UPDATED: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Films Today

Kim Richards tweeted this picture of her dog Kingsley helping her get ready for the reunion.

Kim Richards tweeted this picture of her dog Kingsley helping her get ready for the reunion.

Rumors abound over who will and will not be showing up to film the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion today. We know for sure that Marisa and Camille were not invited by Bravo based on tweets by Marisa. Wow. Even Pam got to make a little cameo on part three of the reunion last year. I’d say this means we won’t be seeing Marisa or Camille anymore.  Radar Online has a source that says Adrienne isn’t going to the reunion. We all know that Adrienne herself is Radar Online’s best source of RHOBH information so there is a certain sense of credibility there. However, I have a hard time believing as much as Adrienne is running around town with her new boytoy and alerting the paparazzi to her every move that she really wants to forgo another chance to get in front of the camera and tell everyone how happy she is. True, she has no allies left this season except for Kyle, and even she seems to realize that she has attached herself to the wrong housewife, but Adrienne has never met a camera she didn’t like.

I wonder how the reunion filming will affect Lisa’s DWTS practice? Will this set her behind the others?  Do you guys think Adrienne will really be a no show? If she is, will the reunion be boring as hell? What else is there to talk about? Paul is out of the country but left a recorded interview, do you think Adrienne filmed something separately as well? So many questions. I guess we will have to wait for the answers.

UPDATED: It seems Adrienne a source has informed TMZ that Adrienne was legally unable to discuss the divorce from Paul and therefore would not have been able to defend herself at the reunion so she didn’t go. This conveniently leaves her unable to discuss anything else, like the letter she sent Brandi. The silver lining is that Adrienne will not be back on RHOBH. Frankly, I hope they don’t hire a replacement the show has too many housewives already.


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34 responses to “UPDATED: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Films Today

  1. Lucy94

    Adrienne will be there. She’ll have her boy toy on one side and Bernie on the other. What I hope for this reunion is that it will be the last time I will see Taylor and Adrienne. This cast is not working and the numbers reflect it. Regarding Lisa, I’m sure Bravo and ABC worked everything out ahead of time. I read that Paul taped a segment. But the big question is….will Miss Faye be there???

  2. Belinda

    I was an avid watcher….not this year ! Clean house (except for Yolanda ) and bring in all new faces. They have all become predictable and very boring.

    • Dlister

      Isn’t this so true for all the women who come back year after year! Predictable and boring! All these women on all these shows, all they do all the time is gossip about one another. There is never anything else. Gossip about each other during lunch at a restaurant. Gossip about each other at dinner parties. Gossip about each other at galas and other parties. Gossip about each other on Bravo-sponsored world trips. Gossip during stopping by one of their houses. Gossip about each other doing yoga. Gossip about each other during shopping.

      • jarlath

        you left out the de rigueur weddings

      • speaking of which. Just heard Joanna Krupa is tying the knot with Romain (I always think of a head of lettuce) this summer during the taping of the Miami Housewives. How convenient is that? But it will be out in LA.

  3. jarlath

    Kyle can fill in for Adrienne, she’d love the attention.

  4. theREALHONJ

    Faye Resnick is a despicable human being. If Andy continues to allow her to be on the show I wont watch anymore. And I agree with new faces but I do want Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda to stay on.

    • Coral

      What makes Faye despicable? Do you know her personally? I see a well-spoken woman that sticks up for her friend. I would do the same!

      • USED2B718

        Oh yeah, she really stuck up for Nicole Simpson. She’s a GREAT friend. smh

      • pffft

        She is trash! She is has been married tons of times. She is a known druggie. She cashed in on her friends murder. She is a horrible and despicable human being. Trailer trash.

      • She is despicable and a crappy designer too. Plus she went from a black woman to a white woman which is stranger than just strange. Kinda Micheal Jacksonishy. I won’t watch it anymore either I can’t stand her voice, her face or anything about her either. She is a self-serving narsicist. (I know I spelled that wrong sorry) She wrote her supposed story of herself and Nicole a hot minute after her friend was murdered and the trial/ The book hurt and angered both victims families who called it trash and not true. Who would do this? All while saying she was her bff. Says a lot about Kyle being so close to her about her character imo. Finally ready House Of Hilton. Whoa!! Talk about fascinating!! No wonder Kim is an alcoholic and Kyle is so mean and stirs the pot. Shudder. What a horrible mother they had! Off the subject but I am now understanding a lot about these Richards sisters. Creepy… Yeh, I won’t watch. It used to be my fav.

      • Eve

        I agree about Faye being trash. And……those Richards gals coming in a close second. Yep, their mother big Kathy , a real character and not a good one.
        I think the Manson Family has more morals…..

    • susan

      I agree! I cannot watch Faye Resnick..I feel like I need a shower and an antacid when I see her….yuk. I DO like Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi and will enjoy watching them in the future..the rest can please go.

  5. Pinky

    Sadly, the reunions are predictable and boring – Andy has his favorite , Kyle and Mauricio and Kyle has yet – had to be held accountable for any of her horrid behavior. And of course Kim – too fragile to hold accountable and sister to the favorite -ugh!!! If Faye is invited for a hot minute, it would suck that Camile wouldn’t be – It would be nice for Faye to be held acct for all her crap and mention the viewers don’t want her and comments were so bad about/to her on the bravo blog, they were removed!

  6. I love Yolanda; she is like a breath of fresh air on the show. I like the friendship that she and Brandi have.

  7. Vp


  8. Lucy94

    Well, I guess she’s really not going. TMZ is saying that in her divorce agreement she can’t discuss Paul or the divorce. And she doesn’t want to be in violation.

  9. Unless someone mentions their divorce in the last few episodes then the divorce was never an issue. I have never heard one word mentioned about it, I’ve read plenty during the season but it hasn’t been brought up during the show. Even if it was, all she has to do is tell Andy not to bring it up just like she had her lawyers warn Bravo not to mention her kids surrogacy. It’s just an excuse so she doesn’t have to discuss the other lies she has told during the season, she knows Brandi was going to bring the letter he lawyer sent her.

  10. jakiesmom

    I guess she realized she can’t defend the indefensible – the actions of herself and Bernie. She can dish it out but she can’t take it.
    It was reported that she wanted to bring Bernie (don’t know if it is true or not) but that was nixed by Bravo so perhaps that was part of her decision.

    I wonder if no Marissa or Camille is partly because then they would have had to have Faye and perhaps Bravo saw how people felt about her so decided to keep all the friends away. They also probably didn’t want another Dana who can’t seem to stay away from BH with all her tweets including #rhbh in them as if she has any relevancy to the show but hoping to garner fans for her new, self-produced show she keeps talking about. #Looser.

  11. The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick will show up uninvited but will claim she was invited because there is room for her on the sofa.

  12. Kevin

    This sounds like it’s going to be one boring a** reunion. We had to sit through 14 episodes of Brandi VS Adrienne, and Adrienne is not even going? That’s stupid. So we know 3 housewives/friend of the wives that won’t be returning… Adrienne, Camille and possibly Marisa. Sounds like RHOBH is going to be completely different next year.

    Even though I can’t stand Adrienne, I wish she would stay due to the fact that I hate getting to know new people. I think a show is ruined, once the original cast is replaced. We fall in the love with the cast itself, not the ‘show.’

    So who do we have left? Lisa, Brandi, Kyle and Kim (are the likely 4 to stay). Yolanda may not return to season 4, because of her health issues. Taylor currently lives in Colorado with her new beau, and her fan base isn’t quite there so chances are Bravo will let her go. Oh boy!

    • Kinda like RHW of New York did. It was half at least I think that were let go and replaced.

      • Kevin

        Right! And even though I love Heather, I wish the others were still on. Bravo went frantic once the ratings suffered… and now they don’t know what to do. The last I heard, they still haven’t started filming season 6.

    • lilkunta

      kevin : what health issues would cause yolanda to not film?

      • Yolanda has Chronic Lyme disease/disorder. It’s why she mentions being on a 90 day iv regimen and now spending time in a 30 day holistic center.

  13. If Adrienne is leaving I hope they keep Faye on the show. If it weren’t for the bitches there would be no show.

    • Exactly! The same people seem to be calling them predictable and boring but condemning anyone who brings the bitchy drama. Make up your mind and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And if you don’t watch it, why would you EVER read blogs about it and comment.

      I like Faye, but I remember having negative thoughts about her in ’94. I’m not clear why.

      I wish they would not let brandi drag Jennifer jiminez with her everywhere. It’s an interesting dynamic: a loose cannon who gets drunk and does stupid things and a rehab counselor sitting next to her watching her self destruct. I’m betting brandi is on dr drew’s hit list. THAT would be great tv.

      • I really like teecee’s comments. I think she has courage and the chutzpah to really say what is on some people’s minds. I tried clicking on her blog, but there was nothing there. I would read it if she put something there. If not, I’ll continue to read her replies. You’ve got real Moxie!

  14. momadison

    I can’t believe no one mentioned the main reason Adrienne would be unwilling to attend the reunion….Staingate! Hey we all can celebrate the bitchiness of the HW’s and they all lie and backpeddlle when faced with irrefutable proof of their lie/misdeed, but there is no defense for being a basic bitch who leaves disgusting self tanner streaks on furniture!!! I don’t care how rich or no longer rich she is, if you can’t even manage a spray tan and not make sure you are dry before going out, then no wonder basic hair care and the truth stumps you!

    • Adrienne actually just wasn’t invited because Andy wanted to keep the couches clean so they can just ship them back off to the rental company when they’re done! If they’re ugly enough, Faye’ll put them in Kyle’s house next season lol.

  15. Lori

    I love Kingsley! He looks very similar to my boy. So handsome!!!

  16. Susana

    Good to read your updates Tamara

    Suspect Adrienne would say anything not to have to face up to her fabrications. Presuming she watched this season, she would have a hard time answering for herself. She and Paul embarrased themselves, and to a very large audience. Neither one has credibility after this season. They certainly dragged this show through the gutter.

    Very good to hear they won’t be back next season. Was surprised Camille took her side. I am glad Bravo does not tollerate the lawsuit threats, if that is true. Who would want to be on the show. Yes, Karma can be a @itch.

    Agree, they do have enough “housewives” on the show. They could lose Faye, if they already haven’t.

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