Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part One Recap

RHOBH3The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion begins with Andy telling everyone that Adrienne is not longer with us. I love how he says that her last act as a housewife is being a chickenshit. Lisa says that if you sign up to be on a reality show you can’t then sue when someone brings things up about you. Yolanda says that her not returning is a known consequence of not showing up for the finale. Lisa says that Adrienne is leaking stories to the tabloids saying that she quit, when that is not true and Lisa knows she wanted to stay. Even Kyle is doing some back-pedaling to distance herself from Adrienne.

Andy still won’t say what Brandi said about Adrienne. I guess the lawsuit is still in place. But we do get a retrospective of all of Brandi’s altercations with Adrienne and Paul. It’s quite the body of work for a new housewife. When Bernie put out negative info in the media about Paul, Paul called Brandi and apologized to her. Brandi clears up the lawsuit/letter debate by saying that she was friends with someone named Geneva who worked for Adrienne. Adrienne thought that Geneva was telling Brandi information so Adrienne sent Geneva a letter with Brandi’s name included. It sounds like a basic cease and desist letter Geneva’s lawyer called Brandi’s lawyer and said that Adrienne’s lawyer was going to go forward with a lawsuit if Brandi (and Geneva) did not agree to sign a non-disclosure. Did everyone follow that? Good.

Kyle says that her favorite part of the season was the big party in Ojai. Thus ends the Kyle segment, apparently.

RHOBHYoflowersYolanda says that because she is Dutch, her personality can be misunderstood as cold or arrogant. Yolanda said she was sort of thrown into the shark tank at first and people did not reach out to her. Lisa (who she knew before the show) says she didn’t want to poison water against anyone and wanted to let Yo come to her own conclusions. Kyle tries to say she did. Yolanda shuts her down. Yolanda says she sat in Kyle’s driveway sick as a dog and she did not even come out to offer her a glass of water. Kyle says she didn’t even know she was out there. Andy asks about Yolanda saying that people should be honored to be around her husband. Yo says that she is honored everyday to be his wife and when people come in to her home she expects them to be respectful toward her husband. A viewer asks Yolanda about her comments about worrying her daughter was a lesbian. Yolanda said it came out wrong and she supports her children whatever choices they make.  Andy is quite to say, “It’s not a choice!” and Yolanda says that “they had one that went from one side to the other and back again…” and Andy says he is not going to debate that issue with her. Andy is a bit huffy about the whole topic.

Viewer question about Yolanda telling the contractors to learn English. Who cares. A viewer asks if she and David have a pre-nup. She says absolutely. Andy mentions that Yolanda had never seen the show before she came on. Yolanda is too busy picking lemons and reading to watch TV like a commoner. She says she does regret not watching the show so she would have known all the back stories. Kim says that she was upset with Yolanda for saying that she had plans to Master Cleanse with her and she stood her up. Wow, Kim is really articulating her point very clearly. Yolanda finally admits that she did not make plans with Kim, that the plans were through production, that is that production told her who to expect for the lemon squeezing scene. Point, Kimberly.  Andy asks about her Lyme disease. Yolanda tells Andy that she has noticed for about two years that her brain function was changing. Andy asks how it manifested during filming. Yolanda says the significant moment was when she and Taylor were arguing about David and she remembers looking at her and not being able to formulate any sentences. She just blurted out, “you are such an asshole!” which is so not like her. Taylor apologizes to Yo and gets choked up.

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Taylor’s retrospective is of her drunkenness. Kim is shown looking on forlornly. Andy asks Taylor if she thinks she was drinking too much on the show this season. Taylor says absolutely. Andy asks if she thinks she has a drinking problem, she says she doesn’t now, it was worse during the show. Taylor says she was drinking as a coping mechanism. Lisa jumps in to say that Taylor was stumbling and over doing it. Kim is crying saying that she was worried about Taylor and she was scared for her. Kim says she doesn’t think Taylor can control her drinking. Andy reads Taylor’s blog going after Kim for having an intervention for her on national TV. Taylor says that Lisa discusses it with her privately but Kim uses it as a storyline. There is disagreement about whether or not Kim calls Taylor. Taylor says she appreciates Kim and the conversation ends. I would like to say that I think Bravo needs to stop making a storyline out of people’s alcohol consumption. We can see who is drunk all the time and who isn’t.  NO ONE thinks that calling out someone with a substance abuse problem on national TV is helpful. It’s just using people’s illness for a storyline. Which is very lowdown and sleazy.Next up, Taylor’s scene where she doesn’t know where Kennedy is. Andy is appalled. Brandi points out that Kyle was talking about her good friend Taylor to Marisa and others who don’t even know Taylor at the party. Taylor says her legal situation is good now. Andy asks about the married lawyer. Brandi says that Taylor dating a married man bothered her. Taylor says that the wife and lawyer were living apart for several years. Brandi says they were happily married when they began dating. Everyone on both sofas looks uncomfortable. Taylor is staying in Colorado for ski season with the new man.

RHOBHKyleLisaIn that little 40 minute mark scene Bravo likes to do, Andy pretends that Leann Rimes is the new housewife. Then he laughs and says won’t it have been funny if she had walked out with Brandy’s kids????  SMH

Lisa and Kyle’s friendship gets their own retrospective. Lisa says that suddenly Kyle was all cozied up to Adrienne when they had never been that close before. She says she knew it was because they wanted to list Adrienne’s house. Well that was a Camille Grammer “No I’ve Said It!” moment if ever there was one!  Kyle starts screeching about that is an attack on her character. Yes, Kyle, it is, and it was meant to be one. Lisa asks if she is friends with Adrienne now. Kyle says she has never been really close with Adrienne. Oh really? So that was all for the show? Or all for the listing? Which one is it Kyle? I think we all know the answer to that. Kyle says that the reason she kept defending Adrienne is because she was not there to speak up for herself.  Um, hello If Lisa is your friend and Adrienne is not that close to you, why would you take up for Adrienne in her absence when your friend is venting? Your story makes no sense, Kyle.

Andy asks if Lisa feels her relationship with Kyle and Mauricio changed after Mauricio sold their house. Lisa says, “yes, very much so and so does Ken.” Kyle says then why has she been trying so hard to mend the relationship? Lisa asks when that happens. She says she never hears from Kyle. Kyle says she feels like she has been replaced by Brandi. Brandi keeps saying that she doesn’t talk shit about her friend behind her back. Kyle says that she and Brandi have never fought at all. Yolanda jumps in to say that Kyle is two-faced for saying something about (Brandi? I think) having plastic surgery.  Kyle finally explodes at Yolanda and says, “Why don’t you tell Lisa what you said about her in Paris?” Ominous music plays, Yo’s jaw drops, Lisa’s eyebrows go up and ….commercial.

When we come back Yolanda asks Kyle what she said. Kyle says that Yo said that Lisa was a phony and a fake and that she is pretending to care about Kim to look good in front of everyone and that she doesn’t care about Kim.  Yolanda denies the whole thing. Kyle tries for the sister backup. Yolanda cuts that option off by saying Kyle was not even talking to Kim in the airport. Yolanda carried Kim’s bags and Kim was alone in the airport and Yo was the only one who sat with her.  Kim goes for the sister backup anyway. Kim says that, “she was talking behind my back” (while gesturing toward Lisa) the night before at dinner (in Paris) and you said “she’s not your friend she’s full of shit.”  So far Yolanda and Kyle have called each other liars multiple times. Kim finishes her diatribe with “you said it, I promise you!” Yolanda says, “You remember?” and Brandi and Yo sort of giggle. Kyle now goes off again because Yolanda is mocking Kim’s alcoholism. Well to be fair Kim was out of it on something for most of the Paris trip so she is not really a credible ally for Kyle in this.

Andy interrupts trying to get Lisa’s take on what just happened. But Kyle wants to know who is the real Yolanda? The one who is nice to her face or the one who is mean on her blog? Long awkward silence by Yo. Andy finally asks Lisa if she believes that Yo said she was full of shit. Lisa says she doesn’t believe it. OMINOUS MUSIC! Kim and Kyle look furious!

Tune in next week….Does Lisa think Kyle is a liar? Lisa tells Kim she was cuckoo for cocoa puff in Paris! Mauricio shows up to say the women have no idea what they are talking about. Kim and Kyle cry over their friendship for the billionth time. Lisa tells us who of the ladies she trusts. Brandi tell Mauricio how a man should never speak to a woman and Kim and Kyle yell at Brandi some more!


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41 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part One Recap

  1. Michelle

    You can tell that Lisa poisoned Yolanda against certain ladies. Why would she say that she was standoff-ish if Lisa hadn’t. There is nothing that Kyle has done to Yolanda. Yolanda was talking in circles. You can tell she is one of Lisa’s minions. Also now Brandi bactracks and says there was no lawsuit but just the threat of one. I don’t for one second believe that Brandi came out of pocket 10K. I am not team anyone but Brandi and Yolanda are not my favorites in that order

    • WAgirl

      Michelle, are you Faye? Your tone of voice sounds more like Faye. I do not think Lisa ever said anything bad about any of these women on the show. She didn’t have to because they were so transparent. I have a lot of respect for Yolanda because she is a straight shooter and she tells thing like it is. It’s like the history repeats itself for Kyle. Last season, she said to Camille “why would anybody be interested in you without Kelsey there?” Back then, NO ONE believed Camille because none of us knew Kyle’s true color. But now, we believed that Kyle said that to Camille. I think Taylor knows the true, but her hands were tied because she had to scratch Kyle’s back and Kyle scratched her. In this season, Kyle’s sister Kim said on camera that Kyle was the one who started the problem by asking Brandy questions about Adrienne and got her talking about Adrienne. It was Kim again in Paris said that Kyle changed…blah blah to Lisa. Then Kim turned around and said that Lisa talked bad about Kyle…. The Richards sisters are pure garbage and un-realized sources. They made Taylor looked really good in this season. Also, I was so glad that Lisa finally put her foot down and called Kyle out for not being a friend with anyone. All Kyle wanted from those “friends” was selling their houses. Her eyes said it all “leech!” Kim Kim Kim, you were a child star but you are an old and wrinkle woman now, so it’s not about you anymore. Get off your high horse and acts civil toward everyone. No one really cares about you. We would be glad if you get off the show. What a crack head! The Richards sisters have construction man’s hand. It does not matter how many diamonds and jewelries that they wear on their hands, their hands still look scary and fugly. I stole this line from Faye and re-constructed it to fix with the Richards’ hands.

  2. vivaladiva831

    Wow!!! What Lisa said about Kyle sucking up to people for their house listing was CRAZY and I believe it!!!!

    • Aretha

      I don’t. It’s obvious tht Lisa is punishing kyle. She even back tracked a bit when Kim confronted her

      • If Kyle did nothing wrong, what is she being punished for? She said the same thing, and it boggles my mind. I happen to think she does lay it on thick whether it’s been intentional or not to anyone that has a house for sale. Maybe she doesn’t realize she has it as second nature?

    • Susana

      I thought that watching the show. Kyle seemed to kiss the hands that feeds them and throws her supposed “friends” under the bus. Kyle does protest too much, me thinks. Just take the money and run Kyle.

      Do wish they’d leave the drinking and drug issues out of the story line. Like how Tamara said this.

      Tamara’s blog is much easier on the stomach to read, than watching the show. Love how she puts things together.

    • lwickedgirl

      me too… and Mauricio just keeps looking creepier and dirty with that one day old shadow.

      • sammiejane

        It would be very interesting to know if Mauricio gets paid for his appearances on the show? There is a certain level of disturbing behavior on his behalf. WTF was he doing around the cackling hens while they put on the dramatics for Adrienne at Ken and Lisa’s home on their day!

        Side note: I will always love the scene where Mauricio gave Ken a bottle of alcohol as an “I’m sorry” following a disagreement in a restaurant (when Mauricio was extremely out of line and berating Brandi). Mauricio suggested they open right then. Ken’s response about the bottle when it was handed to him, “Well, I don’t like it”. You can see him clearly put the bottle down in the background intending not to take it; Lisa picks it up and carries it out (I thoroughly believe that Lisa did this to be gracious and it probably ended up in the Vanderpump trashcan). :/

      • Husbands don’t get paid on RH franchises. That said, RHOBH has always had a different payment plan than all the other franchises (that do them the same). The main difference I know about is that RHOBH get paid per season while the others get a per episode fee. That came in handy for Taylor this season who went on a few escapades and missed some filming. As I understand she gets her full check, but had she been on RHOA for example she would not have been paid for missed episodes. If you notice, sometimes Nene gets just a little blip at the 40 minute mark to insure she appears on every episode.

    • USED2B718

      Co-signing on this completely.

  3. Cami

    Part one was good. I hate how they made Taylor out to be a alcoholic when she lost her husband and was the one who found him dead. I guess they thought that she would be floating on roses and living the good life. They should have offer her some help instead of putting a spotlight on her condition. The same for Kim who needs to go back and try it again cause it did not work the first time. I still don’t see how Kyle and Lisa were friends. Kyle seems like she was always team Adrienne. I want to know who beat Yolanda’s face cause she look good.

  4. eg

    WHO (Adrienne) goes to another womans home and announces the “separation” between herself and her own husband (tears and all), and not even speak to the woman or man of the house?? Meanwhile all of these other women are just fawning all ovr Adrienne, and cooing and blah blah. That was sickening to watch, and then they all (almost all) have to walk her ugly ass out to the curb in a group like jr high girls.Yolanda and Lisa are the only ones that make sense in this group. Kyle is such a snake,Kim and Taylor are such drunken flakes, Marisa (?) Brandi is likable but a loose cannon. I really hope they don’t bring Kyle back along with Adrienne next season.

    • Katrina

      The rift betwee Adrianne and Lisa really started at the reunion. Adrianne was upset that Lisa used Planet Hollywood for her daughters bachelor party, but it was nothing like this. Adrianne has always been the peace maker. Adrianne was defending Brandi last season.

      • Susana

        To add to Adrienne’s nose out of joint: Giggy is famous, Jackpot, not, Lisa’s business ventures have blossomed, Adrienne, not. Lisa has her own Vanderpump Rules, Bravo let Adrienne go. There’s more, but you get the drift.

    • The REALHONJ

      I am floored that she showed up to a VOW RENEWAL to announce her own separation! WTF??? If you ask me she was trying to take the attention away from Ken and Lisas day siince no Bravo cameras showed up at her door to film her “devastation.” So she did the next best thing which was to rain on what should have been a happy and glorious day for Ken and Lisa. Like Faye being there wasn’t bad enough. SMH.

      • Lydia

        The nerve of that woman. Who attends a vow renewal, IGNORES the hosts, holds court in their living room then leaves dramatically? Adrienne’s behaviour is appalling. I agree with Yolanda, she should have stayed home that night. She had a lot to think about. Particularly, her role in the demise of her marriage.
        I cannot say with certainty but what I observed was a wife who did NOT appreciate, encourage or support her husband. Adrienne was prone to belittling her husband at every opportunity. Which man can put up with this indefinitely?

        Adrienne’s ego know no limits. SHE was upset because Lisa did not rush over to comfort her… WHAT?
        Adrienne, it was a vow renewal. That was the ONLY reason you were invited. You came LATE, GIFTLESS and did not even say congratulations. If this was too painful, you should have STAYED HOME.
        How many couples make it to 30 years?
        Lisa has so much dignity and class that she did not shut Faye Resnick down or ask her to leave (as I would have done.) She was right to sit on the sofa.
        Congratulations Lisa and Ken.
        I’m glad they allowed us to glimpse their wonderful union.
        Adrienne and Faye are two nasty pieces of work. They should have lunch.

  5. Lori

    As much as I dislike Kyle, and as much as I really like Yolanda, you can tell from Yolanda’s reaction that she really did say that stuff about Lisa. You can tell because her defending of herself was very different then when you know she’s telling the truth. Basically, she’s a terrible liar. I do also think that Lisa tends to be a bit fake towards Kim, but how can you not when someone is clearly on another planet. Also, even though Kim probably has been sober for a good portion of the last year, it is hard when you never know what you’re going to get. Kim really has a lot to say at this year’s reunion though!

  6. Char

    I found it interesting how much Kim and Kyle were speaking up/fighting for their place as housewives. Especially Kim. And that Taylor didn’t try to insert herself in any of the arguments.

  7. hogwildgirl

    I too think that Yolanda was less than truthful about the Lisa situation, but I still love her and think she is a breath of fresh air. I think Kyle is a two-faced money whore who has always been in her sister’s shadow (career-wise) and now sees this as an opportunity to finally outshine her sister. I will NOT watch next season if Faye Resnick is allowed to bully and run rough-shod over everyone. Someone needs to reign this hooker in.

  8. Gigi

    Part 1 was ok, it put light on some of the things behind the scenes that now make sense. Most importantly, the dynamics between Kyle and Lisa. I SO believe Lisa when she says that stuff about Kyle befriending folks who have houses to list. Kyle can’t not show her two-facedness and could only say that one was attaching her character. She never said it wasn’t true or that it hurt her feelings that anyone would feel like that. If she had said something along those lines I would be inclined to say that maybe Lisa had it wrong, but because she didn’t I SO believe Lisa had it RIGHT.

  9. verneewaggin

    I know this is wrong place to ask this question, put I just read this on another blog site (no disrespect Tamara) but is this true :Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce From Porsha Stewart

    • Seriously....

      What the what? I googled it and it’s everywhere. Allegedly, he filed on the 22nd. Ooh, where is my cup because Tamara needs to pour me some of this tea.
      On a real note though, it’s too bad. I thought they were a young marriage that needed to figure out that a wife can submit without a husband stepping all over her. Or that your wife shining doesn’t need to eclipse your light.
      Unfortunately, it seems like it will be nasty since he’s saying there is no assets to be divided and that she’s able-bodied and capable of supporting herself…

      • pclph2

        Damn…I wonder what the pre-nup says? SURELY they have a pre-nup right? right? If not, Kordel get ready to ante up!

      • Seriously....

        Porsha said on the show they didn’t.

      • Eve

        Doubt either of them can spell pre-nup…….lol let alone have one that will hold up.
        Kordell imo is a pig. Posha, while dumb as a doornail, is pretty and seems friendly. I hope she finds a better life without him.
        I guess this is another i didnt like the way i was portrayed (Kordell)……whose names sounds like a cheap vacuum cleaner.

    • The REALHONJ

      GOOD! That man was soooo controlling.

  10. First time commenting here and a new reader. Very impressed with the way you lay things out for your readers. Your opinions are not overly critical and you seem even keeled. I look forward to switching over to your site after having commented for years on another. I am through arguing. Looks like some intelligent debate going on over here! Good to see. I am looking forward to the second half of the reunion and commenting here.

  11. Nicole

    Where was Camille? She doesn’t say much this season.
    Also, I am so over Kim and her fake crying and her lips licking and hair slicking. Ugh!

    • pclph2

      I was wondering why neither Camille nor Marissa were invited to the reunion. Are they not ‘official’ housewives?

      I think this is Camille’s last season as well. It would have been nice to see her just unload on everyone and let them know what she thinks. So much for wishful thinking…

  12. The Disher

    Does anyone else think Kyle is fake crying a lot? She makes her voice quiver and sound like she’s crying when she’s talking with Lisa, but then no tears. She does it again when she’s talking to Kim, but again, no tears.

  13. Yeah, Dish, Kyle is the worst at fake crying. I wanna say I heard she uses a cry stick like Kim K does on her show.

    • The REALHONJ

      You are right TT and Dish. Kyle can turn the waterworks on and off in a hot second.

      • lwickedgirl

        What waterworks? Any 9 year old can cry better than that when they get caught with candy when they shouldn’t have it. Her tears are a joke and I am so glad Lisa called her out on only being friends with people who can benefit her and her greasy husband.

  14. Loved the editorial comments of this recap. So right on.

  15. RealChicagoHousewife

    I was really surprised at how Kyle threw Adrienne under the bus and didn’t continue the friendship after the show. It only reinforces what Lisa said and many people already had figured out: Kyle and Maurice are friends while you are useful.

  16. Brendy_luv

    Someone said it best even if what Kyle is saying about Yolanda talking about Lisa is true America well not turn on her. At least not this season.As for Adrienne what was the whole point suing bravo to not air what Brandi said because in the end she ended up doing an exclusive with a magazine and admitting the surrogacy issue was true!

  17. KM

    Adrienne and Paul announced the separation and Adrienne showed up at the party because it was the last day of shooting and they wanted to be sure they were included in the storyline.

    As for Yolanda trash talking Lisa in Paris I can see how it was probably taken out of context. As much as I love Lisa she was acting a total insensitive douche to poor drunk Kim. Yolanda was just trying to calm down hysterical Kim and did a little trash talking about Lisa to build Kim up and calm her down. People do it. All the time and it doesn’t really mean anything.

    Loved the dig from Lisa about Mauricio and Kyle just wanting to sell their house. Realtors are smarmy kiss-asses. They can’t help it. It is the nature of their work. Don’t expect them to be real friends. Mauricio never in a million years would have treated Brandi the way he did if she had 12 million to drop on a house.

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