Why Were the RHOA Tardy to Nene’s Dinner Party?

rhoaphaedra-nene-aydenAlmost all of the RHOA  blog posts are up and we still don’t have a clear answer on why all the girls were three hours late to Nene’s dinner party. Nene explains that she had to get cleared to have the day off from The New Normal and went to a lot of trouble setting up the event. Cynthia says it wasn’t her fault, because she is always early. Kenya talks about Kenya and continues to suck up to Nene despite Nene taking a few swipes at Kenya (and almost everyone else) in her blog. And Phaedra hasn’t gotten around to explaining herself at all. Porsha, Kandi, and Kenya to try to explain why they were tardy to the party (why didn’t Bravo play Kim’s song during that scene?) but they all seem to either blame Phaedra or pretend like they don’t remember the problem. The question remains, if Phaedra’s flight was late, why did the entire dinner party have to be late? Click through for some lame attempts to explain.

Porsha says, “We ended up being late, because we didn’t want to leave Phaedra and her flight didn’t get there until about 10:30 or so. In hindsight maybe we should have just met her there, but at the time sticking together seemed like the right choice.”

Kenya says, “The truth is I believe we all were excited to come to celebrate her new found success, and traveling with a group of women on a nearly 5 hour flight was exhausting. No one kept track of our schedule so we were drastically late for NeNe’s dinner party.”

Kandi’s version of events, “We still had to wait on Phaedra to get there before we left for NeNe’s house. NeNe waited with us a little while before she even went back home. She couldn’t have left before 8:30 for what was a 9:00 dinner, so she knew we would be late. I didn’t even change clothes, because I was ready to go. I have no idea what took so long, but it wasn’t me this time. I remember it took Phaedra a while to get there and that was the main reason for the wait, but other than that I can’t recall what took us so long to leave.”


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80 responses to “Why Were the RHOA Tardy to Nene’s Dinner Party?

  1. I don’t think NeNe really went thru any trouble to set anything up, if anything maybe trying to get everything for free!

    • yvonne

      shame on you. do u live in haterville like the rest of them

    • SnookumsLynn

      LOL! I agree about NeNe, soemthing is sooo suspect about this, why would she leave about 8:30 when she’s throwing a ‘dinner party’? why wouldn’t she put the hurry into the ladies? why would she even schedule a dinner party for a night that they fly in? flights are delayed all the time. NeNe is a Hawt A** Mess in this situation! and no hate, it’s just the facts as I see em!


  2. Shay

    I believe Kandi’s interpretation, and that they were under the impression they didn’t have to rush. They were super late, though.

    OT: I saw today that Kenya’s dvd is outselling Phaedra’s dvd.

  3. Katrina

    None of them wanted to go California and they certainly did not want to have dinner at Nene’s house. No one wanted to admit it, so they just didn’t go. The house they were staying at was not that far away because Nene came from her house to help them get there. Most of these women went to South Africa and went to a scheduled dinner party. On that trip they stated that it would be rude to be late and bring extra uninvited guests (Marlo). South Africa is a further to travel than California. I guess production forced them go and they decided not to go to Nene’s house. Phaedra probably missed her flight on purpose.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that there could have been some arranged drama. None of these explanations, or the footage, are making much sense.

    • cns

      Agreed!!! Even if they had all arrived at 8:55pm there still would have been some drama. The considerate thing to do is arrive on time and then send the car service to pick up Phaedra later. This is what a reasonably intelligent person would have done.

  5. Kandi also said that there was no food at the rental house which is not true. I recall the ladies partaking in snacks and Hors d’oeuvres when arriving to the rental home and chatting about how nice it is.

    • Lori

      Yeah… and where did they get all of that food that Kenya was making for breakfast. She certainly didn’t mention going to the store that morning. She said she worked out and then cooked breakfast.

  6. CrazyWife

    It doesn’t matter really and I can’t believe them being late is getting this much attention. Nene is always late to certain events or don’t come at all and is it just me or am I the only one who noticed everyone is always congratulating nene and throwing events for her and supporting her and she doesn’t do the same for them. Ill wait

    • Brewhaha

      Very true. But according to her ‘bitches is mad because of my success!’ Then she goes to everyone else’s events complaining.

    • Katrina

      Oh Please I would have done the same thing, don’t come to my house at midnight thinking i’m going to start entertaining you then.. when you should have been there.. quit hatin.

      • Ms1dimple

        I hear you Katrina~ I totally agree with you; NeNe was right to not let them in. Three hours late, are you kidding me? See ya! What puzzles me is Cynthia was communicating with Nene the whole time. You couldn’t tell her you were gonna be late, is it ok to come by? I don’t get it! Please let Phaedra get a car at the airport that was totally reee dic!

      • Kisha

        You come to my house 3 hours late? Hell no! Don’t even bother.

    • FGF

      I’m not a fan of hers but in all fairness she has been in Cali the majority of the season. I do recall her being at Cynthia’s fashion show with the kids and being supportive. The only other events have been Kordell’s party (while she was out of town) and Cynthia’s pageant (while she was out of town). I also remember her meeting up with Porsha to work on details for shooting a PSA for her family’s charity. That’s all I can think of as far as big events that everyone has been invited to.

  7. USED2B718

    Doesn’t Nene herself have an issue with tardiness?

  8. jarlath

    If it hadn’t been for the drama over arriving late to the dinner party, the episode would have been completely dull. Therefore, I suspect the drama is scripted, hence the unsuccessful attempts to explain the situation.

  9. RealitySux

    Why in the world would Nene schedule a party the day someone gets into town – what was wrong with waiting for the next day??

  10. Katrina

    Normally they tape from around March through July. I think because of the way Kim Z. left the show, it caused a shortage in footage and also delayed taping. Anquilla should have been the last trip. Nene was already scheduled to be in California, so they added some additional trips to include her and get the additional footage they needed. I’m sure none of them were happy to have to tape longer.

  11. myinfo

    “why didn’t Bravo play Kim’s song during that scene?”

    ………………….omg, that was the funniest thing I read in a long time…..LOVE IT

  12. myinfo

    Nobody’s story is correct because nobody was paying attention to the time and nobody cared if the went to the party of not.

    I really don’t think there was a party at all.

    Maybe Nene didn’t let them in because she wanted to keep all the food. Which probably consisted of 2 cold cut platters and a small veggie tray.

    I must say this seems to be one the dumbest events in housewives history.

    Something does not ring true therefore I think it was all made up.


  13. Lori

    I am so over Nene. She is getting on my nerves she thinks she is such hot shit.


    There seems to be a lot of jealous bitches on the show…..jealous of NeNe. Oh yeah before I forget, here too! I’ve noticed quite a anti-NeNe slant in the recaps and in the comments. Can’t you bitches celebrate NeNe’s success?

    • Hey now, I am on Nene’s side this time! I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many people here think being 3 hours late to a catered dinner party is okay. Or why Bravo would encourage it, I imagine Bravo wanted to have the dinner at Nene’s and see all her special guests….

      • Brewhaha

        I can honestly say that I have friends who are habitually really late for everything. 2 hours late is on time for them. Theyre even late for things they host. So much so that 3 hours late to an event wouldn’t surprise me. And so I plan events with that in mind. I don’t penalize my other guests but I also wouldn’t set myself up to think that there’s a reason… Any reason for them to be close to being on time. That being said, if this group is always late, which Kim even said in her goodbye lunch with them, then NeNe should’ve planned better. Not saying it’s her fault, but it seems she should’ve known.

      • Katrina

        You need to stop giving your friends a pass. We have people in our family that always show up late and they just miss out. We don’t wait on them and we don’t save food for them! I have been to events where they have delayed starting the program because certain people weren’t there and made all the people who showed up on time wait. It is disrespectful and rude!

      • cns

        I will only give a person a 15-30 minute window to be late (traffic, wardrobe malfunction etc.…) but after that I will start without them and end on time. When people show up habitually late and realize that they missed the entertainment and all the good food and good liquor is gone I bet you they will start showing up on time next time.LOL. So if they want to show if 3 hours late, that’s cool but they will miss out. When I go to events that don’t start up on time I give it about an hour and then I leave. I tell the host I had a lovely evening and that I have a get up early the next day. Then If I dress up and hungry I just find somewhere else to go. I’m too old to be waiting around all day and night for inconsiderate folks.

      • Joan

        With the exception of being sick, or in an ambulance going to the ER, Momma said you’re never late to a dinner party. It doesn’t matter if there was catered food, or just cold cuts – someone invites you to their house, you go, and arrive on time. Also – was it just me, but towards the last bit before the girls are about to leave, and a commercial comes on – there is a bit of a slur (couldn’t make out the ugly word) from one of them used then said “we’re from Atlanta, no one shows up on time”. That might be paraphrasing. I rewound the recording several times and couldn’t catch the word….I hate to say it, but it might have been the “N” word. Has anyone else caught it?

      • terry macon

        Omg, everyone do you the time diff. Had them confused?

    • Katrina

      You’re correct they are hating on her big time.. its quite hilarious to me..

    • Anonymous88

      You are another delusional brainwashed STAN. NOBODY is jealous of Nene! Kandi has more money than anybody on the show. Most of those chicks already had careers before RHOA so why would they be jealous??? People are just getting sick of Nene’s “I’m better than everyone else, even A-list stars” attitude and disrespecting people who have not said anything really negative about her. Nene is entertaining, I’ll admit, but she was NOT the main star this season…sorry…most of her scenes this season have been a snoozefest. It’s great to see her hanging with the girls again (makes for good TV) but Kenya Moore was clearly the breakout star of this season. Nobody is hating, again, just stating facts.

  15. gunsmoke4life

    im also on nene side this time. the other ladies was dead wrong!!!! who showed up three hours late to anything really that showed no respect for their host and the other guest

  16. CrazyWife

    It’s sad that some people actually take up for nene when her attitude is stank. They were late this one time and it deserves a whole blog post. If I can remeber when they were outside @ the rented house it was dark outside but whatever. How many times do we have to say we’re happy for her new found success, I am but not gonna praise her because the girls were late and she overreacted sorry. And I don’t mind being called a hater or jealous for giving my opinion

    • Katrina

      Your’s is giving all a slight order of hate..

    • Katrina

      It wasn’t dark when they arived. When the Limo could not make it to the house, they called Nene and she came right down to help them. There are a lot of Black people that are notorious for being late. It’s a bad habit they need to break. I consider showing up 3 hours late to any event a “No Show”. It’s rude and disrespectful, especially when you are the guest of honor. Don’t waist my time! My time is just as valuable as yours!

    • Anonymous88

      It really is sad! People see what they want to see…I like Nene and all, but she needs to bring it down some notches and Cynthia, being the good friend she’s supposed to be, could give Nene some advice since she’s been in the business longer! Cynthia is not saying anything and just going with the flow cause she wants to keep that check…same with Kenya…I do hope Kenya confronts Nene at that reunion about the little slide remarks she’s been making.

  17. IMO

    Look I’m so sick of Nene being so full of herself! She has really got the BIG head & i really hate it cuz she was one of my all time faves! I feel like she was acting in the beginning to get to our hearts (hince she’s an actress, remember) so i fell in love with “the character she played” & feel like i got played. It’s. sad to cuz she’s funny, witty, & cud be a fan favorite for all the right reasons if she’d just get over herself. Who knows what the real deal was with the party & it looked like she’d gone to alot of preparation for them & i see her point but i wud never turn my guests away especially when they flew across the whole country to come to be with me. The other guest were still there eating & whatever (as they saw thur the windows) they were tired but they went so IMO she should have been a good host & been the bigger person & let them in, not make a scene & prove to everyone that her statement ” u can take the girls out of Atlanta but u can’t take the Atlanta out of the girl” was proven true by the BIG head in the mirror. Clonck!!!!!

    • Joan

      You may not have turned them away – but I would, and have. It’s just rude to show up late to anything that involves food, or something that is time sensitive like a meal. As someone else said – if a flight was going to be late the other women should have gone ahead, a car service would then pick up the last person who arrives later.

    • Anonymous88

      I agree, she was more likeable in the earlier seasons! She went downhill last season in my opinion. It was right after she did The Celebrity Apprentice.

  18. IMO

    Look, I’m so sick of NeNe being so full of herself! She has really got the BIG head & i really hate it cuz she was one of my all time faves! I feel like she was acting in the beginning to get to our hearts (hince she’s an actress, remember) so i fell in love with “the character she played” & feel like i got played. It’s. sad to cuz she’s funny, witty, & cud be a fan favorite for all the right reasons if she’d just get over herself. Who knows what the real deal was with the party & it looked like she’d gone to alot of preparation for them & i see her point but i wud never turn my guests away especially when they flew across the whole country to come to be with me. The other guest were still there eating & whatever (as they saw thur the windows) they were tired but they went so IMO she should have been a good host & been the bigger person & let them in, not make a scene & prove to everyone that her statement ” u can take the girls out of Atlanta but u can’t take the Atlanta out of the girl” was proven true by the BIG head in the mirror. Clonck!!!!!

  19. eg

    I agree the ladies being that late (almost 3 hrs) was rather rude, if it was for real. But as Gregg said Nene needed to move on from that once she let them know she was p.o. But WHO is hating on Nene’s success and good fortune??? I agree with @crazywife when she said Nene’s attitude really stinks these days. I wish her well in new found fame, but she really needs to relax and not be so fake (except when she is really acting in a part) She puts on all these airs, drops names, her voice gets all cutsey and over dramatic over nothing. It’s boring.

  20. James

    I don’t see what’s so unbelievable about this event. I could easily see them decided to wait for Phaedra to arrive and that not happening until 10:30pm. Of course, Phaedra was going to want to freshen up and change and what not so the EARLIEST they would have left is around 11pm. It’s happened to me when going to an event with female friends. Ladies, y’all need to stop frontin’, some of you (or your friends) take FOREVER to get ready when they know exactly what time something starts.

    Regardless of how you feel about Nene, she had every right to react the way she did. That was ridiculous. I can understand wanting to wait for Phaedra and go as a group but they should have just had her meet them at Nene’s or come by for desert or just skip it altogether.

  21. Tonia

    Chile bye! This is all a super hot ass mess and you can tell ’em I said so. It’s not hard to see that this was done on purpose…major purpose. It is just like NeNe to give you a carrot through the door and tell you bye bitch b/c that is what made her into this “super star”. I like NeNe, and in her defense I can see how hating has turned her into a bigger version of herself and keeps her on the defensive. Now, i’m not saying her shit ain’t blowed up cause it is, by let’s not forget about the existing dynamics of NeNe from the get go. Hell even Gregg came back to get his ice cream and cake. I think Cynthia was just being Cynthia, had NeNe been one of the ladies in the group and she (NeNe) suggested they leave the others, Cynthia would have been down with that too. It was all done in poor taste and it is time that Bravo put a lid on this gig, it’s done. They are truly losing there dignity for a dollar…come on Honey Boo Boo! I mean really! And one more thing, can Kandi realize the American dollar is universal, she is not the only one that can have some fame. Why she says she is not knocking NeNe’s hustle she sure makes it hard out her for a pimp. Im just saying.

  22. Pinky

    I don’t think there was a dinner party. That little table only had enough place settings for the HW’s at best. It was all a fake storyline of crap. Kendra pretending to look thru a window that in reality is way too high for her to even see in to. It was just a script for drama and all the girls played their part. I’m sick of the Bravo soap opera. The producers are from that industry and it is now a joke. The only reality is these foolish women thinkin they are so famous, when in reality, the true, talented actresses look at them as a joke. NeNe may have a chance – but honestly, with ratings so poor on her show – I wouldn’t count on any oscars.

  23. myinfo

    I loved that Nene got on two TV shows. She made the HW shows. But she acted like a fool screaming at Kim. She cant be happy for the other girls and she acts like a hater herself. I am not feeling Nene anymore.

  24. RHOAFan

    There is no excuse for being three hours late. “CP” time as an excuse is just an excuse. In college I learned that excuses are tools used by incompetent fools to build houses of nothingness. Quite frankly, if somebody finds themselves being late to everything, then they need to get to the root of the problem. When did they first learn it was okay to be disrespectful of other people’s time and resources? When did they first learn that keeping your word–agreeing to be somewhere at the appointed time–was no longer something to strive for?

  25. CrazyWife

    If there’s another season and nene comes back I won’t watch. It seems to me the only reason she keeps coming back is throw all her new found success in the girls faces when they clearly don’t give a damn. You say each season your over the girls yet you come back. You don’t see Halle Barry on here do you, so if she does it will be to throw The New Normal and Glee in the ladies faces.

    • Anonymous88

      Wow, I must say that I admire the fact that you expressed what you really thought cause you are one of the few to actually say Nene ruined the show for you! Well I guess everyone is not a Nene stan after all and I too have thought that if Nene didn’t return next season that it wouldn’t ruin the show…Atlanta is a big city full of famous people and “famous wannabees” so they could surely find SOMEONE out there entertaining…what they need to do is get rid of Porsha and Kordell…

  26. Am just now getting to watch the episode. The lateness makes absolutely no sense when you add in the later scene in the hummer limo where they are being driven through a shopping district. Especially since at the beginning of the episode NeNe simply hopped in her Escalade and drove a short way down the hill to pick the ladies up. Why are they being driven around an area nowhere near either the rental house or NeNe’s?!

    • Oh and NeNe continually saying “I got a child, it’s almost midnight” is annoying. That would be perfectly understandable to say if her child was 5 but he’s not. Also, NeNe and Kenya shared a knowing glance. It was all I needed to know this was definitely staged.

      • Tasha

        Definitely staged! I wouldn’t be surprised if she sneaked Kenya and Cynthia back to the house later that night to kiki about how silly the other women looked in her driveway asking to come in LOL.

    • DJ

      @Karma Grant: I think that Nene was waiting for them at the rental house when they called her from the limo, so she just drove down the hill to get them. I don’t think she was at her house when they called.

  27. karen

    First I think this was nothing but Bravo’s scripted drama. Second I have had friends arrive at my parties late – due to traffic, weather, problems at home and I have never turned anyone away. I live in Chicago and I had a New Years Eve party and the weather turned so bad that a lot of people spent the night. I would never turn friends away or send them out in bad weather. If Bravo did not script this BS then I think Nene thinks way too much of herself. She could have let them in gave them something to eat and them tell them she has an early call and let them go back to the house Bravo rented for them.

    • Being late due to bad weather is understandable. Being 3 hours late (at midnight) to a dinner party for reasons that no housewife can appear to recall is an entirely different story. Just saying…

  28. cns

    Obviously only Cynthia, Kenya or maybe Porsha wanted to go to Nene’s dinner party. They should have attended on time and then sent the car for Phaedra and Kandi.

  29. Housewivesfan

    I believe on WWHL Nene said Phaedra got in at 7 and the dinner was 9. IF that is true then the ladies showing up at 11 or midnight is totally inexcusable. This incident just screams producer intervention to me. I think it was all set up complete with Gregg trying to earn back points with viewers over Nene still being “mad” the next day and him telling her to let it go. Theres a reason none of thier excuses is a good one.

  30. pffftt

    I agree. It is time for Nene to go. Enough of her stuck up “hollywood” crap. This was her “big moment” for the entire season. FLOP.

    Rumor is that in Season 4 Sheree filmed a scene with a member of Nene’s family and they spilled a lot of DIRT on Nene and Nene fought hard to keep it off the air.

    Nene said she doesn’t like it when people bring up the past, but in the book she wrote, she had chapters dedicated to Kim and Sheree’s past. Rumor is that Nene also fought to keep Sheree off of Season 5. Nene can’t take the heat.

    So sick of everyone kissing Nene’s ass, and anyone that tells the truth and exposes the REAL Nene, is off the show.

    Kenya was a big let down. We had heard that she was going to give Nene a run for her money. However she kisses Nene’s ass, all the while Nene talks shit about her.

  31. pffftt

    If I was Kenya. Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi. I’d rip Nene to shreds in the reunion. Nene talking about the past of the other ladies, constantly subtweeting them… Why don’t they discuss how Nene’s ass has been evicted from home’s because she was unable to pay the rent? Why don’t they discuss that Gregg has been sued for his shady business dealings?

    Nene wants to bring up everyone else’s “past” but there is plenty of material to throw in Nene’s face.

    • CrazyWife

      You better say it

    • Anonymous88

      Wow! Say what now? LOL….all the tea is spilling! Honestly, I think Kenya is just trying to secure her spot for at least another season, although I think she’ll probably be coming back because of the ratings this season. Cynthia could have easily told Nene off when she told them to leave, but she just stood there in silence and she looked somewhat hurt. If Bravo cast people on RHOA based off Nene, that show is going to crumble in no time. People are going to eventually get tired of that whole Hollywood act that Nene displays NOW. It’s not cute and shame on her fans for thinking it is!

    • Katrina

      So what did Nene say about someones past? So if Nene is doing the casting, where is Mario? Did Nene recently get evicted? What did Nene’s family say?

  32. Anonymous88

    Nene only stans for people who kiss her butt. On Twitter she only responds to people who worship her and agree with EVERYTHING she says. This is why I believe her and Cynthia are so “close.” I guarantee you if Cynthia was making more money and had more success than Nene she would be shading her too. I’m glad Cynthia has come out of her shell more this season. Nene has brainwashed so many people to believe that she is a saint and everytime she does something that’s not right or that’s rude, thousands of fans excuse her behavior talking about “that’s right Nene! That’s what I would have done! You go girl!” LMBO. In this society today, as long as you are “rich” or the media/blogs are constantly covering you, you are god. NOTHING you do is wrong. You are ALWAYS right. NOBODY is jealous of Nene. People are happy for her but she was disgusting to watch on WWHL the other night. She was shading and downplaying everyone else’s success like she is the star of this season when it has clearly been KENYA MOORE who saved this season from being a SNOOZEFEST.

    • Katrina

      Why do you assume that Cynthia is broke? Cynthia does not have a problem with speaking her mind. You have a problem with Cynthia and Nene being friends! They all brag to some degree about what they have and what they are doing!

      • GetReal


        Cynthia, like most of the former “has beens” needs a check. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I think it’s great to see Cynthia doing her own thing, but let’s not act like RHOA didn’t give her a platform to start The Bailey Agency and so on. Cynthia will speak her mind but she does it so carefully so that she does not offend boss Nene and no I don’t have a problem with her and Nene being cool. However, from what I’m seeing, it looks like the friendship is more one-sided and that Nene has a much bigger ego than Cynthia. Nene is just very arrogant now since she did the Celebrity Apprentice and she loves to downplay everyone’s else accomplishments. FACT.

    • CrazyWife

      I agree nene on post and retweet things that show her in a good light and people who worship her. While the other ladies post and respond to both negative and positive comments. Nene thinks everyone loves her and when someone doesn’t agree there a hater. Nene is not real as people think and wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that some fans don’t like her.

  33. Pinky

    Does anyone know what ever happened to the bar/rest that “John” NeNe’s friend last season, was going to open as an investor with her…..or was that just a storyline? I think he really liked NeNe, for real – but I think NeNe was just playing a role for Bravo. I’ve always thought NeNe was with Greg in secret throughout the divorce for bankruptcy’s sake.

  34. Lodak

    Was there any particular reason why there was no footage from INSIDE Nene’s house to confirm this alleged party occurred? THe more I think about it, the more I think it was all fake…typical Nene.

  35. The ladies should have arrived promptly as invited and allowed production to handle putting out the fire of getting Phaedra there in time for filming. No excuses for being 3 hours late for a catere, sit-own with service, and her industry colleagues in attendance, period.

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