American Richard Hinds Murder Trial Has Begun in Tokyo

Minor Update on Nicola Furlong CaseThe trial of American Richard Hinds began in Tokyo on Monday. Hinds is accused of murdering Nicola Furlong, an Irish Exchange student after a Nicki Minaj concert last May. My articles on this crime generated a lot of international responses from Ireland and Japan as well as commenters of friends of Richard Hinds and James Blackston. For this reason there was a lot of animosity in the comments section. If you click on the categories for this story, I must want you that this was before the racist language ban at Tamaratattles.  Also, there is a commenter who is proclaiming the innocence of Hinds in comments. I have allowed both sides to state their opinions; however, I must point out that one of the commenters initially posting as “Source” currently claims to be at the trial but his IPs indicate he is still at his original stateside address. He also uses multiple nics to support his own posts.

Updates on the Nicola Furlong Case (New Charge)That said, Hinds testified briefly to say that Nicola died accidentally during consensual rough sex and that although he did place his hands on her neck he did not use enough force to strangle her and that he believes drugs and alcohol caused her death.  The prosecution claims that Hinds used a hotel towel to strangle her (Hinds denies that any object, ie towel) was used. The prosecution claims that blood stains support strangulation. Also a medical examiner has ruled that strangulation was the cause of death.  The medical examiner also said that the only drugs in her system were trace amounts of Xanax which she was prescribed for anxiety and lidocaine which was on the tube inserted in her throat in a failed attempt to resuscitate her. The trial is expected to end on March 19th.  In Japan, murder cases that make it to trial have a 97% conviction rate. Relatives of both Furlong and Hinds are in Tokyo for the trial. Click the category label above or at left titled “Nicola Furlong” for all articles. Please be advised that at the time of those articles there was limited information from Tokyo and some information provided was later proven false.


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19 responses to “American Richard Hinds Murder Trial Has Begun in Tokyo

  1. i wondered what had become of this case. thanks for the update!

  2. Electra

    I hope he gets a fair trial.

    • Hinds

      Hanging? That’s racist. For your thoughts to be so cruel, I wonder what your background records look like. Clearly you both come from unstable homes where no love was shown and you could be angry because of that. No one who has experienced being loved, would never want to hang someone for an unexpected accident….that they were not there to witness. And that’s okay. I pray that one day your heart is changed :-)
      Be blessed.
      In Rich We Believe, In God We Trust

      • pat, ireland

        Racist?, white people get hung too you.
        Unexpected accident?, he admits he put his hands on the poor girls neck, why?.
        The doctors reckon he strangled her with a ligature until her eyes bled though, have you read the account from the trial?

        During over four hours of testimony, Dr Yoshida revealed:

        Tragic Nicola was strangled for several minutes with a cotton-type ligature — most likely a rolled up towel or tank-top found at the scene — which left a five centimetre wide “pale area” around her neck;
        During the attack, she bled from her nose, blood-vessels burst in her eyes and eyelids and she suffered bleeding in the muscles of her neck and on her lungs;
        In desperation to rip the ligature from her neck during the attack — which Dr Yoshida estimated had lasted several minutes — Nicola left abrasions on her own chin and collarbone with her fingers;

        Some accident

      • Hinds

        Ma’am were u in the court room when the statement was made by the doctor??? Unless you were, don’t believe the hype.

  3. Hinds

    Since I wasn’t there to see anything I can’t say “kill this man”. . .media always has to make situations look a certain way. I’m not giving any excuses to Nicola’s death. I feel their pain. They lost a loved one, a daughter, a young lady with a promising career, a friend, etc.
    And hanging itself is racist…maybe I haven’t been on earth long enough to hear anything about white people being hung.

    • Martin

      Don’t play the “race card”, this is rape & murder. Your rapist scum Richard strangled that girl after plying her with drink and abducting her and her friend in a taxi. His scum friend sexually assaulted her friend and was convicted: he gave him a “fist bump”. He brought her upstairs in a wheel chair and strangled her. He claims he did not want to have sex, as he did not have a condom and it was she who demanded sex. He admitted in court he had a condom all along. He claimed he had to sleep in bed with her as his luggage was on the other bed: the room was pictured in an Irish newspaper, it’s a large room. He claims the blood on the bed was vomit: who would continue to have sex with a young woman vomiting blood? He would, apparently. Both medical experts agree she was strangled and this lasted several minutes, as evidenced by burst blood vessels in her eyes. They differ on whether he used a towel as a ligature. He changed his story several times: at first he used one hand lightly, but then admitted he used both hands. His pathetic pleadings to innocence indicate a complete sociopath. His direct admonitions to the Furlong family peppered with religiobabble and talk about faith are insincere: he is highly manipulative. He is a liar liar liar. He is a murderer. He is a sex offender.

      Be blessed.

      In Rich we hang.

      (I hope he is gang raped in prison. He will be).

      • Hinds

        Lol. No one’s playing the racist card. Out of a thousand ways to die you all chose to hang???? Yeah, THAT IS RACIST! But anyway, I can’t continue to entertain your stupidity. Its ridiculous. For you all not to know an individual what you are stating are opinions not facts.

        Get well SOON! Because you sick.

      • The death penalty in Japan is always carried out by hanging, no matter the race of the convicted. That said, it is highly unlikely that Hinds will get the death penalty as he is considered a minor under Japanese Law. I believe the prosecution is asking for 10 years.

      • Dlister

        Curious as to exactly how you define hanging as “racist.” I don’t follow that logic, so please enlighten me.

      • Gerard

        Love that comment Hang the dirty bastard hope all the japs do a train on him an may he have all the bad luck in the world.

      • Journalist

        He will be 100% safe and relaxing at a juvenile prison in Japan. the law states if the verdict is given while a minor, he serves at a youth prison. Have you been to a YMCA camp?

  4. Jenny Curran

    Guilty as charged.

  5. Journalist

    guilty as a minor. The prosecution wanted guilty as adult. Thats why he was sent to the adult court from the family court. This case is a complete defeat for the prosecution. And 100% they are hearing it from the Ireland embassy on the ‘not justice’ verdict. HInds will be home singing, playing, and praying in Memphis at age 24.

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