TMZ Is MONTHS Behind The Times On Kim Zolciak Adoption Story

What's Wrong With This Picture? The BiermannsI dunno why TMZ is running a story today about Kroy wanting to adopt Kim Zolciak’s daughters. I told y’all a while back that was a done deal. The adoption was finalized during filming of Don’t Be Tardy. It will be shown on the show because they got permission once again from Fulton to have the cameras filming in the courtroom. I guess someone is just trying to get Kim in the press again for publicity. But trust me the girls were adopted several months ago. #lawyerfriendsrock


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11 responses to “TMZ Is MONTHS Behind The Times On Kim Zolciak Adoption Story

  1. oopsie, They must have been Tardy For The Party

  2. sam

    perhaps a publicity ploy of kim’s? the show premieres next month, so she sends the story their way to drum up interest?

  3. A Nonny Mouse

    I know you like her Tamara but Kim is a huge ugh to me. It was nice of him to adopt those girls, I guess. Their bio dads don’t seem to care about them.

  4. Mel

    He’s such a sucker lol. She’ll bleed him dry, leave him for another rich guy and he’ll be on the hook for 4 kids. Both are awful human beings.

    • Susan

      I know a lot of people don’t like Kim and her ways. BUT did anyone ever think maybe she has really found love and maybe she has changed . What you see on TV is just that TV if you think all the crap is real you need to get real. Kroy is young but he seems to love Kim and her girls. I really think that is quite nice. I know Kim does and says some STUPID things and does want attention, but don’t you think a lot of that is for the show. If everything was always up front and perfect no body would watch the show. Kim is no angle but just maybe she is very much in love and just maybe this time has a beautiful family for always. Ya gotta give her a chance. Good luck Kim,Kroy and your beautiful family.

  5. Vp

    Kroy rocks. He is officially is A-okay in my book.

  6. Raven Beauty

    And yet Kim said some people will do anything for publicity, so sad…..Does she read her own tweets?

  7. Katrina

    I think it great that Kroy adopted the girls, especially if their fathers were not in their lives. I know are concerned about Kroy and Kim spitting up and somehow Kroy having to pay child support, but sometimes men get custody of children. Just the other week Deion Sanders received custody of all 3 of his children from Pilar Sanders. Pilar was a stay at home mom up until about 2 – 3 years ago. Kim better watch out and keep that man happy! In the past, women were normally awarded custody, but that is not true now.


    I’m happy for the girls that they will now have such a great guy for a male role model. Hopefully he will get custody when he and Kim split up! And I like Kim, but I just don’t see her in a long term marriage.

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