Nicola Furlong’s Sister Gives a Victims Statement in Tokyo Courtroom

Brief Nicola Furlong Case UpdateThe murder trial of American musician Richard Hinds continued today in Tokyo. Hinds is accused of strangling Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong following a Nicki Minaj concert last spring. Nicola and her friend met up with Hinds and dancer James Blackston following the concert and met up with them for drinks in the entertainment district of Tokyo. At the bar the girls began to fall into unconsciousness and the two men took them to their hotel room. Nicola and her friend were wheeled into two separate hotel rooms in wheelchairs. Nicola with Hinds and her friend with Blackston. Police alleged that Hinds strangled Nicola and she was found dead in his room after someone in a neighboring room reported a disturbance. The medical examiner has ruled the cause of death as strangulation and has ruled out date rape drugs as a factor. The other student who was in Blackston’s room was allegedly sexually assaulted in the cab ride which was recorded by the taxi’s camera. Blackston has a separate charge and has not yet gone to trial. Click through for today’s events.

According to Irish newspaper, The Journal:

“It was very important to get all my points across today and I did,” said Angela (Nicola’s sister) . “I did ask the question, ‘Why? Why my Nicola? Why did she have to die? Why did he choose her? And we did ask that question. Unfortunately, we did not get a clear answer but we got the opportunity to ask that question.

Andrea recalled how she told the three judges and six jurors about her relationship with Nicola – that they were sisters and best friends.

The 19-year-old added, “I explained my hatred for the accused. I really feel like I got my point across there because I’m feeling it. That’s the way I’m feeling and I’m not going to try hide it.”

According to reports, two of the jurors and one judge cried during the statements.

Hinds was cross-examined during today’s proceedings, stating he had no explanation for the victim’s death but admitting to putting both of his hands around her neck on the night in question. He had previously told the court he had put only one hand on her throat but blamed a translation error for the discrepancies in his testimony.

Footage from the taxi that took Furlong, her friend (known as Victim A), Hinds and his friend James Blackston to the Keio Plaza hotel that night was also shown in court.

Hinds has denied murder. A verdict is expected on 19 March.

Hinds who was very active in his Memphis, Tennessee church choir is supported in the courtroom by his family and an ex-girlfriend. Throughout this tragedy, his supporters have adamantly denied that he is capable of such a horrific crime.  Nicola’s supporters are equally adamant in asking for the death penalty in this senseless case.


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15 responses to “Nicola Furlong’s Sister Gives a Victims Statement in Tokyo Courtroom

  1. Donegal Dessie

    In addition to all the tragedy that has occurred in this dreadful crime what amazes and appalls the majority in Ireland is Hinds arrogant obnoxious attitude. He has shown little to no remorse. When asked if he felt sorry for the family he answered along the lines of “They came across the world to hear all this.” He has changed testimony on details a few times. It is astounding that he has shown no empathy/responsibility for the terrible outcome in which he has been a factor.

    • I just can’t understand this. Although he is claiming innocence of this horrific crime, he can’t show one iota for this poor girl’s family’s loss? Unbelievable.

  2. MaggieG

    Thank you for posting on this case Tamara.

  3. Dlister

    If a date rape drug did not cause this girl to become quickly unconscious — WHAT DID? I am not satisfied with this at all. Unless she drank like a fish, and I don’t think that’s the case at all. Hinds is a guilty as hell mofo, it sounds like. How the hell does a healthy girl fall unconscious and die in a hotel room? I hate this stuff and I hate that it still happens.

    • M.H

      It clearly states that she drank more than he did that night and that she was on a small dosage of Xanax. If you do your research, the mixture of Xanax and alcohol can not only impair the brains senses to function other parts of the body and throughout the central nervous system BUT also reach the lungs and lead to breathing problems. If not treated quickly, this can lead to closing of the breathing passage. All I’m asking is that you please research all of the many stories that are out on the Internet now and compare them. NONE of them are adding up and NO evidence is being rendered at this point that is solid. This is why the death penalty will NOT be sentenced. I’m praying everyday. We forget that another humans life is on the line here. Yes, a girl did die and we are all sorry about this. However, killing another one of God’s children who is not proven to have done this act, is mediocre and is tied as pure judgement. Stop being so judgemental in this trial. You know Troy Davis was recently killed in the US for a crime he did NOT committ. As people, we need to stop feeling we have a right to end someone else’s life without proper evidence. The question you should be asking is, “Where is this video footage from the hotel?” and “Why would the hotel legally give two young American males wheelchairs to roll two drunk women to private hotel rooms?” HELLO! Red flag! They’re needing to be involved in this case also.

      • pat, ireland

        Ok, Hinds family member, lets review your post…

        “Yes, a girl did die and we are all sorry about this”, no you are not, you are only worried about poor Richard.

        “If you do your research, the mixture of Xanax and alcohol can not only impair the brains senses to function other parts of the body and throughout the central nervous system BUT also reach the lungs and lead to breathing problems”

        What caused her breathing problem was Richard who admitted he put both his hands around her neck at HER request!!
        . So according to Richards evidence (from the man himself) he wheled this unconscious girl to his room. She woke up and immediately demanded sex. To stop her and calm her down he put his hands around her neck but then then decided they would have sex.
        According to this “gentleman” he expained the presence of blood on both beds to Nicola vomitting after which they resumed having sex, this is all in his testimony!!
        Apparently according to gentleman Richard she requested several times for him to choke her.
        The real believable story?.
        She woke and found Richard assaulting her (remember the video of him and James in the taxi saying how these girls were so f*cked we can f*ck them)), screamed and he strangled her with a towel.
        Sad thing is this evil man will be back in Memphis with all his loving fans when hes only 25, no justice here.

      • Donegal Dessie

        I agree Pat.

        There are so many things Richard himself has testified he didn’t do:

        He didn’t mean any of the things he said in the taxi.

        He didn’t let the two *unconscious* girls have one of the two rooms that he and James had – the ‘gentlemanly’ thing to have done if looking after these girls well-being was his primary concern.

        He didn’t remove the stuff from the extra bed in his room so there was a bed for himself and one for the unconscious Nicola.

        He didn’t request medical help after Nicola vomited blood!

        He didn’t notify anybody after Nicola was obviously in difficulty, except James.

        He didn’t use two hands on her neck, no, wait, he did, it was just incorrectly translated.

        I wonder why he didn’t do any of those things???

      • M.H

        Actually I’m not a family member of Richard. What I do see is all that you see. Society saying a black man killed a white woman. I am not saving him at all or standing up for him. I’m just asking that before you (someone who was also NOT there that night) start running your mouth and pass judgement. You see things from all corners. Both parties were at fault. But the way people like YOU are making it seem is like, Richard is the only person who did this. Take responsibility for your actions. There comes a time when you have to grow a set.

  4. I’m just telling you that the ME did not find any date rape drugs in her system. That’s all.

  5. Phil.

    Date rape drugs leave the system within a few hours and cannot be traced.Normally they find the drug on the accused , often rohypnol.James has been sentenced to 3years labour just now.

    • Phil.

      It has been announced on rte 1 irish radio, and is already in Irish times newspaper Irish independent ,and irish examiner.It says prosecutor asked for max.for murder of Nicola, which is 10 years for a minor.Although he was tried as adult, he will be sentenced as minor, if he is found guilty.Two family’s ruined What a shame.Looking at that video of James ,speaks volumes.Bad company.

    • MaggieG

      It’s fascinating to see other countries’ justice systems & how they operate in comparison to ours.

  6. Journalist

    ….blackston got 3 year, which he 100% deserved…and he is credited with 3 months served…thus, he will come out in 2 year 9 months…..or dec 2015…….on the other hand…the Hinds case….it comes down to this, nothing fancy and no curve ball. He will get 5~10 years as the prosecution light-heartedly requested to the court. That means the jury will come back with the 5~10 years w/ guilty.
    They will and cannot come back with 6 year or 8 years or 10 years…cannot be a fixed term because he is a Minor! A big win for the defense who managed very early on to request everything very very fast, in fact this murder case which involved so much for details and investigation was only a few days behind the blackston case, which is a sexual assault cased.
    So if the prosecution delayed the case until next month…then hinds would have turned 20…..he would have received a good 20 to 30 years on this case. The bottom line is when the family court pushed it up to the tokyo district court…they wanted LIFE IN PRISON…since they could not get death because we all know that needs multiple deaths in the case. The prosecutors started their PR campaign to save face on wednesday, by saying “we will give him the max that is allowed to juvenile”….
    come on now…we ALL know they wanted life…but they backed off…because THEY KNEW that if they went for life in jail with the limited “INTENT” and “SUFFERING” issue..2 very big components of a ‘murder’…they would most likely lose if the defense appealed to the higher courts…then ultimately to the supreme court.
    When the prosecution understood firmly that the defense would appeal they had to suck up their pride and go for the 5~10 years…without telling people that HINDS will most likely get out in 5 years…so lets think about that…blackston gets 3…..or 2yr 9 months…for sexual assault in the taxi…and Nicola Furlong Case…a murder case….HInds gets 5 years max 10 years with 100 days credit…
    Japan’s credit system is different, they calculate by saying every 1 day of trial is 30 days of preparation. ..this case itself was 8 days….so x 30 is 8 months……….so you do the math…..anyways..the prosecution never expected this kind of fight and they paid dearly by only getting a 5~10 max.
    Ok…legally it was the first western type case in japan jury court system. It involved DNA…forensics…foreign on foreign in Tokyo…….the prosecution did all this to get a 5~10 year sentence…..well the defense was in celebration in tokyo on the victory…..the veridic day is all show….the victory party was held already.
    This is the end of my source……guilty 5~10 years….i guarantee you hinds will be out by the time he turns 25….the end

  7. lilkunta

    ? who are these ppl

  8. Journalist

    the prosecution really screwed this up for the Furlong family. They had their hopes up to put Hinds behind bars for LIFE. They said that in the opening statement…and at the closing statement they backed down to 5 years minimum because they were told by the higher ups that this case would not stand if the defense appealed to the higher courts. PERIOD. I think its time that people look at girls who go abroad to study…….and party harder than at home………its dangerous…..i have a daughter…she will never go study abroad not because she might get killed, but because i dont want to put her into a situation where she has to lie to the parents and friends back home to go party hard in a foreign land. Hinds made a bad bad choice in putting his hands on her, but she put herself in a very vulnerable position by starting her drinking on the train and public places at 1PM~5PM….then continued to party on til she eventually passed out. Also the xanax …whomever sent it to her (dad) should have warned her that it does not clear from your system for a good 48 hrs…so DO NOT MIX ALCHOHAL….also, Sarah M needs to come clean with her story because SHE KNOWS MUCH MUCH more. Stop playing like you dont remember anything, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. People want to know what happened and you failed big time. Also, lets clarify that Sara is seen holding hands with Blackston getting off the train and kissing/hugging Blackston at the club.
    She doesnt remember that? come on now………

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