Judge Denies Sheree Whitfield’s Request for Stalking Protective Order

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

I finally had my day in court today with Ms. Sheree Whitfield. First, a bit of background. In Georgia, if you go to the courthouse and tell them that you are in fear of your life because someone is stalking you they automatically give you a TPO and set a hearing within ten days to hear the evidence. It is not necessary to provide any evidence at that time, because all of that will come out in the hearing. So today was the day for the hearing. Sheree was asking for a 12 month stalking order of protection against me.

In court this afternoon, the judge heard both sides of the case. I explained that I went to Chateau Sheree and took some pictures on one occasion. I testified that I had never seen Sheree anywhere ever; nor had I ever attempted to contact her in any way. I also explained I was given permission by the men in physical control of the site to enter the property. I also mentioned that Sheree does not own said property.

shereecraySheree testified that she was afraid for her life. She stated that I was parked outside her property at all hours of the day and night. Under questioning, she was unable to state any time that I had threatened her or harassed her. She admitted that she was not the property owner. She said she was the builder. She said she was there almost every day with her children and they were afraid of me. She admitted that she had shared the blueprints for Chateau Sheree on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She admitted that she had invited cameras on the property for the show.

Sheree’s attorney then called a man as a witness named Jason Lapene. Who is Jason Lapene? That’s a good question. He said that he knows Sheree because he “did a website for her.” Sheree claimed in her testimony that he is the person who investigated to determine the owner of Tamaratattles.com. He then said he was a real estate developer.  He testified that Sheree would call him very late at night crying and scared for her life. He also testified that he had staked out my house in order to determine if it was a “servable address” (presumably for a TPO). I dunno what he even means by that or how a web designer would have any involvement in serving a TPO. I was served by the sheriff.  Basically, it seems to me he is some guy that knows Sheree because I can’t see Sheree calling a web designer, or a real estate person at midnight crying. One would think a police officer or 911 would be a better option if one was fearful. His testimony was very odd. It appeared that Sheree’s attorney called him to testify about her “fears.”  I know, I don’t get it either. And it’s kind of creepy he is hanging around my house. UPDATE: I just remembered that the guy said he saw me at Chateau Sheree on several occaisions too. What is a web developer/house flipper doing on a construction site he has nothing to do with all the time. And he is still trying to comment here even after the request for a TPO was thrown out saying that it wasn’t. Was he listening to the judge at all?

The judge ruled that there was nothing to support a stalking protective order. Her request was denied. Because Sheree claims to be in fear for her life he indicated that he was sure I would be willing to agree to stay away from her. Which of course, I was fine with as I have never been around her or had any contact with her in the first place. Because there had been two females (one looked very familiar)  taking pictures of my house on the day the TPO was filed and because this guy admits to parking outside my house, my attorney asked for a mutual stay away agreement to keep Sheree and her ….web designing/real estate guy from coming to my property. Sheree’s attorney had previously refused that request which we offered prior to court. However, the judge ordered a mutual agreement (not a restraining order) to be drawn up between my legal team and her attorney. Problem solved. Right?

reneeseriousNot so fast. Before I was even able to begin this blog, Jason Lapene began sending out false and unsolicited emails to other blogs stating that the judge granted Sheree’s request for a permanent order. This is completely false. He seems very invested in this situation, no? Is it me or is he acting more like a disgruntled boyfriend than a web designer, or real estate agent, or whatever he is. VERY ODD. He also listed Sheree’s attorney in the email and the link to her attorney’s site. Why? The bloggers that he sent the emails to forwarded them to me for verification, which I of course could not provide, since he seems to be trying to deliberately misinform them.

All in all it was a very interesting day. The request was thrown out and you would think that Sheree’s friend Jason would have no need to continue his email campaign. I should I mention that I have lots of random guys named Joe and John trying to post my personal information on this blog so comments are a bit more moderated for now. Sheree is attempting to serve two other bloggers with TPOs as well. She must really like spending her days in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, I have several non-related blogs I’d like to get back to putting up! But first I may have to celebrate my victory in court. I’d like to thank my legal team at The Merchant Law Firm for their flawless representation in court today!


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108 responses to “Judge Denies Sheree Whitfield’s Request for Stalking Protective Order

  1. critter


  2. stephey

    Congrats! Glad it worked out, knew it would. Sounds more like her camp is stalking you, and now harassing you. And did a certain person lie under oath about a certain person parked outside a certain house day and night…sounds like.

  3. Tiffany C.

    I’m sorry you had to go through that. Going to court is not fun.

  4. Congrats! It is creepy that this guy is so overly involved and continues the fight that the judge put to rest. Maybe he’s her new side piece or wants to be?

  5. borednow

    So sorry for your troubles, Tamara. Congrats on the outcome. So needless and misdirected by sherree.

  6. michelle

    So glad it all worked out. Now can you blog about that crazy ass shrink show? 😉

  7. Congratulations Tamara, so very happy for you. Justice prevails.

  8. Redwriter

    I cannot believe this bitch! She straight up lied in court?!
    I’m glad the judge had enough sense to see through bullshit and I’m glad things worked out for you Tamara. I would be putting her on blast in every possible way, shape and form if I were you. But don’t worry, that’s what we are for :)

  9. I never doubted you would be victorious but I never anticipated you inherit a creeper.

  10. SweeetBea

    Jaw on floor!! That BITCH!!

    I’m so glad this worked out for you, Tamara & you were even able to give us some major tea!!

  11. phakedraparks

    How can Sheree afford all of these attorney’s fees? Smh

  12. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    BOOM! She had no case from the very get go. I am still trying to figure out how she even can afford an attorney and why would one even represent her considering her track record of not paying them on her own free will.

    • terry macon

      Maybe she’s getting a senior citizen discount. Congrts tamara I’m
      So sorry for your troubles. You know we got you. Chin up.

  13. no name maddox

    WTF was sheree thinking. you should never have been put thru this. it really shocks me. i’m SO glad things went your way (the RIGHT way) in court today. i do feel uneasy about the creepers hanging around your place, but i take comfort in the fact that if you got scared, you’d call 911, not Remax. here’s hoping this nonsense ends for you– you shouldn’t have to pay such a high price for the tea <3

  14. pischina

    So glad to hear this turned out how it should! Congrats to you!

  15. jakies mom

    Congrat’s Tamara. Glad to see our justice system working and not kowtow to fools like Sheree. She is looking for her 15 minutes to continue for 16 apparently.
    Buh bye Sheree. You aren’t relevent any more. Time for you to move on. We have from you.

  16. Danielle

    High f*ckin’ five!

  17. Tamara

    Congratulations on your victory!!. ( we all knew you would win

  18. Lori

    Wow. What a loser she is.

  19. ned

    My name is John but I’m too far away to stalk you.
    I knew it would work out for you.

  20. SaraK

    I go back to my first ever post out here…..who gonna check my boo Tamara….no Damn Body….in fact she checked Sheree! Go Tamara

  21. Michelle

    I would think Sheree would want to keep her money instead of spending it on lawyers

  22. Ellis Scarlett

    Yay!!! Maybe that loser should spend more time trying to get a real job to pay her bills and less time trying to get restraining orders against people who couldn’t care less about getting near her. Good for you.

  23. KAM

    Glad it worked out for you!

  24. Lee

    I think Sheree did all of this for publicity since her irrelevant ass is going to be on Inyanla’s Fix My Life next month.

    • cns

      Are you serious about Fix My Life? I can’t wait. This is also why she got fired from HW’s and congrats to you Tamara. Like others have said you should not have had to go through this.

  25. victori0us

    We all knew this had no merit. If like to know what the bitch looked like. What was she wearing?

  26. Bo

    why can’t shit like this make it on the show? I would love to see her get shut down in court. BTW Tamara, I know I’ve waited too long, but I’m another one of those readers who has never participated till today. I’ve been checking this site daily since you broke the story about NeNe being on Glee and I’m proud to post my first comment today congratulating you on your win against one of my least favorite housewives. Keep up the good work, I LOVE this site! And this felt good to write, so I think I’ll be back more often :-)

  27. Tamar voice

    I’m glad you prevailed. Nothing worse in this world than a liar, smh. On the other hand…I sense it doesn’t feel too good to have people taking pictures of your home? Even though that house isn’t in Sheree’s name, I think everyone should stop with the photos and videos already. I’m not Sheree’s number one fan, but why kick a dog when it’s down? Until there is a post saying the house is done, I’m sure everyone is aware that slow, if any, progress is being made. I’d be a little disgruntled if people I didn’t know were taking pics of my home….under construction or not. IJS..

  28. Nancy Anderson

    I think Andy Cohen should make Sheree the Jackhole of the Day.

    • cns

      Agreed, but then she would sue him for defamation of character and the judge would have to throw that one out of court as well. LOL.

  29. We all knew she was a whack job, but I sure didn’t know she was pure, unadulterated evil! What lawyer would ever represent that chit? I’d love to be a fly on Phaedra’s wall when she hears the BS.

  30. Okay remember when I said that we wanted a mutual consent before the whole hearing and they said no?

    Well the judge said a mutual consent would be the perfect solution. It works for me. I thought we all agreed in the courtroom. But now I am hearing that Sheree doesn’t want to give consent to stay away from me.

    WTF? So apparently that means no mutual consent because both sides have to agree. I won the case, so…. I guess she gets nothing…

    This is really crazy, y’all.

    • Vp

      She can’t take yes for an answer.

    • jakies mom

      WTF?? There is no sane reason for her not to agree. This is bizarre and so is she.

    • Tamar voice

      Why should she have to stay away from you Ms. Tamara? Maybe she wants to lurk around your home and take pictures of your comings and goings every once in a while like you did her home. Maybe knock on the door and ask whomever is home can she take a few pictures…

      When the shoe is on the other foot, it doesn’t feel too good.

      Love you T…just saying though.

    • Redwriter

      But if she’s in fear of her life than she should have consented. Which means that she’s full of shit and probably also said no because she wants to keep taps on you.

    • prettyaseyes

      Tamara it seems as if Sheree wants to remain revelant whether it be in your blog about her not owning the Chateau or anything bit of gossip. I say people should stop talking about her and writing about her and see how fast she can truly go POOF!!
      I think she is a non factor, let her go back to her miserable broke life.
      And the next time the web designer or anyone else show up at your house call the police and take pictures and get your own TPO.
      I’m just saying . . . :)

  31. Congrats girl, I knew you weren’t stalking her, you’re too busy stalking me! ;-}.

    I feel left out, no emails from Jason

  32. Mango

    Congrats Tamara, glad it worked out in your favor :)

  33. Puravidacostarica

    Get it framed and hang it somewhere for everyone to see: “Who’s gonna check me boo??”

  34. TRISHA

    I’m glad you won Tamara, Congrats!! Sheree is despicable!!

  35. Katrina

    Congratulations Tamara on your court victory!

  36. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Whew that is great news Ms. Tattles.
    It’s a good that you & your legal counsel are smarter than Sheree and were able to get her baseless exaggerated claims dismissed by a court of law…It is creepy to know that in retrospect that you were under surveillance. I guess Sheree now knows how often you go to the liquor store. So glad you can say that you checked that boo good.

  37. Clearly SheBySheBroke just needed/wanted publicity……..(good, bad, otherwise)
    Cannot wait to read the other bloggers support for you. Silly Bitch will be crucified.

  38. becky while

    Congrats and why is it that nobody seems to have any issue with lying under oath and that they never get charged for doing it and why does she still want to watch you?

    Before I sort of get it – she felt wronged – but now you have agreed to stay away – so why wont she agree – TT I would make sure I had an alarm system and maybe some security cameras .

    In Georgia can you just ‘watch’ someone and take pictures of them and its not stalking? Do you have to fear for your life to have the courts order it to stop?

    I think all three of ya’ll she is seeking a TO against should contact Andy and see if he would like you as his guests of honor on WWHL. Bonus – free trip to the NYC : )

  39. Patricia

    Am I the only person that thinks this was some ridiculously stupid shit to be spending money on? So, people are suing bloggers now? WOW.

  40. kathy Fischer

    Great news! :)

  41. greygoose125

    When Sheree asks: “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?” – Tamara can say, I did!
    Good to hear that the legal system worked for you.

  42. Congrats to Tamara and her legal team, just wish you could have made Sheree pay for any attorney fees and out of pocket expenses on your part because she lied so much. I think it is funny. As for her not wanting to agree to not stalk you, wonder if Ms. She Broke and Stupid thinks that her stalking your blog looking for anytime her name drops doesn’t count in the agreement to stay away, lol. So if she refuses to sign the agreement does that mean you don’t have to sign?

    Strange for her to have this man, apparently not too bright but then again, birds of a feather, stalk your house. I bet you were ready to pee your pants telling the judge that the fool didn’t even own the house that you were not stalking her from. How come she doesn’t get into trouble with at least a tongue lashing from the judge for lying, smh. But the victory is yours no matter how it went down, kick back open a good bottle of wine and drink to your victory.

    • The agreement was a mutual stay away order. She is no longer agreeing, so now there is no agreement to sign. The mutual stay away was the only thing on the table for her to accept. /shrugs

      And I can’t celebrate with a drink because I gave it up for lent. That will have to wait 25 days, but um, who’s counting? :)

  43. WTG Tamara! I knew it would be tossed, she had no leg to stand on. She’s a builder now? What an impressive resume she’s got. Love, love, love that you got to make points like she doesn’t own the property, blueprints of the show, etc. And I’m particularly fond of the photo’s and gifs you’ve chosen.

    Her realtor/spy/bodyguard concerns me. I’m sure he’s a lackey, but it’s sounding a little threatening to me. Protect yourself and stay safe. xoxo


    Congrats on your win!!!! But it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she didn’t have a case…Everyone knew it but Sheree…

  45. pughugs

    Guess that answers the question “Who gonna check me Boo?”

  46. myinfo

    Congats big time.
    So the judge knew she lying. She is pitiful. Now we have Fake stalkergate.

  47. MaggieG

    Happy to hear that you were vindicated even if she’s being a sore loser by refusing to comply with the judge’s recommendation. She really is trying to drag out her 15 minutes in the most deplorable fashion…at your expense.

  48. Boat

    That is crazy! It sounds like he is stalking you!

  49. KWM

    It just gets crazier and crazier.

    I never cared about Sheree, found her rather bland and boring. I only mildly followed any posts you had about her, found the house ones interesting, mostly because we are redoing our house so I always like to hear/see what others are doing.

    But now I have to say this new turn of events has interested me. It is like we have our own little soap opera going on.

    The sad part (well maybe not so much) is that Sheree just seems incapable of getting out of her own way. She invites the scrutiny and then cries and boo hoo’s when it happens and she can’t spin it.

    Tamara, I had no doubt you would prevail against this complete BS filing.
    In 25 days I think we need to have a Spill the Long Island Ice Tea party here!

    Oh and Hi Sheree and John whoever you are, don’t want to be rude and not say hi since we all know you guys are reading this.

  50. RahRah

    lmao, the way she went after that event planner regarding her divorce party–really Sheree, we ought to be afraid of you. As far as this perjurer I hope he gets whatever it is Sheree has that he wants. Addtionally, Sheree probably won’t be able to pay her legal fees. lol.

  51. Truth is stranger than fiction. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Along with various and sundry other quotable quotes. Congrats Tamra!

  52. Kisha

    I’m glad things worked out for you, Tamara. But this was the most ridiculous thing I have read in awhile. Sheree has GOT to be kidding.

  53. Congrats! And you are right “She must really like spending her days in the courtroom.”

  54. Eve

    I am happy to hear that court went your way. But, i am sure i dont need to remind you , you are dealing with thugs and to be careful. I think Sheree would do almost anything to stay in her D- status.
    People like Sheree and Nene didnt achieve much legitimately, they both have long records of legal “problems”.
    Next time you see Sheree or one of her losers near you or your home, just call one of those car reposessors…LOL or wait…she lost her car.
    The only Boo i see in her future may be carrying Honey Boo Boo’s luggage !

    • I am well protected. I live in the ghetto, one has to be. :) I hope this doesn’t move down the list of constitutional amendents from the 1st which was recently upheld in court to…

      • Dede

        Congratulations on the win! I do hope they will leave you alone and stop watching your home. That’s definitely creepy. Stay safe!

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Let it be known Tamara – homie don’t play that LOL

        Don’t you love if when people mistake your calmness for weakness.

        #WellProtected #GottaLoveThat

  55. Abby

    I am happy for you Tamara. But, I must say, I am angry with Sheree. Because of Sheree, I now know your last name is not Tattle. So disappointing.

  56. sandydc

    Sheree is a drama queen. So happy this worked out.

  57. SophieSez

    Guess she thinks that she is still Gone With the Wind Fabulous…oh,wait…wrong crazy housewife!!

  58. Nyasa

    Sheree who? Who gives a fig about that masculine looking thang? She is so busy chasing Bob’s money and not taking care of those children, she’s miserable. We all see it and 99.9% of us knew you would prevail!

  59. Jennifer

    Well done. I think the best idea would be to give her a total media and social networking “blackout”. She wants her supreme privacy and is willing to go so far as to lie under oath, hire ppl to lie under oath, and stalk bloggers, let her fade away with complete peace…. oblivion. Her name was only mentioned recently because of this self imposed faked drama. Sheree who?

  60. CONGRATS! yayyy!

    So now that you speak about this Jason Lapene person, i think on the realitytea website when they posted that link he must of been the “Realtor” person posting. He was trying to post all these ‘facts” and BS and he was going all in the paint for this hussy and then look what ended up happening….they lost! he’s the real psycho! smh! Glad you don’t have to deal with her anymore! you should of said “FIX THAT FACE” when the judge gave the verdict HAHAHAHA!

  61. Louisville

    Sounds to me like Miss Sheree is pretending not to own the home so it can’t be taken by all the people she allegedly owes money to. What a hot mess. Thanks for standing up to her.

  62. Girl Plz...


  63. The Disher

    Congratulations, Tamara! Keep doing your thing!

  64. 80s Baby

    I’m glad Tamara won, however I do agree that the pics, videos about the progress or lack there of in regards to Chateau Sheree should end. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want all the coverage at my home either. Sheree did this as a PR stunt for her upcoming appearance on Iyanla Fix My Life. Guess it worked

  65. Naa

    If Jason Lapene is really hanging around, he should be careful. I don’t think I’d hire a realtor like that and I’m sure people in ATL would feel the same.

  66. Kate

    Glad all worked out for you. Sheree seems to have a way to make sure she’s still in the spotlight. I feel that she used you to do that. I would imagine this is not the first time.

  67. The first gif had me laughing so hard. I went back and read your original blog about her home. I don’t know what her complaint was about. You were very complimentary about her house and you asked for permission to go in. Her bitch should be with the construction firm, not you.

  68. Amber...Real Wife

    Late to the party but wanted to congratulate you on your win! CaptainObvious here but how was she supposed to win a stalking charge when…

    1. you’ve never seen her
    2. know where she lives and
    3. she isn’t the registered owner of the property you supposedly ‘trespassed’ on?

    As for her blog stalking ex or BFF web dude, builder and part-time private eye, you should call the cops the next time you see he’s parked at you house.

  69. Teri

    This is really funny. She was trying to get the TPO, because it would have helped her in a civil suit. Girl is trying to collect a check. Poor broke ass Sheree! Please leave her alone, she is a non mutha fuking factor NOW…or and then TOO.

  70. Miele

    Congratulations Ms. Tamara! Sheree should be THANKING you for how complimentary you were about her property, not dragging you to court on some foolishness! Thanks for taking one for the TT team!

  71. Congratulations to you! Sheree needs to sit down. She’s wasting time and effort with a bunch of bull.

  72. Bogelicious

    This is really all about her being called out on Chatue Shree being a farce… How dare someone actually check public records and goings on regarding “her” fake manse !! What a waste of EVERYONE’S time and $$!! Keep on blogging and reporting Tamara!! I enjoy your posts immensley!! I guess if it wasnt for jokes like Shree, you would have less to “joke” about… LOVE YA!
    (Was Shree in court right there with you? Or does she have “people” who do that? Sounds like it would have been a trip :)

    • She was there. She waited outside the courtroom so she missed all the sad stories of people who really need the courts help. I think she should have had to sit through that. Then again, I don’t think it would have registered with her that she is taking time away from people with real need. :(

  73. My attorney was able to get a mutual stay away order for me today. FINALLY. Sheree kept refusing to agree to stay away from me and keep her minions on her side of town. I am not sure she had a choice at this point. I think my attorney took a mutual stay away order to the judge herself today. Hopefully this will keep the goons at bay. Should I write one of those….if anything happens to me letters?

  74. Tobaccorhoda

    I think the neighbors should send you pictures of the Chateau’s progress and you should blog about it. Make her show her end game.

  75. Actually, all of the pics on my site except the last ones have been sent in by neighbors. I am sure they will keep us updated! :)

  76. Adriana

    So now I see on Funky Dineva’s site the Sheree has refiled in her daugher’s name? Get over it Shree!

  77. Sheree Really needs to grow up an stop this little girl things (Court Room Drama) that’s for sure . This is all cuz she’s a nobody no more an Sheree is taking everything in her life out on who ever she wants when things don’t go her way, She’s just a shameful person an a sad woman . She’s also upset that she’s not on The Real House Wife’s of Atlanta cuz she got Fired from there . So there you have it an that’s why Sheree is doing what she’s doing to people .

  78. Reblogged this on prettypinkie's Blog and commented:
    Sheree is a Trouble maker for sure look what she has try to do to Tamara Tattles it’s a shame to hurt others cuz She’s all upset about her life and not being a Real House Wife anymore so she really try to hurt Tamara an that’s not right or fair too her, Sheree girl get a life an leave others alone that’s the bottom line.

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