Jacqueline Laurita Joins the Ranks of Housewives With Tax Problems

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Another day, another Real Housewife of Somewhere with a tax issue. I just don’t understand these people who don’t pay their taxes! How hard is it to keep records and hand them to the tax guy in January? This time it is Jacqueline Laurita. The NJ Tax Division is coming after Jac for nearly $340,000. That is STATE TAX!  Just how high is state income tax in NJ, anyway? I just don’t get it. Then again, I save my money, live in a small house that I actually own, and have investments for the future. Jac lives in a house the bank owns, and has a fabulous collection of handbags and $1,000 dollar shoes. One of us is doing it wrong. I guess we shouldn’t worry too much about Jac though. Lest we forget, she has a million dollar a year secret source of income she doesn’t tell anyone about, right? I wonder why Chris Laurita isn’t included on the bill? Do they not file joint returns? Oh wait, it seems they don’t file at all.


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31 responses to “Jacqueline Laurita Joins the Ranks of Housewives With Tax Problems

  1. Vp

    Has she EVER paid taxes???

    • They could of made a lot of money in a year or two and owe that much…. This is not even just a housewives problem tho this is an American problem, we don’t put enough into the interests of our finances when it comes to The IRS and idk why bc they will shut your entire life down O.o

    • Buck Henry

      Who knows, but as shady as that family is I wouldn’t be surprised she didn’t pay.

  2. Maybe it was because I was raised by parents a generation older than most of my peers, but one of the very first things they taught us was the value of a dollar. I’ve never been in debt a day in my life except for about a year of paying student loans. Once employed, you have an emergency fund for every emergency. Zombie Apocalpse money, dentist money, a variety of retirement funds, graduate school funds, and I was TEACHING. I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to owe money and not know how you are going to pay it. Parents need to get back to teaching financial responsibility. No wonder the economy is in the toilet.

    • Jarlath

      You paid off your student debt in a year?

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      You paid off your student loans in a year? I’ll be happy to pay mines off about the time when it comes for me to retire lol

      • Yeah, I didn’t borrow much of anything. In fact, I only borrowed it because I was young and dumb and wanted more beer/spring break trip money. I moved back home after undergrad to take care of my parents so my income then went to paying it off.

        I just glad I opted against the law degree idea. I would probably still be paying that off. :) I’m super frugal except when it comes to trips and well… jewelry.

      • jarlath

        when did you go to school?

    • Ncfinedime

      Like my Dad always taught me, you have to respect money to keep it

      • brenda

        My Dad always said pay your self every payday. I started working odd jobs while still in middle school and by the time we got married we had a large amount to put down on our first home. Hope my kid’s take their Grandfathers advice.

  3. socalsun

    If we have an income, we pay taxes. I think we all learned that at a young age. If anyone thinks they can hide from either the IRS or their state tax board, they have another thing coming. Jacqueline is not the “sharpest knife in the drawer,” so she will probably say she did not know taxes were not being taken out of her paycheck. She was so quick to attack Teresa about her life & finances; maybe Jac should have been paying more attention to her own problems.

  4. That’s another thing. Is Bravo hiring these people as independant contractors? Or do they just not take out the state taxes because the HWs are out of state? Maybe that is it, They think they can avoid state taxes because only the Fed taxes are pulled out of the Bravo check and that is why Chris isn’t mentioned. Uncle Sam usually takes their bite first.

    • socalsun

      They probably are independent contactors. Bravo would give them a 1099 at year end, and it the employee’s responsibility to claim the income. That is why Jacqueline owes the money and not Chris.

  5. I got several 1099s this year and they took out taxes on all of them. Federal and State. I don’t know why this is irking me. It just makes no sense.

    • socalsun

      Obviously, either Bravo or another source of income did not take out state taxes. She now owes interest and penalties on top of it. Who knows how many years she owes the taxes for.

    • When you say “they took out taxes who do you mean”? My husband receives 1099s and has never had taxes taken out. I have never heard of anyone who receives 1099s to have taxes taken out. Even when I waitresses I received on at the end of the year for my tips and there were never taxes taken out except for what the restaurant paid me. However I had never heard of anyone paying taxes on unemployment either until my husband were unemployed and he opted for taxes to be taken out every week instead of doing it at the end of the year. So maybe 1099s are like that as well but I have never had that option. I would assume though that’s exactly what’s happening. People who go on these shows are broke for the most part or they wouldn’t be doing these shows. So they take all the money they get to keep up appearances instead of putting it back at the end of the year to pay taxes like they should.

  6. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Humph. But she has so much to say about Tre and her finances on Twitter. It’s amazing how the producers will serve Tre’s finances on a silver platter, but it’s been noted for a while now that Signature Apparel is going through its own bankruptcy and Susan G. Komen is suing both Jac and Chris, yet nothing is hardly heard of it. Glad the show has some new producers. Maybe things will be on a level playing field. It makes no sense that Jac can talk about Tre when her finances aren’t great either. She and her husband has ripped off people too, for the same reasons that Joe and Tre did: to try to keep up with the Joneses.

    • Socalsun

      I completely agree. If this was happening to Teresa, Jac would be tweeting about it as we speak. Maybe she can rent a room from Teresa when she loses her house.

  7. no name maddox

    couldn’t happen to a nicer girl…hee hee….secret source of million dollar income…i almost forgot about that…bigger hee hee

  8. Dawn

    I am certain Jacqueline doesn’t prepare taxes. Chris or any entry level preparer would see tax was not witheld. This had to be another instance of them intentionally cheating. Of course, she will lie and claim no responsibility. Somehow will be Teresa’s fault or all money issues fault of bad accountant. Chris is no business man, if he cannot even understand the first steps of earning money. It is taxed! More scanners like the Armstrongs in BH!

  9. KAM

    NJ taxes are crazy, especially their property taxes. I’m not necessarily a Teresa fan, but….people in tacky glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  10. Pinky

    I just hope they are both held accountable with the feds – Chris and Jac are the very worst kind. Snitches and look you dead in the eye while lying. Ugh….and how many innocent people did they scew out of a job with their theft and greed while beleeding their own comany dry to have millions?? To screw a charity, SusanGKoman, out of their money is just evil. Why would the autism community of charities ever want to be associated with them – especially since most viewers doubt the truth of the diagnosis with Jac’s child???

    • Gcgb53191

      They doubt he has autism ?

      • Yes, a lot of people doubt Nicholas has autism. Instead, they think he has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) because of Jac’s drinking. I don’t know one way or the other so I’m withholding my opinion. I sincerely hope it isn’t true…I’d hate to think a mom & dad would stoop that low.

  11. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Tamara for your protection stop writing about your financial health because you have to watch you your back from a certain delusional broke ex-housewife.

  12. Moronica

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer woman. (Eye roll.)

    Could these taxes be on the Signature Apparel income Jac is being sued for?

    That was a ridiculous amount of money they burned through for the McMansion lifestyle the Lauritas lead.

    Sheesh, if I had redirected that much money to myself I would have a grand palazzo in Tuscany to show for it! I would be enjoying my Aldo Conterno Dolcetto d’Alba 2000 while admiring my itty-bitty Picasso hanging over my 16th century mantle.

    Too bad I am a law abiding taxpayer. At least I don’t ever worry about whether my butt looks big in a prison jumpsuit.

    carry on with the fab work here at TT.

  13. Katrina

    On a 1099, it depends on if you ask for taxes to be withheld. Independent contractors taxes are normally not taken out. I would be surprised if Bravo is withholding any taxes. These people are not considered employees, but contract work. They are responsible for paying their own federal taxes, social security, etc.
    Tamara said Jaqueline owes state taxes. In Texas we don’t pay state taxes, but we sales tax on everything we buy. I don’t know why Jaqueline would owe state taxes and Chris would not?
    Tereasa and Joe filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy doesn’t have anything to do with paying your taxes?

    • brenda

      The Laurita’s are going to end up loosing everything they have and it is their own fault.
      Can’t believe anyone would fool around with federal or state taxes.

  14. terry macon

    Truely who cares we all have some problem, jacqueline get up put the kids
    In school and go to work. She is lazy remember when Dana ask her to help with the charity. Open a shop,decorate, work in the family business. I’m tired
    Of seeing her husband hold his chest. There is to much stress on him. God tried to tell her she did not need another baby but she insisted. Get up and help out!!!!

    • You did not just say god tried to tell her to not have another baby but she insisted?????? So is the kids autism gods punishment for her continuing to get pregnant? I am going to save my judgment for after your reply because I’m seriously hoping you wrote or I read this wrong!

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