Sheree Whitfield Was Just on HLN Talking About Bloggers

Bravo Posts Statement about Sheree Whitfield's Departure...Sheree Whitfield is on HLN this morning looking NOTHING like she looked in court yesterday. Is  that a wig or did she go to Derek J this morning? Sheree is saying that her kids were not shown a lot on the show because she wanted to make sure they had a sense of normalcy. She says we all know that well-balanced kids don’t make great TV. (She left out the part about how well-balanced adults don’t either which is why she was on for so many seasons.) She says it was important to keep that balance with her kids of “school, family, friends.”

They ask her about the divorce “where he (Bob) didn’t want to pay.” What were the other kids at school saying about that? Sheree said, ” It was hard, even if they didn’t see it at my house, because I did not talk about what their father was doing, they did get it at school.” 

A Eulogy for the Reality Life of Sheree WhitfieldNow they are talking about bloggers going on her property trying to get scoop. The host says she  had to put restraining orders against “them.” You start thinking about your safety for your family. How do you talk to your kids about that?”  Sheree says “That is very tough (for the kids because they did not sign up for that, I signed up for that, but what I did not sign up for is for people coming on to my property. Sometimes the bloggers and some of the press, they overstep their boundaries.” Q:  So what did you tell your kids? A: “You have to be careful! You have to constantly watch your back. I can do all I can when they are in my presence to protect them, but they have to learn how to….(trails off, host asks new question).  Q: Was there ever an upside from doing this?  A: “An upside? As far as the kids? I think the kids, I think that my son has always been very quiet. I think it made him a little more social. ” [commercial Break]

After the break they asked Sheree about other reality shows. Apparently Tori Spelling is divorcing and Sheree says she just found out about that this morning and that divorce is hard for anyone. They ask what she thinks of Kris Jenner and she says, “I think Kris is …(other hosts interrupt). Giulianna Rancic?  Sheree likes her. They end saying they hope Sheree will come back and she says she will.

Oddly, there was no mention of her stalking protection order being dismissed just yesterday or the fact that she does not in fact own any property.


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38 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Was Just on HLN Talking About Bloggers

  1. pischina

    Does HLN stand for something? I’m not familiar with the show and can’t find it…
    Although it’s obvious they are just on air to enable Sheree and her delusions, and keep her name in the press.

  2. susan

    so I’m curious…she does NOT own this property….but is the “developer”??? Developer for who? who’s buying this monstrosity? Isn’t this same house she was talking about/making plans for when still on RHOA?

    • Katrina

      The property is currently in Sheree’s daughters name. It is the house she was planning to build in season 4. At the end of season 4 there was nothing.

      • susan

        thanks – right, I remember season 4 and she was showing the lot where her mansion (with bowling alley?) was to be built – hmmm, why is house in daughter’s name I wonder?

      • DJ

        She’s trying to hide assets because she owes everybody money. The IRS is after her for more than $40,000.

  3. Vp

    Yes, odd. Indeed.

  4. no name maddox

    for cryin’ out loud! have several seats sheree.

  5. Eve

    You should contact Hln and tell them Sheree is a liar regarding (everything) the restraining order.

  6. Girl Plz...

    Cruel world. It must suck to be Sheree.
    Tamara…. Schadenfreude….
    Just saying.

  7. Sheree is determined to chase fame again and I feel sorry for her and any of the women no longer in the spot light. It has to be a blow to see everyone on the show go on to bigger better things and you’re left chasing forgone dreams. If I were here, I’d find a real job and find a purpose in life other than being a hasbeen on some reality show and the wife of childish ex ball player…….kinda sad

  8. Mango

    Sheree’s desperately clinging to her “fame” – les yikes!

  9. Don’t you have any recourse, Tamara? Maybe it would just giver her undue attention, but it annoys me that she’s out there spreading lies. I hope she gets that bugger built quick and makes the libury a legal one. She needs to brush up.

    • Katrina

      Where she going to get the money from. Bob is only paying about $2,000 a month in child support. I wonder if she moved in with her daughter? Maybe she is trying to get her old job back!

  10. See Sheree is getting just what she wanted out of this whole ordeal. She cares nothing about embarrassment, as long as the media is talking about her again. I am always leery of ppl that will do anything for fame. Sad

  11. Mrs Mavis Gibson

    Umm, her son was sleeping on a airbag on the floor and she was driving around in a Porsche? She really does not deal in reality or good weaves.

  12. shoesandshrimp

    Tamara..don’t you think that it’s time to let this Sheree thing go. Okay okay you won in court as we all expected you would. Her life is a mess. She is in major denial about everything. This woman has lost in so many things. I always feel that a fight should be fair. Now it seems like you are just kicking her while she is down. Down and out. Down on her luck. Down…etc. It’s time to throw in the towel on this one.

    • KWM

      This post would not exist if Sheree did not go on TV. But yet Tamara is the one kicking her when down??? Sheree had the chance to make it all go away, but refused, so why should Tamara hold her tongue, does what Sheree say not effect Tamara and her livelyhood? Sorry but Sheree needs to be held accountable.

    • The Disher

      shoesandshrimp…are you forgetting that Sheree sued Tamara, tried to defame her and caused her legal fees, time and inconvenience? Now, Sheree’s friend is spreading lies about her to other bloggers?

    • shoesandshrimp

      The sky in my world is the same color as the sky in yours hopefully. Sheree is a clown. We all know this and Tamara does since it is now costing her money to defend stupidity in court. Now that the verdict has been read….Can we all just change the channel from the Sheree show? She is a non-factor and doesn’t deserve the attention. She won’t change for anyone, not even for her own good.

      Sheree’s lawsuit was frivolous. Okay, okay. Tamara, I love your blog and I believe that you are a very sensible person but….you had no business inside of Chateau Sheree no matter who invited you inside. It is really not that serious. Making the point that she lies and the fact that she lives inside of her own fantasy world can be obtained so easily. Each time Sheree opens her mouth, she gives everyone enough material to go crazy with.

      It is a free country and we are allowed many rights to do as we please. Tamara is able to blog freely and provide her own thoughts about things. Sheree is free to lie and embellish what little in life that she is still trying to hold on to. Also, people have the right to file whatever type of lawsuit that they feel is necessary for their own reasons whether it makes sense to the masses or not. As a blogger, you open yourself up to whatever comes with the territory when you exercise your right of free speech. This is a good lesson for Sheree as well as Tamara. Sheree will eventually tire of losing in court and racking up more legal bills that we know she can’t and will not pay. Tamara will know that you could be dragged into court by an idiot exercising their rights as well. Just be prepared with your lawyers on speed dial and your pocket book in the event that something else ridiculous pops off.

      • annette

        But, you took the time to write the longest respond to somebody else’s business and everybody else should just let Sheree business go!! Also who are you to give your opinion on 1st commandment rights yet you,re still yakking??

      • shoesandshrimp

        Much love to you Tamara. Still got love for you. Sheree or not…your blog still rocks. No disrespect just trying to look out.

        Oh, and much love to you too annette sweetie and all of those 1st “commandment” rights. LOL

      • Joan

        Actually shoesandshrimp – people do not have the right to file whatever type of lawsuit that they want. There has to be some form of merit, substance, and meet certain criteria before it can even reach filing stage. Ever hear of a frivolous lawsuit? I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. However, several close friends are. They are always talking about crazy suits that people try to file. Some judges won’t even hear a frivolous suit if it does reach their office. Also, there have been judges who sighted damages to someone who files a suit that wastes the court’s time.

      • shoesandshrimp

        I just hope that you taught her a lesson to cut out this stupid legal crap. Glad that you came out on top though. But we all knew that you would.

  13. vivaladiva831

    I know this is not the point, but I can’t help it I have to ask-Tori Spelling is getting divorced? I thought she wrote an open letter saying she isn’t?

  14. Raven Beauty

    Seems to me they jumped the gun in booking that interview.

  15. myinfo

    Her creditors should now be following the money trail that goes into this house. HW that are not asked back seeked fame in all the wrong ways.

  16. KAM

    I’m just curious, Tamara – what did she look like in court?

  17. terry macon

    People mention kicking her while she is down. Tamara stump that bitch and when she look up she will see your face. She want to play dirty
    Than make her eat dirt. I told you we got you girl.

  18. Adriana

    So if the property used to be in Sheree’s name and the title got transferred to the daugter,was it is “gift” for tax purposes? Daughter better watchout, the IRS migt be interested in the accuracy of HER tax return.

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