Real Houswives of Beverly Hills Recap: Faye Froths At the Mouth

RHOBHLisaCOverYAY! It’s time for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I believe this is the finale. Which sucks because RHOBH is my favorite these days. Lisa is getting ready for her vow renewal. Lisa and Brandi are going to get massages and dish on Adrienne. Adrienne is having another one of her sponsored parties that she gets paid for. Lisa was invited and Brandi wasn’t.  They’ve decided to hang out in Lisa’s beautiful yard for the day. The massage guy does feet. I hate the ones that skip your feet. Whenever I am in NYC the most important thing to do is to go to Chinatown and get foot massages at every single place that has the little old Chines ladies that do them. I could stay there all day, with meal breaks in Little Italy. I have slothlike qualities.

Adrienne much like most of the housewives that get brought in to add their name to an existing product is acting like she is launching her own line of vodka. It’s called Zing. I wish the Zingbot (from Big Brother) would show up and zing Adrienne mercilessly throughout the entire event. TobaccoRhoda now has me noticing Chef Bernie’s nose twitch. I should block her for that. Adrienne goes after Paul as soon as he asks Bernie anything. Adrienne is dragging out a dozen dinner plates for the appetizers. Really? Even Paul knows better than that.

rhobhpartyKyle, Yolanda, Marisa and Camille are at the party where there are living statues, living topiary…etc. They start with vodka shots and Yolanda abstains. Marisa shares with the girls that Brandi texted her suggesting that Marisa and her husband give each other a hall pass to spice up their marriage. Ew Faye is there. Faye is there trying to say that Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy at the White Party. Adrienne is saying that Brandi throws everyone under the bus. Each time one of the bimbos says something about Brandi, Yolanda shuts them down. Camille is up Adrienne’s butt. Marisa is standing with Camille, Adrienne, and Faye. Bad idea Marisa. Paul gets painted up like the human topiaries and climbs up in a tree. Adrienne mocks him and says he is always seeking attention. I imagine he is. He sure doesn’t get any from Adrienne.

Brandi brings up all the open marriage, separate bedrooms business arrangement rumors about Adrienne and Paul’s marriage in the car on the way to the party with Jennifer. The divorce was announced online the day of Lisa and Ken’s vow renewals. Brandi is telling Jennifer about the cattiness at Adrienne’s party and how she was the topic of conversation. Sounds like Yo gave her the heads up. They are questioning Marisa’s loyalty. In another car Kyle and Mauricio are talking about their breakup and how the tabloids make it even harder. The thing is Adrienne and Paul were both calling TMZ and Radar Online to get their side of the story in the media.

Ack! It is Lisa’s segment on DWTS so I may have to miss a few minutes of RHOBH. Lisa is unhappy with the sexual intimacy of the dancing and doesn’t like the um…genital contact. She comes down the stairs with Giggy and hands him off to some man in a top hat. She is of course wearing a bright pink flowing long dress. She did well enough to stay I think. She is not a natural dancer. Len says it was acceptable but not exceptional. There was too much staggering about. Her arms were nice. Bruno says that the rocks around her neck were effecting her posture. He lines were nice. The woman judge whose name escapes me said that she was okay.

RHOBHyolandaBack at Lisa’s party, Brandi asks Mauricio if she has ever flirted with her he says know. Brandi and Lisa talk about Adrienne planting false stories to the tabloids about them. Everyone is talking about Adrienne’s divorce. Adrienne’s friend says that she heard from Adrienne that she felt Paul’s priorities were all over the place and that he felt he always needed to be the center of attention. Kyle says that there are two sides to every story and they need to hear Paul’s. Yes I am shocked that Kyle of all people was being rational about it, too!  David Foster’s ex-wife (Taylor’s friend Linda) comes in and warmly greets Yo with kisses and give Lisa some of her homemade jam. It seems that David has a type, nice looking blondes who like to be all Martha Stewart in the kitchen. There is a conversation with David and Yolanda and some random female party goers about Yolanda’s submissive nature with David. I love how Yolanda points out that is not a sign of weakness. I don’t get why so many of ya’ll are so against traditional gender roles in other people’s relationships. Just because we some people prefer that, doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it or that it is wrong.

Some dude is actually engaged to Faye Resnick. His name is E.J. Marinate on that.

RHOBHBrannotsorryMeanwhile, Yolanda confronts Marisa about bringing up Brandi’s text to the witches at Adrienne’s party. Brandi is right there. And Yolanda basically says explain yourself to Brandi. Marisa is in way over her head and trying to squirm out of the entire situation. Marisa makes yet another joke about wanting to screw a tall, dark and handsome guy. Meanwhile Faye sees drama and walks right into it. Brandi, immediately says to Faye, “You are not involved in this, you can go.” Faye says she is involved with everything. Don’t tell me what to do.” Kyle and Camille are hiding in the background.  Faye refuses to leave the conversation. Brandi says that Faye should be a lady and go. Faye then says to Brandi, “You want to talk about being a lady? No matter how many Chanel’s you borrow you will never be a lady!” Faye needs a drink poured on that rat’s nest on her head. Faye asks Brandi if she is happy that she broke up Adrienne and Paul’s marriage.  Yolanda, Brandi and Marisa all tell Faye she is full of shit. Faye and Brandi walk off. Faye is despicable.

YAY! There is one more episode next week. The vows will hopefully finally happen. Faye Resnick continues to be a cuntbag. Lisa still hopes that Kyle will back her up agaist Faye. AND ADRIENNE SHOWS UP TO THE PARTY A SOBBING MESS!  Perfect. I can’t wait.


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116 responses to “Real Houswives of Beverly Hills Recap: Faye Froths At the Mouth

  1. SophieSez

    I think that Paul and Brandi ought to hit it at least once #ultimaterevenge.

    • Ewww no! I love them both but certainly think neither wants to go there.

    • Missy

      I’d like to do Mauricio wit’ his fine self…. Now I said it … back to regular programming!

    • Gilda222

      Instead of Brandi making out in the bathroom with her boyfriend, she should have made out in the open so Fake could’ve run over to begin her sermon. That way Brandi could’ve tumbled on top of Fake, squashing her like a lizard, her skinny arms & legs flailing, as Brandi kicks her to the side. Can you imagine the stained Hoof’s face? I would’ve paid to see that. And it’s perfectly acceptable since there’s a chapter entitled “A Lady’s Uncontrolled Passion” in the book on How to be a Lady. Now THAT is good TV.

  2. karen

    Great blog, I hope Bravo does not have that nasty witch Faye on at all next season. I just hate her. I am so glad Camille and Adrienne will not be back. I love Yolanda. She lets them all now how she feels.

    • I agree I desice faye shes a cut bitch and fyi she just says what kyle don’t have the nerve 2 say why else would she drag her around with her brandi should have slap her but then faye would have sued her

  3. L52094

    Agree with you on Faye, she is a horrible, attention hungry, camera whore, shit stirrer. She’s a whole other level of cray-cray!

    But the real question is….

    How in the h-e-double hockey sticks did she get an invite to Lisa’s vow renewal? A little too much production from Bravo here for my taste.

  4. Thanks Karen!

    L5…Lisa said that she essentially had to invite everyone because it was the season finale. I forget where exactly she said it. But she did.

  5. napanancy

    All Marissa does is bag her husband on the show and then she (and the other hags) pretend that Marissahas a wonderful marriage and Brandi is crazy. Ugh…

    • pffftt

      Marissa is Brandi are friends off camera, so I think that was blown out of proportion. I really like Marissa. She is outspoken, but not in a nasty way. I thought she was very refreshing. Don’t know why Yolanda was so intent on trying to get Brandi and her to fight.

      • pffftt

        Wow. Horrible grammar. “Brandi and Marissa ARE friends off camera.”

      • KWM

        I think it was a case of Marissa being the new person and trying to fit in, too bad her way to fit in with the one group was to throw Brandi under the bus. I find it hard to believe she did not understand (her words) what Brandi was trying to say. I think she thought I will bring up the text from Brandi to this group and get points from them. Never thinking that Yolanda would have Brandi’s back and stick up for her and then give her the heads up and set up a little truth summit at the party.

        I think it was a misstep in that she under estimated the amount of hate some of them have for Brandi (Camille & Adrienne & Faye) and take any chance they can get to knock her down.

        Until Faye in her usual twatwaffle way barged into the conversation you could tell they were well on the way to moving past it.

      • vivaladiva831

        “Until Faye in her usual twatwaffle way barged into the conversation you could tell they were well on the way to moving past it.” toooo funny!!!!

        all faye achieved was making herself look pathetic and desperate. such a wannabe.

  6. USED2B718

    Your recap was great. I thought that there was a point when the “alleged cool kids” wanted to make it seem like it was inappropriate for Ken and Lisa to renew their vows, because of the bedlam in Paul and Adrienne’s marriage.

  7. Mango

    Thanks for the recap TT! Marisa marisa…It was catty of her to backbite Brandi and show her text to gorgons, but I thought she held her own with Yo and Brandi, and Marisa’s recounting of how the textpocalypse went down was correct. (Apparently no one in BH works anything out in private, it is all for the cameras). The text was just Brandi’s humor and Marisa wasn’t having it. I like Brandi and all, but I’m beginning to detect another gorgon in her — she’ll be provcative and then play it off like it’s the other person’s issue, they don’t get her humor, they are being mean, etc. For a woman whose ex made a total fool of her, it would be nice if she were more respectful of other wive’s boundaries. Let her suggest a 3some to David Foster and we’ll see how Yo likes it.

    • Tango

      Ya, I could see Marisa not liking the joke text, IF she wasn’t the one who constantly brings up how bored she is in her marriage. I think since she loudly tells everyone how she wants other men, it was no big deal.

      • Mango

        Marisa’s point seemd to be that it is *her* marriage and hers to joke about and to be taken as seriously as Lisa’s jokes about not liking sex. Maybe Brandi and Marisa are too similar to be friends since they are both very quick with the lip 😉

      • They’re actually friends, and became friends because of the show. Marisa gave a very candid interview before the season premiered and said it herself. I think she only remains friends with Kyle because Mauricio is someone she wants to keep working with in her real off camera job.

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Best line of the night was when Brandi said about Faye, “she put her dick on the table”…. Why oh why did Brandi not body slam Faye into the pool?

  9. Diane1018

    Wild guess, no Kyle blog this week-wimp! No more Camille after next week, I understand why Kelsey despises her. Season 1 Camille is @Therealcamillegrammer.
    Love the happy women, Brandi, Lisa & Yolanda!

    • Omg, when Faye walked over to where the other ladies were, Camille started muttering under her breath about it……she is such a coward. Makes me think that last season when more people started liking her after S1 we were all mislead. I guess she is just a douchebag bitch.

      • Lori

        Agreed! What a cowardly bitch!

      • Camille only calmed her rear end down last season because she was going through a child custody battle with Kelsey (from what I understand). She hired people to help her clean up her image…& her mouth. This season, it seems we’re back to the Season 1 Camille.

  10. I can’t f*cking stand Faye. She just continues to audition for a role on the show, but I think there is such vile hatred of that woman, Bravo won’t ever bring her on full time. I just don’t get where she gets off being such a bitch to Brandi, considering where she has been and what she has done. Now, I am a Brandi fan but definitely don’t agree with everything she has said. For instance, that text to Marissa maybe not really necessary…… But that said, I am so sick of Brandi continually being blamed for all things bad in BH. To Kim still blaming her for what she said….which was true, right?? To what she said about Adrienne. Now, while maybe she should have kept her mouth shut, she didn’t. She apologized, and now time to move on!! It isn’t like the other ladies haven’t opened their mouths at the most inopportune times!!!!!

    Love your blog, TT!!!

    • Greg Q

      Brandi deserves all the bad karma that comes her way… You say horrid things about people you have to deal with the fallout. Using the “my spouse cheated on me” defense has gotten tired. Half the divorced humans on this Earth could say the same thing- but it wouldn’t excuse hateful behavior directed at everyone else they come across in life. Once Brandi’s looks start slipping- don’t be shocked that there isn’t a bounty on her head. LOL


      She (Brandi) apologized but she keeps talking. She says sorry on one hand then says but yada yada yada on the other. Just say sorry and let it go. I actually cannot stand Brandi, but I have to give her sympathy because Lisa is the pied piper now matter how much she denies and Brandi is trying to get her place. If you watch the way Lisa ask those questions like she didn’t already know…Lisa is a very smart woman and know exactly what she is doing. Unfortunately for Brandi, now that Adrienne is gone, who will she fight with next season. Bravo loves money and I think with everyone hating Faye (which she deserves) they may give her a spot next season just to annoy Brandi and set her off again (though it does not take much)

    • Missy

      Considering where she has been? She is a former coke head. We first heard about her when OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Simpson died and Faye was exposed to be one of her BEST friends … I recall there being a news report that she was in and out of rehab at that time. So, she should be the LAST person to say something mean about some “considering where she has been”.

  11. How did I miss the dick on the table comment? Maybe Andy will show it on WWHL.

  12. Erik

    Long‐time reader, first‐time commenter; I needed to get in on all the RHOBH drama before the season ends! Bernie definitely has perpetual sourpuss but I don’t think it’s his fault. He’s forced to deal with Adrienne on a daily and she is even more obnoxious than her new bottle of vodka. Speaking of obnoxious, the housewives must be contractually obligated to deal with Faye. Why else would Lisa invite her to the vow renewal? Whatever the event, Faye is always there to cause trouble ‐ no matter how far she has to reach. Even Marisa realizes how psychotic Faye sounded when she blamed Brandi for Paul and Adrienne’s split. I’m glad Yolanda is there to offer up some needed reason. Marisa and Faye were both begging to be set straight (not to mention Camille, who made me cringe each and every time she opened her mouth.) I don’t think most of these women can even keep up with their own lives but I can totally understand why; the editing was dreadfully chaotic tonight.

  13. Sara

    Faye makes my skin crawl! How Brandi has kept her hands to her self and not punch Faye shows what a lady Brandi is! What’s wrong with Taylor’s face, so shiny and puffy?

    PS Love this Blog!!!

  14. Justobserving

    OMG! I just figured out the hunky manager of Sur’s name: Peter!!! He is the hottest thing on any Housewife show! Love the dark ponytail, dark eyes, and beautiful smile,(among other things). I just forgot all about the rest of the show… He needs a spinoff just for him!!!

  15. Lori

    I take back what I said early on the season about thinking that Yolanda was going to be boring. I adore her! And Marisa trying to make it sound like she was not totally bashing on Brandi when she showed the vipers the text. Thats the kind of stuff that drives me mad. The more I see of Marisa the more I dislike her. Cannot wait for next week and then for the reunion shows!

  16. Eve

    In the photo above of Marisa, Kyle and Kim………Kim has inherited Jodi Arias’s cold sore on the left side of her face. :)
    Filet Resnick is gross and seems beyond desperate to be on the show.

  17. Jac Holcombe

    Faye is a pour judge of character, because she has none. Team Adrienne? Love to see how quickly she jumps when see finds out that Maloof has serious financial issues. Kyle is already backpedaling, lol. Realtors and interior designers need wealthy clients (friends). Faye isn’t a villain that we love to watch, just another lousy money-grubbing cling-on.

  18. Greg Q

    Best line ever on any Bravo show: “No matter how many Chanel’s you borrow, you will never be a lady.” BRILLIANT.
    Tamara- you don’t have a problem with Yolanda’s “my husband is my King that I happily serve” bullshit…? Use your decoder ring what Yolanda is really saying is I’ll kiss his ass so long as I can share in his wealth and spotlight… In reality she has to realize her ‘expiration date’ is fast approaching. She got married to him 18 months ago- it’s about time he starts the cheating on the side cycle again. (FYI- his third ex-wife Linda Thompson co-wrote several hit songs with him including “I Have Nothing” performed by Whitney Houston in the movie The Bodyguard.)
    Anyone else think that seeing Brandi in a limo was much like feeding truffles to a pig?!!

    • KWM

      Ah yes, but posing for playboy because you used your best friends murder to make you famous, so makes her a lady.

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      That line about Chanel was sooooo rehearsed and she stumbled half way through it like she was trying to remember it.

    • Grandmalou

      Tamara like you I’m impressed with Yolanda’s love and adoration for her husband. She has no problem calling him her king as he obviously treats her like a queen. I do however feel that David is the type of man who is never happy with a good woman, and that he will probably move on to a newer model before long. As for Faye, I can’t stand this woman who interjects herself in situations that doesn’t concern her. If Bravo makes her a regular I will rethink my viewing options. Kyle is as fake as a 3 dollar bill and she can’t complete a sentence without stroking her precious hair. Her husband is a non effing factor and is only there to make Kyle look good. Brandi is certainly the main focus on the show but she should seriously considering eating a big greasy burger with some cheese fries and a large sweet tea. Ole girl is too frail and should a strong wind come she’ll be blown away. Lisa is classy and sophisticated and is just passing time with all those drama queens. Glad to see Adrienne gone as well as Taylor. Taylor’s lips are atrocious and when she smiles the song “Bring in the Clowns” come to mind. Kim and Marisa are weak characters and hopefully they will get some juicy skeletons pulled out of their closets to help make them interesting. All in all I prefer these housewives better than others and I plan to follow them. Just please get rid of that wannabe Fay. Sa-Shay away Faye you’re 15 minutes are up.

  19. nunnya

    i heard that kenya broke out text messege that her and fakedrea husband exchange that she didnt know about at the reunion see if you can find out more

  20. vivaladiva831

    Can I just point out that if the roles were reversed, and Dean was saying (excuse me, making jokes) about the things Marisa does, people would EAT HIM ALIVE. She really needs to stop, it is not funny or cute and very emasculating to Dean.

    • Mollymom

      I agree viva, and I also like tall, dark and handsome, but think Dean is so cute! When Brandi, Marisa and Yo were having their discussion, they were doing just that, discussing. They were not yelling. They were actually laughing, and that awful Maurice was so busy asking other party guests to find out what they were talking about. Eww he is so gross. He may be tall, dark and handsome but he grosses me out. Give me Dean or Ken any day! No wonder Brandi was mad the jealous girls said she flirts with him.

    • David did just that when he commented that it was time for a change. I didn’t read outrage over ‘his’ comment but Marissa got flack for agreeing with him.
      If that’s his stance, Yolanda likely has cause to worry. Keep lighting candles and baking dessert, yo.

    • susana h.

      Great blog!

      Agree. Marisa does need to stop dissing Dean.

      Adrienne has dissed Paul since the first season. It was obvious then that their marriage was not a good one. Petty and mean comments are never attractive.

      Yolanda was great confronting the gaggle of mean girls. Have to wonder if they see that they do what they accuse others of. It is ugly. If Adrienne and Faye got sued for every false thing they had said about Brandi, Brandi would be financially set.

      Glad that Adrienne and Camille have left. They need to take Faye with them.

      Brandi saying that Faye comes in and throws her dick on the table was priceless. Faye is horrible on this show.

      Thought about the first season Brandi was on. Kyle, Camille, Taylor and Kim, were awful when Brandi showed up on crutches. Paul said something about women behaving badly when a younger and more attractive woman shows up. He hit that nail on the head.

  21. Stupendous recap, tam. I would have lol’d multiple times but I just woke up and never lol before noon.

    Marissa doesnt bother me the way it seems she does most. Yes. she talks about roving eyes, mind lust, hot guys etc but it’s kind of true. Rob Thomas put it out there about twenty years ago when he wrote “everyone here, knows everyone here is thinking about Somebody else”. And anything my Robbie says stands. (I’ll admit I have a thing for Darryl too Tamara, but Rob is the love of my life….he just doesnt know it yet.) I just think that Marissa is a little like Brandi and says what she’s thinking.

    I missed the storyline that Brandi broke up Adrienne and Pauls marriage. Is that even possible?

    • Jen

      Brandi broke up the marriage because of the (secret) truth she let loose, and all the “stress” it put on the marriage… NOT! (still dont see how she can be sued for libel when what she said was true..). Adrianne has never hid her disdain for Paul just existing. I think Paul seems like a fun guy… Their marriage seems like a case of two alpha males 😉 being in charge of EVERY single silly detail…. Hope Paul finds some peace and relaxation!! (I guess Adrienne too 😉

  22. stephey

    Faye is disgusting and I actually turned the program off, cannot stand her. Fake drama, bad acting. If Lisa does not even like Faye, she should not be at her vow renewal bc the producers are desperate for drama, that is so fake I thought this show was better than that, but I guess not.

  23. myinfo

    First, you always have great recaps. I also applaud you for somehow posting your blogs so quickly. I always check your blogs first.

  24. lola11

    Honestly, Brandi’s comment of Faye putting her dick on the table made me laugh so hard, i love me some Brandi comments. Also, I am in love with Yolanda! she shoots from the hip and that is the type of girl I identify with.

    Every time Faye comes on the screen, I immediately start to sweat mustache in anger. Give me five minutes in a room with Faye, please please please! She would re-emerge less mouthy. I honestly do not know how Faye is not hit in the dome at least once a week acting the way she does. She is all kinds of gross, such a mess of a human being.

    Lisa’s house is vander-fabulous. I die inside every time I see it, soooo lovely!!

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      That’s the difference between Brandi & Faye. Faye has to rehearse and it still looks like bad acting. Brandi just lets it fly. She’s naturally quick witted albeit crass.

  25. myinfo

    I haven’t seen the whole show since I was also watching DWTS at the same time.

    Since the show ended filming months ago I wonder when the show rapped if Kyle and her crew thought they finally succeeded in their plot to get viewers to dislike Brandi.

    MCFR, Camille, Kyle and Adrienne probably all couldn’t wait for the season to begin.

    I bet they are shocked that:

    1. Brandi ends up with a best seller and people still love Brandi.
    2. Adrienne is disliked so much that she leaves the show and does not attend the reunion.
    3. Many viewers like Paul more than Adrienne.
    4. MCFR’s blog was removed because the comments were beyond harsh.
    5. Kyle’s decision to use MCFR as her mouth piece backfires on her.
    6. Taylor is now more likeable than Kyle (at least to me).
    7. Yolanda turned out to be a gem.
    8. Lisa is still loved and is on DWTS.
    9. Marisa is likeable and quirky.
    10. Camille once again has shown her true colors and sided with the wrong crew.

  26. theREALHONJ

    Tamara and ladies, you all MUST read the book Fake Respuke wrote about her so called “Best Friend” Nicole Brown Simpson. She is the lowest of the low. A person who dragged her dead girls name thru the mud all for her own 15 minutes of fame. Everytime I see her I want to scream.

  27. June

    What a great write -up! The Zingbot and Faye’s E.J.-PRICELESS!
    Wow that was a packed episode, I came away wondering why Camille is suddenly on the Brandy hate train. Not so long ago they where sipping drinks and sharing stories about their husbands cheating and leaving them. Now Camille is cheering on Faye, I don’t get it?

    • KWM

      The tide seemed to turn after the surrogate comment. I first thought it was because Camille thought Brandi was knocking using surrogates, since she used one. But that didn’t make sense, since it wasn’t so much about the surrogate as it was that the surrogate was proof that Adrienne lies about things.

      But then it got me thinking back to years ago when there was a People Magazine spread of Camille’s baby shower and the article went on to say how they had to use a surrogate because of Camille’s IBS. Which makes me wonder if there isn’t more to her story about using a surrogate….

      The one thing that jumped out at me about Camille is she was very vocal about using the surrogate for both kids and always said it was because of her IBS. Now she never mentions it at all. Is it because she is hiding a different reason, that would make people not like her as much?????

      • I think you read too much into it. I think it was simply a matter of Camille picking the wrong side in the battle. She knew it was coming down to Adrienne or Brandi. I think she thought Adrienne would win and Brandi would be gone and she didn’t want to have chosen the wrong person, which she ended up doing. Also maybe though I doubt it, she truly believed it was wrong for Brandi to share the secret that wasn’t really a secret.

  28. cindy brown

    Of course she is IBS my butt,Kelsey had to give some excuse for that sourpuss she has in every picture because she gave up fame to be his wife,fame from what you gotta have some talent honey.The true Camille was on s1 when she blamed her poor mother for her now having to be tested because she might carry a cancer gene(remember when her sick mother had to visit her and be blamed while poor Camille was having a manicure) what a horrible horrible piece of trash.She was scared to death of Faye thats why she kept her distance.What a loser,poor Kelsey but he’s in a better place now.

  29. Mary

    I hope Faye watched this episode on a High Def. television because if she does, she will know that Hi Def if not her friend…. she looked so rubbery and Orange.

  30. BravoCueen

    Thank you Tamra for the best recap out there! I read all of them and yours is the most hilarious! I can’t believe you missed the “dick on the table” comment either but it was freaking HILARIOUS! Worth watching the whole episode again, just for that! I adore Brandi. She is a breath of fresh air. I like Marissa too. She has her problems, but we all do. Faye Rancid, Vyle Kyle and Camile can all disappear. The only way I’ll watch if Rancid is a regular is if it is guaranteed she’ll get put in her place every time she opens her mouth!

  31. Neecy

    Did anyone notice when Adrienne tried to tell Yolanda that Brandi was talking about her. Yolanda asked her what did she say and Adrienne couldn’t think of anything fast enough. Guess she didn’t expect to get asked. And Faye is to old to be such a ‘mean girl’.

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      I did. And did you see Adrienne squirm by playing with her hair when she couldn’t come up ith anything. Like a high school girl would do.

      • KWM

        And she did her look away, like I need to at this moment look over my shoulder to see what is going on with my party while I try to think of something.

        Maybe she was looking for Bernie.

  32. #KeepinitrealinFWTX

    I have recently began following your blogs and love your recaps and comments! I wanted to come through my TV face to face with Faye (with YO & B) last night to school her on her lady-like behavior and history i.e. cocaine, playboy spreads, profiting off the death of her “friend” NBS. She needs to layoff the surgery her face is beyond repair and she should keep it off TV. Team Lisa, Brandi & Yo all day long!!

  33. Faye is a remora. Despicable. That she is Kyle’s best friend speaks volumes about Kyle. Marisa is a hapless twit, differing only in degree from Kim. Brandi is a turdpoker of the first order, but unfortunately for her foes, she pokes their turds with the truth as her shield. How disconcerting for them.

    Camille is a pit viper who hid her fangs successfully for a whole season, but those hooded eyes give her away. It’s the not blinking thing that’s so snakelike and revealing.

    Taylor is content with her role as Poor Nell, tied to the railroad tracks off life and hoping for rescue. Lisa knows this game and will always come out a winner. As for Yolanda, I think she’s worked out a nice little Dom/Sub sitchy with ol Dave, of which the tie kissing is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, Tamara?

  34. Mollymom

    Remember at the white party (just typing those words turns my stomach) when Adrainne wanted to talk to Brandi and Lisa said ut oh in a battle of wits, Adrainne will lose every time. Hahaha. Well said Lisa.

  35. Mollymom

    …also Tamara your blog is the best and the thank you so very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  36. ITA with your take on Yolanda & David, Tamara. If that’s what makes them happy & makes their marriage work, I say more power to them. I love your recaps, this one is especially great & I agree with everything you said. I love the BH franchise but if they make Faye Resnick a full housewife, sadly I’m out. Marissa. Oh, Lord have mercy! If she wants to fuck another man, have at it…but DON’T say that you speak for me! I’ve been married 28 years (29 in June) & it’s never crossed my mind, nor been a temptation. When she talks about wanting to fuck a tall, dark & handsome man, it makes me think that she’s talking about Mauricio (UGH!!! I used to like Mauricio & thought he was quite handsome…then he opened his mouth.). I don’t know how Dean & Marissa’s marriage works – & really don’t care – but if I were in Dean’s shoes it would hurt me greatly when she started her talk about being bored & wanting to sleep with other men. When Lisa talks about only having sex a couple times a year or so, I get it…she’s joking & it doesn’t come across as hurtful (not to me, anyway). Maybe Marissa needs a lesson or 2 from Lisa?

  37. I like Faye. I’m sure everyone was surprised to hear that. She doesn’t back down. Basically, even though Marissa is a dolt who played both sides trying to make everyone like her and got caught, Yolanda and Brandi were ganging up on Marissa. Faye just stood there to even things out. Yolanda standing there yapping that it was none of Faye’s concern was hypocritical.

  38. JustSaying

    Just a thought!
    makes me realize that the whole Sean Stewart and Adrienne Maloof relationship was a whole stunt. I can see the “brainiac” Maloof Hoof wanting publicity and saying “yeah, they Press will love it If I [pretend] to date a younger man.
    Remember Adrienne brought Brandi on to piss Lisa off because Brandi allegedly had a friendship with Cedric.
    I also noticed at the white party when Paul mentioned they fire Bernie, Adrienne threw daggers at Paul. For Faye to blame Brandi for the demise of Adrienne and Paul’s marriage is just as outrageous as Faye’s second book, “Caught in the middle of the storm” Faye put herself in the middle of the “storm” I am not an O.J. Supporter either.

  39. Skeeter

    Dear Linda Thompson:

    I really took offense to your “middle class” comment on making your own jelly. WELL GOOD FOR YOU BITCH! You probably bought the fruit you made it with (Gawd forbid should your hands touch the dirt us commoners walk on, although I may add that maybe you are experienced being bent over on your knees, but I doubt it’s from sewing seeds or picking fruits/vegtables. SOME of us middle class people plant, grow and can everything we grow, not just some jelly with fruit you probably bought (unless of course you made lemon jelly with lemons that Yo picked for you). Why don’t you ask the Smucker family about that, I’m sure their middle class stature could tell you all about it!

    I know I am on here ranting and raving over her comment but dammit it pissed me off!! She should come to my property where we plant, grow, can and freeze everything we grow in 3 gardens which are approximately 50 x 150 ft. big. At least I know what’s in my canned stuff with no additives :) . It’s called a way of life – not middle class. Whatever, I am a middle class country girl I guess that really took offense to her comment. I’m feeling much better now – think I’ll have some toast with my middle class jam……hmm…..peach, strawberry or cherry….decisions decision!

    Sorry for ranting Tamara LOL!

    • KWM

      I took her comment as more of a dig to Yolanda, poor me now that I am divorced I am part of the Beverly Hills “middle class”

    • skeeter, my dear, I applaud you and wish I had the funds and good health to purchase a little bit of land and live my life exactly as you are. We have crap pushed down our throats at every turn. I support the complete elimination of processed foods for the sake of our children and our children’s children…..

      • Skeeter

        Thank you Cherry! I made the decision years ago to do this. I use no chemicals – totally organic. If I want the chemicals and preservatives in my food, I’d like the choice to put them there myself. It’s a ton of work and I’ve come to appreciate the fall LOL! On the upside, I’m healithier for it! The extras we give to the Senior Center so they can also help people!

      • awesome decision. I’d trade with you in a heartbeat!

    • Skeeter, I think you’re one heck of a wonderful person! I grew up on a farm & come from a family of sharecroppers & mechanics. I’ve done my share of harvesting, shelling, shucking, freezing, canning, etc, in my lifetime. I can no longer do these things for many reasons, but if I could, you could bet your bottom dollar I’d be the first in the garden. I’ve always loved getting in the dirt. lol ITA with everything you said, although I have one thing to add to what you said…Linda Thompson needs to remember that farmers are the very backbone of this country. The food she eats does not grow at the grocery store. Keep on gardening & putting up your fruits & vegetables…homegrown is absolutely the best! : )

      • Skeeter

        Thank you Diggity! I love what I do and love to help others in the community with the crops we get overwhelmed with. It’s very rewarding :)

      • @diggity…grandaddy was a sharecropper who was eventually able to purchase a hundred acres with the help of his sons. Summers at his farm were the best times of my life. Hard work, no tv, fishing in the pond, good southern cooking, drinking water straight from the well, and grandmomma always sitting on the breezeway shelling peas. And the smells of home….the house smelled of wood, smoke, food and love. I was envious watching my mom and her sisters….they were always laughing and kidding around…..especially when we girls gathered in the kitchen at night to bathe from washtubs. So cold in the winters that we all stood around the wood stove in the living room to warm ourselfves….first our frontside and then we acutally had to turn around to warm our backs. There was nothing so comforting as laying in bed when grandaddy prayed at night. I couldn’t understand the words but I can still recall the cadence of his voice. I fell asleep to his prayers which seemed to last forever. And in all of this the entire family had time every evening to gather on the front porch to talk and rock. Life was good.

      • OMG, you just described it all perfectly, cherry! The only thing I hated about bathing in those washtubs, though, was Granny seeing me naked & saying, “I see your biscuit!”. It always embarrassed me so much! LOL I didn’t go to sleep hearing Granddaddy praying, though (that sounds so sweet & wonderful!). I went to sleep hearing the train going by. They actually set their clocks & pocket watches by the train schedule. I miss those days & would give just about anything to have them – & my loved ones – back. : )

      • Oh, diggity, you and me both! I regret my children didn’t get to have those experiences. I loved turning off the main highway onto the dirt road…it was like entering an alternate reality. The sound of a train carries so much with it. I love trains and even travel on them whenever possible, getting lost watching landscapes fly by. The simple pleasures remain in my memory. Our children will never chew on sugar cane for a sweet treat, eat a peach with juice running down their arm, or my personal favorite….peanut butter mixed with cane syrup and eaten on cornbread for desert….grandaddy’s staple.
        So much of that lifestyle is therapeutic and there wasn’t this obsession with ‘things’. I envy your lifestyle. Though difficult at times it is ultimately fulfilling and less stressful than the way most of us live

      • @diggity…I could go on forever…we could share some lovely memories.

    • I feel like we should all sing a spiritual.

    • Dlister

      You are so awesome and an inspiration, Skeeter! How wonderful would it be for a local writer to do a feature on you and your canning? I can see it!

  40. Nicole

    You know how Andy is always asking if so and so could say 3 nice thing about so and so (their frienemy). Well, all I can say is Adrienne knows how to put on a party. Whatever she is promoting she does it well. I would have loved to be at a party like that (in my younger days).

    LOVE Yolanda and I’m glad that she is there to help Brandi stick it to Faye. Seems that Faye is liked by many but she got a big mouth and she is stupid to be blaming Brandi on Adrienne and Paul’s divorce. That is just OXYMORON!!!

    I fast forward through all the drama about Brandi and Adrienne ’cause it’s SO OLD already!!!

  41. Katie

    Go to Faye Resnick Design FB page, recent comments by others:

    She is getting slammed.

  42. Love the article and the comments. Surprised there were a few who actually like Faye. Well, she is persistent; like a dog with a bone.

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