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rhonysonjawhitetrashI hate when “people” steal my blogs and put them on their site. I always just link an excerpt and provide a link to the entire story. HOWEVER. This is the best RHONY blog I have ever read. It is too good just to excerpt.  I want everyone to CLICK THIS LINK and read the whole thing. Then come back here and talk to me. BTW, I don’t believe Sonja knows a thing about the casting. That is not the point. The point is I think I might love this Roger Friedman guy and I bet you might too.


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25 responses to “Go Read This RHONY Article.

  1. RealChicagoHousewife

    When did this car accident occur? I thought he left her for a newer version. Which had been his m.o. for a while. She reminds me of an upscale version of Taylor when it comes to the grifting.

    • FarFromPerfekt

      ITA RealChicaoHousewife! Not buying the whole car accident/coma/amnesia story. Given Sonja’s usual M.O (HUGE ego), I’m pretty sure we would have heard about this directly from her the very 1st time she appeared on our tv screens vs. the younger woman story she’s been relaying to everyone since she joined RHONY. I guess if it makes her feel better…!

  2. michelle

    Loved the article! Not so much that it was deliciosly juicy,but that it was written by someone who had no clue how what a scoop this was! Great article thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Been a fan of Roger Friedman for years.

    • Well you can back off now that I have found him! :)

      • Great article, I really like him! I tried to go on the main page & check the site out but it threw up a block on me. It said, “OSE FIREWALLA,,¢ Your request has been blocked.”. Did this happen to anyone else? I’m confused. I can get to his WordPress page, though! : )

  4. Patricia

    I don’t think she knows anything regarding casting either. She is just not that connected to the show. Were it not for crazy Romana needing a film mate, I doubt Sonja herself would still be there. Now, as for her life story, that would have been a great story. She should have sold it and produced it. In fact, didn’t she at one time own a production company? She could have produced and sold her own movie. It certainly beats crying about support on tv and trying to unload mansions in this economy.

  5. She tried to do the movie thing and got sued for breach of contract by her money people. Or sumpthin. I forget. She has had an interesting life…

    • Patricia

      Oh crap I think I remember now. I remember a time she was crying about her ex not paying support and something about a 7, 17 or whatever million dollar lawsuit against her….Sonja is a train wreck to me. I didn’t know her life was so interesting – before reading the above article. If she can stay: sober, rational & focused long enough, she just may figure out a way to get it out there – in a manner that will prove beneficial to her.

  6. Belle

    TT, according to another blogger Sonja is very friendly with one of the NY producers and she (Sonja) knew in advance about Jill, Alex and Kelly getting the boot.

  7. yup

    Aviva should be getting the boot, not Heather.

    • vivaladiva831

      i want them both to stay! i actually like aviva. lol aside from the constant retelling of how she lost her leg, i love to watch her go at someone. the scene with ramona in the restaurant was PRICELESS!!!

  8. Kevin

    Didn’t LuAnn just do an interview earlier this month regarding the status of the Housewives? She sounded pretty sure that she would be coming back for season 6.

  9. critter

    I had just read this on another site before coming here…
    Won’t miss LuAnne at all, Heather’s lawsuit may have been
    interesting though…

  10. The link I sent you to is the original source. It’s up to you if you think Sonja has an inside Bravo source about contracts. I don’t. I don’t think anything has been decided yet and certainly no contracts have been given out to Sonja or anyone else.

    • susana h.

      Agree with you Tamara. Of course, you have sources and I have none. Sonja’s history of creating alternate realities is legend. When thinking of her, one of those dialogue bubbles over her head appears, which is then filled with her wishful thoughts. There’s absolutely no room for reality.

      Thanks for the Roger Friedman article.

  11. Tango

    I like Sonja, she has had a very interesting life and she is fun to watch. Heather needs to go, she is just too much of a big mouth with no funny/flakey/endearing qualities. She was always a buzz kill, though not as bad as Aviva, IMO the worst hw ever on Rhony.

  12. Jac Holcombe

    Is the writer the same man she was out with when TMZ caught her drunk off her ass? It was only a week ago.

  13. I think the headline is misleading. In the article he states “Sonja Morgan says she could ‘guess’ who will be ‘out’ for the next season. ” Doesn’t sound to me like Sonja knows anymore than the rest of us.

  14. Dlister

    I was wondering what sit-down interview inspired SH to go on a jealous rant, making up her own ridiculous sit down interview, but with Kelly instead.

  15. lilkunta

    i read the article. what is so grat about it. am i missing the joke ? toaster ovens ?

  16. Lori

    If it is true about her husband’s car accident and amnesia, I am so mad that there won’t be a movie about it. Now THAT makes her life kind of interesting. I mean, I’m not happy for her pain, but that, along with other stuff could be a lifetime movie at least. And I really hope that Heather doesn’t leave. I like Heather. She calls people out.

  17. Annie

    OMG – Friedman had me LOL – puts the housewives franchise just where it should be – in the trash. Brava to him!

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