Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap

Lisa Vanderpump Still Not Signed to RHOBH Season 3This episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is going to be fabulous if for no other reason than it is Adrienne Maloof’s last episode!  I love Yolanda. Jennifer goes and drags Marisa back over to Brandi and Yolanda (and Lisa) to finish the conversation. Brandi tells Marisa that rather than putting her husband down by telling the entire world she wants to sleep with someone new, they should both give each other a hall pass. Lisa looks physically ill but she makes Marisa tell Brandi who said she would sleep with married men (It was Faye).  Yolanda gives Marisa a lecture on trash talking your friends in front of others and the conflab is finally over.

Linda Foster and Taylor are besties. Taylor tells her that it has been hard for her be nice to Yolanda and she cries and asks Linda if it is okay with her being friends with Yolanda. Linda says she is fine with it. Meanwhile, Lisa has cornered Faye and Faye says that Lisa uses Brandi to get back at Adrienne. Lisa sets her straight on that with no effort whatsoever so Faye changes tack to say that Lisa defends her and brings up the infamous bathroom sex at the white party. Lisa was the one to walk into the bathroom and pull Brandi out so she would not stay in there making out. That was all that happened. Interestingly, Faye has the tabloid version. It would seem that Faye is the mouthpiece for Kyle AND Adrienne. Faye then makes the exact same chess reference that Kyle made on last season’s reunion. I would imagine if you held a gun to Faye and Kyle’s heads, neither of them could tell you the first thing about how to play chess. Interesting they both use a chess analogy though, right? Lisa in her talking head says, “Checkmate, bitch!” This scene is hilarious. Kyle jumps up to intervene while saying in her talking head, “I really don’t like getting in other people’s battles.” Enough airtime for Faye, let’s move on to Ken and Lisa! Or at least watch Adrienne cry.

fayedickontableOh Lord, Faye is now saying she is being attacked. Give me a break. Now she is really bored. Brandi tells Faye if she is bored she should leave. Wait, what? Kyle just told Lisa in her own home that the conversation has nothing to do with her? REALLY KYLE? Faye finally walks away in defeat, but for one glorious moment, I thought Brandi was going to punch her in the face. Kyle says ONCE AGAIN in her talking head that she just can’t get involved or take a side. Cut back to Kyle right there stirring the pot. Camille shows up once it’s mostly Kim and Kyle fighting again. Where was she before?  Kim is now blaming Kyle and Brandi for destroying her life. I think she needs to reread her 12 steps.

Wow Lisa got married to Ken three months after meeting him! I had forgotten that Pandora got married on the same day as her parents. It’s their one year anniversary.

Enter Adrienne. Kyle is “crying” the moment she walks in. Kim was already unstable. Camille enters dramatically with an, “Oh my God!” It is as if they all have a book to refer to entitled How to Make The Biggest Scene Possible on Someone Else’s Big Day. One of them should definitely write that. Perhaps, Kyle. Can Kyle read and write? Mauricio is hovering on the arm of the sofa huddling with the other crying bitches.

rhobhpartyFor some reason Ken gets a whole talking head to say he is pissed off that Adrienne didn’t come in and find the hosts and apologize for being late immediately. That seems rather ridiculous. It leads me to believe she is going to do something even more disrespectful soon. Adrienne says she left her kids home crying so she could support Lisa. The lies slip off her tongue like butter. She’s utterly amazing.

Marisa looks pretty with her hair with a bit of a french braid on either side. Yolanda and Marisa are talking about Adrienne and why she is even there given her circumstances. Adrienne is inside talking about marriage counseling. Adrienne tells Kyle that she doesn’t want to be a downer on Lisa’s say so she asks Kyle to give Lisa her best. In her talking head she talks about how Lisa did not even rush over to comfort her. ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME? Adrienne, five minutes ago you said you were tearing yourself away from your despondent children just to come support Lisa and now you are unable to locate her at her own party? Someone says, “Pretty bad the story is on TMZ before it is filed in Superior Court.”  Yep, and who could have done that? Could it be… SA—TAN??? Adrienne?

I can’t believe Lisa allowed that hot pink heart monstrosity. I see why Lisa didn’t want to do a public ceremony. She is trying really hard to keep it together. Oh God. Ken is winning the hearts of women everywhere with this speech. It was a great ceremony.

End notes: Kyle‘s store is thriving. But though it is right down the street from Lisa’s restaurant they don’t do lunch. Yolanda is receiving treatment for her Lyme disease. It did not come from her lemons. Adrienne and Paul have both moved on. He’s dating a former Miss Nevada, 27. She is dating Rod Stewart’s son, 32. Taylor is madly in love with her lawyer, who isn’t quite divorced yet. Brandi had a big 40th birthday party at SUR. Paul was welcomed, Adrienne was not invited. Kim and Kyle participated in a celebrity diving show that brought them closer together. As a team, they came in last.

Next up, the reunion recap!


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29 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap

  1. Whatever

    Can somebody, please, tell me just who brought Brandi into the circle, who invited Yolanda into the circle and all these random friends that keep popping up to start trouble – Faye Resnick,, Taylor’s friend who loves to drink, Marissa and Brandi’s 2 friends? Yolanda is a trouble maker and appears to think she is on the show to put everyone in their place and to scold everyone like children.

    • Angie

      Brandi seems very tacky. She is definitely entertaining, speaks her mind and has brought the “heat to this season BUT, I don’t trust her. I’d like Lisa to be careful. Brandi stands to gain much more from Lisa than the other way round, Lisa can open the door to contracts and opportunities. Fun fact, so could Adrienne. It’s unforgiveable that Brandi betrayed Adrienne by revealing something that Adrienne did not choose to reveal. For some women, surrogacy is a private affair.
      Lisa, beware!
      To answer your question Brandi ingratiated herself with Lisa and slithered her way into the circle by being controversial and outspoken. Andy Cohen seems to like her so she gets a lot of camera time. She knows what she is doing
      Yolanda is also a straight shooter. She has nothing to prove. She doesn’t need the money, Brandi does. I. J. S

      • Gilda222

        Sorry, Angie…but the only ones I do trust are Brandi, Lisa & Yolanda. They tell the truth, aren’t delusional & aren’t hypocrites. Can’t say that for Kyle & Kim & the worst: the orange-spayed Hoof. You must like the Hoof’s talent for lying plus her delusional paranoia. Kim & Kyle’s psychotic behavior surpasses the evil women on Telenovelas: “Ju’ not mi hermana. Ju’ la diabla. (The Richard’s sisters’ on their big TV comeback). The Hoof: “I was the Prom Queen of Bev.Hills High, and I KNOW Paul still loves me.” to Radar Online.

  2. I just finished watching the finale. First off, I LOVED the fact that Lisa and Ken renewed their vows. I thought it was sincere, loving, and amazing. However, Faye Resnick is a dirty little bitch. Can’t stand her. I really think she is doing this crap just to get on air. I find her such a hypocrite. The fact that she points the finger at Brandi is absolutely ridiculous considering where she has come from.

  3. Puravidacostarica

    Fabulous recap!! And I haven’t even watched the finale yet. Your recap just made the anticipation all that much sweeter. Thanks TT!

  4. Ericzku

    For those who may not know, Linda Foster is Linda Thompson, who: dated Elvis Presley towards the end of his life, was married to Bruce Jenner and had 2 sons with him (one is Brody Jenner), and became a “songwriter” while married to Foster. Too bad she’s had all that plastic surgery with such horrific results!

  5. Diane1018

    I kept asking myself did Faye leave, why isn’t she in there comforting her dear, dear friend Adrienne? Then I see her during a pan shot during the vow renewal. Where was she…the bathroom-sniff, grabbing a Chanel?

  6. myinfo

    Brandi should have said “somebodys crying” when Adrienne was crying.

  7. myinfo

    Who comes to a party just to cry? I think she was crying for the camera. Sad but I did not feel sorry for her. I think Brandi said Paul has moved out a few times. I did not know Paul was the one who left Adrienne.

  8. Did she need to show at the finale in order to get her paycheck?

    Lisa yapping about the event being about her and it being her house and she can’t be disrespected? Bullshit. It was a required event. They really should do those on neutral ground at least. I guess it always has to be someone’s pretend event. It sucks that you’d have to go to Lisa’s home (that looks like a hotel lobby) when you are at odds with her.

    • ThunderMonk

      I totally agree, on both counts. As soon as I saw Adrienne walk in, crying, I thought that this must have been production at least strongly encouraging Adrienne to go for a short while. I doubly agree about Lisa’s house – it looks like a boutique hotel or very high end plastic surgery recovery facility. She needs to drop the words “Villa Rosa from her gates, BOTH sides of her front entrance and the entrance hall carpet. Leave it for some tastefully personalized china.

  9. Cami

    Love tonight’s show. I have come to admire Ms Yolanda. Yes she is a shit starter but at lease you know not to be messy in front of her because she will tell it like it is. Brandi is my sister (in my head) because we are both scorpio’s. She’s also a little messy but you just have to love her. Lisa and Ken were very cute and I wish them many more years together. Now on to the tacky part of the evening. How the hell do you show up to someone’s house not say hello to them and then make a big scene about a divorce from a man you made look like a punk? I’m glad her tacky butt won’t be back next season. And I do not care if this was for show or television that’s just damn rude. Kyle and Kim get on my last damn nerve. Please go see a shrink and get to the bottom of the beef between you two. I want Kim to stop bringing up things from the past and Kyle to stop acting like she’s the peace maker. Fye please go find a life and stop defending people who don’t come to your rescue or have your back. Kyle has sat right there and said nothing while you call yourself standing up for her and rock face Adrianne. Marisa is sloppy and her husband should leave her for disrespecting him. How you start off going to dinner with Brandi and claim you two are just alike then talk about her like trash? Camille please have several seats.

  10. Lori

    I can’t believe I actually teared up during Lisa and Ken’s ceremony. I really loved seeing the old pictures of them. He is such a handsome man, and, of course, Lisa is just stunning. I just wish she hadn’t thrown in the “Brandi, why don’t you come up here” comment. Kind of took away from the beauty of it. But what a wonderful marriage they have. So blessed. And they only dated for 3 months beforehand. I love it!

  11. I love Lisa and Ken together, yes I was crying right along with them like I was there (LOL). It was a beautiful ceremony. Other than the renewal part the rest of the episode was pointless. Did Lisa and Ken’s son attend, I did not see him there?

  12. McAmster

    I have just one question….

    Why. Was. Faye. Even. There?

    (unnecessary invitee, was she even invited? She seems to just go to places uninvited, ALOT! half wish Lisa said, “why are you here again? Who invited you? I don’t even know you, why are you AT MY WEDDING, BITCH!) Ahh, that felt good.

  13. Favorite line The lies slip off her tongue like butter. She’s utterly amazing. I love you!!!!

  14. Lisa and Ken’s vow renewal was so corny, I could have done without it. I imagine Adrienne just came to Lisa’s home to finish off her contract with Bravo before jumping ship. I thought Faye Resnick made the whole show worth watching. I just love to hate her. Brandi is just so low class and uninteresting. What is she going to do without Adrienne to fight with. I can’t see Yolanda and Brandi bonding for long. Yolanda will soon get tired of Brandi. I’m hoping both Kim and Taylor and Marisa are replaced next season.

  15. Good read, great comments.

  16. momadison

    Why? That’s the question du jour, why do I watch this show? Why do I care how they act, and why does it make me so damn mad I want to punch a puppy right in it’s cute puppy face!?
    Why do I let what must surely be some carefully scripted The Hills kinda BS get me so riled? No one in their right mind should enjoy this, and yet I must because I tune in, night after night, season after season and more importantly, actively seek out like minded people to discuss said show! TAMARA why don’t these women realize how awful they make themselves look? Adrienne, no one NO ONE believes that marriage was anything other than a means to an end, and end it surely must. So you fake crying about it just makes you look moronic, after three seasons of watching and listening to you barely tolerate, and more often actively disgusted with, Paul. Kyle, we all ALL get it, Kim was the one mama doted on, booked the jobs, got all the kudos, made all the money before you could; can’t you just see 70’s Kyle combing her hair asking the mirror why everyone loves KIM Marsha Marsha? So know the tables are turned, Kim’s all effed up, you got the handsome but not too evolved hubby and you just aren’t that good of an actress to hide your glee with her being messed up and you getting to play concerned sister. You make her struggle about YOU so much, even at the opening of your store you had to pull her aside and cry about how worried you were about her. I enjoy Yolanda because she’s old school Housewife material, not clearly playing for the cameras, struggling with the women and learning you have to be careful what you say and when. Brandi too, yes she’s got a big mouth, so what, they all do and I have been in a situation where not only is a fellow woman lying about something, she continues to create elaborate embellishments of said lie, when really the truth is no big effin deal and finally you snap and yell enough!!! Only we broke, so no lawyers, just wine and I’m sorry’s. This leads me to my last point. It makes me so damn mad that these ladies do not seem to know how to argue! Oh they fight and bitch a plenty, I mean argue. Where a valid point or greivance is made, a counterpoint is issued and discussion ensues. They go off half cocked with half the story, deny they said this or that, belabour the wrong point entirely, then insist they make up by totally capitulating. Why does I disagree mean I hate you. Why does keeping out of something mean you condone it and why does bringing up the same supposedly resolved issue seem like good TV to producers, editors etc? Faye is really abhorrent and for that reason will most likely continue to get rolled out as a Friend, much like the Gollum-like Kims of New Jersey. Taylor and Kim are off on their la la la journeys and I just can’t bring myself to say anything bad about em. As for Lisa, well clearly I want to be like her, and secretly call my min poodle Giggy when my puppy punching phase passes.

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