Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap Thank God That’s Over

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2Well, it’s time for round two of bash MJ on the Shahs of Sunset Reunion. Mike is still working with Reza in residential real estate it seems. Asa is happy that she sold out the El Rey and had to turn people to away. Asa explains her diamond water and MJ points out that it is sort of out there. Lilly chimes in to start with the MJ bashing. Asa asks MJ how much money she made in real estate last year. Andy asks GG what she thinks about diamond water and she said she doesn’t think about it. Asa talks about the fact she has supported her parents since her early twenties. Asa works very hard. Lilly just keeps chiming in and trying to get into the arguments. Asa is laughing at GG’s extension business.

Reza is taking turns glaring at MJ and rolling his eyes toward Asa and Lilly. Reza swears that MJ has only sold one condo all year. Reza is making bizarre snoring noises. It’s just ridiculous. Time for relationship talk. Andy brings up GG’s engagement. GG says that Omid was young and out partying it up so they took it back a step. Andy says to GG that Omid didn’t seem that into you on the show. Andy is not going easy on GG and MJ. Andy says that he was “digitizing her under the table at the restaurant.” Really Andy? GG says that he didn’t go any further than her thigh. Mike says she should not make a mockery of a thing like marriage. He says that Omid (who he now calls “his boy’ by the way) has been out all over town with other women while they were engaged. They didn’t spend New Years together. Andy asks if she got a ring and she said yes. Mike said it came out of a Crackerjack box. Asa is laughing. Reza says it is a fake ring. Asa says GG made up a fake engagement for publicity. Lilly says that she knows someone who hooked up with Omid the night she announced her engagement. Asa says that she is still together with Jermaine and hopes they get married. I’ll spare you the discussion of Reza’s relationship with armpits. MJ says that she and Drizzy are back trying to rekindle their relationship after some time apart. Reza starts laughing like a hyena and says people are tweeting him pictures of Drizzy at gay clubs. He says it’s a fake boyfriend and that MJ got “double stuffed” by two Jewish cousins. Even Mike steps in to say that is below the belt.

Photo from Asa Soltan's Tumblr

Photo from Asa Soltan’s Tumblr

Now it is time for a segment devoted just to Reza insulting MJ. Reza pretends to become emotional and says it is really hard to see your friend become another person. Now he is accusing her of being an addict to explain his own deplorable behavior. Andy says the most frequent topic was about how Reza and Asa treated MJ this season. Ya think? The viewer questions are very critical of Asa and MJ. Asa says that MJ was protected by production this season. Are you kidding me? If anything the editors were sure to do everything to make MJ look bad. They showed her leaving half her crap in Mexico. They showed her drunk. They showed Reza plundering through her purse and holding up pills. There was no special treatment for MJ this season. That’s just bullshit. Even Andy just said, “I saw the show and I didn’t think she came off that great.” Understatement of the year.Mike actually tells Reza that this is not the time or the place to make accusations about substance abuse toward a friend. THANK.YOU. Mike asks Reza if he has ever seen MJ take a pill. He says in Farsi, “Do you want me to tell you what she was up to in the bathroom in Vegas?” Reza says that he has seen MJ take a million pills. Andy asks Mike if he thinks Reza is making this stuff up. Mike replies that Reza should have a one on one with her if he thinks she has a problem. Reza says he will be her friend again once she goes to rehab. This is just said. MJ says he has gone way past the point of her being able to forgive him but she would hate for the relationship to end this way. She asks what she has done to deserve this treatment. Reza is calling her a sociopath. Reza is calling MJ a pathological liar.

Reza drops bank robbing incident and says her hair is fake, her lips are fake, her boobs are fake, everything about you is fake. He is screaming, YOU ROBBED A BANK! YOU CAN’T VOTE! YOU CAN’T GO TO CANADA! MJ has to explain the Nigerian Mafia who forced her to deposit checks without putting the proper hold on the checks. Her family was threatened. She was afraid for her life and the life of her family. I read the entire case, it was terrible. She was 18 and it was her first job. Mike sticks up for her and says she had a public defender that made her take a plea and that is why it went on her record. Reza is rolling his eyes and laughing at his friend of 20 years. Andy is trying to ask MJ about it but Reza starts screaming again. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS A LIE! YOU ARE A RAGING ALCOHOLIC THAT POPS PILLS! YOU ARE 40!!!! Um, Reza and MJ are months apart in age so why he keeps going to the age thing is beyond me.

Andy wants to talk about Reza referring to women with disrespectful names. MJ says he calls his own mother a Ho and a Bitch. Reza screams again, “I MAY CALL MY MOM A HO AND A BITCH BUT YOUR MOM IS A HO AND A BITCH.”  I’m sorry, but I would be up off the couch beating the shit out of Reza right about now. REZA IS SCREAMING AGAIN.

And now for a segment about how MJ’s mother treats her like shit. This is the worst reunion I have ever seen on Bravo. EVER. And that is saying something. Andy asks her if she thinks she will turn into her mother. She says yes. Reza is now crying about his relationship with his grandmother. He says that MJ was important in reconciling his family relationship. Yes, she was, and she didn’t do it by screaming at him and saying your father and grandmother are assholes. Boo hoo you asshole. MJ is crying saying the show has helped them both confront the pain they have been carrying because of their family situation.

Reza has the nerve to say that he hopes everyone makes up eventually. I. Can’t. I have a headache from all the negativity.


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66 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap Thank God That’s Over

  1. Natale K

    And he called her blood. Again. This was a crapfest, dump on mj reunion. He has dug himself into a ditch and probably came to the realization that he might need to get himself out it and make things right with mj. While I am happy that his lies and rudeness towards mj may have stopped, hopefully it will not happen any more.

  2. jakies mom

    Spot on Tamara!! I didn’t think Reza could get lower than the coming attractions showed him but he actually did. The double stuffed comment was vile; his constant harping on her past, calling her everything under the sun and her mom a ho and constantly yelling not allowing to speak was disgraceful and then he says he wants her get help and then he’ll stop talking about her and be friends again. WTF???? And the bobble heads, Lilly and Asa, were either sitting there, smirking, smiling or shaking their heads in agreement.

    Reza me feel like I need a bath and some brain bleach.

  3. Dawn

    I probably should not comment. I did not watch part 1 because comments and blog made me decide just to skip it and Dave myself getting angry at these people I don’t like already. Well, I have part 2 on dvr and will erase it also. Reza has turned into a turd in a mustache that wants all the attention. He has stunk up these stuck up people. I will not even watch next year. Ryan Seacrest wants to emulate Dick Clark. You know how to make money like Dick, but you are way off with how you do it in the case of this program.

    If this is how they represent themselves, don’t wonder why if other nationalities don’t think Iranian people or culture is good for us here. I know I did not like comments we were foolish for being honest people.

    • In terms of how people will view Persians from this show: well, to be fair, Assholery and Tomfoolery comes in all shades, colors and creeds. It’s not as if Persians suddenly have the market cornered on that and especially where reality tv is concerned. Most of the reality shows we see on television encapsulate this nonsense for ratings and $$$, regardless of where their casts are from or how much they make. It’s not as if we can suddenly tag one segment of the population for this as guilty or not good for us in America. It’s all pretty bad generally across the board and there are very few people on these shows that serve as any kind of example of anything that is positive, uplifting, or edifying.

      There’s not much difference between the Shahs drunken antics & gross talk of double stuffing..from that of the lovely WASP ladies of RHoNY (Ramona & Sonja) who stay drunk, shower & spoon naked together, and only separate from their Rin & Stimpy antics just long enough for Sonja to indulge in anal sex in the bushes… with the help… while on vacation in St. Barths, no less.

  4. FGF

    That was so hard to watch!! I felt so bad for MJ. I don’t understand why Reza would choose national tv to “help” his friend!! I noticed how he conveniently skipped Andy’s question of why he waited until this season to discuss her addiction. Mike, although he can be a little aggressive, has become my favorite!! He tried to keep it civil.

    • Che

      and Reza didnt bring up the email that GG supposedly sent……. like seriously but you bring up all this stuff on MJ.

    • lola k

      oh please! Mike did a shitty job of defending MJ! he eventually agreed with Reza that his allegations were valid if he saw MJ taking pills. ugh. i cannot stand any of them except MJ. why they choose her to be the scapegoat i have no idea, but this left me with such pain in my heart for her. and andy was suuuuuch a bitch. like really? those questions were designed to make MJ look even worse. shaaaameful.

      • Lori

        And I find it bard to believe that Mike and Reza work together and are friends and all that, and this is the firat time he has asked if Reza has ever seen her take pills? I mean these allegations have been going on for a long time, and you wait until now to ask. Something doesnt smell right with that to me. We are being conned somewhere here.

      • bananaville

        Conned for sure, at MJs expense. How Asa is involved with the big dramas paints a picture that she is a manipulator.

  5. Che

    Asa is disgusting, Reza is disgusting nothing worse then a angry unhappy arm pit sniffing damaged addict, Lily is disgusting, Mike is disgusting, GG is nutty, and MJ is damaged and they used her like a punching bag….. I have to agree this is worse reunion ever. I wasn’t even amused, this reunion actually depressed me. I hope that picture is old picture….of her and reza, I could never be his friend again.

    • bananaville

      I am new here and can not figure out how to post my own separate reply. Forgive me. I read a few bravo blog replies and a solid point was brought up that gave clarity with this mess of a show.
      this is what i found:
      1- Asa managed to have both season finales focus on her events.
      2- Asa and GG had a conflict, and GG wasn’t allowed to apologize with explanation.
      4- Asa rejects physical violence but had fun with the Reza-MJ issue.
      3- Asa supported Reza to exclude GG from MJ’s birthday.
      4- Asa did not want GG at her public performance, again the season finale.
      5- Asa used Reza to make MJ agree and mike to make the call for the cabo trip that excluded GG.
      5- this one is touchy… but…as much respect i have for the jacksons, Asa dating an heir gives her immense confidence that deploys all sorts of extended conflicts ($ for one, her newfound goal to be a pop star makes me scratch my head)… with that i think? is that she manipulated reza with the connection fame. he fell for the trap.
      with the MJ drug thing, what bothers me is how michael jackson lost his life to drugs, Asa’s lack of sympathy explains itself, where MJs issues were exploited in such a raw and destructive manner… this Asa is a mastermind.


      I thank my breath that a person like Asa is nowhere near my life, and i’m surrounded by these types all the time, as an NYC career girl. never mind me…

      When Asa explained to Reza her financial issues, she was just being a fisherman for money. He was strong to say no but he hung onto MJs dissing lilly dress so drama ensued.

      Hard to say with lilly bc she’s smart, driven, and educated, just currently insecure… her breakup with Ali seemed to be bad timing. I highly doubt she looks for this garbage type of drama. She seems clingy and she went from Ali to Reza –but with Asa in town… disaster struck.

      Name one drama on the show that Asa wasn’t involved with and that is where she lucked out. Asa is a monster in so many ways. She uses, abuses, and seeks conflict, and alllllways has her end result tamed. this is the definition of manipulation. Her distorting presentations are a joke. this bitch plays cards with lives. she gambled her own life and THAT result speaks for itself.

      I hope Reza runs and saves himself but if he is into celebrity gain, well i wish the best for him.

      I hope Mike plays safe, this is a tough group.

      I hope GG continues on her whatever is going on.

      Im glad MJ is careful.

      Reza can come around if he dumps out Asa.

      Asa, sad to say, is a manipulator and you can’t “awaken” those types. that jackson boyfriend turned her into an abuser and more… female hustlers irritate me im sorry. her hypocritical attacks gave me brain pain.

      Ok im done. Thankyou for letting me share and thankyou for reading.

      • I enjoyed reading your perspective: while I don’t agree that Asa is the sole mastermind behind all of the Shahs drama you def. have some solid points that give one pause, and I like your flow as a writer!

      • AC

        Wow! I never realized the impact has seems to have on everyone. She did changed drastically from Season 1 to Season 2. Shame on her! And what’s sad is that no one notices that Asa is the manipulator. I’m almost sorry for GG because she resorts to violence because she is misunderstood and people NEVER EVER let her speak her mind or her side of the story. She has to take things to the next level because people walk all over her and INSTIGATE fights with her. Asa was snickering and giggling the whole time during the reunion…for someone who claims to be “spiritual”, she is doing anything but that. I HATE people that claim to be something and then don’t exude that behavioral-type. If you look closely too, GG was calmly trying to explain how Asa’s comments hurt her (at the pool party), Asa was being dismissive and then walked up to her face almost pushing herself up close to GG, THAT’S when GG decided to attack. Asa DOES say and do things that are hurtful – sometimes I think without thinking – she is acting like a typical “mean” girl to belong to the in-crowd.

  6. laurab

    I now officially hate Reza….

  7. thewayiseeit

    Bravo should take a loss on this show and not reupped it for a 3rd season. These Iranians (why sugar coat it by calling them Persian) have always been like this with all the problems with MJ’s drinking and drug popping, GG’s temper, Reza’s narcissism, Asa’s brain on diamond crack, Mike (the only decent one, I’ll call him a Persian). Season 1 was a farce, Season 2 just threw them in a sinkhole and thats where they belong.

    • This was a hard watch. All the negativity and dysfunction: nauseating.

      Cry as he might, at this point I can see no redeeming qualities in Reza and all the evil that he directs towards MJ. That referring to her mother as a bitch and a ho’? Not cute, and he should be so happy he still has all his teeth in his mouth.

      The constant revealing of sex secrets of his so called “best friend” of 20 years is also distasteful. No one else really grabbed my interest during these reunion episodes, although there is something a bit different about Asa and her general attitude. She’s not striking me as entirely altruistic in intentions now that the spotlight is blowing her up, but I could be wrong.

      Mike seems pretty grounded with a lot of clarity; here’s hoping he keeps it up so that there is at least some sort of rational anchor to this show. Don’t know if I’ll watch next season—still on the fence—but the reunion overall? Atrocious behaviors and obviously very calculated on behalf of certain cast members.

      • bananaville

        reza had 2 friends supporting him. one was upset, the other was comfortable.
        lilly was not feeling cute and was angry.
        Asa was kicking back and her desires were fulfilled.

  8. jing

    I noticed by the end of Season 1, that Reza was reveling in his newfound fame and no longer (if he ever did) had any boundaries, that fame was already beginning to go to his head. On his facebook page, he blasted an older Persian woman who said she didn’t like the show and that it was giving Persians a bad name. Mind you, she said this on another page not even his own and he publicly displayed her name and made demands that fans should find her on FB and tell her off. It was like a cyber lynching and it was really frightening to see what vile things he and his supporters were writing. It left me feeling disgusted but who knew that Reza could outdo himself with his sad, inhumane, and abusive behavior on the reunion. I have people close to me who have suffered from addiction and NEVER would I ever claim to care about them and then scream you’re a drunk, you’re an addict, you’re a criminarl, you’re fat!! I mean, seriously? The problem is, he knows his best friend well and he knows that she has always had an issue with self-esteem due largely in part to her relationship with her mom. Because of this, he also knows that he say anything, do anything and MJ will always forgive him as she has always forgiven her mother. I hope one day I get a chance to meet Reza so that I can tell him to his motherf*ckin face, what a giant, hairy piece of shit he is.

  9. lilkunta

    Tamara could you give a link to the records YOU READ. The ones I read dont make me feel sympathetic for MJ. Yes she was young but still, why not go to the police so they could do a sting and capture the Nigerias? she said they made threats against her family, but her family wasnt kidnapped so why not go the police? I like that Mike defended MJ but his comment that :she had a public defender who made her take a deal” is BS. They advise you, they dont make you do anything.

    andy needs to just host WWHL and stop the reunins bc he does a horrid job. He doesnt ask good questions or good followup questions. He doesnt redirect conversation to get condrete answers.

    • I usd to be madly in love with Andy. He has gotten mean and sloppy. I don’t even watch ‘live’ anymore because everything he says is meant to be salacious. The games are stupid, everything has a sexual overtone. It’s not funny nor fun anymore. He is very bias toward many of his peeps. He has guests on that I have never heard of and could care less about. He is more interested in being one of the cools kids who knows the in kids than entertaining. As for the Shahs….can’t stand to watch.

    • ckris

      Just wanted to point out something- yes public defenders advie you. They normally advise you of either 1 or 2 options you have, which is normally #1 how many years probation the DA has offered along with community service etc. Or #2 how many years jail/prison time the DA has suggested (prison time in her case being a felony). So you have to pick between those two or let it go to jury trial where you can be sent to prison automatically if they find you guilty. Also, even though the DA has given either the public defender or even a paid defender those options, the judge can increase either one if he disagrees with what the DA has suggested. So, all in all she made the right decision taking probation. Most people have no idea of how criminal courts work- for example, if you are offered 5-10yrs probation & your 2nd option is either 10yrs in prison or a jury trial where you can be given anywhere from 10-20yrs- probation is obviously the best choice. Mike was really right because public defenders typically don’t try to negotiate with the DA as much as paid attorneys will.The DA, judge and jury don’t care what a defendants story is, they mainly go by what the police file has in it period. And if MJs story is true then going to the police could have been a tragic thing for her and her family. If true, she was most llikely warned not to go to the police or something could/would happen to her or her family. That was the main thing Reza pissed me off saying “your a felon” Who cares?! U can miscalculate a check book and become a “felon” in this country!

  10. lilkunta

    Andy is currently on an antibullying crusade but DID NOTHING when Reza was verbally abusing and bullying MJ. Reza calleed MJ’s mother “your mother is a hoe and bitch” and ANDY DID NOTHING.
    1)Asa claims she has 2 degrees from UCLA, claims she has been supporting her parents since she was 20 BUT WE STILL DONT KNOW WHAT IS HER DAILY EMPLOYMENT. Asa CLAIMS “i sold out the El Rey and has to turn away 300 people” but we dont know that to be reallly true. What we do know is she is delusional about diamond water, has gold bars buried as her front step, and was begging pleading for someone to rent her guest house so she could make her rent(or is is mortgage? does she own the house?) payment.
    1a) If Iranians are so about education, why hasnt Asa’s mother gone back to school to get her AA in nursing or BS in nurisng ? she has settled in being a HHA so she needs to accept her $30,000 budget and live within that budget.
    2) Who buys swimgerie?
    2a) Breasts ARE FAT so if you are so against fat people why did you want big breasts? ANd do you realise you got them to big and THEY DONT LOOK GOOD.
    3) Reza what were your sales last year? Stop worrying abou MJ and worry about why you are not liked by your family and potential mates.
    4) GG aplogise for threatening your pregnant sister. Please continue anger management. wean yourself off your parents.
    4a) What do your mom and dad do that they fund your lifestyle?
    5) MJ : Drink less. exercise.
    6)Mike continue being you. YOU ROCK.

  11. Jennifer N

    Hi..this is my first time posting. First off I’d like to say I looooove your site! I’ve been reading since November and look forward to it after a long day of work. You are always so spot on with your updates and always add zing and humor.

    Anyways just wanted to say that this season is just sad. Sad and disgusting. Last year was so much fun..just seeing friends hanging out and their dynamics. This season I didn’t watch an episode. Just waited for your updates. I will not be a returning fan. Who wants to watch grown adults picking on another adult? Sad and pathetic.

    Thanks for site. Keep up the excellent work :)

  12. Pinky

    So Andy tells Reza how viewers didn’t appreciate him referencing women as “ho’s and bitches,” and Reza NEVER addresses it except to call MJ’s mother – both. And Andy let that slide reinforcing to me that Andy really does hate women as Reza obviously has zero respect as well.

    • bananaville

      Why would Andy put himself in Reza’s crossfire? while…MJ’s sexual, drug, legal, and family were blasted in negative distortions. Andy wasn’t going to jump into that and neither would I. Lilly was stoic, probably in disbelief, and Asa was in her little cloud of joy heaven. Mike was smart enough to avoid Reza’s mania. GG was the only one holding MJs hand.

  13. fbunnie

    Worst reunion ever… I cosign your statement. Reza reminds me of the male version of Jacqueline Laurita. I would love to wipe that sh*t stiring smug grin off of his face… imagine how emotionally abusive he is to his boyfriend? Now he is posting pics of himself with MJ and Mike. The backlash he received from his deplorable bashing of MJ is likely the reason why he decided to reconcil. Poor MJ… I hope she wises up. I could care less about another season, but I have this hope that MJ comes back looking fabulous and puts all those bottom feeding fame whores to shame.
    How about Reza giving MJ crap for plastic surgery. Umm hello, your girl Lilly is as fake as they come.
    I love how Andy pretends like he never knew of MJ’s charge of bank fraud. Makes me sick…

  14. myinfo

    Reza was so mean I had to change the channel. Hate him. Did they need a part two of this the reunion? Just Reza being mean to MJ non stop. I hate that Andy seemed to enjoy all the meanest. All the HW shows are going down fast.

  15. theREALHONJ

    Tamara you hit it right on the nose. Reza was a f-ng a** last night. Its ALL about him. Lilly makes me want to scream. Her fake boobs are WAAAAYYYYYY too big for her frame. Little tip ladies-you want them to look like they could be yours not that they couldn’t possibly be yours. As for Asa-you talk about how you admire and love people who don’t get nose jobs and keep their own nose. Ummmm does that apply to Jermaine and his family who ALL have had their noses surgically altered??? You are a hypocrite Asa. Mike seems to be the only person up there with any compassion. I’m done with this show.

  16. Jasmine

    Reza must go!!!!!! His personality is extremely nefarious. Andy should have stopped the madness. If there is a next season, Andy must rein in Reza. I know people who loved the first season but have since stopped watching due to Reza and Asa this season.

  17. Vanita Lockhart

    Reza and Asa disgust me!! Reza is pure EVIL and NOT a friend AT ALL!! MJ run the other way with friends like these who needs enemies? Omg!!! If she does have drug and alcohol problems this was not the way to help her. The way her mother treats her is heart breaking and then to have so called friends attack her was a NIGHTMARE to watch and very depressing. Reza and Asa need serious reality checks no pun intended. She is a fake joke and while Reza was screaming at MJ about being fake meanwhile Lilly who is fake as HELL sat there smiling smugly along with phoney Asa and her delusions about diamond water. This reunion sickened me and I won’t watch this show ever again…last night was just glorified bullying and Reza should get over himself lose weight drink less and quit sniffing armpits! Learn how to be a good and loyal friend. I feel so sorry for MJ and wish het all the success and happiness she deserves hopefully she will find new friends and achieve happiness and resolution with her mom.

  18. vivaladiva831

    the reason reza and mj survived their relationship until season two with no fights, is because they had seen season one. they both had their moments all along of being bitches about each other but they didn’t have to watch it (on national tv). mj if you read this, i hope you think about “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”. i hope you can at least now be free from all of this. be proud of who you are. mike was right, if reza was really concerned he would not have said those things on camera – bravo should have edited it out. i also felt a little bad for gg, asa was dancing in her seat when andy brought up her engagement to omid.

    the armpit sniffing was GROSS and that is true for whoever you are – gay, straight, bi, etc. as if it could get any worse, then he called it catnip!!!

  19. karen

    I would never speak to Reza again if I was MJ. There is something wrong with that man. One instant he’s slicing and dicing MJ and the next he is boo hooing about his father and grandmother. He is highly disingenuous. He isn’t capable of being a friend so MJ ought to start looking for a replacement asap.

    You might think MJ was the worst person in the entire world the way this reuinion played out. I think MJ is the most likeable person in the cast. Does she have flaws? Yes, but don’t we all? They pick on her because she’s sweet and won’t retaliate. Notice they took it easy on GG–probably because they’re scared she might come after them with a knife after the show.

  20. Nimeo

    Seriously, this is Whack wha wha wha wHACk. After seeing pics of Raza and Mj kissing, then Raza saying he will drag MJ and get her help by making her enter drug and alcohol rehap facility, Now it all make sanse why Raza wants to work thing sout with MJ. He is creating a story line for him next season, he wants to look good and make MJ look bad by proving she is drug addict and he cares for her, and that is why he is making her get help hmmmmmmmmmm. I realize last night MJ is really really weak and for some reason in need of Raza’s relationship. I was like what when she said she will prove to him that she is not drug addict and alcoholic. why why why

    Tamara you need to speak to your girl and make her wake up and smell Raza’a arm pit, I am sure she will smell a manipulation and scheming plus the smell of dead horse. He is playing her like a fiddle.

    • MJ is a smart girl. You may have noticed that MJ hasn’t tweeted a thing about working things out with Reza. That picture might not mean what you think.

      • lilkunta

        tamara I hope you are right. If Mj contacts you ask her to read us the fans posts for reassurance. Reza went way to far, he disrespected and humiliated MJ and then unneccessarily attacked her mother Vida. Reza is mean, a bully, and we dont want MJ to have any friendship with him.

        Of course for filming this presents a big problem since reza is who she filmed with . perhaps she may film with GG?

        Oh, and bravo even showed that Reza said he fcked Mj and Mj agreed clearly in a joking manner(i think she rolled her eyes) so Reza was wrong in saying MJ was lying.


      • Nimeo

        Tamara why don’t you ask MJ to guest blog and updates us. That would be fun, MJ answering our questions live lol.

  21. Nimeo

    Yes Tamra, MJ is smart, but I do think she has soft spot on Raza for some resons I can’t see. I was in shock with all the things that Raza was saying to her, and about her, if I was mJ Raza would be screaming and saying please bitch get off me, stop hitting me LOL. He would be on the floor crying like the idiot he is. Sorry I cannot take him anymore. I am not MJ and I want to rip his mustache out one by one. He is a disguesting shemale with no pride.

    • jakies mom

      I think she is handling this like a lady and not stooping to Reza, Asa or Lilly’s level. TT is right. Notice she hasn’t retweeted the picture or any of the tweets that Reza has tweeted trying to spin this to make himself better.

      Watching Asa smirk and get in the fray bringing up MJ’s professional credibilty sure isn’t what most spiritual people do and who is Lilly to yell out “you are a convicted felon” when she knows little about anything.

      That was a trainwreck last night and the only one who showed any class was MJ.

      • Nimeo

        Hi Jakies, yes it was a trainwreck. I can’t take Asa any more, I think she is one of those people who smiles your face buy puts a knife in your back when you look away. She is disguesting, I don’t blieve the act she puts on, the one she acts like she is this holly, authentic person. She is full of Reza’ s fart, yes she is.

  22. Mango

    Thoroughly unpleasant reunion to watch, brutalizing really. Reza, Asa and Lily, can’t stand them now. During the season, I can rationalize about how things were edited, but there was no way to play off the aggression and pure meaness coming from that side of the room on the reunion.

  23. sammiejane

    So many comments, but I will try to make it brief.

    Reza: Reza is just Reza. He is a bit flamboyant at times and hypercritical of MJ. My feelings are he has a lot of pain in his life and MJ has shared the ups and downs with him. This making her the target for we all tend to attack those closest to us. I in no way, shape, or form condone all the comments he has made about her and feel most of “substance abuse” issues should be first addressed face to face with no cameras present. They will be friends until the end of time. In his words they “are blood”. He just needs to incorporate more tact when confronting her about sensitive issues.Though he means well, his delivery needs work.

    Mike: Mike appears to be the voice of reason and though MJ on more than one occasion referred to him of inferior intelligence he appears to me to have good advice to all (of course he lost it a bit when talking with Omid but I would find it difficult myself dealing with that pile of dung!).

    Lilly: The voice (Guuuh!), the constant belittling of other cast mates, and her continual insistence of being in no need for a man to provide for her was even pointed out by Andy as preposterous is draining. I literally make a point of finding something else to do when she is in a scene. The voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

    G.G.: What can you say about an individual whom is a self-proclaimed prescription pill popper and apparent alcoholic? Mixing benzodiazepines and alcohol are a deadly combination. This is how she chooses to live so I prefer to see her casting NO stones at other members of the cast. Hell, within minutes her story changes showing she has short term memory loss at such a young age.I am surprised to hear she hasn’t spent jail time. CAUTION: Always keep knives well hidden when she visits! Apparently, she is less then shy threatening to cut someone in the face… cray cray!

    Asa: Though at times I feel her soapbox needs to be kicked out from under her, she actually is intelligent, beautiful, and goal driven. I have great respect for her. Diamond water… I can’t wait to try it!

    Last but ABSOLUTELY not least, MJ: I don’t care what anybody says about her. She is my favorite. She is pretty,well articulated, and intriguing. Does she have a substance abuse problem? Hell, I don’t know, never met her but, her responses seem well thought out and I LOVE her!! I might suggest a wardrobe adjustment to be more flattering but to each his own and she is MAGNIFICENT!!! Go MJ! Hold your head high, love! You have so much going for you. :)

    I apologize, I meant to keep that short… Ooopsie :/

    • jakies mom

      You are welcome to waste your money on Asa’s water but you should do your research first. There are may studies that show negative effects of drinking alkaline water including hardening and deterimental affects to the heart muscles and other studies show that drinking it does nothing. No studies show that it is truly beneficial except by those who sell alkaline water. There is lots of info if you are interested.

      You can make your own alkaline water as well.

      It is impossible to infuse diamonds or its properties into water by filtering it with one. . This is nothing but a scam. Not her first since she also was a partner with her ex in an herbal xtc biz.
      She may have 2 degrees but her definition of vulva and phallic as she stated on the reunion was not correct either. Nor was Lilly’s nonsense about looking down. Just because they say it doesn’t make it true. Just because she claims to have 2 degrees it means nothing.

      Buy a pretty bottle, take some water, filter it through a britta and put a diamond in it. Viola, you will have diamond water. That will be just as effective.

      If Asa bad character is a by-product of drinking dw that then I think I will pass

      • sammiejane

        Trying it won’t kill me. I am old enough to make a decision to try something. Not saying I am investing or backing it in a PR sense. Sorry to offend your water sensibilities… but I am sure you will get over it.

      • jakies mom

        Whatever makes your boat float.

      • sammiejane

        *floatin’ in my boat wearing my hat and drinking diamond water*

      • jakies mom

        You seem to be confusing me with someone who actually cares what you do. I don’t.

        Bon Voyage.

  24. Vp

    Reza is mentally ill.

  25. phakedraparks

    They’re all disgusting…

  26. Mimsy

    That reunion made me so uncomfortable. Like I was so uncomfortable throughout. First off Reza is horrible. If I am friends with someone for 20+ years, it doesnt matter what we go through I am NOT gonna go telling who they’re sexing or whatever. That is just beyond tacky and disloyal. He looked so FOOLISH with that double stuff comment. So dumb. 2nd, if he was REALLY concerned for his friends ‘alleged’ problem he would pull her aside and really do something about it. Not put the girl on blast. That goes to show that he doesnt care and that maybe there isnt a problem. Oh and if he had called my mom a hoe and a bitch….it would have been a wrap on that reunion. I wouldve gotten up and fucked him up. For real for real. Beyond disrespectful and disgusting. I wouldve gotten to him somehow and the only way to avoid a beating is if someone separated me. Funny how fake barbie and Asa said NOTHING to Reza when he made that horrible statement, but wanna put on blast about MJs arrest. Those are just puppets. NEXT! I really hope MJ doesnt become friends with him again. Just be cordial to him and thats it. I could NEVER be friends with someone who said that about my mother. Ugh this reunion was depressing. And WTF at that random piece trying to make us feel all warm inside, like whatttt? GTFO Bravo andy

  27. jakies mom

    Reza’s disingenuous blog is up. He is still on damage control. Hard to believe anything he says or his motivations considering he was trashing MJ up until last week.

    • bananaville

      i don’t want to tell you how to think, but perhaps if you opened your mind about the gay man’s conflicts, the brutality can be understood.
      most gay men (like 90%+ go through abuse we can’t even imagine). i am a str8 female but i heard the stories. I think Reza attacked MJ to test her to spill his own secrets and she never did. he violated her to shreds and she refused to reveal his end. I think she knows his gay disturbances and he is conflicted with expressing them. His secrets are probably disturbing and he feels ashamed.

      i can be wrong but that rarely happens. its just sad to see MJ protecting Reza and Asa being an instigator. Asa is a creep and she can afford to evacuate. what a bitch! ugh.

      • I’m pretty sure the gay men who post here will take issue with you considering Reza’s behavior acceptable. Are you here trying to do damage control for Reza? Or do you have some sort of personal issue with Asa?

      • bananaville

        it is not acceptable at all. nor do i care about the details of where it came from. sorry if i offended your gay viewers… point is that i am bothered with this friendship btwn MJ and Reza flushing away. there is an “Asa” variable that seems to be consistent with destruction.
        We can’t even mention GG and GG had no right to explain.
        We can’t bother with the cabo/MJ birthday exclusion of GG…. bc Asa paved the road.

        i sense manipulation and social calculation. i do mean well.

      • bananaville

        i really am hoping he is turning around for MJ’s sake. she was exploited … and it just kept going on… i look at his environment and saw lilly going desperate, Asa having fun. this is the picture i see and i see Asa as a spoiled apple.

      • Naa

        90%+ of gay men go through abuse you can’t even imagine?

        Do you by any chance have a link to an article that supports this lurid fantasy of yours?

      • ok look, there is one of those misbehaving gays now. It’s okay though. I hear he was the victim of unimaginable abuse.

      • bananaville

        i have no doubt that reza has had sexual abuse under his belt, as most gay men do. point is that MJ knows this, 20 years of security she provided, kept her mouth shut, and was exploited to the hairs. reza & MJ suffered this ploy… who the fuck is asking how Asa took this ride? Reza might be damaged and weak. so is MJ… asa practically eating popcorn makes my fucking eyes bleed.

      • Naa

        you’re an idoit. (intentionally misspelled.)

      • jakies mom

        So I guess that is why he continues to blast MJ on twitter – nothing to do with the fact his is an narcissistic idiot, just a faux syndrome you concocted.

        I agree with @naa

  28. borednow

    Just watched the reunion and while Reza is repulsive, I simply cannot stand Asa. She just seems fake and ugly on the outside and the inside. Diamond water is just plain stupid. As for Mj, I just feel so sorry for her. I hope her train gets on the right track soon and she finds the happiness and love she deserves.

    • bananaville

      it’s easy to hate reza, but Asa was riding his back like a monkey and he was upset. trust me, if asa was never there, MJ and Reza would be getting cute with the lilly jealousy. if u need proof then check out 2 season finales and figure out WHO had to own it. Asa. i feel bad for reza and MJ. im proud that GG stepped back and i am marveled as to how mike kept it steady.

  29. Reza’s behavior was despicable. I don’t get the Asa hate. I like her quite a bit.

    • bananaville

      i didn’t have anger towards Asa until i took a step back and realized that she is involved with the major conflicts with the show.

    • pffft

      I can’t stand Asa. She claims she is so educated, she supports her parents, but then whines because she only has 500 bucks in her bank account. PFFTT. Get your story straight.

      She can’t sing. She isn’t entertaining. That diamond water is complete bullshit. OUT OF ALL THE Bravoleberties pushing their products that is the most silly product.

      I happen to LOVE GG and how she called Asa out. And MJ was correct those filtering water through diamonds aint gonna do a damn thing.

      Everyone makes fun of MJ for her bikini’s, however Asa showed up with her belly hanging out in a damn thong. And she neds to do something with those funky eye brows. Asa looks like a man.

      Asa is like Kim Kardashian, mooching off a JACKSON, on reality TV, and pushing shitty products. She has no talent, and I don’t even find her that smart. I think she is really really dumb.

      I THINK GG is more articulate at expressing herself than Asa. When GG tried to apologize Asa said “it sounds very complicated.” YEP complicated to someone who is too stupid to understand what GG was trying to explain dumbass.

  30. do you realize you have made the same comment half a dozen times now? It sounds like a personal issue with Asa to me. Why don’t you go take it up with her on twitter. I’ve heard it enough here.

    • bananaville

      i don’t have twitter but I understand your point. i don’t know these people, i am an observer with a delayed response which comes off strong. my apologies if i disrupted your site. i appreciate you allowing me to publish my opinions.
      i never meant to upset you.
      best regards TT
      ill back off.

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