Recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 3We start the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 with the ending of the accusations from part one that Yolanda was trash talking Lisa. Lisa says she trusts Yolanda and that her trust with Kyle has been broken and will need to be repaired. This does not sit well with Kyle. The topic quickly comes to an end.

We move on to the Adrienne and Paul drama. Much footage has shown regarding the way Adrienne treated Paul on the show. It seems like a very long montage. Andy asks Kyle what she thought about them since they (Kyle and Adrienne) spent time together. Kyle says she just thought they were cute together with the bickering. Lisa interrupts and says she knew from season one  that Paul had moved out of the house a couple of times because Adrienne told her in confidence (which I guess she is now violating) about the problems they were having. Kyle seem irritated that Lisa knew more about Adrienne than she did or perhaps that she was blabbing. Andy quotes Adrienne saying that she thinks Brandi’s new-found friendship with Paul was thought out and vindictive. Brandi says she is not friends with Paul they are simply cordial. Andy says in the same interview Adrienne plainly states that Brandi destroyed her family. Brandi says “I think we all know that’s not the case now.”  Andy asks Brandi why she thought their marriage was a business relationship and she says because she never saw them being romantic. She said the one time she saw them kiss was when they were in Hawaii and it was so forced she felt badly for them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 3Kyle says she is very shocked about Adrienne dating Sean Stewart. Brandi says that she had dinner with him once and found him to be very lovely. Everyone seems to think it is an odd coupling. Andy asks about the pictures of Adrienne’s back that Bernie posted on his Facebook page. Kyle says they spent a lot of time together and never saw any indication of abuse and that this isn’t the first time Bernie has said things trying to get attention. Brandi says Adrienne walked all over Paul. Taylor had a very uncomfortable expression but says nothing. Lisa said that Adrienne obviously condoned what Bernie said or else she would have denied it. Lisa says that if someone who worked for her had said that about Ken she would have been vociferously denying it. No one believes that Adrienne was abused. In fact, they show a clip of Adrienne doubting Taylor’s abuse. Taylor says that Adrienne gave her no support during her abuse. Bravo is really going all in on Adrienne. Whether or not it is warranted is a matter for debate.

On to Kim’s alcoholism. There was a long montage that has Kim choked up. Kim says she was hurt but a lot of the things she saw from Kyle. Kyle says she was joking. Kim says it’s not a joking matter. Kim feels like she is supported by Kyle when they are together but watching the show was very hurtful. Discussion gets sidetracked by Kim referring back to Yolanda commenting on her memory. Kim seems to want to talk about Yolanda to avoid talking about Kyle. Much bantering back and forth between Yo and Kim. Brandi jumps in to say….are you ready for this?….are you sure??? Okay, Brandi says that Yolanda was not just carrying all of Kim’s luggage through the airport but also her shit-stained pillow! Brandi confirms she means it literally. Kim asks Brandi why that comment was necessary. Kyle asks how she knows. I get a bit sick to my stomach by the imagery. Can we all please move on? No, we can’t. Kim says that there is no need for her to jump in and be mean. She asks if that is what she did to Adrienne. Andy says that Brandi has said that Kim and Kyle don’t like each other. Brandi says that is how it appears to her. Brandi says that Kyle is always the one doubting Kim’s sobriety. Kyle says she doesn’t understand the history between the sisters. Oh Lord…here we go… Andy will not get off the topic. Now he says to Brandi, “You said that certain people want to see Kim fail…” These aren’t even questions Andy. This is not a topic for shit stirring!

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 3Brandi says. “I almost feel like it would make her (Kyle) happy if she (Kim) failed (to stay sober).” Very long pause while everyone’s brain thinks “holy fuck did she really just say that?” Then a loud gasp. You can practically see the simultaneous thought bubbles. A brief eruption of sound by two or three women and Kyle says “Wait, I’m going to say something! You know nothing about the history of what I have gone through with my sister….That is the meanest thing you can say!” Kyle “cries”. Back from commercial same topic. Still going on. Kim is breaking down. She can’t speak. This Humiliation by Bravo with the addicts on their shows needs to stop. This is awful. Kim says she thinks if she relapses again she will die. Lisa and Kyle trade seats so Kyle can sit with Kim. Taylor is physically reaching out to Kim but Kyle is not. Kim is confronting Kyle. Kyle is saying that she misspoke in Paris. Kyle backpedals and never just says “I am sorry, I should not have said what I said.” Andy suddenly asks Brandi to apologize to Kyle. WTF, Andrew? Should we not start the apologies with Kyle to Kim if you are going to play third grade teacher and start suggesting who may or may not owe whom an apology? Brandi apologizes for word choice but reiterates her meaning. Kyle does not apologize to Kim but somehow Andy gets Kim to accept the apology Kyle never gave. Andy suggests that Kim cut Kyle some slack!!! If there was any doubt who Andy likes best we certainly know now it is Kyle. Now that everyone has kissed Kyle’s ass, he is ready to move on. FINALLY.

Just when you think Andy can’t get any more idiotic, he starts talking about the celebrity net worth site as if it is legit. He says they have determined that Adrienne topped the group financially. He ticks off the list of everyone’s imaginary wealth. This is perhaps one of his doucheiest moves. Lisa says if she had $150 million she would not be sitting there on the show. Yolanda is asked why she can’t afford more horses. She explains that she has a budget just like everyone else and to keep a show horse of that quality cost $300-400 thousand a year and she just can’t afford more. Andy finally realizes that he is being ridiculous, the website he was quoting is ridiculous and moves on to talk about sunglasses. I’m serious. Yolanda designed and had her refrigerator built herself. Yolanda lets us know she does fly commercial at times but never coach if she can avoid it. Most of the others piped up that they do fly coach. Well, that was enlightening and a great use of reunion show time.

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 3Time for Mauricio and Ken to join us. David is off with Stevie Wonder. First, a commercial for Mauricio’s business.

OH!Time for a statement from Paul. He says:

“Anytime a couple separates, it’s an extremely hard thing especially when you have children. I was raised in a dysfunctional family. My mom and dad fought a lot. And you know, it’s something that I look back and wish my parents had divorced and split years ago when I was young. The only two important things to me right now that I am extremely focused on are my children that I love very much. And also my practice and I have to say that my patients have been very supportive of me and I just want to be a good doctor and a good dad. I do not blame Brandi for having Adrienne and I spilt. Absolutely not. I blame Brandi for making comments that are absolutely unnecessary and hurtful. What Brandi did was wrong. She did graciously apologize to us and when we have any contact, it’s cordial. Being on the show at times it’s been great because I’ve met some wonderful people, some lifelong friends but other times no. This season was very difficult. It was raw. Reality became reality and I would have preferred for things to be more private. Will I ever be on the show again? Well I never say never. Especially if one of the ladies needs emergency plastic surgery!”

Mauricio sold Adrienne and Paul’s house for them and is still working with Adrienne to help her find a new house. Of course he is. Montage of the husbands fighting is played. Andy asks Mauricio if he regrets what he said to Brandi. He says no not at all. Brandi asks if he thinks he should have spoken to a woman the way he spoke to her. He says no that was wrong, but brushes it off to get back to his point. Ken jumps in and defends Brandi. Kyle jumps in to defend Mauricio. Brandi is practically hugging the end of the couch and Mauricio is right next to her. Mauricio wants Brandi to tell him what he said that was disrespectful. Brandi says it was his tone, the way he yelled at her across the restaurant. Mauricio actually apologized (without Andy coaching him). Mauricio denies knowing that Paul and Adrienne were interested in selling their house. Lisa says that he did because when she was selling her house Mauricio showed a client Adrienne and Paul’s house at the same time! Mauricio backpedals and denies this sort of.

At the end of the reunion, everyone seems willing to be friends next season! Imagine that! Nary a mention of Camille. Not so much as a whisper about Marisa and Taylor barely opened her duck lips. And Faye, bless her heart was not mentioned at all tonight. So what did y’all think?


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87 responses to “Recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2

  1. Feel like there needs to be a part 3 only because it just feels unfinished. So damn glad that Faye was absent, let’s just hope that lasts forever. I think Taylor was trying to get into the conversation but didn’t know where or how to jump in. It is so damn obvious that Andy loves Kyle over everyone else and why I will never know. Mauricio came across like the douche bag he portrayed himself to be in the show. Kyle as always came across as the bitch she is (am I allowed to say that under new rules? Sorry if I wasn’t supposed to go there, lol). Kim just broke my heart, she so clearly needs to get off this show and deal with her sobriety. It can’t be good for her health to have a “record” of all the times Kyle doesn’t support or defend her and worst of all to have to hear about all the times kyle doesn’t believe in her.

    Didn’t really miss Camille, she was just too two faced this season so I can’t be bothered. I could have done without all the air time given to Adrienne, other than to insult her why bother? Duh that was dumb, Miss Andy of course wants to humiliate her for walking out on him. Marisa wasn’t really missed either, she is one way on twitter and in her blogs and another on the show, not sure she will make it back. Too bad because in some ways I thought she would add something to the show but I ultimately found it too hard to believe her. Overall I was left disappointed and wanting for more.

    • You hit the nail right on the head! Especially about Kyle. I watched as she went and sat next to Kim and when Kim hugged her she didnt even hug her back smdh… I think Brandi was right that Kyle doesn’t support her sobriety. I am glad that Lisa put her on blast though and said once her house was sold the relationship fizzled out and Mauricio pretty much put the blame on Kyle for why they do not associate with them anymore.

  2. MaRiley

    Resnick is/was the stink in the room that escaped mention.

  3. Tango

    Well by this I hope it means no more Faye or Camille! I wanna know whose sh!t stain was on the pillow…Kim’s or her dog’s?

  4. Tango

    I also thought it great that Adrienne was still discussed. Andy did not give her a respectful pass at all for not being present to defend herself. You know she was sittin at home just seething and oozing spray tan!

  5. pam

    Since Andy throwing Adriennes tee over his shoulder into the floor made me RL LOL I am sad you didn’t mention it.

  6. This sure left me wanting for more. I felt they wasted a lot of time passing out tee shirts and talking to husbands. Altho I accepted what Mauricio said as possitive and I felt he came off well. It was all rather anti-climaxtic. Too much Adrienne conversation. I guess we have already beaten a dead horse to death. I think these women could genuinely get along and have a lot of entertaining fun. I’d be up for some eye candy genuine fun for a change. Vicki’s new nose looks good, Alexis short hair looks really great and sets her aside from the rest.Let’s have some fun this year chicks.

  7. Pretty sure that Faye was mentioned. There was something about a shit stain on a pillow.

  8. Lori

    Im not impressed.

  9. puravidacostarica

    If I hear Kyle’s choked voice spitting out that memorized line one more time, I’m going to puke: “I have said a prayer to God every night, first to get Kim sober and then to keep her sober”. She said it on an episode, said it in the reunion, and probably practices it at night in front of her mirror every night. #normadesmondreincarnated

  10. puravidacostarica

    I am willing to bet a small sum that Andy’s obvious favoritism towards Kyle, despite her horrid behavior, is due to the fact that Kyle and Mauricio (or the Hilton family) invested some small sum in the “Real Housewives” franchise years ago. What that means, sadly, is that we may NEVER be rid of the Richards sisters. The Hiltons may have bought them something to do so that they could wash their hands of Kyle and Kim.

    • Tango

      Ya I thought Kyle owns something like 3 percent? So we will never see her or Kim gone unless they want off.

    • Susana

      If true, Kyle’s squelching dialogue she does not like, says more about her. Like when Lisa and Ken were saying why they felt M&K had dropped them after M sold their house. Looked like Kyle has too much control, which is a big disappointment. She has become one of my least favorite housewives.

      Both Kyle and Kim tend to revise events to fit what they want. Girls, this is reality tv, it is taped, people are watching, the majority of the people watching are more intelligent than you two, your game isn’t working.

      Give Kim a break and let her heal without cameras and a sister trying to use Kim for her storytime. It is sad to watch what Kim is going through and to see Bravo using her is pathetic.

      Mauricio now has his own real estate agency along with housewife clients. He’s certainly done well. Lots of business going on, but, where’s the friendship? Am i missing something?
      Was hoping this was the last of the Richards sisters on this show.

      • Susan

        If Kyle and Mauricio own part of the housewives franchise and feel like they can do no wrong, well I am part of the audiance and I can turn them off. I am sick of Andy sucking up to Kyle and she can do no wrong. She says things they would crucify Brandi for had she said them. Yet Kyle gets away with it. When I read about part ownership it all became very clear. I love Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. I will miss them, but the rest – some not so much – others NO. I too am dissapointed in the renuion show. After it was over I thought what happened, is that all. OH WELL!!!! I may not be watching next season. The Richard sisters (KYLE) did it in. One other thought, I don’t believe in walking on egg shells with Kim but she seems very fragile and in my opinion ( I know everybody has one) she needs rest and more support than ever from her family. Kyle seems to leech all the energy from this poor soul. Kim I believe is trying very hard to be strong, but many years of drinking take there toll on a body and it takes longer than a few months to heal and be stronge enought for this bunch, her sister leading the pack. Prayers and Blessings to Kim.

      • kym

        Kyle is the “NeNe” of her show.

  11. isabella j.

    I cannot stand how crude, rude, mean and disgusting Brandi is, she is obviously enjoying her role as Bitch Master and enough is enough.Love them or hate them, her comments about Kyle wanting Kim to fail was just so foul and her constant smirks were disturbing. Interesting how it did eventually come out that Adrienne never actually sued Brandi either, it was her friend. All that drama over made up allegations, girl needs to mind her business and close her mouth. So glad this season is over!

    • Mel

      I, for one, truly feel that what Brandi said about Kyle wanting Kim to fail is true. If that’s how Brandi feels, why is it so foul for her to say it? Isn’t it more disturbing that Kyle comes across that way? I find Kyle to be the despicable one, not Brandi.

    • Everyone keeps saying that it wasn’t true about Adrienne threatening to sue Brandi. When did this come out cause I have missed something.

  12. karen

    Kim really needs to stay off the show and focus on her sobriety. With all of the housewives shows it is so easy to tell which housewives are his favorite and his least favorites. I just can’t stand Andy.

  13. Nicole

    Kyle and her fake crying. She cries at a drop of a hat….
    However, this is a very complex relationship and it can’t be fixed on a reality TV show. They need to go see a therapist. I like Brandi, but I thought it was mean for her to say about Kyle wanting Kim to fail. I don’t think that at all, but I can understand why she doubts Kim. Of course it doesn’t help for Kim to see that on national TV.
    Also, I don’t understand how all these people wanting to blame Brandi for Adrienne marriage break-up. That is just so weird to me. How do they see that? I am dumbfounded by this constant accusation.
    And why wasn’t Camille there again?
    part 2 was boring and I ff through most of it.

    • Susan

      I feel the same way you do Nicole, but that is the way Kyle comes across to me too. It’s like she is just waiting to say ” I told you so”. I hope both of them go to a therapist together. Kyle is supposed to be an actriss well she need to wipe that D@#@ smerk off of her face

      • Tess

        Kyle needs to be “better” than Kim, so if Kim failed and Kyle had to “help” her, Kyle comes across as the hero and Kim the failure. Kyle loves looking like the good guy, especially at the expense of others.

  14. Cami

    Ok so I guess I’m the only one who notice that Taylor had a glass of wine. If she has a drinking problem why is she drinking? I really want her to get some help. I will not giver her pass for this especially when she was running behind a married man and had no idea where her daughter was. I don’t understand why Kyle became so defensive about Brandi’s accusation. There was no need for water works that she clearly cannot produce.

    • Mel

      Because that’s what people with drinking problems do! They drink, even when it’s completely inappropriate. They especially need to drink during stressful situations. Probably had a whole bottle before filming started! It’s how she deals.

      And because Kyle is the queen of faux shock and outrage and being the victim!

    • BravoCueen

      I disagree. I think you can have a drinking problem (alcoholic) and your drinking can be a problem. During her darkest time, Taylor was self medicating and she needs to have known it, owned it, understood why and how not to do it again. Just because you struggle with times of your life and drink too much during one period of it, doesn’t mean that you are an alcoholic (i.e., can never drink again). I’m not a Taylor fan but I don’t think she is an alcoholic.

  15. KWM

    I completely believe that Kyle does not like Kim. Yes, I love my brother, but if we were not related we would never be friends, we are just too different. If Kyle really loved her sister she would move heaven and earth to help her. Talking smack about her and constantly questioning her sobriety is not helping her. Her body language alone was so telling, she switched places with Lisa, because in her mind that would show what a loving sister she was. You could have driven a truck between the space between the two of them and then proceeded to touch her hair more than she did her sister. She really does play the woe is my card well. You guys have no idea what it is like to have a sister who is an addict, oh poor me. Bitch please, if anyone deserves sympathy it is Kim, for having to deal with you.

    Kyle has her role in the family and it is her sisters keeper. She has always been able to hold it over Kim. She might not want to admit it or she may not even be aware of it but her actions show that she kind of does want her sister to fail. Kyle needs to attend a few weeks at the Betty Ford Family Center. It is the only way their dynamic will ever change.

    This weekend I happened across Black Snake Moan, I did not realize that Kim played Christina Riccis mother, she was amazing. I really think if Kim could dump Kyle, get a truly supportive support system she could have an amazing career. Which you know would go so far up Kyle ass.

    As for the rest of it, I feel like we need another episode. I completely agree with everyone else that way too much time was spent on Adrienne, Kim and Kyle and not enough on everyone else.

    And why was Taylor there? Did she say 10 words???

    Did you all see Faye Resnick said last week she would not return because it is ruining her life???

  16. LakeGirl

    As much as I dislike Kyle, I totally understand her not trusting Kim. I am a recovering drug addict and have been clean for 30 yrs and believe me when I say Kim needs to grow some skin.
    She has lied to friends & family for years about her drinking, pill popping and god knows what else. Now that she says shes sober she wants everyone that shes lied to to trust her. NOT going to happen. Those friends and family that she has lied to are fed up!
    Kim is gonna have to EARN their trust again and it wont be easy. She is gonna have to grow some skin and suck it up. Kim thinks that just because she is sober now(Not so sure) that everything is fine. Well in real reality it doesnt work that way. BTW I dont believe for one second that she was accidentally taking the wrong pills in Paris. Kim knew exactly what she was doing.

    • KWM

      I completely agree, it was total BS that she mixed up her meds,

      Those two need some intensive therapy and would do well not being so enmeshed.

    • vivaladiva831

      this is very true, my uncle is an alcoholic and has been his whole life. my mother loves her brother, but after NUMEROUS attempts and lots of money spent, he keeps going back to his old ways and they no longer have contact. does that mean she does not love him? of course not. but there comes a time when you have done all you can do, and you have focus on your own life. you can’t save everyone and the fact that you don’t doesn’t mean you don’t love them.

  17. I honestly think Yolanda is a pathological liar. But really good at her poker face.

    • Patricia

      I agree Teecee. I didn’t see much of the show and didn’t see much of the reunion but I did hear Yo deny saying that about Lisa. Funny thing is, I was watching that night when Yo did say something similar to the fact that Lisa was not Kim’s friend. Yo can deny it all she wants and Lisa can kiss Yo’s ass, fact is, Yo is not above the drama at all. Not like she wants us to believe she is.

  18. Buttercream

    Tired of the recycled Bitchard Sisters, same issues, different season. Kimmey needs to get off the show 1) work on her sobriety and med’s 2)as she’s uber sensitive to the words coming from Kyle’s talking head pieces . did you catch at the close of the show what Kyle said holding up her glass to toast re: Amsterdam?” No one remembers Amsterdam” – what a slap in the face to Yolanda … that’s the kind of talk that Kim was trying to tell her – her words may come off as a joke, however, they are mean and unkind – she fails.
    Talking Head Paul was unnecessary, Maurice looked older than his years.. He had lots to chat about his business, while Lisa had a spin off show …
    No Faye is always a good day. Not to mention Adrienne during the whole reunion show would have been better than dishing her with the Bravo version of Donald Trump’s “your’re fired”, t-shirt toss and snarky words .. Poor hosting job by Andy, how about someone else for the next reunion?

  19. marehoop

    Thanks for the recap….clap clap clap, well done.. I don’t feel like I missed a thing!!!!

  20. I found it very telling when Mauricio was asked about dropping friends after he sells their homes that his response was “I still do business with Adrienne..” and “I still want to do business with Lisa and Ken…” and it had to be pointed out to him the difference between sleazy real estate schmoozing and actual friendships and social interactions. That said, Lisa and Ken it seems mistook the former for the latter.

    • Michelle

      Why do they care who he dropped. They were probably never friends to begin with just associates. Let Maurico make his money obviously he’s successful so he’s doing something right and maintaining the relationships he needs to

      • Katrina

        I agree. I don’t know why Lisa and Ken are complaining about Mauricio. He sold their property rather quickly. If they don’t like how he conducts business, then they shouldn’t use him regardless if he is a friend or not. Mauricio is not going around bad mouthing Ken and Lisa. Just because Lisa doesn’t like Adrianne, does not mean that everybody has to dislike her. Lisa is just being petty.

  21. McAmster

    Thank God no Faye! I do, howevz, enjoy my Marisa snarling!

  22. vivaladiva831

    does anyone else think RHOC heather and terry are the new paul and adrienne? although i know heather is an actress, maybe this is just a storyline for them. i hope not though, they have kids and that would be majorly f’d up. side note – i thought this was interesting. on wwhl, the info for this according to direct tv touted jenni and vicki as “actresses.” hmmmm…. :)

  23. Yes, I think I even say that in the RHOOC thread. If not, I know it was the FIRST thing I wrote in my notes. I used to love Heather but she seems to be turning into Adrienne right before our eyes…. Just have some damn onion rings! Who doesn’t like onion rings?

    • KWM

      I have to disagree, she was having a New England Clam bake, there are no onion rings in a NE Clam Bake. She also included steak for those who do not or cannot eat shellfish, which is also common.

      If it was just a BBQ or a clam fry I would say, give the man his damn onion rings, but she was doing a New England Clam Bake and there is just no place for onion rings in the menu.

      So I will hold judgement on this one and see how they interact some more. As Phaedra would say, everybody knows you don’t serve onion rings at a clam bake.

      • You can’t be serious. Number one: THEY ARE NOT IN NEW ENGLAND. Number two: they did not dig a hole in the sand and put hot coals in it. C: most of the menu was inauthentic.

        Why not have onion rings. THERE IS A PLACE FOR ONION RINGS ON THE MENU!!!!

      • KWM

        There are 2 ways to do it you can do a bake or boil, I could not hear if she said bake or boil so I went with bake as that is what we do. She said she wanted to have a New England Clam whatever as I could not catch what she said after being back home in NY and having one.

        So because they are not in NE, she can’t have the girls over for a tradition she grew up with. Oh please.

        And what was not authentic on the menu? Lobster, steamers and/or little necks, corn on the cob, potatoes, salad and an alternative to those who cannot or choose not to eat shellfish. I guess if you wanted to split hairs you could argue that the addition of lobster makes it a lobster and clam boil.

      • KWM

        And like most regional cooking every place has a different twist on it. We add chourico to the pot and never put shrimp in. Some places use shrimp. It depends where you are to how it is done.

        So with your logic that she is not in New England, no one can cook any regional cuisine unless they are currently in that region????

        As you would say “you can’t be serious”.

      • Oh dear GOD. so…an OC Clam Bake TRADITIONALLY has onion rings because I said so. Now, let me tell you what to do with your chorizo….

      • And she SAID clamBAKE. And the shows description says clambake. So the WHOLE THING was unauthentic.

      • Right. That’s what I said.

  24. Patricia

    Kim needs to move on. I can see where Brandi is coming from seeing that Kyle criticizes Kim so much. But, to actually say she wants her sister to fail is disgusting.

    Brandi is a bitch. I used to think she was a breath of fresh air but since she’s residing in Lisa’s asshole, she thinks she’s the Princess Bitch of the show. Funny, how she can dish it out but let: Mauricio, Paul, Faye or anyone else come for her ass and she’s a shrinking violet. She picks on the weak. She’s a foul mouth, knowing it all, POS.

  25. puravidacostarica

    Brandi is the bomb. I still think she is a breath of fresh air, particularly since she doesn’t reside in Kyle’s asshole, and I think she’s the Princess Bitch of the show. Funny how she can dish it out and take it, and when Mauricio, Paul, Faye or anyone else comes for her ass, she’s no shrinking violet. She gets picked on by the weak. She’s a foul mouth, that’s for sure, but definitely no POS. :-)

  26. Eve

    I think Kyle has become the person to hate now, fine with me……i have never liked her.
    What i dont understand is why people think she has a percentage of the show? Bravo doesnt need start up money, thats silly.

    • puravidacostarica

      It was snark. As in, Kathy Hilton saying “please, I’ll give you anything, but take these two loser bitches off our hands, PUHLEEEEEEZZZZ!”

  27. Ame

    I hope that Bravo does a lost footage episode airing all of the Adrienne secret! I don’t see how they could get sued since she already did a story with a tabloid magazine, unless the secret is something other than the surrogacy!!

  28. Michelle

    First if Brandi wants to be treated like a lady she should act like one. Telling people to STFU and cursing every few seconds is not a good look. If you are going to cuss and act a fool, expect the same in return. I didnt see anything wrong with M talking to Brandi. Also why are people making a big deal about M being friends with someone to sell a house. Big deal! That’s why they have money and live in Beverly Hills and the people complaining are living check to check. Real business people know how to sell and get the job done. Let M make his money. Pretty much a boring reunion though. They were blindsided by Adrienne not showing up which to me is pretty funny she didnt. On to next season I guess, hopefully it was better this season was pretty boring focusing on Adrienne and Brandi’s issue. Hopefully they get rid of Yolanda and Taylor and get three new spicy ladies.

  29. Michelle

    Also will people stop using the phrase “breath of fresh air” I swear one person said it and everyone jumped on the bandwagon

    • puravidacostarica

      Someone else clueless to snark… And, let me guess. You or someone close to you sells real estate. Maybe cars? Spoken like a true defender of a salesperson.


    Just watched and this just proved why Andy was so mad the Adrienne didn’t show up. He has no story and needs her more than she needs him. That was just as bad if Theresa didn’t show up for RHONJ…

    You see he didn’t react as bad when Waco Jaco didn’t show up….

  31. It’s clear some people don’t read the purple instructions above the box. Or they are used to posting somewhere where everyone speaks in baby talk. I don’t think Michael Jackson was ever on RHOBH. Latoya was though.

  32. isabella j.

    AHH HAAA! Did anyone else read about Mauricio’s bar indiscretions? BAM! Take that creepy electronic alcoholic psychic hater, it looks like Allison Dubouis was right, Mauricio does like more than his nannies!

    • Where do you get your info? I saw an article that asked the question in the headline “is Mauricio cheating?” Only to answer in the body copy that he is not. But he’s a flirt. (So is she, and so are most people that are that attractive). Then there is Th Examiner, who hires bored Midwestern housewives to write bady and Inaccurately. The cit “sources”. Whose name I’d bet begins with van and ends in pump.

      • nooo Lisa wouldn’t do it herself, but I bet she commissioned it!

      • isabella j.

        I have a friend that knows these women intimately, Mauricio has a rep of going around being inappropriate with younger women. Not sure who leaked the story, most like it was Lisa or Adrienne but there is some validity to it. Lisa whispers in Brandi’s ear, not sure I would call it a “mouth piece”, however many of the things Brandi says are not original thoughts. Just saying….

  33. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Lisa did not leak the Mauricio story. It has been a blind item on CrazyDaysandNights since 2011. Did we really need Star Magazine to tell us that Mauricio is a little bit, schmarmy? Male real estate agents are just like car salesmen… This is not news. News will be when Kyle starts to actually get it.

    • isabella j.

      You know, maybe you should try out for a RH series, you seem just mean enough yourself.


      Yes, the men are salesmen while the women who sell real estate think they are professionals on par or better than lawyers and doctors. The truth is that most of them are C U Next Tuesdays!

    • well, it was news to me, so thank you for sharing. i dont know how i really feel about kyle and mauricio. i sorta liked them at first. but i detected real hurt in both lisa and ken’s voices when they basically said they thought they’d been used and then dropped. i had a realtor do that to me once. she was my good friend til i found a great listing (my dream house) and she sneaked in a bid on her own behalf (after discussing w me my offer terms) and then tried to get me to use a different agent in her office to put in a bid. she lost the commission on three deals i put together after that, and i’m pretty sure mauricio will see similar fallout. i hope karma kicks him in the ass.

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