Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap: One Word – Vapid

VPcastI’m not sure we can survive another reunion show after last night but here we go again with Vanderpump Rules. Hopefully the arguing will be more humorous than that dreck last night. I may do this recap in broad strokes of hilarious quotes, I get the feeling there will be plenty.

Lisa Quotes:
(about Stassi)”She may reek of something but it’s not royalty.”
(to Scheana) “You will always be the mistress over the waitress to her.”
(about Scheana) “She rubbed sunscreen on him, not a condom.”
(to Stassi) “I’m sorry.”

Scheana Quotes:
Scheana is was my favorite, but she barely said ten words.

Stassi Quotes:
(about Jax) “Okay I punched him”
(about dating Frank while with Jax) “I will admit there was some emotional cheating there. I was with Frank two days after we broke up.”
(to Minion 2) “You took a giant shit on me and Frank!”
(about Scheana) “I love her!” /minions one and two do the eyeroll
(to almost everyone) “I hope you feel stupid! I hope you feel stupid! I hope you feel stupid”
“It was the hardest summer of my life and it was documented and everyone hates me!”

Jax Quotes:
(about Stassi) “She busted my nose in Chicago. I got blood all over my Michael Cors sweater.”
“I like to be told what to do.”

Minion One and/or Minion Two Quotes:
(about Stassi) “I heard that Stassi was hooking up with Frank when she was still with Jax.
(to Stassi) “I’m not taking your shit anymore.”
“It’s uncomfortable to be in a room with a woman who you know your boyfriend has been inside of.”

Tweezer Tom Quotes:
(about Stassi cheating) “I do believe that happened.”
“I took my shirt off because I accidentally took a Xanax that night.”
“I shave my whole face. It exfoliates it.”

Tamaratattles Quotes:
“Wow. That was underwhelming.”


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16 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap: One Word – Vapid

  1. Danielle

    As a server, I find it difficult to believe that they truly carry on the way they do at work. No hot headed managers? Being allowed to walk out on shift? Putting personal loves before one’s work? No way in hell would the shit obey this show fly in the biz.

    Truly vapid.

    • I can’t imagine anyone would actually want to eat there after seeing this show. Imagine the hygiene and cleanliness rating. Let alone the primadona service and temper tantrums. Is this really a restaurant or a ??

  2. Stella

    What was up with Stassi’s eyelashes?! You could totally see the glue on her left eyelashes.

    • kristylyn

      That was bugging me too lol! It looked like she started gluing them in the middle of her eyelid. You would think someone so emotional would know better than to wear fake eyelashes=). Oh, poor little princess…YUCK! They all had some pretty major faux paus for people who are on tv. You could see in Sheena’s hair where she had a curling iron crimp half way down her bangs and I have NO idea what was up with the girl and her blonde tips and Jax had a horrible fuzz problem on his sweater. Maybe they only bring in the big gun stylist for the housewives;-).

    • terry macon

      Who knows and no one really cares she is a whore she have slept with every guy on the show. She can pull that stuff in louisanna, that is called trailer trash even Lisa daughter Pandora said go cry to her dad he will fall fot it.
      Lisa have the biggest heart but starrsi better be careful lisa is also very smart
      If she let go than you are gone forever.

      • I doubt Stassi’s going anywhere. Looks like her best friend connection to Pandora comes in handier than anyone could imagine, as of today she STILL remains the Fashion Correspondent for Lisa&Pandora’s e-zine “Divine Addiction”. I first saw of her there long before this show ever aired… and I was sort of surprised that after all of her television antics, she would still be associated with other aspects of the Vanderpump brand. That Lisa certainly has a heart for the damaged and walking wounded…

    • Catie Menzie

      Haha, I didn’t realize it was glue…I thought it was some type of gem stone with which I was unfamiliar. Too funny, it’s glue!!!

  3. Liz

    It’s Michael Kors. With a K. He’s pretty big, fyi. And I agree with your assessment of the reunion show, although I’ve about ten more minutes to watch (I DVR’d it). Eh, it was the same old back and forth, nothing new revealed. For some reason I want to hang out with the girls, though. Gotta love living in West Hollywood.

  4. Girl that had me spitting out my wine. Yes wine. At 10am. Sometimes I need a glass to get through some of this TV show shiz! Love u TT!!!

  5. The Disher

    How ’bout Lisa’s comment to Jax about having unprotected sex with everyone, saying that’s not working out for you, is it? Ewww.

  6. What a waste of time this reunion was. It was just an hour of Stassi & Jax, no one else really got to speak. I sure hope they don’t find any “lost footage” for this show.

  7. Ms1dimple


  8. Another that I’m just getting to watch and ugg boring. I’d love to stop but it’s one of those I started so much finish things.

  9. Catie Menzie

    I think Jax is a sociopathic narcissist.

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