Recap: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Go to Paris

RHOBHTaylorinterventionIt’s time for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to go to Paris. I love Paris! I haven’t been there in three years and it is time to go back. I am having to rewrite this paragraph because WordPress ate it. Essentially what happened was Kim and Kyle went to a little intervention with Taylor to discuss her drinking. Kim told her that she was seeing signs of a drinking problem in Taylor and felt the need to address especially because she seems to not be keeping a close eye on Kennedy. Taylor pretty much admitted she uses alcohol as a crutch to get her through some of the rough times and agrees to start watching herself. However, in her blog last week she made a snarky comment about Kim thinking she was Dr. Drew so it seems that she was irritated by it and based on her appearance on WWHL recently, she’s not doing much in the way of self monitoring.

Meanwhile at Villa Rosa, Ken is feeding the swans. Ken’s son Warren lives in St. Tropez and Lisa and Ken are going to see him. Of course they are taking Giggy. Lisa is showing everything to Ken before packing and he is going is giving the obligatory, “I love everything!” husband response.

Yolanda is at Mohamed’s house getting ready for a housewarming party to show the housewives the new house. Yolanda explains that Mohamed is not the faithful type and that didn’t work well for a proper Dutch girls like her. All the girls are at the house except Adrienne who cancelled. Brandi is thrilled and so am I.  David discovers that Marisa has been married for 16 years and he says to her husband, “It’s about time for a change!”  This of course sends Marisa off on another tangent of how she is ready for some strange. I don’t expect this marriage to last. In fact it reminds me of Adrienne emasculating Paul at every turn.

RHOBHyolandaYolanda is the excuse for the Paris trip. Suddenly, everyone is going to Paris! How convenient! Sigh. Taylor is not going because she would miss her boyfriend wants to do something with Kennedy because it is almost time for school to start. Does that sound like production did not invite her to you? It does to me. Yolanda confronts Taylor and tells her that all of the girls are saying she has an issue with her. Taylor has that deer in the headlights look. Or you know, her usual expression. In her talking head, Taylor says that her issue is with David because she used to be married to one of Taylor’s best friends but that she doesn’t want to address it at the party. David plays the piano and people are talking!  They cut to France without showing any admonishment.

Lisa, Ken and Giggy arrive at his son’s house in Saint Tropez. They sit out in gardens and drink champagne. Warren is very wealthy as the result of real estate investments. Ken’s grandson is 21 and just graduated from college. Warren’s wife is much older and was friendly with Lisa before they married. When Lisa and Ken said they were in town for three days, the wife said, “Three whole days we’ve got to put up with you?” and Lisa looked a bit taken aback despite the fact the wife was kidding. Sort of. Maybe. Lots of family bonding on the beach. it’s obviously beautiful there.

They are flying Air Tahiti to Paris? West coasters are so weird. It took me awhile to understand why it took Lisa and Ken so long to get to Saint Tropez. Poor west coasters have a five-hour handicap to get to Europe. Marisa calls and says she can’t come to Paris because her father-in-law passed away and they found out about it on the way to the airport.

Did Lisa just say she is only five years older than Warren? Warren got Lisa and Ken a helicopter to the airport as they live four hours by car to the airport. That doesn’t seem right to me. Meanwhile they are staying at the Lutetia I’ve been there, it is in the seventh arrondissement , or perhaps into the sixth not too far from where I usually stay. It’s a nice hotel but not where I would stay if I was a Beverly Hills Housewife. I imagine the five-star hotels would not allow them to film. They are there on Bastille Day. That must be fantastic! Kim us the last one to the balcony to watch the fireworks and appears drunk. Apparently next week we will have another reasonable explanation for her behavior.

Meanwhile I am disappointed this is part one of two Paris episodes, we just barely got there this episode!

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35 responses to “Recap: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Go to Paris

  1. Kevin

    I must say that the editing is so weird this year. They stretched out the Adrienne VS Brandi story-line for too long, some housewives are missing from episodes (unlike previous years when all of the wives would be shown even if for 2 minutes), and then segments are crammed together too quick like on tonight’s episode. Weird weird.

    Anyway… I must say that I love Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi. I am hoping that Yolanda is well enough to come back for a second season, but I just adore her. I love that Yolanda and Mohammed are civil for the sake of their families. That’s beautiful… and a lot of people should take a lesson from that. Just because the marriage doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean that the love should fall out… Life is too short.

    I thought it was a good episode, and hopefully Kim is able to redeem herself without too many tears shed.

      • I miss Dido… where’s she been lately???

        Just kidding.. OK I’m not… but I agree with all y’all! Yolanda, David and Mohammed are wonderful human beings. When I see them in TV I feel a bit better about watching the trash that is Kyle and Adrienne. Thank heavens both might be gone next season.

        Keep Kim. We need the humor. Taylor is just a hawt mess. Not funny at all!

        love all you guys in here! Muah from the snowy mountains of San Diego!

        Follow me @iamamysuter or Facebook /aksuter

  2. Pinky

    I agree about Marissa! She reminds me of Adrianne – way too many hints of her unhappiness for me to believe otherwise.

  3. jakiesmom

    I enjoyed this episode. This is what RHBH should be IMO. Paris, St. Tropez, helicopters, beautiful homes, handsome men with some like Warren Todd, no Faye, Adrienne, Paul or Camille and only a little Kyle, Mauricio and Kim.

    IMO the difference between Marisa and Adrienne is that Marisa has owned her words and said now that she sees herself she would do things differently regarding how she speaks about her husband. I also don’t get the “I hate you vibe” I got from Adrienne and Paul.

    Lisa’s blog is up and explains more about the relationship between Warren, his wife and the Todds. I thought it was so sweet watching Ken with his grandson.

    A rather pleasant episode for a change of pace. Refreshing.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I hope Shana gets the memo that she has been phased out much of this season and (hopefully!) she won’t be back next season.

    I would love to go to Paris. I am fascinated with the place. The Eiffel Tower has been my screensaver for two years lol. Saving up to go there on my own. Travel agent is way too high. With that said, while reading this post, I came across the word arrondissement. I hear Paris has these in numbers. Is this basically like New Orleans with wards?

  5. The Disher

    I thought Lisa’s “daughter-in-law” looked waaay older than her stepson and was very rude to her …Not only did she make the “joke” that they had to put up with Lisa for 3 days, but she did it again at dinner, when she turned to Warren and said that Lisa was exhausting. Lisa, as always, was a class act!

    • According to Lisa’s blog, her daughter in law is 16yrs older than Lisa’s stepson, making the daughter in law 11 yrs older than Lisa.

      • wait what? How old is Ken? How old is his son? How old is the wife and how old is Lisa? Your math seems off. That would make the wife in her 60s!

      • From Lisa’s blog – “One of the many reasons that I fell in love with Ken was the kindness he exuded. We met when Warren was 15 and I was 21. As he explained he was married briefly for two years at 19, to a young wife who wasn’t prepared for the challenging job of being a mother”

        On page 2 of the blog – “I explained how when Warren first met Sue, the 16 year age difference, the secrecy that had transpired, was not something we supported.”

        Blog link –,0

      • wow. So Ken is 15 years older than Lisa. This is all very complicated. lol.

      • I knew Ken was either 15 or 20 yrs older than Lisa, just didn’t know about the stepson’s age or his wife’s age (or that they even existed) until this episode. Ken and Lisa’s age difference was mentioned in one of Lisa’s talking heads during Ken’s hip surgery scenes.

      • Lori

        I also find it interesting that Lisa says that they (She and Ken) didn’t approve the relationship between Warren and Sue, yet the age difference between Lisa and Ken is even greater. The son must have gotten a kick (to put it lightly) out of them taking issue with his relationship I would imagine. I am surprised that Lisa had an issue with it at all. She usually seems very open to me about almost everything. I wonder if Lisa secretly wishes that Warren would hook up with Brandi? woot woot!!! He looks so much like Ken too, Brandi would be in seventh heaven, I’m sure.

      • Betti

        I don’t think it was so much the age difference between Warren and Sue was the issue. It was probably more the secrecy and the fact that Sue and Lisa were friends first and then she started dating her stepson in secret.

      • Mango

        Wait, isn’t Ken about 70? And lisa’s 20 years younger. And (supposedly) Sue is 10 years older than Lisa. They were both child actresses so wouldn’t there be something concrete about them somewhere?

        I think Sue looks great, she’s what a naturally aging woman looks like!

  6. The Disher

    Marisa Zanuck was so incredibly disrespectful to her husband, which makes her so unattractive.

  7. Nicole

    It’s so painful to watch Marisa, I have to ff through it. I also ff through the pep talk Kim & Kyle gave Taylor. I can not stand Kim’s nasal voice and her lips are so weird. I guess that’s what Botox does for you.
    Sigh, I want to go to St. Bart. I guess that’s what the rich and famous do….

  8. Getting ready now to watch the episode. I’ve been to Paris (while stationed in Germany) but unlike TT, I wasn’t a fan and never want to return. Though part of that was due to the tour we were on, I wouldn’t want to try again. However I do love smaller Parisian towns and would visit them again in a heartbeat.

  9. KWM

    When Lisa said 4 hours to the airport I assumed they must have flown into Lyon, which is 4-5 hours from St. Tropez by car.

    As much as I loved Ken before, I just love love love him now. He just really is a nice person. To see him with his grandson and hear him talk about raising his son by himself.

    It was so nice to have an episode that was just calm. Without all the yelling.

    OK, I am not the biggest Kim fan, but in her justification I am a horrible flyer, I hate hate hate to fly and do not medicate myself sine I have children to take care of on the flight. I cannot sleep on a plane. By the time we got to Germany last summer for vacation I was punch drunk. I was at 26 hours with no sleep and was making no sense at all. You would have thought I was on drugs or drunk out of my mind. And my nap I had once we got to the house made it worse.

    So I will withhold judgement on Kim for this one.

  10. Sandi

    I have a big ol’ crush on Marissa’s husband, so is it wrong if I ma wishing they break up?

  11. Ms1dimple

    Well, I fell asleep on the Paris part of the episode, fortunately I got to see Lisa and Ken with his son and wife. In the previews Kim really did look like she was on something.. Hence Lisa saying.. Kim isn’t lucid. Something is going on there for sure. I loved when Yolanda went up to Traylor to confront her. It was grand! I don’t like Marissa at all wayy to disrespectful to her husband.. She betta watch it! Some young cute chick I’m sure will take him. Hell, he may just havent’ told her he’s sick of banging her butt too! Slow it down Chic before you get dust in your face!

  12. eg

    Giving her the benefit of the doubt (Kim) maybe it was jet lag? I agree Marissa does seem to put her hubby down every chance she gets, wonder whats up with that?

  13. theREALHONJ

    I’m just sooooo grateful that Faye did not go to Paris. I will never forget the book she wrote about Nicole Brown after her murder that just told ALL of her supposed “Best Friend’s” business. @andycohen-GET HER OFF THE SHOW!!!!

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