Yolanda Foster Discusses Her Chronic Lyme Disease and Her Friendship With Kim and Kyle

In this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Blogs we find out that Yolanda is not really feeling the Richards sisters. Of all the housewives blogs, Yolanda has been spectacular about being very blunt with her points of view. It seems clear from reading the blogs that in the absence of Adrienne, Kyle will be on the hot seat at the RHOBH reunion show. Despite Taylor’s support of Kim, it seems as though both Lisa and Yolanda have opted to completely removing themselves from the situation since their attempts to be supportive were not well-received.  Yolanda seems particularly miffed by Kim’s treatment of her once they were back in LA.

RHOBHTaylorinterventionYolanda shares her feelings about Kyle and explains the exact moment when she realizes she has a serious health problem that must be addressed.

“At this point, Kyle has shown me her true colors, but regardless I wish her success, prosperity, and good luck with her new store. She created a beautiful place in one of the best locations in Beverly Hills.

I really got emotional watching myself at Kyle’s opening. I had been struggling with the loss of my brain function for the past couple of months but this particular night was the defining moment when I realized that something was really wrong with me.

I had been hiding it pretty well, fighting to keep myself going.  When I needed to make a point to Taylor, I was scrambling in a way that is hard to explain. I had the story in my head but I wasn’t able to pull the words and have the appropriate sentences come out of mouth. My brain was paralyzed. I went home that night and knew I needed to face my illness — and that’s where my endless health journey and battle with Lyme disease began.”

RHOBHKIMIummmShe also gives us a behind the scenes look at the lengths she went to in order to support Kim and extend her friendship to her despite struggling with her own health problems.

Anyway, looking back,  I really went out of my way to support and guide Kim throughout our Paris trip. Under normal circumstances, I would never bring this up because I don’t believe it’s great karma to mention the good deeds you do in life. This situation is only important information for you to know because it’s something that is going to come up by season’s end.

When we left Paris, Kim was not well at all. I accompanied her through the airport, carried her bags while she was crying, struggling and upset with Kyle. Even though I wasn’t feeling well either, I wanted to show my support to a woman I thought was becoming and needing a friend.

The next time I saw Kim was at Kyle’s store opening where she barely greeted me, and chose to walk straight into the dressing room with Kyle to explain their version of our Paris trip. I’m a little naive when it comes to these kinds of matters so it took me some time to realize and understand what had gone down. It’s quite interesting to learn how their perspective of our experience is so different then mine. In hindsight I should have just minded my own business and not gotten involved! Note taken, lesson learned!

So, um, what does that mean? Is Kim going to go after Yolanda in the reunion saying that no one supported her? Will Kim be sober at the reunion this year? I  thought a reunion with Adrienne might be boring but I get the feeling it heated up. I imagine Faye Resnick will come in to support Kyle and Kim and blame Brandi for the demise of Adrienne’s marriage. Then Paul’s recorded message will air saying it wasn’t Brandi’s fault.  I am ready to get to the reunion, but this Sunday’s episode looks pretty good.

Do y’all think anyone will go after Kim at the reunion? Or is she still off limits?


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36 responses to “Yolanda Foster Discusses Her Chronic Lyme Disease and Her Friendship With Kim and Kyle

  1. vivaladiva831

    Can someone refresh me on what Yo means by saying Kyle had already shown her her true colors? And am I dreaming, but wasn’t it reported somewhere that Kim had relapsed on pain meds?

    • Katrina

      Maybe Yolanda is talking about the fact that Kyle seems to be dismissing of Kim’s issue. Yolanda does not agree with how Kyle handles Kim. In Paris, Yolanda had a problem with how Lisa was handling Kim. It doesn’t look like Kyle did anything to Yolanda, unless it is in future episodes.

  2. Rhim82

    Kim has always previously been handled with delicate hands because of her “issues”. Well now it’s time for everyone to finally get REAL and call her out when she is wrong. I have worked with people with substance abuse issues and she was totally lying when she told Kyle she “confused” her pills. Yolanda seems to be the most reasonable person on the show. In fact too normal for reality TV. I hope she comes out with a Martha Stewart type cookbook or show! I love how she’s a modern woman and yet still strives to create a warm home and makes home cooked meals!!!

  3. What in the heck is wrong with Brandi’s face these days? I saw a recent picture of her and her face looks like SHE is the one with health issues, does she?

    • On WWHL After the Show SXSW, someone asked Brandi about that saying she looked like she’d had more work done especially to her lips and she said she hadn’t had anything done since after Jakie was born so who knows. I think her face looks like many anorexics look when they get too underweight.

  4. katie

    Yolanda may mean that after watching Kyle’s behavior this season, that she maybe wasn’t privy to at the time, has opened her eyes to Kyle’s true colors. Because let’s face it, Kyle is a snake.

  5. Since Yolanda actually missed alot of filming for the season I would guess her seeing Kyle’s true colors is a mix of what she saw in Paris of how she interacted with her sister to what we the viewer has yet to see which is the stuff next week. I too can’t wait to get to the reunion (especially after seeing a clip of WWHL after the show with Brandi in SXSW) but next week looks like it’ll be good.

  6. RahRah

    Sorry and don’t tell my mother but the only thing I want to see of Faye is someone punching her in her mouth. Gone to pray for myself and ask forgiveness for invoking violence, it’s like I have to do it all day anyway as I keep getting angry.

  7. Mollymom

    I always notice the only time the Richard’s sisters see each other is on camera. Kyle, only visits Kim on the show. Kathy NEVER shows up for Kyles disastrous party’s, even
    the kids party’s which Kyle always makes about her and does her fake cry. Kyle has said a few times, her friends are like family to her, which always makes me laugh.

    • You’re so right. For Kyle’s daughter’s party, both Kim and Kyle said they hadn’t seen each other since Kim had gotten out of rehab. I took that to mean it’d been weeks. Also in a couple other talking heads similar comments, minus the part about rehab, were mentioned.

      I think Kathy doesn’t appear on the show simply because it’s not her thing, ya know? She’s done it a few times to be nice/for her sister’s but doesn’t want to be on. Which I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to be in that drama either, there’s enough off camera in any family.

    • Well said, Mollymom. It is just disgusting the way they discuss very serious problems apparently only when being filmed. Since season one when Kyle attacked Camille and rallied the troops to believe her, it has been very clear she’s nothing but a mean girl. The fact that Faye is her BFF says it all. I’m also very sick of Mauricio sticking his ugly face in everything. Doesn’t he have work to do. Fakey, Fakey.

      • Mimi

        I liked Kyle the first year but I feel since then the real Kyle has surfaced. I have always liked Lisa because IMHO she hasn’t changed. She is who she is and doesn’t change for anyone or anything. I like Brandi, but do feel her saying it like it is no filter approach maybe wearing a little thin. It’s about time she starts learning to filter herself and it appears possibly it may be happening. Yolanda – someone on here said it appears she knows how to marry well. I have to agree. It gets a little sickening how much she gushes over David all the time. Where I come from when you’ve been married 3-4 times great isn’t the word we would use. She needs to realize and understand not everyone has the same experience as she has with him. That’s why I wasn’t too impressed with her getting down on Taylor. All Taylor knew of David is what she has heard from her good friend Linda one of his ex’s so she formed an opinion. How is this any different than Yolanda forming an opinion of Brandi’s ex from what Brandi has said since she has no first hand experience? She says she doesn’t play games yet she obviously partakes in gossiping how else would she know Taylor had said anything ? I find that hypocritical. She appears to be a know it all and quite judgemental. But after all that I do like her and Lisa quite well. As for Kim I wish all of them would call her out on all her BS. She has to be the most self -centered self-absorbed entitled person ever. She needs to have her feet held to the fire and stop allowing her to get away with her crap. She adds nothing to this show and apparently feels her sh@t doesn’t stink. When she and Kyle called Taylor out on her drinking I was about to come through the tv. How dare either of them call anyone out for their behavior. I’m still waiting for either of them to acknowledge their horrible behavior they exhibited on game night and apologize for it. That appears it will happen when He’ll freezes over.

      • lwickedgirl

        When Kim was speaking to Taylor about her drinking anyone who has ever gotten help for a chemical or alcohol addiction was grinding their teeth. As many times as she has been in rehab and all her issues surrounding her alcohol/something addiction she should know better but it is clear she is one of those people who go to rehab to dry out for a while and then they jump right back on that pony again. She has learned nothing and she can teach less.

      • Jen

        Very well said!!

  8. theREALHONJ

    I like Yolanda. I really do. However, the fawning over her hubby is just tooooo much for me. How many wives has this guy had??? Anyhoo, her attempts to help Kim are fruitless. Without the wackadoodleness, Kim has no storyline and without the Mysistersproblemsruinmywholelife whine, neither has Kyle. @Charley, remember how Camille lied and threw Brandi under the bus in Vegas? And you are right Maurico is turning into the 7th HW.

  9. USED2B718

    I don’t think the Kim should be off limits how long is she going to get handled with kid gloves and still act like a jerk sometimes.

    • Ms1dimple

      ITA Used2b718, I’m sick of them walking on egg shells with Kim. She’s can do or say whatever she wants.. and It’s “oh she just left rehab” That getting old really fast! She a grown woman and I have to admit she looks like she’s on something half the time. As far as another poster said they wanted to see Faye get punched in the face… Please me too.. and I will pray for me and you @RahRah Lolll. When Faye speaks it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.. I CAN’T STAND THE WOMAN~

  10. Aretha

    Yolanda is right she should mind her business and stop being Lisa lap dog. I not see wht kyle did to her so I’m confused. Also tese stuck up ladies don’t know what it’s like to have a loved ones with substance abuse they are way too much judgemental. Obviously kyle and Kim grew up together and know each other better than these fair weather friends

  11. Tango

    Yolanda is awesome, I like how she seems to sit back and tsk tsk everyone. This show needed someone like this. Lisa is the only other one with half a brain, but she lets the others go on with their bs too much and doesn’t shut them down like Yolanda.

  12. Greg Q

    Wow- don’t agree with the negative comments about Kyle or the positive comments about Yolanda.
    I wasn’t a big fan of Kyle in prior seasons but have grown to like her this Season. She is the only one willing to call Lisa out on her big ole’ bag of bullshit… Scrap the English accent off Lisa and you are left with a mean girl who holds never-ending grudges against anyone who disagrees with her. Lisa feels her witty (aka snarky) comments that offend others are humorous and should be taken in silence… But God forbid anyone who offends her. I enjoy when Kyle calls Lisa out for her passive aggressive behavior.
    Yolanda’s claim to fame is her ability to rope in extremely wealthy men to marry her… Wow, a Dutch gold digger how impressive. NOT. Her ‘uber wife’ act gets old. I especially disliked her telling people at her dinner party to shut up because David Foster was about to play the piano (Like God had come down from heaven and was about to play some show tunes.) Get over your bad self, Yolanda, not everyone that attends your dinner party has to worship at your husband’s altar.
    Lastly,Brandi (#JunkYardDog), while initially entertaining- is as common as dirt and will ultimately ruin this show. One of the reasons I liked these Housewives over the other Bravo Housewives is they seemed to have a level of class (no wig pulling…table flipping…woman on woman fist fighting). With the addition of Trash Bag Brandi this show is becoming more like Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club”.

    • puravidacostarica

      I think we can pretty much all agree that you won’t be attending dinner at the Fosters’ house anytime in your lifetime. But I like Yolanda, don’t care how she got to where she is, would enjoy being her friend (and Brandi’s just for the fun of it), but I would rather “eat” dirt than spend even one minute in Kyle’s company. She and the entire Richards’ low-class, trailer-park-trash, former-child-star clan gave their own meaning to the term “common as dirt” years before Brandi ever made her way onto the scene.

  13. Mango

    Kim’s never appreciative of anything or anyone. She just seems critical, everything has to be on her terms and takes “friends” for granted. I wish her the best staying sober.

  14. David Foster has been married 4 times. Also David Foster’s sister is the mother of Clay Aiken’s child.

  15. Dlister

    I had Lyme’s diagnosed back in 1997 — it was a swift degeneration and I was on high-dose antibiotics for about three months. It was so debilitating. My doc caught it in time, thank G-d, but I cannot imagine what life may be like for those who didn’t and must live with the physical repercussions of it. It’s a horror of a disease. The worst thing about it is that you don’t exactly know when that teeny tiny tick was biting you!

  16. vicki

    Kim excuse was absolute B.S. Kim would have thrown out all pills she got high with if she was taking her addiction seriously. Did anyone notice in this episode or in Paris episode she told Kyle this are the pills that help her stay sober?? I have heardaaddicts blame a bread role with poppy seeds on it for a dirty urine.
    I like Yolanda amazing how her hair extensions are caught on film.

    • DJ

      “Until December 1, 1998, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) had set the cut-off concentration level for opiate urine tests at 300 ng/ml for the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program. But this standard urine screening was not able to reliably differentiate between poppy seed eaters and opiate users based on concentration levels of opiates. That’s because eating a poppy seed bagel will produce an opiate level of approximately 250 ng/ml three hours later, and ingesting three teaspoons of poppy seeds can result in a level of 1,200 ng/ml six hours later.”

  17. Gilda222

    Poppy seeds. REALLY? Gotta go. The market is still open.

    • Jen

      I tested positive after eating a bagel with literally a sprinkling of poppy seeds….
      This was in 1995… It was the first pee, maybe 3 hrs after eating it.. It came to mind briefly, but I dismissed it as an old wives tale.
      I also read the craziest blog once abt a guy addicted to dried poppy pods that u can buy where they sell dried flowers.
      He would smash them up and make a weird sludge he wld eat/drink.
      He had to order it all in huge bulk and have it UPS’d… He spent tons of $$ and his life revolved around the shipments & making the concoctions…he tried heroin cause it was cheaper and easier, but he didn’t like that “high”. He was a writer, and it was a very interesting read. Stumbled across that yrs ago… It was a continual struggle… Such a weird story… Wonder if he is still at it??

      • Abbra

        Interesting about the dried poppy pods, I used to do same thing. Ordered shipments came ups from a company specialized in dried flowers, ground them up and made a tea out of it. Haven’t done this in years thanks to medication. Just curious if you remember the blog or how I can find it?

  18. dylpeyt

    I don’t know why so many people have an issue with how she treats her husband. This is a reality show and her opinions on marriage. I wish I was half the woman that she portrays herself to be on tv. I don’t know if she is really this way in real life but I can only assume that she is. The older I have gotten the better wife I have become but I’m nothing like her. In my opinion she is exactly as she should be as long her husband treats her with the same love, devotion and respect as he seems to do. Also for those who keeps saying she marries rich well she was to bad off herself so I would think that was common. Rich people do usually marry other rich people. I don’t know why so many have a problem with that! I think she should write a book about marriage and how to treat your husband. I don’t mean that it’s right for everyone but I do believe that the way that she treats her husband is the key to a successful marriage. Like I said I am nothing like her, I’m hard, bitter, bitchy and lazy. However I really do with that I was like her and knew how to treat my husband better. I bet her marriage lasts longer than most of ours who behave the way that she does!

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