Kandi Burruss Discusses Backlash From Her Gospel Song

Will Kandi Burruss Be on Season Five of Real Housewives of Atlanta?Kandi is the type to only blog when she has something to say and this week she had a lot to say and it was all about her new gospel song. Kandi is getting a ton of mean tweets condemning her for putting out a gospel song when she has both a sex toy line and a very sexual online show, Kandi Koated Knights. Kandi reminds us that she comes from a very religious family with a long line of preachers. She was raised in the church, although she says she never officially joined the church because she knew she was not going to “follow the rules” and she didn’t want to stand up in front of her families church and lie. Her blog was pretty lengthy for her and it was entirely on this subject. Click through for a portion of what she had to say.

From Kandi’s Bravo Blog:

Hello everybody! This week’s episode was the cause of much controversy and debate for me. It all circled around the decision to do my gospel song Stay Prayed Up. I knew when I decided to do it that a lot of people would be shocked, since I often talk about sex, have an adult toy line (Bedroom Kandi), and host a sex and relationships internet show (Kandi Koated Nights). I knew that some people would give me the side eye, but I didn’t know that it would be to this extreme. When the episode prior to this one aired, which first showed me mentioning that I wanted to do a gospel song, I got so many angry tweets. Can you believe a woman actually tweeted me and said, “Bitch you can’t praise my God”? I was like wow… People always said that the worst things to debate or bring up are politics and religion. Well whoever made that statement knew exactly what they were talking about!

I’ve found in society in general and especially on twitter there is a certain faction of people who choose to advertise their religion in their profiles and then spend their days being hypercritical of others and very judgemental of their choices. This is not the way the religion I was raised in works at all.  What do y’all think? Was it a bad idea for Kandi to put out a gospel single with Marvin Sapp? Tell me how you really feel!


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36 responses to “Kandi Burruss Discusses Backlash From Her Gospel Song

  1. Tamara

    Religious people tend to be the very biggest hypocrites out there. They need to er over themselves. They are not God they don’t get to stand in judgement over people. And if they believe I. Jesus Christ they would know that He accepted everyone regardless. So quit being so self righteous you religious nuts!!

    • Nicole

      Amen, Tamara!

    • Several things come to mind – Let he without sin cast the first stone. Judge not lest ye be judged. Having said those things – choosing behaviour & business that actually disregards His principles, while then wanting to put out a song praising Him, and expecting people to buy it – without any backlash is outlandish to me. She can say she’s shocked all day long – I’m not buying it…. she knew it would shock, and knew from where the outcry would come. She is more than welcome to do what she will, cause she will of course. However, I can choose not to buy it, and be shocked by this particular choice.

  2. LH52094

    Aren’t we all God’s children? I find it reprehensible that those that attend church and say they love God would dare to cast stones. Are they then inferring that they are without sin? Can a person that has stolen, murdered, lied, etc., not pray to God and worship?

  3. Jarlath

    I can’t believe someone tweeted Kandi “Bitch you can’t praise my God.” It doesn’t sound very “Christian.” Someone should inform that woman to open up her heart to Christ and learn to love others

  4. Vp

    Women apparently aren’t allowed to be both spiritual and sexual beings.

    The Madonna/Whore complex is a bloody menace.

  5. So all those folks complaining don’t know anything about the musicians/artists that they listen to often? Kirk Franklin admitted he was addicted to Porn. Juanita Bynum has not only admitted to being very free loving but also has had a few affairs with women. Whatever happened to “Judge not lest ye be judged”?

  6. RealitySux

    I love the song … and I love Kandi. Those naysayers and Kandi bashers are ridiculous hypocrites. AT LEAST she is honest about herself. Love Kandi.

  7. Dawn

    I do not listen to her music and do not care what she sings about. I think she was guided by the money maker god. At least she also got some buzz over her usual boring self.

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I have no problem with it. I admire her business/creative hustle….
    Happiness is doing what you love, and Kandi loves God and her pussy….

  9. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    While I’m a Christian, my fellow Christians are the biggest hypocrites! So Kandi can’t believe in good sex and the Lord? I certainly do. What goes on in my bedroom is my business. If the song is uplifting to one person, or makes one person think twice on their relationship with the Lord, she is doing his work. Leave Kandi alone.

  10. birmingham

    I agree with whomever said this was a money making opportunity. No doubt she can sing but I am sure the overall concept was how much money can I make from singing with Marvin. I would think that he has an image to uphold. Just seems to be too much for me. Come to my website and find a dildo to stip up my …. and while you there you can get my gospel CD. Just does not sound right to me.

    • Yah is Real

      Thank you!!!! I totally agree! It’s all about the dollars. I suspect she is jealous of Monica’s success singing with Fred Hammond and they have a hit. Now all of a sudden she wants to do Gospel. I really don’t need a light to see through Kandi.

    • Ncfinedime

      Wait…. Kandi CANNOT sing.

  11. SoSophisticated

    Let’s be realistic, we live in a world where people drink, smoke, party and have premarital sex but can also go to church everyday. So what is she doing that’s so different?! If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Preach it. Kandi works & hustles. She is set for life with just her music career as a writer, producer, & singer…Plus she owns a boutique & sex toy brand. I think she leases out her old house so she is a landlord too, and she is a tv star too. All of that combined makes her a hard working woman. Can anyone say the same about skanky Kim Z who does absolutely nothing.

  12. GurlBye

    Yup! It’s a turrible (yes turrible) idea. Why the hail would she want to do gospel in the first place if she ain’t about Jesus like that. It’s like the gheys wanting to be “married” and recognized by the churches. It’s like “for what? Jesus was never gonna ordain that so why ask for a blessing?” Call me crazy but Gid does love us all but like my grandma used to said, you got be all in or all out. Jesus don’t do halfway. 99 1/2 won’t do. #comeforme :-)

    • Deborah & Barak

      The responses on this blog proves how confused people are these days that don’t have a clue. No way in the world the Almighty condones promiscuity. The gospels in the bible condemns it. The Messiah told the sinful woman to go and sin no more. He didn’t say you can follow me but keep on being a harlot! It don’t work like that I don’t care how much in denial you are.

    • Sunny in the desert

      I don’t want to go there but, I feel like I should stick up for my “gheys”. Being married didn’t originate in the church, and I know very few gay people who feel the need to be accepted by “Christians”. Most of them are over that shit.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Huh? Oh Lawdy Lawdy ….

  13. Sunny in the desert

    Crap! Sorry about that word Tamara, I wasn’t thinking, I probably should have also said, “no pun intended”. :)

  14. Dana

    I don’t think it’s hypocritical of Kandi to do a gospel song.
    You can have a relationship with God and still like having sex and talk about it!
    Hello that’s how we get babies!!
    I agree with Tamara I don’t like those that preach and judge. That’s not your place.
    My relationship with God is private, that’s what makes it real not posting it or wearing it.

  15. Amber...Real Wife

    Therein lays the problem with the Holier Than Thou types. They are the ones who judge everyone, casting negativity on those who aspire to get their “GOD” on. So what if you ‘fornicate’ all week long. For that hour or so you want to Praise God and be with others who are like minded. Anyone can pray at home, the car or in the shower but it takes committment to go to Church or to proclaim your faith in front of the World. Naysayers need not comment as their scorn is part of the Devil’s Work to keep people away from God.

  16. I love how Kandi’s father cried and praised her for her song. His words were so meaningful as he said he felt it would resonate with the young kids and bring them closer to God. The message that Kandi wrote in her song means far more to me than who sang it, or what else she has done in her life. She talked about a time of great pain in her life and how it was only through the grace of God that she made it through that rough time. She selected Marvin partly because of his success (do you really expect her to sing with a looser? remember she is a Grammy award artist and performer) and because he too had a similar experience of facing a loss.

    I love the soulful sound of Kandi’s voice, when she sang I Get Prayed Up, she hit it head on and it resonated with my heart and soul. To me she was speaking to God and he was listening. Folks need to learn that the Bible never once told us to hate the sinner but rather to hate the sin. So all you hypocritical Christians better take note and stop hating the person but rather focus your energies on not supporting the deed. You want to make a statement to Kandi that expresses your “moral” views, buy the song but nobody is making you buy the Bedroom Kandi….but to just say the hell with the whole package….well hypocrite you are hating the person and not the sin.

  17. Valley Girl

    Don’t know Kandi’s motives and I don’t know whether or not it is my place to question them, but if the song helps someone get a little further down the road on their spiritual journey or more importantly pushes them toward pursuing the Word of God when they wouldn’t otherwise do it, then it has served a purpose. At the very least it has got people talking about God.

    Personally the song does nothing for me because #1. I don’t like her voice and #2. The message is not one that addresses my particular issues at this point in time – I need a little more spiritual meat and need to do more than just get by – a prayer life is essential no doubt, but there are other pieces to the puzzle – and that is where I am right now.

  18. Catherine

    Perhaps some of you should have a look at the book of Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything under the sun. Clearly there is a time for urgent prayer and joyful sex. What better illustration of this is the placement of the books “song of songs” & Ecclesiastes. I loved her song and also thought it was an excellent way to minister to a group that may not be plugged in spiritually. I’ll leave the judgement to the good Lord. My hope is that her song touched the hearts of those who really should consider prayer as their best line of defense when hardship/heartbreak strikes.

  19. tiffergee

    For crying out loud, “do unto others…” simple. If Kandi wants to do a gospel song, have an online show and sell sex toys it’s her perfect right. Jesus said to go forth and preach the good news or (something like that) that’s what she’s doing. She’s getting the hate because the self appointed arbiters of all things Jesus have decided that sex is bad but He’s cool with their intolerance? They better hope that He doesn’t have that same intolerance towards them. The irony would be hilarious.

  20. I'm the genius here

    If Christians were not having good sex, there would be no new Christians. Get over yourselves! And if you are one of the Christians turning your nose up at sex toys, lets see how long you and your “missionary work” keep your man happy.

  21. I'm the genius here

    Oh and GurlBye, I came SPECIFICALLY for you.

  22. Cydney Mathews

    Kandi singing a gospel song just doesn’t sit right with me when her lifestyle says the opposite of what God stands for. We are all God’s children and I am not in a position to judge, but gospel music something that can draw others to God. If you are singing (or preaching) about God is a deliverer, savior, and keeper, I would think that you would know something about that instead of it just being words in a song. Kandi seems like a hustler and this is probably just another side-hustler for her. To each his own. But, if people don’t like her music, then they should not listen to it. Bashing her is definately not the answer. She will have to answer for that as we all will have to answer for ourselves in the end.

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