Marvin Sapp Speaks Out Regarding Controversy Surrounding Kandi Burruss Release of a Gospel Song

MarvinSappIt seems the controversy of Kandi Burruss’ recording of a gospel song continues to cause controversy. In that post we had a wide variety of viewpoints on whether or not Kandi should have recorded Prayed Up. Today, Marvin Sapp addressed the situation on his facebook after someone left a self-righteous comment expressing her disappointment in his participation in the song. Here is what he had to say. From the Facebook of Dr. Sapp:

Usually I don’t respond to people about things like this however I must this time. The problem with many in the church is 1.) that we major in minors and 2.) ignorant (not well studied) of scripture. Lets deal with the first, This woman who was an ex R&B singer that sells sex toys and live with her man decided on a show that reaches 10 million viewers per showing (believers and unbelievers) to sing about,,,, Not sex toys, drugs or living with a man but PRAYER!!!!!! and the saints are upset.

The lyric says, “I stay prayed up, that gets me by, that how I made it through my darkest time, see I’m a sinner and thats no lie, but thank God my prayers are heard because he knows I try” Wow!!!!! nothing elicit or comprising about the lyric…. So lets look at how Jesus dealt with the sinner….. From my study of scripture the only people he checked was the church (religious people of that day) however the sinner he consistently showed COMPASSION!!!!!!! Examples…… Woman caught in the ACT of adultery Also the Woman at the well……. Never exposed them publicly, dealt with them privately. We as believer major in minors…… So caught up in the messenger that we are missing the message “Staying Prayed UP”.

Now I close with this…Everyone that God used in scripture was flawed and or had struggles…. Let me call the roll….. Moses was a murderer, Rahab was a harlet (whore), David was a murder/adulter and still considered a man after Gods own heart, Peter was a cutting cusser however was in the inner circle of Jesus, Paul was a murderer and made many blaspheme against God however wrote 2/3 of the NT, He spoke through a Donkey and if we decide to be quite rocks will cry out… We say we are christians which means being Christ-like but question peoples motives that model his behavior….The bible speaks about witnessing and that you need to be wise to win souls and Paul says I became all things to all men that I might win some…. Compromise was never done here nor do I condone her life style or life choices and keeping 100 you don’t know the off camera conversation we had. Again big picture 10 million people at 1 time were challenged to PRAY in difficult times WOW!!!! Thats Awesome and Ministy….. PS Didn’t spell check because I’m late to a meeting…. Be Blessed



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48 responses to “Marvin Sapp Speaks Out Regarding Controversy Surrounding Kandi Burruss Release of a Gospel Song

  1. CityGirl81

    My only grief was she should have a person with a “real” singing voice to do her part, but I digress. I knew the “saints” would be all upset about this and MANY of them are living their lives ten times WORSE than Kandi!

  2. yup

    Hypocritical church-goers <—- nothing new.

    Very well said, Marvin Sapp. I'm not religious nor am I a fan of Gospel music, but I think the lyrics to Kandi's song are so beautiful and inspiring. Especially since we all know about her fiance AJ's unexpected death. She's saying that her faith got her through hard times, and religious folks are screaming, "hey, you shut up about your faith–you're not "good enough" to be a part of our religion!"

    Meanwhile there are lots of hardcore religious people doing lots of f-cked up things. They just sneak around…priests molesting children, anyone?

    How dare anyone think they have the right to pick on Kandi for singing gospel. F-cking hypocrites.


      Hypocritical? Kaindi put her private sexual conduct out there on her Atlanta Housewives show on how good she is at giving her man head and if idiots think that should not raise eyebrows then they need their brains examined! Only a slut puts her oral sex business on blast. And that aint being a hypocrite, that’s being truthful.


      If anyone puts their private sex business on national television on how well they suck it they are not a victim if people think that is slutty or bad role modeling for our single young church ladies. Tough if you think it’s judging. Too bad there are such low morals in society. No wonder there are so many teen pregnancies and you are not the father these days. Sad.

      • So let me get this straight, it isn’t that she’s giving BJs unmarried, it’s that she talks about it? I’m always fascinated by the different rules of the Christians and how extremely different they are from the bible! It almost makes me wonder if we read two different books!

  3. ThunderMonk

    I was really pleased to read Marvin Sapp’s response. I’m surprised at all the controversy surrounding Kandi’s song – I didn’t think you had to be a saint to sing praise, but then again I’m not religious by any measure.


      U obviously missed the show where she and Phaedra bragged on how well they enjoyed sucking their man’s penises. At least Phaedra is a married woman. How dare people accuse the public of judging her, she put her whorish behavior on full blast, not even caring it could get back to her daughter. No one needs to know how good she sucks her man’s penis. Some nerve, she is prayed up all right.

  4. Dlister

    Personally, I think singing gospel is a personal choice for any reason that is held dear to the singer. It isn’t black (“heathen behavior”) or white (“pious living”), but a feeling and desire. How can anyone accurately judge or question Ms. Burruss’ inspiration to do this?


      People are shocked at Kandi putting her enjoyment of oral sex with her live in boyfriend on blast thing singing a gospel song. How is that judging she put her business out there so what did she expect people to say after trying to appeal to the Church going crowd with that being prayed up song?.

  5. Nicole

    Amen, Marvin!


      Marvin does not get an Amen neither do you for co-signing a women who brags on how good she is at oral sex then singing prayed up, no wonder our kids don;t have any morals or believe any church goer is real. I quit watching Atlanta Housewives cause Kandi is just sickening and all the rest of the slutty cast.

  6. RealitySux

    THANK YOU Mr. Sapp. The hypocrites can crawl back under their rocks now. If you don’t like the song – just don’t buy it. What is so hard about that. I like the lyrics…the message. Kandi never claimed to be a saint … but there are tons of saints who are undercover “sinners”.


      Once again people are critical of the wrong hypocrite. Kandi bragged more than once on how good she is at oral sex with Phaedra agreeing. Phaedra also drops the Jesus word and says she is a Christian only thing is Phaedra is married.

      No single prayed up woman needs to put her oral sex business and use of her sex toys on blast. And to heck with you for calling people hypocrites for stating the obvious fact.

      Kandi may not care if her daughter gets wind of this but some of us still care about the role models our kids have. How dare you calling us out when Kandi is the one talking slutty for all to hear! Marvin Sapp obviously doesn’t watch the show. Kandi got worst and worst each year. No wonder people don’t think anybody is a real Christian anymore with all the real in your fact sexual perverted folks on t.v. with no shame to their game.

      • On hell no my dear you have that completely wrong! People don’t believe in real Christians because of people like you not because of people like Kandi! Don’t you ever ever ever get that twisted again cause that is a blatant LIE!!!!!!!!! If you want to sit there being high and mighty calling a complete stranger names then so be it but don’t sit here and lie about why most people don’t believe in real Christians! This doesn’t go to just you but every single person who has sat here speaking so disgustingly of a perfect stranger! YOU and your other so called “Christian” posters are the root of all evil and the main reason people turn from Christianity! How dare you be so disgusting and unchristian like and then blame people’s lack of faith on another person! If you want to see the real problem then it’s very simple, look in the mirror and this goes to all of you people, look in the mirror and then you will see who is responsible for turning people from Christ! You all should be highly disgusted and ashamed with yourselves cause I know I sure as hell am as would your preachers and anyone else who’s ever read the bible!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you really except some love into your heart just what y’all have proven here is nothing but hate, judgment and evil, all things that come straight from the devil not Christ!

  7. Nicole

    People in glass house shouldn’t throw stones…

  8. eg

    I agree with all the posts here regarding this matter. Mr. Sapp hit on somethings about people in the bible that I NEVER knew (in all my many years). But everything he said was right on point, none of us have room to talk, because we all fall short. But as long as we keep getting up and helping our fellow man up, while we’re at it, I think we have a chance. I get a little discouraged when I run into those people who profess to be “all up in the church”, who criticize every thing somebody says or does in the name of “the Lawd”. Thats just my take on it. I enjoy your blog TT.


      Only difference is Kanid boast in her oral sex abilities without even so much as a blush. And we are the bad guys for noticing how slutty that is? You all have it backwards.

      • GUEST WHAT

        Kandi put her business out there like a common slut. Sorry but it is what it is. If she did not expect people to raise an eyebrow then she is a bigger whore than she talks like.

  9. Linda

    Please……we all justify everything we do. What a shame, for wanting to be in the spot light……..some will do anything, and explain it in a way, that makes everyone think its ok. Please people.

  10. Valley Girl

    Very logical argument Pastor Sapp – and he used the Word to back it up. Like I said previously if it brings somebody closer to having a relationship with God – someone who otherwise wouldn’t even be thinking about God then it has served a purpose.

    I went back and listened to the song again to see if the message resonated with me – it doesn’t -get absolutely nothing from the song – but if somebody else gets something from it then more power to them. Actually I wish I hadn’t listened to it again – I like her voice even less than before (didn’t think that was possible). And how are you gonna have a powerhouse vocalist like Marvin Sapp on your song and then sing over him – Kandi I know it’s your song, but he didn’t need your help AT ALL. Let him sing his verse daggone it! :-)

    But for those of you who enjoy the song, I hope and pray that you get all the inspiration that you need.


      What part of Kandi brags on how could she gives oral sex are her fans missing? Geez, she is not ashamed of it or repenting of it. She but it out there so her critics have no business calling anybody a hypocrite for noticing. These days I guess anything goes and people give everything a pass. Shameful!

  11. Bravo to Marvin Sapp for taking a stand and saying what he did. Kandi’s dad was smart enough to pick up on the Prayer factor of her song having an impact on today’s youth. I personally like Kandi’s voice, I think she is extremely talented and I love good gospel and religious music, especially those songs that are sung with deep passion and feeling. There are many ways to give Witness to God, and that includes Prayer and singing his praises which is just another form of prayer. If a Gospel/Religious song touches my soul…well then it has meaning and I could care less about who did the singing and what else they are into.

    Too many of the fanatical haters are hating the person rather than hating the deed. If you want to make a statement about Kandi’s life choices, send her a message and don’t buy her Kandi Toy products but if her song hits your soul, by all means buy her record.


      I guess that is how low today’s morals have become bravo to Kandi a woman who puts her oral sex business on blast more than once on Atlanta Housewives. I heard her radio show was so trashy even a porn star wannabe would blush.

  12. ITA with everything Marvin Sapp had to say.

    When I was about 6/7 years old, we had a Sunday School lesson that has stuck with me ever since. It was about not standing on the corner & praying loudly in order to gain everyone’s attention & to look more spiritual than everyone else, but to, instead, go to your prayer closet & pray to God, one on one. I’ve been chastised & beaten over the head with others being concerned with my walk with the Lord because they never see me praying loudly as they do. My walk with the Lord is my business & only between Him & me.

    Another example from the Bible that many have mentioned here is one that I know is hard to stick to but is something I try to remember & practice…”He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. If we are all honest with ourselves, all stones would hit the ground & not the person being persecuted.

    The last example that I will cite (& there, of course, are many others) that I try to live by is, “Work out YOUR OWN salvation in fear & trembling”. This reminds me that only MY salvation is what I should be concerned with, not whether or not my neighbor is living in sin, that I should never judge others on their own walk with the Lord & where they are in that walk.

    With all of this said, I won’t ever be standing in judgment of whether or not Kandi should have done this song. Her walk with God is her walk with God, not mine…& as someone else said, if it reaches & blesses one person, it’s served it’s purpose.

  13. Kash511

    Marvin hit the nail on the head.

  14. vivaladiva831

    Amen! I loved his message and completely agree. People need to worry about getting themselves right with God and don’t worry about what others are doing-God will judge ALL in the end for himself!

  15. cns

    I actually like to the song but not the person (Kandi) singing it. She seems insincere to me. I feel like the song was done to make money. Nothing wrong with making money but that what it seems like to me. I guess I feel some kind of way when person lives an immoral life (according to the Bible) uses religion or gospel inspired projects to make money. This is just my observation. I cannot speak to what Kandi’s motivates are but again I will say I like the song.

    • Nobi206

      I agree with you. I felt Kandi makes herself look stupid. She also looks like a church robber by not really being religious/spiritual just claming she is a christian to she can make gospel music and talk about God for a profit.

  16. Bombshell

    Well said Marvin! Those hypocrits must be New Birth members.IJS!

  17. Belinda Lee

    Saints can be so hypocritical & act as if they are the only ones who know God. They act as if God will only answer their prayers & everyone else is closed out. They forget what the Bible says & are quick to become judge & jury of every other person. Judge ye not Saints & Kandi you go girl!

  18. My favorite is when people like Nene say they are rich because they are most favored by God. I guess God hates poor people. Wait… in the Bible…oh nevermind.

    • cns

      Yeah if Nene actually humbled herself and took some real acting classes she would have been blessed with riches decades ago. LOL. I like her as Coach Roz on Glee but Rocky on The New Normal is so hard to watch, like in “lord have mercy on me” hard to watch. You know Phaedra, Kandi, Sheree, Kim, Sweetie, Derek, Lawrence and all of ATL are laughing being her back. But don’t anyone dare say anything negative (even if true) about Nene’s acting skill because you will be label a hater.LOL. Nene is the reason why I watch The Mindy Project.

  19. Ms1dimple

    Well, I consider myself a christian woman.. meaning I treat people as I want to be treated and try to live my life right. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t cuss, listen to all types of music and i’m sure sin. We are not here to be judged by “the people” we are here to be judged by the man above or whomever we choose to be our higher power.. I LOVE MARVIN SAP AND OWN HIS MUSIC.. I grew up in the church and will always respect everybody until given a reason not to. I respect his opinion on the issue it was to the point, candid and true!! AGREEING WITH ANOTHER POSTER.. STOP BEING SO HYPICRITICAL …. CHRISTIANS!! (USING THAT WORD LOOSELY) Hey on your way… stop by a mirror!

  20. Alana

    Speaking of hypocrites…Michael Winans Jr, of the world famous Winans family was just sentenced to 14 years in Federal Prison in the city of Detroit, today. Winans had bilked many out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme…

    • Alana

      I left off this direct quote:
      “During today’s sentencing hearing in Detroit, a federal prosecutor and the judge both blasted Michael Winans Jr., 30, of Maryland, for using his Christian faith and family’s reputation in a financial scam that ruined the lives of numerous churchgoers.”

  21. Stop it! Don’t make me hate the Winans! I love them! *plugs ears*

  22. Nobi206

    I think Marvin Sapp has a point about hypocritical church goers but at the same time when you talk,sing, write about God and your life is not on the straight a narrow ( by either being in complete denial, or wrongfully going again God’s word) people will judge you as they should. You call yourself a Christian you are saying you are “like Christ” So for Kandi to be living with her boyfriend ( Wasn’t it a joke when that pastor Pollard came over to bless the house) and having him around her daughter on the daily sets a really bad example to Riely. Kandi has said before she was willing to get down with a woman, selling sex toys, living with her boyfriend, all points in the direct opposite direction of Christ. Christian need to understand it does not matter that “we all make mistakes and are sinners” It is not okay to be talking/singing about him being in direct contridiction of Christ and his teachings. Also it seemed like Kandi really want to write a gospel song only to bring back some old 90’s album mess. She did not mention how religious she was. Also since Kandi has been on the show she has had at least 3 to 4 diffrent suitors. People are judging Kandi for being a heathen and praising God at the same time. Jesus did say that some are lovers of the law more than they are of God. This is why alot of people think Christians are jokes casue they sing songs on Sunday and in the club on monday. It does not work that way

  23. vonnie

    I like kandi but the bible say you can’t serve to master at the same time with that said if she is to stay prayed up she need to be baptized for remission of her sins Act 2:38.But I didn’t get that vide from her I think she likes gospel and wanted to make song so God Bless her for that

  24. La Kenya

    What Marvin Sapp said was very correct! I attended a church where everyone was so “holy”, but failed to communicate with me and distance themselves from me because I was single and had children. At first I couldn’t get why people in the world say about about “church folks” and now I see why. How do you as a christian separate yourself from others who are trying to come in, but instead I come to church with prejudice.

  25. I'm the genius here

    Everybody knows (in my Phaedra Parks voice) that you are only a Christian if you hide your lifestyle and play perfect church lady, do all your dirt in the dark and lie about your due date (sorry Phaedra) so no one will know you conceived out of wedlock. And everybody knows that the only sin in the world is fornication. It doesn’t matter if you are a liar and a hypocrite.


      How in the world are all these people defending Kandi, They must be stupid or have never heard her x radio show or heard her brag on her great oral sex techniques. I no longer watch Atlanta Housewives. How is Kandi and Kendra a Housewife?

      • You sound like a straight up crazy stalker! There’s obviously something wrong in your head! I just seen that every negative post I was reading came from you lol you must really have a thing about talking about blow jobs! I bet your a freak in the sheets aren’t you? Hell I have always been proud of how well I could give head but it sounds like you could probably give me a couple lessons on it! So please tell me GUESS WHAT, how do you like giving head best? Are there any tricks you can give me? Come on you know you got to be getting off on all this talk about BJs! I knew there was something to crazy about you and I think I know exactly what it is. You scared she’s gonna take your street cred for giving better head huh? It’s ok doll I’m sure you can still make them men moan just as loud as Kandi does!

      • smitsa

        Why not defend Kandi. That’s her mouth, her body and her soul. She can do whatever she want’s with them. Including, sing praises to God or the man/men she’s with. We don’t have to watch, or listen to her songs. I wonder if she would approve or all of our so-called sins. …not…. She probably WNGAF.

  26. eg

    @I’m the genius here: LOL

  27. Laurir

    Marvin Sapp!! You know better man! Don’t use one verse to explain the Bible. The word of God says that God DOES NOT! hear a sinners prayer. Kandi said in the song that she is a sinner and she knows it. You should of turned her down on this one. You backed down when her father said that she was ok umph! No daddy, she is NOT ok. Not many of you should desire to be preachers,you will be held to a stricter judgment, you are responsible for our very soul. That girl is sick and needs a physician. Don’t ever compromise your faith, remain true to your God because the world remains true to their god. Exalting one another includes tearing one another down in order to cause repentance to take place. If it addends the weaker brothe/sister then don’t do it. You can’t offend the unbeliever because he believes that he is ok to do wrong but, you are held to a higher standard. You have offended the brethren and owe us an apology. In love Sister Laurie

    • OMFG What God do you worship that doesn’t hear sinner’s prayers? What Bible do you read? What verse are you referring to? Are you on crack, right now?

      • Damn this post really brought out the crazies TT! I bet they go to one of those westboro churches! They need to stop before they scare off all these people who want to go to church but are scared to run into these crazies!

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