Sheree Whitfield Has Filed for a Restraining Order Against Tamaratattles

Just to keep this out of the other posts, here is my attorney’s statement,”We believe this order to be completely baseless and look forward to defending against it and, ultimately, having the entire action dismissed at the upcoming hearing in the matter. There has been no ‘stalking’ or any illegal conduct on behalf of my client and we believe that will be more than evident when my client has her day in court.”

In case you missed the latest story on Chateau Sheree you can read it here.  I won’t be able to comment further until after the hearing. Story developing…


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116 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Has Filed for a Restraining Order Against Tamaratattles

  1. She doesn’t have a case so I have utmost confidence you’ll prevail. Will you call it Chateau Tamara when it’s all over?

  2. bella

    Sorry for asking about it in another thread!

    You took pictures outside of her house, and got permission from the construction worker….sooo I don’t see how she has a case.

    You should have gotten phaedra to represent you….now that would be funny lol

    • michelle

      As long as you pay her cash in the courthouse parking lot! Your lawyer appears more than competent I’m sure the frivolous case will be dismissed.

    • I'm the genius here

      Yes!! Get Phaedra to represent you!! That will give you a shot at a cameo on RHOA, more free advertising!!!

    • Buck Henry

      Sheree’s mad because of what was seen inside her house. From the looks of construction on the outside, she should have alot more done inside than what Tamara saw. I think the reason those things aren’t in is because they either haven’t been paid or she hasn’t the money yet to finish those jobs.

    • yevon

      bella tamara was all up inside of chateau sheree. this is not the construction workers house and she had no business going inside without sheree’s permission.

    • Poor Sheree, she’ll take publicity anyway she can get it.

  3. CrazyHousewives

    These bloggers go to far sometimes tryna get a story.

  4. Katrina

    It looks like she is suing STFA and Funky Dineva too. I didn’t see your name!

    • is she?? bc i was just saying how is she not suing the other two if she is suing her…girl…LOL Sheree is just trying to stay relevant. What a mess.

      • Katrina

        I saw Michelle B. and Quenton L. However the article is about Tamara. Maybe Sheree put the wrong names on the filing. If she can’t get the names right on the filing, then we know where this is going to end up.

    • yevon

      kenya moore threatened to sue funky dineva not sheree

      • yevon

        MY bad sheree did file a restraining order against funky dineva. stay away from her property all yall bloggers

      • yevon

        she is not sueing them for money she filed a restraining order against them. stay the hell off my property BOO

  5. Natalie

    Sorry that you had to pay to go defend yourself. I want to thank you for keeping us inform. I have been coming since you started. I don’t want you getting depress I like the new happier you so please keep your head up and don’t let this get you down

  6. Aly

    I don’t comment often but I love our log. However, I really do feel you went too far going in her house. Under construction or not.

    • susan

      disagree with that – who cares if she walked around a half finished, if that, house – people do that all the time – I’ve done it in my neighborhood!! Sheree is a nobody now – and wasn’t much during her short stint on RHWOA- what a waste of court’s time…can she even prove Tamara was there?

      • Well, yes she can prove it…
        Just print out the blog of Tamara’s tour…
        Don’t think she has a case though, S isn’t living
        there, wasn’t on the property and I doubt the stalking
        charge will stick since I can’t imagine Tamara camping
        out in front of S’s apartment or following her to the store…
        This is S’s way of staying in the news…

  7. Tamara…this is coming from a lady that can’t even get child support payments, I wouldn’t sweat this broad at all!!

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Dayum gurl!!! So sorry, but Sherre is boosting yo life. Enjoy the wild ride.
    She does not have a good case. You are the “media” and just doing a report. That is all…But it is gratifying to know that Sheree knows that she is being made the butt of jokes.

  9. Kash511

    Sorry to hear that! I don’t know if she has a case or not but I hate that you went in there!! At the same time I hope it doesn’t cost you too much. Good luck!

  10. Dede

    Dear Sheree,
    Get over yourself. That is all.

  11. What the Hell, so sorry to hear this :( it is just not right

  12. Dawn

    Although I previously commented in my post to your blog about the house tour that I did not care for people tramping through my home construction site, everybody does it! She must have lawyer money, surprises me she does. You were quite complementery of her property. Adrienne junior bitch.

  13. Sheree is only doing this for some press because everybody knows that the first amendment protects the press and freedom of speech. Bloggers are the modern day journalists. Everything you did was completely legal, and if I may add…totally awesome. Love your blog!

  14. Wow what type of caca boo boo is this? I am sorry that you are being dragged into this frivolous lawsuit. Sheree should actually be flattered that anyone cares. Once this is thrown out, please counter sue her for your expenses….. as someone said earlier, you really should get Phaedra to represent you… that would have been awesome.

  15. I suspected there was a reason for no interior shots. Didn’t buy the five photo camera thing. Cause if you had five photos and you did not think that wound hurt a case like this, you would have gone with interior shots. Lol. But as it stands now? Your blog could be fictitious. Your artistic interpretation of what it might look like if you went in. Which of course you never did.

  16. FGF

    I almost spit out my drink when I read this headline!!! Any attorney that works with Sheree in 2013 is dumb as hell!! Not only
    is this case frivolous, Ms. “I don’t even pay divorce lawyers who fought my case all the way to the GA Supreme Court” is not paying squat when this is thrown out!!

  17. I'm the genius here

    Any press is GOOD press. Sheree is trying to stay relevant, but just imagine how many more people she will drive to your site in the meantime! Free advertising!

  18. Mango

    Sheree = clutching at straws to stay on teevee

  19. She can’t have it both ways. She is either a public figure or not. If she is not she has privacy expectations. But I just looked and she has a little blue circle with a check mark next to her twitter name. She’s officially a public figure.

  20. Tamara

    Hope you make her pay all your attorney fees when she looses. She is such a douche. Well done for being able to make the new though!! Lol

  21. I find this while thing to be very stressful. I mean…she obviously reads here. And she obviously knows of your anxiety. And she purposefully attacks a woman who is delicate and might be broken by this never to recover????? Why…the pain and suffering this is causing ME is astronomical. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to Tamara. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Sheree is a MONSTER for going after someone who really only has ever had nice things to say about her. She doesn’t care WHO she steps on. She’s a MONSTER and I predict this will cause irreparable damage to her reputation. And she will regret bringing this action. Oh yes. She will so regret it.

    • Sunny in the desert

      Me too, I’m having heart palpitations as I type. The terror Tamara must be experiencing during this trying time can only be remedied with some sort of compensation. We all knew she didn’t go in, a blind man could see that. What some will do for attention.

    • To clarify for any retards who may read more into my comment than I meant, I meant she is alienating her “fan base” with this action. As I said in my earlier post, she is a public figure in branding and promoting herself in ways that only will be sussessful (I meant that) if she has “fans” or an audience who care what she does and says and view her in a positive light. This will not be possible if she alienates people who might be fans and closes off those who wish to help her promote herself. There was absolutely no threat involved. I’d personally be happy if she shriveled up and blew away. Figuratively. Not literally. If any if those words are too big, look them up. Morons.

  22. Pinky

    Hold on – I thought this house was “owned” by her daughter (for a dollar) or her mother? If I’m right – it is technically not even her house. Regardless – what lawyer would work with her knowing she doesn’t pay her bills?? Also, this smells like intimidation to try a sqeeze a few bucks out of Tamra. lol Oh my, Sheree, you are always looken bad.

  23. Naa

    She said she was invited into the house by a worker so I’m not really sure what Sheree’s beef is, but I guess we’ll find out!

    Having just done construction myself, I can tell you that people came up to my workers all the time and asked if they could take a peek. They almost always said no, but a few times they said yes. I think it was when the asker was a pretty woman.

  24. LakeGirl

    You don’t need a lawyer to file a restraining order! Abused women do it all the time. Most restraining orders aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Just asked any abused woman.

  25. Stalking? Intimidating and harassing? Umm Sheree, please do GET OVER YOURSELF. You have your name hot on everyone’s keyboards tonight but I guarantee you it’s not because we give a crap about you. You should be thankful the owner of this blog was even still thinking about you enough to look at your unfinished palace and mention you to the world.

    I’m glad T didn’t take interior shots, if for nothing more than “cover her ass” purposes.

    • ITA with everything you said, Karma Grant! Since when is walking through a construction site stalking, harassing or intimidating? I love seeing the inside of homes – under construction or not. It’s one of the reasons I love watching RHOBH…the house porn. Down here in the South, it’s just kinda understood that that’s gonna happen…or it used to be understood…& nobody minded. I probably shouldn’t say this but – I think there’s more to this – maybe Sheree wants a lil money? Maybe she wants to show Bravo that she still has “fans” & is still in demand (please take me back, Bravo!)? Whatever her motivation, Tamara doesn’t deserve this.

  26. jakiesmom

    Another frivilous lawsuit from another frivilous housewife has been from yesteryear. Like amoebas they seem to be multiplying.

    What a waste of time and resources of our legal system. Apparently this is the new way that faded, irrelevant D list bravolebities try to get back a modicum of relevance.

    This is turning out to be the year of the litigious houswive — everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon,

    Tamara too bad you have to go through this, Hang tough.

  27. no name maddox

    WTF???? i’m so sorry for this time consuming troublesome shit you have been given. you don’t deserve this non-sense.

    • Lucy94

      I HAVE to ask about your user name! You do know that was Charles Manson’s birth name. That’s what they put on his birth certificate. I spend way too much time knowing things that will never do me any good.

  28. ThunderMonk

    Sheree: there was a greater air of glamor when your large home attracted attention and you remained silent. “I need a restraining order on bloggers” somehow cheapens any mystique you had.

  29. Yeah. Like I said on facebook , this legal action is not very sthafissicated.

  30. Rosie

    Wow, she is nuts!

  31. Danielle

    Shereè, focus on yourself, not the blogosphere.

  32. digal704

    I hope this ends soon and I wish you well! Take care!

  33. Stephey

    Freedom of speech! Freedom of the Press! Bloggers are the press!

  34. Dude… get together with Reality Steve. This shiz is bull. I’m praying for ya girl! Luv ya!

  35. victori0us

    Damn this is a catch 22. TT’s traffic on the site must be crazy…but the stress of sumn like this hanging over ur head has to kill the moment. I’m sure it’ll work out in her favor. She didnt break in. She was permitted in by someone she thought was authorized to do so. Hope this doesn’t sway u from blogging TT.

  36. My thoughts & prayers are with you, you, Tamara. Stay strong, girl. : )

  37. Valley Girl

    This too shall pass TT – a waste of time and money. She acts like you sit outside of her door waiting for her to come out to follow her any and everywhere. A mess…..

    I’m just trying to figure out what lawyer would represent her non paying @zz.

    Anxiously awaiting the TT commentary that is to follow when this crap gets thrown out of court.

    And what poetic justice it would be if you were to be the first to break the story when THIS lawyer sues her for non payment.

  38. ripple

    This is the reason that the stalking laws are so hard to get passed when people really need them! These people who don’t get what they want after flashing their life all around need to stay in the news and use laws that are created for “real” victims to keep them there! She should be ashamed.

  39. ThatMikGirl

    Tamara, I have never commented on here before bc I am always on mobile and never my laptop. But i just HAD to grap my laptop when i read this post. I visit your site every day, multiple times a day occasionally. I love how and what you write. and i am SO sorry that stupid SHEree has filed this stupid as heck suit against you. Please keep us all updated bc we are rooting for you!!! Sending you positive thoughts and prayers!!!!!

  40. Sunny in the desert

    I don’t ever feel sorry for these reality “stars” who complain about invasion of privacy. You can’t have it both ways Boo. I think you’re about to get checked.

    I love how your attorney says, “Bring it Bitch”, but in a nice way. :) I hope Sheree’s attorney gets their money upfront. I hope I spelled her name right, other than this time and in a response to another comment up thread, I have never typed that woman’s name. That may be her motivation to get attention or to finally have someone actually verbalize that she is a (cough) celebrity. As in, “Ms. Whitfield, you are a celebrity and don’t have the same privacy protections that an average citizen would have”. She’ll have her own little private Sally Field moment. Bless her heart.

    Tamara~You ARE crazy, the good kind, and you have a kind heart, and I’m not kissing your ass, it’s true.

  41. Seannea

    What an insult to people actually being stalked and harassed. What an insult to people who work hard for their pay cheque. SheBroke needs to stop wasting Bob’s $$$ on her legal lifestyle and build her damn home! Or Tamara sues for slander (calling her a stalker, etc) she gets Bob’s $$$ and it gets used for good. #ChateauTamara

  42. Nyasa

    That’s an abuse of the court system. She’s a public figure by choice. She’s made mention of her chateau on national television. You were invited to look around. We all know that if it cost money to file a protective order Sheree wouldn’t have filed. Why do these people think they don’t have to play by the same rules we all play by?

  43. myinfo

    This will backfire. More people will start stalking her house and more bloggers will start reporting on her money problems. We all know you took photos of the outside of house and were joking about being inside her house.

  44. myinfo

    If the house is in her daughters name’
    can it be proved she is hiding money from people she owes money? Is that some type of fraud? Can it be proved that she paying for the house to be built? Does her daughter have the money to build the house? Bloggers please find out.

  45. Dlister

    Wow, dammit. So sorry about this, TT. Hope for the best outcome for you.

  46. sandydc

    So sorry you have to go through this. I am confident the judge will dismiss her complaint.

  47. Princess Diva Z

    Ok first of all who the hell is defending her broke ass? That tells me a lot about whoever they are (a little cray cray)…I’m just sayin Any woo Sheree is a broke down bitter beezo!! She really has time to sit and read (o yea she is jobless) blogs all day? The things that I have seen on this site are not stalkerish it’s the damn truth and Sheree can’t handle the truth apparently. Stop flossing and get your life together and maybe nobody would have anything to say about you. I’m personally tired of this old cow and wish somebody would take her ass out to the pasture for good!! DONE!!! As far as the house is concerned I don’t think that thing will ever be finished and if it ever does I don’t think Sheree will be living in it. I’m sure she owes somebody and they are going to come a calling as soon as she move her furniture in. Well Tamara you mentioned she had no light fixtures or appliances well she can use the ones she stole from Bob’s old house. LOL LOL this lady is laughable at best! Thanks for the updates…Keep us posted on your legal woes.

  48. I’m a long time lurker but logged in to say: If earlier reports as to the legal owner of the property are true, it would appear that Sheree doesn’t have legal standing to bring suit against you as she is not the legal owner of what is widely known as Chateau Sheree. Furthermore, if Sheree doesn’t fall back on this suit and her insistence that you are violating her rights as property owner, it will SURELY cause the IRS and other creditors to view the transference of the property from mom to her to her daughter — or whatever way it went — as FRAUDULENT! which will be a bigger headache to her in the end. She/her family could lose house altogether if she opens up this can of worms. Good luck!

  49. The Disher

    I hope Sheree’s lawyer got paid up front ’cause she doesn’t pay her lawyers. I agree with @Pinky. Sheree doesn’t even legally own that house, so WTH. She’s using the legal system to bully and harass you. Make sure your lawyer asks for YOUR attorney fees to be paid for by Sheree for filing a frivolous lawsuit!

    • Princess Diva Z

      Disher I totally agree with you… Make her pay your attorney fees for wasting yours and the courts time with this b.s.!!

  50. Barbara

    She is only relevant because Tamara Tattles and others write about her. No case whatsoever. God I hope justice gets served and they laugh her damn order out of the courtroom and tell her to stop wasting the courts time.

    • Katrina

      It is so easy to sue someone. You don’t need a lawyer. Sheree is not being paid to be on TV anymore and she wants her privacy.

      • Princess Diva Z

        Well unfortunately that is not how it works! She signed up to be a reality television personality and now she has to deal with all the lies and mess she put out there. There is no privacy for a reality television personality during or after they do a show so…..kick rocks

      • Katrina

        That is not true! We all have a right to privacy.

      • Princess Diva Z

        Not when you put yourself on display in front of the whole world you don’t. You open yourself up for people to look into your past and every part of your life when you do a reality show especially when you put on how Ms. Whitfield put on!! IJS. Sorry!

    • Princess Diva Z

      Exactly my point. She should be thanking Tamara for keeping her relevant. I’m just sayin…She should be sending you thank you notes instead of legal documents. Without Tamara she would be blending into the background.

  51. Abby

    If Sheree wanted privacy she should have built a house on a more private lot. That lot and it’s location screams “look at me”!

    • And it was shown on rhoa at least twice.

    • ripple

      She also should not have dragged a Bravo film crew along with everyone watching to the location if she wanted the privacy she is telling everyone she wants!
      She is just bitter that she was let go and she has taken every chance she can get to stay relivant…she was on 2 entertainment shows talking about RHOA in the last month and she has been gone for some time. It is all fun and games until something dosen’t go the way they want it to, i.e. not being able to finish this house she has gone on and on and on about! If it had gone the way she planned she would have had every tabloid in the world taking pics of it. She is just mad that she is not getting paid and really has nothing to do with “privacy”.

      • Princess Diva Z

        I have to agree with you on several points! If she didn’t want anyone to know about her lot she shouldn’t have taken the Bravo camera’s to the location. Second like someone else mentioned buy a lot that’s not at the corner of two busy streets. Hello….She is so thirsty right now..trying to keep up her fake lifestyle is hard when you don’t have a pay check. I have checked MS. Whitfield many times on Twitter about her behavior and stunting….#SMDHatthispatheticwoman

  52. BravoCueen

    Talk about a TOTAL abuse of the system. Bogus filings like this are what clogs up the system and makes judges apathetic to REAL victims seeking VALID and NECESSARY orders of protection. Shame on her.

  53. The Disher

    Stalking means you have to have the intent to intimidate or harass — even assuming all other things alleged are true. Everybody else who wrote about Sheree said her house would NEVER be built — that it was “NEVERLAND.” Tamara was actually proving that it was being built — painting that idiot Sheree in a more flattering light than others. The INTENT was to provide bloggers with information — not to stalk that idiot. #Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  54. The Disher

    And another thing. I am hot under the collar about ppl filing frivolous lawsuits. TT — I hope your lawyer also sends Sheree’s lawyer a frivolous litigation letter & asks for fees against Sheree’s LAWYER, too — ’cause Sheree probably doesn’t have any real $ to go after that’s in her own name.

  55. Tamara, I signed up for WordPress just to comment on this post. I love your site, read it daily. I believe Sheree doesn’t have a case against you. You aren’t the first blogger to delve into these “stars” lives and you won’t be the last. You said nothing but positive things about her house, and she’s just angry because the negative side of her life is being posted. If she didn’t sue bloggers for her financial misdeeds being posted while she was on TV, she can’t decide to grow a pair of balls now. Good luck!

    • RahRah

      Yeah, she didn’t go after Funky Dineva who apparently doesn’t have anything she wants but Tamara doe have something, more than sheree has I imagine.

  56. AmberKnows

    Much like a Vampire, once you’re invited in … IT’S ON! When you’re given permission to look at a property that’s what you do. LOOK.

  57. RahRah

    She should send you $100 for every mention of her name.

  58. RahRah

    You would think Sheree had had enough of lawyers by now.

  59. Tamara sorry you have to even worry about hiring an attorney to represent you in something so stupid and frivolous. I am sure you will prevail as you did nothing wrong—–stalker indeed, lmbao. Sheree is still trying to be relevant but instead she just looks more stupid if it is possible for her to look more stupid….she is so far down the path of buffoonery. I for one hope she drives a ton of traffic to your blog along with a zillion advertisers to book and of course let’s not forget the income. Hope your attorney is able to recover all her fees along with compensation for all the pain and suffering you have to endure for this frivolous action being filed.

    For those bashing TT on entering a construction site, puhleseese it is done ALL THE TIME. When I was building a house, whenever I went by to check on things and take photos and videos for memories, it was like entering grand central station. Builders actually encourage people stopping by to look at their creations, it drums up business.

    Until the house is ready for final finish work it is not even customary to lock it up. So unless there was a lock on the gate/door/entrance, trespassing signs prominently place and workers telling TT to leave the premises she did nothing wrong. And TT was actually rather kind. Makes me wonder why Sheba didn’t try to file against Funky and Michele they are a heck of a lot harder on this fool.

    TT you will win this one and we are all behind you so go to court and kick this fools butt to the curb.

  60. Mallory

    This is some BS! Sorry this is happening, Tamara. I can’t imagine she has a case or that she even has the funds to see it through.

  61. Pam

    So I wake up this morning after a shitastic week that included funerals and find you talked about on TMZ. You’ve come a long way, baby.

  62. becky while

    People do go through homes under construction all the time – ALL the time – that being said it does not make it right – however TT asked and was given permission to enter the home. If Sheree has workers on her site that allow such things her beef is with her general contractor not TT.

    Maybe, just maybe, Sheree wants the exact opposite of what the majority are accusing her of wanting – maybe she does not want MORE publicity but LESS. Maybe she just wants to be left alone as being in the spotlight did her more harm than good.

    It, in my opinion ended up making her look stupid and selfish, especially when showing how she put her needs before her kids. Can you imagine if she is trying to finish this house with the idea of selling it? Who will buy it with the constant lurking? It is possible she does want to be left alone – not likely, but possible.

    BTW, IMHO you know you are making it when your blog is making headlines on other widely read blogs. Go TT

  63. aaron

    im sorry but this woman is full of shit, you are a celebrity and put your life on tv so if people want to do blogs and take pictures of your house whether you live in it yet or not they can because you put your self in that life even though your no longer on the show your are still a celeb and will be in that life as longs as people want to talk about you

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