Is Barbara Walters Angry That Her Nefarious Plot To Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck Backfired?

elisebethhasselbackRemember when we talked about Joy Behar leaving The View and the rumor that Elisabeth was getting the axe? It was very strange that Elisabeth just sat there and said nothing during Barbara’s grand denial. Yesterday The New York Post ran a short story on Page Six claiming that Joy and Elisabeth were both to be fired.  Joy apparently went with the moving on to other things (after 16 years at age 70) story and I sort of bought it, but Elisabeth seemed to be uncomfortably silent in a segment that was about her. 

According to Page Six, The View was releasing both women from their contracts based on their likeability factors: “Dumping Joy Behar, who was there 16 years, and Hasselbeck would be the fastest way to do it, they decided. After giving Behar the bad news last week and letting her bow out gracefully, someone leaked the Hasselbeck thing. Some enemies she has on the show saw their chance to get back at her. Barbara was spitting mad that it got mishandled, and called off the firing over [last] weekend.”

While I don’t find it hard to believe that Barbara Walters would attempt to backstab her darling Elisabeth, I do find it hard to believe that Elisabeth is the least liked personality on the panel. Especially since Whoopi Goldberg is so openly hostile in “Hot Topics” towards the current events discussed that she often openly mocks the entire segment speaking in a put-on valley girl dialect that is highly annoying. It’s as if Whoopi openly broadcasts how much she hates the show on a daily basis. Page Six seems to indicate that the show is going after a younger demographic. That also makes no sense as in that time slot and with the current format it is a show targeted toward older despite the “mommy talk” and Elisabeth is the youngest view on the panel.

It should be interesting tomorrow to see if Barbara once again denies her plot to oust Elisabeth in order to bring in fresh blood. This must all be very uncomfortable for the entire panel. Perhaps Elisabeth will call in sick tomorrow.


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50 responses to “Is Barbara Walters Angry That Her Nefarious Plot To Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck Backfired?

  1. Leslie

    I think the view is intimidated by the success of the talk on cbs. Same format, except The Talk ladies do not talk politics. Joy and Elisabeth are so uncomfortable to watch when the start talking politics that I have to change the channel. Neither of them are remotely qualified to be such loud mouths for their political party. It would kill Elisabeth to say something nice about Obama and not only is Joy NOT going to say anything nice about Bush, she is not going to allow anyone else to either. I feel like the show has run its course.

  2. I totally believe all this. When I first read about Joy and Elizabeth, I thought that was exactly what it was. Think Star Jones and possibly even Lisa Ling. I don’t remember the latters reason for leaving. I’ve thought for years Joy was the most annoying. Agreed, I dont like Whoopi’s Valley Girl thing, but she seems relatively normal and the voice of reason on most topics. Common sense type answers. Sherrys stupidity counters anything funny.

    I get that Elizabeth being the token Republican on the panel is grating, but the whole show is supposed to be Babwas vision of having different points of view. Unfortunately for her, I think The Talk nailed down the concept.

  3. Dawn

    Remember the debacle over Star Jones firing. Barbara said she magnamiously gave Star the privilege to quit but Star eventually came out with the truth she was fired and Babs lied. Babs wants to look kind, more than the firee’s feelings to the public coverup. Elizabeth has hardly spoke off script for a year.

  4. Mollymom

    This show ran it couse years ago. Give it up Barbara. Also, if you want to fire somebody just do it, you are always so sneaky it gives me the creeps.

  5. If they want to skew toward a younger crowd, why not get rid of Barbara Walters as well as Joy Behar. What they really want to do is get rid of anyone with more conservative views. They never should have brought on Sherry Shepherd, she is the biggest idiot around.

  6. JazzNikole

    My thoughts on Elizabeth representing the young voice is … she’s not that young anymore. They need someone in their twenties on the panel, possibly single with no children. And smart (ie. Lisa Ling when she was on)

  7. Lulu

    I wouldn’t trust Babs anymore that I could throw her. I hope both Joy and Elisabeth come out with the truth and show what a liar and backstabber Barbara is.

  8. Pinky

    The blogs have hinted that NeNe is to replace Joy. Let’s hope there is no validity to this rumor. She is not one that reads and has intellegent opinions on any US or world events. She is loud and silly. She may be cut out for reality shows and sitcoms, good for her – but she has alot of bad rumors of stiffing her first charity, a “no sale” book, a marriage/divorce sham to file bankruptcy, etc., that bring her no credibility to sit on a panel with hosts and guests to discuss serious issues.

    • Dawn

      Sherri was shady and is getting.better, but still dumb. She wants to talk first about everything. Babs has become the biggest interruptor and will talk and talk to convince all that her view is the right one. I can tell Whoopie is glad for the good, steady paycheck, but she thinks most of what they do talk about is stupid.

    • CityGirl81

      NeNe is at dumb as they come. The View USE to be about substance now it’s crap!

  9. Bombshell

    The only person I like on the show is Whoopi and they should give Lizzy right wing ass the boot!:) jmo

    • I agree! It’s call THE View after all. What were they thinking letting people who don’t agree with you on the panel!

      • Gela916

        Meghan McCain manages to have an opposing view (to mine) without grating my nerves every time she opens her mouth. I have a (disturbing) number of co-workers with extreme right wing views who, aside from politics, I truly adore and respect as peers. It irritates me when people imply the reason for disliking Elisabeth and people like her is simply because she has an opposing view, when in fact the woman is annoying as hell and my ears threaten to bleed unless I fast forward the DVR when she’s speaking.

        Bombshell I agree with you about Elisabeth, but not about Whoopi. She, too, should be given the boot. The only one on the show who I still enjoy watching is Joy. Thank goodness for Current TV.

      • Vp

        I’m not a whoopi fan either. I don’t think I get her…?

      • Vp

        I agree, but it’s weird that Elizabeth only seems to have “talking points” instead of opinions. I don’t get to catch it often but she seems scripted. At least with politics. G Free Diet saved my life, tho.

    • Matt Eisen

      I don’t agree. In the parlance of “Bombshell” the loony libs on the show are laughable, most notably the vile mouthed Joyce B. (and her horrific talk show). Whoopi is OK, always liked her, although her condescending attitude towards female “white” types is…well I’ll say it because Blacks are always using the term…racist.

  10. Lola

    I am SO GLAD that these bacteria are eating each other up. I’d fire Whoopi and her plastic balls. If anything Joy was annoying to begin with. Elisabeth is just a presence there but at least her presence prevents the show for going hormonally uber liberal. Hope they cancel it altogether.

    • James

      Will that make you happy? Will you finally be able to rest in your bed at night? Instead and tossing and turning and being in utter turmoil day after day that the View is still on? You poor thing, I hope they cancel it to…for your sake.

  11. Lori

    The only thing even remotely interesting about this show is the drama when people are fired behind their backs, and even that isnt very interesting when you could care less about the parties involved.

  12. It’s Page Six, so I wont believe it is anything more than gossip. Though I don’t care either way, I don’t watch the show.

  13. If they’re going for a younger audience I’d ax the other three and keep Elizabeth….

  14. I don’t mind the View I used watch it everyday. I was mad when they fired Rosie I liked her. Whoopi annoys me with that voice I dislike her more every time she does it. I do not find it funny at all. The show is suppose to be about different view points not everyone can agree all the time. I do not think The talk even compares IMO

  15. Vp

    I don’t believe it. I think Joy really did want to move on and Elizabeth might have tried to renegotiate her contract, but wasnt being fired. It doesn’t make sense, as you say.

  16. I quit watching the view due to Sherry’s stupidity and Elisabeth’s nonsensical opinions.I love people that have opposing views,but not when they think the world is flat or Bush was good for the country!

  17. Kk

    I think they make it too easy to hate Elizabeth. They set her up against the whole group. Makes it seem too one sided and she screams to get her point heard.
    Joy, would be my least fave.
    Didn’t care for Rosie on there either.

  18. Rosie

    Behar and Hasselbeck need to go, but first why don’t we say good-bye to the 85yr old Babs? NOT so nice that little old lady, if she has a bee in her bonnet about anyone, they are gone! No more View for me, I have moved on long ago, I would rather watch KLG and Hoda drink and interview people. The View has become one BIG BUMMER!

  19. Tango

    I am glad to see Elizabeth stay. I hope instead of another lib we get an independent, a libertarian, or maybe even a woman who is not in any party at all. It would be nice to see someone with common sense who can see both sides…

  20. socalsun

    I stopped watching the show years ago. I can’t stand E. with her self rightous attitude. Sherri was not sure if the world was round or flat? Besides Joy leaving, they also need to get rid of Whoppi. It is time for Barbara to retire; she is very uninteresting. I might watch the show again with a new cast.

  21. June

    I used to really enjoy the View and belonged to a site much like this that discussed the daily show and had a comment section. As the hosts became more political and polarized, so did the sight. It got to a point that the owner of the bog/site shut it down because of how vile (people that previously got along) were going after each other. I stopped watching just prior to her shutting down. It was too stressful to watch. If I find myself with time to watch something during the day, I just catch up on my DVR or watch home/cooking type shows. There is so much choice now I think daytime talk and soaps are slipping away.

  22. Oh look! It’s a rerun today…. and possibly all week. Shocker? Not really.

  23. Patricia

    Well, damn. So, does Joy then get to keep her job as well? I totally believed the wanted to move onto bigger things concerning Joy. I had no idea BW wanted to fire her. Listen, I don’t watch the show. However, it’s an ok show. Other shows have certainly tried to copy it’s format and style. So, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

    After that many years, she can expect viewership to drop off. It doesn’t mean she needs to throw the baby out with the bath water. If you ask me, the only show worth watching in the daytime is Dr. Oz. The others are a huge waste of time. When I’m taking a day off, I NEVER waste my off days with those horrible shows. Even Kelly and Michael is dry, boring and dated…..

    If she keeps Elizabeth, then she needs to keep Joy. I remember at times Elizabeth did sound rather ridiculous, but even she can’t be the reason viewership is decreasing. Besides, it’s good to have diverse views. Even if the view is coming from someone such as EH….

  24. My new boyfriend in my head, Roger, says Lisabeth is gone, gone, gone… Brooke Shields is in and Ali Wentworth doesn’t want the second spot full time…

  25. critter

    I have never watch the show…

  26. dylpeyt

    When I read the article I was confused because I just assumed everyone hated EH just as much as I did. I’m glad that I read through the comments to learn that yes they do dislike her as much I assumed they would. I remember watching this show for years when my kids were younger. I couldn’t stand listening to her views and it never had anything to do with them not being like mine. It’s the way she says things and how she sticks by what she says even if she’s been proven wrong and stupid. She never made intelligent comments and came off kinda dumb. I live in Alabama so I get enough discussions with right wing Christian types who have an opinion just because that’s what their supposed to believe. Just about my whole area are republicans just because they honestly believe they have to be since their Christians. So then they try to take up for the party even when there is no defending them. I’m a Libertarian and hell most of the people here have no idea what that even is. I can’t stand it here and I sure as hell don’t want to watch it on my tv! This is off topic TT but I have become obsessed with your blog! I read it every chance I get and even my husband and kids are getting mad at me for how much time I spend looking at my phone reading posts! You do an amazing job and I love your writing! I wish I had found it sooner. I’m making comments on posts from months ago after everyone is done commenting so I think I’m pretty much talking to myself now lol

  27. JustUsForAll

    God, Is this show even STILL on…?? (ha) EH should have been on Fox(Faux)News years ago. She works w/ insane “end-of-world” Glen Beck too. (! Yow-zaa !) She always came off to me like the snotty, cheerleader “know-it-all” type no one could stand in high school ! Just old guard republican, Barbara Walters, to new guard republican, Elizabeth ! ~ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ! What view ?

    • JustUsForAll

      Correction to my reply above: Meant to say EH “should” work for G.Beck. But, I heard S.E. Cupp (another R-wing nut talking pointer) was let go from The Cycle @ MSNBC and does kudos for Beck. Now, there’s a “scream-team” GB, EH, & SEC !!! ~ No Facts, Just Fear !!!

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