Attention Houseguests Please Gather in the Living Room!

BritneypregnantOh my goodness! Big Brother’s Britney Hayes is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in July!  It you are a big Brother fanatic like me you know Britney got married in March of last year and was really wanting to have babies. She posted the adorable picture above on Instagram. Sadly, this means we will likely never see Brit back on Big Brother.

Speaking of Big Brother, Big Brother 15 will be a longer season with an earlier premiere date. Big Brother 15 premieres on June 26th and will air on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  So only 122 days until Big Brother 15!!!


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5 responses to “Attention Houseguests Please Gather in the Living Room!

  1. myinfo

    I am a Big Brother addict so thanks for the info.

    I think they should put all the fired Housewives in the Big Brother house. I would definitely watch that: )

    I think Jill Zarin, Danielle and Kelly would be a good start.

    • socalsun

      I told my husband yesterday that there should be a “Survivor Housewives.” Can you even imagine them lasting on an island for 30 minutes? I would be so funny.

  2. Janelle is also expecting, in August! :)

  3. yaaaaaaaay Brit! Boo that we won’t see her again. That would be the only acceptable reason for Rachel and her abusive whiner to procreate.

  4. Lori

    I am so happy for Britney, but so sad for us if this means we wont see her on the show anymore. Then again, Janelle came on after she had a baby. Many times, for me, Britney was the only thing that kept me watching, and I was super bummed when she didnt win last season. I think she will be back at some point though. Hoping anyway.

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