Guest Blog About The Great Meltdown of Sheree Whitfield

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

Hello fellow Tattlers! Guest writer Kimberly here!

I have tied up our dear friend Tamara in the back room and taken over her keyboard in order to write this story and make a special request on her behalf. The topic, of course, is the Great Meltdown of Sheree Whitfield 2013 (aka GMSW2013). While Tamara has shared with you some of the juicier tidbits of this crazy saga, I’d like to share with you some of the struggles Tamara has been facing.

I suppose I should start at the beginning to catch everyone up to date. One Friday afternoon, Tamara noticed an old, gray BMW parked in front of her house. The occupant was taking pictures of her home and her car. Later on a dark and stormy (no lie!) night in February, she got a knock at the door. After calming her dog and assuring him that ninjas weren’t coming to get them, she peeked out her window. Even this was brave of Tamara, because those of us who’ve read her tales of living in the ghetto know that she won’t even answer the door in the bright light of day, much less in the dark of night. There in the window was a badge-wielding police officer. Of course, Tamara immediately assumed that a member of her family has been hospitalized or struck by a vehicle or kidnapped by terrorists, because the only experience she has with law enforcement comes from what she sees on the Lifetime Channel.

The officer told her he had some “paperwork” for her. He further baffled the poor girl by telling her it seemed she has “caused a ruckus.” Tamara assumed they have the wrong house, because despite her many talents it’s a bit hard for her to cause a ruckus when she only leaves her house for grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and vacations! But no, it turned out the officer was actually handing her an emergency TPO from Sheree Whitfield! Whitfield has sworn in a courthouse that she is in fear for her life and is being stalked by our own Tattling Tamara.

Fear for her life? From what – excessive use of tea? Please, people.

RHOAPhaedraOhLordNot long after, a mysterious “someone” started leaking information about Sheree’s terrifying plight at the hands of an evil stalker all over the internet. At the same time, a multitude of new users, all with male names starting with “J,” started trying to add Tamara’s address, personal info, physical description, and tales of her life as a “stalker criminal” in the comments section here at the blog. Thank goodness our friend is smart enough to moderate the comments section, and they were all deleted.

Being well-connected with the movers and shakers of the internet world, Tamara explained her situation to some legal-type pals. Her lawyer friends referred her to an excellent legal team, but Tamara figured that since it’s all clearly nonsense, she didn’t really see the need to actually hire an attorney. Right? She figured she could go to court, tell the truth, and everyone would go home. But before her first court date came up she got a second letter from another county letting her know there had been a request for a WARRANT for citizen’s arrest on charges of criminal trespass and stalking! I’m not sure if it was the word “warrant” or “criminal” or “charges” that broke down her resolve, but she finally hired her excellent team.

Tamara dutifully showed up at court at 9am and waited until mid-afternoon for her case to come up. During that time she watched other proceedings. Women with abusive husband who were in actual danger told their compelling stories with a calm demeanor. It’s a shame Sheree waited outside the courtroom; a little bit of that reality in her ears might have shocked the crazy right out of her. But alas, it was not to be. Eventually, Sheree showed up proceeded to testify all disheveled and devastated by the horror under which she’d been living. She was so “distraught” the judge had to comfort her. After hours of calm testimony by victims who know what real terror is, I’m surprised there wasn’t an eye in the court left un-rolled at that shameful performance. Even Tamara was embarrassed for her. But that embarrassment soon turned to shock when Sheree started making up stories about how Tamara parked outside of her “house” where she resides daily with her children, all of them huddled in the dark in fear for their lives. Sheree claimed that Tamara is there all the time “stalking” her, and she is terrified of what she might to next!!! The horror! This diatribe seemed to be endless. The idea that someone could lie with so much detail, simply to bolster a flagging “career,” shocked Tamara. Sheree even brought in a witness, some mystery man Tamara had never laid eyes on, and  he too claimed that he had seen Tamara at the construction site hanging around day and night. Our friend Tamara just sat there in shock that people would perjure themselves just to get attention. But Tamara is known to overestimate humankind. That is part of why we love her.

Of course, we would assume that if one is being stalked, they might have the vaguest clue what their stalker looks like and what type of vehicle they claim to see endlessly parked outside of their residence.  Yet on Sheree’s paperwork, the description of Tamara no more resembled her than Sheree resembles an actual “celebrity.” And the description of the “SUV” from which Tamara supposedly does all of this criminal stalking in no way matches any car Tamara owns past or present. After Sheree did her ironic stalkery drive-by of Tamara’s home and had Tamara followed (explain to me the terrifying stalker thing again? I’m confused), she changed all of her descriptions, but it was a wee bit late. Sheree’s story continued change even on the stand.

One of the more amusing moments was when Sheree’s lawyer learned that Sheree does not actually even own the home in question. In fact, he only learned the fact when Tamara herself testified. I wish I’d been there with a camera – I hear the look on his face was priceless!

shereecourtFortunately, at the end of this little circus, the judge saw through her lies and denied her request for a stalking order. The judge stated that since Tamara stated she has no interest in Sheree or being around her, Sheree’s attorney should draw up a “mutual stay away order” where both parties agree to.. you know.. stay away from each other.

Sheree refused. Let me repeat that. Sheree refused.

Now a relatively sane person might think this would give Sheree exactly what she wanted – this sense of safety from the nefarious shape-shifting blogger who was causing her such distress. Clearly, Sheree had other motives.

By now Tamara was thinking that a mutual stay away is a mighty fine idea, because she wouldn’t mind having Sheree stay away herself. Not to mention her secret-agent goon. So Tamara’s attorney did what a logical attorney with a sane client does. She wrote one up herself and took it to the judge for filing. Because in the land of the sane (apparently another residence not owned or occupied by Sheree) that’s what people do. At least we can all feel a little better that it’s in place.

Now let’s not forget that CRIMINAL WARRANT hanging over Tamara’s head. It’s virtually the same charges. It seems odd that someone can file the same frivolous charges in two separate counties, but this one does have that pesky “criminal” bit added to it.  So Tamara will have to keep her attorney on the payroll to fight the same charges again. Even when you win, you pay. This, of course, is the point of a frivolous law suit. I’m sure Sheree is hoping she can “out pay” Tamara, capitalizing on the media fall-out at Tamara’s expense.

Sheree Whitfield's Tweet From "The Caribbean"Speaking of which, did anyone catch Sheree on HLN crying over her horrifying struggles at the hands of evil stalker bloggers AFTER THE CASE WAS ESSENTIALLY THROWN OUT? I did. I laughed. I laughed and laughed. Too bad HLN didn’t do a bit of legal research before booking that little bit of embarrassment.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, after losing in court, Sheree figured it was the teensy fact that she didn’t actually own the “trespassed” property (and let us not forget that Tamara was invited in by the folks who were legally on the property at the time). So Sheree’s next step was to get her secret daughter Tierra Fuller to file the exact same frivolous charges a third time, because it turns out that Tierra actually does own the unfinished property. You may remember Tierra as the 26-year-old daughter Sheree tried to keep in hiding until some time around Season 3 of RHOA. One wonders why Sheree would sell her dream home to her daughter for a dollar.

Count ‘em. Three frivolous suits. And Tamara has to answer to them all. We have no idea when this will stop. How many more times will Sheree try to use a blogger (who has generously given her more publicity than she deserves) in order to extend her pathetic few minutes of fame?  Four? Five? Nine? When does it end?

I hear there are other suits with other bloggers in the works, but apparently the unprofessional blogger that helped Sheree obtain Tamara’s real identity didn’t have a prior relationship with those bloggers so things are moving more slowly.  Ironically, and perhaps intentionally, Sheree has called more attention to “Chateau Sheree” herself through these outrageous lawsuits and public appearances than all the bloggers combined. Can you say  “transparent?” So can I.

Court appearances are mounting, and legal fees are rising.

Now, between you, me, and the fencepost, Tamara left her teaching position a while back for health concerns. She is very open about this information but always hesitates to talk about the impact it has made in her life. Subsequently, she also had to give up her health insurance because individual rates were more than she could afford. She pays for all of her medical visits and treatments out of pocket (by the way – the only reason she was near Chateau Sheree in the first place is because she was on the way home from the doctor at the time and it was an easy stop and a fun chance to snag a quick update for fans of the blog).

Tamara has always lived below her means and has not applied for any type of assistance during this time. She hopes to return to work in some capacity. So she lives only on her savings. She is probably biting her nails and wanting to cringe at reading this, because she would never, ever want to do anything but stand on her own two feet as best she can.

I and a few other friends have been pushing her hard to reach out for help for these ridiculously incurred legal fees. She has always refused. We asked her to at least stick a “donate” button up there so we could kick in a buck or two. She has always been concerned that people who are in more dire circumstances even than her own would feel compelled to give her money, and that would be horrifying to her. I finally got her to relent by promising to let everyone know that not one person who does not have the means should press that button. Not one. Tamara does not want to profit from this and she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer for it.

But if you are like a few of us and:

1. you would not like to see Tamara financially damaged for some woman’s insane need for undeserved fame, and/or

2. you would like to see Sheree get her comeuppance for wasting the resources of the state of Georgia, and/or

3. you happen to have an extra pile of cash hanging around in a drawer somewhere and have been trying to decide what to do with it,

we invite you to click on the new “Donate” button here at the site. Every dollar will help.

Thank you for letting me be your guest-blogger! Tamara will be back with all the tea and shade you could hope for soon!

P.S. If you like, you can follow me on twitter @kay_rock for tweets on the Jodi Arias case


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148 responses to “Guest Blog About The Great Meltdown of Sheree Whitfield

  1. Tiffany C.

    I would be happy to donate.

  2. Queen_LaQueefa

    Word on another blogger’s site (another person she’s ‘suing’) is that Sheree had the house put in her daughter’s name to hide it as an asset because she owes the government some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Shame on you, shady ass Sheree!

    • Of course that is correct she needs to be careful because a judge is now serving time for during something like that but a little deeper than that. I guess she has that right, is that embezzling the I R S?

  3. Is this tax deductible?

  4. RahRah

    You are a good friend, and while I respect Tamara and see that you not only respect her and love her I certainly am glad you let us know the whole story and what she was going through. I just printed the confirmation for my paltry donation but I so wanted and needed to donate something. Best of luck.

    To the Posters:

    I am by no means a wealthy or affluent woman, I work from pay check to pay check.
    I say this because I never thought I could contribute to an election campaign but I so admired my President that I wanted to help him in anyway I could. It made me feel a part of history to have someone similar to me elected to this country’s highest office and I could because there was a $3 donation widget and I used it several times. So now I can say I not only voted for him but I contributed financially to his re-election Oh Happy Day.

    “Victory is mine, victory is mine, Victory today is mine, I told satan get thee behind Victory today is mine.”

    • Susan

      I thought we were talking about Tamara not Obama. He has more money than any of us will ever have, thanks to small donations such as yours. Tamara needs the help she is an ordinary person like us. Sheree is the lowest of the low life verman that ever was. She was a snake every time she opened her mouth. She is just like every other low life trying to stiff the govt. of their taxs. If people like Sherre paid the govt. what they owed, we the people that don’t have all the $$$$$ wouldn’t have to pay more for THEM. I need to close now I am getting angry. I NEVER could stand the nasty head and finger shaking Sherree. Like Phadra I think or maybe it was Kandi that said chateau Sheree is nothing but a dirt hole in the ground. If her neibors are smart they will run her off. Just where does she get her money????? and not pay the govt. sneeky snake. How I feel is not from anything Tamara said either, it’s what I saw of her of HWOA. I am sooooo glad she is not on that show anymore. That said, to all the rest of us – have a GREAT day:)

      • RahRah

        Excuse me–do you know how much his campaign spent for his election and re-election. Why do you think the Republicans win every time, they count on the wealthy to make big donations funding newspaper, TV ads. The reason there are fewer blacks in elected office is because they can’t afford the cost of a campaign. My only intention was to encourage people to donate and not to think because they are probably like me economically disadvantaged because even small donations add up. If I had more I would donate according, hell I just pay the damn bill. You turned my post into something different. I guess I need to work on my grammar because you misinterpreted what I wrote. I am probably responding to a non-voter because that was not necessary, your logic sounds like Sheree’s logic.

        You really need to school yourself on elections and the campaign process.

        As I am neither wealthy or affluent had it not been for the damn $3 widget I never would have made a financial contribution.

        Life ain’t been no crystal stair for me, I donated on behalf of Tamara because I come here and enjoy this blog and was disheartened to read what was going on. I am praying that some big name person pays her legal fees. Hell I would sue a lot of people if I could afford a lawyer myself but lawyers cost money too, a lot of money.

        Do you think Obama is reading Tamara Tattles?

      • Let’s not turn this into a political war, and stay on task of the situation. Please.

      • Cerebral Chaos

        I admire our President as well, however I’m curious how our President is similar to you? Did you go to one of the most expensive private schools in the country as a child-young adult?

      • in response to Rah Rah,
        You clearly stated that you voted for our President because ” it made me feel like a part of history to have SOMEONE SIMILAR TO ME elected to our country’s highest office”. And you agreed on which of his policies, plans, which part of his campaign did you do research on? Just saying…
        Best part? When you scold another blogger and say “you should really school yourself on the elections and the campaign process” Sounds as if you did alot of research before voting. But happy for you that you now feel like ” a part of history” having someone “similar” to you elected to office. Your words not mine.
        Thanks for the best laugh of my day, I’m still smiling.

  5. verneewaggin

    I am just shaking my head reading this!!! Some people will do anything to have their 15 minutes of fame, with no regard to how it may affect others. Shame on you Sheree, karma is a B—H!!!! Having said this, I would love to donate to the legal fund. However I just tried on the site, but I do not have a paypal account. (Maybe this should be mentioned in the blog that this the payment mode). Is there any other way to donate to TT legal fund?? We are here for you Tamara!!!!

    • DP

      You said “dire.” That’s worth at least a buck or two! And the brothers will throw in another two or three. Well deserved victory for the good guys.

    • RahRah

      I don’t have a paypal account and I did not create a paypal account. I have received my receipt/confirmation. If there is a will there is a way. You get the option to create a paypal account but you do not have to create the account for this merciful endeavor.

  6. More than happy to make a donation!!! Sheree should be counter sued for legal fees

  7. RealitySux

    More than happy to .. and Tamara needs to file a harassment charge against Sheree, as well slander. SUE HER.

    • alessa

      YES. I always disliked Sheree, but I am at a loss for words to explain the revulsion I feel for what she has been doing to Tamara. She can’t keep doing this and expect no consequences.

  8. naa

    If only you had rich gay friends with more money than sense.

  9. Nimeo

    Hello Lady TT, I am still waiting MJ as a Guest blogger.

  10. Thanks so much for all the support you guys! I’d say it brought a tear to my eye but TC would call me a pussy.

  11. Lady Magenta

    I am more than happy to help TT fight the good fight with my small donation – TT, you’re in luck since I don’t have to contribute to the Presidential campaign – I can now help others. Good luck!

  12. Tamar voice

    Am I the only one in disagreement here? I love the site Tamara and I comment often. However, people must take responsibility for their actions. I personally don’t ever think it was okay for ANYONE to visit Sheree or her daughter’s home to take pictures of the progress of it’s construction…be it near a bus stop or inside the actual construction quarters. And if as a blogger/journalist you do decide to infiltrate or spy on a person’s property, you should have legal backing or justification to do so…sort of like TMZ. You see that no one is suing them and they do this kind of stuff all the time…but I’m sure they have a lawyer or some type of legal clearing before they proceed with their actions.

    Sheree left the show last year, so people should have let her be when she stopped filming her life for the cameras. When she left the show, viewers already had some inkling that she couldn’t afford the home or that the construction wouldn’t go forth, so taking pictures of her home really added no value except to insult Sheree. I find it ironic that nobody had a problem with Tamara taking pictures of Sheree’s or whomever’s home, but the moment the old BMW showed up at Tamara’s home to take pictures, she suddenly became fearful? Karma is real.

    I can guarantee you one thing, I bet nobody else will show up near Chateau Sheree with cameras. It may be time to find a full time gig and do the blog on the side Ms. Tattles.

    p.s. Where is the donate button? I have a lil something to give.


    • No one is suing TMZ? Bwahahaha. I stopped reading there so I’m not sure what your point is.

    • Natalie

      Are you sheree

    • RahRah

      Do you read People Magazine?

      I spend a lot of time in Atlanta and until I watched the first episode of RHOA I had never heard to SW. When she became a reality celeb she gave up her rights to total privacy making herself a public persona and was compensated for that-remember she was the first one to give us a tour of her property site, her contractor gave the permission, no one trespassed on her property. You can co-sign SW lies. She is still the limelight because if she wanted to fade away fastly she wouldn’t have sued this woman. Her problem she put all her business, god and bad out there on the show and she can’t take that back. Real housewives created a niche business for some. It was all good when the checks were rolling in but her personality was so nasty, the public began to vilify her but what we saw was her true character. Sheree hasn’t even learned even after having her car repossessed to stop running up legal bills that she herself can’t even pay. I’ll tell you this, lawsuits go both ways, she very well be sued for filing lawsuits based on lies and using the court system to personally punish people who piss her off. Her hands are not clean and the truth is going to come out. SW would be served spending her time doing something positive.

      • RahRah

        Furthermore, I really think Sheree is suing because that is how she makes her income, suing people. Had the order gone forward, she would have turned around and filed a civil suit asking for punitive damages. If she would get a job like most working class people do to support themselves then she would not waste her hardworking money paying attorneys fees because they don’t come cheap.

      • Tamar voice

        Uhhmm…she filed for a restraining order, which is punitive in nature. You can’t make money from it. Sorry!

    • Tiffany C.

      Tamar must have missed the part about Sheree and her people lying in a COURT OF LAW. Tamara has to incur legal bills as result simply to defend herself. It is clear Tamara did not trespass and Sheree is using the legal system to harass her. Sheree should spend her money in therapy not attorneys — wait, she doesn’t pay her attorneys either.

      • Tamar voice

        I didn’t miss the part about her lying in a court of law. I’ve evaluated and fully comprehend all the biased details. The only question I pose to you is how would you like it if someone showed up at your home or relative’s home every 3 or 4 months to take pictures, and you later found out the pictures were on a website. Not only that, you found that the person was bold enough to come in and take pictures of the unfinished product, without your permission. That’s like getting ready for a five-star dinner, and someone snapping pics before your weave was fully sown-in or makeup half done….and you had no clue it was happening. Then you later found out that the pictures were up on the internet! Wrong all the way around!

        I bet if Ms. Tamara rightfully apologized to Sheree, it would all go away. But please don’t defend wrong-doings. I’m not much of a fan of Sheree, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

        p.s. I found the donate button :)

      • naa

        I guess I would agree with you if she hadn’t, um, invited the world into her house on a reality show, lied about its ownership and generally made a complete ass of herself over it.

        Actually, even then I wouldn’t agree with you, but you’re kind for donating.

      • Natalie

        And SW lying in court is right???? help me understand how is that ok???

      • KWM

        Tamara showed no more than what you can see on Google Street View or driving by the house. There is/was no privacy fencing up to prevent pictures from being taken. There was no invasion of privacy. She showed no interior pictures.

      • “The only question I pose to you is how would you like it if someone showed up at your home or relative’s home every 3 or 4 months to take pictures, and you later found out the pictures were on a website. Not only that, you found that the person was bold enough to come in and take pictures of the unfinished product, without your permission”

        Um…we already have that. It’s called Google. And anyone else who wants to photograph your property from a satellite or from the street. And they can post them in a for profit setting in the Internet without our permission. And your second statement in the quote above? It is a goddamn lie. Making you a goddamn lying liar. Tamara never took photos of the inside. Because she has one of those newfangled five photo disposable digital camera jobbies. So why would you come up in here lying????

      • IT WAS NOT A DISPOSABLE CAMERA YOU MORON! Did I mention that the last hearing that the defense attorney printed out all the Sheree blogs here and introduced them into evidence and asked me about some sarcastic comment I made to some commenter in court?

        Anyway it is a Kodak Easy Share C180 DIGITAL CAMERA!!! Someone bought a bunch of them for use at the school I was teaching at. They only hold five fucking pictures. (That was another thing the doofus attorney said. Oh you didn’t take any inside pictures because the camera only held five picture….MMMMMHMMMMMM…) jesus. It’s like you people don’t know me. I keep one of the camera’s in the car in case some moron hits me and I need to take pictures of the damage. Or in case I end up at Chateau Sheree.

        Or these days of creepy stalker goons. REAL CAMERA. SHEESH.

      • Vp

        Oh, man. You’re still going, huh?

    • Tess

      Nobody else is going to show up at her faux chateau because nobody else gives a rat’s ass about Sheree! TT thought she was doing something nice for her readers. And in all honesty, she was doing Sheree a favor, proving there actually is progress being made instead of it just a pile of dirt.

    • Dlister

      SW signed up and signed her “privacy” away. Tough shit. Once you are a reality whore, you can’t dictate privacy. If you do, fuck off and deal with it.

    • Vp

      Dude. You’re way too invested in this.

  13. Would you be terribly upset if I reported this on TVFishbowl? I’d like to help raise a buck or two for you my friend.

    On a lighter note, Kimberly forgot to mention you leave the house for beer and to drop some coin in the homeless guys pocket.

    • Thanks Ed. Thankfully I gave up beer for Lent so I have been saving a few bucks. :)

      • Jen

        Don’t want to rile anyone up, but have u seen the unfortunate fellow again ? (Who was maybe buying beer and ppl were mad, and he had a bit of a head injury) Wondered if u ever heard the full story?? U r obv intelligent & kind and I actually was completely with u on letting him buy whatever he wanted with your donation.. I have just thought abt him since that…
        Sorry that our legal system wld make the innocent pay for the delusional!! Oh She-by-delusional-want to be famous for nothing- Shree…. Remember that 200k masaratti or Bentley or whatever she had?? Delusional!!!!

  14. RahRah

    Tamara I am cheering for you, and I hope the many people who do enjoy your blog pitch in and mostly I am glad you have good representation. Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love, I choose love in all circumstances and situations, I pray that God continues to bless you.

  15. Tamara, I am sorry to see this happen to you. I really am. It is not fair. Sheree owes attorneys money & unlike her you do not hide your assets.
    I haven’t spoke to you in a while, i had a fire and lost practically everything, there are some ways I can help you which I will email you. I know what it is like to suck up your pride and take help.
    I will admit I wasn’t happy with you for posting that about stoopidhousewives, not that her and I are best friends, i just think bloggers regardless should at least try to stock together. you two are 2 completely bloggers & regardless ones feelings she would never post about it on another blogger. You all give bravo and these ex and former housewives so much publicity. I am glad tho u did follow up and say when u looked more into it u realized there was something else behind it..
    Anyhow, Kaye,
    Why isn’t Tamara’s atty who is collecting these fees not calling HLN & setting the record straight ? Sheree is abusing the publicity so why not the atty capitalize on the publicity he or she could get on the publicity and set the record straight ? Unlike Sheree! tell the truth!!! Why is this guy still stalking her? This is all very unsettling and gone to far. This isn’t right at all. Shame on you Sheree and Tierra. Your own mother the first season told everyone you were a friend. I hope both of you go to jail for fraud. That is Sheree and Tierra of course. Invest in a cam corset under $100 and put that outside of your house.

  16. See when I chew gum and type ? *cam corder*

  17. I think all bloggers should refuse to give Sheree publicity. Hit sheree where it hurts.

  18. Not A Sheree fan But i can See she gives life to this blog....

    I guess you and tamara would be happy when Sheree is dead and under….. jezzz leave her alone already…

    • Oh yeah, she gives life to the blog. If we didn’t have her to talk about this blog would be a dead zone. Are you effin serious? You can’t be.

      And nobody wants anybody dead. Damn, you’re a nutjob.

  19. Teecee,
    are you serious ? Is this tax deductible? You know what it takes to have a charity or donation tax deductible. You get entertained and come here often and seen to enjoy your self and you’re going to ask a stupid question like that?
    Like you were going to donate anyways. When I help someone out I don’t ask if it is tax deductible. Seine please reply to my comment and give me the link to donate. I will give $20 on Wednesday only because my new debit card will be in by then and will have it linked to my Paypal. This is going to be an ongoing occurance with the fees so when my situation gets better i will give a nicer donation. I don’t want to start a fight so I will wait on the link or just check back on a computer tonite. I’m mobile and it don’t show up the same way. Is this tax deductable? what’s that saying when u ask stupid questions u get stupid answers? Wish I would of responses that way!

    • katie

      Gotta love the “what’s in it for me” attitude in people! If you don’t want to or can’t afford to donate, then don’t! That was crystal clear in the blog.

      • Yep! I am so glad when it hard times hit and ppl who help me & vise versa we don’t exchange 5 what ever forms they are called b/c i never used one.
        I wouldn’t of said anything but she has commented negatively on posts T did. Why T puts up with it I will never understand.

    • puravidacostarica

      Okay, I don’t defend teecee often, but I think what you were reading was facetiousness, defined as “1. not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark. 2. amusing; humorous. 3. lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing.” I think most of us know that a private donation to a private individual is not tax deductible. Teecee may be a lot of things, but she’s not an idiot. TT, you can count on me as well….

      • I sure hope it was mean to be “funny” and all the above, if it was….. Alrighty then.
        Thanks for explaining purav…

      • puravidacostarica

        No prob. But I will say that if TT ever wants to start her own church, I’ll show up to sing in the choir or be a parishioner! :-)

      • I have serious concerns about TT attorney.
        Why is this atty not speaking up like when HLN ran that “story” with Sheree.
        Why is he not urging her to file a civil suit against Tierra for co conspiring? TT did nothing illegal. Sheree is set to appear on ilyanna fix my life, so it is clear she isn’t trying to get out of the spot light. If the episode was real when she went to court on RHOA when bob filed a motion how Sheree tried to hide stuff, it is proof sheree has a history in Courts not being so honest. This atty better not be milking TT. You can tell TT is stressed, it is illegal to file false claims in court they say Sheree and her daughter is. She has a man stalking TT! If this atty were smart they would use this to their advantage as well. Hell, who wants to write the brief ?

      • I am so tired if my comments sending when I’m not done. Anyways purav..
        As in the comment before last. :)
        you are correct. Most of us know (lol) private donations are not tax deductible.

  20. katie

    Sheree has not one ounce of sense, integrity, dignity, self-respect or honesty. She is a liar and a fraud. Making her own children sleep on air mattresses so she can have the newest shoe or handbag. Blowing through her settlement from her ex on her “soffisicated” lifestyle instead of providing a stable environment for her meal ticket children.

    Elegant my ass. She is ghetto trash through and through.

    I hope her attorneys don’t actually expect to get paid for their services, because we all know she doesn’t pay her bills.

    • Her bags are as fake as her weave. They’re all knockoffs hence why the people she owes $$ and have gotten judgements against her haven’t tried to take them. The last real thing she had of value got towed away while she was posing as a wealthy woman doing lunch & stuck her guest with the bill

  21. Natalie

    Tamar why do you belive that SW wouldnt sign a stay away order? If I was in fear of my life I would sign in a heartbeat Wouldnt you?

    • katie

      I would too! Especially if my RO had just been denied by the judge! What’s the harm? Unless, of course, Sheree has no plans to stop harassing TT.

      I agree with another commenter who said all the blogs should just stop mentioning SW’s name. That will hit her where it hurts the most. She’s doing all of this for attention. Deprive her of that.

      It’s kind of like ignoring the trolls on blogs. Don’t give them the attention they so desperately seek 😉

    • Vp

      Because it implies equivenece and Sheree seems to want to find Tamara guilty or liable for SOMETHING.

  22. D

    Considering that Sheree is not on TV anymore what is the appeal with writing the same stories about Chateau Sheree? I bet if you agreed to stop writing about her the stress from this situation will go away and you won’t need to waste money on a legal team..I’m sure it’s not worth it.. Also, being that you had to quit your job for health reasons I’m sure that this situation is doing more harm than good to your health. Please stop giving so much energy to Sheree and her life and concentrate on your health and ridding your life of unnecessary stress..

    • Kash511

      I AGREE 100%! Stop putting the negative energy out there, it comes back.

      • Tess

        How is she putting negative energy out there? She’s facing reality and filling her loyal readers in on the situation since we’ve been following it from the beginning.

        It’s not like she can ignore the situation and it’ll just go away. Facing your problems and sharing it with your “friends” isn’t putting negative energy out there. Get your head out of the clouds lol!

      • Kash511

        She hasn’t really been saying nice things about Sheree that’s what’s negative and that’s what’s coming back. Get YOUR head out of the clouds.

      • Um….I find your post to be negative energy. Ironical aint tit?

    • Thanks alot D! Sounds like you put the D in dick! No? what about Delusional ding-dong, disturbing, Dismissed..take your pick!

  23. Andrea

    I’ve read the post, as well as previous post on Sheree on this site and others. While I do agree with the majority of commenters, that sheree is trying stay relevant and all that, Tamara you did go onto a property once owned by her, and now owned by her daughter and posted pictures. Now Sheree is alot of things, but you were wrong from going to her house (or whomever house it is) uninvited and making a mockery of her situation. Now I’ve been the first to laugh, and often laugh the loudest, at Sheree pretend to be this affluent woman, and she does mismanage money (honestly who doesn’t) and I’m glad she’s off the show, but wrong is wrong. Tamera you caused the trouble that you’re in by your actions. You made a decision, so live with the consequences and pay an attorney.

    • katie

      She posted pictures taken from the street, which is public property. If Sheree doesn’t want her (daughter’s) house to be seen from the street she can put up a fence or plant trees.

      Taking pictures from the street isn’t a crime. As far as entering the home, TT was given permission. How was she to know the person permitting her didn’t have the authority to do so?

      Also, I must have missed the part where TT is dodging consequences. How exactly is she doing that?

    • Taking an action and living with the consequences is one thing. Having to deal with the consequences of someone repeatedly lying in a court of law is another.

  24. Shan A.

    I’m gobsmacked at this entire ridiculousness!
    Please know Tamara, we at TVFishBowl are behind you 100%. If there is anything we can do, above and beyond what has been requested, please let us know.

  25. Maya

    I not only agree with Tamar in everything, but also i think that you wrote the posting instead of “your friend”. To me, those are Tamara’s words ALL DAY LONG.
    With that being said. i would contribute to your cause. 1 because it takes a lot to ask for help, and you are asking. 2 because i have read your blog and in some way i feel i should help; even though you get paid for it and even though you did not treat me well in the past, which i found disrespectfull then. 3 because i believe women should help each other, specially when they are struggling. and 4 because that bitch (SW) and all her lies and debts should be exposed

  26. Sunny Days

    im so sorry! my best advice is don’t bother hiring attys & just go tell the truth. I promise u I’ve been down this road w someone who can outspend u & u don’t win…like u said – even when u win, u lose. I will kick in bc I know u prob hv an existing large bill to pay. but I promise u – this road ends poorly financially. my ex is a multi millionaire & believe it or not I Really liked sheree bc I saw her & kandi cry abt fighting in court just to get nothing bc her rich guy ex gets the judges favor. I am appalled that knowing what she knows – she turned around & did this to u. that’s pure evil & I’m not being hyperbolic bc going thru financial hell over legal fees & then doing it to someone when u know its toll….that’s wrong. write ur own motions (or u don’t hv to respond til court) & go speak ur truth. I will never again pay for an atty when dealing w this kind of opposing party. I know the saying “a fool for a client” but seriously spending all that in legal fees did ruin me financially & I’ve had the best lawyers & as $ ran out i had the worst & it never made a difference. so now I will just go when requested & speak my truth & I will not spend another dime on wasted money. someone once told me abt a saying, “when your only weapon is a hammer, every problem is a nail.” sheree’s “hammer” is court. but u have the truth & u will prevail! I hope u get some funds & pay the bills off & then get rid of the attys. it’s scary, but I promise its better for u long term. I learned the hard way hon. but i did eventually figure it out. :) i also sat thru & heard others cases while waiting & idk if u saw this or not, but in our courts i noticed if u were unrepresented the judge actually seemed more accomodating (it made me think they need to be more careful bc theres a risk of som1 not knowing what they may be agreeing to.) ck out ur courts & go see if this is the case for your judges as well. sending good thoughts! I’m going to be sending an email or twitter to ms sheree too bc she’s a prize turd w this bs. lawyers scared me into thinking the world wld end if I didn’t hv them, but its not true. show her for the bully she is. and use the words “financial terrorism” in ur response bc that’s exactly what this is….and we don’t negotiate w terrorists! and I’m ok if u don’t post this bc I don’t want ppl to get the wrong idea & not donate bc I know u must already hv a large bill & I def want u to get help!& I know u may be too scared to take this advice just yet bc its def something that takes a lot of consideration on what’s best for u. but keep it in mind, bc if she keeps suing – u hv to make it where there’s no benefit to her by hurting u. :)

  27. Tess

    I think the funniest part of all of this is the revelation that SW’s daughter is the actual owner of the property, which was purchased for $1. Shady Sheree probably didn’t do herself any favors making such a scene about it all and having this little tidbit come to light!

    • naa

      yes, when she declares bankruptcy she’s going to have to convince her creditors that the property wasn’t fraudulently conveyed. That’ll be interesting.

  28. So…um…tax deduction???

  29. I do not have a lot of money but i will be happy to send some I know it won’t help much but i feel sick that this has happened, it is so unfair :( damn sheree!

  30. I donated, not because SW is an a*s… but because I really like your blog!

  31. I will certainly hit that donate button on payday. I can’t stand lying asshats and SW has certainly proved she is one. I love this blog and would stand behind TT any day.

  32. I will make a donation but i hope that you gun her behind in court and also find some type of way to make her responsible for your court fees! (if you can and if you can actually pull money from her to pay) I know that in a way you did your “duty” as to your blog but that does not mean that you should have to receive someone to actually pose danger back to you in response.

  33. tforce7878

    Hi Tamara…long time lurker, first time poster. Good luck with Sheree! She is a doozy. I am a paralegal and I dontated a little bit to your cause because I know what you are going through. Those bills add up fast don’t they? haha. I am lucky because I work at a law firm and if I ever need a lawyer, it’s FREE(thank you to my awesome bosses at work!)

    Secondly, I work in family law…can you say DRAMA! Women and men will often file fraudulent restraining orders in order to keep one parent away from the kids. It is a stall tactic. In Maryland, if you file for a restraining order, it automatically gets granted for one week(temporary) and then you go to court to see if it gets made permanent. In 99.9% of the cases I have seen, they never get permanent restraining orders granted, but they make their exes lives hell for that week because that usually means they can’t see the kids for that week. It makes me so mad because it is a waste of time and money(my tax money to be exact) all because your mad at your ex/or soon to be ex. The restraining order laws are made to protect women and men who are really in danger from another person.

    Again…good luck! I hope Sheree finally gets that “liberry” she always wanted in “her” new home! haha!

    • Dlister

      As an aside, I always wonder what the hell the motivation is for a poster to blare “first time poster” or on talk radio to declare “first time caller.” Who cares? What’s the point? I’ve gotten on radio shows and never felt the need to waste my voice letting everyone know I’m “a first time caller!” And I never told a blog, I’m a “first time poster!” Seriously, I don’t understand the need to make that statement. Wondering why people feel that need is all.

      • Laura

        One. Why do you care? Two. If I do something for the first time I’m pretty proud of myself.

        A lot of us just come here for the snark, cheese and catch up. Not all of us have anything witty or relevant to add. (unlike some who have diarrhea of the mouth and type with what sound like their feet)

        Some people like to save their voice for important issues, like Tamara has going on now.

        Soooo, I’M A LONG TIME LURKER, FIRST TIME COMMENTATOR and chose to do it now because well, it matters NOW.

        Tamara I will be donating because you deserve it.

  34. It is my pleasure to provide a donation.

    Please take care.

  35. I am trying to thank everyone individually, but some of you I know I missed because I know everyone by their screen names. Thank you all so much for all of your generous donations. I am truly overwhelmed and grateful for your support!

    I guess I better come up with something good to blog!

  36. terry macon

    I do not have the donate button. Tamara you have my email adress.

  37. Dlister

    TT, so sorry for your travails, you are blessed with your good friend, the lovely woman who wrote so beautifully in this post. Plus, you are blessed with the talent to have not only created — but grew and sustained this blog — with more folks who are internet friends who are fond of you. You will be fine.

    I don’t think you did anything wrong whatsoever. Anyone who signs up for a reality show is a famewhore who WANTS and craves the attention. You didn’t trespass. You didn’t break in anywhere. SW is using this to keep on being a famewhore (headlines). The judge saw it. Case closed. You rock.

  38. terry macon

    Did anyone see sheree on BET Sunday?

  39. terry macon

    Tamara I would love to comment about sheree but you will delete It again.LOL

    • I will? lol what are you going to say? And if you have one of them there fancy rich people phones I am told the button is way down at the bottom or something. :)

      • terry macon

        Got it in..wheew to old for this high tech. Tamara
        It was truly bad what I did text. Thanks for not
        Posting it. I’m happy I will not go to confession
        Tomorrow LOL

      • You keep mentioning this awful comment you made! I looked everywhere. I even went into the scary spam folder full of jordace jeans, jan corey and penis extenders! I didn’t see it. Now I am curious…amd thanks so much for donating!

  40. I just happily donated to your legal defense fund. All I ask in return is a bit of hot tea on the Kandi/Kim lawsuit. 😉

    Good luck with the case(s)!

    • Just when i thought i could not love Clemson any more than i already do! Thanks so much for your generous donation!

      I will get on that Kim/kandi thing tomorrow. I have contracted Jodi Arias Fog from watching so much of the trial this week. I’ve tried the Kim/kandi story a couple times and can’t quite figure out how I feel about it. I’ll get something up tomorrow!

  41. Um Tamara and @Kaye_Rock are 2 different ppl!

  42. ned

    You are all crazy.
    Tamara is your leader
    Off to click donate

  43. Gotta love Funky Dineva!! 4 days ago he posted this.. I am not posting the whole post please go back to his site and read the rest!!

    “You guys may remember Tierra was was graduating college or had just graduated and her and her boyfriend were contemplating getting married. Sheree even went ring shopping with Tierra’s boyfriend. Any of this ring a bell? Never the less, here’s the gag. While Sheree wants to play court games, The Doll may play a few games of her own.

    Let’s see, Tierra works an entry level job at Turner Broadcasting. So how is it possible that she can afford to build a Chateau ANYTHING? Great question. SHE CAN’T! Could it be that Sheree Whitfield is hiding assets from the IRS? Hmmm Its no secret that the IRS has already levied liens against some of her assets. Not to mention, throughout the duration of her divorce proceedings and even now, the streets are talking about how Sheree has been shifting assets around in an effort to allude the IRS. I’m sure there are all sorts of unexplainable large dollar amount assets in everyone’s name from her youngest child up to her mother. Let us not forget that in several legal documents pertaining to bloggers trespassing and “infringing upon her safety”, Whitfield refers to the property as her’s. So which one is it Sheree? Is the property yours or is it Tierra’s. Better yet, don’t answer that. We’ll let the IRS figure it out…

    “I’ve been a lot of things, but dumb ain’t never been one of them ~ Funky Dineva

    One other point I’d like to make. I thought it was a mother’s job to protect their children? Up until now, no one was even thinking about Tierra Fuller, where she worked, what she made, what she looked like, or what all was in her name? Why would any mother honestly drag their child into the middle of a frivolous media sh!t storm. Real maternal Sheree’. I’m sure Tierra is thanking you for all the blank stares and whispers she receiving down at Turner Broadcasting.

    Funky Dineva Responds To Sheree Whitfield’s Restraining Order FOOLISHNESS. Calls Her A Cheap Tacky Heffa”

    • becky while

      My understanding of tax laws is that when someone gifts you something you must pay a tax on it. Selling a substantial asset in a non arms length transaction for a price that is below market value will result in SW’s daughter having to pay tax on the amout of her gift – in this instance the difference between the value of the property and the one dollar sales price – less the amount the IRS allows for gifting per person per year.

      I am not sure of the current IRS allowable non taxable gift amount but it used to be a few years ago 10 grand – It may have gone up a few thousand dollars but that is insignificant in proportion to the value of the home.

      So, by SW selling her home to her daughter for a buck – she has now put her daughter in a bind with the IRS.

      • DJ

        ” You can sell your house for one dollar, but the difference between the fair market value of the house and the $1 is considered a gift, for which you will have to file a federal gift tax return. Then when the buyer sells the house he will have to pay capital gains tax on the profit over the $1. An exception applies if he lives in the house for two years, after which he can exclude up to $250,000 in gain ($500,000 if married).”

      • Katrina

        I bet neither one of them reported it. Sheree is going to get her daughter and mother in trouble trying to help her sorry behind! We know Sheree does not plan to pay her debt.

      • Katrina

        I think Sheree was doing a lot of work on the outside to make people think she was really making progress on that house and when Tamara T went inside, it blew her cover! That house is a complete mess.
        I will donate something, I really like your posts. I also enjoyed post about Sheree and I was hoping that she was pretty normal, but it seems like she is really delusional and Bravo edited her to look normal and logical.

      • Katrina

        My comment was posted in the wrong spot. I was commenting to Tess 3/22/2013.

      • Tess

        Totally agree!

      • Yep. That’s why the doll said he is gonna play some games of his own. LOL! I have a feeling he ain’t done. It is a citizens responsibility to report fraud. *chuckles with a smirk*

      • puravidacostarica

        Just a cautionary note that we might not know for sure it was given to the daughter for a dollar. For example, where I live, deeds are often recorded citing “$1 and such other and good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, blah, blah, blah” The actual purchase price is in a real estate contract that is usually NOT recorded. It is possible that her daughter took an assignment on the mortgage, in which she would be responsible for the debt and Sheree would be deemed to have been “gifted” the amount of the debt burden that was lifted from her shoulders. I’m not saying TT is wrong on this; I’m just saying that sometimes the details are not in the recorded documents but in side agreements.

      • Always a pleasure! Thanks 4 having me! “@jillianobrien: Thanks for joining us today! @IamSheree Great to have you on the show.”

        Just a thought.. maybe if enough people tweet this JillIan (no mean tweeting please!) and let her know the truth ?

      • KWM

        Non-taxing gift for 2012 was $13,500 per parent per child (and in-laws). My mother could give me 13,500 and my husband 13,500, my father could also give the same for a total of 54,000 tax free gift.

        So in Sheree case, she could give Tierra 13,500 tax free, since both are not married she cannot give any more than that tax free.

  44. OK, Miss Tamara – I donated. I really enjoy your blog. You spill smart and entertaining tea — and Sheree ought to drop off your radar after this. She is not worthy of any more press. You helped her keep her name and notoriety relevant and she repaid you with lies (wonder if you could sue her ass for that? Reckon Phaedra might help? GREST Brav plotline:) ).
    I wish you well; healthwise, legal and general happiness-wise:)

  45. vivaladiva831

    I do not see a donate button? Do you have to be on a pc to donate? I don’t know if this will help you tamara, but I have some family friends who live in sugarloaf. When I go visit, one of my favorite things to do is have them take me on a “neighborhood tour” where we go in all of the houses that are being built and look around. They have assured me this is perfectly legal and even encouraged by builders to advertise their business and yes some of the homes are owned already! The only difference is I didn’t go online and describe them. And I definitely have taken pics inside. So I don’t see how sheree can say this is illegal or stalking. Maybe you have to pay your legal fees now, but I hope you have your lawyers require sw to pay your legal fees when you win. This reminds me of adrienne picking on brandi, except adrienne has some money unlike sw. So sorry you are going through this, and maybe it is my phone but I can’t find the donate button??

  46. bendy

    I didn’t really need new running shoes, I just wanted the new color. Good luck Tamara and thanks for the brilliant writing Kimberly and Tamara!

  47. Omg @iamsheree is even more pathetic and mental than i gave her credit for that idiotic woman brings nothing to the #rhoa i live in london england n i no alot of people here cant stand the 2faced crazy ass wanna be.
    mis whitfield is a nobody n will alwsys be a nobody except a stupid jealous freak.

  48. Cherie


  49. Y’all please don’t feel like you have to donate. The button was put up for friends to have a place to contribute. It was their idea. They have contributed A LOT. I’m going to be fine. Your support here is plenty. Really. I am fine. I am not destitute. I’ve been trying to get away on a trip for awhile and sort of backed off those plans to cover my legal expenses. That is when friends jumped in to help.

    This Sheree thing is more of a nuisance than anything else. I have actual real issues to stress over if I wanted to stress. Which I don’t.

    Meanwhile. I promise to get the Kim/Kandi thing going. I have Jodi Arias Fog today and it may take awhile. :)

    Be nice to each other. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And thanks again for all of the support!

  50. Tamara, I can’t tell you how bad I feel that you have to even think about something stresful, much less someone like sw. I also graduated from Clemson, but the reason I love you is some days, the only fun I have is your blog. You are funny as hell and smart. I think I have told you about the head of duke neurosurgery screwing me over when he took a tumor and took the adhesions out of my spine. I’m in bed pretty much forever, but honey, you make me smile lots of days. If I had buckets of money, I’d send it to you just because this shit is not right. It sounds like you understand health problems changing your life, but look what you have accomplished. I don’t have access to a computer,just an ipad and don’t have a Paypal account or see the button to donate. I feel like you are my friend, so help me find a way to send some support to you. Karma is a b, so all the peeps putting out the bad, buy some ky just like Jodi did. Im not talking about anyone but the ones making you worry. Just know how much I appreciate what you do. If anyone has never been home bound, it really is the little things that you say thanks for, even if its just a funny blog. Much love. I think you have my email , but for us mobile ipad kids, please tell us how. Never liked her fake hiney anyway, but it’s really just because I don’t like bullies and she is and Tamara is cool.

    • Please do not donate! I would feel terrible. I have some friends with more money than sense as they say. :) I dont want y’all to donate when you have your own issues to deal with. This comment is very supportive and I appreciate it! No need for anything else. If you have twitter, a RT is always nice. That’s it!

      On a personal note (lol like all of my notes aren’t) My siblings were in college when I was a little kid and two of them went to Clemson. I remember going to football games with my parents and seeing the tiger paws on the rode thinking it was the coolest place ever. I went back when I was in college for a game and lots of drinking! lol. I love Clemson.

      However, I am a Bulldog through and through. But I still hate the University of SC even more than that Gator school. :)

  51. Sorry, idiot that’s me just figured it out. Don’t hate me cause I’m slow on the uptake and the lady who did a ill spoof, oh god, so funny!

  52. Heartland

    Seriously don’t clown, but I honestly don’t see the DONATE button!!!

  53. Erika Tate

    Can you sue Sheree for legal fee’s, defamation of character, pain and suffering etc.? After her lies and poor acting in court, I think deserves it especially sinc this seems to be an ongoing issue.

    Sending you prayers and wishing you well!

  54. Daryl Morris

    Tamara, I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and was instantly addicted. I am devouring it as fast as I can read. My small contribution is to thank you in advance for the enjoyment I am going to receive as a follower of your blog.

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