It’s Time for Bravo Upfronts! Housewives Spoiler Alert!

Woke up this morning to this picture in my inbox.

Woke up this morning to this picture in my inbox.

Tonight Andy has 99 problems and they are all bitches, it’s called the Bravo upfronts! It seems like just yesterday that Sheree Whitfield got fired just before the Bravo Upfronts. But in reality that was a full year ago.  Last year at this time, the upfronts party was televised on WWHL. That was a straight up disaster! But live party or no, the upfronts are usually very informative. We can tell who is coming back for another season by who shows up. Here is the tea…

UPDATE: Kim Richards and Heather Dubrow were both reportedly absent from upfronts. No idea if they had a note. Did Heather have a prior commitment or did she quit mid-season a la Kim Zolciak? (Update again, Heather says she has spring break with the kids already planned. Didn’t Kim Z already use that excuse once?) Has Kim Richards finally had enough? Or is this yet another accommodation?

nene99bitchesSo let’s start with the bad news. Kenya Moore was on the same flight as Nene to NYC. This means that everyone from RHOA is in NYC, expect Phaedra. Phaedra has been having a bit of a rough pregnancy and I think she may be on bedrest for the duration of her term. The rumor mill is that it is nothing that major, but Phaedra just needs to take it easy. Kim is there promoting her show and RHOA. Now there is the possibility that Kenya is not invited to upfronts and is only in town for a party she is hosting in NYC tomorrow night. We can only hope. But there is a strong possibility she is in for next season. The good news is Porsha is there and definitely at upfronts. YAY.

As for RHOBH, the big news is Taylor is there. Yolanda has been in NYC with her daughter interviewing at colleges. Her health has not improved despite her treatment in Florida ending. It’s unclear if she is well enough to go to the event, or if she was invited to attend at all. Did I mention Taylor is there? Shockingly, Lisa is there and Gleb went with her so they can rehearse in NYC while she promotes Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH. And Taylor is there.

Not sure who is there from RHOM but everyone is coming back except KarnenT. Somehow RHOM is always the ugly stepchild that doesn’t always get invited to the ball.

RHNOJ has both Tre and Melissa there. We already know everyone is back filming. Caroline is on a book tour. Dunno who will show up but I hope they can all share a table without flipping it.

And then there is RHONY. Ramona is the only one tweeting about going. The rest are surprisingly quiet.  Sonja has not tweeted all day. She may be passed out somewhere. Luann is tweeting about other things with no mention AT ALL of upfronts. In fact none has mentioned upfronts except Ramona. That is interesting. I will keep and eye on the RHONY gang and see what is up. I read a tweet from Carole yesterday that made me think filming had started with her. We shall see. Naughty but Nice Rob is reporting that Carole, Heather and Ramona are the only ones asked back so far. That supports my theory that Carole filmed a scene yesterday but can’t mention it yet.  Luann, Sonja and Aviva have reportedly not been offered a contract or officially let go yet. Sonja will be devasted. The scene that Carole filmed this week with Heather and Ramona was the Summer by Bravo commerical.

So that’s the late night tea for y’all. Thoughts?


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58 responses to “It’s Time for Bravo Upfronts! Housewives Spoiler Alert!

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Why can’t Bravo just let Shana go be with her still married man in those ski mountains she speaks of all the time? I just don’t get it. There’s nothing fabulous or in the least entertaining about Lips. Go away!

  2. Great! Tea Love it I guess this means Taylor will be back even though I heard she wasn’t. I sure hope Yolanda will be back. Never heard of this upfront before

  3. isabella j.

    LOL, truly made me laugh, thank you!!

  4. Jennifer N

    What about Kim and Kyle… Do you think they’re coming back? I hope not!

    • Kyle is there with Mauricio….sigh. And not sure about Kim, but I am sure she will come back. Everyone RHOBH is in town for sure except Kim who is probably there but I’m not sure.

    • kym

      Kim doesn’t have to come back. She can come to parties or “celebrations”, but I don’t want to follow her for the next season. I can’t stand her.


    LOL LOL at the Taylor is there….

  6. myinfo

    I like Taylor this year. I do not like Kenya but she brings the drama so she will be back. I am over RHOA and RHOBH.

    I moving on to Duck Dynasty where you see love vs hate and drama.

  7. grandmalou

    Hey Tamara, thanks for the sweet tea. BTW, regarding RHOA, was Taylor there? :-)
    Maybe she’s there for the big after Easter Sale at Macy’s..We can only hope.

  8. MsHousewife

    Wow Tamara I know you don’t like Kenya but she ain’t that bad, she was there on the carpet and taking pics and everything.

  9. Just read a article that said LuAnn was fired as was Ramona and Carole as well as Sonja. If Ramona is tweeting about going I doubt she is gone.

    • I wrote that wrong I’m sorry . I meant that I read a article saying LuAnn was fired and .LuAnn was not invited to the upfrnt party and the others were going and she was mad.

      • The only women from the RHONY that attended the event were Heather, Carole and Sonja. I think it says a lot that the other weren’t there considering it’s the city they live in. I’m sure the ones not attending will say they were out of town because if they were in NY and didn’t show up, it’s because they weren’t invited.

      • Sorry, the ladies who attended were Heather, Carole and RAMONA, Sonja was not there.

      • Gosh, I should have mentioned that Luann, Sonja and Aviva got the ax in my post…OH WAIT… /bangs head

  10. Jennifer N

    You always have the greatest tea!! Thanks for all of the updates!

  11. I dunno where you read that (and I don’t want to know) buy I doubt they are going with heather, aviva and some new people. I’m just saying. Your source doesn’t sound very reliable.

  12. Lawyer lady

    Phaedra was there, Andy tweeted a pic with her. Bummer to hear about Kenya.

  13. jakies mom

    Kim Richards isn’t there and hasn’t been tweeting about turtles for the last few days. Yolanda is there and was at the Upfronts tonight. Andy tweeted some pics. MJ. Reza, Lilly and her makeup artist and everyone else but Sammy are there.
    Many of them were roaming Soho this morning.

  14. OOOOH very surprised to hear Phaedra is there. Thanks.

    Naughty but Nice Rob has good RHONY sources and he is saying this today. (I edited the article but didn’t want Kathy to miss this.

    Naughty but Nice Rob is reporting that Carole, Heather and Ramona are the only ones asked back so far. That supports my theory that Carole filmed a scene yesterday but can’t mention it yet. Luann, Sonja and Aviva have reportedly not been offered a contract or officially let go yet. Sonja will be devasted.

  15. Why say Phaedra was on bed rest then the next sentence say oh she’s Big And Preggo

    • OMG Eat the cake anna mae is back! I thought you left me forever. I love your screen name so much!

      Anyway, Phaedra is supposed to be on bed rest. She’s not very good at it. She hasn’t been having an easy pregnancy. I am very surprised she is there.

      • Mocha_2009

        Not only is she there but she was wearing some sky-high shoes! I don’t get it! BTW, I hope she’s there for her spinoff and she’s gone from RHOA! I really didn’t like her this season

  16. Not surprised Kenya is there. Andy loves him some Kenya and Porsha. I knew they’d be back. I’m especially glad that Porsha is standing strong and doing what Kordellia forbade her to do: get back in bed with Bravo.

    I love Kenya, Porsha, Cynthia and Nene so I”m elated they’ll be carrying the show net year.. Even when their drama grows tedious, they are still great to look at. Kim is irrelevant and the trolls Kandi and Phaedra could have stayed home. They are boring and definitely NOT eye candy.

  17. Interesting. For some reason I’m not surprised by Taylor being there even though she has no storyline. Also not surprised by Kenya being there. I like Porsha and am sure if she returns, the divorce and recovery from it will be her storyline. I guess we just all have to be happy that Faye is still not being shown love by Andy/Bravo. You know her producer credit pal Kyle would love to have her there full time.

  18. What does “Upfront” mean? Is this when they create the next horrid summer commercial?

  19. Upfronts are when networks announce the line-ups for the upcoming season so that advertisers can buy commercial time ….well…upfront before the shows air. The cast from everything shows up and the press does interviews all day and there is a big party.

  20. Taylor brought it at Lisa’s tea party so I’m glad she is back. I’d like a little drama that doesn’t involve Adrienne or the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick next season.

    Sad to hear that Ramona is back and especially that she out lasted Luann.

    Also can not understand why you like Porsha and dislike Kenya. Porsha is mean girl in high school dumb. Kenya at least brings the right level of crazy. I guess it might be funny to see Kenya laughing about Porsha’s failed marriage.

    • pfffttt

      They actually cut a scene with Taylor drunk and screaming at Adrienne, but it will be shown in next week’s “Lost footage.” I’ve got to admit, I’ve softened my stance on Taylor and kind of like her and want to see her move on with her life. It would be weird if Bravo dropped her…

      • I think Taylor is a liar and a con artist. I doubt that her lover’s wife and children appreciate them flaunting their affaie on tv. Bravo is despicable for keeping taylor

    • Susan

      On Porshas marriage at least she got married. Kenya seems to beg for a marriage proposal and can’t get one. I guess she could always marry herself. I like Porsha, but she is very imature for her age. I don’t know but it looks like she has been protected by family most of her adult life. I am glad she stood her ground at Kenyas party. Kenya on the other hand is just plain MEAN. She knows what she says to people to hurt them and she revells in it. If that is how so called beauty qeens acts they need a slap upside the head and come down to the real world. Youth is fleeting being a decent person lasts forever. Kenya is nasty nasty nasty, and if she thinks she is acting like a lady she needs to find out the meaning of the word. Her comments on the show just clinch the me me me me me of Kenya and she is wrong wrong wrong. You might say I don’t like her and if she is back on the show I will not be watching HWOA any more. Well I feel better now that I got that off of my chest. Yall have a good one.

  21. RealitySuxx

    Kandi posted a pic of herself, Phaedra and Chef Roble in NYC … so Phae-Ohae is ok..and hopefully this means Chef Roble’s show is returning.

  22. Me and Tina Fey will not stand for Sonja to not be invited back. We want to see that toaster oven! Signed, Not Tina Fey

  23. Thanks for the info Ms. Tamara. I am wearing new glasses so I might have missed some tea. Is Kandi there or not? I hope Kim is there ONLY for her show.

  24. cns

    I was hoping that Porsha would not be back. She’s ignorant and she thinks it cute but Bravo needs the new drama of watching poor little Porsha get dragged through to mud by her soon to be ex. I wonder will that humble her will it make her a bigger narcissist like Teresa Giudice. I hope she brings more to her story line that her divorce and “singing career.” I would actually like to see her and Kenya compete for dates. Now that would be funny to me.

  25. vivaladiva831

    i knew carole would be back! being kissing cousins with jackie o will def get you on shows. i love her!

  26. Girl Plz...

    “So let’s start with the bad news”………
    Well, i guess she’ll have her ‘African Tycoon’ filming with her next season……

  27. Eve

    Yuck……that pic of Nene the moose is nauseating. I can see it being used when she joins the WWE cast.
    I am hoping because of Lie-ann’s no show that they finally canned her. She needs to join the cast of Sinkhole, no return.

  28. Katrina

    I noticed in the picture that Nene and Phaedra have the same expression. That is too funny. They must be talking about each other!

  29. Katrina

    Lisa Wu-Hartwell went the upfronts and was realesed from her contract in Season 3. I don’t remember Kim Z. ever going to the upfronts, while being on RHOA. Kim always had an excuse.

  30. RealitySux

    OKAY – y’all read over on SFTA that Nene is “recounting” her friendship with Kim???…LOL..says “friend” is too strong a word?? Yeah… publicity stunt, like I thought. LOL

  31. Nene’s pic as a cartoon is just Classic I love it way to much lmao !!!!! Legit !!!

  32. I really hope if Kyle comes back she will try to Support her sister Kim a lot more then she does cuz I know from the show she don’t and that’s so sad an I also know that Kim’s Problems go way back an Kyle is the Biggest one of Kim’s so it goes.

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