If Adrienne and Her Boytoy Are No More, You Can’t Tell It From Her Tweets

RHOBHAdriennekidIt seems that Adrienne is still seeing her boytoy, that kid of Rod Stewart’s. She tweeted this picture out showing the couple at a boxing event. Perhaps she misses all the fighting. Comments on the picture?


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21 responses to “If Adrienne and Her Boytoy Are No More, You Can’t Tell It From Her Tweets

  1. USED2B718

    Ew. Her face is like bread dough rising.

  2. The Disher

    the fact that Maloof would be proud of this choice of younger man says it all…can’t imagine that he’s ready to be step-daddy to her children. Hope that he’s grown up from rehab shows I saw him on. He seemed to have a sweet heart, but was exceedingly immature.

  3. Good for Adrienne, if she wants to date a younger man, why not. Lisa’s husband is 16 years older then her, Yolanda’s husband is 15 years older and no one says anything. I like Adrienne.

    • Apples and Oranges to compare Lisa/Yolanda to it, they are older themselves and mature, professional women. I used to rag on Anna Nichole Smith. She’s more similar in this case. No one is dissing Adrienne for a younger man, just the man himself being a stupid choice. But she’s entitled to make a stupid choice. I can give that much.

  4. His nipple is like a diamond. It could cut glass.

  5. katie

    Adrienne is an awful human being. A total liar.

  6. From the looks of her fur, Adrienne appears to be really cold….well, with the exception of that one little spot on her shoulder. Is that a menopause thing?

  7. trishatroy22

    Tamara I love this pic…..Let Adrienne be people!!

  8. Tango

    I can not look at this broad anymore without seeing her original face in my mind. That poor authentic face that got chopped and tortured into a cat head.. To me that isn’t much different than an eating disorder or cutting, she messed up her appearance instead of fixing her issues.

  9. Why choose a younger man? Somebody you can jerk, I mean boss, around.

  10. Susan

    Hi out there
    I can’t say I care too much for Adrienne, but – she seems to be trying to fit in. Just think about it. Camiel with a much younger man and nothing but sex on the brain. Enter the younger guy for Adrienne. Kind of makes you think she is a bit of a copy cat yes. Lisa and Yolanda absolute class, Adrienne I think wants to be in that situation but can’t pull it off, even with her money, she just doesn’t have much of a personality no matter what she does. She wants to have launch parties at her house to sell things but they seem to come out looking goshe. They have the potential of be beauatiful and then it all turns sour.I almost feel sorry for her. Remember I said almost. I think she wants to be admired like the ex Ms. Grammer with a young stud. The people she is trying to impress are happy in their lives and the ones that aren’t really don’t care anyway. If she ever watched the way she treated Paul she would gasp with horror or she should. She had a great life. Maybe it Berney she is really interested in haha you never know.

  11. Speaking of Bernie, he has developed a most disconcerting nose twitch.

  12. kym

    I don’t understand how she has all this money and she can’t get seem to get “proper” hair extensions. Her hair has always looked a mess. And David’s wife, “whats her name”, last episode, you could actually see where the extensions are attached – come on rich bitches – get it together.

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