WWHL With Kyle Richards and Dr. V From LA Shrinks

WWHLI might as well get this WWHL post up as I will probably sleep until the Jodi Arias trial starts tomorrow. It’s been a busy blogging day! The drinking word is Yolanda. Ut-oh.  Nicki Hilton is the bartender. Apparently, Nicki was forced into bartending at the last minute and is not happy about it. Andy asks Kyle what Nicki said to her before the show…Kyle says she made her lose the Chanel gloves. Kyle was wearing Chanel gloves in the clubhouse? So wrong.

Andy says that the housewives all found out that Adrienne was not coming back together when he made the announcement. Apparently, they didn’t notice the lack of her prior to then. Andy thought his Leann Rimes joke was funny.

RHOBHKyleOMG. Andy just showed what the shrink lady wore out clubbing with her twin patients at a gay club. I hope the gays told her to stop that. She has taken the tacky housewife one shoulder dress to a new low. She seems to have painted the naked arm in multicolored body paints to resemble a full sleeve of tattoos. I just can’t. It is too late at night for this sort of nonsense.

The Dr. is an idiot. She is saying that Yolanda uses honey and darling to disarm her opponents and this means that nothing can be worked out. No, Dr. Dumbass, Yolanda is Dutch and not every country changes the meanings of words to make them suddenly have bad connotations like we do in the US. We are one of the few countries that suddenly decides it is opposite day and suddenly nice words are bad words. Sorry. Pet peeve.

Sneak Peek of the reunion. Brandi says that “Kyle was always doubting Kim’s sobriety and she feels like it would almost make her happy if she failed.” I paused the scene at the word ‘failed’ to type. The screen is frozen on Taylor and Kim. Taylor’s jaw is on the floor and looks truly taken aback. Kim has very little expression on her face. I unpause and then Kim’s eyes get big. Kyle gets pissed and they cut off her response.

Time to ask Kyle about Faye. Question 1: Why can’t Kyle tell Faye to butt out and mind her fucking business? I’d like to know why you allow Faye to bully your friends. Kyle said that on the finale she wasn’t even standing there. (That is because Kyle was busy lurking around the perimeter.) Kyle does her “I don’t want to get involved.” followed by Kim’s line from last week on WWHL “The Faye on TV is not the Faye that we know.” The shrink tells Kyle that she sees her avoiding the conflict so much that she ends up creating it. The shrink says that adult children do that all the time. Kyle tries to ask what “adult children” are. But the shrink just keeps talking. Andy asks if Kyle was shocked that Lisa took Yolanda’s side? Kyle says Lisa is a smart woman and I think we all know the truth. This shrink is a whackadoodle. She said her dad was 60 but has been married for 47 years. So, if I can do math at this hour, doesn’t that mean he got married at 13? Also, doesn’t he live with her and not her mother? WHACK A DOODLE.

Caller asks Kyle how she can deal with Brandi being such a bitch and so insecure and ruining everybody’s lives. Why don’t they kick her off the show? She is such a mess! Andy and Kyle’s mouths both drop open.  Kyle says, “I’ve gotten to know Brandi a lot better. I have seen a softer side of her. We are getting along much better and I think she is very good for the show.”

Mazel: Was Moses. Like part the red sea Moses. It’s passover. Jackhole was Jesse James. He married some rich chick.


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62 responses to “WWHL With Kyle Richards and Dr. V From LA Shrinks

  1. Aretha

    I enjoyed the shrink actually. I think she was spot on about Yolanda. Whether she uses the term on purpose or not people still take offense. I feel the same way when someone calls me girl. She was right about kyle trying not to take sides but in essence causing drama. Her silence on Brandi was telling. I thought it was good advice for kyle to ask Lisa what can he do to mnd the friendship because if they can’t she needs to move on because I feel that Lisa cares about kyle but se wants to punish her. I believe tht Lisa knows kyle was telling the truth as well

    • kym

      And if Kyle and Brandi are getting along, when is going to “gossip” to Faye the update? Because she doesn’t have the update on their relationship and keeps judging Brandi from the last season. Faye doesn’t seem to know that Kyle and Kim, are not mad at Brandi.

  2. Vp

    Meaning switches is done in Israel too. It’s confusing :-/

    I think Kyle wants Kim to fail too. She likes being the “good” sister.

  3. Vp

    I think the shrink was implying that Kyles parent was an alcoholic. “Adult children” short for “adult children of alcoholics”. And it makes sense in context. Okay, goodnight! Thanks for the blog!

    • Katrina

      I don’t think Kyle wants Kim to fail. I am sure this is not the first time Kim has been to rehab and it so easy for people looking at the situation to think they have all the answers and they know how to fix her. Kim is the only person that get herself the help she needs.

      • KWM

        Kim has been to rehab many times. I don’t know if I would go so far to say she wants her to fail, but Kyle and Kim have very distinct roles in the family. Kim is the fuck up and Kyle is the savior and the success. If Kim gets her life together and becomes successful, then Kyles roll in the family is no more. It is a very complicated dynamic and Kyle would do well spending time at Betty Ford Family center.

      • Vp

        Yeah, but why is she so keen to get others to see Kim as messed up and broken? She talks about it with practical strangers and then screams it deliberately in front if the cameras. “You’re an alcoholic and now everyone knows it!” I think she and Kim have a messed up relationship, sure. But Kyle seems to like being the good one and might be scared for that dynamic to change.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I do not want to get into a big debate about gay rights, but Andy needs to pipe down. Seriously. He can’t expect that everyone is going to be gay friendly. In this world, we have choices. I love my gay friends with all my heart, but some things we don’t agree on, but we never sit around and have hissy fits like Andy. He was so upset with Alexis from OC saying she didn’t agree with gay marriage. So what! It’s her God given right to think that way. He annoys the crap out me and he needs to stop pushing his agenda already.

  5. Lori

    Having never watched L.A. Shrinks and never seen this Doctor, I was shocked when Andy said that she was gorgeous and then they showed her for a while. She looks sooooo plastic surgeried. Yuck. Also, I don’t know why Andy was so appalled by the comment about anal sex. I mean, really????


      She has never had any plastic surgery its in the genes sorry!!!

      • She is beautiful she is my favorite on the show! I think she got her Good genes from her Dad he looks young too! My favorite part is when they were smoking outside my dad and I smoke too LOL not too many people do anymore. My husband and I live with my parents too I love being able to spend time with my parents.


        Love that you get to spend time with your parents and that you smoke with your dad!!!

      • I smoked with my dad when he was still alive. Nope, not too many of us left.

      • Lori

        Ha! What a trip!

      • I know it is not the healthy and most people hate it, but I do enjoy it . I will quit some day. I also believe when it’s your time to go it is your time …

      • kandy

        II didn’t know Botox and Reslin were apart of genes. There is no denying Dr. V is beautiful latino. But I think there is something too sexual and Marilyn Monroeish about her. It is uncomfortable to watch her mannerism around her dad. Weird!!!!!


        Dr V is Italian even though Latino’s are beautiful also just to set the record straight.
        Her father who is me is Italian her mother is Irish-English!!!


        As far as her mannerisms go around her DAD who is me i want all 5 of my children to come to me and be able to tell me or talk to me about anything. They are better off coming to me instead of a stranger i wont lie to them!!!


        Thanks Kandi for the compliment and calling me Mr. NIcolino I have a new identity now DR Vs Dad!!!

      • bb

        Is it just me or does Dr. V look a lot like a blonde Kim Kardashian? Also I hate to be the one to say it but Dr V has had plastic surgery. Breast Augmentation is plastic surgery and I’m also pretty sure she has had a rhinoplasty considering how her nose looked in her younger photo. But it doesn’t matter because she is beautiful and she has good genes. A good plastic surgeon can only improve, they can’t make beauty.

    • momadison

      I think it was because he was picturing lady parts?

      • kandy

        As far as the father/daughter relationship, I think you two have an awesome relationship. It’s just wasn’t what I am custom. Nothing personal. Thanks for clearing up the ethnicity, either one she is still beautiful.

    • FYI

      It looks as if Dr. V. has had at least a nose job, but she’s admitted to the breast implants, as if they’re weren’t obvious. I would definitely say she’s had injectables such as fillers and Botox, because when she smiles there’s no movement to her face, no natural smile lines around the eyes or mouth, no expression lines on the forehead, lines even a 15 y.o. will have because muscles naturally have movement. Who knows if she’s had some kind of laser or other lift, but she wears wigs more than her real hair which makes me wonder if we’ve ever seen her real hair outside of one scene where she was pictured with a client at the beach and it would’ve been in poor taste to be donning a wig.
      The guy who presents himself as “Joseph” and claims to be her father saying that her beauty is natural and in the genes obviously hasn’t taken note of her cosmetic surgeries. Perhaps by natural he’s referring to her personality. He alss said that you should watch out for those who use the terms honey and darling, but he didn’t bother to mention that you should watch out for those who use plastic surgery as a way to beautify themselves in order to disarm others, particularly when they’re in a position of power where others are emotionally vulnerable to them.
      It’s pretty said when psychologists who should be an example of genuine strength and inner security and esteem, must be so plastic to either gain approval, feel good enough or to use as a source of power as if her intelligence and natural appearance including natural aging is not enough. I agree that she is a very intelligent woman, sharp like a whip, and very pretty as well if she layed off being so plastic and fake in her appearance as if a walking Barbie versus a real human being.
      Sure, reality TV sets the standard of plastic and fake, but a Ph.D. of Psychology should be secure enough to be beyond it all and show a better example versus just add to the dysfunction of the media and reality TV. I was a big fan until I noticed that she’s overly plastic in terms of her physical appearance. I still appreciate her intelligence, sauciness, and natural beauty beyond the BS.

      • FYI

        * Pardon the typos, but there’s no edit key.
        – as if *they weren’t obvious,
        – he *also said,
        – It’s pretty *sad when *a psychologist..

      • I don’t think she looks like she had attic surgery on her face at all. I did watch the show she looked fine to me why is this thread is from March you just are commenting now?

      • FYI

        Hi Kathy. I’ve seen her for part of “WWHL” on Sunday, July 28. I also had seen her for part of the prior “WWHL” and throughout the series “LA Shrinks” which I had enjoyed.
        Her face doesn’t move when she laughs – no smile lines around her eyes or mouth when smiling, no natural movement of the facial muscles. I’ve never seen her frown or emote where her forehead muscles move. If it’s not surgery then it’s other procedures such as injectables, something which isn’t natural which is meant to offset the natural aging process.
        It’s creepy when these beautiful women overdo it. I’m not against cosmetic surgery, but it’s the plastic faces which don’t move which is scary and a terrible influence if other women also think it’s the answer to aging.
        I’m also pretty sure that her nose was refined, not that there’s anything wrong with that if it makes her feel better; it’s a nice nose. It’s just that her overall look doesn’t look natural. It’s not one thing such as just the wigs. It’s the wigs, plus the implants, plus all of the injectables or whatever she did to her face which looks extreme. All these procedures are common in Beverly Hills and outskirts where for some reason aging is frequently considered vile versus something to be proud of for the accomplishments you have to show for it. I simply would’ve appreciated better from someone as intelligent, educated and beautiful as Dr. V. It shows that she’s human and flawed and views our world as superficial where there’s nothing you can do about it except join in.

      • FYI I understand what you mean I have no doubt most of the woman use botox or maybe some fillers that is why we don’t see many lines or too much expression. I should have just clarified Plastic surgery to me means facelift, nose job, eyelift or altering the looks some how that I do not think she did.

  6. Hated the shrink. Why was she kissing Kyles ass more than Andys? Dislike Kyle, don’t bother to listen to her because I don’t trust anything she says. Wrong thread, but looooooved her getting called out for being a friend for commission.


      I watched the show I didnt think she was kissing Kyles ass she doesnt need too She doesnt need them or the show!!!

  7. DJ

    Dr. V said that her father had been married “40 some years”, not 47, and she is 41, so he would have been 19 when she was born. Then she said, “He’s also married to four other daughters”. What the hell does that mean???


      Had her when I was 19 you hit the nail on the head!!!


        When she said married to 4 daughters she meant that i am close with them and also 1 son he is the youngest!!!

      • I thought that you had to be her dad when I read your 1st post. LOL I’m not flirting in any way when I say this, but I have to say you look great for being 60 years old! You had to have taken good care of yourself over the years. Good going! I like your daughter the most on the show, based on the little bit I’ve seen here & there.

        I’m SO glad Nikki had Kyle take off the Chanel gloves before going on the show! I just don’t like most of Kyle’s style choices because I don’t think they suit her body type, although I’d LOVE to have her Chanel gloves (& wear them at the appropriate function with the appropriate attire, of course! LOL)

      • kara

        Let me tell you Mr. Nicolinno, you are one hot dad. Smoking hot! You need your own show.

    • momadison

      I agree with diggitydawn, for a woman with means, Kyle styles herself really oddly. She is obsessed with bell bottoms for one, maxi dresses and wears alot of what I call my Vegas shirts for daytime. Her dress for Lisa’s renewal with that oddly colored and placed panel was tacky! She over and under dresses for the wrong occasions and please, the headband?? It pisses me off she has a Birken and I never will!

  8. Eve

    There was something very wrong with the doctors mouth when she spoke aka some kind of bad surgery.
    Of course, there is nothing real, just plastic in Bev Hills.
    Kyle has no personality

  9. Heartland

    I just read that kordell Stewart filed for divorce, any tea on that for us?

  10. Justobserving

    I read that about Porsha and Kordell too. Any info, Tamara? It looked like the Dr. Had fresh plastic surgery and fillers, Botox, ect., and still has that “flash frozen” look. It almost looked like her mouth wasn’t moving in sync with the words you heard coming out. She appears very unprofessional to me, in spite of her very plastic appearance.

    • Eve

      Yea ! I just said the same thing above your comment, but you said it better. Her mouth wasnt moving in sync……exactly !’

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Joseph! How do you like being on a reality show?


      Well i am glad you are an expert on Dutch people. Dont trust people who use honey and darling that goes for Dutch or any other people. That must be the Italian in me!!! I enjoyed doing the show Dr V and I and the 4 boys had a lot of fun together!!!


    This is for tamaratattles you call Dr V an idiot and a dumbass are you serious. If you met her you would say she is the smartest person you ever met. Dont be so mean and nasty its not appealing. She also said we were married 42 years not 47 had her when i was 19 right after I was drafted. Thanks

    • Vp

      I didn’t get to see WWHL but I caught one episode of LA Shrinks and you’re right, Dr V seemed very smart. Maybe she just can’t handle her liquor? Lol

      • While I don’t care for this new show, I found Dr. V very charming & entertaining last night……and a smooth operator (and I mean that in a positive way). Andy really likes her & I like Andy.

  13. I would say that she doesn’t know much about Dutch people. Also,a therapist making professional judgements based on what they see on a television show is not generally recognized as good professional judgement. This however is a blog where we give our opinions. Glad you stopped by!


      Well i am glad you are an expert on Dutch people. Dont trust people who use honey and darling that goes for Dutch or any other people. That must be the Italian in me!!!

  14. You don’t use terms of endearment? You seem like a nice enough guy…I thought Italians called each other sweet names all the time!


    Well thank you I am a nice guy I use sweet names sometimes but only to the people I love!!!You seem nice to honey (just kidding)

  16. Just kidding about me being nice, or you calling me honey? I get it. So what is it like being on the show. What did you think of the women calling in to see if you are single? You look a lot younger than your age!


      Like the show it was a lot of fun. Looking young I have to thank my Dad for that he looked very young its in the genes i guess. Women calling in to see if I am single is a nice compliment.

  17. I don’t agree about Yolanda. I think the dr person was right about that. Proof: she never called Brandi, Lisa or Andy “sweatheart”. It was calculated.

    I honestly think Niki Hilton has brain damage. Like serious lack of oxygen a birth kind of brain damage.

    Not a fan of the dr. Sorry da. She tries too hard to be controversial.


    Thanks Kara for the compliment!!!

    • Krissy

      Just have to say I love your daughter. I am a brilliant soul and I think she is a breath of fresh air in a world trapped in the monkey house way too long. Her authenticity is remarkable in such a disingenuous society. I am so glad to know she is out there shedding light on the “righteous” shadows which stubbornly still exist within our “moral” culture. Bravo to Dr. V!
      And Bravo to you for traveling across the country to help and support your daughter in her time of need. May we all be so lucky to have someone to call upon.

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