Will There Be a Real Housewives of Nashville? Yes! Sort of…

nashvilleA couple of weeks ago, my twitter friend, turned anonymous tipster emailed me some tea on The Real Housewives of Nashville. For a long while there I was hearing that RHON was being scouted and that Bravo was interested in getting some country singers signed on to the new franchise. Then, it seemed that project ended after Bravo was unable to secure any known names. So when the tipster contacted me with some tea, I was a bit skeptical. He was in Nashville for his spring break and he had done some sleuthing while he was there. I have to admit I love when you guys get out there and hunt down some tea for me! He spoke to a boutique owner who eventually gave up the tea that one of his frequent shoppers was being wooed for the show.

Here are the highlights:

  • Bravo wanted to see her without make up on in the morning, but she got into an argument with production, telling them that she ALWAYS has to have makeup on to cook breakfast… He(the boutique owner) also says she owns a lot of horses.
  • The tipster saw a picture of the woman and did some more sleuthing. He seems to think that the woman is TINA BRADY, who is the wife of a very wealthy dentist living in Wilson County, Lebanon, Tennessee. He saw pics of her and it appears to be the SAME woman who the boutique owner showed him. (I did some research on Tina and she does seem a likely candidate who is very into horses and attends all the big races.)
  • Although Tina lives in the Nashville suburb of Lebanon, filming has been going on in the Frankin suburb of Nashville.

I put some feelers out to my Bravo connections and was told that Bravo has decided to drop any plans for RHON. This was odd, because my tipster seemed very credible and excited by his news. Today, I found out what is going on. Evolution Media, the production team for RHOOC and RHOBH has found a home for RHON. TNT has picked up the show and will call it Nashville Confidential. The Deadline announced today the show has been picked up for 8 episodes and will air in early 2014. According to the site, “Nashville Confidential is set in and around the high-stakes country music business based in Nashville, Tenn. Centering on some of Nashville’s most compelling power couples, the show provides an alluring and unprecedented glimpse behind the scenes of one of America’s most unique, vibrant and competitive cities.”

So will you watch The Real Housewives of Nashville if it is called Nashville Confidential and on TNT? Sounds good to me!


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27 responses to “Will There Be a Real Housewives of Nashville? Yes! Sort of…

  1. pfffttt

    Bravo should have picked this up! Nashville has real “southen belles.”

    • Definitely. Phaedra is far from it, but Porsha is the real deal when it comes to a southern belle, except she’s kinda ghetto too. lol

      • pfffttt

        I think Phaedra had a southern belle upbringing but all this stripper and sex talk is ridiculous, sorry for the pun. When Kandi talks about sex, she does it in a different way than Phaedra does. When Phaedra does, it just comes off as creepy, and sorta immature. You’re a lawyer.

        I don’t expect lawyers to be stuffy, but the lawyers I know, who do know how to “kick it” don’t go around talking about sex and strippers and wouldn’t want to even be seen at a strip club.

        Yes Porsha is a real southern gal.

      • That’s probably why Phae Phae had beef with Porsha, because she represents a true southern belle and traditional wife where as Phaedra… doesn’t. As krazy as Kenya is, she has a point about the character Phaedra tries to portray. Not that she’s hurting anybody, but it still makes her look a bit hypocritical.

      • Jo Anne

        Ok, I’m gonna dive in….I live in the Bell Meade area of Nashville. Kinda like Buckhead to Atlanta. There’s a maj dress place called Jamie’s on the main street, Harding Rd which goes south out of Nashville, into Belle Meade. JAMIE’S has a huge cliente of C&W divas, Jazz Divas and smattering of music execs wives. There’s been whispers of this issue flying around that place for months. Not sure if this is the exact same show, but the bottom line from I’ve heard is that most of the rich/famous women don’t want to do a show like this cause of the ‘no makeup’ issue, nor do blogs, etc. There is also the issue that Nashville is a very small town, really small. You can imagine what that means. We’ll see what REALLY happens.

  2. lwickedgirl

    How come no one comes to Chicago? The midwest gets no respect:-(

  3. Katrina

    I’m shocked Nashville and the country music industry let them in! If it real high profile people giving up secrets, then it will be very interesting. I enjoyed Starter Wives on TLC, until it was pulled. They really did shed some light on some very popular, high profile men.

    • JoAnne

      Nashville has a LOT of shade. Oddly enough, it rarely makes the outside crowd, or the rags/tabloids. I’m not talking out of school here, just saying…

  4. eg

    I don’t think my dvr will let me fit in one more reality show without trying to hurt me.

  5. Lori

    Maybe tnt will do it right since bravo seems to be going in the wrong direction so often lately with so much scripting and bad editing. I wonder if andy will ever have any of the stars on wwhl since they may be looked at as competition.

    • Cynthia Farrell

      I agree, Lori. Bravo has run their scripted protocol into the ground. Everything seems very predictable, and very uninteresting. Maybe without Miss Andy directing everything, some creativity can be developed. We need something fresh and new, to break out of the mold. Go TNT! Onward and upward!

  6. I can just imagine the insults now: “bless her heart”

  7. Dlister

    Narcissistic famewhore women who must have full cake-on while making breakfast and will probably do nothing except gossip about each other at social events — I think I’ll pass on yet another hackneyed “wives” show.

  8. I don’t know how many of these show the market can withstand of these housewives shows. Eventually the well has to run dry. But it might be a fun show to watch, The Real Hillbillies of Nashville.

    • pfffttt

      They’re maily shooting in Williamson County (Franklin, suburb of Nashville), one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. You’re not going to find hillbillies there, so it looks like REAL wealthy people will be featured in this show.

    • sarah o taylor

      HILL whatties? The funny thing is that your comment tells us way more about YOU than you even know.

  9. When the casting call was sent out for the Real Housewives of Nashville, it never once said they were looking for Country Music people! It said something like Single or married people really involved in the “social scene” who lead fun lives or something. I remember because i sent it too my sons former teacher who is forever out at all the concerts and at every event around there. I still have it saved somewhere i think I think it would have been fun to have a different city I just love Vancouver .

  10. I think the first one or two seasons of Real Housewives, and in some cases the third as well, are always the best ones so I’ve been praying for a new one for a long time… so yes I will definitely check this out! I remember when the rumours for Real Housewives of Santa Barbara were flying around… wish that one was happening because I looooovvvee the West Coast ladies!

  11. Kisha

    Yeah, I’d probably watch RHOA

    I’d love to see a RHO Philadelphia. There’s a huge population of very wealthy people in the Main Line area (and in Philly proper itself as well).

  12. I’ll pass. I’ve only watched a couple of seasons of a few of the HW franchises and have hit a brick wall. I’m over it.

  13. christina smith

    yes! that would be soo cool!

  14. From Lebanon TN

    There is no such thing as “Nashville suburb of Lebanon”. That line does not make since. I’m from Lebanon, and work in Nashville. Lebanon is a good 40 minutes depending on traffic from Nashville. It is also in Wilson County, not Davidson. Lebanon is not an incorporated city or neighborhood of Nashville.

    There are upper-middle class suburbs in Lebanon though. Franklin is more upper class. It’s a wealthy place with old money. Nashville has diverse types of neighborhoods.

    I’m worried they are going to only portray the suburban part of Nashville. The suburban people are a little different than everyone else. They pretend to be “country” but they have their own sub-culture within their group. Not exactly bad, but not the true heart of Nashville, or Tennessee.

    I’m afraid they might have people that aren’t even from this area, that the cast is filled with people that moved here and have different lifestyle and outlook on life, people who aren’t truly southern or country. Same with the show “Nashville”, it doesn’t portray us properly.

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