Shahs of Sunset Lost Footage Should Not Have Been Found

ShahsRezaMJtalkAnother thing I refused to watch last night was Shah’s of Sunset “Lost Footage.” I tweeted Bravo that I wish they had lost all the footage from season two permanently. But today, I figure if I can get through Kenya Moore singing I can get through this. I predict more footage to make MJ look bad. Let’s see…We start with Lilly shopping and Reza following her around fawning all over her. Then on to MJ’s dating. She has a lot of things on her list. A lot. Like more than me. A lot. MJ and GG have a discussion about MJ’s possible autism. They are not even as educated on the subject as Jacqueline Laurita. MJ is an airhead. Not autistic. MJ forgets what she is talking about. I can relate.

There is was too much Lily in this episode. So now it is a scene from Villa Rica. This is not a lost scene. This is a scene we wish we had not seen the first time. Reza is telling the story about how he had sex with MJ. Asa says MJ arrived in a cloud of Chardonnay.

Funny lost scene where MJ’s dog ate the prosciutto off the platter and no one noticed. Stupid lost scene with Mike and Reza comparing gay sex to hetero sex. This is a waste of film. Lilly takes Asa for a cellulite treatment. Asa and her family attempt to run a food truck. Asa’s mother complains the whole time and criticizing everyone who is actually working.

gguglygifGG talked to her girlfriends about whether bad sex is a deal breaker. GG says she sometimes watches TV during. Um, Sorry Omid.  Back to Reza and Mike’s inappropriate comments at the car wash.

Reza said that the most difficult time for him was Rosh Hashahnah because MJ was out of control. He’s mentioned this a lot. Let’s see if they actually show her terrible behavior. The uncle keeps giving MJ drinks. She gets a bit drunk. MJ says to Reza’s Dad that he looks hot. Inappropriate? Sure. Mike cuts MJ off from further drinking in front of everyone. MJ leaves the house and sits outside to smoke. This infuriates Mike. Was she drunk? Yes. Did they make it a bigger issue than necessary and handle it in a very public way? Yes. People get drunk at family holiday events. There is always someone. Or lots of someones. Get over it.

If you skipped this last night. Delete it unwatched. I wish I had.


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21 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Lost Footage Should Not Have Been Found

  1. The only way I’d waste my time watching another episode of this show is if Bravo filmed it over in Iran so we could watch the interactions between the real “Persians” and the clowns who keep referring to themselves as “Persians” with a “Persian” heritage. I watch the news and can’t see any comparison with their lives and those living in Iran.

  2. jakies mom

    This show has turned 180 from where it was last year. I watched the first 5 minutes,heard Lilly tell us once again how wonderful she was and turned it off where it will permanently remain. These idiots don’t deserve my time or attention.
    The reunion turned me off completely from the show and everyone on it except MJ who although she has some issues is the most real person on the show, warts and all. Underneath it she is kind, caring and a loving and loyal friend. I can’t say the the same about the rest.

    Reza makes my skin crawl.

  3. terry macon

    Reza and mike are just to funny, one gay and one not but great friends the odd couple.LMAO then asa and lily now this is the show, we need them to
    Make us laugh. Not drunks pill popping young girl out of control. The show could just be young men getting their car wash once a week talking about
    Any and everything. Thanks Bravo seniors watch t.v also.

  4. thewayiseeit

    If Bravo meant to show how a pathetic drunk MJ really is. They did a good job. They also showed all the things MJ denied and how Reza is telling the truth on the reunion show (sex, drugs, booze (lots of it) and how out of control she really is). Bravo may or should boot MJ out of the show until she gets her act straighten out like REHAB or MJ may be NFL (no fans left).

    • jakies mom

      Reading the comments on Reza’s bravo blog and twitter, even now, many are siding with MJ because of how poorly he and the others handled themselves. Reza turned off a lot of people this year while many still empathize with MJ even with her supposed demons and Bravo’s editing.

    • Sorry, but I saw nothing to indicate that MJ was taking any drugs or that she was having sex with multiple partners as Reza indicated at the reunion. The only thing that was proven is that MJ drinks to intoxication, which is something anyone with eye’s saw during the season. The problem is and remains that a friend wouldn’t have behaved the way Reza did at the reunion, airing MJ’s dirty laundry while at the same time keeping his own under wraps, all while nearly salivating, and laughing like a clown. I’ve lived with an alcoholic and got the person into treatment, all while never for one moment thinking it appropriate to drink with the alcoholic as Reza did throughout the season, or to embarrass the person publicly, as Reza did time and time again. He’s a bully, and should be ashamed of his behavior, but he’s having to much fun feeling smug and justified.

  5. yup

    Mike saying he likes fake breasts, not real ones, because they don’t move. Mike: you have no idea what a real woman is, nor could you handle one. Go suck a dick.

    • ThunderMonk

      Go suck a dick is not an insult, because, trust – I wish.

      • yup

        oops, did not mean for that to sound insulting to gay people. Just meant that Mike isn’t into real women so he should switch to men. ‘Building’ a plastic woman (like Lily) is not the way to go.

  6. Lori

    Lily wasnt in every episode put together as much as she was in this stupid forgotten footage episode. Whats up with that?

  7. Barb

    I loved watching Lilly work out hard for her anorex. . . err, skinny bod in a full face of funeral home make up. Guess all that Botox really does stop sweating.

  8. sammiejane

    Wish I could say I didn’t watch however, I did! It is most certainly like a train wreck you can’t overt your eyes from. The scene of MJ being informed by Mike of her inappropriateness of drinking was quite nerve wracking. Mike caused a bigger scene by not dropping it than MJ drinking. Though I do find Mike to be a “hottie” sometimes it is better for him to stand there and and look pretty…

  9. ThunderMonk

    Having (sort of) been in the same position Mike was at Reza’s families house, I feel for him and don’t think his behavior was out of line, even if it may have called more attention to MJ’s behavior. It is mortifying when your hosts are offended by inappropriate behavior of one of your group and keep looking to you to deal with it.

    Overall, though, I agree – this footage could have been swept off the cutting room floor and into the trash with no great loss.

  10. Skeeter

    As the grandmother of an autistic 12 year old genius, I took offense to their *cough* very educated *cough* conversation about autism. Matter of fact, I’m still furious over it. What a bunch of ignorant assholes these people are. Will they ever learn to either read up on something and educate themselves a little before making a complete ass of themself OR keep their damned mouths shut. If I continue to type now, it’ll just be a 3,000 word rant that may get ugly so I have to hit the submit button.

  11. Just read some ratings that seem to indicate the bashing of MJ season may have good enough ratings for a season three. le sigh.

  12. Despite what we say, we Americans love a good bashing don’t we. I’d bet the ratings would be through the roof if they televised public executions.

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