Have MJ and Reza Made Up?

shahsrezamjSigh. It seems that Reza Farahan may have a new public relations person who has explained to him that constantly trying to eviscerate his “BFF of 20 years” all over national television with gleeful abandon might not be the best look for him.  Yesterday, MJ, Mike and Reza went to lunch to work out their differences. I have to say, MJ is a better woman than me. After all the abuse Reza heaped on MJ I don’t think I would have been open to listening to anything he has to say. He should be on twitter apologizing publicly for his treatment of her. MJ hasn’t commented on her twitter feed.


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10 responses to “Have MJ and Reza Made Up?

  1. Of course they made up. You can tell MJ is desperate for friendship the way she keeps clinging to a mother/daughter relationship with a woman who hates her, and that sleezy Reza is probably getting a lot of bad feedback from the viewers over they way he treated her all season long, we’ll probably see even more in part 2 of the reunion. Just like when he told her he “loves her but he doesn’t like her” he will stab her right in the back as soon as he sees nobody is watching and her back is turned.

    • thewayiseeit

      I agree! Reza will never do anything unless it benefits him and right now he is back pedaling to try and get back his image (whatever that is). And I think how convenient it is for Reza to do this in the footsteps of Reunion Part 2. People will either think “oh, he doesn’t mean it because they have made up”… or Reza will never change it will always be a “flip-flopper”.

  2. jakiesmom

    I’m not surprised. Seems that Reza hired a spin doctor who advised him to do this before part 2 on sunday.

    Reza tweeted this yesterday but even more interesting is that MJ didn’t nor has she acknowledged it at all on twitter. I think she is smart enough to take his apology with a grain of salt and I am also sure she reads between the lines. The timing is suspicious as are his empty words.

    You can’t put the genie back in the bottle and if Reza thinks this will erase what everyone saw this season and coming on Sunday he is even more delusional that I orginally thought.

    He showed his true colors with his behavior and how sleazy he really is and I don’t think he will ever be able to put the luster back on his image. It has a permanent tarnish.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Reza is NOT to be trusted again. He breached so many friendship codes.
    Reza is an enema because he is a special kinds of a**hole.

    When someone shows you how low down dirty they are, believe them…..

    Yeah sure Reza tweeted this pic, though MJ has not referenced it yet…. Maybe Reza’s public perception benefits more from this than anything, but I don’t buy it one bit. Reza is despicable on so many levels…..

    • jakiesmom

      I agree he is despicable. And I don’t find Lilly or Asa any better since they condoned this, at times instigated it and particpated throughout the season.

      Just days ago he was still going off about her on twittter. Now this sudde about face. No coinkidink that we are seeing this now. Apparently he has seen the backlash and more to come on Sunday and it seems to be affecting him in the pocket not only the ego. I heard his event in DC was unsuccessful so now, all of a sudden, we have this self-serving move.

  4. no name maddox

    i completely agree TT. i don’t think i could turn the other cheek with reza that easily. he smacked her hard and dirty.

  5. LakeGirl

    I am beginning to think the whole Reza & MJ thing was all scripted for ratings. We all know that in every season on every bravo show they have a villain and this season it was Reza, and I will say he played the part very very well. I am losing interest in alot of the reality shows just because they are way too scripted and the editing sucks.

  6. JPM

    Where is there god, does he reside in any of there hearts?!? Reza knock MJ down and kept kicking her. So wrong on so many levels!!!! The old saying is I Might kick my dog, but no one else will… If he loved her, he would have never disrespected her or her family… MJ makes the show, she has great qualities you would want in a friend!!!

  7. Lori

    I would have told Reza to go F…(fly a kite) himself. Unfortunately, if this is all real and not for the show and ratings, then it is very sad that MJ would take such a sorry excuse of a friend back. Sadly, it must stem from her relationship with her Mom. In psychology there is a belief that you will forever pick out relationships where you can work out the unfinished business with your parents. You can’t work it out if the person isn’t exhibiting a similar behavior, so there you have Mom/Reza. For all we know, Reza has always been abusive to MJ. We have only gotten to see such a small period of time of their 20 year “friendship”. I hope that her not responding on any public forum means that she was sort of patronizing Reza when she met with him, and she finally takes a stand against being treated so badly by people who claim to love her.

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