Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Shocker! Nene and Kim Makeup!

rhoakimandneneHas hell frozen over? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Yesterday afternoon, the twitterverse lit up with news that Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak are friends again! Late yesterday the two original cast members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta had a nice long phone conversation and agreed to put aside their many differences. AND THERE WERE NOT EVEN CAMERAS THERE! At least not that we know of.

Word is that the two began to warm toward each other at the reunion. That would be the reunion that we expected everyone to go all in on Kim for quitting the show mid-filming. The reunion that is notorious for these two screaming in each others faces calling each other trashbox and whatever other ugly names they can think of. So what happened? You guess is as good as mine. Kim and Nene  have of course already made a statement to In Touch. Kim tells the magazine, “I have always been and I continue to be happy for NeNe, and I look forward to being invited to the wedding. NeNe and I started this journey together and although we have had our ups and downs, I am excited to get our friendship back on track. We were friends long before RHOA, and we will be friends long after RHOA if it’s up to me.”  While Nene simply said, “I’m extending an olive branch.”

I think this is great if it is genuine. Nene tweeted yesterday that she was so overwhelmed that Brielle was following her again (Brielle tweeted that she was so glad to have Auntie Nene back in her life. She also tweeted about spending $1000 at Victoria Secret, but I’m trying to ignore that.) that she pulled her car over to cry.  I know you guys are expecting some tea, but I don’t make up tea I don’t have. I’m as shocked as you guys are. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts. It seems clear to me that this puts Kim right back on RHOA next season and probably on Nene’s wedding show. Sorry in advance to all of you Kim haters. I think it’s going to be great TV!


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57 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Shocker! Nene and Kim Makeup!

  1. S D Rice

    I hope it is true. These two ladies were halarious together and I always feld they both regretted they were no longer friends

    • S D Rice

      Oops typo, hilarious not halarious.

    • Joan

      I hope it’s true as well. Perhaps since they both have more of a balanced level of success they can be more understanding of one another. Both of them love the spotlight – yet when one wasn’t quite as successful as the other it seemed to push them apart. I really didn’t want to hear that Brielle is shopping at VS. TMI.

    • vivaladiva831

      i am in total agreement! i really hope this is true, watching reruns this week and they were the best to watch when they were getting along. both were so funny and if this is true i think it is great news!

  2. HWwatcher

    I’m actually happy for them. Even tho I dont think too highly of both of them; I did enjoy watching them two together. I hope it last.

  3. AllTAllShade

    Good TV, oh goody goody! Nene and Kim both throw the best shade, have the most confidence, don’t give a flip what people say and together, they will be at the height of their hilariousness. Kim making jokes about Nene being a Hollywood “Glammother” and Nene making jokes about Kim’s …well, everything. Loving it!!! I think the weather channel did say something about Hell freezing over! :)

  4. Resa228

    This smacks of,” enemy of my enemy, is my friend” neither of these famewhores is friends with Kandi and what better way to try to throw a chink in the law suit than to band together to prove Kim’s case . Then we have the hope for a televised wedding for “Neigh Neigh” and Greg which gives them both another 15 seconds of fame.The New Normal is barely holding on( not yet renewed) and she may only have her guest appearences on Glee to hold down her newly arrived self in Hollywood.
    I was never a fan of Neigh Neigh , but I thought she at least would not fall back in with the Home wrecking “keep your legs closed to married men ” Kim.
    As for her tweet to Porsha, it was nice if she meant it but somehow turning it back to herself gave me pause. For all the dislike between Porsha and Kenya , Ms.Twirl came across as more sincere .

    • Katrina

      If “The Normal” doesn’t get renewed, then Nene will probably be in Atlanta full time. Nene will be giving Atlanta her full attention, I don’t look for Nene to get involved in the lawsuit, but I’m sure she will stir the pot. I thought Kim may come back, but I thought she would be odd man out. If Porsha stays, I look for her and Kenya to find common ground. Season 5 is not done and I ‘m looking forward to season 6!
      I still can’t believe Kandi filed a lawsuit.

    • Ms1dimple

      Well, Well, Well… Nenester and Kimster, I wanna throw rat up! I didn’t even think about the Khandi lawsuit. I really hope Nene doesn’t side with Kim. I don’t like the reconcilation because I don’t like Kim. If they are chummy at the reunion I’m putting this show to rest along with RHONJ and Basketball Girlfriends~ Kim just lies too much for me and Nene get over yourself!

  5. You can’t trust either of them as far as you can throw their large asses. It’s good not because of a great cosmic peace being created. It’s good because when it goes basic again, it will make for swell entertainment.

  6. kandy

    Girl, stop! Brielle should have never gotten involved as a child. As I recalled she referred to NeNe as moose when they were writing on the wall in their townhome. I hope NeNe doesn’t fall for the okie doke. Kim is not to be trusted.

    However, forgiveness is important and apologies should be offered and excepted. Nevertheless, both of you girls should work it. Especially if it is all about making more money! Good luck to Nene & Trashbox, the monkey with a wig on!

  7. Eve

    I wouldnt go near Nene , let alone let my children near her. Kim is no angel, but she isnt violent and a bully like Nene is.
    Nene needs something cause i hear she wont be in Hollywood much longer.

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Bleh! Whatever.
    There has been so much vitriol and nastiness between these two.
    I think it won’t be long before the high & mighty NeNe flips her shizz over something KZ has said or done.

    I’m over these 2 fame whores, and their stunt queen antics.
    I can’t tolerate either of them being solo or as duo again.

  9. I guess I’m one of the Kim haters. I’m giving this major side eye because they both need image makeovers but none more than Kim. This just stinks of publicity move. I just can’t with either of them. Finishing this season of rhoa then taking it off my dvr list permanently. Will not be watching Kim’s.

  10. Buttercream

    Hmmm … this should be interesting .. NeNe as a first time grandma and Kim as a new mom to 2 baby boys and excommunicate her parents for visitation rights …

  11. stephey

    It seems quite suspect! However, how long will the New Normal still be on air and how long can Kim sustain her own show. Why not go back to when RHOA was laugh out loud hysterical. (out of respect for our girl Tamara I will not suggest we bring back another old cast member with a faux chateau) 😉 Anyway, if Kim returns to RHOA I hope they focus on the funny and not clawing each others eyes out again. That bus episode was just ugly!

  12. The New Normal has had mediocre ratings all season. HOWEVER, NBC has to keep some of their underperforming shows. Since The Voice premiered on the same night, ratings have improved very significantly. April 2 , The New Normal has a one hour season finale immediately following The Voice which is NBC #1 rated show (that is not sports). So despite The New Normal being down for the count, you might just see a miraculous recovery.

    Meanwhile, Nene is back filming for Glee again now that The New Normal has wrapped for the season. So it may not be over for Nene just yet…

    That said, AS I KEEP SAYING Nene doesn’t make much money at all for those scripted shows. RHOA is her bread and butter.

    • KWM

      You are right, that is how some of my favorite shows lasted (Chuck, Community) they have to keep some on schedule and it is better to have a poor performer than go in blind with pilots that could crash and burn.

      Have you ever seen the documentary, That Guy…Who Was in That Thing, it follows 16 actors as they detail their ups and downs as they struggle to forge careers in Hollywood. They’ve played cops, lawyers, bosses, best friends, psychopaths, politicians and everything in between. They talk about how everyone thinks they are so wealthy and so set because they have been on everything. But by the time you take out their taxes, agent fee, lawyer fee, etc… there is not that much less. Unless you are making thousands and thousands per episodes, TV and movies is a pretty shitty gig.

      It is really interesting.

    • Katrina

      Nene probably doesn’t make a lot of money on Glee and The New Normal, but it gives her a better oppurtunity to legitimize her acting career and learn from veteran actors. You can’t gain experience if you are only willing to accept work for leading roles. With all of Nene’s faults, she appears to be a hard worker and is willing to pay her dues. The New Normal is a very risk show because of the gay male couple. There are a lot of people that do not accept gay couples in our society and they do not want their children exposed. I think the show is really about accepting people and poking fun at religious issues, stereotypes and prejudices, life, etc.
      Nene was given a great oppurtunity and she is not waisting it! People like to remember the trophy/product at the end, but forget about the sacrifices and the struggles along the way.

  13. MyOwnFan

    I wish both Kim and Nene the best but for Kim’s sake I know nene can get jealous and Kim is a football wife now and nene is just nene in Hollywood. The timing of all this is very interesting and very beneficial for nene since she wants Kim at her wedding. I’m gonna keep an side eye on this but if this last then great but if not I want Kim to move on and not look back.

    • RahRah

      Does the side-eye see Nene hosting the View?

      • MyOwnFan

        No but she may get the job and if so good for her. I’m always bipolar with nene because I wanna like her but her personality makes it hard. Nene has to realize when God puts great things in your life you should be happy and proud of yourself. But instead nene does it to feel like she’s better than people and to throw in in people’s faces. You can’t change people but I hope she realizes it all can be taken away at any moment.

  14. pfffttt

    YES!!! Cynthia and Nene are just not as entertaining as NENE AND KIM together. I hope Kim returns next season this will be interesting. I wonder what Kandi thinks of this? Better… Wonder what Sheree thinks of this?

    I actually LIKE Nene when she hangs around Kim, I think we get to see the GOOD side of her.

  15. This sounds awfully shady to me, it’s too self serving for both Kim and Nene. Kim wants people to like her so she can get good ratings for her new show, and Nene wants great ratings for her re-marriage episode. It also helps ratings for the Reunion show. I’m sure Bravo is behind all of this.

  16. Eve

    Now, that i think about it more……..I think Bravo offered both of them a boat load of money to pretend to be friends again.
    After all, Atlanta sucked this season.
    I cant think of another reason that makes sense.

  17. yup

    The only time I’ve ever liked either one of them was when they were good friends having fun. Separately I think they’re both delusional and full of themselves and I can’t stand them. But their friendship always seemed genuine and they made me laugh when they were together.

    However, I don’t understand how they can put everything that has happened in the past behind them and be friends again. I have a feeling this won’t last…which is a shame.

  18. Not a Kim Z Fan

    I’m devastated… SIKE – good for them. At the very beginning, when they were friends and before I saw Kim’s using ways, she actually tickled me. I really don’t want to see her on the show again especially if she still has that holier than thou cut-throat attitude. BUT I’d take season 1 Kim over Kendra any day of the week. Gagging can’t believe I just admitted that… :)

    • soccermop59

      Kim has gone completely NRA hillbilly with Kroy…..I say keep her off the show and bring on more positive black women…dump Kendra and Porshe.

      • Why would you bring on more positive black women on? It had always bothered me that rhoa was supposed to be an all black show. I realize there aren’t any black women on any of the other shows. It’s not like they came out and said that the other shows were gonna be an all white show. It’s odd to me that these shows are so segregated and nobody seems to have an issue with it. I know Atlanta has a large population of black people but I’m sure they can find women worthy of being on this show that are white. Just as they can find black women that are worthy of being on the other shows!

  19. RahRah

    Kim caught a case of the big head, didn’t want to admit her past while Nene was transparent with her past. Kim let Sheman influence her and Sheman was only after one thing, a hook up with a big baller through Troy or one of Kim’s rich man friends. Sheman used Kim and I hope she did have a moment of clarity to see through Sheman’s b.s. However, I hope this turn of events does not insult Kandi but if it does she deserves it the way she treated Nene, she came into the ensemble ignoring Nene instead of just being a friendly person, she judged Nene because she has always been the top dog money wise and I believe didn’t see Nene even as another sistah. Then Kim’s kids got involved and started disrespecting Nene. I see Nene as this fun gal, over the top but a lot of fun. I think that is why God has poured this woman out a blessing so big it amazes me. I don’t lke people who look down on me either and that is what Kim started to do and Nene was like I knew you when!!

    I bet Kandi never thought Nene would end up on a sitcom and I don’t care what happened to the sitcom. Then again I would want be a friend of someone who is a view host. I met Whoopi when she filmed Long Walk Home in Montgomery. In the opening scene I am the attractive chick sitting in the aisle seat but peel your eye lid back because if you blink you’ll miss me. Heck it took me almost 20 years to even catch my own self in the movie.

    Please laugh and enjoy it!!

    • DJ

      Who the hell is Sheman???

    • Sheree is how Kim met Kroy so she didn’t need Kim for her to meet a baller. She already knew the Falcon players because of Bob.

      • Katrina

        I really don’t know what happened between Sheree and Bob, but Sheree does not seem interested in having another relationship. Sheree’s ideal man would be a very wealthy individual that probably is not around too much.Apparently, Bob and Sheree lived together for a long time, but did not stay married too long.

    • Patricia

      I agree with Karma G, Rah. Even though we didn’t see Sheree dating much or doing much of anything meaningful, she had much more exposure & therefore more opportunity than Kim to meet influential or money makers. Thus, she sure didn’t need Kim for any sort of “contact”. In fact, as Karma stated, were it not for Sheree, in an indirect manner, Kim wouldn’t have even met Kroy.

      As for Kim and Nene, it’s juvenile they manner in which they interact. They’re friends, then not friends. They say horrible things about one another, than all is forgiven. It’s total and complete bull if you ask me.

      No doubt Bravo is pushing this friendship shit b/c for some reason, they don’t want to let Kim leave RHOA….Over it and just about over the show. Lifetime, A&E & The History channel has much better programming than a bunch of fake story lines and friendships.

  20. Sue Varady

    I saw a commercial where She By Sheree is going to be on this show called Iyanla on the Oprah channel. Sheree’s ex is supposed to be on it too. Has anyone else saw the previews?

  21. Lady Magenta

    Well, Nene and Kim are the highest paid RHOA housewives and the franchise needs something to get people back to viewing other than throwing “crazy” erratic people like Marlo and Kenya at us. We know Kim and Nene’s crazy together, when they’re apart it doesn’t work so well. Personally, I think that’s what made the show — the crazy back and forth between them. I’m glad they have found a way back to friendship and I will definitely be watching next season.

  22. We keep telling everyone Kim said she’d be back next season, now we know how it’ll happen. I am happy for them. Like many here, I’m over the current season and ready for next season….maybe. Depends on who the cast will be.

  23. RealitySux

    Right on time for Nene to secure a BRAVO wedding special. LOL Never liked Kim…this doesn’t change a thing.

  24. soccermop59

    I think the reason NeNe is able to get pass her JEALOUSY of Kim is because she’s had some measure of success herself and that lightens the heavy load of jealousy she’s had of Kim since the Tardy for the Party success Kim had. She now feels equal to her old friend and that has turned out to be a good thing for both of them. I hope the friendship last. But I wouldn’t count on it….The New Normal sucks big time and new reality stars are emerging…so NeNe’s 15 minutes may come to a end sooner than she would like.

  25. Lori

    Honestly, I feel like “who the hell cares anymore”. Anything any of these “ladies” do is purely for publicity and to try to get more viewers (or the current ones to stay tuned, as they must know we are bored and disgusted if they read any viewer feedback at all). Bravo probably paid them to make up. Or told them they would have to do some recasting if they didn’t or whatever. But even if it is genuine, honestly, I am so done caring about them right now. I am over it.

  26. Agree it will be great TV and will enjoy watching if that is the case. Starting to realize how fake both of them are and say anything to sell themselves out for the price of fame. Believe both of them are fake, but entertaining for sure.

  27. tforce7878

    I am curious to see how this all plays out. From a PR standpoint, it is a good idea for Kim because I feel like she has lost a lot of fans after she left the RHOA. However, it makes me a little suspect with the timing of the make up. I think she saw that the tide was starting to turn against her, not totally, but on it’s way. She seems to getting some bad PR these days. I am one of those Kim haters, but if they really made up, it might bring back some of the fun from the first season. I liked her at first; I loved her and NeNe together . If it’s just for PR, then I will still be a Kim hater. I love me some Kroy though. Seems like a nice guy. Hope you get some more tea Tamara!

  28. Patricia

    I’m over it. I can’t imagine them even greeting one another after some of the things that each has said about the other. Now, they are all buddy – buddy again? Please. If someone had said even half the stuff about me that they have about one another, they could fall off a cliff and I wouldn’t care less one way or the other.

  29. MtClair 468

    Kin is smart. She picking the winning team. Now that Sheree isnt there anymore, and kandi suing her she needs a friend. Nene is the HBIC on RHOA so she smart enough to know if she wants Brielle to be able to keep spending 1000’s a Vicoria Secrets she best make up with Nene.

  30. Anastasia

    Call me naive but I hope it’s genuine, and they stay friends this time. One of my favorite aspects of RHOA was their friendship. It was always enjoyable to watch them hang out and throw shade (at others). Them not being friends took some of the entertainment away for me. I love Cynthia too, but their dynamic just isn’t as entertaining on tv.

  31. sunshine

    Kroy will not go for the friendship its a stunt maybe their doing a show togather

  32. ab

    Im so over Kim and would not watch if she returns. I really feel like shes over the girls and doesnt care about the show. As far as Nene Im over her ego too. Bravo needs to keep Cynthia and Kandi and dump the rest

  33. Heartland

    Somewhere, She by Sheree is laying on an air matress weeping of jealousy.

  34. I'm the genius here

    As NeNe stated, she has arrived and the spotlight is on her. Chiiiiiile Kim lives for the spotlight. Mystery solved.

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