Shain Gandee Confirmed Dead After Three Bodies Found in Search

shane gandee

Latest Update from WCHS (6:30 pm): “The vehicle and bodies were found by one of Shain Gandee’s friends who was searching the trails and ridges in the area for him and the others. The vehicle sat evenly, but upright, and was partially submerged in deep mud. Mud was covering the lower part of the passenger side door of the vehicle, but the driver’s side of the vehicle was above the mud. The muffler of the vehicle was completely below the surface of the mud.

Deputies said the Bronco was found next to a ridge-top trail, and the section of the trail was passable for four-wheel drive vehicles. But the Bronco was in a mud pit next to the trail. The area is accessed by following the wooded trails for about one mile from Shain Gandee’s residence, near Thaxton Hollow in Sissonville.

Shain Gandee’s body was in the driver’s seat of the Bronco, the release said. The Bronco was removed from the mud by a bulldozer.

The bodies were removed from the vehicle and have been taken to the state medical examiner’s office. Autopsies will be performed to determine the cause of the deaths. “

Sounds like carbon monoxide could be a likely cause of death…

UPDATE AGAIN: MTV was there with cameras FILMING season 2 of Buckwild. MTV actually provided an ATV for the police to get to the scene of accident according to a televised live report from WCHS-TV. Because the scene was discovered by someone on an ATV, and MTV provided an ATV for the emergency team to get to the off-road site, it is not a far stretch to assume that an MTV crew member is the one who reported the deaths. That puts MTV in a very precarious legal position. (Not to mention it means Season 2 probably will not air.)

Who is the third victim in the Shane Gandee accident? Could it be a member of MTV filming crew?

Update: According to WCHS Family members confirmed the identity of the third person found dead in a vehicle along with “Buckwild” cast member Shain Gandee and his uncle, David.

Robert Myers, 27, was the other person who was found dead in the vehicle, family members said. Myers, a friend of Shain Gandee’s family, worked at the Subway on Tuppers Creek.

To be clear, “four wheeling” (or in this case muddin’)  is done off roads. The three occupants of the truck were out in the woods drunk behind the wheel driving recklessly. I don’t know any other way to explain what four wheeling is to those who don’t know. So the likely conclusion is that the truck met a tree and the tree won. This has not been confirmed. It could have been an alien attack, or food poisoning or a drug overdose. The most likely scenario however is a run in between the truck and a stationary object such as a tree.

I didn’t watch much of BUCKWILD on MTV but on the episodes I did see Shain Gandee was clearly the star and a likeable guy. Sadly, West Virginia law inforcement is reporting that Shain has gone missing and three bodies have been found in his neighborhood.

According to Channel 12 WBOY

Metro 911 dispatchers tell us 3 bodies have been found in ‘Buckwild’ star Shain Gandee’s neighborhood. The bodies were found on Wolf Pen Rd.


Scene outside Gandee family home…

Shain Gandee and his uncle, David Gandee, have not been seen or heard from since early Sunday morning.The men were last seen leaving Larry’s Bar in Sissonville around 3 a.m. on Sunday. The two men told friends they were going four-wheeling in Shain’s Ford Bronco. Family and friends spent most of Sunday trying to find them before calling 911.

Story Developing…

UPDATE: PER WCHS: Three people were found dead Monday in the Sissonville area in a vehicle, including “Buckwild” cast member Shain Gandee, Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper said.

Family members and emergency personnel at the scene also said Shain Gandee was found in the vehicle dead along with his uncle, David. The two men had been reported missing for about 31 hours. The name of the other person who was found in the vehicle was unavailable.

A person on a four-wheeler discovered three unresponsive people in a vehicle Monday morning. Emergency responders converged in the Wolf Pen Road area in Sissonville after reports that a vehicle had been discovered.


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92 responses to “Shain Gandee Confirmed Dead After Three Bodies Found in Search

  1. Oh this is terrible I did not watch all the episodes either but Shane was my favorite. How sad

  2. The lesson here is, if you drink in a bar until 3 am, perhaps four wheelin’ in yer truck is not the best thing to do afterward. Go to the waffle house like normal people.

    • When will they learn they are not invincible

    • Nick

      tamaratattles do you not realize that a young kid lost their life on his 21st birthday an you wanna talk about lessons being learned an being normal! Well as far as i am concerned you are the one that is not normal that was very rude to say an horrible timing! My thoughts an prayers go out to all the friends an family of shain gandee

      • I can’t think of a better time to talk about it actually. Doing dumb shit WILL get you killed.

        MTV glorifying this behaviour, teen pregs, guidos getting trashed and randomly punching each other in the face? They basically have challenged all these kids to risk their lives in the craziest ways in order to remain interesting.

      • b

        MTV is just recording how a large majority of our young people already live.

      • dumbasskidsYOLO

        well said teecee66 couldnt of said it better.

      • Nick

        you cannot be serious right now don’t you understand??? are you not human that young man has family that is missing him right now an you guys can say this type of stuff?? what is wrong with you? yall must have been dropped on your heads as babies cause the way you talk theres no way that yall are even remotely close to being mentally stable…how would you feel if it was your brother sister or your own kids??? WE ARE HUMAN point blank motherfuckin period we all make mistakes in life…So how about You Teecee66 an dumbasskidsYOLO think twice before opening your mouths about someone who has just lost their life…Your breath smells like bath water an elephant nut

      • There. That post. The person talking about elephant scrotum. That is why government and societal intervention in natural selection has dumbed down our population. Let those who are dumb enough to do this shit die, I guess. That’s a better reaction than trying to make people understand why it happened. Blame god and be careful not to fall off the edge of the world because it’s flat.

      • lilbitmore2

        The truth should hurt. Why wait until another young person on these stupid shows are killed, just to make MTV look good. Good job Tamara

    • Brenda

      Tamara, you are very blunt here.. but let me help you out a bit.. just because your go 4 wheelen dosent meant you have to be drunk to do it.. the way you wrote your blog is just crazy … do you read what you post prior to posting.. it sounds like you are telling people that when you go 4 wheelen you have to be drunk.. Everyone that watched buckwild knew that Shaine was a happy guy and loved to drink.. that was his choice.. When done properly 4 wheelen can be fun & there is always a risk with it weather you are drunk or not.. for all our sakes and anyone else that googles Shaine misfortune.. read what you post and think prior to posting.. have some cooth..
      Shaine may you rest in peace and watch over your family & friends..

      • Jaded

        Brenda you seem to be confusing what has been written about this specific incident with all instances of “4 wheelen”. At no point did Tamara state or imply that you have to be drunk to engage in this activity. She did report factually about the events of the night directly before this incident. Anything else you have inferred.

        Btw perhaps you should read what you write before you post… It is doesn’t not dosent, whether not weather, couth not cooth, wheeling not wheelen, and you have agreed that “everyone knew” he was a drinker.

  3. Dede

    I never watched the show, but am praying for them.

  4. Mel

    So sad! He was a likeable guy. Stupid drunk mistake that cost 3 people their lives.

  5. Tamara

    It’s sad no matter how you look at it

  6. Wow this is sooooo sad!!! He was a really sweet and funny guy from the show! This is so crazy… I wonder what happened

  7. What the hail??? Is it clear that a car wreck is what killed them?

    • carbon monoxide poisoning could of been the cause of death have you never been mudding do you even know the definition or anything about cars the truck was found with the exhaust buried in mud if the truck was on which im sure it was because who wants to be cold the all of the exhaust fumes would fill into the cabin of the truck killing anyone inside you say car wreck because of this post in which no facts as to their death are stated and you have the nerve to talk about mtv putting bad habits in peoples head how about the article that you just read putting that dumb shit in yours with no evidence

    • Ignorant people suck!

      Ha!Ha! Dont you feel stupid? Car accident ?maybe you should close your mouth and pay attention then maybe just maybe your comments wont sound so stupid!

      • So you missed the part where Shain crashed his truck into a mudhole and it had to be removed by a bulldozer? You don’t call that an accident? You are from West Virginia aren’t you?

  8. Megan1920

    So sad. He was definitely the star of the show. Never a dull moment with him on screen. My prayers go out to his family, friends, and cast of Buckwild. Shain may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Love you all <3

  9. sammiejane

    This unfortunate incident happened to a very likable and lovable person. There was never a conflict when it came to him and he was a very dear heart. My heart goes out to his family. <3

  10. peachteachr

    You rear your children the best you can. When they are little and sick you take them to the doctor and then the bottle says ‘Give at 7, 3, and 10.’ One day they get behind the wheel of a vehicle and then the worries start. A part of growing old is feeling invincible for a while. That has always been true. May all who hurt receive comfort.

  11. Audra

    So sad, praying for his family. I have a 22 and 19 year old and I can’t imagine going through this. I hope this opens the eyes of teenagers/young adults….remember you are not invincible!

  12. Ncfinedime

    Wow what a sensitive article. And I havent heard it was a drunk driving incident where did you get this information that the “tree won”?

    • You are from North Carolina and you don’t understand off road four wheeling? Really? How exactly do you presume he died? And yes, it’s sad. It’s he was very likeable on Buckwild. However, he died in a very reckless manner. How else would you like me to say it?

      • Ncfinedime

        Im from Nc and I dont understand 4 wheelin muddin or any of the above. Abd i teally dont want to assume how he died.

      • You don’t have to assume. He went to a bar and got drunk, went out in his truck with two others and drove recklessly in an off-road situation. Everyone died. No speculation. He either ran into something or got stuck in a hole and died of carbon monoxide. Six of one…

      • TaraM

        Wow you are probably the biggest idiot on the planet…

      • C Stephens

        Really doesn’t matter how…”why” is what we all should be saying, such a waste

      • carbon monoxide poisoning is a reasonable assumption do you know anything about vehicles the exhaust was buried in mud causing the exhaust fumes to fill into the cabin of the vehicle stupid people should have the facts before they make accusations

      • Your name is supposed to be ironic, right?

      • lol. okay that was worth me having to scroll through all the comments looking for yours. /giggles.

  13. It was carbon monoxide poisoning according to other sites…Question I’m wondering if the 3rd person may have been a cameraman??

    • Hmmm that is an interesting question.

      Also, I know Reality Tea is saying carbon monoxide, Rumor Fix swears they were shot. There has been no official cause of death yet. It’s most likely they had an accident or got stuck in a mudhole and slept with the heat on causing carbon monoxide. I doubt anyone came out into the wood to shoot them like Rumor Fix seems to think. Generally, when you see horseprints you don’t assume it is zebras, or unicorns. We shall see.

  14. Jordan

    How about showing some respect? There is nothing funny about the death of a young man. His parents have to bury their baby now and no parent should have to do that. Whether or not you agree with his activities doesn’t matter anymore. And for those who think this is the time to preach, get off your high horse and go host a seminar or something because no one here cares.

    • No one here cares? You speak for the blog?

    • KWM

      When should we preach? I work in a field that lately has had it share of accidents relating in death. It drives me crazy when people say now is not the time to preach and speculate, well then when the hell is, when the next accident kills someone or the one after that.

      Now is absolutely the time to discuss such things. We live in a society of 24 hour news, if we wait for what you may perceive as the “appropriate time” to discuss this people will be on to the next big news story.

      Whatever the accident, the fact of the matter is that is occurred after spending a night drinking, alcohol will most likely be found as a contributing factor to their deaths.

    • TaraM

      Nobody is laughing about his death they are simply stating facts to prevent someone else from making the same mistake.

  15. mudweiser

    Hate to hear of anyone dying so young, thoughts and prayers out to friends and family. These southern rednecks are good hearted and natured people, so before u judge someone u don’t know, I can bet you that these people wouldn’t talk trash if you died instead…how do I know? Cuz I’m a pistol packin mud slingin redneck the see how Darryl helps in the walking dead? Best thing u can do is shut up watch and learn…when the time comes that “redneck” or hillbilly just might save your tail! Rip candy

  16. Trinity

    This is realy sad I watch every single one and he was so funny! The show “buckwild” will never be the same “sadly”:(

  17. Jenny

    i watched every single episode of buckwild and he was my favorite person on that show. he was so likeable and he didn’t care about anything he was so worry free. #RIP

  18. Sammy

    I never thought any thing like this would happen especially to Shane I watched the show all the time and it was horrible when I heard that Shane died :(:(:(:(

  19. Is this the appropriate time to discuss the differences between the terms hillbilly and redneck? No? Ok, I can wait.

  20. Sammy

    no parent should ever have to bury Their child he was so young some times I wonder why god takes young people

  21. And here comes the influx of people that need to understand the lesson in Shain’s death.

    How would you answer their comments of “I can’t believe this could happen?” “He was so young?” “How could God let this happen?” etc….

    • puravidacostarica

      Well, not to sound coldhearted, but I tend to believe that when your number is up, it’s up…whether you’re on a plane, train, automobile or out muddin’ at 3:00 a.m. Doesn’t mean one shouldn’t mourn for a loved one; just mourn that their number was set so low. (Since I also tend to believe in reincarnation, that means we’ll all be back with a new number eventually.) :-)

  22. marehoop

    Sad news…I watched all the episode of Buckwild and Shane was a fun loving guy just living life…

    Let this be a lesson learned for others…

  23. Guys calm down. I bet its just a april fools joke.

  24. Two people missing, three people found. I think this might be ab Easter miracle.

  25. Such a terrible loss. So saddened to hear of the breaking news. It doesn’t seem real. Don’t know him at all but he brought a big smile to my face. May his memories live on and help heal the hearts of his loved ones. Rip Shaine…

  26. Looks like the show is permanently cancelled via reports from deadline.

    • I can’t see any other choice. They are in for a whopping law suit. Cast members tweeting fans asking for ideas about dangerous things they can do on the show.

      • lilkunta

        teecee: who is in for a lawsuit> mtv or zoo production ? and why ?
        muddin is something shain did BEFORE Mtv. drinking is something he did BEFORE mtv. Plus even if shain wasnt 21, he was in the company of his adult legal guardian uncle, so isnt drinking then ok?( drinking & driving isnt ok however)

    • C Stephens

      If he hadn’t die doing the kinds of things the show promoted…it might have continued, but under the circumstances..the show was definitely killed too.

  27. destinee

    Is the show buckwild completely over like forever?

  28. farrah

    ya know it sucks to hear this news. my
    mom by accident hit a man that was drunk leaving a bar. She wasnt cited. He was leaving the bar badly intoxicated. Others don’tunderstand there were two victims that day. this goes to show you drinking and driving can always meet with tragic consequence. even though my mom lived, she has to remember that night forever. Noone in his family went to her to apologize. the man died, but playing in the road drunk isnt an intelligable thing to do! many comments regarding the accident from those with no factual information put her at blame. she stopped and rendered aid. Im sorry to put this whole story out like this. if people thought about the repercussion before drinking there wouldnt be so many alcohol related fatalities.

    • Sorry that happened to your Mom Farrah, unfortunately too many people have a few too many drinks and instead of calling a friend or a cab try to drive home but are too impaired to realize that they can’t :(

    • So…someone needs to apologize to the mud?

    • lilkunta

      farah, why should the drunk man’s family apologise to you? YOUR MOM HIT AND KILLED HIM. By ‘leaving’ I am assuming you mean the drunk guy was walking. Walking & being drunk isnt a crime. One could be walking home from the bar bc they dont want to drive.

      • Jaded

        Actually there are ways where it is the pedestrian’s fault. This happened to a woman I used to work with also. She was driving along doing less than the speed limit and a drunk young man stepped onto the road directly in front of her and she saw him then felt the impact immediately. Although she braked straight away, there was no way to avoid hitting him. He didn’t die but was critically injured. Ultimately the police charged him and not her.
        Perhaps you should think about the effect on the driver, as I know she was devastated and kept replaying the accident over and over. She avoids driving unless in emergencies now even though she has sought counselling.

      • Walking around drunk on a highway is, in fact, illegal where I live.

  29. farrah

    Rip To all three victims and prayers for their friends and family. I hope this will be a lesson as well as several other tragic fatalities out there to young people. Take a taxi home! Your reaction to being a defensive driver, or going by the laws of the road are highly impaired. This is why drinking and driving is illegal. Its not all about you, someone else can meet with a horrible fate due to your incognance.

  30. Sasha92841

    That is sad Shain will be missed I like watching buckwild those kids really no the meaning of having fun The Gandee Candee will be missed RIP Shain.

  31. k, law

    This is so sad, he was my favorite person on the show. No matter what happen 3 people lost there life to soon lets not talk about how it was stupid to go mudding lets remember the lifes that where lost.
    Prayers to his family and to the other cast of buckwild

  32. vivaladiva831

    it sounds like carbon monoxide poisoning, unfortunately. we had a young high school couple in town who while at a party, and drinking, went out to the girl’s car to be intimate and turned the car and heater on (this was during winter). they found the girl dead the next morning and the boy near death, in the car with the engine running and the doors locked. they had just gone to sleep. this story is so sad but if it is the case i hope their families can take solace in the fact that it was a peaceful death.

  33. That was a fast Autopsy!

    Shain Gandee, the star of MTV’s “Buckwild” reality show, died of carbon monoxide poisoning inside a Ford Bronco that was partially submerged in deep mud near his home in rural West Virginia, according to autopsy results released today.

    The deaths of Gandee and two others in the vehicle were ruled accidental, Cpl. B.D. Humphreys of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office told Tuesday afternoon.

  34. So…why didnt anyone crack a window? These people work on cars and motarized crap. They HAVE to know about carbon monoxide. Right? We’re they incapacitated? I just don’t get it. At the risk of being yelled at for insensitivity.

  35. It was cold. Of course they could have busted out the window (that is how they got them out of the car in the first place) and walked the 1.5 miles to his house. If they had thought of that.

    • DJ

      Oh crap! I don’t know how that happened. I only copied the last part about the Sheriff’s Office report. I AM SO SORRY. Please delete it.

      EDIT: In a subsequent release, the Sheriff’s Office said the vehicle was partially submerged in mud. It was uneven but upright; its muffler was below the surface.

      Mud covered the lower part of the Bronco’s passenger side door, but the driver’s side, where the younger Gandee sat, was free, the Sheriff’s Office said.

  36. puravidacostarica

    Intelligable. Incognance. Teecee, where are you??? You haven’t gone soft on us, now have you? :-)

  37. The two production companies behind the MTV reality show “Buckwild” have offered to pay for all of Shain Gandee’s funeral expenses, TMZ has learned.

    Parallel Entertainment CEO J.P. Williams — who produces the show with Zoo Productions — tells us, “Shain was a great kid with a big heart who had endless love for his mom and dad.” He adds, “I am from West Virginia and this show reminded me of how I grew up.”

    A public service for Shain will be held this Sunday.

    They will be lucky if that is all they pay for….

  38. I somehow managed to post above the last post… WP is creepy.

    And DJ I managed to post the important part back into your post. :)

    • DJ

      Thanks for fixing that. I don’t know how that got so screwed up. The only thing that I saw in the comment box before I clicked the submit button was the few sentences from the sheriff’s report.

  39. Buckwild Marathon on now. Kind of weird to watch. Meanwhile the girls are all getting tattoos that say NPS which means No Pussy Shit. I envision them explaining that to their grandchildren. If they are luckier than Shain.

  40. Addison

    It’s sad that he only had a little life

    Rest In Peace Shane:(<3

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