Mobwives Recap: Things Get Heated in Arizona

mobwiveslogoKaren and Ramona are still in Arizona to deal with her ex and his girlfriend and also to play private detective and try to prove that her father is innocent and get him out of jail. Last week Karen said it was her and her brother who were the Ecstasy drug dealers, not her Dad. So if she gets him out, doesn’t that mean she and her brother go in? Also, they are just now opening his storage unit? Did they have someone check it for bodies before the cameras rolled? I’m thinking yes. Karen and Ramona are watching tapes for clues to help her father. The tapes are news reels and Karen is sitting right there in the courtroom. How is this new and helpful information? It’s not. So she decides to listen to taped calls between her father and his attorney. Wait, I thought she was looking for evidence to give his attorney. Is this making sense to anyone else? I need a Big Ang cooking scene about now. Karen finally gets it and has a meltdown. Ramona screams at her to get over herself.

Renee has safety issues. She is still thinking getting a $20,000 attack dog is a good idea. Clearly, she has never had a dog at all. Perhaps a poodle would give her some clarity. She also thinks she can take a couple of Krav Maga classes and defend herself.  Unless she already knows boxing, wrestling, muay thai, and  jiu-jitsu that is unlikely to happen. Gotta love “reality TV.” Perhaps afterward she can grab a bit to eat on the Georgia Tech campus and leave with an engineering degree.

MobWivesDritaRenee takes Drita to Krav Maga class. The first lesson is to keep your wrists straight when you punch someone. Drita of course has experience breaking her wrist when punching someone. Of course she does. Drita is loving it but Renee doesn’t want to break a nail by actually hitting someone. Later, she sort of gets into it.  Then the two go to lunch with Love. The topic is how much they want to kill Carla. Except for Drita who is all peace love and understanding because she is back in love with Lee.

Back in Phoenix Karen goes to meet Dave’s girlfriend Rebecca. Rebecca is just sitting there frozen in fear. After a bit of chit-chat, it all seemed to work out in an adult fashion. Karen invites both of them to a get together at her house the next day. Will this mature attitude continue for the second meeting?

Love and Big Ang go lingerie shopping because Love is hooking up with an old boyfriend who is coming to town to see her. The big news (pun intended) is that we find out Big Ang’s bra size. She is a 38J ! Big Ang says the J is for Jumbo. I say, where the hell are they bra shopping that she can even buy anything. Big Ang tweeted last night that she bought 8 bras! I don’t doubt that, when you are a custom size and they have your size, get em while the getting is good! Love is between a 34g and a 34h. They must be at Intimacy. Those bras cost well over a hundred bucks. Love says the G is for Gansta. Of course it is. Love doesn’t wear her bra band high enough. I’m just saying. Love has never met Carla but hates her already? She is sure Carla is trashing her all over town despite Big Ang telling her otherwise.

Photo Credit: VH1

Photo Credit: VH1

Karen, Ramona and Karen’s daughter Karina take the dog for a bath. This is the perfect opportunity for Karina to spill news about Rebecca and Dave. She is unknowingly getting Karen all loaded for bear. It sounds like Dave wants to marry Rebecca, buy a house and have babies. Karen is trying to remain calm but Ramona leaves the discussion. Ramona is going to stir the pot when she meets Rebecca.  Karina is worried that her relationship with her Dad will suffer if they have more kids. Karen cries. Karen wants Karina to go back to NY with her…at some point.It’s time for Love and her ex-boyfriend Fate to have their on camera date. Love and Fate…seriously? Anyway, the short version is that Fate is going to rip the lingerie off her as soon as filming is over.

Time for the party at Karen’s house.  Clearly it is last for a reason, the big drama showdown between Ramona and Rebecca. Why Ramona? You are not helping. Rebecca still has her nervous expression. Ramona already says that Rebecca looks like a lizard. This is the kind of thing you say AFTER the party Ramona. I think Ramona should buy Phaedra’s book. Dave says they are buying a six bedroom house. How exactly does a guy fresh out of prison living with a chick who runs his errands for him because she has an “open schedule” afford a six bedroom house? I think Dave may have bought the Sheree Whitfield guide to financial planning. Ramona gets Dave to admit he still loves Karen. Next, she is off to pop Rebecca’s bubble with this news.

Rebecca appears terrified before Ramona even starts. I think Rebecca might puke on Ramona’s shoes. Somehow Ramona goes from wanting to kill Rebecca to thinking she is fine. Karen and Ramona seem to think Rebecca had balls of steel. I beg to differ. She looked scared spitless to me.




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11 responses to “Mobwives Recap: Things Get Heated in Arizona

  1. A Nonny Mouse

    How desperate are women to get a man, any man, that these ex-cons are snapped up the minute they are released?
    Karen’s ex seems like an ok guy, but what is wrong with a mother of two so eager to latch onto a former ecstasy dealer.

  2. michelle

    So funny the way Ramona referred to Rebecca as Becky Putana!!!

  3. katie

    I disagree that Rebecca looked terrified by either of them. More annoyed that they are being so ridiculous. I bet Karen would have had a problem if she HADN’T taken Karina to the doctor’s too. I’m not a mother, but I don’t see the big deal in her driving her to a doc appointment AT ALL!

    • Agree or disagree, I’m just glad someone is reading the Mob Wives post. :) It’s mostly RHOA readers around here! :(

      • I love your recaps & read all of your blog posts. : ) I like Mob Wives but I think they confuse me even more than the Housewives, if that’s possible. LOL Thanks for all the recaps you do for us, Tamara, you are very much appreciated. : )

    • gcgb53191

      I agree with Katie! She just seemed so annoyed and bored with their dramatic antics.

  4. katie

    I do feel like one of maybe 4 people watching the show!

  5. Ellis Scarlett

    I agree, I didn’t think she was scared, I thought she was hostile.

  6. I love The Mob Wives, especially Drita. I just don’t get why any of these women would want to glorify this lifestyle. Their husbands are either in jail or else cheating on them. But it makes for good tv.

    • ITA, Stephen. I don’t understand, either. I read somewhere (from some man that’s in the lifestyle) that by doing this show, these women are making themselves a nest egg…in other words, they’re getting their own. I like Drita, also. I think she’s great. Big Ang is another favorite.

  7. Tamara I love Mob Wives, you can blog about it all you want, lol. Great recap by the way, it gave me a good chuckle and that is just what I was looking for. I don’t think Rebecca looked scared as much as she looked “like these bitches are crazy”. It was funny the way she wouldn’t give big bad Karen any feedback, I think it threw Karen off her game. When MB first came out there were stories that Papa Gravano took the fall for his brats, maybe statute of limitation applies? I am sure there is scripted reality in Mob Wives but I don’t care, it entertains me and I like the drama versus Bravo which goes too far and bores me with their version of reality.

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