Big Rich Atlanta Recap: Mama Drama

Big-Rich-AtlantaOnce again I am two episodes behind on Big Rich Atlanta. I am going to try to do a quick and dirty catch up post on the last two shows. Edit: I had way to much to say about the first episode so I’ll have to recap both shows separately.

Meyer wanders home ( I suppose from the Halloween parties) at 1 pm and Mama Virginia ain’t happy. Leave Meyer alone! She’s my favorite! Harvin and Meyer ask Meagan and Anandi to model some of their She Blames Me line. Looks like a fashion show scene is inevitable. Harvin and Meyer go to a photographer and Harvin takes over the pitch. Photog is hired. Harvin decides that Anandi will look nude in the shoot. Harvin has a death wish. Harvin and Meyer argue on set. Meyer doesn’t like her male model. Meyer has a meltdown. Anandi’s shoot was spectacular! and nude.

I sort of forget who the mothers are on this show. I am not sure that really matters. Some of the blond moms are having parties. These parties are just excuses for the girls to mix it up. Oh, now the two black moms are talking. They are having parties too. The dancing preacher mama is listing her celebrity friends like Whitney Houston. Dead women tell no tales I suppose.big-rich-atlanta-ashleekahdijihaOh Lord, Ashlee has a fake storyline to look for a mansion. Meagan has a fake storyline to be a realtor for this process. Ashlee seems like she wants to fake buy Khadijah’s house. Khadijah can afford it, Ashlee is pretending. Later, Ashlee talks to her sister. Her sister asks what she is up to Ashlee says that she is working on her brand by calling a PI to have Khadijah followed. I’m sure that makes sense to Ashlee.

Some hysterical staged dinner with Anandi, her mother, her new boyfriend, and two of the blond moms. It’s quite ridiculous. This episode doesn’t have enough Meyer.

Time for the first party. It’s Khadijah’s daddy’s album release party. The dancing preacher is networking and passing out business cards to everyone in the room. This annoys Khadijah. I don’t see the problem with it. The preaching dancer wants to be a recording artist now. Mentions Whitney again.

Oh noes! Ashlee is talking to Ashlee over bloody marys. Ashlee claims she has a warrant out for Khadijah’s arrest. Harvin mentions to Ashlee that Anandi is doing a racy photoshoot. Meyer seems to be leaning toward Ashlee’s side. That is ridiculous.

Time for the Fall Harvest Party. Or the blondes party. The hostess has a gay BFF who is rather snarky. Virginia shows up with her boytoy. The gay immediately calls Virginia a whore as soon as she walks in. Donald talks in a fake accent that sounds like he is trying to be Thurston Howell III. He’s not amusing. He brings up the g-shot in front of Virginia and her boytoy and other male guests. This will not go well. Virginia leaves. Another blond tosses a drink on Donald. We have reached full buffoonery levels here. There is way too much Mama Drama and not enough girls. This is ridiculous. The drink tosser leaves too. Donald starts tearing the house up.  This show has spun out into a parody of reality shows. I don’t know whether it is funny or just annoying.

I promise to get to the current episode today!

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  1. Lady Magenta

    OMG! I stopped watching – so your recaps just reinforces my decision not to watch it anymore. When I first watch – all the “blondes” on the show was making me dizzy. Literally – I couldn’t tell who was who — personally, I think Harvin and Meyer need their own show – they are just too hilarious for words.They could really do slapstick type comedy — although I can only take but so much of their whining at times. So, TT thanks for the recaps. LOL!

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