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Yesterday there was a lot of coverage of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast at the official launch for Teresa’s haircare line, Milania Hair Care. The reports claimed that the Gorgas and the Giudices were greeting each other with kisses and hugs and posing happily for pictures together. It’s that special. So I contacted my RHONJ source to find out how this unexpected display of public affection occurred. It seems that everything is not as it appears.  This season it seems that most of the fighting occurs off camera and the RHONJ are trying to clean up their public image a bit.  However, they have not been 100% successful in their endeavors.

RHONJtrefightdirtyTamaratattles has exclusively learned about filming that took place last week when production decided to send the Giudices, the Gorgas and the Wakiles on a little trip. It seems the fambly was not meshing as well as they would like, or perhaps fighting as much as they would like, so they sent the to some cabins on Lake George in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. That is where things went a bit off track, or right on track depending on what the motives of production were. The story will go that Tre suggests the trip so everyone can work out their issues once and for all. Things went okay for a short time it seems and then there was some sort of argument (SHOCKER!) and Joe Gorga calls his sister “trash” and the two Joes got into a fist fight.  There was a lot of bad behavior at the resort and things were getting  out of hand. You’ll never believe how production handled this.

While this is pretty much par for the course with this group, things get weird when Teresa calls Caroline and asks her to come mediate. WTF? The best I can determine, Caroline and Tre are starrting to get along this season (apparently, this is despite what I was told about Teresa making comments earlier in filming about Albert and Chris and everyone else pretty much cheating on their wives) and Caroline has resumed her role of mediator.  Teresa reaching out to Caroline for help with her fambly problems seems pretty out there to me. But I am assured that not only did it happen (with lots of prompting from production) but Caroline actually came to the rescue! It seems that production needed a rational person to throw some water on the fire. So Caroline headed to the hills of NY to calm the situation down. If you are confused, you are not the only one. Apparently, the mediation “worked.” At least with regard to storyline. My understanding is that everyone is all smiles for the cameras but that behind the scenes the war rages on.

RHONJreuniongiudicegorgaTamaratattles predicted last season that this would be the season Melissa finally gets the bad edit. While not much  editing has occurred yet because filming continues through the end of March or early April, Melissa appears to be insuring that the bad edit happens. Melissa seems to feel like she outshone Tre last season and so this season she can be the diva. Word is that Melissa is making bizarre demands to production and refusing to film scenes that don’t emphasize how rich and famous she is now (in her own mind).  When will these people learn that the production team holds the editing scissors and that it is not a good idea to piss them off?

Speaking of Melissa, her real life best friend is filming with her this season. However, in an attempt to grab her 15 minutes, she agrees to let the producers send her to lunch with Teresa. At lunch she tells Teresa about Melissa’s (alleged) affair with Bryan (aka Bulldog).  Of course Tre and everyone else already knew about this but they let the new friend spill the beans to the camera. Kim D’s storyline is to run with the Melissa’s had an affair story and to allude to questionable paternity of one of Melissa and Joe’s children. Nice Bravo! You realize the kids will see this, right?

In other news, as I have said a billion times, there has been no filming with Danielle Staub.  The cast trip will happen in March and take place most likely in the Caribbean. My understanding is they are going to the beach. So we should keep a close eye on the news in warmer climates next month and see if anyone gets arrested. Maybe the will got to St. Barts and we can see the pirate again!

And there is your steaming hot mug of RHONJ tea!


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44 responses to “Exclusive Tea on Real Housewives of New Jersey Filming

  1. shirley

    mellissa is getting a bad edit but she wants to be a diva or a rich bitch?! sounds like its not a bad edit but the real edit greedy chick. makes me think teresa is right about her being a gold digger

    • Buck Henry

      When they start editing it’s going to be ugly especially since Kat and her production crew is gone/fired. Melissa is the one that is going to look bad this season.

    • DonnaLee

      Bravo cannot save these people..their 15 minutes is done. The viewers know that Bravo is FAKE FAKE FAKE. Teresa is there to finish her contract..she will move on! The rest will be forgotten except in the areas where they reside and can be seen on billboards now and then.. *LOL*

  2. Socalsun

    Tamra, thanks for the great info. Melissa and Joe are nothing but fame hungry monsters. The only way Teresa and Joe will ever have a relationship is if he divorces Melissa. I think Teresa used to value Carolyn’s opinion; maybe she will be the peacemaker.

    • lwickedgirl

      Aren’t they all fame hungry monsters? Everyone on these shows wants a big taste of fame and will do everything to put themselves out there to get it. They all sell everything form sex toys to hair products to underwear to cookbooks to any kind of book they can use a ghost writer to help crank out.
      No one get on any of these shows unless there is a huge ego involved and everyone of them will make up a story line to be considered relevant to get even more fame. Too bad none of them have an ounce of shame… then again it would not be ‘reality’ TV.if they did.

  3. SBHouston

    I want to know if all the gossip about Melissa and Joe’s crumbling marriage is true. She seems totally fake so I am inclined to believe some of the rumors.

  4. Thanks for the tea. My only issue is we can’t say “the kids will see it!!!” about this but not about the Adrienne/Brandi stuff. As toxic and insane as last season was, I would hope that none of the young kids saw the footage. Maybe when they’re in their 20’s and can laugh at how stupid their family was but not now.

  5. heh. I knew that was coming. The thing is the small kids at RHOBH and most shows don’t care and don’t watch the show. But in NJ GIA watches it faithfully and talks about it to even the little girls and Melissa’s kids when she sees them. Teresa also has tabloids all over that Gia reads. I think that is not the normal parenting style in other cities. Teresa has even asked Joe what to do about the tabloids. Plus being a middle school GIRL Gia is very interested.

    • Ooooh lovely parenting going on then from the sounds of it. Then that definitely puts it in a different light. That’s just crazy but I guess considering the players involved it shouldn’t surprise me.

    • yup

      Even if Gia wasn’t seeing those things on her own, you know jealous bitches at school would be running up to her saying, “Your dad’s going to jail! Your dad cheats on your mom!” Poor Gia. Middle school is hard enough as it is without your moronic family being tabloid fodder.

      • OOOOOOOOOO You are so right Yup… Middle school is the worst and she would be crucified. Poor little kid. She seems sensitive but tough too and smart.

      • Joan

        Yall think it’s bad now – just wait until these kids get to High School. Anyone with a famous parent (especially those RH) in High School is in for a few years of really bad gossip, teasing and downright hazing, at least that’s been my experience. Went to high school with some politician’s children. They were treated like dogs.

  6. What the hell is a love sack? She talks about them all the time.

  7. Vp

    Great tea. As always!

  8. SBHouston

    love sack is a pricey designer bean bag company.

  9. sandydc

    I know this is off-topic, but what is Lauren Manzo doing in that pic with her $1,000 shoes? She isn’t a housewife no matter how much Caroline wants her to be.

  10. michelle

    Delicious and satisfying as always!

  11. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I will say this, I can not stand Caroline, however, I really did like her approach to Tre on the reunion, when Tre and Kathy got into it. I like that she tried to calm Tre down and wasn’t taking any sides. These last 4 seasons, Caroline has been dubbed a “matriarch”, but I say she’s been nothing but a bully, however, I did enjoy her on Caroline Rules. I just think if she didn’t have her nose so stuck up in the air and be more down to earth. I’d like her more.

    • JUST ME


  12. See, I think Caroline is the normal down to earth one in a sea of crazy. She gets washed up in the crazy every once in awhile, but for the most part she is the anchor.

    • jakiesmom

      Tamara, I agree with you. I see Caroline of last year as being fed up and tired of the bs especially T’s disingenous claims. But she owns her behavior unlike the others.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        I want to see her own the fact that she said that Joe would leave Tre and Tre would right a book about it, yet her marriage is off limits? She can say things about others children, but hers are off limits? She’s just a walking hypocrite, but we can agree to disagree.

      • nat

        What the heck are u talking about ? Teresa never really did any thing to Caroline. The Mag cover that Caroline said she was in was because the Mag took quotes from the show Teresa never talked about Caroline. Her boys got in a fight with Juicy and are being sued so she wanted to make Teresa look bad. Please tell me what u think Teresa did that was so bad??? Caroline even blamed Teresa for Dina and Caroline fight when Dina and Caroline have been fighting for over a year when T and Caroline were still cool.

      • jakiesmom

        I don’t give a darn about the magazines or the other crap you listed. I formed my opinion based on watching Teresa’s behavior for 3 years.
        I think she is unintelligent, self absorbed, self-centered, a fool, a shit stirrer, is dishonest, …
        Your speculation about Caroline’s motivation may or may not be correct and quite frankly I don’t care. Personally I would find being friends with Teresa exhausting. One more time, I don’t blame Caroline for loosing patience with Teresa’s passive-aggressive behavior and inducing drama everywhere she goes.

    • She’s my favorite of the NJ cast though admittedly I’ve only watched one season of that franchise. Loved her on the reunion.

    • normal? I don’t think it’s normal for someone to be so concerned with every aspect of a co-workers life. Caroline likes to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong and then criticize if the person isn’t thrilled with her opinion. Teresa hasn’t done anything to Caroline OR her children, but Caroline made it her mission to put Tre down every chance she got. She badmouthed Teresa and her children and her husband for an entire season in her talking heads behind Teresa’s back! Pretended to be her friend to Tre’s face, and behind her back did nothing but bash her. Openly mocked Teresa and made fun of her on camera with her entire family, all behind Tre’s back. How can you respect someone like that…?? And for what?? What did Teresa do? She has never been told. Oh, gee, same thing Caroline did to Danielle-kept pointing the finger saying ‘you know what you did’. But we never did hear what it was did we?

      Funny thing is, Teresa was blindsided by this because she always thinks the best of people, and it took her a while to realize what her so-called friends were doing to her. And she was also going thru hell on the show already with her rotten bother and his wife joining the cast. Some loyal friend that is.

      I appreciate there are two schools of thought on Tre, and I always like to read opinions opposite of mine, which it sounds like you probably have-but I thought pretty much everyone had decided Caroline was a bully and a liar. I like to keep an open mind but I just don’t see how anything else could be true. She was so mean the past 2 seasons. She has a lot to make up for IMO.

      • jakiesmom

        Teresa was blindsided because she doesn’t have a clue and / or hides her head in the sand. I know plenty of people who don’t consider Caroline a bully or and don’t see last season or Teresa’s innocence the same way you do, quite the contrary, myself included.

        Teresa’s halo tarnished long ago.

    • I agree with you and I think Caroline just was fed up too. I would totally loose it being around Teresa for longer than a few minutes. She is really dumb but also when it comes to throwing shade back and defending herslef she has a comeback for everything thrown at her, sly like a fox if you get my drift. Jacqueline is a bit trying too. She gets on my last nerve with her whineing. Kathy doesn’t seem too bad but her husband is an embarrassment as are both Joes. I like Al and is it Chris Jac’s hubs? The person Lauren and Kathys sister are annoying too. I had a hard time watching this last season. I’ll have to wait and see with this season.

  13. myinfo

    I hope I don’t watch. I really don’t care about anyone on the show anymore.
    Teresa is delusional but I do get a kick out of her acting like nothing bothers her even when her husband calls her the “c’ word.

    Her husband’s favorite word for everything is “who cares”.

    It is not fun watching a bunch of ladies who hate each other.

  14. They are supposedly going to be much fake nicer this season. :)

  15. yup

    So Melissa’s best friend tells Teresa that Melissa was cheating on Joe? What the hell?!

  16. Ann

    Oh this season will be great if Melissa gets what should be coming!!

  17. Dolores Slater

    Season 1&2 were the best. The drama seemed real enough with Danielle’s background (including being in a book before housewives) then Danielle amped the crazy up a notch (probably genuine crazy) Dina left, which to viewers was dramatic. Then the drama left with Danielle, so bring in SIL and cuz to have new drama. Unfortunately that drama became quite dark. Is it scripted? Dont know but seems SIL & cuz and “friends” will throw the shit and see what sticks to stay relevant. A long cry from the original first 2 seasons. It’s like watching a family reunion meltdown. A bit tragic really, but yet they keep on keeping on.

  18. Ncfinedime

    Melissa gets the bad edit EVERY season. Shes a witch

    • lwickedgirl

      Melissa always looks like she is smells something rank. I like Joe G. He reminds me of some of the fun guys I use to know back in the day.

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