to them respectfully. Aggressive is o.k., it’s not ok to treat respectible people like criminals.
        There is a difference.

      • Tango

        I think most don’t see him as attacking at all, or enough. Yes or no isn’t that hard.

      • must agree @tango.alyce is likely the most passive aggressive person I have ever seen . as a psychologist herself I find this mind bogglilng. her evasiveness is not serving her well.

      • Oh please say you aren’t rooting for the defense bc you don’t like juan. I find him grating at times myself and he may even be a misnogynist, but I’d like to believe that anyone on a jury would put aside personal opinion for the sake of justice. (not that you’re on the jury but I just want to believe in our system…even though my limited experience didn’t prove just)

      • liz kelly

        If anybody is rooting for the defense,they are liveing in La La Land.I am going to use Jodi;s quote.You mark my words a jury is going to convict her.and my own words(because i am old fashison)You bet your bottom dollar she is goin to get 1st degree………………………………

  2. MeMyself

    Ms. Laviolette will be needing a piss break a lot more often with Martinez questioning her.

  3. CrystalGpink

    Thank God!! I was so happy his cross finally started. Was getting bored to tears !

  4. MeMyself

    Alyce is re-releasing her book that she wrote 13 years ago just shows me that she is definitely cashing in on this trial! Just proves no credibility at all!

    I hope Juan Martinez gets this info and brings it up in court about her releasing a book that she wrote years ago during the Arias trial. He asked Mr. Samuels how much he was being paid to testify, I hope he also asks Alyce and also asks her motivation for the book re-release.

    • Matthew T. Dalldorf

      “Alyce is re-releasing her book that she wrote 13 years ago just shows me that she is definitely cashing in on this trial! Just proves no credibility at all!”

      Yeah, unlike Martinez who’s only motive is justice…! How many autographs did he sign, again?

  5. Ok, I begin with by saying I think JA is as guilty as sin. I find her truly disgusting and the fact that she continues to sling mud on her victim is awful. I have been following since the beginning and I love how the prosecution is completely proving their case, in my opinion. And I loved how she basically proved that the defense psychologist was a moron, lol. However, I am finding the prosecutor a bit too rough with the woman on the stand right now. I watch Nancy Grace and many think he is fine and should be like that for the victim’s family. I do get that…..but what is that saying? You get more bees with honey than with vinegar….

    • liz kelly

      Everybody is talking about JM being to aggressive,he has to be that way.Let:s not forget what happen In Fla………
      JM Is like the long ranger,with Detective Flores at his side.He is doing a “great”job no matter how feisty he is.remmber what happen to Travis,now that was aggressive………..
      I say go JM and get justice for Travis.

      • Rae

        No he doesn’t have to do that. He is an obnoxious little prick and that is all he knows on how to do a cross. He needs the juror who hasn’t decided on guilt to lean towards his side. And he won’t get it that way.

      • liz kelly

        How would you like to have your love one Shot,Throat Cut from ear to ear and stab what ever how many times. OBNOXIOUS?????????????????

      • Dlister

        Rae, JM may not be the kind of guy many folks would want to have over for pizza, wings and beer while cheering on the game. However, in his profession, his demeanor has been carefully learned and cultivated to get his job done. He believes he has more than enough solid evidence to put this chick away and potentially on death row for the slaughter of TA, and he is doing what he feels is necessary to let the jury know it.

  6. Sasha

    It seems Laviolette is being as matter of factly and pretentious as Jodi was during her cross. For some reason, those two seem to be under the impression that passive agressiveness is perceived as intellect and invincibility. I can’t wait until Monday when the cross continues ! It’s over for Jodi, they can blame the defense’s “experts” for that.

    • I noticed her demeanor changed the second Juan began his cross. Her tone of voice changed, her expression and her body language. Not to mention her overtly aggresive comments and questions. He was right when he said “maam, do you want to spar with me?”

      • Yeah so true!! Before she sat back and spoke very matter of fact. The moment JM step up…she was leaning forward…and she often looked at the defense…like saying, “Bail me out.” hahaha I love JM style…aggressive…abrassive, and feisty. That is how you get to uncover incompetency…not by dealing with them in a subtle way. Monday will be awesome…this old girl better be ready…cuz she doesn’t know what’s going to hit her. Stay tuned!!

  7. Lori

    I cannot even believe what I am hearing. The trial of snow white and the seven dwarves. Cottage/Shack, living happy singing and talking to birds and rabbits? We really must be in Juanderland. Oy! our justice system! Me and my Mom were in hysterics, which really isnt the feeling we should be having during the trial of such a violent crime.

  8. steve

    review your trial tapes and watch how JM works he always come on strong but when witness starts playing word games evasive answers trying not to commit to a straight answer THEN he lets them have it. It doesnt matter whos witness answer clear concise and pertinent to his question and you wont be yelled at. He is there for a serious reason and dont have time for bs games. Travis is dead so has no rights under the law and JM is there for him instead if your bro was dead who would you rather have on your side…wurmi? No way

    • What the hell did you just say???

    • peachteachr

      Absolutely, Steve. If they answer, they are fine. When they begin to obfuscate, they are asking for what they get from JM. If it were one of my two adult children instead of Travis, I’d want Juan to chase her to the gates of hell.

  9. iamrealitytvlover

    I firmly believe Jodi is guilty of first degree murder that was provoked by nothing but her own rage and craziness. I don’t think Travis should be trashed the way he is being trashed as part of the defense strategy, especially when it comes to the lies that Jodi spews non stop. I also think Travis made for shitty boy friend material however that is not abuse and not justification for killing him especially in the heinous way it was done. I want to believe in our justice and jury system and had high hopes that Jodi would be found guilty of Murder 1 and not really have any ammunition for appeal and a chance to get off.

    I am no longer so sure that will be the case. I think Judge Stephens is so over her head and it going to hand the defense a ton of ammunition for an appeal including her refusal to sequester the jury. Unless Stephens and Martinez live in a hole after court, they both have to know how this trial is blasted all over the place wherever you turn. To believe that the jury doesn’t see some of this stuff is just naive and stupid and ultimately going to benefit Jodi which is the last thing I want to see.

    I also think Martinez may ultimately do more harm than good with Alyce. I totally agree with the anger that she is buying for a second that Jodi was abused. But I don’t buy that Martinez is showing all this ferocious behavior solely because he represents Travis and his family. I think Martinez is also very interested in making a name for himself and is doing the total grandstanding affect for his own purposes. He reminds me too much of a short guy with a Napoleon complex. I expect him as a prosecutor to be fierce but I think he takes it to a level that will not serve a purpose. Frankly he comes across like a bully and I have known men like him (with respect to his demeanor and how he attacks – hit a question hard, fast and furious but the sarcasm and the insults may backfire) and he turns me off. What worries me about that is if it is easy to characterize him as a bully, one can then make the leap that he could be verbally abusive and I think that leap could also make the jury believe that there is truth to Travis being an abuser. That I fear could be all it takes for this jury to hang or even worse to acquit or come back with a guilty of a lesser charge like second degree which is what Jodi wanted to plea bargain for.

    I think Martinez needs to really look hard at his motives and not put this case in jeopardy. Go hard on Alyce if he wants to use that style but the badgering attack dog style I think has too high a risk of backfiring.

    • Matty

      Thank Goodness for a voice of introspection and reason…..not a media fueled barrage of hate! I agree that I have questions regarding why Jodi killed Travis. I have felt all along that there was much more to this relationship than the antics of Arias prior to killed Travis! The fact that Travis was a self proclaimed virgin, in keeping with his Mormon faith, while he was having a very kinky( in my terms) ongoing sexual relationship with Jodi, makes me pause to understand the impact that had on Travis.

      He was relatively high up in his church, the company he worked for was staffed by Mormons and he has a reputation to maintain as a non married Mormon in regard to chastity. I can see where he had difficulty living this lie…and I don’t believe Jodi was his first sexual encounter…and the guilt eating at him versus his lust for sex…lends for that guilt to manifest itself as anger and rage and that anger/rage being displaced on to Jodi. I have a hard time believing that the first sexual act of a guy’s life is to give oral sex! I believe that his texts, emails and recorded phone call shows his “wrath” was taken out on Jodi. Do I believe he should have been mutilated in what appears as a. Rage killing…I don’t ! Does the violent and rage filled attack by Arias give me reason to contemplate the votility of their relationship and that Travis verbally and physically abused Jodi…it does!

      It is nice to hear a pensive voice out of the normal vitriolic hate filled comments! And I thank you for that bit of hope that there are people who are thoughtful in commenting!

      Mr. Martinez’s aggressive manner in cross examing or in direct is hard at times to follow. He gets caught up in the little aspects and I get confused at times…..not every witness needs to be bullied! Which is what I think is his style. I certainly understand he represents the victim and the victims family…..but at times I find his bully technique unnecessary!

      • Snow White

        Great post! I totally agree.

      • M Hoskins

        Sorry, I don’t agree with you at all. There is ‘NO’ justification for what she did with
        TA. She had mental problems since childhood – listen to her parents. She was a stalker – couldn’t take rejection – slept around since she was a teenager – introduced TA to all her kinky sex – get all the facts. Juan Martinez is a 25 year veteran as a prosecutor – earns a salary – has many convictions under his belt AND you can’t argue with success – he’s still on the job.

      • Matthew T. Dalldorf

        “He was relatively high up in his church, the company he worked for was staffed by Mormons and he has a reputation to maintain as a non married Mormon in regard to chastity. I can see where he had difficulty living this lie…and I don’t believe Jodi was his first sexual encounter…and the guilt eating at him versus his lust for sex…lends for that guilt to manifest itself as anger and rage and that anger/rage being displaced on to Jodi. I have a hard time believing that the first sexual act of a guy’s life is to give oral sex! I believe that his texts, emails and recorded phone call shows his “wrath” was taken out on Jodi. Do I believe he should have been mutilated in what appears as a. Rage killing…I don’t ! Does the violent and rage filled attack by Arias give me reason to contemplate the votility of their relationship and that Travis verbally and physically abused Jodi…it does!”

        No, no! You have it all wrong! There was no such thing as sex until Arias came along. She invented sex in her underground lab.and dumped it all over herself in order to control Travis who, at that point, had absolutely no free will of his own, so the decision to stay around and fuck her (even after he knew she was unbalanced and had already filed a restraining order against her) had nothing whatsoever to do with him!

        The sad part is that that’s what most people actually believe.

    • ladygeneral

      @iamreality I agree with the 1st & 2nd paragraph. Travis wasn’t the best the boyfriend..some of us know a guy just like this. Who cares..its normal. Jodi is sneaky and she provoked him. Shame he couldn’t shake her but she was giving it up so easy and too fast. Those texts messages from TA was brutal but deserved IMO.

      I just hope the Jury can see through the muck and do what is right. 1st Deg. Premed. Jodi planned this murder and that is what its all about. Juan has been in the game for a long time and this is probably his first overload of exposure. I will give him credit. If Alyce doesn’t dance around the questions we may get to hear where Juan is going with the “snow white” story. I do hope its quick, though.

    • liz kelly

      this is a smart jury not the lug heads that sat….on the c.a. trial jm is doing what he needs to do and the jury understands him.
      haven;t you all listen to questions they ask.They look forward to Jaun,just as I do.cant wait till monday,so he can tear into those men haters.

    • liz kelly

      well now you see JM bulldog barking helped.Good…………………………………..

  10. Nan

    What r the ages of the dwarfs??Seriously!!!!

  11. Eve

    Yes, i understand Juan’s desire to convict the defendant in this case, but i do not like his style, never have.
    There is no reason to come on to witnesses like a mack truck, it only makes pertinent information get lost in the bickering and yelling.
    This isnt an entertainment event, its a death penalty trial. And…….i am also SO sick of the trashing the victim line. Travis’s words and actions are evidence in this case. It is the juries job to decide the truth.

    • Tango

      That’s just it, Travis’ s actions should not be the evidence. He is not here to defend or explain anything, it is all hearsay and Jodi does not fit the profile of a battered woman. The witness needs to answer questions, not waste everyone’s time pretending not to understand or remember what she read.

      • FarFromPerfekt


      • Matty

        Are u serious? Travis words and actions have zero bearing on this case?!

      • Dlister

        Sure they do, I agree. But from what I’ve been hearing, he was being a typical horny dude with a perpetual hard-on; meaning, he wasn’t nice all the time. But that’s the typical way men treat women who to them are whores. That does not equal being “battered” much less being battered enough to triple-kill. And this is what the jury has to decide upon.

      • Tango

        Only what he said or did before she butchered him, if they are gonna claim self defense. Otherwise, callin her a three holed wonder or any other “abuse” does NOT justify or explain murder. She was MILES away from him and went to him. She was not some poor abused woman who was trapped. Her whole defense, blaming Travis for her mental illness, is just a bunch of BS. Its also, what, her third or fourth story?

  12. MaRiley

    I admire JM’s “style”. I will be 60 very soon and I shared a bit of the Prosecutor’s videotaped questioning of Dr. Dumbass with my 33 year old daughter. She and I both turned red in the face as she remembered my homestyle third degree that always included, “Did I ask you…….”.

    • liz kelly

      I like what you said MaRiley,I am ayr old greatgrand ma,and I just love……….Did I ask you? and”right”

  13. Aloha

    I LOVE Juan’s passionate style and sharp intelligence. This is an extraordinary man!!!

    LaViolence sees abuse in a box of soda crackers and in my grandmaws’ old house slipper. . . Those totally bogus ‘guidelines’ means that basically all of humanity and Disney World is battered, abused, broken and has a ‘free pass’ to kill someone because they sent you an ugly text message, or your parents told you to go do your homework!

    LaViolnce makes up her own guidelines for abuse so she can talk about Snow White in Las Vegas??? . . . And everyone thought PPL was the big sham here? Move over, because the 7 Dwarfs are playin’ Vegas and LaViolence is dealing out stories for money. . . In short, If you pay it, she will say it.

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Stands up and applauds!

      • Matty

        Bashing an expert who has spent her life working with abused women and men and the abuser man or woman….why? Because you don’t agree with her! Wow! Any concept about the assistance this woman has provided over her career that helped women/ men who were abused…and the valuable research and out reach programs provided! Shame on you!

      • Tango

        If you think Jodi is a battered woman, or that this “expert” is helping her out of the goodness of her heart….well, I have some beachfront property in Nantucket to sell ya! Lol. I think people feel disdain for experts that read journals from a psycho liar then go in court and present bogus theories. If it was your loved one slain, you would probably feel the same.

    • liz kelly


  14. steve

    both the def. experts were say for pay. $300 an hour court time and $250 for the rest. They have drug out their testimony to really capitalize on the fees. Over $1.4 million on defense side only and still counting

    • Tango

      Then Lavalamp has the nerve to give blank stares. $250 to $300 an hour for blank stares and “Are you mad at me” or whatever it was she said.

    • Devils Advocate2

      Just did the math: Comparing Jodi to Snow White cost about $2,300. What is Juan doing? This is not happening or is it!!! WTF????

      I’m sorry, I’m just trying to take a logical approach on this…
      & I do not see the logic it comparing the Snow White in the Disney Movie that we all have seen in our childhood to Jodi? Not only that, he seemed to make an argument for Snow White being abused like Jodi? I know he has a plan or at least I hope so, I just can’t fathom what it could be at this point?

      Anyway, back to my original point:
      40 Days of trial = $1.5 Million
      1 Day = $37, 500
      1 Hours = $4,688 (Conservative estimate if they are there for a full 8 hours)

      $2,343 = The cost of finding out if Snow White was abused, & we still don’t know the answer, REALLY?

    • Steve, its absolutely common and accepted practice that experts get paid for their time…its not sinister nor unusual. The experts didn’t drag out their testimony, the attorneys did with their 1k questions, direct, cross examination, re-direct, etc. Experts are just doing a job, no need to bash on them.

      • Matty

        Experts on each side …with exception of those who part of job entails testimony …are paid!

  15. steve

    and remember the def wanted to seal their expense reports so no one could know where and how much it has used. They, like jodi, wanted zero accountability

  16. steve

    the sad part is dr lav. probably started this case years ago, thinking she could do some good work for domestic violence awareness. Then she got caught up in jodi bs and cut a big deal for herself. From what i have learned these 6 court days from here is that deep down we are all abusers AND victims to some degree. We have been bad to some people sometime in our lives and have had bad done to us. It is how you deal with it what makes the monster come out.

  17. steve

    and just to clarify i do not condone abuse. I am just using her wide ranging testimony in loose terms

  18. MeMyself

    I looked up Alyce Laviolette’s lecture about abuse and fairytales on youtube and started reading the comments. One poster mentioned that back in January, Jodi Arias made a drawing of Snow White with a black eye and it was sold at auction on Ebay for $885!

    Here is a reference to it in an article on Huffington Post and the link also shows a picture of the drawing:

    A courtroom drawing allegedly made by accuser Jodi Arias is being auctioned off on eBay.

    Arias, a 32-year-old aspiring artist and photographer is accused of shooting Travis Alexander in the face, stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat in the shower of his Mesa apartment in June 2008.

    The drawing, which Arias allegedly sketched on a piece of lined paper on Jan. 9 during her murder trial in Phoenix, was posted by an eBay seller known as OffTheWallClothes. The black-ink artwork shows a girl’s face that the seller says is Snow White with a black eye. There are also a heart, a pentragram and the Eye of Providence, which is the name for the symbol of an eye inside a triangle, on the piece of loose leaf.

    The item was available in a one-day auction ending Jan. 30 and had an opening bid of $250.

    The Huffington Post has been unable to verify whether the drawing is indeed the work of Arias, and the seller has not responded to an interview request.

    The seller claims on eBay that someone in the Arias camp sent it.

    “There is a heart that looks broken & what I am told are Mormon symbols and Snow White (with a 2 tears on face) with a black eye which I have no clue what that means! (sic)” the seller posted on the page.

    This isn’t the first time Arias’ artwork has been auctioned on eBay. Her supporters have raised $1,019.98 since Jan. 10 by auctioning seven colored-pencil drawings she supposedly has created since her 2008 incarceration.

    I wonder if this is a tie in to why Juan Martinez is bringing up the Snow White thing. I wonder if he will mention this?

  19. karen

    I love JM’s style. I just got off 4 weeks of jury duty and I know we liked the aggressive style because it kept us awake and alert and you really listen. Lawyers like Jodi’s will put you to sleep and a lot of what they say goes in one ear and out of the other. This may not be true for all juries but it was true in our case.

  20. Kassandra Kanedian

    The questioning of Alyce by JM yesterday was like watching an SLN skit! Snow White, Seven dwarfs, Cottage vs. shack…I was never sure what JM was talking about, but I had a good laugh. Sure JA is guilty. Juan is a nut. He is trying to be as dramatic and aggressive as he can. He has a lot at stake!! Notoriety. He dyed his hair and it was darker than ever yesterday. Signing autographs? What?! And he moves continually during questioning like some sort of caged animal. Does Juan Martinez suffer from the “short man syndrome”? Classic case. How much is he being paid? When does his book come out? At least let the witness answer before jumping down their throats. No way is he thinking of the Alexander family!

    • Dlister

      Finally! someone ELSE noticed his hair color. I mentioned this a few days ago. I noticed it immediately. What the hell possessed him to do that? How short is he anyway? He’s still taller than me as are most adult humans, I’m a shrimp.

    • Matthew T. Dalldorf

      “No way is he thinking of the Alexander family!”


  21. khintx

    I think Juan needed to wake up the courtroom (and the jury!)- let them know there’s hope that this trial is going to get moving again and he only had a short time to do so. And I think LV showed her ass just like he knew she would. She is going to look like a manhater and he wont even have to say it… her “evals” and interpretations are tainted by her anger towards the “abuser” and to her abusers = men. LV was trying to play coy (or something, I don’t know what the hell she was doing). She looked ridiculous and he had only just started. I imagine she will spend a very tense 3 day weekend worrying about facing him again on Mon. And well she should. kh

    • SweetTeaNShade

      Go ahead and shake in those glass slippers, girl!!!

      • SweetTeaNShade

        Yes, I know the real Alice didn’t wear glass slippers, but she did follow an imaginary Cheshire Cat around an entire movie….kind of like lavalamp following her paycheck to the bank. What a doozy that one will be!

    • khintx, I disagree with you, she didn’t look ridiculous, to me she appeared to be an expert witness that had been cross examined before. Martinez comes out with an attitude like a pissed off pit bull…way over the top and unnecessary. LaViolette wasn’t intimidated by his antics at all and THAT pissed him off!

      Honestly, I’m sick of Juan always badgering witnesses…even his own! If he doesn’t get the answer he wants then he becomes sarcastic and machine-gunning questions to the witnesses..he’s obnoxious! I have no doubt however, that Travis’ family adores him as many other do in the public. At the end of the day he’s just doing his job JUST LIKE THE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS! He simply doesn’t need to behave like its personal to him.

      • khintx

        I understand what you’re sayin, but ALV’s whole demeanor changed. She went from mousy, timid, scatterbrained old worn out hippie to unattractively coy (wierdly flirtatious?), talking snark to the prosecutor and laughing at him thinking she could outsmart him and play stupid games. She’s going to have to answer his questoins and for cryin out loud this is a murder trial… she needs to lay off the nanny-nanny-boo-boo shit. It’s disrespectful to everyone involved. kh

      • Snow White

        I totally agree with you, Rose. Juan comes across as cartoonish and ridiculous. The defense witness wasn’t intimidated by him and he got pissed. Whenever he comes back with ridiculous questions because he doesn’t like the answer, it makes him look irrational. Ex. “Q- You interview people by sitting them and talking with them. A- That’s one of the things I do. Q- So there’s no talking at all in these interviews?!?!?!” I’m sorry but he does not come across well in those types of exchanges.

        There’s no question that Jodi murdered Travis but Juan is not helping his case by screaming like a banshee at a witness who has conducted herself professionally on the stand. Sure all the screaming may wake the jury up but that doesn’t mean they are appreciating it.

      • Cb

        I thought that was funny too Snow White. Juan asks ALV if she interviews the client she is assessing then says Matlock fashion ‘isn’t it true that there’s no talking in these interviews’. WHAT? No wonder ALV is confused.

      • LaViolette looked anything BUT professional. She showed gross disrespect to the State of Arizona and the Office of the Maricopa County Prosecutor. She’s been giggling and laughing with Willmott the whole time she was entertaining the Defense. With the Prosecution, she chose to behave like a scolding grandmother – well, mine anyway. This isn’t her kitchen and it’s not up to her to make the rules of behavior. It’s Juan’s bailiwick and he has a 95% conviction rate. Something he does works, and she should wake up and pay attention to his questions, not act like Jodi in 30 years.

  22. steve

    khintx yep dr lav gonna have a long weekend anticipating more cross. I think her plan is to make JM mad to make him look like a bully. I think the jury is smarter than that. Expect another morning delay as def will again try for mistrial motion cuz hln wont back off reporting about jurors. And #5 should not be in the courtroom thats asking for trouble

  23. I love Juan Martinez, but I think he came on way too strong with Ms Lavalamp. I was hoping he’d turn everything she said about Jodi being the victim around to show that Travis was the victim here. Hopefully when court resumes on Monday Juan will be able to prove how useless Ms Lavalamps 100 days of testimony really were…

  24. Dlister

    “There will be no laughing in the courtroom.” Glad I can laugh at home all I want!

  25. steve

    rosechimera. I am not slamming the def expert for no reason. They did not do comprehensive research with all available information. They did not do follow up interviews with antbody but jodi. They have used the info out of context and presented this as evidence. They ramble in their answers on direct and are evasive on cross. If they would answer JM with in a clear concise way and not skirt his questions he would not yell…as much. The experts have been compensated well and in MY opinion did not present a professional testimony in accord with the seriousness of this case. Dr lav said she read jodi journals but could not give a general place where jodi wrote negatively about herself. Her answers were led to her by def atty

  26. steve

    thank you susan and far from perfect. Sometimes it seems that people think this is a popularity contest not a death penalty case. If the expert reports were accurate then there is no need to be evasive. The biggest problem for the def is that jodi chose this course of action not her lawyers after her blackmail plea and she chose to defend herself. If they think JM does not know what he is doing read up on wendy andrianos. You will even see part of jodis story stolen from wendy

  27. steve

    one more thing about the experts. How does it look to a jury, when you have over 30 years experience, and only have to testify about one thing, that you have worked many hours on, and the prosecuter knows your report BETTER than you

  28. steve

    susan wendy andrianos is the woman JM put on death row circa 2002. Wiki is where i found her. She beat her terminal cancer husband 20 something times and cut his throat and poisoned him. She claimed she was abused too. Her husband could not get out of bed. She approached neighbors to get fake insurance on hubby. This is not Juan Martinez’ first rodeo he has been here before and won.

  29. steve

    khintx. I like your comments too. However if jodi tried that it would most likely apear as insincere and self serving. as it looks like she has only worried about jodi since before this horrendous murder. And after did all she could think of to hide her part. There was no fog cuz when she says came out of it with bloody hands she KNEW he was dead and not hurt. thats why no call to see what happened just a call to cover her tracks

  30. peachteachr

    I thought the most interesting thing JM asked Alyce yesterday was when he asked her to list the bad things that Jodi Arias said about herself in the journals. She completely struggled with that request. She finally answered (I paraphrase) ‘she isn’t where she wants to be with PPL, she hasn’t achieved some of the goals she had set for herself, and she had not obtained her desire to be a photogropher or artist’. JM asked very quietly ‘those were not really bad things were they mam’? She could not list 1 thing that Jodi said was bad about Jodi Arias. Stunning!

  31. Justobserving

    ALV was very arrogant on the stand yesterday. Her body language, facial expressions, and answers revealed a sense of her own superiority and self importance. Take a look at her resume to see her ” peacock” display. Anyway, somewhere on the World Wide Web yesterday, I viewed the after court video where Nurmi hugged her and Juror #5 could be seen sitting talking to the court person. I noticed that the lady in the first row on Jodi’s side of the gallery walked out arms around each other, with Alyce! She is the one who laughed VERY loudly when Alyce flippantly responded to JM, ” are you angry with me?” Is this Alyce’s moral support in trial? How are they connected, I wonder? Will Nurmi request a mistrial due to spectator outburst, on Monday? Just wondering…

    • Lori

      Those stupid women laughing pissed me off so bad. How inappropriate. It figures they would be Alyce’s friends. Makes perfect sense her friends are immature, just like she is. Thats how she strikes me anyway. Like this is some big joke. I think they should have been removed immediately from the court room and not allowed back in, or at the very least, hit with a nice fine.

      • Justobserving

        I do think at the very least, the judge will admonish the gallery in general on Monday. But, I think she should warn ALV to have her friend STFU or do not attend the trial. I’m curious who will bring up the matter Monday.

      • Lori

        Yes, they definitely need to STFU. And they keep replaying that part over and over on hln and it makes me equally angry every time I see it. That one with the brown hair who started all of the laughter is all into it, actually throwing her head back as she laughs like she at a freaking comedy show or something. Completely uncalled for and uncool. She’s probably Alyce’s girlfriend/wife.

      • Tango

        I think that was just awful. If it was reversed, and a case with a male defendant who butchered a woman, with men in the courtroom laughing at a pompous male psychologist, people would be outraged.

      • liz kelly

        It seens like the defense team and there witness,are gaining up on JM.I really think they are all men haters.YES I said it.That response from” miss” LAVIOLET,and the laughter was a bit much.I hope JM reaps her apart.the whole trial is a joke.”self defense,PLEASE…………….give me a break.

      • I agree wholeheartedly @Lori. A court of law should mandate decorum….no exceptions. First infraction of the rules and you’re out!

  32. Finncess1

    I like Juan Martinez style of questioning but I think he made a mistake and goofed when he tackled the “Snow-White” tale! He already had lots of good evidence and could have used Ms. Laviolette to his advantage by stating that it seems that Travis is on trial and the victim here not Ms. Arias! I belive in “eye for an eye” and that Jodi should be punished to the full extent of the law. I hope Juan will calm down a bit as he doesn’t need these theatrics!

  33. Nan

    Snow White and the seven dwarfs? That skit was better than SNL!! I am still laughing? At least all the drama was broken up a little bit through laughter.

  34. Dlister

    My thoughts on JM’s style — is that I believe it is totally ingrained, it’s natural and who he is as a prosecutor. I honestly do not feel the sense that he’s grandstanding or “trying” to act like a hard ass; it really does come naturally as part of his training and more than 25 years of doing it.

    I also believe and would bet on that he had had a prosecutor as a mentor during law school or internship whose style was very similar. Again, just my opinion.

  35. alovelywoman

    Juan Martinez is doing exactly what he should be doing. Yes, he is mad at LV because she and the defense decided to put Travis on trial. This “expert’s” testimony is based on the lies that Jodi told her and emails, text messages, etc. She never knew Travis nor did she talk to any of the people who knew them. This woman’s testimony is complete hogwash. She and Jodi’s team ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  36. MeMyself

    Alyce Laviolette’s video on youtube titled Gender Fairytales and Domestic Violence was very interesting. Early on in the presentation, Aat the 8:40 mark, Alyce gave an illustration of an ancient SouthEastern Petrogliph of a woman in labor. The woman’s husband was up in the rafters with 2 ropes tied to his genitals. Every time the woman had a contraction, she would pull the rope. After reciting this account, Alyce says, “I think this is a really good idea!” that was met by bursts of laughter from the women in the audience, and a groan can be heard from a guy in the audience.

    No wonder everyone is calling her a man hater. She obviously doesn’t hide her feelings about men. Also, the whole way through her presentation, she is cracking jokes. It looks more like a comedy stand-up routine than a lecture on domestic violence. She is trying to pull this same stunt with Juan Martinez with her witty retorts. How unprofessional!

  37. Cb

    Has anyone actually reviewed Alyce LaViolette’s presentation ‘the Snow White -Wicked Witch Conversion Theory’? If you had, you would realize that her presentation has nothing to do with her evaluation of Jodi Arias. It seems that we are forgetting that Alyce LaViolette’s opinions are expert opinions developed based on her experience as a whole. She deserves enough respect to not be yelled at and to explain her answers appropriately. This does not mean that I believe that travis deserved to die nor do I think that jodi is innocent. It also does not mean that I do not understand that Juan Martinez is the voice for Travis and his family. I do know this but Alyce did not kill Travis and she also did not ‘make up’ her assessment. She may not have had all the facts or she may have based her opinions on lies but why doesn’t Martinez just ask her about that.

  38. Tango

    From what I saw, he asked her. He asked her the same question four times and kept explaining… “You read the Journals, correct? Can you state one thing in any of them that Jodi said negative about Travis?” “JUST ONE THING. Can you tell us one thing? Anything?” He got no answer, just a dumb look and then she would ask what part specifically, and could he show her a part …. Then Jodi’s attorney objects….It was like pulling teeth.

    • Snow White

      They said the journals were thousands of pages. She asked him to direct her to what he was referring to and he just kept yelling and asking if she remembers saying she read the journals. She then gave examples of negatives Jodi had wrote about and he didn’t like her answer so he started with his standard “Did I ask you about that?”

      I was pissed at him at that point so I guess people can see the same thing and have different takes on it. I just don’t see how he’s helping his case by acting like that.

    • khintx

      The defense has presented LV as their chief witness, the one who put their entire story together, the one whom Wilmott (if she closes) will use as her basic argument for their self-defense case. Martinez mustn’t appear afraid to tackle all her main assertions. And she immediately became defensive, unprofessional and undignified at cross. I am sure the defense team is unhappy with her performance and are lecturing her on how to behave lest she lose what little credibility she has left. The defense should be afraid. Very afraid. kh

      • Snow White

        Actually, defense counsel was smirking along with the witness when Juan went off. I think they are actually glad when he does that.

    • liz kelly

      Everything JM is doing you better believe it;s for a reason.Thats his style and he is sticking to it………..

  39. puravidacostarica

    Alyce LaViolette is a sorry excuse for a mental health “professional” or, God knows, an “expert” in her field. It is a carefully constructed fantasy based on her own ego-driven desire for recognition. She took this case perhaps with good intentions, but she was sucked in by Jodi’s sociopathic, was ill-equipped to even RECOGNIZE her personality disorders, and then decided — WTF — “I’ve invested this much time anyway; I might as well milk it and make a buck. I have a mortgage I’d like to pay off.” She deserves every single negative review posted about her on Amazon. She is, in three words, “a national joke.”

    • Dlister

      From your dismissive comment above to an intelligent post (Cb) and this, I get that you absolutely detest this woman you never met. Just wondering why you hate her so much.

      • puravidacostarica

        Because in a blog, you can state your opinions and comments, dismissively or not, because — hello? — it’s a blog. This woman makes a mockery of expert witnesses in her inability to rein it in when she’s on the stand on cross. Anyone worthy of the title “expert” knows how not to let someone push your buttons on cross. But push away on a blog! Only the over-sensitive take offense at someone’s response to a comment. When you’re a so-called expert being paid for your “expertise,” you leave your thin skin at the door before you step into that courtroom. :-)

      • Dlister

        The fact that this is a blog and you can state your opinion is obvious but immaterial.

        My opinion is that this witness really befuddles me (“scrambles my brain! :) ) because I’m not hearing much of anything from her that makes direct sense or relevance to this case. It’s very obfuscating. Imagine how dang confused and bewildered the poor jury must be by now. Where do they even begin to sort through all the muddled, indirect, obfuscations from Samuels and now LaViolette? I do not envy those folks and yet I do love intellectual challenges. In short … oy vey!

  40. puravidacostarica

    **sociopathic traits.

  41. Juan is an obnoxious little fuck, and I believe his antics are going to result in a murder 2 conviction of a person guilty of murder 1.

    He gets so caught up in his own blowhard questions that he forgets what he’s asked. First, he asked Alyce to name one place where Jodi had written anything bad about Travis, and obviously thought he’d asked her to point out where she’d written anything bad about herself. He forgets his point so often it’s maddening.

    If I was sitting on this jury, which has been shown to have such succinct and pertinent questions of its own, listening to his Snow White line of questioning, I’d be outraged at his abuse of my time.

    He’s a hotdogging little showboat, and to those pointing to his conviction rate, get over it. Most prosecutors have extremely high conviction rates. After all, they choose which cases to prosecute. Weak cases are plead out.

    • bevviehedstrom

      Word. Juan Martinez is the worst. Here’s hoping at least one of jurors sees this rabid little famewhore the way we do.

  42. Tango

    Oh please.. This case does disservice to truly battered women.

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