Marisa Zanuck Says Goodbye to the Real Housewives

RHOBHMarisaZanuckIt looks like Marisa Zanuck will not be back next season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Today Marisa posted her final blog. I do not think she has an appearance on the reunion to say goodbye so she took to the blog today and began by thanking the crew and her twitter supporters and bloggers.  She talked about lessons learned (mostly about watching what you say on national TV, particularly about your husband.) She also mentioned Yolanda, Brandi, Lisa and Adrienne in a positive light. She had nothing to say to Kyle and Kim or Taylor. It seems that the real estate storyline caused a rift between her and the Richards sisters and perhaps she just never really got to know Taylor.

Click through for an excerpt of her final farewell…

“My final blog entry comes straight from the heart. In truth, I have moved past all of the drama, and I don’t want to acknowledge it anymore. This is my final blog and I want to dedicate it to all of you that have supported me immensely throughout this experience. I really appreciate the time you took to write me and share your perspectives; you have given me some really great advice. I also appreciate the constructive criticism because it helped me think about the choices I have made and the things I have said. I feel like we have gotten to know each other throughout this experience and while some may call you viewers or fans, I would like to call you friends.

Joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been an incredible journey. There are many people behind-the-scenes that work extraordinarily hard to make this show a success and they rarely get acknowledged so I am giving credit where credit is due!”

So I wonder if she actually quit. I do not think contracts are out for next season yet. Perhaps she is just anticipating not being asked back? Will you miss her? Do you think Bravo should have kept her on for one more season? Does this bode well for the evil Faye to stay if the kinder, more boring “friends” have been sent packing?


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46 responses to “Marisa Zanuck Says Goodbye to the Real Housewives

  1. I found her to be rather boring. I won’t miss her at all. I do hope they keep Faye Resnick around, it’s always nice to have someone stir the pot. Faye has become my favorite.

    • Susan

      Must be that you like nasty people. Faye is a nobody that thinks she is a somebody. All she is out to do is hurt people and try to ACT like she is an intelegent person. If she stays I will NOT watch any longer. I know you think so what she is only one person who doesn’t matter. Let me tell you many of us out there will not watch if Faye comes back. I hope Andy or his people read this!!! If they don’t I’m surse TT will see to it that he gets the drift. I will not use adjectives to describe Faye because they would burn up the page. Anyone who reads it will get the drift.

  2. No! I will not miss her. I expect to see divorce filings from her husband for wanting another man/men.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, either, lilbit. As I’ve said before, if I were Dean, I’d be deeply hurt to hear her saying those things. It would break my heart & make me question her loyalty, her love for me & our marriage.

      As for a possible rift between Marissa & the Richards/Umanskys…could it possibly have anything to do with Marissa wanting a talk, dark & handsome man in her bed (or anywhere else)? Hmmmm…

    • Lori

      I was thinking the same thing. I dont know how he could stay with her after all that. I mean just hearing that is hurtful, but to have it broadcast on national tv and have that horrendous embarrassment and disrespect! She made out well in just the commission on selling that house alone! He seems like such a great guy and I would think that now maybe HE wants something a little (or a lot hopefully) different. I dont dislike her, but it is absolutely disgraceful how she treated that man. And no, I will not miss her. Will barely even remember her, but I swear if they make Faye a cast member, I will give up on the whole franchise.

      • alessa

        Well said! I agree with everything you observed.

        BTW–if we were watching it in reverse, and watching a husband of 16 years running around and telling everybody in sight he’s tired of sleeping with his wife–who isn’t even his type–and just wants to have sex with skinny blondes, those girls’ heads would explode. It’s not cute or funny to say such nasty ungrateful things about your partner, I would be mortified if I were him…

      • Lori


      • Angie

        Great point and well made. We women would crucify him, attack him directly on Twitter & commiserate with Marisa for having such an insensitive jerk for a husband.
        No double standards. Marisa is 100% wrong. She will be lucky if she has a husband this time next year. A man’s ego is a fragile thing.

  3. Jennifer N

    They should get rid of Kyle and Kim !

    • I so agree. And as far as Marisa is concerned…….who? If Faye is on anymore, I’m seriously not watching.

    • sammiejane

      Hell yeah! Get rid of the creepy sisters who fight, love, stir shyte, fight, love, and stir shyte (At least three cycles per episode). I love Andy and WWHL but I could not bring myself to watch last night when I saw Kyle was going to be on. It has gotten to the point I cannot even take the sound of her voice…. If they don’t boot her on RHOBH I will sadly have to give them up or just mute the tv whenever it’s her segment. Pity, I so love that show and now it is getting ruined by these two halfwits (Kyle and Kim) that I may have to pass on it before long. :(

      Side note: I can’t really tell a difference between sober Kim and drunk Kim. She seems mentally impaired all the time. The only time I saw her making sense was when she was battling Yolanda (whom I adore) on the reunion. Her me, me, me argument at Lisa and Ken’s vow renewal … well lets just say I was embarrassed for her. Damn, it’s not all about you. But I can deal with her much better then her beady eyed snake of a sister (Kyle).

      • Sober or Drunk, Kim sounds like a whiney baby all of the time. Seriously, her gestures and speech and points of view are that of a little girl. It’s like she’s caught in some child actor role forever and it is very unattractive on a grown woman.

    • alessa

      Kyle used to be a favorite, but I REALLY started to dislike her after her mean girl side was thoroughly exposed in the last two seasons. There are still some things that she contributes,though–I like seeing her family interactions, the fact that she has actual connections to other people on the show, and her home scenes are fun to look at, visually, and represent the BH lifestyle.

      I do agree that Kim really needs to leave. She’s not a housewife, she doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, she doesn’t have a relationship with any other cast member aside from her sister (who is touch and go), she seems broke, unstable, struggling with addiction, and just plain sad. Some reality is great in this show, but if I wanted to watch someone utterly depressing I’d go watch Intervention or something. I’m surprised Bravo even had her back this season–other than her cosmetic surgery and her sobriety (if we can really call it that), did we have any other story line or anything new to learn about her?

    • Susan

      AMEN to that girl!!!!!

      • I think Bravo felt supporting her sobriety by continuing her “story” into this season was politically correct. They didn’t want to come off as having fired an addict/drunk.

  4. Nicole

    Too bad she is not coming back. Although I thought she had diahrea in the mouth when it comes to her husband, she was harmless.

  5. Fire Kyle and Kim, THEN bring back Faye. That would be delicious!

  6. Mango

    I liked Marisa. She seems like an actual, “real” Beverly HIlls housewife, and too money to need to impress others. Won’t miss her cutting comments about her husband though…

  7. critter

    She is the most unattractive women of all housewives…
    The only thing she brought to the show is how not to
    treat your husband, shocked he puts up with her mouth,
    very demeaning…

  8. Lululemon

    Marissa is just not interesting. She can stay or go it just doesn’t matter. I never liked the way she put her husband down, always wanting to be with any other man. That put her in the gross category.

  9. I was 50 minutes into the reunion when I realized she was not there. Non-entity with freaks how tendencies.

  10. Reading her twitter, this does not compute. She is re tweeting those who say they hope she comes back. She’s saying things that sound like she’s not done. Are you sure she’s giving up?

  11. Like I said, she gave a full goodbye, this is my final blog, it’s been a great learning experience blog today. I don’t think RHOBH contracts are out yet, but he blog sounded like goodbye to me. Go read it.

  12. Of course you are right about the blog. But did you look at the tweets?

  13. Yeah, i don’t see any indication that she is staying. I do see her trying to defend Kyle and back her up for something that happened in Paris when she was not even there. That is weird considering she didn’t bid farewell to Kyle. Perhaps they are still friends and so she figures she will still see her…

  14. I thought she was an ok addition. Never caught speed but I liked her better than some who have been there since day one. I think she should have refrained from talking about other men. She said she says what others think. If that’s the case, there’s certainly a reason why.

  15. I really couldn’t care less if she stays or goes, but I don’t like Kyle having automatic built in allies. I figure she didn’t mention her either because she sees her all the time thru Mo or she figured she’d get less backlash from commenters by not mentioning the association. shrugs. She looks ridic in the glamour shot though.

  16. I truly liked Marissa! But I understand the executives perspective; Nastiness sells! And unfortunately Marissa really wasn’t about “that” life!! Good for her! On the other hand, I will not miss is her cutting comments about her husband. No one should have to endure that kind of ridicule, especially a spouse not to mention on television!
    So, I wish Marissa all the best–and it’s been nice getting to know her!

    p.s. I love how she cut Maurice off at the past by not sharing her mother-in-law’s listing with him! Well played Marissa. Kyle will not be filling her closet with tacky Caftans at your expense!!

  17. She may not have mentioned K&K because she is an associate at Hilton & Hyland, so it stands to reason she will still be seeing them on a regular basis. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that’s how she came to be featured on the show in the first place?

  18. eg

    Wont miss her either she brought zero energy to the group and came across as most unapprecitive for having a husband who seems like a nice guy. As for Faye….she makes Danielle Staub look like Mother Teresa,,,,,,PLEASE don’t let her come back. She needs to retire to the old Botox Home in the sky.

    • Susan

      I had to laugh out loud at that one. I never thought of it that way – but ya you are soooo right I would talk Daniel over Fake any day, and I didn’t like Daniel at all.
      Good one. Spot on.

  19. kym

    Marisa would adapt to whatever or whomever is running the convo…She wasn’t ready for this show.

    • I agree Kym. I thought she was always a nervous nelly trying to say something snappy and provocative to get a little camera time and fit in with the crowd. Unfortunately, she just sounded unsavory and stupid. She needed a stylist and a hairdresser.

  20. Katie

    Call me a cynic, but the Kyle/Lisa rift might be the only chance that Kyle has to be whatever passes for relevant in the show, and a reason to come back for Season 4. Weren’t there rumors she might not be invited back?

  21. I actually do think it would be best if Marisa Zanuck did not return. I felt like she couldn’t keep up with the ladies of the show. She could not hold her own. Whenever she would give an opinion, and someone disagreed, then she would tailer her original opinion to the dissenting opinion of others. She was very much so of a pancake, flipping from side to side.

  22. That picture is hysterical. Whoever did her hair and makeup should be shot.

  23. I think she should go back to the real estate shows, she’s great there. I also think she didn’t say goodbye to Kyle or Kim because she’s still in Kyle’s circle meaning she’ll see her outside of filming unlike the other cast members she doesn’t know or associate with.

  24. SweetTeaNShade

    Who carved that exquisite horse? It’s perfect to lean on while dreaming of tall dark and not-her-husband types. 😀

      • SweetTeaNShade

        Long time reader, first time posting, Tamara! Thanks for all you do here, you are funny and share a lot of my same thoughts. Off topic: I’m all caught up on the JA trial thru you, lordy, that shite is cray cray. Only wishing I could watch it online at work! Instead, I’ll just wait for more comments from you swell folks.

    • I actually saw that horsehead on the antique show. They said it was very rare for one to be so well preserved and was used outside of something or other stores in Europe as part of the signage many years ago.

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