UPDATED: Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce From Porsha Stewart

RHOAporshakordOkay, I am going to give y’all a place to talk about the news of Porsha and Kordell’s divorce.  As of right now, I don’t know much more about it than you guys do, but we can at least have a place to share.

EDITED TO ADD A STATEMENT FROM PORSHA’S REP: “Mrs. Stewart is disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce. Mrs. Stewart had held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because Mr. Stewart promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, he misled her and she found out about the filing in the media. Mrs. Stewart hopes to resolve these personal issues privately with the support of her family, friends and strong faith.”

Last night I was crazy busy with blogging. I was also reading Porsha’s timeline after everything calmed down. Had it been a less busy night for me, I would have blogged about that. Porsha was RTing lots of her supporters. I found that interesting because when I was exhausted last  night and went to my TL, there were several really kind tweets and I RTed them. It’s nice after a long day to have some kind words. This made me sensitive to the amount of RTs Porsha has been doing lately. It’s like she is reinforcing to herself that people support her. RTing compliments is a way of saying, “See? People like me!” She also answered a fan asking if she was returning for another season with “I haven’t decided yet.” I am not sure that the RHOA  contracts have gone out yet. Bravo seems to be going later and later with the time between the reunion and the contracts. RHONY has not put out any contracts yet and it’s been ages since their reunion. My understanding there is that they want to switch RHONY over to film in warmer weather and are holding contracts until filming dates are in place.

Anyway, I feel badly for Porsha. She was working so hard to be the perfect wife and step-mother. She desperately wanted to have kids with Kordell. He was the center of her life. However, ever since she came on the show there have been rumors about Kordell that date back to his football playing years. The other housewives were not very welcoming to Kordell. Peter, who seemed to worship Kordell at the beginning of the season, ended the season at Kordell’s throat.  It seemed that the more the cast got to know Kordell, the less they liked him. Perhaps there was more to it than the excuse they gave of Kordell being “controlling.”

When I heard the news this morning I instantly thought of this article.  It was very clear to me in the preseason press that Phaedra and Porsha did that Phaedra did not care for Porsha at all and did not even bother to pretend otherwise. All season I have been predicting a knockdown dragout with Phaedra and Porsha that so far has not occurred.  I find it very strange that as sweet and ditzy and most importantly non-threatening Porsha is, not one single RHOA reached out to befriend her. Not one. What are we missing here?

My thoughts are with Porsha. She must be devastated.

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  1. Danielle

    I sometimes feel like when women go on these ‘reality’ shows, it’s the last nail in the coffins of their marriages. Vicki, Camille, NeNe (uh..sorta) and now Porsha. Poor girl.

    • Joan

      What’s the saying – stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time? Well, I don’t think Porsha is stupid. Yet you have to wonder, this is a pattern over the last, what – 5 years – for housewives? One would hope that if your marriage isn’t doing well you wouldn’t do the RH reality show. So, was Porsha even aware how deep the divide was between she and her husband? Or, did she know and just did the show anyway, hoping for some type of outcome that would help the marriage – or is she crazy as a fox and did the show to show up Kordell? We’ll never know, unless TMZ has some cameras somewhere…… And here come the Medical/Doctors Wives show….same scripted scenario. Wish Bravo could keep the edge going – but of course they stick with what works.

    • Katrina

      People get married and divorced daily. It realy doesn’t have anything to do with the TV show. If people waited for their lives to be perfect to be on TV, then we wouldn’t have any shows. I really think people forget that these are TV shows. I know it is based on reality, but these shows are edited and are not taped 24/7. There are all types of reality shows. Some shows protray the day to day lives of people , other type of shows that are more about the story than the individuals, etc. I think the housewives are a new twist on the old “Soap Opera”. Sometimes people like the character, sometimes they don’t. Now we have internet and blogs to communicate with each other about story line, in the past people would write letters to their favorite actors and networks. Each network has their own formula to tell the story. At the end of the day, it is a job and an oppurtunity to work on TV.
      If Porsha returns, I am sure they will take full advantage of her misfortune.

      • lilkunta

        @katrina it DEFINITELY does have to do with reality tv. having a camera in your face and set up situations cause UNNECCESARY strife. Lisa revealed that bravo wanted her to figth with ed and she refused so she was fired. perhaps all these marriages already had cracks ? but i def think cameras do cause trouble.

    • soccermop59

      I feel really really sorry for her. (I would bet my last dollar, Kenya is laughing her fake as off over this and……is powdering up to meet the left over, Mr. Steward)…. Its gotta be hard having so much wealth and privelege at such a young age and to then have it all taken, has got to be hard, especially for young black women……but….I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Although they appeared to be a loving couple, you could see he was more like her dad than a husband and I think the control that he had over her, placed him in a bad PR light and image is everything to high profile professionals these days. Too bad, she’s never gonna get that nanny to raise them kids of hers!!

    • soccermop59

      Lets see the causlties of marriage on HW….NeNe, Vicky, Adrianne, Bethanny, Tamara, Gretchen, LuAnn, Lisa Wu, first black chic on ATL, I guess Jersey is the only one with relationships in tact…I don’t care for Miami

  2. Greg

    I was shocked when I heard about this. The reunion was filmed a couple of weeks ago so I’m guessing that since they were still together at the time, it might not have been discussed. Interesting that this is all going down now.

    I do like Porsha and wish her the best. Last night she tweeted a picture with her and Nene – not sure if they were out last night or if it was a pic from another day. She and Cynthia always seemed close as well. That being said, Nene and Cynthia are also relatively close with Kenya so I don’t know how that is affecting their friendship with Porsha.

    As for Phaedra/Kandi – they seem cordial with Porsha but I’ve been waiting for that Phaedra/Porsha feud, as well. In the preview, the footage of Phaedra telling Porsha she was “bipolar and drinks too much” seems to be from the episode where Phaedra was going in on Kenya. So maybe there is no feud between Phae and Porsha?

    Any thoughts? :)

    • Greg, check out the link in this post. Phaedra was throwing major shade at Porsha on every pre-show she was on. It was weird.

      • Greg

        Just got done reading it. This is strange, indeed. Did something get cut in the footage? From what we saw on the show, Phaedra and Porsha were only united in their hatred of Kenya… but that was about it. Phae and Porsha are sitting on opposite couches for the reunion, so maybe we’ll get more info then. Porsha seems cool with Nene, but is she OK with Cynthia? Nene and Cynthia seem to be Team Kenya sometimes but they have always seemed to be friendly with Porsha, too. This is strange.

        Speaking of which, why are Kenya and Nene on “opposite” sides of Andy for the reunion? That is usually reserved for the two women who have the main beef with each other – Kyle & Lisa, for instance. Maybe Kenya and Nene have beef now too?

        This season has been weird in terms of alliances. It’s not as easy as “Talls v. Smalls” anymore. LOL. Now we have Nene/Cynthia, Kandi/Phaedra, and then isolated friendships + feuds with Kenya and Porsha.

  3. I’m hearing Kordell did not attend the finale. All the other husbands did.

  4. Betsy

    :( :( my jaw dropped when i saw your link on facebook! i like porsha! sweet girl!

  5. RealitySux

    WOW – I didn’t see that one coming. Porsha grew on me …. hopefully this will give her “wings”.

    • I agree. She grew on me too. I think she can have a business and be a mom she just has to have the right person to be with who will support her dreams and not dictate them to her. I know they edit things but the scene where Kordell told her she couldn’t work and have a child was nutz! I understand where he was coming from with the whole nanny thing but he just shut her down completely with no compromise.

  6. Katrina

    I don’t understand why Kordell would agree to let Porsha come on the show, when he already knows he is against her working. I also think Kordell wants more childen and due to Porsha’s medical issues that may not happen anytime soon. Porsha defended him to the end, but Kordell has his own agenda. I hope he is that loving christian man, when they have to divide assets and actually get divorced. Maybe they will continue in therapy and work out their issues.

    • The reason he “allowed” her to be on the show was so she would have income and he’d have less financial liability when he split.

      • Oooooooooo, excellent point, Charley!

      • Princess Diva Z

        I totally agree…I guess he’s ready to go back to sucking dicks in the park…IJS I like Porsha and I think he was thinking about divorce long before she caught wind of it. He wanted her to be making money so, he wouldn’t have to give her spousal support (which is what he is fighting now). Old block head ass Kordell need to stop his BS!!

      • Ms1dimple

        ITA Princess.. I feel sorry for Porsha she’s a cute lady just a little dense sometimes. We all heard about his love for the D..k and not the kitty. Yes, I do think that’s the reason why he allowed her to be on the show he had divorce plans all along he even said they have no assets to divide and she’s young and capable enough to make money. And for her to find out on the internet. HE’S A PIG!!

      • lilkunta

        @ princess,
        @ ms1dimple
        that is defamatory. i hope kordell sues both of you for slander.

  7. Nicole

    Sad to read this. Porsha is harmless. I think Porsha has not made connections with some of the housewives because of her age difference.

    May be Phaedra was snubbed by Porsha family or something and she held that against Porsha.

    • RahRah

      Porsha is super attractive IMO and that could be Phae’s problem. Who knows maybe Apolo looked a Porsha a second to long.

      • Tamar voice

        I agree. As cute as Porsha is, I know Phaedra has caught him looking a time or two. Pluis when the show first started, Porsha did come off as a little immature, so maybe that kept Phaedra away as well.

    • RealitySux

      I thought Porsha was in her 30s? Phaedra and Kandi are in their 30s too … aren’t they?

  8. Greg, for whatever reason, Bravo is not seating the women like they used to at reunions. Last night for example Lisa and Brandi were on opposite couches. Kyle and Kim were on opposite sides. They are seating people next to people they do not like. Seems like that could escalate physical violence. ESPECIALLY if they do it on the RHONJ finale. :)

    • Greg

      OMG – I hope that doesn’t happen on RHONJ, that would be scary! I still can’t get over the fact that Kenya and Porsha are on the same couch. Poor Kandi who is sitting in the middle… hahaha.

      I think it should have been Porsha-Kandi-Phaedra and Nene-Cynthia-Kenya.

      I’m wondering what happened with the Phaedra-Porsha feud. Do you think they edited footage out? The editing was funky this season. Remember that scene in the preview where Peter gets into it with Kandi in Anguilla? That was totally edited out – they ended up focusing the entire trip (most of it, anyways) on the Porsha-Kenya feud. Something is weird…

      • It actually already happened at last years RHNJ reunion. While Teresa was next to Melissa, Melissa grabbed Teresa’s arm. There was a moment there when things could have been ugly. Then Teresa was next to Caroline. I don’t think Jacqueline would ever have the cannoli’s to put her hands on Teresa. Andy has definitely been shaking up the seating arrangements.

      • Greg

        Yeah. I guess this time around it isn’t too weird, since Nene & Cynthia are next to each other (just like they’ve been since Season 3). I was just expecting Phae & Kandi to be together, but that wasn’t the case because Andy wanted Kenya and Porsha on the same couch. It’s kind of like how Kyle & Yolanda last night – Kyle had to keep turning to her left to talk to Yolanda when they were arguing.

      • Katrina

        Yes Kandi usually sits next to Cynthia. I bet Andy wanted to make sure Phaedra was in safe spot since she is pregnant. Kenya has threatened to punch her in the face several times during filming. Kandi is probably the only person that doesn’t have a major problem with Kenya.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      If they try to separate the women on Jersey, Teresa will be sitting alone.

  9. Nene tweeted something out to Porsha calling her her “little sister” which I thought was very sweet and appropriate. You never know how long of a shelf life a relationship is when you join the housewives it seems, but I am sad to hear this. I am not a huge fan of either Kordell or Porsha but marriages breaking up are always sad to me. She’s young at least and can hopefully bounce back and find the man of her dreams and have lots of babies.

  10. RahRah

    I love Porsha and am saddened by this turn of events. All I can recall at this moment is Kordell’s fake piety and so called religious conviction. Now that Porsha is getting the attention afforded by Housewives fame it diminishes his former football glory. Funny his football glory is clouded with accusations of homosexuality. Do you remember that awkward time between being a full grown adult and actual achieving adult maturity, the kind that can only come from growing wiser with age? I do.

  11. Resa228

    I think the reason the ladies were not close to Porsha was not beacause of her but because of him .. a controlling person will do whatever they can to keep you seperate from “outside” influences.
    Once he saw how he came across on the show , he blamed her for what we all could see. He married a” trophy beard” . Porsha saw that she could be more ,wife , mother & career woman ..and he could no longer keep her in the gilded cage .
    You can bet he will do all he can to withhold spousal support and try to disparage her name . I hope she gets a good attorney , and walks away with more than a bad taste in her mouth. I’m not saying take him to the cleaners but , I hope he’s suprised to learn his” cute kitten is a lioness after all “

  12. ab

    I feel sorry for Porsha bc she really wanted to make Kordell happy. I really dont understand why Phaedra has an issue with Porsha but I do rem Lawrence saying she had a problem with men in heels so maybe Phaedra doesnt like kordell and porsha based on the gay rumors….idk but i hope its said on the reunion

  13. You all have very different Porshas in your head than I do. I don’t think she is sweet. I think she is manipulative and dishonest and tried to stir the shit by any means possible. She thinks she is rich, high class and smart. She MIGHT be rich, but not by her own doing.

    • Lucy94

      Finally, someone speaks the truth. I think of Porsha the same way I think of Alexis on the OC…dumb and dumber. Controlled by husbands (Jim the Chin) like they’re stepford wives. This chick could barely string a complete sentence together. And don’t even get me started on that 265 day a year thing. I hope she’s rich, because what she’s qualified to do in terms of work leaves me SMH.

    • Eve

      I think your reply applies to just about all the housewives……lol
      They all end up with a lot of skeletons coming out of their fake closets.
      Besides, you either have to be a narcasist, crazy, desperate or stupid to be on the show in the first place.

    • cns

      I agreed. Porsha is not sweet, I think she was a mean girl. It’s funny how this so-called happlily married wife was so eager to take diggs at Kenya for not being married. Happily marriges people don’t insult single women. Porsha was delflecting her anger because her own familylife was not great. That marriage didn’t even last 2 years but you are making fun of a sigle woman. Well if she comes back next seanson maybe her and Kenya can date and fight over what’s left over of the sorry DL males in the ATL.

  14. ab

    Does anyone know if Porsha is kicked out of the costume ball

    • Valley Girl

      According to the Bravo video, yes – she came as Dorothy Dandridge and not BAPS – Kenya got mad and threw her out – everybody left with her.

      I like Porsha – sorry she has to go through this.

      He doesn’t want to give her spousal support and says there are no marital assets – is there a prenup or not I wonder?

  15. Dlister

    So, he sacked his marriage. I’m wondering if it was a shotgun one anyway. Maybe he wants to throw passes at other women without them being intercepted by his wife because he really wants to score again and he’s been feeling stuck on the line of scrimmage trying for that first down.

  16. Lucy94

    Can someone who knows Georgia law answer this for me? I read somewhere else that he filed just short of the 2 year mark, because in Georgia once you hit 2 years you are entitled to half regardless of a prenup. That’s crazy! Why even have a prenup? To protect yourself for the first year? Obviously, I’m not understanding something.

  17. oracle5

    Is this really true that Kordell has filed for divorce from his lovely, beautiful young wife Porsha; or is this a pre-APRIL FOOL’S DAY PRANK? Is this a Hello Pete moment? if so, this is a Hell of a thing to happen to Porsha. Could it be that CONCUSSIONARY HEAD PEOPLE DO STRANGE THINGS? Be for real people CONCUSSIONARY is not listed in any dictionary, however the word CONVERSATE made it!!! Porsha, this too shall pass! Always LOVE

  18. pfffttt

    Phaedra seems like she doesn’t connect with others unless they are super wealthy like Kandi, or college educated and become politicians, lawyers, or doctors. She threw shade at Kim and Nene saying they met and became friends from “the club.”

    She also said she joined the show because she didn’t want people to think every wealthy woman in Atlanta was married to a professional athlete or had a rich sugar daddy… So I think she may be friendly with Porsha, but not close. I think Phaedra likes to connect with business women like Kandi.

    I don’t think the two of them have beef with each other though.

    However, Nene tweeted support for Porsha, and there were pictures they posted on twitter with the two of them hanging out. They seem to hang out with each other outside of filming.

    I heard Porsha and Cynthia get into at the reunion. I think Cynthia is scared that Porsha and Nene are becoming close! LMAO

  19. pfffttt

    Also in the previews they make it look like Peter and Kordell are fighting each other. Peter and Kordell are actually yelling AT KENYA for kicking Porsha out.

    I thought Kenya kicked Marlo out, because there are photos of Marlo at the event. There are photos of Marlo and Kenya staring at each other like they are sizing each other up. But it is Porsha who she kicks out.

    Also on this entire divorce thing… I didn’t see it coming. Just last week on WWHL Porsha was still singing Kordell’s praises.

    I really like Porsha, she seems like a “REAL” person, someone you’d like to hang around with. I hope they have her back next season.

    • Greg

      Pfffttt, I wonder if Marlo will be featured on the show? I saw photos of her at the event, too, so I’m curious if she will be featured in any scenes.

      Also, Cynthia just tweeted support for Porsha. I think they will get into it at the reunion over Kordell but they seem to be quite friendly. I think both Nene and Cynthia are the closest to Porsha on the cast currently. In fact, on the show, the person who spent the most time with Porsha is Cynthia. They always seem to be sitting next to each other, and except for their tiff about the pageant, it seems like they spent the most time with each other. That being said, Cynthia is also close to Kenya, so maybe that’s what they got into it about on the reunion. Then again, Nene is close to Kenya, too!

      Does anyone know about Nene and Kenya’s relationship? I saw that article Tamara posted about how Nene has always thrown Kenya some shade, but they are always pictured together arm in arm at some party or event. It’s interesting.

      • pfffttt

        I think they will show Marlo. The show has been very boring this season and I think production reached out to her to film, because she usually brings drama. I dislike Marlo. However, I miss her. She was entertaining, and I think it would be hilarious to see Marlo and Kenya interact. Wonder how they would get along?

  20. stephey

    I started to really like Porsha too, this makes me sad. However, I thought sometimes Kordell spoke to her like a child and clearly they were having some issues. I hope she comes back next season perhaps with a fierce friend.

  21. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I do like Porsha & I did make fun of her ‘bowcabulary’.
    However I think it is shitty & not very gentlemanly for Kordell to file for divorce first. Unless Porsha was blind sided, she should have filed for the divorce.

  22. I know this will be hard on her now, but better now than after they had children together. Kordell obviously wanted to run things and the word compromise is foreign to him. She will do great without him. I sure of it.

  23. Patricia

    Wow, this poor girl put that man on a pedestal and look what happened. I knew something was shady about that dude. I suspect he didn’t like that she had gained outside interest and would one day be an independent free spirited woman, so he filed so he could find someone that he could control. Someone that didn’t want kids and that would really be under his thumb. What a shame. As for the show, I heard she quit. Don’t know if she did or not but with this impending divorce, she is sure to be asked back at any price now…..

  24. sandydc

    Perhaps Kordell could time travel back to the 1950s. I’m quite certain he could find a woman to his liking.

  25. Randa

    I really like Porsha. I just think Kontrol King Kordell snookered her. She fell hard for him..so sad she was probably just a cover for him.. WhatEVER the reason, the TRUTH WILL COME OUT.. No pun intended..

  26. Holy shit, sitting frankly bored with the Jodi Arias trial today and saw in my TL that Kordell filed for divorce. Didn’t even check out the link, instead I headed right over here where I knew I would get accurate tea. Like you Tamara I am blown away. I figured divorce was in their future down the line somewhere but I thought it would be Porcsha who filed as she matured and didn’t want to be controlled anymore. Did not expect Kordell to just dump her so quickly. Guess this shouldn’t be a surprise and probably indicates Kordell is more controlling than I can conceive. I was surprised he agreed to “let” her do the show but maybe he thought he would benefit from her being on the show?

    DIdn’t she have a miscarriage earlier in their relationship? Was it before the marriage or right after? Clearly she didn’t really get to share her grief with him and I suspect his attitude was “just get over it” versus she realized she lost a child. I think Kordell wants arm candy and someone to wait on him hand and foot and her wanting to find herself and independence just didn’t cut it. I suspect that when he found himself being taped as a “dick” in therapy where his wife couldn’t even share her pain with him, he wasn’t happy.

    I hope Porsha is telling the truth and there is no prenup so she can at least get some cash to compensate her for her loss. It might be best for her to just walk away from Bravo, heal, mature and then just get on with her life and find somebody who can respect her as their equal – she may have to work on her intelligence a bit but other than that she should be able to move on.

    • Seriously....

      She said about her miscarriage that she kept her feelings mostly to herself because she didn’t want to be disappointed. Apparently, she found out about the divorce just like we did…
      She says they agreed to work on things and he ran to the courthouse behind her back…smh…

  27. sandydc

    I just watched the episode where Porshe hacked off Kenya for calling her Miss America. Anyway, when Kordell makes his appearance he picks up the microphone and gives Porshe some expensive piece of jewelry which she obligingly coos over. She clearly did enjoy some of the control. But giving her jewelry at a charity event seems really tacky to me.

  28. Tasha

    All I can think about is the shade that Porsha aimed towrds Kenya for stil being single. Recall her comment “maybe if you understood that you would have a husband”?

    While I hate that she has to go through this, circumstances have a way of humbling us when we least expect it.

  29. Not a Kim Z Fan

    I like Porsha too… Everyone has loveable and harmless ditzy friend. I’ve had a couple in my lifetime. I don’t want to guess what was really going on in their marriage. But I will say this, if the marriage is irrevocably broken, then I think it was rather mature for Kordell to end the marriage before Porsha got pregnant because that would have been a straight up mess. Marriage is a covenant and I think couples have to be flexible. I don’t see a problem with Porsha having a career doing charity work, raising a family, and being a wife. Howinsoever, it is not my choice or my marriage. If Kordell was very clear about exactly what he wanted, and he seems like he probably was, and she flipped the script so early in the marriage, then I get it. Don’t agree with what he wants but I totally get it if he is concerned about her completely changing so early in the marriage.

    Finally, I know a lot of couples that divorce or break up after a miscarriage. It’s like one or both take a big sigh of relief. They feel like they avoided a landmine and so they choose to end it afterwards. And for Porsha, the miscarriage may have made her rethink being totally dependent on Kordell as it seems as though he may not have been as supportive as she would have liked. Sad, but major life events like that often lead to clarity and a change of heart…

    At any rate, I feel bad for Porsha. She seems like her heart was really in it…

  30. lwickedgirl

    Poor Porsha. I don’t think she saw this coming at all! Kordell must not have liked what he saw of himself on TV and did not like the fact she was trying to become a real person, not just his dress up dolly. I am glad she did not have a prenup and I am sure with a good lawyer (God knows not Phaedra) she will get a fair settlement. She is a beautiful woman and there are many men out there who would love to date and marry pretty girly girls like her. He acted like a d*ck and if I were her I would take custody of the giant picture of them and burn it on the lawn like Waiting to Exhale.

  31. Mango

    Aw, I feel sad for Porsha, she really seemed to want her marriage to work. Man, these reality shows – kiss of death for a lot relationships

  32. My heart truly breaks for Porsha. I really like her a lot.I think she was completely blindsided. I think she knew they had problems but thought they could be worked out. I hope all the best of everything for her in the future. As for Kordell, I wonder about his motives. I’ve read everyone’s comments & agree with y’all. I wonder if one thing that pushed him forward to this conclusion is/was jealously. He’s the one used to getting all the attention & being fawned over. Then Porsha gets a job on RHOA & starts getting all this attention. There’s 2 things right there that I think goes against what he feels/wants/believes…his wife is now getting more attention than he is & she has a J-O-B. The reason I think this about Kordell being jealous about the attention Porsha has been getting is because of how he reacted to not being invited to the reunion (wasn’t it the reunion he got so angry about?). What husband in the history of all the Housewives shows has done that? I can’t remember any of them reacting that way. Whatever it was that has led to this, I wish Porsha overflowing love & happiness in the future.

  33. kordell was invited to the reunion. He just didn’t go.

  34. Kordell’s twitter timeline is very odd. He is very supportive of Porsha up until March 17… then he starts RT quotes from others like,… being sorry is fine but you also have to agree to change,…etc.

    He also gave the following reason for not going to the finale…

    Kordell Stewart‏@KSlash10 15 Mar
    #RHOA Reunion I had other obligations booked wks prior to #RHOA submitting taping schedule & cannot participate. #Support @PorshaDStewart

  35. myinfo

    per TMZ Kordell is denying spousal support. CREEP

  36. Tamar voice

    Well I would certainly stand in line to be wife #2. I know who I am as a woman, and I would already have a real career walking into the marriage. I feel bad for Porsha, because there’s no pain like a broken heart, but she was never mature enough to be married. She has no clue who she is as a woman, and she should have worked on becoming a full adult woman before marrying Kordell. Kordell is not perfect, but what husband is? On the show he always appeared level headed, fair, and mature. I only think attitude having, neck rolling women who aren’t used to having a real man provide for the home would consider him controlling. He only came off controlling because look who he was in a relationship with. She was always seeking relationship advice from other women (when she hung out with Kandi while decorating, when she went to her first lunch/one-on-one with Phaedra, on her first meetup with Kenya), and that’s just not something a mature person that age would do! She was always trying to compare notes or something. She was trying to prove herself to Kordell, when she really needed to prover herself to the mirror . I think her subserviant behavior was misinterpreted as Kordell being controlling, and he’s taking a bad rap.

    Also, how can people praise Kandi for getting a pre-nup and protecting her assets, but flip the script when it comes to Kordell and his assets. He was well-established before he met Porsha, and they were together a little over two years. She is not entitled to his hard-earned dollars, just like Todd isn’t entitled to Kandi’s. Everybody want to call “Todd” an opportunist for getting with Kandi, but nobody will call Porsha the same thing for getting with Kordell.

    I’m just saying…in my Tamar voice…

    • lwickedgirl

      He did not want a ‘real’ woman, he wanted a ditzy youngish chick he could dress up and tell to do what he wanted her to do. What mature woman has to ‘ask’ her husband’s permission to have people over? He wanted Porsha the way she was and when she flipped the script and started growing up he did what any overly controlling asswipe would do and that is not even face her but run to the courthouse and file papers like a coward. Good luck to his next wife. She should look like Barbie, be about 19, have the I.Q. of a mole rat and cut his toenails for him… then he would be happy. Well good luck to him. When you have money many chicks will gladly want to fill the position.

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Hey lwickedgirl, I was with you up until the cutting of the toenails. I do my man’s pedicures all the time. Not because he ever asked me but because I like his feet to look good but don’t want his ass sitting in the chair next to me at the nail shop. LOL But seriously, I do think Kordell may be a wee bit controlling. I’ve said that since the episode where he chastised Porsha for apologizing to someone. Can’t remember who it was but it was very early in the show…

        We don’t know what’s going down and if he’s smart, we never will because his settlement will have a nondisclosure stipulation. I believe in marriage and think you should fight tooth and nails for a good marriage/partner. However, if they are not equally yoked or have totally different ideas of partnership and are both immovable, but I say get out early and save yourself 10/15/20 years of a miserable marriage…

      • Puravidacostarica

        Okay call me “controlling” but I am a mature woman and my hubby would never invite a group of people to our home without checking in with me first (nor would I do that to him). It is called being partners who respect the other’s needs, schedule, space, etc.

      • lilkunta

        2 l wicked there isnt anything cowardly about filing for divorce. would you have rather kordell stay married and cheat on porsha ?

    • Katrina

      If Kordell is so mature and concerned for his assets, then why didn’t he make Porsha sign a prenup. Now a judge will decide.

  37. Krystal Klear

    I really like Porsha and I while I never want to see a marriage end, I truly believe this is a “blessing in disguise” for her. Kordell was extremely controlling, not attractive and we won’t even mention the gay rumours. Any I wish Porsha the best, she’s a sweet girl.

  38. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Wow Tamara just read your update. Damn he leaked it to the media before even serving her… Yeah, she needs to run fast. Since he didn’t want her to work, she does deserve some transitional support at least… What an ass!!!

    • Puravidacostarica

      This assumes two things: that she did not receive a salary for appearing on RHOA and that she is not a trust fund baby.

  39. Lori

    My heart goes out to Porsha. I knew something was up with the way he was reacting during the “start a family” conversatiin. That just did not look like a man who really loves his wife ro me. He was so unsupportive and just a jerk. And just other conversations between them too. It reminded me of how Kelsey Grammer was with Camille in a way. Anyway, she was just so cute in wanting to be the perfect wife and how she took so much pride in being his wife just makes me feel so bad for her. I wish her all the best, and I hope at least she makes out well in the divorce. She has enough footage showing her dedication!

  40. Anonymous

    Well I don’t care for her and never did. No I don’t know her personally, but she always came across as the type that thinks she has EVERYTHING and that Kenya was so jealous of her…she couldn’t keep Kenya’s name out of her mouth the WHOLE season! How do we know Kordell didn’t get sick of PORSHA? He probably felt embarrassed when he realized how dumb his wife was. That divorce just might be a blessing for both of them.

    See this is what happens to people who think they are better than others and like to throw it in everyone’s faces. This hoe didn’t even know we were in a recession. She is out of touch with reality and I sure don’t think she’s going to mature within weeks for another season. Bravo, let it go. Find a PRETTY chick that is CONFIDENT and HAS A MIND OF HER OWN and that can hang with these shady ladies! Kenya is going to need an ally on this show too…my two cents…

  41. Kitkat

    This is sad, but she is probably better off.

  42. peachteachr

    Just from a personal perspective, I found divorce to be like walking up to the gates of hell, banging on the door and demanding to be let in, and then the doors of hell were flung wide open. And, I filed.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Haven’t been through it, hope I never do, but your comment touched me because of the pain it invoked. Namaste.

  43. Brillke

    I am no huge fan of Porshas but its not like I dislike her either. With that said, how Kordell handled the divorce was wrong. If they were in fact having marital problems, why go on the show? Does anyone in their right mind think shining a spotlight on a troubled relationship will help it? Hell no!

    I never warmed up to Kordell, he seemed fake to me, and it always seemed as if Porshas was trying to please him. Everything she did, wore, or said was only done after it was considered if Kordell would like it or not.

    Kordell reminded me of Mushmouth from the Fat Albert show. He would say something and I would have to rewind to listen again. He was always laying down these pearls of wisdom but they either made no sense or they ended up being comments that made me think of a father scolding a daughter rather then a husband talking to a wife.

    Porshas is a privileged woman who doesn’t seem too bright but she does seem to have a big heart. I hope she can learn from this painful experiance and move on.

    • lilkunta

      @brillke : perhaps there were not marital problems until bravo cameras came into their lives. kordell porsha met in 2009 and dated for 2yrs before marrying in may 2011. they were newlyweds. bravo cameras entered their lives in summer 2012. things change.

  44. Eve

    I googled Kordell this morning and there are A LOT of articles about him being gay.
    Many of them mentions that is why he left football, one source is Sports Illustrated !

  45. this is a little off topic, but i’m not sure where else to post – on the bravo preview video of kenya’s costume party, who is kenya?

    • Katrina

      I’m thinking Pam Grier – Foxy Brown

      • vivaladiva831

        Thanks!!! If she throws Porsha out for coming as Dorothy dandridge and not baps then that is ridiculous. I thought she was joking when she told her to come as that. I know she doesnt like Porsha, but i think that is insulting of Kenya to suggest that as an iconic role of a black woman.

      • DJ

        The wig made me think that Kenya was supposed to be Diana Ross.

      • MissCane

        Definitely Pam Grier for Kenya!

  46. Kordell is creepy a d controlling as hell and she is better off without him. But only if she can land herself another millionaire before she turns 30.

  47. Dlister

    “Hopes to resolve this privately?” Are you f-ing kidding me? When you indulge your inner famewhore to sign up for reality TV, you don’t get to pick and choose when you want your privacy!

  48. MissCane

    She’s a user. Porscha knew the deal when she married Kordell. She didn’t even want a child without a nanny. And her “career”? It was as a butt model and video dancer before it was “wife”. Spare me please. She only got the show bc she was married to Kordell in the first place. He didn’t want the show to interfere too much in their lifestyle – but it did. Basically, she chose to break the deal and he made his move.
    She’s broke, no skills but she’s on TV. She’ll be losing no sleep. Trust me. Not buying that “good Christian girl/woman crap either.
    Kordell may be a lot of things but he’s NOT stupid.

  49. MissCane

    One sign is that he dumped Porscha

  50. MissCane

    And smart enough to create a lifestyle for her to latch on to.

  51. With all the gay rumors going about, maybe Kordell left Porsha for Walter.

  52. Everything about this is sad, I think Porsha put so much store in this marriage. Kordell always came off as much less vested in the reationship, and seemed to have much displaced energy. I wish Porsha well, perhaps not the most charismatic housewife, but a lady just the same.

    • oracle5

      Wow! I can hardly believe that Porsha was once an
      EVANGELIST preaching sermons at a church located in Lithonia, Ga. I heard about the dancing video but did not hear about her being a HYPOCRITE!

  53. eg

    Kordell + Walter……Too funny!!!

  54. How do you have marital problems within ten months of marriage? Maybe he married her only because she was pregnant. After the miscarriage, no more marriage. And the nail in the coffin was watching her on tv. Your life plan should never be to attach yourself to someone else. And this is exactly why.

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